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POKEMON: Dark Passion, The Movie

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shocari, May 23, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    Opening Scene

    It was a cold and pitch-black room. With the sound of a hevay switch being hit, lights turned on, illuminating the marble room. black marble formed long thin lines along the floor, with a circle in the center. Outside these boundaries, more black marble formed a box on both of the two shorter sides, and in each box stood a Trainer.

    ON the right side of the room stood a male of about nineteen, dressed in silver pants with a matching jacket, a black shirt, and striking silver hair. His cold gray eyes stared straight at his opponent, a girl of similar age. She wore a long white dress with a light blue trim, a matching hat, and raven colored hair that fell down to her waist.

    "You can go first." the guy sighed.

    "Go, Luxray!" she called out, and with a burst of red light, a blue lion with black fur appeared. It had dazzling golden eyes that sparkled in the light.

    "Houndrane." he said lazily again. A dog came forth from the red light on his side. The dog had curved horns coming out of both sides of its skull that looked like a ram's, had bones on its back like a spine, and a skull on the top of its head. Around its neck it wore what look like a necklace of vertebrae with a smaller skull set in the center. Houndrane was pitch black with an orange underside.

    "Luxray, Thunder Fang!" the girl called. Luxray's mouth electrified, and it jumped at Houndrane's neck.

    "Dark Pulse." he said calmly. A dark aura surrounded Houndrane, then shot out and hit Luxray full in the face, knocking it to the ground. "Malice Burn." Houndrane shot out a river of black fire at Luxray, covering it and hiding it from view.

    "Luxray!" the girl cried out. But it appeared to be of no use; Houndrane did not seem to be stopping its onslaught. Long after the fire should have ceased, the boy nodded for Houndrane to keep it up. For moments the black flame consumed the lion, and eventually it stopped, revealing naught but ash and a darkened spot on the pure white marble floor.

    "LUXRAY! LUXRAY! NO!" she screamed. "Troy, how could you?! Killing a Pokemon?! What are you playing at?!"

    Troy said nothing and shrugged, just staring at her, a glint of evil in his eyes. "Houndrane, return." he said, the red light emanating from a black and white ball in his hand. Troy snapped his figures, and two muscular men entered the room and took the crying girl out.

    He walked over to a table on the side opposite the door, and poured himself some coffee. A lady in a white labcoat walked in. She looked to be in her mid-twenties, and had flaming red shoulder-length hair and stunning brown eyes.

    "Troy," she said. "Another victim to your Houndrane, I see. You know, my research is not going very far with your behavior."

    "Professor Emmaline Cherry, when will you learn that I don't care?"

    "When you realize that I care about your safety."

    "Hmph. Saftey? Have you seen my Pokemon? They are unstoppable fighting machines, ready to kill at my command. I have pushed the boundaries of evolution farther than anyone has ever dared, and my results haven't scared me off."

    "Yes, but Troy-"

    "Just go back to your lab and wait until I send for you. I don't want you to get in the way."

    "Troy," Emmaline pleaded. "I don't want to leave. Let me stay."

    "Fine, just stay where I can keep an eye on you." Troy ordered. He walked out of the room, Emmaline looking disappointed.

    Okay, it finally came :D If you are going to say something that involves the poster, other than it looks cool, go here.
  2. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Been there, said that. ;)

    As for your fic, Freaking badass! I love how careless Troy is and how powerful and evil looking Houndrane is.

    *goes to make popcorn for the movie.*
  3. What about soda?

    *Gets root beer, orange soda, and coffee.*

    I like coffee.

    This sounds amazing! I want more murder! More violence! More gerbils!

    I'm joking about the last one. However, I love the idea. I wonder what his motivation is.
  4. Scene 1

    On a dirt road in the middle of some woods, two young men walked side by side, laughing and talking inaudibly, but appearing to have a good time. The boy on the right is instantly recognized as Troy, while the boy on the left is dressed in a green shirt and brown pants, with short brown hair and green eyes. Troy took out a white ball with intricate black designs on the top and bottom half and began to spin it on his index finger.

    "So Troy, what have you been up to lately?" the other boy asked.

    "Oh, you know, just...training my Pokemon, making them stronger. Its hard work being the Solest Champion, you have to keep in shape or be beaten and replaced, Hunter." Troy said, grinning.

    "So who was the Champion before you again? Its been, what, four years since you became Champ?"

    "It was...it was...who was it?" Troy asked himself, trying to remember. "I think it was Jacob something. Duncan. That was it. Jacob Duncan."

    "What kind of team did he have?" Hunter asked.

    "I think it was a Poison team, which explains how my old Jynx won without a hitch."

    "Your Jynx was pretty nasty in battle. I remember having a tough time against it almost every time you used her." Hunter said.

    "Yeah, but at least now she's with her own in Icefall Cavern. I think she likes it there more."

    The dirt road came to an end at a freshly paved cement one that ran perpindicular to it.

    "See you later, Troy."

    "Later, Hunter."

    Now we see Troy in what looks like a bedroom. It has a medium-sized window opposite the door, letting in mass amounts of sunlight, adorned with red drapes pushed to the sides. On the side adjacent to the door is a king-sized bed with a giant red comforter and white pillows. A large flatscreen TV is to the left of the window, exactly opposite the bed. A mahogany dresser is on the wall between the TV and bed, with a closet on the wall opposite. The walls are a fierce crimson, with numerous pictures of what appears to be Troy's Pokemon covering them. Next to the closet was a large mahogany desk. A tan carpet covered the floor, with a tan ceiling to match.

    Troy walked over to his bed and layed down on his back, his silver jacket laying a chair, and his black shirt and silver pants standing out against the bedspread. There was a soft knock at his door, to which he replied "Enter."

    Professor Cherry entered, her flaming red hair nearly blending in with the walls. "Troy, your test is ready for you to watch." she said a bit nervously. Troy noticed.

    "What, you think he'll fail? Trust me, he is more than capable of facing ten Pokemon single-handedly." They left the room and walked down several brightly polished silver hallways that reflected them in its surface, then entered the marble battle room from before.

    At one end stood what looked like a demonic Absol: it had four wickedly long and deadly sharp looking horn-blades on the four cardinal directions of its head. Its eyes were pitch-black, as dead and lifeless looking as a china doll's. Its tail-blade was longer and had another one sprouting beneath it. The Pokemon's white mane was longer and more ragged looking, as if it had been in several dangerous fights and had never seen fit to groom it.

    On the opposite end stood numerous Pokemon: a large orange dog with white fur around its head and ankles and tail, a larger-than-average dark blue falcon, a giant shellfish with two razor-sharp blades for hands, a Ghost-Pokemon that looked like a floating witch's head, a brown bear, a floating mini-sun, a small purple dinousar-thing with fierce spines all along its spinal column and head, a walking white rose with a blue and red rose for hands, what looked like a hammerhead shark with legs, and a bull with three tails.

    The odds looked stacked against the lone Pokemon, but Troy seemed to find it amusing and laughed. "An Arcanine, Fahlcor, Kabutops, Mismagius, Ursaring, Solrock, Nidoking, Roserade, Garchomp, and a Tauros? Is this the best you could find? Absollean will destroy them all in seconds."
  5. nice scene =p

    I could possibly sprite Absollean based on the description you gave, it's very good.

    One last thing, is Fahlcor a Solest region pokemon?
  6. I think it would be.

    OMFG!!! I KNOW THESE GUYS!!! I wonder what part Hunter will play... and I completely-and-utterly believe Troy's last remark. Absolean could destroy them all in one shot.
  7. Scene 2

    Absollean stood on his own against the army of ten. The odds were just about slim to none, but Troy still looked extremely confident.

    "Professor Cherry, just to demonstrate Absollean's pwer, I will not even order an attack from him. Instead, I'll let him choose what to do." Troy said, still grinning.

    Absollean made the first move. He moved almost out of the eye's ability to see, and looked like a great white blur because of it. Absollean stopped about three feet from the opposing Pokemon, and all four of his horn-blades began glowing a violent shade of purple. His head turned down, so all four blades were facing the others. The purple glow shot off, and all four parts of it hit Nidoking sqaure in the chest, toppling the heavy beast over.

    The bird Pokemon, Fahlcor, flew up in the air so as to avoid an attack, while Tauros charged straight at Absollean. Absollean's black eyes cast a dark shadow over its face, and a mass of black energy began to envelop the bull. With a flick of Absollean's head, the shadow started closing itself together, squeezing Tauros until a satisfactory snapping of bones was audible, at which the shadow ceased to exist, and Tauros was lying on the floor with blank eyes.

    Roserade and Mismagius both shot a green sphere at Absollean, who dodged it and slashed at both of them with a large claw. A black streak was visible in the air even after the attack landed, with Mismagius collapsing almost instantly while Roserade still stood. Roserade launched a horde of vines at Absollean, who just stared them down with his eyes. The stare was so commanding in appearance that the vines were redirected towards Roserade, and wrapped around its neck, tightening and constricting until Roserade breathed no more.

    Arcanine rushed forward extremely fast, and managed to hit Absollean, but the attack had no effect; Absollean was only pushed back a few feet, and otherwise seemed perfectly fine. Fahlcor shot down at Absollean like a rocket, who began to run around the battlefield. The falcon followed, its gaze on Absollean alone and not on the surroundings at all. Absollean led the bird straight into the rushing Arcanine, and the collision resulted in Fahlcor's sharp beak lodged into Arcanine's forehead at an awkward angle, being broken off at the top and expelling mass amounts of blood from both victims.

    The miniature sun floated towards the white beast slowly and cautiously, posessing a knowledge of how not to die immediately. The two Pokemon stared each other down for the longest of times, and Solrock moved first, firing off a ferocious river of fire at Absollean, who vanished behind the bright orange flames. A large crack was heard, and the flames suddenly stopped, and Solrock was lying on the ground with a gaping hole in its back.

    With seven down and two to go in under a minute, Troy was looking pretty confident right now, while Professor Cherry didn't dare move a facial muscle until the test was over. The Kabutops ran at Absollean with its arm-blades in an X-position in front of its body, and slashed at the spot Absollean was, but to no avail. Absollean was already behind the much slower Pokemon, and unleashed another Final Shadow attack, suffocating the shellfish and leaving it for dead.

    The Ursaring and Garchomp attacked together, a deadly duo of Slash aimed at Absollean's throat. Absollean grinned, and its horn-blades glowed purple again. Within a nanosecond, a salvo of Psycho Cuts filled the room, mercilessly and literally cutting down the bear and landshark. With bloodstains on the marble floor, and several pools, Troy finally showed a gigantic smile, while Cherry's jaw was dropped in astonishment.

    "One minute and eighteen seconds?! I don't believe it!" she cried.

    "You don't even believe the data after witnessing the experiment first-hand?" Troy asked. "What kind of a scientist are you?"

    "I'm not that kind of scientist, Troy." she replied coldly. "And this isn't what I signed up for. I thought that by helping you with your quest it would further my field of studying the environments that lead to Pokemon gaining strength as quickly as possible with as little effort as possible."

    "Just get someone to remove the bodies, don't even trouble with cleaning the blood." he said as he turned around and walked out the door.
  8. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    You asked me to review, so here it is. I'm not really into Pokemon fanfics, and this is no exception. It didn't manage to keep my interest or very long. Sorry to say, but i don't like it.
  9. And there we go folks, you can't please everyone, and this just goes to show. I'm sorry Dway, maybe next fic.
  10. Fahlcor sounds a lot like an evolution of Swellow. Is it?

    This chapter was cool. (and of course the ‘cool' is said slowly, drawing out the ‘oo' to ‘ooooooooo') How powerful is Absolean, approximately? Is it OU, BL, or Uber? It seems pretty dang sweet/powerful/awesome!

    Will a Shocari eventually appear? I want to see the fluffy, adorable (and by this I mean bloodthirstily awesome!) Dark/Electric Pokemon.
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  11. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    One minute, eiteen seconds. Wow. Remind me to NEVER get on the bad side of an Absollean or its trainer.

    The amount of carnage and bloodshed that went on in that 1:18, however, was priceless and undeniably awesome! The thoughts that went through my head as I read this are undescribable by words at how great this scene was.

    I'm not even sure which emocon I should use so 0_0 will have to sufice.
  12. *points to the previous two* What they said!
  13. Fahlcor=yes, evo of Swellow@40. Absollean=OU, and won because he's a waaaaaaay higher level than the other pokemon, who are loooooow because the people that work for him are morons XD

    Scene 3

    Hunter and Troy were leaning against a rail on the very edge of a sidewalk that overlooked the ocean. Waves crashed against the shore a little ways down, on the tiny little beach below the cliffs that the two were standing on. The sky was cloudless and the sun was in the center of the sky; the day was perfect. Wingulls flew overhead, enjoying the thermal air currents that were at their altitude.

    A slight breeze blew Troy's silver hair, leaving the short chocolate-colored hair that was Hunter's alone. They gazed at the vast ocean at its horizon where the water met the sky, a deep dark blue against a light and friendly blue. A few sailboats were out fishing, the gentle waves rocking them back and forth hypnotically.

    "Troy," Hunter said, breaking the calm. "Baillie and I were holding a celebration for the Elite Four's four-year celebration of not being defeated, and we were hoping you'd come."

    "Baillie?" Troy asked, not taking his gaze off of the horizon.

    "Yeah, Baillie. Baillie Valier? D'you remember her? We've been going out for eight months, she's came over several times to take care of your other Pokemon while you've been gone."

    "OH! Baillie! Yeah, I'm sorry, Hunter, I forgot." he said, still not breaking his very concentrated stare. "Um, yeah, I'll try to come. Where's it gonna be at?"

    "It'll be at the Millenian City Luxury Plaza, Saturday night at nine." Hunter said, looking at Troy with a sort of happy expression, his emerald eyes glistening in the sunlight.

    Troy finally looked at Hunter, the sunlight hitting his gray eyes, but instead turning them darker. "Sure, I'll go. I'll see ya there. I have an appointment I need to attend to."

    "Troy, you are the best friend a guy could have."

    In a rather large and flashy city with a ton of neon lights and signs all over the place, the largest of them all sat on the ground outside of a large plaze that read in purple neon "Way to go Solest Elite Four! Congrats to J.T., Kaiza, Shannon, Alexis, and Troy!" Spotlights illuminated a very grand hotel a good distance away from this sign; a very large circular area in between them with a fountain in the middle that had a statue of a Gyarados, a large leviathan of a Pokemon that was known to cause havoc to sailors, made of onyx with its head facing upwards and a large jet of water shooting out and falling into the circular onyx base that was filled with crystal clear water.

    A great number of people were in the plaza chatting and eating the free food from stands. There was a great BANG! and everyone looked up into the sky as a loud whizzing sound filled their eardrums. Fireworks went off in the dark sky, and took the shapes of various Pokemon after the explosions. Everyone "oooohh"ed and "aaaaahhhh"ed as the Pokemon shapes grew more and more complex as they went up the evolutionary line. Eventually, the largest explosion nearly rocked the ground as it went off closer to the plaza than the other ones. This one was multiple colors, and showed the faces of each Elite Four member.

    With a loud clapping, the spectators turned towards the hotel's front steps, where a man with a microphone stood. He had spiky black hair and wore a black suit with highly-polished black shoes. The MC said "Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Did you enjoy the little show?" The crowd yelled "Yes!" very loudly. "Good! Good! Well, here are the guests of honor, the men and women you've been waiting for. I give you, the Solest Elite Four!" This gave way to even louder clapping as a man stepped onto the scene.

    He was of about in his late seventies with off-white hair and a short beard. His eyes were hazel and he was in a very expensive midnight blue suit with black shoes. He was wisened looking, but seemed very capable of handling himself in a battle. "May I present the 'Cold King', Kaiza!" Kaiza bowed, and walked over to the left of the central steps(from the audience's view).

    "And here's Shannon, the 'Storm Queen'!" A girl in her mid- to late-twenties came to the steps. She had shoulderlength black hair and dark blue eyes. A blue dress with a golden weave running over it that covered her feet got a loud "Whoo!" from the crowd. She moved over to the left of Kaiza(right for us).

    "The 'Mountain Mover', Alexis!" Another girl in her early twenties stepped forward. She had blond hair that ran to her mid-waist that was draped over her right shoulder in a ponytail and had very light brown eyes. Alexis wore a simple red dress with matching heels. She moved to the left of Shannon.

    "Next is J.T., the 'Master of Nature' and the second-best Trainer in Solest!" A man of about nineteen came out with a dark green suit and white undershirt. He had white shoes and had cold gray-green eyes. He went to the left of Alexis.

    "And I am proud to introduce the Champion of Solest, Troy!" Troy came out in a silver suit with black cuffs. The lights gave a dazzling glow and sparkle to the silver in his outfit, hair, and eyes.

    Suddenly, Hunter came running up to Troy in a dark green shirt and brown cargo pants. He whispered into Troy's ear "Baillie's been kidnapped."
  14. Oooh, I love the descriptions of Solest's Elite Four. Of course, I bet their types are grass, flying, ground, ice, and mixed, correct?

    I would love to read more about Troy's fellow E4. Please write more!
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  15. Nooo... wouldn't it be Grass, flying, ground or rock, ice and dark?

    Hehehehe... wonder where Baillie is?

    Edit: Thought is not required for that Sho
  16. Methinks there be no specific types, except with Troy, who we know from two other fics is Dark.

    Just give it a little thought and you'll guess what they really are. >:D
  17. Scene 4

    "Baillie's been...what?!" Troy said as he walked Hunter over to some deserted part of the little party, clearly surprised at what Hunter had just said.

    "She's been kidnapped; probably even been gone for a few hours. The last I saw of her was before I set out for here, right when I was going to pick her up. She called and said that she'd be a bit delayed and not to worry. I just went to her place to see why she's not here, and there was a note saying that she's been kidnapped and is probably dead. But now, I don't know what to do..." Hunter's voice cracked several times, a sure sign that he was freaking out.

    "Hunter, HUNTER! Just...calm down, I'm sure everything will be alright, okay? I'll get everyone to start looking for her, man, I will."

    "I think...I think it might of been Team Eclipse." Hunter said through his sobbing.

    "Team...ECLIPSE? Are you sure? Are you absolutely certain?" Troy asked.

    "Yeah, I'm pretty sure. The note had what looked like their logo, you know: the black circle with a blue e behind it." Troy's face lost what little color it normally had, and his gray eyes started to darken.

    "Hunter, you stay here. I'll be right back with the others."

    Now we begin to see Troy's overly-red bedroom with a girl sprawled out on the bed reading a book. She has blonde hair that falls to between her shoulders and middle back, and evergreen eyes. She's wearing a light blue long-sleeve shirt with dark blue cuffs and dark green pants. As the girl turns a page, the door opens.

    "Oh, Troy! It's so good to see you! Now, when are you letting me out of here?" she demanded.

    We see Troy in the same silver outfit as before, only the jacket is zipped up and Team Eclipse's logo is largely visible on the left shoulder. "Baillie, I need you here for my little scheme. I can't have Hunter knowing anything that might ruin it. For all he knows, Team Eclipse kidnapped you."

    "But Team Eclipse did kidnap me, on your orders!"

    "Yes, but what he doesn't know is that I'm the head of Team Eclipse, and so is the Solest Elite Four. No, don't you dare look surprised-you knew it in your heart all along." Troy relaxed in one of his crimson chintz chairs. He touched the tips of his fingers together and peered at Baillie over the tops.

    "Troy, you are sick, and I find you disgusting. What kind of sick game are you playing? Using me to trick Hunter, but for what? To gain something? To do what?" Baillie asked after a long pause.

    "You're starting to catch on, but only barely. I'll let you find out in due time."

    "Heh. You think you have Hunter figured out, but you don't. You think you can use me, but you can't. And this plan of yours is never going to work." she sneered. Troy's eyes darkened to black in anger at the comment. He looked murderous.

    "You sound just like her."
  18. Scene 5

    "You sound just like her." Troy said onimously.

    "Her?" Baillie asked, clearly surprised. Troy opened his mouth to respond, but Professor Cherry suddenly rushed in, her long red hair bouncing.

    "Troy! Good, I'm glad I caught you. Listen, we-oh. This can wait for later then." she caught notice of Baillie.

    "Baillie, I'll be right back. Make yourself comfortable." Troy left the room with Cherry, leaving Baillie to her magazine. She got up off the bed, her long blonde hair cascading down her back with a rippling effect, and headed over to the dresser where a black photo album was. She picked it up and sat in the chair with it.

    The first page consisted of pictures of Troy's Absollean and Houndrane, all in various poses or doing moves that looked stunning when captured on photo. Turning the page, she saw Troy with a Togekiss floating at his side, smiling while he frowned. Another photo included Troy, J.T., Kaiza, Alexis, and Shannon. Troy sat backwards in a chair with his arms folded, grinning, while J.T. had his right arm resting on Troy's head. Kaiza was on the far left of the photo, waving, while Alexis stood to Troy's right and Shannon to J.T.'s left. They looked incredibly happy.

    The next dozen or so pages were pictures of Troy and the Elite Four in battle. Baillie turned to the last page, which only contained one picture: A slightly younger looking Troy who's eyes were filled with joy, something she had never seen in his eyes before. There was a trace of something on his smiling face, but Baillie couldn't figure out what it was. Next to Troy was a girl about his age with chocolate-colored hair that fell to her shoulders. She had bright green eyes that twinkled, even without the sunlight hitting them. She had on a bright orange shirt from the waist-up picture showed. It gave a kind of orange glow to Troy's white shirt.

    "Is that...?" Baillie trailed off in thought. At this point, Troy entered the room by himself, and glanced at what Baillie was doing.

    "Reminiscing throughout my past, are we?" Troy said in a sing-song voice as he crept closer to see what picture Baillie was looking at. Troy's semi-happy face instantly turned into the face of a serial killer. Baillie looked absolutely shocked. "Give that to me." he snatched the photo album from her hands and closed it. "Never speak of what you just saw again. Ever. I will find out if you do. It's best to just let it escape from your memory right now." It wasn't advice; it was a command.
  19. Oooh, Team Eclipse. I wonder what the motivation of this team is. You're going to have to beat Galactic's motivation of creating a new world just for them for sure.

    I can sense that the drama factor in this is going up!
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  20. Scene 6

    Troy left the room by closing the door behind him very loudly. Entering the grey hallway, he leaned against the wall to the right of the door. A strange fairy-type creature floated up to him. It was white, with red and blue triangles on its chest, with a wide wingspan and a smiling face.

    "Togekiss," he said, the anger escaping his face as he petted the creature. "What am I to do? I was just nearly forced to-you know, I've told you so many times." He pushed his silver hair out of his left eye. "C'mon, let's just go see what everyone's doing."

    Troy began to head down the hallway to his left, Togekiss floating along at his right. He passed several men in black uniforms before he took a turn left. In the middle of this hallway, a black-uniformed man kneeled next to a broken azure vase. He began to stutter wildly as he noticed Troy approaching.

    "Don't worry, I'm not going to punish you for something like that. I hated that vase anyway." Troy said with a smile. The man smiled back and got to his feet, then began to leave in the opposite direction. "Togekiss, Flamethrower." The white fairy nodded, then shot a burst of orange flame in the man's direction, lighting him ablaze. Troy walked in front of him and said "I don't count death as punishment, you know." He winked and walked off, letting the man burn to a crisp.

    "Toge, toge!" Togekiss chirped. "Yes, we did the right out there, didn't we?" Troy replied.
    He continued down several more hallways, then entered a large, very dimly lit room. The lights were dimmed to near-pitch black, and the walls were barely noticable as being black themselves. In the dimness, Troy sat down in a high-backed chair at a long table, with several other people seated along the sides. Togekiss flew down to the table and sat down, looking at everyone with a kind face, the only face it could make.

    "Now, what imbecile left a note at Miss Valier's house?" Troy asked maliciously. Nobody said anything. "Let me say it again: What imbecile left a note?" Still no answer. Troy put the tips of his long fingers together and peered across the tops. "I'll have you all know that disloyalty is punishable by torture of what I can come up with. Will anyone stand up and rectify their mistake?"

    "It was me, sir. I apologize for my mistake. I thought that a note would keep Hunter guessing and out of the way." a man somewhere on Troy's left spoke up.

    "Did you know? That's what I thought you'd say. Seeing as how there's no way to fix this, I guess we'll have to continue as scheduled. We move in two days. Lights on." Troy said the last two words forcefully, and the lights sprang back to life, illuminating the room. Everyone began to leave at the same time, except for Troy who apparently decided to stay behind.

    Eventually following, he wound up behind the man who had screwed up. Troy nodded towards Togekiss, who lit this man on fire too. "If you'd please, I'd rather you burn to death in the hallway, for I do not want any ashes on the carpet." Troy sighed as he brushed past and into a dark blue hallway.
  21. Something tells me that that girl hurt Troy... maybe he loved her and she betrayed him. That's the kind of thing that jumps to mind anyway...

    Loveing the fact that Togekiss - a pokemon of purity - is murdering people.
  22. Hello's, Shocari. ^_^

    I've just finished reading everything you have posted, and I must say that your 'dark horse' of the Pokemon series is certainly interesting. I'll be sticking around for more.
  23. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I second that. It's even better because he's doing it with a smile.

    That quote is pure win. You, sir, are a genius.
  24. Eee! How awesome! A seemingly innocent creature like Togekiss burning someone? Awesome!

    Ah, yes, one must kill cleanly, no? However, it's not always possible. That's why this amazing product has been invented! Why don't you try the Evidencinator 3000? It has special, extra strong soap to get those blood stains out, a dustpan to- *is hit in face with tomato*

    Okay, okay, no more! I must agree with Psycho that the quote is amazing!
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  25. Thanks for the comments everyone. I really appreciate it. =3

    Scene 7

    "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, 'YOU LOST IT?!' HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY DO THAT?! IT WAS UNDER THE HIGHEST SECURITY!" Troy yelled. A Team Eclipse grunt, noting from his black uniform with the insignia of Team Eclipse(a black circle with a blue e behind it, outlined in white on his uniform), looked extremely scared. Troy snorted, and a wolf-like creature to his right in the hallway walked towards the man a step. It had gleaming blue eyes like pale sapphires, and had shaggy black fur covering its body, with two golden lighting bolt shapes on either side of its body, and powerful gray paws. With a swish of its tail, a massive charge of electricity at the grunt, who felt it surge through his veins toward his heart, then he shuddered and fell to the ground.

    "Sho...cari." the wolf growled. "Yes, good job, Shocari." Troy and Shocari exited the hallway through a thick steel door that Troy had to do a retina-scan to get through. He entered a solid steel room that had a small window on the left side, about six inches tall and ten feet long. The window was tinted, so it couldn't be seen through from this room. In the center of a room was a rectangular inset in the floor, about a foot deep, four feet across, and eighteen feet long. On the wall with the window was a door at the far end. Two things were strange about the room: it was filled about ten inches with a dark crimson liquid, and had numerous lengths of barbwire at varying directions and heights. Some were in the liquid, while some were above, giving the appearance of an obstacle course.

    At the end opposite Troy stood a towering green beast: it had several black holes along its body, several thick spikes adorning its head and back, a pale blue segmented belly, and a massive tail that looked as if it could crush a car like a toothpick. "Tyranitar, check." Troy said, noting the beast. "Barbwire and blood pool, check. Okay, I think I'm ready to go. Troy took off his silver jacket, showing his black shirt. He removed his black shoes and his socks, leaving his silver pants on, and walked towards the edge of the pool.

    Troy went headfirst into the liquid, narrowly avoiding the barbwire. With the wire at various depths and heights, there was no way to simply go straight. Troy maneuvered his way through, narrowly avoiding getting cut and contstantly emerging with a red tint to his body. After a minute, he was through, and smiled for a strange reason...until he looked at himself. There were scratches on his arms and legs, which the sight of made him frown as if he had planned on getting through flawlessly. Mumbling, he walked to the Tyranitar, who stared down at him with lifeless black eyes like a doll.

    At Troy's command, the Tyranitar slugged him in his stomach, to which he staggered back half a step, but otherwise seemed strangely fine. "Again, but harder." Tyranitar obliged, and punched Troy again, who staggered back half a step again, but still seemed fine. Troy did this six more times, each time telling Tyranitar to hit harder, until a female voice said "Okay, Troy! That's enough!" He turned around and looked into Baillie's sky-colored eyes.

    "Enough." she said again fiercely. "Why are you doing this?" No response. "Who was that girl in the photo?"

    "It was Uri..."

    "Uri? Uri Silfrei?" Baillie asked. Troy nodded. "But, that picture must have been taken sometime before her death."

    "It was." Troy said. He held his arms out, then turned them over, causing Baillie to gasp. Covering his wrists and arms were numerous scars, barely whiter than his skin, but still noticable. "After-after she...left me, I was hurt. She had caused me so much pain, which I wanted to cease. Obviously, my thirst for vengeance was stronger.

    "A year after I came to Solest, I went back to Sinnoh, looking for her and Cyrus. I killed Cyrus, and contemplated killing her. Uri's pleas for mercy and forgiveness drove me to murder her. Why should I have let her live, after deceiving me and crushing my heart in her grip? But not long after that, I..." Troy lifted up his wet black shirt, and Baillie looked as if she was about to faint. On Troy's chest, two very white lines were on each side of his chest, where his lungs where. Judging from the scars, they looked as if the wounds were quite deep.

    "I felt some remorse, and tried to cause myself the pain I had cause her. Sad to say, my attempt to leave myself gasping for air until I died failed. Now, I have realized that suicide wasn't what I should do, its something else..."

    "What? What are you doing? And what do you need me for?" Baillie asked.

    "I need to find a way to bring Uri back, Baillie! I need to tell her how sorry I am, and hopefully dispel this pity from me! Can't you see? Its the only way I can return to myself!"

    "Troy...you can't bring her back. It's not possible." she sighed.

    Troy, with a devastated look on his face, said "No...you're wrong. I-I have to bring her back, to tell her I'm sorry....To tell her I still love her..."
    Anyone who gets the allusion involving Troy and Tyranitar gets a cookie
  26. Looks like Troy actually has a human side to him. It's interesting to see that he actually displays his emotions on occasion, rather than keeping them boxed up as usual. It'll be equally interesting to see how he thinks he can bring Uri back, too.
  27. Ahhh... Uri. I'd forgotten about her. Looks like my guess was right on the money, eh?

    Now... what is IT?

    And I don't get a cookie... damn...
  28. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Barbed wire obsticle course in a pool of blood: Awesome.
    Having a Tyranitar beat the crap out of you for failing to complete the course without a scatch: Badass.
    Shocari (Pokemon and writter): Awesom badass.
    Trying to bring Uri back to life: Can't wait.
  29. This is a very interesting plot...
    Very graphic.
  30. Okay. Post tiem nao. BTW, Aura(and everyone else), IT=Spetsnaz training. Spetsnaz were Russian Special Forces during the Cold War, and were trained to ignore pain in ways such as that. Deadliest Warrior=awesome show.

    Scene 8

    Troy was standing in some brightly lit field in the middle of a forest, with sunlight turning his silver hair and outfit into ridiculously bright light reflectors. He took out a cell phone and dialed a number.

    "Hey, Hunter? It's Troy. Can you meet me at the stadium in the Owari Forest? It's kinda urgent."

    "Troy," Hunter sighed. "I'll come. But I have something to tell you."

    "What?" Troy asked.

    "I know."

    "You know what?"

    "I know that it was you who kidnapped Baillie." Troy's expression went from surprised to 'How the Hell did he find out?' "I know you're the head of Team Eclipse as well. I know everything. I'll see you there." He hung up. Troy raced through the forest on the narrow dirt road, the large stadium looming ahead.

    It was an arena used for battling Pokemon. Inside of an open stadium hidden from plain sight by humoungous trees, it was the perfect place to battle without a lot of media or watchful eyes. The field was dirt with the lines for the actual battling area spraypainted on in white. There were thousands of seats lining the sides, but they were empty for this battle. The blue sky showed no clouds, only a bright midday sun.

    In the two trainer's boxes stood a trainer apiece. One wore silver pants, a silver jacket, a black shirt, and had silver hair with matching eyes; the other was in a green T-shirt with brown jeans and had brown hair with green eyes. The two stared each other down as if this were being broadcast live, with the intention of it appearing much more dramatic than it really was.

    "Do you really think you can beat me, Hunter?" the silver guy said. "I have the advantage: on my part, there's nothing to lose. You on the other hand, have something very important at stake, don't you?" The mention of the 'important' thing had hit Hunter hard, for he grimaced as they left the silver guy's lips.

    "Troy, you are nothing but a murderer and a coward; killing to meet your goals and hiding behind your Pokemon. I will gladly beat you." Hunter said with the slightest of nervousness in his voice.

    But Troy had detected it. "You think I'll hurt her? I would rather die than let any harm befall Baillie, surely you must know that. Send out my first victim." Troy said coldly.

    Hunter seleted a white and red Premier Ball, and as a jet of red light shot out of it, his choice was clear: the green and red forest Pokemon Sceptile. It looked fierce, and stared daggers at Troy.

    "Humph. You choose that against Houndrane, the Pokemon I always open with?" Troy picked his own special Poke Ball, a white ball with an intricate black design on the top and bottom. As his Pokemon came out, Sceptile stepped back in nervousness. Houndrane looked like a demonic Houndoom: its horns were wickedly curved like a ram's, and it had bone-like structures lining its spine and backs of its legs, even what looked like a skull on the top of its head.

    "Now, the stakes. Winner...keeps his life." Troy sneered. With a snap, chains erupted from the ground and attached to each trainers waist. "Whoever wins gets their chains released. Houndrane, Malice Burn." Houndrane shot a gigantic black flame at the stadium, which caught on fire immediatlely and began to spread.

    "Hunter, the fire will cover all of the stadium once it gets to where the oil containers are. I'd win fast, if I were you." The black flames moved very slowly as they burned, perhaps being willed by Houndrane.

    "Houndrane, Shadow Sneak!"

    "Sceptile, Brick Break!"

    The two Pokemon moved what looked like faster than light as they sped toward each other. [Pokemon slow down as they near each other, the strikes not visible as each gets within inches of each other. Screen stops dramatically as they are centimeters from each other, almost like the pause button being pressed.]

    OOOOOOOHHHH! Added a little movie element in the end, didn't I?
  31. Pretty cool scene, Shocari.

    And is it just me, or is Troy a bit of a pyromaniac? ;D (Considering he just set fire to the stadium, and has burned a couple people to death.)

    Anyway, I'll be looking forward to the next time you upload.
  32. Of course he is. Fire's fun! Awesome, although I was expecting Hunter to find out in a more dramatic way: you know, discovering the base, raiding it and finding Troy's the head... But it doesn't matter.

    Very awesome Sho!
  33. pause button, nice one XD

    Wasn't this chapter in the preview?

    best expression ever XD
  34. I think it was, Shado. I remember the bit with the Houndrane perfectly.

    Of course, knowing the tone of this movie, Troy will somehow win.

    Special effects=win!
  35. Scene 9

    Sceptile and Houndrane landed opposite their starting postitions, and each looked back at the other. Surprisingly, and much to Hunter's amazement, Houndrane's knees buckled.

    "Hm...how interesting." Troy muttered as Sceptile wheeled around for another blow, which landed on Houndrane's neck with deadly accuracy. "So, you think your cheap shot will end this? "

    "You use cheap shots too, Troy. You actually kill Pokemon."

    "Me? No, no, no. My Pokemon kill Pokemon, I don't kill them."

    "They do on your orders."

    "Such...lies. They do it because they want to. They don't have to listen to me. Pokemon do have a conscience, you know." Troy said as he returned Houndrane. "Let's make this a little three-on-three, Hunter. My next shall be...Shocari." A dark grey wolf with a golden lightning bolt on each side appeared in front of Troy. It had glowing blue eyes ringed with red, but blank with expression.

    "I choose Gardevoir." A humanoid Pokemon appeared. It had a long billowing white dress with two red horns that came out of the back and front, respectively, with matching eyes, green hair and arms. "Focus Blast."

    "Tempest." Shocari glowed a bright yellow color as dark violet electricity crackled around him, while Gardevoir formed a copper-colored ball of energy in its right hand. As Gardevoir threw it at Shocari, the wolf released a large amount of lightning that almost seemingly made the sky fill with storm clouds. The lightning passed threw the blast and hit Gardevoir straight in the face, making her fall.

    "A point apiece, Hunter." Troy grinned.

    "Points? What is this to you, a game?" Hunter asked.

    "No, actually. Just good sport. Go, Togekiss!" A white fairyish-thing replaced Shocari, as Hunter switched in a monkey with a firey head.

    "Infernape, Thunderpunch!"

    "Togekiss, Air Slash." Togkiss moved its left wing towards Infernape in a sweeping motion, the air visibly being cut as the attack moved forward. But Infernape was already out of the way and had an electric current running through his fist as it came to Togekiss, who dodged while firing another.

    "My Infernape clearly outspeeds your Togekiss."

    "Heh, it would seem so. But a monkey is never more than a monkey, Hunter." Togekiss' eyes glowed light blue as the dirt swirled up around the Pokemon, forming a cloud that obscured the Trainers' vision. The whistling sounds of Infernape punching and kicking through the air and Togkiss narrowly flying higher or lower to avoid.

    THUD! After what was sure to be a landed blow, the dirt cleared away, with Infernape standing over Togekiss, breathing slowly. Troy nervously looked at the stadium: the fire was already a few feet from the area where the oil containers were. Hunter's leg chain broke off, letting him exit the stadium in a run.

    He got to the entrance and turned around. "You know you deserve this, Troy." He left even faster, with Infernape catching up.

    Troy frantically searched his jacket for something, then pulled out a dull silver key. His silver eyes reflected the dancing ebon flames as he struggled to put the key in the lock, and turn it so that it would release him. With a satisfactory click! it came undone, bringing a smile to Troy's face just as the fire hit the containers.
  36. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    XD That's like saying "I don't kill people, my gun kills people. I just pull the trigger."

    Best damn line ever.

    [quote author=Shocari link=topic=6155.msg115484#msg115484 date=1248827912]
    "Heh, it would seem so. But a monkey is never more than a monkey, Hunter." [/quote]

    And proud of it! ^-^

    I got to say, I was hoping the battle would be longer, but Troy's escape will lead to more hell for Hunter and possibly even the epic final battle this movie deserves!
  37. I have to agree with Psycho Monkey on the first line he quoted. Troy definitely likes splicing his words thinly. ;)

    Also like Psycho, I have to admit I was hoping for a longer battle. But then ... At least this makes for a more climatic secondary encounter. After all, emotions have to be at a rolling broil by now.

    I'll be looking forward to your next update.
  38. What? No ten page story describing every action?

    Oh well. Love that line! *squee* Did I just do that? *shrugs* Meh. Keep 'em coming Sho!
  39. I am definitely looking forward to the epic battle ahead when they meet again.
  40. hm...? Aww...so cute. You guys think that Hunter and Troy will have an epic battle. Sorry, but Houndrane's fire doesn't believe in mercy...though it can spell it given the right amount of room :3

    Scene 10

    Hunter looked at the gargantuan labyrinth of a building before him, which was black and only one story high, but no doubt would have several more underground...as well as hold Baillie inside its depths. Grasping a white and red Premier Ball, he sighed before entering. Instead of a lobby, there was just a room with a desk inside, with only a lone door at the side opposite Hunter.

    "So, Troy, you really did turn the Solest Executives Building into a maze. You know I'm bad at these kind of puzzles." he said to himself. Exiting the room, he entered a similar one, only with four doors instead of two. "Even in your death you're still the same: playing mind games with anyone that crosses you. My only surprise is that nobody's here. You could have at least left some security." he mused while going through half a dozen rooms.

    As he entered the room on his right, a deep voice said "Good to see you, Hunter, although I'm afraid it ends here." Hunter looked at the old man, and a very brief look of apprehension overtook him. The man was balding, with ice-blue eyes and a small beard. He was wearing a powder-blue jacket over a white shirt, with pants and shoes of the same blue.

    "Kaiza." he nodded, not taking his eyes off of the man's gaze. The room developed a sudden chill, with a thin layer of frost covering the black air duct, which stood out against the white walls. "Kabutops!"

    "Froslass." a white creature in some sort of kimono appeared next to Kaiza, while Hunter had a brown shellfish with scythes for arms. "Hail." Froslass did a silent chant, then ice began falling from the ceiling.

    "Use Night Slash!" Kabutops' scythes glowed dark violet with energy, then it swung at Froslass.

    "Double Team." Several Frosslass clones emerged from the original's body, then formed a circle around Kabutops. The copies moved right, then left, staying as a circle but moving at irregular intervals.

    "Think you can find the real one?" Kaiza smirked.

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