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Pokemon Adventure - Patroni Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by silverwind2020, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. Hello, Reader! And welcome to Pokemon Adventures, the Patroni Region! In this RP, our heroes will be travelling through the Patroni Reigon, finding adventure along the way. Here are the rules!

    - All of the regular Poke Charms Rules.
    - Post your characters and ideas in the Discussion Thread.
    - Overall, have fun!

    And here's the character template.

    Age: (10 - 24 )
    Origins: (Optional)
    Pokemon Team:

    And lastly, here is my character.

    Name: Rocky
    Age: 11
    Traits: Energetic, Confident, Helpful
    Origins: A Trainer from the Kalos Region who tries his best to be, well, the best!
    Goals: To become a Champion
    Pokemon Team: Scorbunny (Male)

    Have fun RPing!
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  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Just one thing. The Dynamax phenomenon is restricted to the Galar region for lore reasons and so, no, there will be no Dynamaxing in this fan-region. Z-Crystals and Z-bracelets/rings/whatever are also pretty damn specific to Alola, but I suppose if a character from Alola brings their Z-bracelet/ring/crystals etc. with them, that would be fine.
  3. Oh, alright. Thank you for informing me. I'll fix it now.
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  4. I gotta find a character who is young enough to join this. XD most of them either won't be going to Patroni or are older than 24.
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  5. Name: Viktor Vladimirovich
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 19
    Appearance: He's 6'5" (1.9 m), Russian with an almost thick accent, 240 lbs (108.9 kg) of pure muscle, about 2 people wide, and has pale skin with a bit of stubble on his face. His eye color is a deep black, his hair a deep chocolate brown, and his body is covered in scars from helping his family fend off berzerk Pokemon from tearing down their home and hurting their own Pokemon. His clothes consist of a pair of black, fleece-laden boots with a thick hide on the outside; a white tank-top underneath a dark grey, collared, short-sleeved shirt underneath a heavy black leather coat, which is also fleece-laden. The coat's fleece extend to the outer rims of the cuffs, collar, and edges of the coat. His pants are dark grey and thick. He's wearing a thick, black ushanka with the ear flaps anchored to the top of the hat. His dark brown satchel is slung over his shoulder and has a golden-like buckle. The contents of the satchel are his notebooks, pens, spare healing items, spare Poke Balls to catch any Pokemon he finds interesting, herbs, a spare change of clothes, a Poke-Tablet, a frayed handbook about behavior and conduct, and other miscellaneous items. He has nicknamed his satchel Anna, and is very protective of his belongings.
    Traits: He looks intimidating, but he definitely falls under the "Gentle Giant" stereotype. He is gentle to all those he considers children (which younger than him). When he is trying to discipline or teach someone with a firm voice, his voice booms and he sounds unintentionally angry, which scare kids away. His voice is low and bassy, but he isn't exactly angry until you can hear a deep rumbling within his chest. He is EXTREMELY protective of "children" nearby, his Pokemon, and his belongings. He will misconstrue the context of something happening, and thinks that someone is in trouble, when that's not the case. Let's just say it takes a bit of effort of others nearby to snap him out of his protective papa bear rage. He also can't read English very well. He is only able to understand it by using his Poke Tablet, which frustrates him when people call him a dim-wit or something of that nature, when he knows he clearly isn't. He just didn't take the time (because he didn't have any) to learn the English language beyond speaking it.
    Origins: A fan-made region based on Russia.
    Goals: To explore and get a competent team to protect his family's home from ravenous Ice-Types and other Pokemon. He also wants to be a Pokemon Breeder.
    Pokemon Team: Female Lapras (Zenechka). She's about 5-6 months old. Male Luxray (Ivan). He's 15 years old and is his starter. He has no other Pokemon.

    Lapras: She was born on Viktor's family's farm and, due to everyone being busy, Viktor decided to take her, train her a little, and take her on an adventure so she may grow stronger and they may gain friends. She's a sweetheart, is a little on the quiet and shy side, and she's not the greatest at battling, but she is better at traveling. She is 6'03" instead of 8'02" due to how young she is, and has Shell Armor as an ability.

    Luxray: He was born a little after Viktor turned 4, and they have been inseparable since. He is stubborn and adamant on what he thinks is right. He has a huge sense of justice and has a soft spot for children. He has been trained to be fast and physically strong, so his battle style is reminiscent of this. He also has the ability Intimidate and is 5'06" instead of 4'07" due to how old he is and the diet he was able to have. He protected Viktor's family's home from ravenous Pokemon since he could battle, lending him to have scars littered all over him.

    How many moves may our Pokemon learn?
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  6. About 5 or 6, since anime Logic and I thought it would be an easier way for people to do what they need in Roleplays, and have a spread Moveset.
  7. There might be descriptions of each town/city and routes/forests/other interests to your first post, as usually people don't join in unless there is a good amount of detail of your region.
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  8. Name: Sarah Blackwell
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Sarah is a short girl who stands around 5'3. She has pale skin with a yellow tint to it. Her face has striking features with high cheekbones, and slight slanted eyes. Her eyes are a bright pink color that stand out among her dark black lashes. Her hair is a dark purple color. It falls down in curls around her lower back. On her left arm she has a very detailed tattoo that shows vines crawling up a brick wall in grey scale. The vines show dark red roses. The vines are covered in thorns. Sarah tends to wear a black dress jacket that opens in the front, and has a corset belt. Underneath she wears a pair of black leather pants that tapper into a pair of black combat boots. The dress has long sleeves, and has a deep v that showed off the black undershirt that she is wearing. Around her neck she wears a black choker, with a heart shaped pendent on it.
    Traits: Sarah is kind, yet she has a bit of a temper. Though most of her friends call her the mom friend. She loves to sing, draw and play her violin.
    Origins: Sarah grew up in Kanto on a ranch outside of Viridian Forest. She trained with her grandmother to learn the ropes of becoming a breeder. She trained with her dad to become a great trainer, and her mother taught her to be an amazing coordinator. She has travelled to a couple of different regions where she had taken on gyms and contests alike.
    Goals: Sarah wants to travel and make friends. She also takes in weak and injured pokemon to nurse back to health.
    Pokemon Team:
    Umbre (Female, Umbreon)
    Lola (Shiny, Female, Lopunny)
    Amethyst (Female, Grumping)
    Beautifly (Female)
    Mioltic (female)
    Faith (female, Litten)
    Grace (Female, Togepi)
    (Sarah takes Grace with her wherever she goes, she does not really leave her side at all. Umbre travels outside of her pokeball and hates to go into it.)
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  9. Excuse me, uh, Trainers are supposed to be just starting their adventures here, unless your character isn't taking part in the Gym Challenge, you can't have such strong Pokemon. Sorry for not putting it in the rules.
  10. That is just her main team that she carries with her most of the time. I mainly will have her take Umbre and Grace with her if I do plan to do the gym challenge.
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  11. Got it, thank you for replying and I'll post the RP thread once we have one or two more people to RP.
  12. Luxray is there to protect his trainer and he won't participate in any important battles like the gym challenge until the rest of Viktor's Pokemon get to his experience level.

    Also, are there descriptions for the towns/cities/routes/caves/any other landmarks or can you at least make a list of them?

    Nice to see you again Emokitty. :) been awhile
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  13. I don't have any ideas for landmarks I could make, but I'd be happy if you two could help me out with it. Blast away with the ideas, if you'd like.
  14. It is good to see you again as well Medic. Well each region has a theme that ties everything together. Kalos was focused on the arts, Galar focused on sports, Kanto was based around colors for the regions. Depending on your theme you can base the landmarks on the gyms and other features that you would like to add to the story.
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  15. Then this isn't technically a fan-made region if it isnt.. "made", but sure I can help.
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  16. Fan-make region, help the creator finish the region.
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  17. We could RP a bit, then come to Discussion to think of a place where the RP would move to next. Easy, right? Edit: Also, guys, should we wait on more people or RP now? Your choice.
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  18. Well, seeing that we don't have any towns or routes even placed down yet, those need to be established first before the RP starts. People are less inclined to join an RP of a fan-made region if the region's landmarks aren't created, so starting an RP would almost be unfair if we don't have the material for it. I actually suck at creating regions, so I can't exactly help :/ but the first course of action should be creating the first city we'll be in (i mean, we gotta have our characters find each other and have reasons of going on an adventure). Then the route that leads either into another city or a landmark, like a forest or a cave.
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  19. Idea break!

    Starting Town: Moshi Town, a small town that's still very pleasant to everyone who lives in it.
    First Route: Route 1, a good route for beginners to start training for the battles they will soon have ahead.
    First Gym Town: Penexi Town, a town that is home to the 1st Gym in Patroni, the Psychic Type Gym.

    Now we can RP a bit since we have the first three areas. Right after we get another person in this Thread.
  20. Cool. Is there a description for them, like what they look like?
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  21. Well, Moshi Town normally has joyful people performing outside. It also has quaint little houses with supplied Rotom Ipads in them. That reminds me, the Rotom Ipad will be your main communication, Pokedex, all of that. Then there's Route 1...just imagine a Route. And Penexi Town is bigger than Moshi Town, but not as lively. This is because people tend to stay inside, practicing their Psychic Abilities, most especially the Gym Leader, Kim (From the word Kinetic).
  22. There we go. Thank you :)
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  23. We need to make a choice. Either we RP now, or wait for one or more members to join the RP.
  24. Name: Mae Bellamy.
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 18.
    Sexuality: Bisexual.
    Appreance: Mae has raven black hair and golden eyes that stand out beautifully against her hair. She usually puts her hair into a ponytail or braid but will wear it down for special occasions. Mae has a slim but a bit of a muscular figure and is above average on height, being 5'9". She wears a white shirt, alongside a light pink jacket worn on top with black fingerless gloves. Dark brown shorts that go to her knees and light brown boots with socks that match her jacket which can be seen stopping just above her boots. Mae also carries around a messenger bag that seems to be watermelon themed.
    Traits: A spunky, fun loving and hardworking spirit. She seems to take nothing seriously and bounces around places without a care in the world, however you shouldn't underestimate her as she always puts 110% effort into things she actually cares about. Mae has a bit of a smug aura around her to go with her seemingly carefree attitude. Nevertheless she's a hardworking and kind spirited person who simply loves being around Pokémon and people.
    Origins: Mae was born and raised in Lumiose City in Kalos. Her mother was a former Coordinator and her father was a respected Pokémon Trainer. Which made Mae feel the need to accomplish something as great as her parents, or better yet, something even better than her parent's legacy. So she ventured from her home, leaving it behind so that way she could start anew, with a blank slate, and where no one knew her. That way she could build her own legacy without her parent's overshadowing her. Which led her to where she'll be starting off in the roleplay.
    Goals: If you wanna be clear cut about it Mae just wants to accomplish something amazing. She doesn't want to be forgotten, and if that means becoming a Champion then so be it!
    Pokemon Team:
    A Misdreavus nicknamed Missi. She's a playful spirit, often pranking and scaring people.
  25. Accepted. Posting RP Thread in a bit, so get ready!
  26. Letting everyone know I only make an RP post a couple times a day to maybe one post every other day. Just letting everyone know so that I don't get left behind because that has happened several times and it just sucks the fun out of an RP.
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  27. @Merciless Medic, I am the same way now. I got a promotion at work, so I am bit busier then I normally was.
  28. Is the RP being made?
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  29. I tried earlier. Said it had some other requirement. I'll try again.
  30. What about those prefixes, like what every other RP has? Like when it says "Open" or "Ask To Join" or "Private/Closed".

    And tags that list the content the RP will have.
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  31. RP posted. Check in now to have some RP galore!
  32. Just a note that could, would, and should shouldn't be used in the place of was, were, and other past tense words, as they are considered future tense. XD but otherwise fun! So basically we are starting out arriving in Patroni Region?
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  33. You don't mind if I use a character from my written works series do you? It's fine if you don't. Thoughts? Here's a link to the written works series, if your curious. For RP purposes, he won't be doing anything too crazy so you won't have to worry about him drinking or anything. I can tone that stuff down for RP purposes.

    Name: Fawke Love
    Age: 24
    appearance: 24 year old man that stood at 5'7 ft. He had pale skin and a slender build. He had dull orange eyes, faded light brown hair that was short ,but messy. The hair on the right side of his head was an inch long and spiky, while the hair on the left side of his hair went all the way down to his jawline ,and has a purple star highlighted on it.

    outfit: he wears a neon blue shirt with green, red ,and purple splash marks across it followed by the words 'Grim Creaper' On the front. He wore a brown leather jacket with white fur along the edges. He had a thick gold chain necklace as well as several gold rings. He wore faded jeans with various stains, scratch marks ,and patches covering holes(the patches are various shades or red). He also wears red socks ,and red running shoes with gray stripes on the sides.

    Traits: Fawke is a somewhat irresponsible man who likes to drink too much, party too hard, and act up. he's also the lead singer in the band 'Cold Blooded Passion'. His stage name is 'The Grim Creaper'. Despite his wild outgoing party lifestyle, Fawk can be a very friendly, cool, down to earth guy. He does try to be a good person, even if he sometimes fails miserably in the process. He also has a gambling problem, but that's not important.
    Origins: Fawke was born in Sinnoh, but was raised on Hoenn. He grew up all over really. Been to various regions, but loves Hoenn the most. He enjoys travelling around region to region, on a pokémon adventure from time to time. He enjoys doing this as its an opportunity for him to get inspiration for new songs.
    Goals: Have fun. That's his goal. He's not particularly interested in gym battles or anything. Just traveling around, having a good time, and maybe making some friends along the way.
    Pokemon Team:
    shiny toxicroak named Doku
    nidoking named Niko
    toxicity(low key) named Toxy
    salazzle named Zazle
    crobat named Roark
    alolan muk named Hora

    He will probably only bring his Toxicroak(Doku)
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  34. Accepted. RP is posted, so post now if you'd like.
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