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Ask to Join Pikmin: Crash Landing on PNF-404

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Tamazarokon, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. "He landed with me in the Twilight River..." Alph muttered. "And you must be another gluttonus Hocotatian, right?" The winged Pikmin surrounded Alph and Louie in a circle. They were ready to fight if needed, despite being outnumbered. Alph watched. He stepped back. Louie hopped around and shouted "Food! Food!".
  2. "to Be Honest, I've only Seen Louie Be Gluttonous." Samuel Said As The Winged Pikmin Got Their Stance, He Sighed "So, My Name's Samuel, What's Yours?" he Asked The Short Man, A Blue Pikmin Waving To The Winged Pikmin.
  3. The winged Pikmin released their position. "Alph, of the S.S. Drake here," Alph replied. "So you found Blue Pikmin, huh?" Alph said. The winged Pikmin were now talking to the group of Blue Pikmin. "And that's good. Cause I don't think I can handle any more hocotations that love food. Last time we came here, Louie stole our entire food supply. We got it back, thankfully. And it was after we SAVED his life!" Alph exclaimed.
  4. "ok. that Will Explain Why Louie Doesn't Leave A Food-Filled Room For Ages... Anyway," Samuel Started "I guess We Should, uh, stick together..." He Said "We have some extra food, if you need any."
  5. "It's fine," Alph said. "I suppose we SHOULD find more Fruit. OR vegetables. Whatever you Hocotations eat," Alph looked around. He walked into the water. The Winged Pikmin followed him, flying above the water. Louie followed them.
  6. "Right." Samuel Said As He Brought Blue Pikmin Underwater, He Said "Wow, This Is So, Beautiful!" He Threw A Pikmin at What Appeared to Be A Sea shell, After A Few Throws, It Was Getting Brought back To The blue Onion "We need More Pikmin."
  7. "Yeah. We do," Alph said. He wasn't looking where he was going. Alph bumped into an enemy 4 times larger than him. It attacked Alph. "AHHH!" Alph shouted. He couldn't throw the Winged Pikmin, as they were above water.
  8. Samuel Didn't Know Why, But He Threw 23 Pikmin At The Thing That Attacked Alph, The Pikmin Started Attacking The Enemy, Samuel said
    "Keep hitting It, Guys!" the Pikmin Hit Harder.
  9. The enemy died. Alph sighed. "Thank you. Winged Pikmin aren't very useful underwater," He mumbled. Alph stood up. Louie had watched the situation. "Do you have anyone else with you? Or did you land here by yourself?" Alph asked Samuel.
  10. "Uh, I Landed With Captain Olimar, I presume Since You Know Louie, You Know Olimar..." Samuel Said As He Looked At The Creatures Dead Body, he Said "So, Who gets The Extra Pikmin.?"
  11. "Oh yeah. The other guy we saved. Let's split it. I would like to have some Blue Pikmin, so I can protect myself underwater," Alph explained. "Yeesh, thinking about Olimar reminds me about me and my crew almost died trying to save him. We had to get our Cosmic-drive key!" Alph looked around.
  12. "Sure. Here!" Samuel ordered About half of his Pikmin To Help Alph, He Sighed As he looked The winged Pikmin, he Said "Y'now, I Wonder What makes Pikmin Powerful..."
  13. "It's their amazing teamwork. They work together. With that, they can do anything. Even take down a giant Scornet..." Alph said. "And what shocks me is that they'll risk their lives for us. They aren't afraid to die," Alph saw a stack of pieces of a bridge. There were about 30 pieces.
  14. Samuel nodded
    "That's Probably True, Oh, Bridge pieces!" he Sent Some Pikmin To Pick Some Of Them up, He Was Surprised When They Knew Exactly Where To Put them, He Said "Wow! They Are Very Smart, As Well!"
  15. Alph nodded. "Ah, you might want to know this. After placing pieces, Pikmin go back to where the pieces were," He said. He saw Pikmin coming back.
  16. "Wow! That is Quite Useful!" Samuel Said As He Noted It Down, He Looked Up To See A Bridge Fully Made, His Mouth Was Open In Shock, He Mentally Noted To Not Question It, He Had Seen Weirder Things, He Said "Well, Now the Winged Pikmin Can Actually Be Useful Here!"
  17. "Huh? How? Oh, and I might as well tell you, do NOT throw Pikmin in water unless they are Blue Pikmin. All other Pikmin perish in a water," Alph added. He looked around.
  18. "Oh, That's, Uh, Strange." He Pointed At The new bridge "The Winged Pikmin Can Go On That... While The Blue Pikmin Go Under The Water." He Then Saw What Appeared To be A Peach...

    Drakona Woke Up, He Was Near What Appeared To Be A lake, he Stood Up, And Looked Around, He Decided To Explore, Hoping To Find The Rest Of His Crew.
  19. "A Mock Bottom!" Alph shouted. He raced out of the water. He sent the Winged Pikmin after the Mock Bottom. They chopped it in half. One group carried a half to the S.S. Drake. The others brought the other half to the S.S. Dolphin.
  20. "Neat." Samuel Said As The Fruit Was Carried Away "We Need All The provisions We Can Get." He Said Before Looking At The Sky, He Noticed It Was Almost Sunset, He Said "Almost Night-time, Guess We Should Be Going Back To The Ships?"
  21. "What about the Olimar fellow? I'll be in the S.S. Drake," Alph said. He went inside the S.S. Drake. He wrote an Entry.

    'Today the Hocotatian's ship crashed into the S.S. Drake. I landed in the Twilight River with the Hocotatian, Louie. He wouldn't stop begging me for food! We found some Winged Pikmin. We got to the Drake quickly, and saw a signal coming from the Garden of Hope. We went there, and found a Hocotatian and Blue Pikmin! He seemed nice.
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  22. As Samuel Walked Back To the Ship, He Brought Olimar In, He Saw The Blue Pikmin Go To Their Onion, He Walked On With Olimar, And flew The ship Up, Following The S.S. Drake, He Sighed, And Wrote His Entry:

    Today I Accidently Crashed The S.S. Dolphin Into A Koppaite Ship, And Landed With Captain Olimar In What I Found Out Was Called The 'Garden Of Hope' While there, We Found Out the Ship Lost The Engine, However, With Help From These Creatures Called 'Pikmin' We managed To Get The Engine Back, And Found The Ship, Shortly After, A Koppaite Came Along, Louie In Tow, Along With Winged Pikmin! Apparently, Louie Wouldn't Stop Asking For Food! The Koppaite, named Alph, Seems very Nice.--Samuel
  23. *The next day*

    The S.S. Drake landed. Alph hopped out. He noticed that the Blue and Winged Pikmin Onions had fused! Alph Nodded. He waited for the S.S. Dolphin to land.
  24. After Landing(CAREFULLY) The S.S. Dolphin, Samuel Hopped Out, He Noticed That The Onions Had Fused, He Made A Mental Note Not To Question That Either, He Waved To Alph, And Said
    "Hey! Uh, Olimar Decided To Sleep Today, So, Did You Sleep Well?"
  25. "Nope. I had an all-nighter protecting my food from Louie. He snuck on to the S.S. Drake! Wait... he's in there right now!" Alph exclaimed. Alph rushed into the Drake. He came out with Louie. "You can wait until tonight!" Alph exclaimed. He took half of the two species of Pikmin and left the rest for Samuel.
  26. Samuel Took The Rest Of The Pikmin, And Asked
    "So, Where Are We Now, Alph?" He Hoped Alph Wouldn't Say The Garden of Hope, The place, In His Eyes, Was Boring.
  27. Alph looked around. "We're still in the Garden of Hope. And I see the look in your eyes. There should be another species of Pikmin here. If it's not extinct..." Alph mumbled. "C'mon! Let's go!" Alph headed to a place they had yet to explore.
  28. Samuel gulped, he Felt As If There Was Something Watching Him, He Said
    "Okay, But, I Feel As If We Are Being Watched..."
  29. "I'm sure it's fine!" Alph exclaimed. Louie was following. Silently. Alph came across a lake. He peered inside. There was a grey Onion inside. "An Onion!" Alph exclaimed. "Send the Blue Pikmin in there! They'll have to dig it up, then bring it to land," Alph sent his Blue Pikmin to the Onion. They started to dig it up. "We need yours too!" Alph exclaimed.
  30. "!Right!" Samuel Said, Then Said "Blue Pikmin, Advance!" He Had Learned Some Commands That Work Well, He Pointed At The Onion, The Pikmin Charged Straight At It.
  31. **About a minute later**

    The Pikmin had finally dug up the Onion. They picked it up. About 18 Pikmin were left there. Alph called them with his whistle. When the Onion was out from underwater, it flew, and sprouted it's tentacles. A single Rock Pikmin sprout flew out of it.
  32. Samuel Stared At the Rock Pikmin, He Said
    "That, Is Adorable!" he Pet The Rock Pikmin, It Seemed To Like that.
  33. "Well that was one rough night" Charlie groaned as he climbed out from inside the Yellow Pikmin onion "Now I know what it's like to be one of those poor creatures this thing beams up for food."
    Charlie looked around "As you can see" he said to star, whom he assumed was listening (Who wouldn't be? He was so interesting) "The big yellow thing is a home for the Pikmin. It can also incubate more and for whatever reason, its called an Onion"
  34. "That only makes me want to eat it more," Star grumbled. "We really need to find the Other Koppaits. Such as Alph... Brittany.... Ah, I miss them," Star looked around. "Grr... I feel like I should just throw something!" Star shouted. She picked up the Yellow Pikmin. She threw it at a yellow pellet like thing. It had a one on it. The Pikmin brought the pellet to the Onion, and two Yellow Pikmin sprouts came out.

    "Let's build our Rock Pikmin supply!" Alph exclaimed.
  35. "Well isn't that convenient" Charlie said "Now come on, help my pluck these things out of the ground"
    He bent down next to one of the planted Pikmin, and pulled on it until it popped out the ground. The first yellow Pikmin cheered
  36. Star plucked the other one. "We haven't
    More. Great!" Star exclaimed. She smiled. "But we need even more!" Star declared.
  37. Charlie nodded, pointing at two of the Yellow Pikmin "You two! With me!"
    He marched over to a field of plants, and slammed his elbow into one of the stalks, causing the Pellet it was holding to fall onto the ground. He pointed at one of the Yellow Pikmin, which picked up the Pellet and began carrying it to the Onion
    Then he did the same with a different plant and Pikmin.
  38. "Right!" Samuel Said as He Picked Up The Rock Pikmin, He Said "Woah! You Are Quite Heavy!" He Threw The Pikmin At A Bulborb, It Squashed The Monster, And Picked it Up, He Said "Woah! That Was Strong!" Samuel Watched In Awe As The beast Was Thrown In The Onion, Causing Sprouts to Appear.
  39. "Rock Pikmin deal extreme amounts of damage when thrown directly on an enemy!" Alph exclaimed. Three spouts came out of the Onion. Alph took two. He threw them, and some Blue Pikmin on a bulborb. The Rock Pikmin carried it to the Onion. It sprouted three more sprouts.
  40. "Ok." Samuel Said as He Noted It Down, He Put A Blue Pikmin On His Shoulder, As It Extremely Liked Him, He Asked "Do You Reckon That The Other Pikmin Will Get Jealous If I Nickname This one? If Not, I'll Name Them 'Sam'." As If He Had Been Thing About It His Whole Life, He Plucked 2 Of the Rock Pikmin, And Threw Them At a Bulborb, quashing The Poor Creature.

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