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Pokecharms Day Quiz Scores

  1. Sorry for being a bit late again, but Ralts said he had a way of speeding up the Internet and I foolishly let him try it... only for our entire connection to explode.

    So, by stealing Wi-Fi from the nearby Blastoise family I've managed to get online to post up the scores. The answers will have to wait - I don't want to have to hang around too long, just in case they figure out I'm leeching their interwebz...

    Anyways, considering the difficulty of the quiz, there wasn't much surprise that there werent too many entrants this time around - but well done to those that tried. You all still sucked (mostly) anyway, but at least YOU tried. You get a cookie. :)

    Princess Sapphire: 14 pts
    Samarai 222: 16 pts
    Phoenix: 31 pts
    Xatu: 30 pts

    But the winner with 41 points out of 55, once again, is:


    More later on, but gotta run now, I can hear the clunking of big shellfish water types heading my way!


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Blaziken, Mar 24, 2009.

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