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DPPt/HGSS Please Rate My Team!

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Toastie, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Toastie

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    I have been devising a 'Rain Dance and a bit' Team for double battles (possibly single as well.) It basically consists of 4 pokemon part of a strategy, with another sort of attached and a sixth which is sort of a strategy itself. I will go through the team then go through the strategy.
    P.S. I'm sorry I haven't put Natures in. If you want, put suggested natures in with your suggestions! Thank-you.
    P.P.S They're all Lv.100

    Item: Damp Rock
    Ability: Dry Skin
    Rain Dance
    Me First
    Wake-Up Slap

    Item: Chesto Berry/NeverMeltIce
    Hydro Pump/Sheer Cold
    Rest/Mind Reader
    Earthquake/Rain Dance
    Ice Beam /Water Pulse

    Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Dry Skin
    Stun Spore
    Sleep powder

    Item: Mystic Water/Damp Rock
    Ability: Volt Absorb
    Rain Dance
    Ice Beam
    Giga impact

    Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Run Away/Own Tempo
    Rain Dance
    Follow Me/Hyper Beam

    Item: Power Herb
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Sunny Day

    The Strategy:
    The Rain Dance strategy part is pretty simple. The first four pokemon always (hopefully) will have a rain dance around them. Some of them use Thunder. Parasect inflicts a lot of status conditions. The Dry skiners regain health. Furret is used if they have a Status Condition inflicter on the field (y'know, ones which have lots of hypnosis' and PoisonPowders.) Furret draws the Status conditions to itself then uses Facade. If Purugly, Toxicroak uses swagger on it, which is cured by Own Tempo. Sunflora is used when there are no remaining Dry Skinners. It uses Ingrain, then curse to frustrate the foe. It also uses Chlorophyll in the Sun from Sunny Day to counteract Curses' non-beneficialities temporarily. It uses SolarBeam. Thank-you. As I've said, if you have any queries and improvments, please post them. Thank-You!
  2. KoL

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    First of all, no-one in their right mind would let you use Kyogre here, so scratch that off the list. Secondly, Sheer Cold is almost always banned as well, so you can scrap that too. Third, you're breaking Item Clause repeatedly as well. Finally...well, your movesets need some serious work:

    - Toxicroak setting up Rain Dance is a joke - there's a good chance he'll end up getting murdered before even being able to set up, and if he does succeed in setting up, he's toast next turn instead. If anyone should be setting up Rain Dance, it should be Articuno and Lanturn only, since your other Pokemon don't have the defenses required to set up effectively.

    - Ice Beam over Sheer Cold for Articuno is the best option. By extension, you won't need Mind Reader anymore either, so you can swap it for Roost instead. Other viable moves include Reflect, and Heal Bell if you're lucky enough to get the XD Articuno with a good nature.

    - Why in the holy mother of Meta Knight would you use Sleep Powder instead of Spore on Parasect? Stun Spore is very obsolete thanks to Toxic/Dig's synergy outstripping its effectiveness - X-Scissor is overall the best option so you have an effective means of attacking if hit by a stray Taunt.

    - Lanturn with Rain Dance and no Water-type move makes no sense whatsoever. Surf over Giga Impact, simple as.

    - Furret and Purugly can't run a set like that at all. Rain Dance will get them killed in seconds since they lack the defenses to set up, and Thunder from either of them will barely tickle anything that has over Base 50 Sp.Defense (which is pretty much everything in the game bar Attack Forme Deoxys) and no-one in their right mind will take the bait of trying to use status with either of them out since they're both so easy to KO.

    - Sunflora in a Rain team...no. Trying to run two weather effects at once is just a mess, especially since Sunflora is hardly any good to begin with.

    The biggest issue with your strategy is that it suffers against anyone who doesn't bother with status attacks and instead just decides to run you over with standard attacks, which you have effectively zero defense against. Rain Dance teams can work absolutely brilliantly if used correctly (and with the correct Pokemon,) but this needs almost a complete re-do before it can even come close to being effective.

    I also suggest you read this:


    It'll give you the basics to making competitive movesets.
  3. its kind of what king of lucario said as you have no water type moves on lanturn even though it is an electric and water type so you should have 1 move of each type on it

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