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Ask to Join PokèHuman High School (The Roleplay)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Zman890, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Welcome Students To The newly Made PokèHuman High School! This School is Only For PokèHumans. The Teachers Here Will Teach you About Most Common things That they would teach in a normal Human School! We Have Gotten Most of the Info of the Students and are getting more. We have Also provided Dorms and a You are Welcome to Wonder Around the Town near Our School. Now that you have Learned most of the Stuff you need to, You May now eneter the School

    Flame Was Walking Towards the New PokèHuman High School. He Was so excited he could Barely Keep it In. Once he Got to the entrance of The School a Person Handed him a Key. He a But Confused but He Shoved the Key in he Pocket. He then Headed in the School and began Walking around.
  2. Cole walked over to the door of the school. He had been kicked from many schools before, so finding one specifically for pokehumans was great. He walked over to a person, and retrieved a key to a room. He took it, and set off to find his dorm room.
  3. Charge was at his house and like usual woke up early to help his little brothers which meant he was the last one out the door.
    "Proton! Volt! Wake up and come get breakfast!" Charge yelled to his brothers from downstairs as he placed their breakfast on the table.
    "Coming big bro." Said Proton the youngest brother as he ran downstairs.
    "How come I'm always last to the table?!" Yelled Volt, the middle child
    "You're always last because you always skip breakfast an you're slow." Joked Charge as he grabbed a piece of toast and began eating it.
    "Well maybe if you made better food then I'd eat it." Volt replied a h began eating.
    "Good one Volt." Said Proton.
    "You guys better hope you I make you lunch today." Charge told them.

    After leaving the house Charge want to the poke high school where h received a key as he entered and saw a kid there.
    "Hey kid! You know what I have to do with this?" He yelled out to Flame as he walked towards him.
  4. Kat walked to the front door to the school and gave a deep breath. "Okay Kat. You're at a new school and you are absolutely terrified. Not to mention everybody's older than you so it's going to be hard to make friends but I can do this" says Kat giving herself a pep talk . She walks into the office, got her key for her dorm and walked around. Later she saw her best friend, neighbor, and occasional babysitter Flame. "Flame!" Kat shouted and used quick attack to get over there fast then gave him a hug. A wave of relief went over her head knowing she wasn't alone anymore (no she's not in love with him. She knows he's gay)
  5. As Charge was walking towards Flame a small girl used quick attack and bet him to it.
    "Well there goes that." He said as he continued walking towards the two.
    "Hey names Charge, you two are who?" He asked them.
  6. "Hi!" "My name is Kat!" Said Kat cheerfully. "Don't screw this up" said Kat inside of her head. "And to my right is my good friend Blaze, I mean flame" said Kat. "Great you ruined it." Said Kat inside of her head. "What's your name?" Asked Kat.
  7. "name's Charge, it's nice to meet you Kat." Charge said as he turned to Flame, "so you guys know each other? How exactly?" He asked curiously. "Get this right and you won't have to worry about having no friends." He thought.
  8. "Oh no!" Thought Kat. "Now he wants to know how we met. Should I tell a joke? Nah. Be Sassy? That's Terrible. Ahh!" Said Kat inside her head. "Um...well he was my neighbor in my hometown and he would even babysit for me since my parents would be out of town alot."
  9. "that's cool." Said Charge, "you mind babysitting my little brothers while I take a break?" Charge asked Flame jokingly. "I'm kidding of course." He said turning back to Kat.
    "Also, Kat, any idea what this is for?" He asked her as he hel up his key.
  10. "Oh, thats a dorm key. We all get one." Cole said as he walked by, noticing the kid asking about the key. "Sorry to intrude, but I was wondering if you guys knew what we are supposed to be doing." He walked over to the group. "The names Cole, by the way."
  11. Charge had heard what Cole said and he turned around to see him coming wards the group.
    "Huh. Oh thanks, name's Charge." He said to Cole "and I have no idea what we're supposed to be doing." He replied.
  12. "Lucky for you guys I watched the welcome to Pokehuman High School Video Orientation." Said Kat. "It had downloadable maps so I'll send it to you guys" said Kat. "Wait I Don't have either of you two's phone number." "Did I say what I think I just said?" Kat thought. "Stupid Introverted and oblivious personality!!" Kat thought.
  13. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Koro took his key and headed towards the dorm. "I hope this school will be fun. Either way at least I have my own room. My job will help me with money, too," he said to himself. He heard some noise and found the other people. "Hello there! Wait, what is this little girl doing here? She doesn't look old or smart enough to be here! Umm, well why are you here?" He asked looking at Kat.
  14. Flame Turned around when he Heard his Name and Saw a very Tall Guy and a Little girl that he recognize. It Was Kat! He Nelded down and Gave her a Hug amd then Stood up and said. "Its Nice to See you Kat! And it Nice to meet You Guys!" He Then Looked at Koro. "Oh, Hi Their!" He then listen to Koro's question. "That is a Good question... Kat why are In a High School?"
  15. "It turns out I'm too smart to be in a normal middle school ,so the county had me take a test which was for eighth graders and I aced it. They thought it would be a waste of time to sit in a classroom with adults babbling about things I already know so they transferred me here.They wanted me to be put in a place I would be challenged so they put me here. Mainly because this Is one of the 2 or 3 Pokehuman High Schools in the county that wasn't already filled." Said Kat. "So guys Classes Don't start until about tomorrow because they want the students who didn't watch the video get a feel for the campus so there's a great café not the way to the dorms and none of you know where they are so why don't we head over there. Students get a 75% off discount since this school sponsors them."
  16. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    "I don't like the sound of that. I mean, someone who's smart enough to skip like 5 grades? It gives me an annoying feeling I guess. Also, I got a map. I'd rather set up than eat right after breakfast. If anyone wants to come with me you can. See ya, Kat," Koro said while using his hand to gesture good-bye. "Someone that smart? I mean she's a psychic type. I don't know, she still peeves me off, even if I don't know her. Well, I hope she doesn't expect me going easy on her. Even if she's strong, I don't care. To me, she still seems like a kid and if she's fast, I'm faster. If she's she ever fights me I'll try not to underestimate her, but I still dislike her," he began thinking. He kept on heading to the dorms.
  17. "Bye!" Said Kat while he was walking the other direction. "Wait, What's your name?" Asked Kat while running behind Koro.
  18. Flame Smiled before Saying. "Well i'm going to check out My Dorm Room. And Plus i Rather Cook Something." He Pat Kat on the Head before Going to his Dorm Room.
  19. "Guess I'm going alone bye Flame, Charge and Cole see you guys around" said Kat running to the Cafe. Kat got to the Cafe and got a pumpkin spice latte and a few doughnuts. Kat walked to her dorm seeing where she would be staying at for the school year and it was cool. There was a Bed to the right with a dresser next to it with a phone on top. There was a blue rug with a beige carpet flooring to the middle there was a couch, coffee table and tv there. To the left there was a small kitchen area and next to that being separated by a small border with a table that has a removable top and you can turn it into a desk. Kat unpacked her stuff and she looked at her phone and saw it was 2:00 pm and she changed into a lavender plaid un buttoned button down short sleeved shirt with a tshirt underneath and put on some blue jeans and sat in her dorm relaxing on her couch eating doughnuts.
  20. Kuro knew for a fact that she was going to be late for school, being chased by two mad male Blastios that were taking their anger out on her. Well, she did upset them somehow so she was running toward the school, and for her life it seemed. She cursed under her breath when she realized she had to climb some stairs and she was already getting tired, knowing that the Blastois PokéHumans were gaining on her. She quickly climbed up the stairs then hurriedly opened and closed the school door. She was panting but nonetheless someone handed a key to her, nodding her thanks to the person she looked at the key, her breath coming back to normal. She pocketed her key and looked around to see a few other PokéHumans and immediently she became quiet and a blush of embarrassment was on her cheeks. She closed her mouth and began walking though she didn't know where nor what the key was for though she didn't want to ask after the way she had entered. Her black hair fell at the corners of her face, framer her pale skin and her cautious cobalt blue eyes.
  21. As everyone else left for their dorms Charge said bye and a little after he saw another poke human walk into the school, immediately Charge took notice of the key in her hand and looked down to his key noticing that they were practically matching, he approached the girl and said.
    "Hi, my names Charge, I believe we will be sharing the same dorm." He said holding up the key.
    "Who might you be?"
  22. While was Walking to the Dorms He realized that the Dorms might not have food Supplys, So decided to go to the store and get supplys. He went to the Store at About 1:10 and came out at 2:20. He went to the Dorms and after walking around for a bit ue finally Found his Dorm Room. He unlocked it and went inside. He didn't see Kat you so he went ahead and went to the Kitchen.
  23. Kat popped up from the couch when Flame came in. "I can't believe we're going to be hard roommates Flame." Said Kat. "What where you planning on cooking? And I can help if you want me to. It'll be fun!:D I won't eat any since I already had something and it's your lunch. I also stocked the kitchen when you were out."
  24. Flame looked at her a Bit Mwd as he said. "Well i wish a could Have know that before i spent over 100 pokèBucks!" Flame sifhed Before Going into the Kitchen And unpacking. "Amd j do' know what i'm going to cook, so what do you want? And You shouldn't eat Doughnuts This early. It really unheath."
  25. "Sorry about that and I got a Grilled Chicken Cesar Salad and Breadsticks too from the nearby restaurant. I like to eat sugar but I'm not a pig. About the ingredients and pots and pans I could return it for you. Do you still have the receipt?" Said Kat
  26. "Yo, dude. I'll go with you." Cole called over to Koro. He looked at him and ran a mental photo match. Huh, looks like a dark type, but unsure which one. Mine is pretty obvious, since my hair is literally fire, but I hate people who I can't tell what they are. "Hey, what pokemon are you? I can't really tell."
  27. "Yeah i Think so." Flame Stuck his Hand in his Pocket and Felt Around as he saw a Hole in his Pocket. He cursed Under his breath as he said. "Their a hole in My Pocket..." Flame Quickly Put up The He Bought. He then Walked out of the Kitchen And Said before Heading to his Room. "I'm going to unpack my Stuff."
  28. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    He stopped and said,"Koro." He then continued to the dorms. He saw another Pokéhuman entering but decided to leave that person alone. He then stopped again when he heard someone was saying he would go to the dorms, too. He turned around and looked at the Infernape Pokéhuman. "I'm a Zoroark," he said while pulling down his hoodie and showing his red hair. He then noticed the key Cole had. It was the same as his. "I guess we're roommates," he said while showing his key.
  29. "It seems so. What are the chances." Cole said to him. "What do you do best. I was the team leader in the mutibattle tournament, and won it with my team." He smiled smugly. He was proud of that. "But I guess you have a good fight to."
  30. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Koro ignored the smug smile and decided to talk to Cole more. "Me? Well, I'm better than average at most things and I can usually outthink people, so I guess that makes me smarter? Anyways, we should introduce ourselves since we'll be sharing a room. I'm Koro, and you are?" he asked.
  31. "Im Cole. The blazing Infernape. But yea." Cole opened the door to the room, and walked inside. "Just to ask, you hungry for anything. Fighting isn't my only skill." He asked, taking out a supply of basic foods Cole brought knowing that he would need to stock up the dorm room.
  32. Kuro brought out her key and fingered it in her hand. "My name is Kuro," she said, looking from Charge's key to her key, fining that every detail was the same. "It's nice to meet you," she said as she nervously looked around, wondering if Charge saw the embarrassing way she entered the school, her cheeks dusted in a light pink.
  33. "It's nice to meet you to Kuro." Charge said as he noticed that Kuro was looking around nervously. "Is something wrong?" He asked her.
    "Because it can't be worse than having to take care of two kids." He said laughing a bit.
  34. Kuro soon realized that Charge hadn't seen her weird entrance. She listened to what Charge had said about taking care of two kids and sighed with a slight groan in her voice. "Except for being chased all day until you find a place to hide," she muttered to herself. "But if that's what you do then I'll gladly help; children are my specialty," she offered with a kind smile and kindness filled her cobalt blue eyes.
  35. "Well if I ever need any help at least I'll know who to call." He said as he turned around to see what the campus had.
    "Well we've got basically the rest of the day so what do you warn to do first?" He asked her. "Because I don't want to be looking like a wandering moron." He thought to himself.
  36. Kuro thought for a bit with a smile. "I don't know; haven't really been sight seeing just running along. We can explore for a bit," she offered as she glanced at the door and the hallways. A strand of her black hair fell in front of her face.
  37. "I guess I'll do the same" said Kat. She unpacked her stuff and put her *locked* diary in her closet along with most of her clothes. "I'll make dinner. Anything in mind?" Shouted Kat into Flame's room.
  38. "Yeah guess we can go explore." Charge said as he noticed the strand of Kuro's hair fall in front of her face, akwardly, but almost instinctively he pushed it back for her.
    "..... ah! Sorry! It's just, you remind me of my mom." He said as he stood akwardly his face turning red.
  39. Kuro blushed a light blush, feeling the heat rush up to her cheeks. "T-thank y-you," she muttered then smiled. "One other person said that about me before," she said, her blush fading to a natural blush on her cheeks. "L-let's get going," she said as she began to walk towrd the door to leave the school so Charge and her could look around.
  40. Charge stood there awkwardly and eventually he snapped out of it. "Y- Yeah we should get going." He said as he followed Kuro to the door of the school. "So, where to first?" He asked her.

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