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Plasma's Ingenious Plan

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by UchihaHibiki, Aug 8, 2010.

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  1. Hello everyone! This is an RP between Jason Wolfe and I (A.K.A. Kerauno). We have agreed that if necessary or by 'want', three more people can join this. However, this is for later in the story, as at the beginning, it is mainly with himself and I. So, let's get rocking!

    Act 1: Battle of the Century​

    The clouds started to separate, leaving 'Swiss' holes in the air for the sharp sunlight to penetrate and layer itself across the ground, illuminating the dull environment of Sunyshore City, Sinnoh. The solar panels were releasing strange, electronic droning noises, kicking up to start the day of gathering more solar energy to power the electrifying city.

    The tall buildings, the short buildings, all the buildings alike made the town look like a maze, a labyrinth of sorts, and the solar panels added to the 'device affect' the entire city gave off. Fog from the vapor of the clouds was set low in the city, on the streets, below medium-sized trees on the outskirts of town. The solar panels were situated in the right spots for the fog not to affect any production.

    A young man, about the age of a mere 15, sat above the fog, on top of the Sunyshore Lighthouse, gazing out across the skyline of the city, enjoying the bustling sounds that echoed throughout the streets. His dead stare was a mix between boredom and...well, mainly just boredom. There was nothing for him to do. He had challenged the Sunyshore Gym two days prior to this moment, and he wasn't scheduled to battle Aaron of the Elite Four for another four days. There wasn't anything to do. Except his favorite thing besides battling; sitting and listening. Just sitting down, relaxing and listening to the vibrant sounds of...the city. That wasn't anyone else's 'cup of tea' that he knew of, but it's what he liked doing.

    Since his hometown is Eterna City, he has always liked buckling down and just listening. However, it was a little different in this ever-expanding city. It was all electronic drones and 'ba-dooping' and loud talking between the bustling groups of people in the crowded, driven city known as Sunyshore. There were some nice noises that crept out of the busy city every so often, but they were as scarce as Ice Pokemon in a volcano.

    Well, that day, the monotonous pace of the past days were coming to an end as he heard a clank of a footstep behind him. His silence was broken. The shock of the sudden ruckus threw him up to his feet, nearly stumbling to the edge of the Lighthouse. His thoughts were ruptured, something he wasn't too fond of happening. Running through his mind now was: 'Do I need to defend myself? Or is this a harmless threat? Wait...a threat wouldn't be harmless...so is it just a harmless distrubance?'

    The person in front of him, concealed by the shadow of the two solar panels nestled on top of the titanium-roofed tower, took another slimy step forward. Then, a voice crackled like a light through the air.

    "Hey...I've seen you on the news. I'm Drew. Up for a battle?"

    Aero could see the glint of a red and white object amidst the darkness. A Pokeball was ready for battle in the other boy's hands.

    "Interesting..." Aero snickered and he lifted the Velcro on a pouch in his sidebag, reaching in and grabbing a Great Ball. "I guess. But not here..."
  2. (OoC: Hello all! Here's my part of the RP, I hope I didn't screw it up at all. Remember, this part is for Hibiki and I only. When we specify when we'll let others in, we'll tell you. Without further adieu, here ya go.)

    Act 1.2: Battle of the Century (Continued)​

    A boy, about 14, slipped out of the shadows of the lighthouse, just enough for the guy in front of him to hear him. He gripped his Pokeball tighter.
    “Hey... I’ve seen you on the news.” He said. “I’m Drew. Up for a battle?” Drew was nervous, but he didn’t show it. He was supposed to be training to take on Volkner, but battling this guy would be equal to that. Well, almost everyone in Sinnoh knew him.

    “Interesting...” Aero snickered. Drew thought he was laughing at him, but then he saw him reach for his side bag, and pull out a Great Ball. “I guess. But not here...” He looked as if he were thinking about where to go. Then, Drew had an idea.

    “Why don’t we go to Route 222? The beach. Sound good?” He asked. Aero pondered this, and then said, “Alright, sounds cool. I’ll meet you there.” He strode toward the elevator, pushed the button, waited, and when the lift arrived, he got in. Drew waited a few seconds, and did the same.

    He took off across the solar panel walkways, the loud noises of the city barely breaking his train of thought. He walked across the sheet white sand, spying Aero standing in front of the clear blue waters. The youth called to him, and he turned and smiled.

    “Well, shall we get this thing started?” He asked.

    “Sure. Let’s throw down.” Drew threw his Pokeball between them. “Ares, do your thing.” His Lucario emerged from the ball and scanned the beach. He spotted Aero, gave him a skeptical look, and sank to a fighting stance.

    Aero raised an eyebrow, and tossed his Great Ball. “Metallica, go.” He said. A Skarmory appeared on the sand, and screeched. Ares stiffened his stance, and awaited a command.

    “Ares, use Aura Sphere.” Drew called. Ares’ paws began to glow blue, and a ball of aura appeared between them. He then reared back, and threw the ball at top speed towards the Skarmory. The ball hit the metal bird in the chest, and it was knocked to the ground.

    The Skarmory stood, and screeched in anger. “Use Sandstorm, Metallica.” Aero called out. Metallica shot up into the air. He then started flapping his wings. Sand started to fly in all directions, ultimately whipping Drew in the face.

    Drew felt that the move was unnecessary. “You know, that move isn’t going to affect Ares.” He called out, shielding his face against the sand and wind.

    “I know,” Aero shouted. “It wasn’t meant for him.”

    “What’s that supposed to-” Then, Drew realized what he meant. He hoped that this battle was worth it.

    (OoC: I KNOW,I KNOW IT'S A BIT SHORT. But, that was all I could do for now. Enjoy~)
  3. Act 1.2: Battle of the Century​

    "Metallica! Use Sandstorm again!" Metallica darted down, piercing the air. As he approached Ares, he started circling the Fighting Pokemon. Sand whipped up in every direction, Metallica darting faster than a bullet around Ares. The sand soon formed a tall twister around the latter. "Metallica, we've got them surrounded! Let's get a little damage here! Use Steel Wing!"

    The exciting ruckus caused a crowd of people to gather around; Tubers, Sailors and Fisherman alike all came to stare intently at the action at place here. The wind started picking up, causing a slight trouble for one unlucky Tuber who's inner tube flew off her body and went sailing out over the sand, colliding with a Rich Boy who was thrown to the sand, and the tube continued to fly over the sand.

    "Great! That's great...Darnit!" The little girl went tramping over the sand towards her precious, fuchsia inner tube.

    Steel Wing collided with Ares, but only sent it sprawling across the sand, no markings present.

    "I guess it's going to take a little more fire power to take that one down...Metallica," Aero started as he pointed his Great Ball at the large metal bird flapping its iron wings in front of it, "return!" A red light streamed from the ball to the Pokemon, inserting it in a flash inside the capsule. "Now, the pain...Combust!" Aero tossed a Pokeball into the air. It released a large form of bulky red and orange patterns. The Pokemon roared and fired fire into the wind with its two cannons. "Magmortar!"

    (OoC: This one was short, but most are going to be because it's a battle scene. Until next time! See ya!)
  4. Act 1.4: Battle of the Century​

    “Now, the pain... Combust!” Aero shouted. He threw a Pokeball into the air. A large, bulky red-orange Pokémon appeared in the sand, and roared, “Magmortar!”

    Drew grit his teeth, and looked at Ares. He was breathing heavily, and looked pumped, but that Magmortar didn’t look too forgiving to him. Drew raised Ares’ Pokeball and yelled “Ares, return!” He hated to do it, but his plan had to be put in action.

    He fished another ball from his pocket, and threw it into the sand. “Milos, you know what to do!”

    In a flash of red, a long, scaly creature sat in the sand. The Milotic stretched its body and rose up. A few Beauties squealed at the sight of the majestic snake. Milos gave a sharp hiss as the sandstorm took toll on him.

    “Milos, Water Pulse, at the ready!” Drew shouted. Milos reared up, and his body tensed. Then, a few seconds later, a jet of water shot from the snake’s mouth. The water shot across the beach at high speed, finally hitting Combust in the face. He roared in outrage, obviously weakened, but not yet done.

    Aero looked at Drew in surprise. “Well, it seems you’re better than I thought.” Then he looked to his Magmortar. “Combust, use Smog.” Combust was quite fast, despite his size. In a matter of seconds, he was upon Milos.

    Combust opened his mouth in a wide yawn, and a cloud of gray haze was emitted. It covered Milos, who squirmed and thrashed about. The fog dissipated, and Milos looked a bit frazzled, but overall okay. Except, his face had a slight purple tinge to it. Oh no, Drew thought. He’s been poisoned! Those same Beauties wailed in agony, possibly because their purses were getting filled with sand.

    Drew panicked and ordered Milos into another Water Pulse. Milos shot another jet of high-power water at Combust. Half the move hit the Pokémon, only inflicting half the damage.

    Aero smiled deviously, worrying Drew further. “Combust, begin readying Solar Beam.” Drew paled and said, “Oh lord, no.”

    (OoC: Cliffhanger! I can already guess what Hibiki will do. But don't do anything until I post my bio. Bye, all!)
  5. OoC: Woops, I forgot to 1.3 my post...Kerauno, could you 1.4 the post you did, if I change my second post to 1.3?

    (BIC)Act 1.5: Battle of the Century​

    "Combust, Solarbeam!" Combust's arms strengthened and locked themselves, pointing directly in the air. Solar energy was amplified, then compacted and charged, being stored inside the opens cannons. "If you're going to relapse, you might want to act fact, Drew!" Aero mocked.

    Drew tensed and slid his foot in the sand.

    "Fine...no commands means..." Combust's arms fell and in a split second, firing two massive, intertwining beams of power towards Milos. The slithery 'snake' was calm and steadfast.

    "Milos, go!" Milos darted forward, then curled and twisted its body, as if it was wrapping its bod around the power. It gained enough momentum to fly through the air, keeping its muscles tightened so that no part of it touched to fatal beam. As it neared Combust, Drew and Milos were ready to attack.

    The crowd was antsy, ready for the oncoming action. Aero braced himself, watching as Combust was completely vulnerable. His heart beat faster.

    (OoC: Short post is short. I understand. It's a battle for Pete's sake ><)
  6. (OoC: Okay, Hibiki, I changed it! here's my part, again.)

    Act 1.6 Battle of the Century​

    As Milos kept soaring towards Combust, Drew shouted, “Milos! Hydro Pump!” Milos began to descend towards Combust, opening his mouth and taking a deep breath.

    As he neared Combust, water exploded from his mouth, shooting him high into the air, and blasting Combust to the ground. The crowd went crazy, Aero’s crowd shouting in agony, Drew’s crowd shouting for joy.

    The jet of water ended and Milos began to spiral towards the sand, twisting and curling with grace and majesty. As he neared the ground, Combust’s arm rose slightly, and from it, a solar blast came forth.

    Before Drew or Milos could react, the solar blast hit Milos, and he fell heavily to the ground. Drew nearly fell over, Aero just stood there.

    Neither of their Pokémon were moving.

    (OoC: It's very short, and I didn't make the Pokemon faint! Hibiki, do whatever you want with them; Just make at least one faint. See ya!)
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