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Pikachu's Great Adventure (Aka. Trip to China)

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Linkachu, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I was thinking about doing something a bit more funny for this, but I don't have the time or effort right now. And I've been wanting to show off these pics for far too long! :twisted:

    So... Here you go. Version 1.66 of "Pikachu's Great Adventure!" 8)

    [BE WARNED! Some of these pictures are very big and could kill slow connections]

    The Background Story: Through out late 2003 and 2004, my mother had been in the process of adopting a child from China. Finally, after months of phone calls and tedious paper work, she was finally given her okay and a date: April, 2004. "Huzzah!" she thought (or not) as she began to prepare for the greatest trip of her life... Without me! Yes, because of my grandmother's paranoid-ness about airplanes and China, I wasn't allowed to go. She said it would've been too hard on her if she lost all of us at once, even though my brother wasn't planning to go either... But we all knew the truth. I'm her favourite :p j/k

    Anyways, me and my mom came up with a brilliant idea after that. If I couldn't be there in person, something would have to replace me in sprit! And thus, my replacement was found...


    Yes... I'd been replaced by a stuffed Pikachu :p

    And so when the time came I bid farewell to them and wished Pikachu a safe trip... *Damn lucky plush rodent!*

    So begins Pikachu's journey to China... First stop: Japan! *bawls*

    Waiting at some random Airport

    Here is Pikachu with my sister at the airport (she looks like she just woke up). My sister, Lindsay, has allowed Pikachu to wear her hat... She doesn't let me do that! :cry:

    Moving on...

    The plane arrives in Japan, and what just happens to be the first thing they lay eyes on...?


    *Dies from sheer envy*

    YES! My sister, who bloody well hates Pokemon, saw the Jet with her own two eyes. At least she was nice enough to take various different pictures of it... *Bet it was all a ploy to make me extra jealous... which worked wonders*

    Another picture of the entire plane - Better view of Bulbasaur. Funny how they have the American Pokemon logo on it, too.
    Close up of Pikachu
    Close up of Bulbasaur

    But of course, the arrival wasn't complete until standing before an official sign...

    Welcome to Japan! Ooo... Anime-ness ^^

    They were only there for three hours, but it's a three hours I would've paid oodles for. Among my sister's various scenery pictures she only managed one with engrish (should've looked harder, I say):

    Engrish! ... What would to expect?

    And thus, they bid Japan farewell and headed off for China and my new little sister...

    Pikachu at a hotel Shanghai! Oh, and Pika's now sporting his sleek and cool band aid ;)

    There was many interesting things to see in China (many which I'm too lazy to show you) but a particular thing that stood out were these lovely Lays chips:

    Mmmm... Looks yummy!

    And then, finally, they met Xian Fang (or Emily as she's been dubbed in English).

    As my sister stands out of view making hand-motions - Supposedly the kids acted like little mimics and did whatever motions my sister did ^^

    Sadly to say, Pikachu got a little ignored...

    Nobody loves me... - How dare they stuff my replacement behind junk on a shelf! ;_;

    And so they left to do - take a wild guess - more sight seeing!

    One of their various bus rides - Nothing special, besides Lindsay sporting our S&K (Sonic & Knuckles) t-shirt. Emily actually let Lindsay touch her back then... ;)

    A giant tea kettle - I like this picture for some reason... Tea lovers, eat your heart out!

    And finally, Pikachu makes a return!

    What? Plushies can like tea too... - Someday I'll flip this picture right side up. Someday...

    Many scenery pictures later, they finally make it to that fun pile of bricks we all know and love... The Great Wall of China!

    My sister tried to stop him, but her efforts against the plushie were futile. And so... Huzzah!


    One damn lucky Pikachu :p

    Pika pwnz the Great Wall - Different view, same wall.

    I have yet to dig through the rest of my sister's pictures, so this may or may not be the end of Pikachu's adventure. Either way, I think he had a good time.

    And now, for anyone cares... random scenery, buildings, and stuffness! XD

    Crazed crab eats little boy (we wish...)
    Random pretty building
    Panda Central
    More Statues
    Coolest graffiti evar
    "Best gate number evar" ~ In the words of Gary
    Another statue (Dragon-style)
    So real they could bite ya
    Random scenery outside the hotel window
    A buildings, trees, and a man racking flowers

    And a bonus... A lop-sided Lord of the Rings manga-style parody! XD

    Page One
    Page Two

    Too bad it's all in Chinese ;p

    I'm sure there was a lot nicer scenery shots than the ones above but since they're the only ones I saved to my PC, that's what ye get.
  2. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    Not sure why you put that in the OT forum - I think Pikachu travel definitely qualifies as Pokemon Chat :D

    v cute pictures. I *heart* the Pokemon aeroplane. v jealous of your sister/s (well, at least the youngest one won't remember it :)).
  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I debated whether to put it in the other forum or not, but since most of the information was just general I decided against it ^^

    All I can say is, next time Pikachu goes traveling I hope I'm there with it :p
  4. Cool pictures, the trip looked fuuuun, and for added coolness I own that same Pikachu plushie w00t.

    well...not that exact one but you know what I mean... :|..I also have one that says Pika pika etc. when you spank it...creepy.

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