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Ask to Join Pikmin: Crash Landing on PNF-404

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Tamazarokon, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. Link to discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pikmin-rp.15693/#post-404999

    Please. Wait until all the Characters are taken before actual posting. You may do a starting post, as them waking up. Please establish who your character is landing with before actually posting
    Alph woke up. He looked around. He was at the bottom of a small pond. "Where am I? The last thing I remember is a Hocotation ship was getting awfully close to the S.S. Drake," Alph mumbled to himself. He stood up. Alph looked around again. "Wah! We must have crash-landed on PNF-404!" He exclaimed to himself.
  2. "Where am I?" Groaned Captain Charlie of the S.S. Drake, "and where are those slackers..."
    He got up and looked around "This place looks familiar... I wonder"

    He began walking through the Distant Tundra, rubbing a sore spot on his side "Damn Hocotations" he muttered "Destroying our ship with their poor flying skills"
    In reality, it had been his need to show off that send the S.S. Drake crashing into the Hocotate ship, but that wasn't important at the moment
  3. Star groaned. "Brrr... so cold," She mumbled. Star got up and looked around. She saw a single yellow thing. It had ears, and a leaf was blooming out of it's head. She saw Charlie. "Captain Charlie!" Star shouted. "Look what I found!" Star pointed to the creature.
  4. Charlie smiled "That my friend, is a Pikmin, perhaps the only good discovery of the Hocotations"
    He walked up to the yellow Pikmin "Hello little guy, glad to see you!" he said, then turned to Star "they are pretty weak on their own but as a team they achieve great things. They are great at following orders and are just all around great creatures"
    Then grumbled under his breath "more than I could expect from my crew"
  5. "But there's only one! We can't do anything with just one," Star explained. She looked around. She saw giant mushrooms blocking the path. A yellow object was laying in top of one. It had a black bottom, and it had a flower on top. "Hey captain! I'm starving, and look at that over there! You think that's a fruit?" Star asked.
  6. "Perhaps..." Charlie mused "Or maybe... help me take down that mushroom"
    Charlie and the single Yellow Pikmin ran to the Mushroom and began punching, again and again
  7. Star ran up and punched the mushrooms. The Mushroom eventually was destroyed. The object flew in the air. It sprouted tentacles. "That's not fruit!" Star exclaimed. The Pikmin cheered as the object lowered to the ground.
  8. Samuel Woke up, He Was next To What Appeared to Be A Lake, He Looked Around, and Said
    "Where Are We?" He Stood Up, And Said "Stupid Koppai, And Their Terrible Driving Skills, Seriously, Who Let's The dumbest People Control A Ship?" Then He Remembered He Was Steering Olimar's Ship, he Said "oh, Me." He Looked Around Some More, He An Engine, The Engine on Olimar's Ship, He Said "ARGH! THE SHIP HAS BEEN BROKEN! PANICPANICPANICPANICPANIC!" He Ran Around The Engine, Screaming panic, until He Noticed Olimar's Knocked Out Body.
  9. Olimar got up and rubbed his head and looked at Samuel and then looked around he face palmed "you idiot Sam" he muttered under his breath he stood up "ok what did you do" he said frowning at him
  10. Samuel Pointed To The Engine
    "Captain Olimar, The Ship Appears To Have Been Broken In The Crash, The Engine Is Right here, But We Have Nothing To Pick It Up." he Then Saw A Little Blue Creature With A Leaf Coming Out Of Its Ear. He Said "Uh, Olimar, Behind You."
  11. Olimar turned around and saw the creature "well we have something that can help us now" he said smiling he chouched down next to the creature "do you know what this is" he asked Samuel
  12. "Uh, Not Really, sir." Samuel Said, After Sighing "I Also Don't See How That Could Help Us." He Looked At The Engine "We Don't Even Know Where The Ship is..."
  13. Olimar looked down and sighed "it's a pikmin the can help carry stuff defend and defeat hostiles and there really friendly" he said to Samuel he looked at the pikmin "hey there can you help carry our engine" he asked it
  14. Samuel shrugged, He Said "I Think That We Need More Just To Lift The Engine." He Looked at The River, And Saw what Appeared To be food, he Ran To it, Without Realizing That It Was Actually the Blue Onion.
  15. Olimar looked at Samuel run down to the river he looked at the blue pikmin "trust me he's funny for a while then it gets annoying" he said to it sighing
  16. Samuel Tried Lifting The Onion, After About 20 Attempts, He Shouted to Olimar
  17. Olimar looked at the pikmin "see what i mean" he said getting up and walking over to him "what do you want" he said annoyed that he couldn't pick up one onion
  18. (Its The Blue Pikmin Onion, So Derp)

    Samuel Looked At Olimar, And Pointed At The Onion, Asking
    "Do You Reckon That's Food?"
  19. Olimar looked at the 'onion' and face palmed "that... that's a pikmin" he said to Samuel a-matter of-factly
  20. "Oh. Looks Stuck In Da Ground to Me." Samuel Said, A Bit Annoyed At His Own Stupidity.
  21. Olimar looked at the onion "yeah come on let's get him out he tried to pull it out fruitlessly he looked at the other blue pikmin "he can you help" he shouted
  22. Samuel Looked Around The Onion, He Saw A Leaf Sticking Out Of The Ground, He Said
    "Ohh, What's that!?" Before ANYONE Could Stop him, he Plucked It Out of the Ground, And A blue Pikmin Came out, He jumped In Shock, And Asked "Hey, I Know You Were Just Out of The Ground, But Could You help Pick That up?" He Pointed At The Onion, the Little Guy Nodded, And Rushed The onion.
  23. Olimar looked at Samuel "see kind you pluck them out of the ground and they help you with your needs" he said smiling as the other pikmin ran for the onion
  24. Samuel Smirked
    "So, What Is That Thing They Are Digging Up?" he Asked, He Saw It Grow Tentacles As It Was Dug Out, The Pikmin Cheered, He Said "WOAH! WHAT IS THAT THING!?"
  25. Olimar was stunned "this time I can't answer that question so let's go with giant onion" he said smiling at the size of the thing
  26. "I, Uh, Don't Think We Can Eat it. Looks Like Some Kind of Home For the Pikmin..." Samuel Said, Looking At The Big Thing, The Pikmin He Plucked Earlier tugged At His Leg, And Pointed To An Odd Creature, It Looked Dead, The Pikmin Carried It to the Onion, And More Sprouts Came Out.
  27. Alph walked around. "This must be Twilight River," Alph said. He walked around. He saw a Hocotation. "A Hocotation! He looks familiar..." Alph mumbled. He was attached to a web, sleeping. An Arachnode was creeping up on him. "Gah! I've got to save him! But how..?" Alph asked himself.
  28. After Plucking The Pikmin Out of The Ground, Samuel led Them Out Of The water, And Told Them To Pick Up The Engine, He Said When They Picked Up the Engine
    "Woah! That Was Amazing! Now, Where is the Ship?"
  29. Olimar smiled at Samuels progress "hey your getting better at this" he told him with a smile "but you still can act stupid" he said to himself
  30. "Right, Thanks." Samuel Said As he Looked At The Distance, He Saw Some Smoke, And Pointed to It, Saying "I THINK THAT IS THE SHIP!" He Ran Towards the Smoke, 14 Blue Pikmin, 5 Carrying The Engine, In Tow, He Ran into A Clearing, And Saw Several of The Creatures he Had Seen Before, But Alive, One Saw him And Tried Attacking Him "ARGH!" Samuel Said As he Almost Got Hit, But 7 Blue Pikmin Attacked It From the Side, The Rest From Behind.
  31. Alph looked around frantically. He saw some sprouts coming out of the ground. "Ah! P-Pikmin? They aren't extinct yet?" Alph asked himself. He plucked the Pikmin. There were four of them. "Four Pikmin. It's the Flying Pikmin! Hey, little guys!" Alph exclaimed. He used his whistle. The four Pikmin raced over to Alph. "CHARGE!" Alph yelled, pointing towards the Arachnode. The Pikmin attached themselves to The Arachnode.

    *After a battle with the Arachnode*

    "Only one of them died. Poor buddy," Alph said. The web fell apart. The Hocotation fell to the ground. "Wait a second... This is the Hocotation that stole all our juice last time on PNF-404!" Alph exclaimed. "His name was Louie... was it not?" Alph asked himself. Louie woke up. He stood up. "Food!" He yelped. "We don't have food! Only this bottle," Alph said, pulling out a bottle of juice. "And I'm saving it for til' the end of the day!" Alph put the bottle away.
  32. Olimar ran towards Samuel and saw the creatures "don't just run off like that" he said before his jaw dropped upon see the things
  33. Alph saw a plant sticking out of the ground. He pointed to it. The Pikmin tried to pull the plant. It wasn't enough. Alph tried to help them. "Help us, Louie!" Alph shouted. Louie helped a little. It was nothing big, though. The plant went flying out of the ground. There was something under it... Pink... Flower on top... "An Onion!" Alph shouted. It grew the tentacles. A single Winged Pikmin sprout fluttered down to the ground. Alph plucked it.
  34. Samuel Saw The Pikmin Kill The Thing, He Said
    "Huh, Pikmin Are Quite Powerful..."

    *A Battle With 20 Bulbmin later*

    "Let's See The Damage, We Lost 4 Pikmin, Poor Guys." Samuel Said As the Pikmin Carried The Dead bodies Away, Bringing Them To The Onion.
  35. The Pikmin flew around, focusing on the plants. They put pellets in the onion, Sprouting more.


    "We have 20 Pikimin now!" Alph exclaimed. "Yay!" Louie cheered. Alph looked across the river. "The S.S. Drake!" Alph shouted.
  36. Samuel, After Plucking More Pikmin, Came Back With 30 Pikmin, He Gave Olimar 15
    "Yep." He Said "I'm Getting the Hang Of This." he Led His 15 Towards The Smoke, And Found The S.S. Dolphin, Only Missing The Engine. He Said "Phew, Pikmin, Put the Engine In There." The Pikmin Put The Engine In, Samuel Smiled "that's The Ship Fixed." He Saw Something on The Hill, It looked Like Actual Food, He Ordered The Pikmin To Take It To The Ship.
  37. Alph raced across the bridge that was there. He arrived at the Drake. "Louie, this is the S.S. Drake," Alph said. He realized there were no Pikmin. "Where did the Pikmin go?" Alph asked. Then he saw the Pikmin with 20 Duck Pustules (Purple Grapes). They were loaded into the S.S. Drake. The Pikmin went in their Onion. Alph and Louie entered the ship. The hip and Onion blasted into space. Alph saw a signal coming from the Garden of Hope. Near the lake part. Alph set the S.S. Drake to that direction.
  38. As Samuel Led Olimar To the Ship, He Noticed The Pikmin Placing citrus Lumps(Oranges) In The S.S. Dolphin, He Smiled, Then He Noticed Something In The Sky, Something That Looked Like A Ship, He And The Pikmin Stared At It For A Bit of Time.
  39. The S.S. Drake landed. Alph flew out, followed by Louie. "Louie! You can't have any juice yet! We have to wait until the end of the day!" Alph exclaimed, standing up. "Food!" Louie shouted. The twenty Winged Pikmin flew out of their Onion. They stared at the Blue Pikmin and Samuel.
  40. Samuel Saw Louie and Koppaite, He Smirked, And Said
    "Hello!" He Looked At Louie "Louie, Where were You, man?"

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