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Ask to Join Pikachu Region RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Flame the Trainer, Sep 27, 2016.

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  1. Welcome to the Pikachu Region RP.
    To Sign up: http://pokecharms.com/threads/pikachu-region.13995/#post-297248
    I would suggest you would read everything before posting on it.

    No Double Posting
    No Fakemon
    No One Liners
    No Random Evolutions (What i mean is like one or two battles with a pokemon then it evolves)
    No Mega Evolution Pokemon
    No Ash Greninja like stuff
    No Legendary pokemon
    No Suden move learning (Like you battle once, knows a new move, batles a second time knows another move)

    Any rule breaks will result with a warning then if it continues, a cut off this Rp.
    You will start at the lab with everyone there and will probally be together the whole time. If we split up we should be fine because I will be playing as the Gym Leaders. Just make sure your not seperated for a long time from any of us or the Gym Leaders.

    Gym Key: Name- Type- how many of pokemon- town, Village or city name

    Gym Leaders:
    Dan- Normal- 2- Camoe Town
    Doug- Fire- 2- Fire Village
    Mindy- Electric- 2 Electric City
    Linda- Ground- 3- Miner Village
    Bob- Grass- 3- Prairie City
    Lilly- Fighting- 3- Arena Village
    Lan- Water- 4 Fountain Town
    Stan- Psychic- 4 Future City

    Yes i made all these up. I haven't made the trainer cards for these yet so be patient until i do. So lets start.

    People who may post on here: @Canpan @SMRPG64

    Now lets start:
    "Man im glad to have made it to the Pikachu region right Froakie and Eevee?" Flame said.
    "Fro." Froakie replied while being on my shoulder.
    "Eevee." Eevee said while also being on my shoulder.
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  2. "This is so exciting" Will said to his Pokemon "We are finally here"
    "Squirtle Squirt (I wish we could have gone to the "Squritle Region" instead)" Squirtle said
    "I wonder why it is called the Pikachu Region" Will said "Maybe there are a lot of Pikachu? What was their train of thought when naming this place?"
    "Wynaut" Wynaut said
    "Yes Wynaut you are a genius!" Will said "They thought Why not?"
  3. "Yes thats why its called the Pikachu Region, there are so many pikachu here that we named it that, but we have civilized here like any other region." Proffesor Dan said.
    "Thats so cool." Flame said. "Oh hi, you must be William, I'm Flame nice to meet you." FLame said reaching for a handshake.
  4. Will shook Flame's hand. "So what happens if the Pikachu disappear?" Will asked "And nice to meet you too Flame." Will walked to Professor Dan. "So what will we be doing?"
  5. "Your just doing what you would do in any other region, catch and train pokemon, challenge gym leaders, and maybe do the Pikachu League." Professor Dan said.
    "Cool, i'm ready to start, what about you Will?" Flame asked Will.
  6. "Im ready" Will said "Are you guys ready?" he asked his Pokemon
    "Squirtle Squirt (Nah... can i sleep first?)" Squirtle said
    "I have no idea what you just said" Will said "But i'll take that as a yes, how about you Wynaut"
    Squirtle Sighed
    "Wynaut" Wynaut said
    "Why Not?" Richard asked "Thats it? A new exciting region and adventure and all you can say is Why Not?"
    Squirtle face palmed
  7. "Wow." Flame said walking outside with Froakie and Eevee on his shoulder. Then a pokemon appeared, it was a Fletching.
    "I wanna catch it." Flame said. "Froakie use Pound." Fletchling was weakened. Fletchling used Tackle on Froakie and Froakie was weakened.
    "Froakie use Pound again." Flame said and Fletchling was defeated.
    "Pokeball go." FLame said and caught Fletchling.
  8. "Wow you already caught a new Pokemon" Will said, then noticed a nearby Pidgey "And maybe I will too. Guys some help here?"
    "Squirtle Squirt (Fine lets do this)"
    "Good Enthusiasm Squirtle. Wynaut, Why not is not a proper answer"
    Squirtle sighed
    The Pidgey came closer and used sand attack, but Wynaut used Encore. Now the Pidgey was stuck using a move that couldn't do damage, and Squirtle could attack.
    Squirtle repetedly used tackle and then Richard threw a Pokeball at Pidgey, catching it
  9. "Nice one Will. We could go to the first gym." Flame said while Froakie and Eevee jumps on his shoulders.
    "Hey I wonder where the first gym is." Flame said.
    "Fro." Froakie said.
    "Eevee." Eevee said happily.
  10. "Welcome to the team Pidgey" Will said "guys lets follow flame to the first gym"
    "Pidgey Pid (Hello, why did you stuff me into that little ball?)"
    "Squirtle (So you want us to fight other Pokemon to the death for a little badge?"
    "Nice enthusiasm guys, Wynaut you Ne-"
    "SQUIRT! (NO!)"
    "Alright I guess Squirtle can't wait any longer, let's go."
  11. So we made it to the first gym.
    "Welcome to my gym, to win the badge you have to beat 2 of my pokemon." Dan said.
    "What type is your pokemon?" Flame asked Dan.
    "My pokemon is Normal." Dan replied.
    "This will be a 2 on 2 battle." Ref said.
    "Eevee i choose you." Dan said.
    "Fletchling i choose you." Flame said while Froakie and Eevee on his shoulders.
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  12. "Study Dan's moves and strategies for out turn" Will said "for when we battle"
    "Squirt (can I sleep first)"
    "Pidgey Pidg (Battle? You are going to make as fight that guy?)"
    "Wynaut how many tim-" Will began.
    Squirrel jumped up and slapped will in the face.
    "Fine I'll concentrate" Will sighed
  13. "That was something." Flame said.
    "Let the battle begin." Ref said.
    "Fletchling use Quick Attack." Flame said and Eevee is knocked back. "Nice." Flame said.
    "Eevee use Swift." Dan said and Fletchling was weakened.
    "Fletchling use Quick Attack again." Flame said and Eevee was defeated.
    "Eevee is unable to battle which means Fletchling is the winner." Ref said.
    "Eevee return, Bunnelby I choose you." Dan said.
  14. "So Dan's Eevee knows Swift... It doesn't need to get close to hit is" Will said "Meanwhile Fletching can use quick attack so he can get close before Eevee can use it. Nice strategy Flame"
    Will watched as Dan sent out Bunnelby "I'd assume Bunnelby would know dig, which would be ineffective against flying types but could devastate a team on the ground
  15. "Bunnelby use Mud Slap." Dan said and Fletchling is defeated.
    "You did well Fletchling, return." Flame said.
    "One to one now." Dan said.
    "Froakie you ready?" Flame asked Froakie.
    "Fro." Froakie said going onto battle field.
    "Froakie use Pound." Flame said and Bunnelby is weakened.
    "Bunnelby use Quick Attack." Dan said and Froakie is weakened.
  16. "This is so close" Will said "one more hit could decide the victor! So Bunnelby can use Mud Slap and Quick Attack."
    "Squirt (nerd)"
    "I'm glad that you are this enthusiastic about this"
    "Squirt (oh come on')"
  17. "Bunnelby use Tackle." Dan said and Froakie is almost defeated.
    "Froakie can you still battle?" Flame asked Froakie and it started to use a new move called Bubble and Bunnelby is defeated.
    "Bunnelby is unable to battle which means FLame is the winner." Ref said.
    "Alright, good job Froakie." Flame said.
    "Fro." Froakie said happily.
    "Come on, lets go to the pokemon center." Flame said. Flame headed to the pokemon center to heal his pokemon.
  18. "Alright so Pidgey can battle Eevee and Squirtle will battle Bunnelby."
    "Squirtle (Fine)" Squirtle said
    "Wy!" Said Wynaut
    "I'm sorry Wynaut but your only move, encore, is not an attacking one"
  19. "Let me know when your ready." Dan said to Will.
    *meanwhile in Pokecenter*
    "Your pokemon will be healed soon." Nurse Joy said.
    "Thank you." Flame said.
  20. Finally Will walked onto the arena. "Wait..." He said "did flame take his badge? I didn't see him doing it..."
  21. Makayla was outside the Pokecenter brushing her Eevee's hair. "We're almost done. Just a few more brushes.."
    "Fennekin! (Can I be brushed too?)" said Fennekin.
    "Sure!" said Makayla. Makayla brushed Fennekin's hair and said "Maybe you guys want names."
    "Eevee! (Yeah!)" "Fennekin! (Yay!)" said Fennekin and Eevee.
    "I'm going to name Eevee.. Hmm.. Shellie. I might evolve you into a Vaporeon one day. And Fennikin.. Flaminia."
    She walked inside the pokecenter to heal Flaminia. Flaminia was at low HP. She gave Fliminia and maybe Shellie to Nurse Joy. She noticed Flame sitting down on a bench. "Hi! Who are you?" she said.
  22. "I'm a new trainer from Kalos Region, i just got my first badge." Flame said.
    "Your pokemon are all healed." Nurse joy said while Froakie jumped on his shoulder and got Fletchling's pokeball.
    "Hey Froakie." Flame said to it.
    "Fro." Froakie said.
    "Eevee." Eevee said.
    *Meanwhile in Gym*
    "yes he got his badge." Dan said.
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  23. "Alright" Will said "In that case I challenge you to a battle!" He threw his two Pokeballs out, showing Squirtle and Pidgey. "Your move" he said
  24. "It's a single battle." Dan said.
  25. "I Know" Will said "Now show me your Pokemon. I will use Pidgey first... i just thought it would look cooler this way."
    Squirtle face palmed "Squirt (Really?)"
    "Pidgey! (Do I have to fight for this person?)"
    "They seem ready and so am i!" Will shouted "You are going down!"
    *Epic music starts playing from seemingly nowhere, they all look to the stands, where Wynaut is standing next to a record player*
    "SQUIRT! (REALLY!?)"
  26. "Eevee I choose you." Dan said.
    "This will be a 2 on 2, single battle." Ref said. "Let the battle begin."
    "Eevee use Swift." Dan said and hits Pidgey.
  27. "Pidgey use sand attack" Will shouted "And when he is blinded use quick attack!" Pidgey kicked the sand into Eevee's face and began to run towards him
  28. "Eevee use Dig." Dan said and Eevee dodged the attack and hit Pidgey.
  29. "Ok come on!" Will shouted "use gust! No way that he can dodge. That!"
  30. "Eevee use Quick Attack." Dan said but Eevee hit the wall from gust and was knocked out.
    "Eevee is unable to battle, which means Pidgey is the winner." Ref said.
    "Eevee return, Bunnelby I choose you." Dan said. "Bunnelby use Mudslap." And knocked out pidgey.
  31. "How did a ground type attack?" Wondered Will "take out a flying type?"
    "Squirt (it kicks UP the mud dummy!)"
    "Fine Squirtle it's time to battle" Will said "use tackle!"
  32. "Bunnelby use Dig." Dan said and dodged the attack.
  33. "Quickly squirtle" will said "find somewhere high up so he can hit you! Then keep running"
  34. "Bunnelby use Mudslap again." Dan said and hit Squirtle.
    "I'm not going down easily." Dan said.
  35. "Use water gun!" Will shouted
    "Squirt Squirtle Squirt (I don't know that move yet!)" Squirtle shouted
    "What is the hold up?" Will asked
    "Squirt (fine i'll try)" Squirtle sighed
    Squritle spat slightly at Bunnelby's feet, and taking advantage of the distraction, used tackle on it
    "good Job!" Will shouted
  36. So Bunnelby got defeated.
    "Bunnelby return." Dan said. "Here is the Plain Badge."
  37. Will took the badge from Dan "I got the Plain Badge!" He shouted
    "Pidgey Pid (we did all the work, why should he get shiny thingie)"
    "Squirtle (I know right?)"
    "You did great guys" Will said as he pulled out a bag of Pokeblocks "you deserve a treat"
    "Pidddddddgey (yayyyyyyyy)"
    "Squirtle squirt! (I guess he is not that bad after all)"
  38. Then Flame appeared behind Will.
    "So Will you got the badge also?" FLame asked.
  39. "Ahh" Will said "how did you get right behind me? Did you guys see him coming?"
    Squirtle and Pidgey looked up from their food and shook their heads
    "Like I said" will said "creepy... hey do you want to battle?"
  40. "Sure." Flame replied.
    "Fro." Froakie said while on my shoulder.
    "Eevee." Eevee said while on my other shoulder.
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