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Ask to Join PokèHuman High School (The Roleplay)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Zman890, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. "No, Thats Okay. I'll Cook Dinner. And Plus Its Only 2:30, I'll Cook dinner around 7:00." Once Flame was Finally Done with Unpacking it was around 3:30 as he Laid on his Bed and Finally Got to relax.
  2. Kuro shrugged her broad shoulders, not knowing where to go. "I don't know, I haven't been around long enough to really look at many places," she said with a sigh as she thought of the other night when she planned to look around but she was chased yet again by a few people. She knew she didn't have good luck with many people, them being PokéHumans or just humans. "I had wanted to look around but I had some, um, well, trouble," she said nervously as she opened the door to outside, leaving it open for Charge to enter. She nervously looked around, looking for any of her perusers from the past three days. Since she had moved here, almost a week ago, she had been on the run from people she had made mad or just wanted her power when they found out who she was though she didn't trust anyone yet so she wouldn't tell anyone about her past life, yet.
  3. (Discussion Link
    Kat went to the store and spent forever looking around to find Flame's receipt and returned all the stuff Flame bought and by the time she got back to the dorm it was 8:00. "I heard you cursing under your breath. These ears hear a lot of things you know. Here." Kat handed Flame the money.
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  4. Flame Grabed the Money and said. "Thanks i Guess. But Where Did You find my Receipt? And did you really hear My Curse?" Flame Looked at the Time and say iy was 8:00. "Oh! I was supposed to Cook an Hour Ago!" Flame Got off of his Bed and went to the Kitchen. "I guess i can Make Some Curry." Flame Grabed Some potato's, Berrys, amd some Meat and Therw Them in a Big Pot. He Then Grabed some Rice and put it in a Different Pot with Hot Water.
  5. "I'll help you" said Kat. Kat tied an apron around her waist. Kat put a few semi hot peppers on a cutting board. Kat's hand glowed yellow and 2 stars came out. Her eyes glowed and the stars started to glow purple. The stars cut the pepper into pieces. She picked put the pieces and put them in the bowl of curry. "Remember the first time you taught me how to cook?" Said Kat. "I put in to many peppers. Not to mention I put in sugar instead of salt." Said Kat.
  6. After a whe of exploring with Kuro Charge had looked around to realize that it was getting dark. "The kids!" He thought as he turned to Kuro. "Kuro I have to get home to my little brothers." He said. "You kind coming over to help me with them? I'm sure they'd love your company." He asked her.
  7. "Its Okay. The Peppers Will cancel Out most of the sweetness. And I Remember That. I Think we Made CupCakes. Oh! It was Cupcakes. I remember Because We Forgot about them and they Burned." Flame Laughed a Bit Before Saying. "I Think The Curry is Ready." Flame Grabed Two Plate's and Put Rice on One Side and Curry on the Other and Gave one to Kat. "Here you go."
  8. Kuro nodded with a smile at Charge's question, very much wanting to see Charge's brothers. "Yes, that sounds wonderful!" She exclaimed, her cobalt blue eyes excited yet curious. She was surprised that other PokéHumans hadn't followed her yet nor did they try to make a scene, whoever they were, so she was quite happy about at least that.
  9. Both Flame and Kat ate dinner. "I think the curry turned out great" said Kat. How did you like it?" said Kat. Kat got her backpack ready for her first day of high school. Kat wrote in her diary everything that happened. Dear Diary, Today was Fine. I made a few friends. There's Koro. He's really cool (I think I have a crush on him) but for some reason he feels off around me. Then again it's probably because how I'm only 12 and in high shool. Next there's Charge. He's pretty funny. He also mentioned something about little brothers. I hope to meet them. Finally there's Cole. He really likes to battle. I really would like to see him battle. I would never want to fight him :D. Lastly I'm so glad Flame is here. I thought I wasn't going to make any friends at all but he came and I'm glad. Kat stopped writing, got on her night gown and went to bed. "Night Flame!" shouted Kat. Kat fell asleep at 9:00.
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  10. "Alright then lets go." Charge said as he went to his house with Kuro.

    "Volt! Buddy! Open up! If you want food.." Charge said as he knocked on the door to see Proton open the door.
    "Big bro!" Proton yelled as he jumped at Charge.
    "Hey kid, where's Volt?" Charge asked him.
    "He's taking a nap." Proton said as he looked up and saw Kuro.
    "Big bro!" Proton yelled as he grabbed onto Kuro's leg.
    "You got a girlfriend!" He yelled as he grabbed onto Kuro's leg tightly.
    "Ah! No Proton!" Charge yelled as he tried to pull Proton off of Kuro's leg
    "She's just a friend! Release!" He said as he struggled to get Proton off.
  11. "Well The Curry is Good. But its a Bit Sweet." Once They were Done eating Flame Went ahead and Cleaned Up. Once he Was done with that he went ahead and took a Shower and got into some night Cloths. He Then Laded Fown on his Bed as he said back to Kat. "Night!" He Thrn Slowly went to Sleep. After Flame Was Asleep, a Dark Shadow Came Into Their Dorm Room and went into Flame's Room, Taking his Black Crown. It then Left the Room with its Flame's Crown into the Woods near by.
  12. While Kat was sleeping her bracelet was taken by a shadow. Kat had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Kat went in the kitchen and got a glass of warm coconut milk with a little vanilla extract and agave. As she drank it she noticed that her Psychic Gem bracelet was gone. She at first didn't think much of it ,but she looked in her entire bed, room then dorm and couldn't find it. She tried using Psychic but nothing happened since it was out of range. Kat went into Flame's room and she found out Flame's crown was taken. Kat started shaking Flame. "Wake up Flame. "Are stuff has been stolen Flame! Wake up" said Kat. He didn't wake up. Kat started charging 1 swift star in each hand and clapped which made a pretty loud noise.
  13. Flame Was Sleeping when A Loud nosie woke Him up. He fell out of bed and Landed Face First as he looked up at Kat and Said. "What fo you want?" He Said as his eyes Started Glowing due to the Darkness.
  14. "Sorry about that" said Kat helping him up. "Flame, our stuff has been stolen! No, I didn't lose it because my Psychic could pick it up if I did. Not to mention your crown is gone." Said Kat. "I know you never take your crown off except to go to bed and I always keep my bracelet on unless I'm in bed." Said Kat.
  15. Flame Looked over at where His Crown Used to be at and said. "But how Can someone get in? I Locked the Doors." On Flame's Head where he usually puts his Crown at, Tbeir was a Hole in his head and it had a Purple Glow Coming from Inside of it.
  16. "That never stops getting creepy and Robbers don't give up when there was a locked door". "Who knows? maybe someone picked it?" "I'll just get some sleep and look for clues in the morning". Kat went to bed and hardly got any sleep.
  17. "Yeah I'm going back to Sleep Now. Good Night... Again." Flame laid back down and went back to Sleep as the Glowing in his Head Dissappered.
  18. Kuro blushed very deeply at the thought of being Charge's girlfriend. She had never been called a girlfriend before much less by Charge's, a male she had just met, brother. "N-no, I-I just m-met Charge t-today at s-school. I-I-I'm just here t-to help out with y-you t-t-two," she stuttered as she shifted on her feet, the weight of Proton not bothering her nor seeming to affect her at all.
  19. Proton heard what Kuro said and he released her leg.
    "Oh okay." He said
    "Finally, Proton go wake up volt while I show Kuro around and I'll start making dinner, okay?" Charge said as he picked up his little brother.
    "Okay!" He said as he ran inside.
    "Sorry about that Kuro, he's very energetic and will take any chance to tease me, anyways come in." Charge said as he motioned for Kuro to walk in.
  20. Kuro's blush had calmed down into a light blush as she walked in, looking around. "Your house smells nice," she said, not meaning to actually say it aloud. She didn't even realize that she did say it aloud as she took a look at everything around Charge's house.
  21. Charge had heard Kuro's comment about the house smelling nice and replied with. "Yeah, I try to keep it smelling and looking nice mainly because I kinda own the place. It's been me and my two younger brothers for a while now but we've gotten used to it." Charge then walked over and walked into the kitchen.
    "Make yourself at home." He said as he pulled out a chair for Kuro.
    "I'll start making dinner soon, anything in particular you'd like?" Charge asked Kuro as his little brother Volt came down the stairs.
    "Doesn't matter what he makes it won't be that good." Volt told Kuro as he walked by and collapsed on the couch.
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  22. Kuro's head tilted toward Charge as he entered the kitchen, her eyes filled with curiosity and confusion. When she heard Volt's comment she giggled, looking at the child. "Charge, you have adorable brothers," she said still standing, not knowing what else to do. "And no, I'm not very picky do anything is fine for me," she said then looked at the stairs, half expecting Proton to walk down.
  23. "Huh, yeah, 'adorable'." Charge said sarcastically as he let out a little laugh.
    "I am literally in the same building." Volt said from the couch he lay on.
    "I know." Charge replied as he pulled a few things out of the pantry.
    "You wanna help with dinner Kuro?" Charge asked her as his little brother Proton cane running down the stairs.
    "I wanna help to!" He yelled as he ran into the kitchen.
    "Okay then, go wash your hands." Charge replied to Proton.
  24. Kuro smiled as Proton ran down the stairs then she shook her head. "No, I think I'll let Proton help you. I'll jut sit if you don't mind. I'll let you siblings cook then I'll help with the dishes and cleaning up," she said, walking over to the couch and sitting down on the opposite side of Volt, a couple strands of hair falling into her face.
  25. "Alright then." Charge said as he and Proton began making dinner.
    "So how exactly did Charge find you?" Volt asked Kuro. "Usually he doesn't bring people in unless he trusts them, or known them really well."
  26. Kuro looked at Charge, or what she could see of him, then looked back at Volt. "We go to the same school and now we have the same dorm so we decided to wonder around town," she answered with a smile.
  27. "So he was with you all day? How'd you survive?" Volt asked her, Charge barely managed to hear Volt's comment and he replied with, "Voltage Atom Flo! Be nice to guests!"
    "Don't use my full name Chargius Co-"
    "Cram it!" Charge yelled before Volt could finish his sentence.
  28. Kuro gigled at Volt and Charge's argument. "It was far more fun than mood killing," she said after the exchange. "So, Volt, um, what games do you like to play?" She asked, curiosity dripping from her voice.
  29. "I usually don't play games." Volt replied, "I'm usually stuck doing homework." He said as he looked up at the ceiling. "And um, when I'm not doing homework I'm stuck in the attic, because that's where my parents stuff is. Great..." He said as Charge looked at him, "I locked up the attic door, how'd you." "The key was hidden in the fern bush outside near the south window of the kitchen." Volt said to Charge. "How'd you know, I hid it so that Proton wouldn't cry anymore." Charge said. "I don't let Proton in, and besides you hid the key outside my favorite part of the house." He replied, "So you did get dad's gleam eyes. I thought he was lying." Charge said with a small laugh. "But enough sad memories, dinner's ready." He said as he placed everything on the table.
  30. Kuro heard the conversation but had a sad look of her own. She remembered when she and her parents had lived perfectly fine but she had to ruin everything just because they could've found out. When she caught Chare's words she stood up and walked over to the dinner table, a smile that had a mixture of sadness and happiness had surfaced on her lips. Her eyes were filled with curiosity and strands of her black hair had fallen in front of her face again but she didn't mind and left them there.

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