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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by POH!KEMON, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. [​IMG]

    This will be my Wi-Fi topic for Pokemon Platinum, hopefully (battles and Trades... I need 132 more pokemon in this game) and Diamon (I really want more shinies in this game). I am doing both trades and battles.

    First off, I want to start of with battling, and these are my styles for both games:
    I can do lv 100 battles, lv 50 all battles, and Lv5 battles (Double or Single). Each of your Pokemon cannot have the same items (2 may have the same berry, however), must be indvidual Pokemon, no Legendaries (except the three of each Reigon, Heatran Regigigas, and Cresselia, if they are not banned). Shinies can battle (I really want to see your shinies) and I can battle you as much as like.

    Now for the trade.
    These are the Pokemon I can trade in Platinum:

    Foppa (Magikarp) -lv19
    Loppuny - lv23
    Skarmory - female, lv53
    Ditto - lv22
    Nidoking- lv31 (Rivalry)
    Cranidos- Female, lv20
    Magmar- lv28
    Castform- lv22

    And I can breed any of these pokemon for you:

    Pokemon I need for this game:
    Ditto from someone else's (or your) game
    Huntail or Gorebyss
    Male Skarmory
    Event Regigigas
    and pretty much all of the other 132 pokemon I don't have

    And for Diamond, I can breed almost any Pokemon (not legendaries, Mime, Jr., Pokemon from my Emerald (including Ditto), or Azuril though- excluding Manaphy), and I have these Pokemon to offer:

    Milotic- lv31
    Smeargle-lv53 (Moves: Aura Sphere, Crush Claw, Heat Wave, Roar of Time)
    Piloswine- lv100 (X)
    Pikachu- lv100 Shiny (X)
    Pinsir- lv28
    Nidoqueen (Niho)- lv31
    Loudred- lv40
    Phione- lv19
    Glaceon- Lv18
    Leafeon- lv20
    Espeon- lv25
    Umbreon- lv25
    Spiritomb- lv100
    Torterra- lv35
    Empoleon- lv38
    Meganium- lv35
    Typhlosion- lv37
    Feraligator- lv40, Japanese
    Bayleef, Qulava, and Croconaw- each lv23 and with Pokerus
    Zynx (Jynx)- Lv30
    Primeape- lv52, female
    Magmortar- Lv100, female, Pokerus
    Skarmory- lv56, female
    Skunktank-lv30, female
    Wigglytuf- lv100
    Donphan-lv26 female
    Sneasel- lv5, female
    Slowking- lv100, female (X)
    Dusknoir- lv100, Shiny, Female
    Groudon- lv47
    Alakazam- lv67
    Vespiquen- lv25

    (X)= already taken

    I'll add more if I think of any; hers's the list of pokemon I need:
    Male Spirtitomb
    Male Primeape
    Male Magmortar or Dusknoir
    Male Skunktank
    Male lv5 Sneasel
    Male Slowking
    Any shiny Pokemon
    Any lv100 Pokemon
    Any Event Pokemon
    any pokemon from any other country besides the United States
    lv 100 Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligator, Trterra, or Empoleon
    Shiny Arceus! BADLY!!! :o

    These can include rare items or moves and can be cloned.

    This thread will go on from today untill October 9th (if I remember to lock it). I will start connecting on Saturday. If you would lke to battle or trade, post here and PM me your Friend code. My Platinum friend code is on my profile, and I have not yet connected my Diamond (hoping to).

    So, who's first? ;)
  2. Shocari

    Friend Code:
    you didn't mention single or double battles, so....

    Lv 100 or 50(you decide, it doesn't really matter to me), double, 6v6...if you don't mind any of that :3

    FC: 1848 8059 2997
  3. I can get you a Skuntank. I have one right now.

    What will you offer? I kinda want the Piloswine but that seems like a ripoff for you...
  4. To Shocari: lv 100 will be fine, how about on Saturday or Sunday?

    Virachan: That's fine, as long as it's a male.

    Forgot to mention that the hotel I'm vacationing at will have Wi-fi, I don't have a USB connector at home...so I rarely do these things. Also, I can do Super Smash Bros Brawl Battles as well (I know my Wii will get Wi-Fi).
  5. Shocari

    Friend Code:
    Either one will be fine. I'm up for it anytime, as long as we're both on that is xD
  6. Actually, I'll be on vacation Saturday-Friday, October 9 where I'll have Wi-Fi there. You may connect between these days...what sounds good to you?
  7. I THINK I'm free on Saturday and Friday. I'll be able to get to you then.

    You're eastern time, correct? I'm western. Almost any time works for me.

    Edit: OH, same time zone. Phew.
  8. Are you free any other time (from saturday-Oct.9)?

    Oh, and I'm western.
  9. Hey, what can i give you for that lvl 100 shiny pikachu?
  10. Any of the mentioned above, or a male Skarmory, will do from this Saturday-October 9th. You avaliable on any of those days?
  11. Uh...I can give u a lvl 40 japanese latios?
  12. hmm...any higher level Legendaries? And a question you still didn't answer:
    Are you avaliable on any day from Saturday through Oct.9th?
  13. I'm actually available as we speak...
  14. Supose we can trade on a Tuesday or Wednesday?
  15. and i've got a lvl 67 lugia....or how about a lvl 68 rhyperior?
  16. sure, but your in western time....so idk
  17. I already got a Lugia that came with Psycho boost(XD), and a shiny Rhyperior? Got any more?
  18. hm...uh...if ur looking for shiny, i have a shiny ursaring, but it's only lvl 41, and a couple of shiny lvl 100's including a roserade (japanese) and a gardevoir, but idk if i wanna trade those. I have a shiny lvl 40 floatzel too.
  19. I'll take the Shiny lv100 Rosersde off your hands, and if you don't want that traded, I'm more than happy to trade for your Floatzel.

    One last question, when will you be avaliable form (again) Saturday- Friday?
  20. Uh...tuesday?

    I'm actually available any day, just pm me.
  21. Nice! Just PM me you Friend code and I'll (hopefully) trade you on Teusday!
  22. My friend code is on my trainer card in my signature.
  23. Thanks for the info..but at try to make it either Monday or Tuesday.
  24. When can I get your friend code?
  25. The Platinum is on the Left side of my posts, and I hadn't really done My Diamond yet, but if I do, I will PM it to you and display it on my sig.
  26. Okay, sounds good!
  27. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Friend Code:
    Alright, seeing as you said you would be willing to trade every Event Pokemon, I just want to ask if you have the Event Regigigas. I really just need it to catch the three Regis, so all I'd need is to borrow it, really. I'd still be willing to offer you something in return for borrowing it, but I'd like to know if you even have it in the first place.
  28. The TRU one? Yeah, I have it, but I'm affraid I can't let you borrow it because I may lose the connection...however, you can still show me the event Pokemon you have, and when you can trade, (again) Saturday- Friday?
  29. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Friend Code:
    Wait...you want to do trades, but you don't have a stable connection...? Then wouldn't /every/ trade be incredibly risky and not really worth the risk most of the time?

    Um...The event pokemon I have...? I just have Shaymin and Darkrai, and all the ingame Legendaries...As for trading, I can do either day with relative ease, my schedule is thankfully open this weekend.
  30. This weekend...I'll keep note of that. And what do you want from my list and what pokemon are you willing to trade?
  31. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Friend Code:
    Alright, well...If you'd be willing to breed and trade me a Cyndaquil egg, I can breed you a good Alakazam in return.
  32. Deal! Are you Avaliable At any day from Sat.- Oct9?
  33. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Friend Code:
    Most likely, but weekdays I can't get on till after 7 PM Central time (school and practice). I'll be free around this time every weeknight, though.

    FC will momentarilly be in the spot for it...
  34. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Friend Code:
    While it's true that he did - and reporting the post is great - please don't announce it like that. It just sounds petty :p
  35. I could have seen that coming...Well...that was awkward advice, but I'll keep that in mind.

    I will also take Super Smash Bros Brawl fights if anyone wants to register (I know, what the F**K does it have to do with Pokemon...HELLO? Pikachu, Lucario, etc.?) I've also created a list:

    Vacation Wi-Fi List
    Saturday/Sunday- Socari: lv100 Battle
    Monday/Tuesday- Vicenator: Trade-Shiny Pikachu for _(I'm hoping it's that shinny Roserade)
    RedRising-Cyndaquil (offering: Alakazam)
    Vicenator-lv100 Shiny Pikachu (offering:....)
    Virachan-lv100 Piloswine (Offer: Skuktank [male-I hope])​

    And that's it so far...
  36. I'm only free today, and maybe a bit of tomorrow. Next time you're on, PM me so we can get it started.

    And yes, the Skuntank is a male. :p

    EDIT: Oh, you want a male skarmory? I have one of those too. Maybe the Slowking? Or Milotic if it's a female...
  37. The Milotic is in fact a female; and I'm more than happy to trade that for your male Skarmory!
  38. Yay! :D Well, just PM once you're ready, I have it prepared for you c: Wait a moment...

    Shit, the skarmory is a shiny. I'll catch another male or trade you that for the Slowking c:
  39. Was the shiny a female? Well anyway, so far Slowking and Shiny Pikachu are taken.

    Anymore battles and/or trades? My vacation will get kinda boring without them!
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