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Open Pokémon Amazing Adventures

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by PokeboyAkioXe, Dec 8, 2016.

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  1. Hello I am AkioXe and welcome to Pokemon Amazing Adventures. In this roleplay you are a trainer who started off with a Starter Pokémon

    Rule 1. No gore and blood. But a small scratch will be accepted.

    Rule 2. No Godmodding coz no-one likes OP trainers.

    Rule 3. You can only make 2 characters, but you can catch as many Pokémon as you want.


    Rule 5. You must include the name and species of the Pokemon.

    Rule 6. Alolan forms are allowed.

    Rule 7. All starters are allowed.

    Rule 8. Maximum Level is 80.

    Rule 9. Stay Awesome!

    These are my characters

    Name: Akio

    Age: 12 years old

    Height: 5' or 152 cm

    Pokemon Team: Decidueye, Greninja, Arcanine, Alolan Ninetales, Alolan Raichu, Braviary

    Appearance: Black T-Shirt with white Pikachu Silhouette, black shorts, white scarf, black and white shoes.

    Items: 20 pokeballs, 10 potions.

    Bio: Akio has been in Alola for 1 year and he has captured 20 Pokémon. He lives on Poni Island. He dreams to meet every Pokémon and beat them.

    Roleplay: Akio looked at his Pokeball "It's another day Decidueye, let's look for some more Pokémon!" Akio ran to the nearest patch of grass and started searching.
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  2. Name: Nathan
    Age: 10
    Height: 4' 8"
    Current Pokemon: Heracross, Popplio
    Appearance: Green jacket with Black tee underneath, Gold and Black cap, Brown sandals, Blue satchel, Black cargo pants
    Items: 20 pokeballs, 5 max potions, 5 max revives, Antidote.
    Bio: Nathan arrived at Alola 1 day ago with his Heracross from Johto and then got himself his own Alolan starter, Popplio.

    RP: Nathan was walking through Hau'oli City, seeing some pretty sweet battles on the beach side. He looked through some trees and saw some Rockruff and a Lycanroc feasting on some berries. "Welp, this region is pretty nice." Nathan said to himself. "Hopefully I'll find my second Alola pokemon."
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  3. Name: Owen
    Age: 13
    Height: 4' 10"
    Pokémon: Charizard, Beedrill, Electabuzz, Dragonite, Poliwhrath, Marowak,
    Items: 30 Pokeballs (10 Normal, 10 Ultra, 10 Great)
    Bio: Owen started his journey in Kanto and has caught numerous Pokémon throughout Kanto and Kalos. He has stayed with his original team from Kanto in all regions. He has just made it to Alola and is ready for another amazing journey.
    RP: "Well, here comes another adventure guys!" Owen says to his Pokémon. they begin walking throughout the amazing cities and start gazing at the numerous Pokémon. Owen begins to walk toward the island challenge #1, hoping to earn victory
  4. Nathan arrived at the trial site, with a few pokemon by his side. He entered the trial site and saw the damp cave. "Okay, this seems pretty cool." Nathan said to himself. "I'm pretty sure I know what to do. Come out Growlithe!" Nathan threw a pokeball in the air, sending out a Growlithe. "Okay buddy, sniff out the Rattata." Growlithe sniffed the ground, searching for a scent. Growlithe found a scent and barked at a burrow in the cave's walls. Nathan put his hand in the burrow and waited for something to bite.
  5. Name:Shadow

    Age: 13

    Height: 7'

    Pokemon Team There will be a trainer card

    Appearance: Looks like the person in the trainer card

    Items: 1 master ball,25 ultra balls 7 hyper potions

    Bio: Uses to be in team plasma as a shadow grunt,loves pokemons and will do anything to save one from danger.

    RP: "Well now we have i guess stay hidden" Said Shadow as she covers her mouth with her scarf "Lur Lur An Tis Tis (Should we i'm not so sure yah'know we are in a bad).

    Attached Files:

  6. Name: Arcynn
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'4''
    Pokemon Team: Sceptile, Pidgeot, Druddigon, Sharpedo, Pyroar, Ampharos
    Appearance: Black hair, dark grey shirt, navy jeans, black jacket, black running shoes, deep amber eyes
    Items: 20 Ultra Balls, 15 Hyper Potions
    Bio: Arcynn has journeyed through the first six regions for 5 years and has now arrived in Alola

    RP: Alola was a strange place, very different from Johto. Arcynn looked around. "Well, where should I go first?" He thought out loud. "Ampharos! Come on out!" Ampharos jumped out of the Pokeball, happy to see Arcynn. "I want you to use your electricity to locate the nearest town. Can you do that?" Ampharos bellowed. Soon, he pointed northwest. "Alright! Well, let's get going. Come on Ampharos!" Arcynn dashed through the forest, Ampharos close behind.
  7. Name: Ryan
    Age: 10
    Height: 4' 8"
    Pokemon Team: Greninja,Beedrill,Quillava,Charizard,Jolteon,Sharpedo
    Appearance: Blue Hair,Blue Hoodie,Navy Jeans,Red Shoes,Navy Eyes
    Items: 5 Pokeball,2 Great Ball,1 Ultra Ball And 1 Max Potion
    Bio:Started His Adventure At Kalos,He Spend 5 Months Journey Through Kalos,And Arrived At Alola 2 Months Later
    RP: "Well new adventure i guess right Greninja" Said Ryan to his Greninja "Gre" Said His Greninja
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  8. Name: Mark

    Age: 11 years old

    Height: 5'5"

    Pokemon Team:Raichu,Typhlosion,Greninja,Venusaur,Hypno,Hitmonlee

    Appearance: Green T-Shirt with white Pichu Silhouette, blue shorts, white jacket, black and white tennis shoes.

    Items: 13 pokeballs, 5 potions.

    Bio: Mark has been traveling for 2 months and he has captured 100 Pokémon. He lives on Pallet town. He dreams to win the pokemon leauge.

    Roleplay: Mark looked at his Pokeball "It's another day Raichu, let's look for the pokemon leauge!" Mark ran to the nearest city and started searching.
  9. "Welp there it is Luna"Shadow said as she points to the Pokemon League "Welp Luna i can only use 4 pokemon as the rules say...Items can't be used blah blah blah..welp ok ill use you Sam,Rudolph and Soar"Said Shadow as she lets them out."Sand Slash slash!(We Can Win Like Last Year!)"Cryed Sam as he Jumps out of his pokeball and poses."Fear Fear o o Fe(Dramatic and trying to act cool 'Sigh' as always)Sighed Soar as she readys her wings to use sky attack on Sam."Saw Buck buck saw BUCK!"(Calm Down you two better not fight this is gonna be AWESOME!) Yelled Rudolph.Shadow just watches her team till she sees Mark running."Excuse Me are you uhh looking for the pokemon League cause its right here! Yelled Shadow. and you'll have to wait anyway it does'nt start till 5:00 and its 4:35 right now so 25 mins"Said shadow.
  10. a few minutes passed and suddenly, an Alolan Rattata bit Nathan's hand! "Go Heracross!" Heracross came out of his pokeball swiftly. "Now! Brick Break!" Heracross swiftly chopped the Rattata, knocking it off while making it faint. Nathan did the same thing until he defeated three Rattata. "Now, time to go out that way." Nathan said to his pokemon, pointing to an exit. Nathan went through and saw a chubby cheeked, black colored Raticate. The Raticate turned around to see the trainer and his four pokemon. It then attacked fiercely.
  11. "Gahh!"yelled Shadow as she Got attacked by the rattata"SAND!(SHADOW!) Yelled Sam."Ow urr c-calm down little guy i can help"Exclaimed Shadow as she Pulled out a potion and grabs the rattata then sprays the potion healing the rattata and walks over to Nathan and the raticate."Here you go Raticate i guess this is your child"Said Shadow as she gave Raticate the Ratatta.
  12. After searching for 10 minutes Akio finally found something new. "Woah what is that?" said Akio. It looked like a Pikachu but it had eyes on it's body. "Rotom what is that?" Asked Akio. Rotom popped out of a bag and said "That is a Mimikyu. Mimikyu is a lonely Pokémon. It wants to be like a Pikachu because Mimikyu isn't loved as much as Pikachu." Akio pulled out a Pokeball then it opened up revealing a Greninja."Greninja, use Ice Beam!" exclaimed Akio. Mimikyu's neck was busted. Mimikyu shot out a Shadow Ball hitting Greninja hard. "Greninja, use Night Slash!" yelled Akio. Mimikyu was weak, it couldn't stand up. Then Akio pulled out another Pokeball and threw it at Mimikyu. Mimikyu shakes the ball 5 times but fails to get out. "Yes! I caught a Mimikyu!" said Akio.
  13. "Everyone who signed up for the pokemon league Come now!"Yelled the Annoncer. "YES!"yelled shadow as she puts Razor and Sissors in the pc and walks to the room where the challengers wait."First Battle is Mark Vs Shadow!"Yelled The Annoncer.
  14. Name: Elias

    Age: 15


    Pokemon Team: Infernape, Floatzel, Leafeon, Gliscor, Electivire, Garchomp

    Appearance: Dark Brown Hair, Purple Hoodie, Black Sweatpants, Dark Brown Boots.

    Items: 60 Ultra Balls and 60 Hyper Potions.

    Bio: Elias was a strong trainer from the Sinnoh region, and he's heard about the strong trainers in Alola. So, he travels to Alola to find the trainers and take them all on.

    Roleplay: Elias has finally arrived in the Alola region through boat, and finds his way in Hau'oli.
  15. Name: Suzan
    Height:145 centimeters
    Pokemon: Wartortle,Jigglypuff,Eevee,Dragonair,Litten,Alolan Raichu
    Apperance:White dress with purple bow,purple shoes and a white hat with purple ribbon.
    Items:10 pokeball,2 potions
    Bio:Suzan is from Kanto.The Alola arrived two weeks ago with their pokemon.As your starter you chose Litten.She came to Alola, because of all of the regions most lured mainly because of the Alolan forms.
    I went down the path toward the port and all of a sudden I see some guy.
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  16. Arcynn sat up straight. "The Pokemon League? That's where we should go. Come on, Ampharos!" Arcynn dashed to where he heard the voice and burst into a clearing. Two trainers were about to face off. He squeezed through the audience and quickly walked to the check in table, where he signed and went back to spectate the battle. "Watch, Ampharos," Arcynn whispered. "Maybe we can learn a thing or two."
  17. I heard someone.I turned around and saw someone.Immediately ran out there.,,Hi!I am Susan!"I called.
  18. Name: Zander
    age: 15
    height: 5'7
    Pokemon: Tepig, Mimicu, Bunnery, Lucario, alolan vulpx, and snivy
    appearance: Red hair, Blue eyes, Black shirt with a mega charizard on it, orange shorts, and blue flip flops
    items: 15 pokeballs and 3 hyper potions
    bio: came to alola with my aunt after my parents where arrested

    Zander walks out of his house "Bye aunty ill be back later" he turns and sees a girl standing on the dock
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  19. *I'll stop*,,Hello?I am Suzan!And you?"I'll call.
  20. Name: Ferlampago
    Age: 10
    Height: 4' 9"
    Current Pokemon: Decidueye,Frogadier,Noibat
    Appearance: Has a black and red cap,black and red t-shirt,black shorts,black and red sneakers,an scratch at left eye and a Y
    Items: 20 pokeballs,1 Great ball,2 revives,2 potions and 1 Antidote
    Bio: When was 5 years old,an legendary pokémon,Zapdos,attacked his house.When he tried to escape,Zapdos scratched him.
    4 years after,he traveled to Kalos.His father got an Froakie for him.1 year after,he chose Rowlet,and after evolving to Dartrix,and,finnaly,to Decidueye.
    RP:Let´s go ,guys.We can do this.
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  21. Name: Ethan Gold
    Age: 11
    Height: 5'7"
    Sceptile (Starter)
    Appearance: Black spiky hair, Black eyes
    Clothes: Blue cap with pokeball on, Red striped shirt, Belt with pokeballs, Denim jacket
    Bio: Was born in johto , His father was taken away by team rocket for medalling with their plans, He then moved to hoenn with his mother where he first got treecko, Has traveled through: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos

    RP: Ethan was sprinting to the airport. He had left all his Pokemon with Prof.Birch. He said to himself " I'm starting a new journey with new Pokemon that I haven't seen before." He then got on the plane.
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  22. Ethan had landed, He was so excited to meet new Pokemon and new friends. He's running around looking for the Pokemon league. He eventually finds another trainer and asks " Excuse do you happen to know where the Pokemon league is."
    " What's it to you." Said the stranger rudely.
    " Hey what's up with you I only asked." Exclaimed Ethan.
    " Well if you really want to know we're at the league right now." He says (He then walks away)
    " Wait there's a battle going on right now cool, So it's between Mark and Shadow."
  23. Walking to the PC he realises something, An egg. He walks outside to go get it. Then he ran back to the PC with an idea. " Hey professor can you send me talonflame please." Questioned Ethan.
    " Sure I'll send him right to you now." Said Prof.Birch.
    " Thanks." Ethan said trembelling with excitement thinking what would hatch out of the egg. Ethan ran back outside to the egg.
    " Alright talonflame come on out." Ethan knew talonflame had the ability flame body which can make eggs hatch much faster. Then a miracle happened, It hatched. It was a grubin a Pokemon he had not caught yet. " Hey grubin don't worry I'll take care of you." Ethan threw his pokeball. 1...2...3...CAUHGT!
  24. Ethan had already been to alola before and there wasn't a Pokemon league there when he went but it had been 5 years since he had been and they built in the time he was at home in hoenn. He thought maybe the staff at the league would let him make a late entry. He asked them and they told him a person had quit to go meet someone in unova so he could take their place. Jumping for joy he was also thinking what Pokemon he should use since he be in the 2nd battle. Then it hit him his team for this battle would be Garchomp, Infernape and his secret weapon.
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  25. " I wonder who I'll be facing off against in the battle, It's so exciting." Ethan says as he settles down
  26. " I can't wait till my battle starts I'm gonna win for sure, Oh yeah that reminds me I've gotta ask birch for the 3 Pokemon I need." Ethan strolled over to the PC.
    "Why hello Ethan what can I do for you?" Asked birch politely.
    " Could please send over Garchomp, Infernape and my secret weapon." Ethan received the pokeballs. " Also tell mom I said hi."
    " Will do Ethan."
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  27. I turned around and went back.I've come to a country cottage near the beach.I put on a swimsuit and I went.For a while, I stood by the sea.While I stood there and then walked into the water.
  28. Ethan decides to walks out onto to the beach to think about his strategy for his battle. He then noticed a girl in the water, He says hello and introduces himself. " Hey other there, My names Ethan what's yours."

    ( That girl is renipuff)
  29. Name: Steven
    Age: 10
    Height: 4' 3
    Current Pokemon: kommo-o, incinoroar, emboar, vicavolt and aloan sandslash
    Appearance: Blue jacket with Grey tee underneath, green cap, no shoes, Purple and blue backpack , Black shorts
    Items: 20 pokeballs, 5 max potions, 3max revives, Antidote.
    Bio: Steven has been camping in the vast poni canyon for 1 years and has trained hard


    Steven woke up and had some leftover chicken from last night afterwards he got out of his tent and spotted a abandoned pokeball he went over to grab it as he got closer he relised that it was akios "oh hi " Steven said to akios
  30. " Sorry I know we just met but I've gotta go, Cya!" Runs back to his hotel where his cousin is waiting. On his way there he bumped into someone, It was Steven " Sorry I'm in a rush gotta go to my hotel and then the Pokemon league my battles up Next!"
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  31. "Oh wait WHAT my battles after yours so I'm coming with"Steven shouts as he start running for the hotel "this is going to be a great battle" Steven thought to himself
  32. " Ok sure you can I'm sure you'll win your battle and I'll win mine." Ethan exclaimed
  33. " Oh yeah I forgot to introduce myself I'm Ethan I was born in johto but moved to hoenn with my mom."
  34. "Yeah I've got my line up ready and I'm prepared " shouted as he reached the hotel " can I see your team " Steven asked Ethan "and I'm Steven camped in the vast poni canyon for a year and was born in kalos
  35. " Well you see my team right now is Infernape, Grubin, Garchomp and my secret weapon but I have loads more Pokemon i left with professor birch." He replied
  36. " nice" Steven exclaimed "this is my team " Steven sent out kommo-o, incioroar, emboar, vikavolt and sandslash "see that one "pointing at vikavolt "that the final evolution of you grubbin once that grubbins a chargabug train him in the vast poni canyon and he'll evolve"
  37. " Thanks for the tip wait how about we have a battle!"
  38. "Yeah! A 3 on 3 battle right here right know get ready go get rekt" Steven smiles divising a plan in his head
  39. " Alright my first Pokemon will be Infernape come on out!
  40. Ethan's league battle begins " I'm sorry to stop the battle but my league battles beginning wanna watch?"
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