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PMD: City of Mirrors

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Brendan Savem, May 15, 2012.

  1. Three weeks ago, a heated battle between two rival pokemon turns up an amazing find. A ruined city sleeps under the Sandstone Plateau, an expanse of elevated flatland within the Pokemon World. Upon its discovery, the Charms Guild decided to dispatch an expedition to excavate and research the city and discover its origins.

    The city, currently named the Plateau Project, is ancient, possibly thousands of years old, yet it seems advanced for its time. It from evidence in the town's central square, was a flourishing market town, where science probably developed rapidly as well. The town looks like it would have lasted for much longer, and would have left a lasting impact on pokemon history. Had it not met its demise at the hands of falling fire that left the city in ashes. All in all, it seems like the ruined city has little of interest, and will remain as a curiosity for scholars. One thing that is concerning however, is the lack of guardsmen or weaponry, which seems to be much lower for a city this large. With such a small force, the city would have been ruled by bandits and thugs, yet there is almost zero evidence that supports this. How did this city defend its walls from bandits and war bands? That is what we're about to find out...

    So yeah, this is a Charms Mystery Dungeon RP, possibly the same canon as RX's Green Grimoire, but doesn't relate to it otherwise. It takes place at an excavation site for the Plateau Project, where a large number of Charms Guild Members work to study and excavate the ruined city, discovering stories and possible histories of the city and its deceased inhabitants. Eventually however, they discover a passageway, hidden on the outskirts of the ruined city. Which leads them to the city's biggest, darkest secret. (don't read if you like surprises)
    A maze of enchanted mirrors that take the reflection of its intruders and uses them against each other (okay, not much of a surprise there, given the title)

    So yeah, I'll probably work on developing the backstory more over the weekend. In the meantime though, any questions? Comments? Suggestions? Or do you just want to say that you're in?

    I've missed out on a couple of these, so I'm definately in!

    As for suggestions, I would need more info on this "City of Mirrors" before I suggest something.
  3. I'm in~

    That's all I have to say, except for the fact that Combusken is taken. >:|
  4. I purposely withheld some information, because I haven't planned it out fully yet. I want to be able to make this up as I go along, with other people contributing of course. If you insist on further details though, Project Plateau, the nickname for the excavation, is fairly basic, and will serve more as a hub area rather than part of the main story. I'm still working out the details on that, but I'll get back to you on that. The Mirror Maze, or the City of Mirrors as the title calls it, is a Mystery Dungeon made up of mirrors. I was leaning towards something like one of those fairground mirror mazes, where you could see the exit and most of the people in almost every mirror, which can become very disorienting if you don't find your way out quickly enough. And we all like fantasy, so of course you get attacked by your own reflections.

    Finally, I've worked on a format for character bios, so if you would like to post them here, then that would be nice.

    Affiliation: If you are affiliated to the Charms Guild, especially if you perform as your Mystery Dungeon Charms Persona, then you put Charms Guild here. If not, then whatever guild, team, or whatever you belong to. If you fly solo, then put that there.
    Rank: This is optional, but you want to give yourself a specific level of experience, put that here appropriately. For Charms Guild, most fresh members and regulars won't be beyond Diamond Rank, while moderators would have Super Rank and up, staff would have master rank, and the big Oak himself as Guild Master. In a nutshell though, don't go overboard here.
    Appearance: What makes your character unique appearance-wise. Be sure to include distinct marks, scars, and clothing. (unless your character is indecent. >:0)
    Personality: Try not to be stereotypical, make sure to point out your flaws as well as your strengths
    History: Talk about your character, where he/she is from, and what brought your character to the new archeological dig. This will be easy to do if you're from the Charms Guild
    Skills: Optional, but if you want to point out what you're qualified to do, and what you do best in, and even what you fight best with, by all means, let us know.
    Gear: Optional, but if there are things your character always has on hand, then feel free to mention them.

    Be sure to fill this out if you're joining. I think I'll set the entry limit at Six members, but as many characters as you want, since some people like to make a full team. For now though, I'll post my own character bio down below, so that you have an example to go off of.

    Name: Brendan
    Species: Machop
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Affiliation: Charms Guild,
    Rank: Gold Rank Explorer (newly promoted)
    Appearance: Taller than most Machop, by a good dozen centimetres. Wears a red and black waistcoat, a matching headband, and black pants. Keeps a backpack and rope slung over his shoulder and across his chest.
    Personality: Brendan is known for being dense, making people often see him as arrogant at first glance. Looking past that, he's gentle, friendly, and helpful. Although his remarks can get cheesy when he's highly confident.
    History: Brendan is a seasoned explorer, having been with the Charms Guild for some time, he had a rough start, but he managed to fit in quickly after that. To celebrate his newest promotion in Guild Rank, the Guild decided to send him as 'team leader' (as if that actually anything) to help investigate the archaeological dig. It's an easy job, but it needs a lot of hands, so Brendan finds himself working with a lot of people this time around.
    Skills: Brendan's skills mostly pertain in rescue missions. Although he enjoys going after a few outlaws once in a while. He's a survivalist, knowing many tricks in the survival trade. He also is a great brawler, relying on his agility to out-manauver his opponents, then taking them down with sharp strikes.
    Gear: His headband is a Detect Band, which aids in his agility. He also carries X-ray Specs in his bag, if he needs to scope out a scene. His explorers pack is always filled with food, and a few things to toss, but not much else. His rope is usually only used for the occasional cliff to scale/drop, although he does have other uses for that tool.

    Remember it's first come, first serve. So be sure to post an entry for each character. I myself am already working on a second character to take part. Remember though, the most important thing is to have fun! So let's get to work! Yooom-Tah!
  5. Name: Michael (Is called Blazikid inside the guild and on guild-related missions, and prefers to be called Blazi)
    Species: Combusken
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Affiliation: Charm's Guild
    Rank: Silver Rank, very close to getting promoted.
    Appearance: Nothing special really, although he does wear messenger bag and a scarf (on some occasions). His badge is displayed proudly on his messenger bag. The feather on the (his) right of his head is half-missing, due to an over-enthusiastic Houndoom.
    Personality: Blazi can be hot-headed, and rush into things, but aside from that, he can be friendly, forgiving, and actually quite intelligent. He has a habit of holding grudges though, and not actually listening to either people or his own head. He has a habit of messing up crucial moments. Everyone seems surprised by his age.
    History: Blazi is quite a good explorer, but his frequent mess-ups keep him from achieving gold rank. He's been with the Charms Guild for several years, and is well-kniwn, but he has a habit of disappearing without warning for several weeks at a time. He joined the excavation in the hopes that he might get promoted, and he will gladly help anyone, if it means Gold Rank.
    Skills: Blazi is mainly focussed on rescue missions and escort missions, but won't say no to going after outlaws. His is proficient in hand-to-hand fighting, being part fighting type, and is good at combining attacks.
    Gear: The scarf he wears is actually a dodge scarf, which comes in handy quite a bit. He carries around food, berries, and the occasional gravel rock. He will pick up any relics or special items he finds and put them in there.

    There~ I might add a second character later, it depends on how I feel.
  6. Name: Christopher (Formerly nicknamed Luckii)
    Species: Charizard
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Affiliation: Christopher is not part of any guild or team, although many years ago he was part of the famous mercenary team Anthrax.
    Rank: Christopher does not have a rank.
    Appearance: Christopher is a rather large Charizard, standing around a foot taller than average. He has a long scar covering his left eyelid, stretching right along his face. He obtained this scar whilst participating in a bar fight around 7 years ago, while a member of Anthrax. He has no need for a messenger bag, and does not have an explorers badge. He does, however, wear an armoured, silver gauntlet with the word "Anthrax" engraved upon it's plate. While not serving a specific purpose, Christopher claims it gives him good luck. He also wears a pink scarf and deep blue bandana. He wears the bandana on the wrist of his right arm.
    Personality: While a Charmander/Charmeleon and during his time as part of Anthrax, Christopher was a rash, blunt, hot-headed brute. He could not control his temper, and the team suffered on occasions because of it. Upon his evolution to a Charizard, however, his temper subsided significantly, and he became much more calm as a result. His intellect also spiked, and while once he was no more than brawn, he developed serious brains to back up his power. A regular at The Herdier, a pub he often visits, he has grown to see the lighter side of life, and likes to share a joke or two. He does, however, take his occasional assignments very seriously. He also speaks in an accent, which he obtained growing up with his Grandfather, although not even he knows what the accent is or where it originates from. After the "Incident", in which brought the end of Anthrax, he developed a massive guilty conscience, blaming himself for the demise of his team mates.
    History: As mentioned before, Christopher, as a Charmeleon, was once a part of the famous mercenary team Anthrax. The team consisted of himself, Baldric, a serious, experienced Bouffalant, and Maria, the leader, a smart, sassy Azumarril. Together they travelled over many lands, defeating my Pokemon along the way. One day, however, the team met it's match. They traveled to Western Cave, where they encountered the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo. This was the catalyst for "The Incident". Christopher has still not forgiven himself for what happened that day. Afterwards, he sought jobs around the country, and came into contact with the Dorian family, a powerful mafa family, intent on being the richest family in the world. They sent him on many different types of jobs, and Christopher did things for them that even he isnt proud of.
    Skills: Christopher is a Special powerhouse. He is a flying arsenal of Fire, Flying, Dragon and many other types of Special moves. Despite his calm outlook, he is ruthless in battle, taking care of opponents with startling efficiency. He can also fight physically, and is an asset in a melee because of his great size. He does however, have a blind spot, located on his scarred left eye, which has significantly limited vison.
    Gear: The pink scarf, given to him by Maria, is a Pecha Scarf, which comes in hand when he is battling Poison type Pokemon. The blue bandana, given to him by Baldric, is a Zinc Band, that let's him take Special hits much more easily.

    There we go!
  7. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Name: Seth Thompson
    Species: Buizel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Affiliation: Mercenary
    Rank: N/A
    Appearance: Seth is far from average. Standing 2’6”, he’s taller then the average Buizel. He’s also a bit leaner then average. Around his neck, replacing his flotation sac, is a black bandanna. Underneath it is nothing but scar tissue and dead skin. He wears a pair of black pants that seem a bit baggy on him, and are held on by a belt. Along with them, he has a pair of goggles on his forehead, which he seems very protective of.
    Personality: Seth has no social skills, and, in fact, on occasion acts like he was born yesterday. He can be violent at times, and has little respect for anyone superior to him. He’s not very imaginative, and at times can see things as being very black and white. He speaks only when necessary, and when he does he never says much. However, he only needs to be pointed in the right direction, and he’ll get the job done. He’s extremely loyal, possibly to the point of stupidity. Not even the greatest of riches would convince him to betray those he calls his peers.
    History: Seth’s history is something known only to a select few. Even the Buizel himself isn’t truly aware of how much he doesn’t know. He was found, and trained, by a Monferno named Aleci Temps. This Monferno would prove to be one of the few Pokemon to gain his respect and aforementioned undying loyalty. This will be his first assignment as a Merc, and though he’s considered the team leader, it’s Hades that will be making the majority of the decisions.
    Skills: Seth is trained to know how to fight, and kill. Hades has also been teaching him how to gamble, which has become his favorite pastime. He can also read human text, though he doesn’t know where he got this skill from.
    Gear: Seth carries a Stiletto Switchblade, which he uses as his primary weapon.

    Name: Hades Bane
    Species: Dusknoir
    Gender: Male
    Age: 33
    Affiliation: Mafia
    Rank: N/A
    Appearance: Hades looks broken, to put it bluntly. His antenna is fractured, the mouth on his stomach is stabled shut, and the eyes on his chest are covered by bandages. Otherwise, he looks like the average Dusknoir.
    Personality: Hades is the “strong, silent” type, minus the silent. He’s stoic, but he rarely stops talking. He is articulate, and likes to show it off. He is also very protective, taking it upon himself to keep Seth safe. Usually, he’s the one to take charge in matters.
    History: As with normal Dusknoir, Hades once acted as a reaper, ferrying souls to the afterlife. However, something happened, something even he refuses to speak of. Hades was cast out, and it was here he received his new name, Hades Bane, death’s ruin. He was picked up by the Mafia and assigned to work underneath a Monferno named Aleci Temps. It was here he met Seth, and Jake. Seth would not go on the mission without the Lucario, and so Hades was assigned to keep the Red Shield operative in check, and, if the need arises, to neutralize him.
    Skills: Due to a lot of his special attacks being sealed away due to the staples in his mouth, Hades has become a physical brawler, and is very apt at it. Of course, he is a ghost type, and thus given all of the immunities and abilities that his species has.


    I'll have two more of these later.
  8. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    I'm interested in joining, and judging from other applications, I can be fully evolved. Forgive me if sometimes I am lost.

    Name: Dwayna
    Species: Flygon
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Affiliation: Charms Guild
    Rank: Silver Rank Explorer (Recently promoted)
    Appearance: Eyes are curved in a feminine way, antennae swoop upwards at the back instead of down. Wears a black top hat with a green band and a black double-breasted vest with silver buttons. The shirt is held up with a black belt.
    Personality: Generally kind and caring, but tends to have a short temper. Will be loyal to her friends, and as such is unforgiving of betrayal. She is always happy to help another member of the Charms Guild, even if it takes away from her own missions.
    History: Dwayna has been with the Charms Guild for some time, but often only does the odd jobs every once in a while. Often centering on one area at a time, she does both rescue and outlaw missions as long as they are within the same vicinity as each other. More often than not she prefers to work with her closest friends, but she has been known to agree to help others in the Charms Guild when she has nothing else to do.
    Skills: Team player. More skilled with rescue missions, especially those that involve lost items.
    Gear: The black belt holding up her shirt is actually an Expert Belt, which boosts any moves she uses that are super-effective against other PokeMon. It was given to her as a gift from a friend of hers in the Charms Guild.
  9. So, the score looks like there are five including myself, which means space for one more, maybe another if I'm feeling extra nice. Two things though.

    Luckii, I'm a bit concerned about the Mewtwo encounter in your bio, but I'll call it fine, as long as you don't boast about it. Plus, that sounds a lot like what Mewtwo does in R/B Rescue Team anyway, so it should be fine.

    And Rex, your characters are fine. Although you seem to be lacking one of the most important questions: Why is a mercenary, mafioso, and whoever else you plan to add, at an archaeological excavation that would be the last place to find any hidden treasure? Make sure to mention that please, maybe the character below can help if you need it.

    Name: Sir Russel Coronet II
    Species: Magnezone
    Gender: Male
    Age: 40
    Affiliation: Coronet Marketing Enterprises
    Rank: General Manager
    Appearance: A very standard Magnezone. However, the poles of his magnets on his underside have been painted gold, or have been replaced with gold, who knows? His screws are also different, being smaller, and look sleek with his glossy metal body.
    Personality: He has two polar-opposite personalities. People usually see him when he's polite, generous, and considerate. When he's frustrated however, he's almost the opposite. And can be ruthless to those around him in such situations. This situation often comes up with incompetent workers, so they are often the ones that complain about him.
    History: Russel, or Sir/Mr. Coronet as people would rather call him, is the son of a pokemon merchant, and has thus taken to the family business with grace. Russel is a shrewd merchant that has earned him great fame around the region. Being a person for history, he jumped at the chance to set up the excavation of the discovered town. Although there is talk that he plans to renovate it into a theme park of sorts, although this mainly is told by opposition and grumpy workers.
    Skills: He is a terrible battler, because he never needed to fight before. Whenever he wants something done, he always has the money on hand to pay someone else to do it: Explorers, bodyguards, supply carriers, maybe a mercenary or two. He's been around the block. His wealth of intelligence on marketing techniques, as well as pokemon history and anthropology, is surprisingly profound and bountiful.
    Gear: A checklist on a metal clipboard with a metal-tipped quill, both of which he carries with magnetism.
  10. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Don't worry, I've already planned for that.

    Name: Light Clarke
    Species: Umbreon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Affiliation: Red Shield
    Rank: N/A
    Appearance: An overall normal Umbreon. Wears a pair of blue shorts.
    Personality: A very odd Pokemon, Light acts as if he's seen the world despite his very young age. The Umbreon comes from a large, and very rich, family from Johto, which has given him something of a superiority complex. He has something of a quiet dignity, never really saying much.
    History: Upon its founding, Light was the primary fund raiser for Red Shield, using much of his own money to get the group on its feet. Thus, he is a highly trusted member of the gang, and that is why he was approached for this mission. Light's family used to run an Exploration Guild, it had done so for many generations. However, by Light's time, most of the gaps in the world had been filled in, and their guild closed down.

    However, Light still maintains ties to the Explorers that used to work under his family, and when he heard about this discovery, he immediately notified the Red Shield's leader Nicholas Incansia, and the Acting Second-in-Command, Vincent West. Under the guise of a rich has-been explorer, Light hired Seth, Hades, and Jake, and took them to the site.
    Skills: As a former Explorer, Light is well versed in old human technology, and can also read human text. He knows very well how to survive in wild terrain and at dig sites, and is fairly apt at identifying human ruins.

    Name: Jacob Moore
    Species: Lucario
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Affiliation: Red Shield
    Rank: N/A
    Appearance: Jacob is overall fairly normal for a Lucario. He wears a pair of black pants, and a gray long sleeved jacket, which he normally has open. He has what appears to be a broadsword in a sheath strapped to his back. Numerous scars cover his torso and arms, and his coat has a number of cuts sewn closed on it.
    Personality: More then any of his teammates, Jacob has a sense of humor. He's friendly, and easy to get along with. Most of the time at least. His humor hides a massive temper, just waiting to be set off. Thus, he doesn't do very well under stress, an becomes quite the berserker in battle.
    History: Jacob is the Comm. Officer for the Red Shield Gang. He also happens to be the first person Seth ever bonded with. Thus, Seth considers Jake his own Second-in-Command, even though the Lucario's true loyalties are questionable at best. When Light hired Seth, the Buizel demanded that Jake come along, as planned. However, neither Light nor Jake expected the Mafia to react by sending Hades along as well. They are still wondering if their plans might by compromised.
    Skills: As a Communications Officer, Jacob is well versed in radio technology and Morse Code. He is also very experienced with his blade, and, as a Lucario, is very sensitive to aura.
    Gear: His broadsword.


    Four Pokemon with smoke and mirrors between each other and everyone else on the site. Fitting that they would go to a city that made use of illusions for its own defense.
  11. Hi! Are there still spots open? If so, Tada! Hope you like it! :p

    Name: Franki Thorne

    Species: Kirlia

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    Affiliation: Charms Guild

    Rank: Bronze Rank

    Appearance: She has a little blue bandana tied around her neck. She sometimes wear it in it's original form around her head but only in extreme heat. She also has a braided bracelet that was a gift from her little brother, Zakri. She wears it almost all the time.

    Personality: Franki is very excitable. She is rarely quiet and has a bit of a motormouth. Even on missions when she isn't talking her mind is racing miles a minute. She is often rash and doesn't think things through. She is a great listener though and it makes it very easy for her teammates to talk to her about their problems. Though she talks a lot she never reveals anyone's secrets.

    History: Franki joined the Charms Guild very recently, but already she has proved her worth on rescue missions and when faced with criminals. She is eager to prove her worth and was very happy when her superiors allowed her to come. This rookie hopes to prove her worth here at the dig site.

    Skills: Franki is very talented in stealth seeing as she can use her psychic powers to distort the air around her and use it to either create images or conceal herself. She wraps the air around her and uses it like a blanket making herself seem almost invisible. When she moves around though trained eyes can see the air distort and her position may be compromised.

    Gear: Franki's blue bandana is actually a Stealth Scarf. Her bracelet helps enhance her psychic powers. She carries a small dagger that she only uses for self defense.
  12. Oh boo, that makes six! And I was so totally excited to join in, too!

    Um, well, I would love to pop in as Ethan with Tangrow/Tangrelle or one of them, if at all possible at the least ♥ We'd generally run the friendship calling bell ala Chimecho anyway and handle miscellaneous storage things as a temporary setup at the site, I'd think!

    At least, something like that. I'll put up a full bio if you decide to let me in! I'd love to at least put in one post here ♥

    But if not, that's fine too! I'd love reading!
  13. Dawnstar: You're new here, so it might be bumpy. But from what you have posted so far, I think you have some potential. Welcome aboard.

    Tangrow: Sowwie, maybe if someone becomes a lazy turd (like me :x), you'll get to jump in.
  14. Oh boo, that's no good~! Alright, I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens ♥ Thanks for the answer!

    you better watch where you sleep

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