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Open Pokemon Academy KPAC: PT2

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Aku Toriyama, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. SO uh, The Person previously running the RP got banned so, looks like I was assigned to keep it moving. So here is a copy paste from the post.

    One day, you were just participating in your everyday life, when you received a letter in your mailbox. You took it out, intrigued, and read it. It said ~

    "To (insert trainer name here)

    Hello! This is Professor Sycamore, and I am writing to you because your application to the Kalos Pokemon Academy College has been accepted! Your first day is in exactly a month, on Monday! There is another nine hundred and ninety-nine students in this school. The package with the key to your dormitory is in the envelope you just opened, and the school postcode and address, just in case you need it, as well as a list of all the equipment you need, is also inside the envelope. Your dormitory is inside a large building with the nine hundred and ninety-nine other dormitories. We hope to see you there!

    PS: I am not working at the school! I just help to write the application responses.

    From - Professor Sycamore and the Kalos Pokemon Academy College."

    One month later...

    In this RP, you are a 12 - 18-year-old girl/boy who has just been invited to the famous Kalos Pokemon Academy College. You have been accepted into the KPAC because of how intelligent and Poke-knowledgable you are. You will arrive, and go to your dormitory, unpack all your things and learn the schedule on the first day you're there. You will attend the KPAC until you graduate, which is when you turn eighteen - or in EXTREMELY special conditions where you are just so smart that you can graduate earlier than eighteen. You will have holidays off but can choose whether you go home or not for every holiday, apart from the summer holidays and you have to leave. You also have the choice of leaving the KPAC on weekends or not.

    The KPAC is an extremely large building, with many different rooms and classes. Every student gets a map of every room in the KPAC, but if you lose your map, you will not get another. However, there are maps all over the KPAC showing every single room if you do happen to lose your map.

    If you misbehave, you will get detention. If you get detention, you will be locked in a classroom doing a whole weeks' worth of work, and will not be allowed out until finished. You get three chances for misbehaving. Lose your first chance, detention. Lose your second, then it's three weeks' worth of work in Detention. Lose THREE chances and you will get Dreadful Dorm Detention. Dreadful Dorm Detention is where you will be locked in your dormitory until it is the next morning. Teachers decide how you lose your chances - some are stricter, some are kinder.

    Grades are like marks for what work teachers give students. Grades are based on how hard you work, how much you attend class, and how smart and correct you are in your work. Getting the lowest Grades, an F, results in a suspension from school. Another F, and expulsion. A Grade Drop, (GD) drops you down a grade. A Here is a list of all the Grades down below - highest being the best grades.
    I - Incredible
    E - Excellent
    G - Great
    O - Okay
    L - Lacking
    B - Bad
    H - Horrible
    F - FAIL

    There is a curfew at the KPAC - you go back to your room at 10PM and stay there. Seen outside of your room past 10PM? You get Dreadful Dorm Detention for the whole next day. This rule is changed for students who stay at the KPAC on the weekends - the curfew is changed to 10:30PM, giving students just a little more time for activities. When you choose to stay at the KPAC for the weekends, you basically get to wake up at whatever time you want and do whatever you want (If it isn't breaking the rules) all day long - until 10:30PM.

    In the KPAC, you choose which classes you will attend and which classes you won't. You can even skip classes without a telling-off - but, everytime you skip, you will get a grade drop in your grades. There is an half-hour break after every class, which is basically free time before and after all your classes to avoid stress.
    Extra work is given out every Friday - expected to be returned finished every Wednesday. Give in your extra work late after Wednesday results in a grade drop. Extra work is always based on the class you have the lowest grades on - or if your grades on them all are the same you can choose what class your extra work is based on. You are expected to attend all classes, so switching between two classes going on at the same time is necessary, or attending one class one day and then the other class the other day. Classes are every day every week apart from on weekends.
    There are always two classes on at the same time for you to choose between. You are even allowed to take part in half of one class then go to the other class. The only classes you won't get a grade drop for skipping is if you skip Pokemon Performing Practise or Pokemon Battling Practise, as not every student at the KPAC is a Performer or Trainer, so you can skip both these classes and have free time or attend these classes for extra learning and information. Attending these classes do not affect your grades though, at all. Here is a list of all the classes in the KPAC and the times for them -
    Pokemon History Research OR Pokemon Mythology Research - 9AM TO 10AM
    Pokemon Caring Lessons OR Pokemon Battling Lessons - 10:30AM TO 11:30AM
    Pokemon Typing Research OR Pokemon Moves Research - 12PM TO 1PM
    Pokemon Performing Practice OR Pokemon Battling Practise OR Skip - 01:30PM TO 02:30PM
    Mythical Pokemon Discussion OR Legendary Pokemon Discussion - 3PM TO 4PM
    Mega Evolution Class OR Z Crystal Moves Class - 4:30PM TO 5:30PM
    Pokemon Cooking Class OR Pokemon Art Class OR Pokemon Nursing Class - 6PM TO 7PM

    The KPAC is about a mile away from Kalos, in a large area where a mountain had been flattened. In the KPAC there is a gigantic outdoor area outside of the KPAC, great for lunch times and break times - the field is actually around one mile large in all directions. There is a large, tall iron fence around the whole school protecting the students from danger.

    So, that is all about the Kalos Pokemon Academy College! :D Here are the RP rules!

    • All the Pokecharms rules.
    • Please just don't be crazy or insane or a psycho murderer or ninja or something like that XD
    • Don't be some kind of crazy powerful rebel who completely ignores the teachers and is mega-super popular...stuff like that makes me vomit :p
    • Romance is allowed...just keep it as far as it went in the Pokemon anime.
    • No crazy violence
    • Only mild profanity - like crap, hell, crud, no further than that please
    • No Mary Sues...in this case, Smarty Poo's! NO SMARTY POO'S! Smarty Poo's are characters who are super duper intelligent, E on EVERYTHING, all the teachers love them, etc.
    • No Fanmade Pokes, sorry
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    Moved to RP discussion as this is actually a discussion thread. Only posts that are In Character belong in the RP forums. Out of Character posts, interest checks, 'sign ups' and all the rest of that belongs in the discussion boards.

    When you have some actual RP content going on, that's when you post it in the RP forums. I also suggest brushing up on our rules for future reference, but I'm somewhat contractually obligated to do that by this point. ^^
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