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Ask to Join Pokemon Bounty Hunters (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Tokki_Boki, Jul 27, 2020.

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  1. In an underground world where teams and individuals hide within the ranks of villainous teams, those such people are what are known as "bounty hunters". Bounty hunters either work for a single corporation or freelance and take on jobs as they are presented. But in this particular time, separate individual bounty hunters are called to gather in Sunnyshore City within the Sinoh region. They are tasked to take down Neo Galactic, the resurrected Team Galactic but this time lead by Saturn and Jupiter. Join and help take down Neo Galatic as they hunt down Giratina in order to cause chaos and awaken Palkia and Dialga!

    Character Template:

    Legal Name:
    Age: (19 or higher please, thank you)
    Place Of Origin:
    Pokemon Team:
    Backstory: (optional)

    My Character:

    Legal Name: Olivia Hoshima
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Place Of Origin: Ballonlea, Galar region
    Appearance: A petite female who stands at 5'1" and has a slim figure. Even though she was an adult, people still believed her to be in her early teens due to her young features which include smooth fair skin and big doe eyes. But besides her childlike appearance, Olivia sports wavy medium length half bubblegum pink and half cotton candy blue hair which she styles into a pair of pigtails. She usually wears a light blue crop top hoodie with the word "Sweetie" designed in the middle with pink letters and rabbit ears attached to the hood. She matches this up with pastel pink ripped shorts and knee high length white and pink striped socks. Olivia also wears bubblegum pink high top wedges, not just for the style but to also boots her height since she's lacking in that department. In order to complete her adorable and somewhat of an eyesore look, Olivia wears a black choker with a lollipop charm hanging in the middle, an assortment of hair clips placed in her hair, and a set of pastel fake nails with fairy Pokemon designs on them.
    Pokemon Team:
    Morpeko (Female)
    Pangoro (Female)
    Alolan Ninetails (Female)
    Arbok (Female)
    Hatterene (Female)
    Galarian Rapidash (Female)
    Born in the Kalos region but raised in Galar, Olivia lived Ballonlea city with her three older sisters Opal, Ossana, and Odette, and their grandmother. Both their parents passed away when Olivia was ten years old due to a tragic plane hijacking gone wrong. Everybody but her parents survived when the plane fell into the ocean while on it's way back to Galar from Kalos, her fathers seatbelt was jammed and he wasnt able to get out and her mother stayed in attempt to save her father. But in the end they both sunk down with the plane. Ever since that day Olivia swore that she would hunt the people who caused her parents deaths till the day her body would fail her, but after she caught the group of men who caused the hijacking she fell in love with the thrill of hunting people down. With the sudden feel of euphoria coursing through her every single time she was tasked to hunt somebody down, Olivia fell deeper and deeper into her proffesion. While her sisters took a more peaceful route in life after their parents passing, Odette inheriting their grandma's boutique, Ossana becoming a florist, and Opal dedicating her life to helping injured Pokemon, Olivia chose the life of bounty hunting and she wouldnt have it any other way.
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  2. I have a vigilante character who would fit here perfectly.
  3. Oh that sounds quiet nice! Feel free to add your character in!
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  4. Here he is, might recognize from New Kalos

    Codname: Cloaked Rider
    Legal Name: Firey Argentston
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Place Of Origin: Oldale Town, Hoenn
    Appearance: 5'11", slim frame with silver hair and blue eyes, he wears a light green dress shirt, with some sort of armor underneath, jeans, steel toed boots, and a big grey cloak, with a hood, he has a small computer that attaches to the side of his ear, with headphones and a microphone, the screen is over his left eye, where the microphone receives the commands.
    Pokemon Team: Burny (M, Blaziken)
    Sharp (F, Absol)
    Salamence (F)
    Hariyama (M)
    Volcarona (M, extremely powerful)
    Backstory: Firey was the son of IP Agent Seth Argentston, who worked for Looker, things were easy until he was six, when his father was killed on a mission, and he had to help his mother with his three sisters, Adrianna, Kaylee, and Mildred. He left home when he was ten, with Darius Legend, and Eryn Alyssa Lostford, Firey received a Torchic, Eryn, a Treecko, and Darius, a Mudkip. At some point in the Hoenn journey, he met up with his then friend Ariana Montgomery and her traveling companions, David Johann and Sakura Romero, after that, he went to Unova, Ariana's home region after four years in Hoenn, at that point, members of Team Galactic attacked, Eliminating Ariana's twin brother, Samuel "Rusty" Montgomery. Firey would gain his hunting passion from an incident involving Rusty's Gravestone. He, age 19, married his now Fiance, Ariana Montgomery, and at this point, Ariana is pregnant with Triplets, and Firey's out to protect the world, and his unborn children.
    Notes: Anyone mentions either Rusty's death or threatening Ariana, he will hunt you down, and have you taken into custody at the least.
  5. Mc'proved! Love it!
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  6. Looks like Team Galactic's got their hands full.
  7. Hey, a new RP! Might as well toss myself in there.

    Codename: Ruthless Scythe
    Legal Name: Ryan Flint
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Place of Origin: Azalea Town, Johto
    Appearance: Short flat dark brown hair, dark green eyes, wears a brown vest and indigo shirt, wears blue jeans with the color slightly faded from wear. He has some stubble on his chin that makes him look a few years older than he really is. Stands at 6'1.
    Pokemon Team:
    Zip - Male Yanmega
    Cherry - Female Slurpuff
    Shine - Female Ampharos
    Stack - Male Stonjourner
    Matter - Male Reuniclus
    Trip - Male Hitmontop
    Backstory: For most of his life, Ryan had a ruthless side. He was normally very kind and respectful, but when things get tough, he becomes cold and merciless. Leaving home at 14, he became a Pokemon Trainer. His first Pokemon, a Mareep which he named Shine. Collecting gym badges and traveling to many regions, he built up a powerful team of Pokemon through strict training. At 23, Ryan joined the police force. However his ruthless personality on missions caused him to sometimes ignore orders, and he was therefore deemed unfit to work in law enforcement. Not satisfied with this outcome, Ryan became a freelance bounty hunter.

    Hope you like it, I reused him from an old RP that was abandoned.
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    You do realize that the involvement of legendaries in an RP requires approval from a staff member, right?
    Thread locked, please read the rules.
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