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Pieces of Summer Color

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by SineCosineTangent, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. (OOC: Credit for the title: "Pieces of Summer Color", by Yoko Ishida, Album "All of Me". Character bio can be found in the Mainstream PRP Character topic.)

    6:30 am, in the middle of the summer. The sun rose over the large mining town of Oreburgh, pulling the day's light along with it. It was a sight to behold- as many sunrises tend to be. It brought to mind the complex brevity of life, as with the onset of day came the fall of night. Some people awoke just to watch the event. Xyrem Kaminsky, however, was not one of those people. Although her alarm clanged to life around six every morning, she never failed to wake up sometime past one in the afternoon. Some would say that she was an athlete of Olympic caliber- if one of the events was "rolling over while still asleep to beat the hell out of an alarm clock". This day was like any other, in that regard.

    Around two in the afternoon, Xyrem's eyes opened. Rather than immediately sitting up, she rolled over and tried to find a cooler spot on her bed. Alas, it was to no avail. Finally accepting that she would not be asleep all day, she sat up and rubbed at her eyes. When she opened them again, she saw the same dresser she saw every morning. She was trying to remember the exact reason she placed it parallel to the bed. It was black, probably made of some form of plastic. The top held multiple curios, along with things she had found that caught her interest. Most of them were larger Spheres that she had managed to sneak out of the Underground. To her left, curtains hung happily. Many assumed that it simply was a random quirk of hers to hang curtains over walls. However, there was a window behind them. She just hated the daytime light, and so therefore had bought curtains as thick as they came. She sloppily climbed out of bed, careful not to step on any of the random books that she had on the floor. Walking over to the window, she forcefully pulled the curtains open, stretched, and yawned. All of Oreburgh was laid out before her, and she carefully took it all in as she stared out the window. She then turned, rummaged through her drawers, pulled out her usual attire, and headed for the shower.

    A little while later, Xyrem was blankly staring at the fridge, toweling her hair. She had honestly forgotten what she had in there, as she usually just went for take-out or pizza. Hopefully, there was something quick in there, as she really didn't feel like cooking an entire meal. With a shrug, she grabbed at the door handle with her spare hand. Fruit, fruit, broccoli (she sat for a few seconds, wondering how and why it had gotten there), a few take out boxes (so that's why the fridge smelled like tacos), and a whole bunch of sodas. She shrugged, grabbed a soda, and shut the fridge. Silently, she turned to the small island countertop, placed down her soda, and sighed. It was always the same thing. Same egg-white walls, same furniture, same breakfast of soda (and sometimes Cheetos)… Sometimes, the repetitiveness of her mundane days bummed her out.

    Small beads of water began to collect on Xyrem's can of soda and, when they gained enough weight, began to slide down and collect in a ring on the countertop. She really wasn't paying much attention to that, though, as she was staring out the window of her living room, located across from the kitchen. The view never seemed to change. Sure, the sun moved, and there was a storm or a few lazy clouds every once in a while, but all in all, it was stagnant. All the advertisements claimed Oreburgh to be the "City of Energy"… although she never quite saw the reason why. There had been times when she had first moved back from Jubilife when she loved the city- it was small and cozy, compared to the rush of the larger, more hi-tech Jubilife. Over time, though, she began to see it as stifling. As if her creativity and intelligence seemed to flow away as she sat in her apartment, day after day, seeing the same old thing. The soda fizzed lightly next to her, perhaps in agreement.

    A journey. That's what she needed. Something to get the hell away from monotony.

    She walked down the small hallway back in to her room, this time with purpose. She grabbed a medium-sized black backpack from her closet, and began to pull clothes out of her dresser. After she felt she had enough of a wardrobe packed, she looked over to her nightstand. On it sat six Pokeballs- six of her closest friends. She smiled, and grabbed the one closest to her bedside. It contained ‘Vadumee, her precious Blaziken. Closing her eyes, Xyrem smiled as she began to remember all the times she had spent with her six-foot tall fire chicken. It was almost possible to feel the emotion fleeing from her mind, into her hands, and into his Pokeball. Without a second thought, she released him into the room. He stretched, apparently just awakened from sleep. Xyrem grinned at him, and ‘Vadumee smiled back.

    "So, you ready for a journey? I think we should go across Sinnoh, just seeing all there is to see," Xyrem stated, hoping her friend would agree.

    "Blaze!" He pumped his fist into the air in celebration. Xyrem took it as a "yes".

    She briefly considered releasing the others, just to make sure they liked the idea too. Not many apartment tenants below her, though, would like the sound of two 226 pound dinosaurs running around her bedroom. So, instead of pissing everyone off, she grabbed a belt from her closet. She had worn it a lot back in her Jubilife days- she always had the belief that she would run off to be a real traveling trainer. Those were good days- she'd run around her family's home, hyper as ever, shouting about how she was going to travel the land and become a Master. Her parents supported this- her father had even bought her the belt. As she grew older, though, she became more sedentary, and felt that an entire journey might be too arduous. She kept the belt with her, though, just in case she ever changed her mind. It only took a few seconds for her to click it around her waist, and to place each Pokeball in its slot.

    One final look around the room was all she needed. If everything went as planned, she wouldn't be seeing her home for quite a while. She zipped her bag, grabbed it off her bed, and walked out of the room, ‘Vadumee ducking through the doorway after her. Across the hall from her door sat the door to the computer room, which she had also appropriated into a mini-library. She took a quick left and exited the hallway. To her right sat the kitchen, her can of soda still sitting on the island. Her "living room" sat on the left, although all it really was composed of was a couch and a TV. In front of her was the door to the outside. Well, it was really an inside hallway of the apartment building, but she considered it the first step of a journey (this was, of course, before she mentally slapped herself for being over-dramatic). Grabbing the previously forgotten soda from the counter, she turned to ‘Vadumee.

    "You cramped in here?" she asked, noticing that the fire and fighting type was ducking as not to hit the ceiling. He nodded bashfully, and she laughed. "Then in you go," she said, pulling out his Pokeball from her belt. In a flash of red light, he was sucked in. "I'll let you out when we're outside again, mmkay?" she mumbled to the Pokeball. She took a sip out of the soda, stepped forward, and opened the door. The hallway was empty, which really didn't surprise Xyrem much- usually, the only time of the day people were leaving their apartments was in the morning. Taking care to lock the door behind her, Xyrem strolled peacefully towards the elevators. On some days, she might have elected to walk down the stairs or, if she felt particularly daring, slide down the banister. Today, five stories didn't seem much of a plan for her.

    The lobby area was almost deserted, save for a few stragglers and tourists. Xyrem still, even after almost six months of living there, had not figured out why tourists took pictures of her apartment building's lobby. It wasn't anything special- hell, it was hardly a lobby at all. Two leather couches, a few rugs, and a help desk do not a lobby make. She shrugged at her own confusion, and then pulled out ‘Vadumee's Pokeball to let him out. The lobby had a much higher ceiling than her small apartment, although she did have some small qualms about the chandelier that hung near the couches. Deciding not to risk it, she briskly walked out the front door of the building into the daytime light. Once out, she released ‘Vadumee, as she had promised.

    "Well, old friend, I believe it is time for us to go," she declared confidently. Her mind wasn't completely made up about the whole "journey" idea, and honestly, now that she sat out in the sun, she could really see how haphazardly she had thought it up. But, ‘Vadumee looked very excited, and crushing his wishes would be akin to, in her mind, crushing her own. So, instead of going back inside, and wasting what little time she was given in front of her computer, she began walking down the street, her fighting fire chicken at her side.

    (OOC: I hope some of these paragraphs weren't walls of text. ALSO: If you wish to join, please drop me a PM, just so I'm aware of your arrival. If possible, I'd also like a link to your character profile. If it's in the Mainstream Character topic, just give me a hint to which page so I can take a read.)
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  2. Dai watched with intense, green-blue eyes, and her fiendish companion as their next mark, a bespectacled Red-headed young woman, exited the Oreburg apartment building. Sniper the Weavile, Dai's faithfully devilish friend, hissed in irritation when he saw the six-foot tall Pokémon that accompanied the red-head. The orange-painted key that dangled around his neck flashed as it swung to and fro into the sunlight and back into the shadows of the bush they crouched behind.

    Dai bit her lip, then mumbled to Sniper: "Don't worry, buddy, just means you'll have to be more careful."

    Sniper grunted in reply and flashed the menacing grin that Dai had grown to love. They watched together and assessed their target. The young woman seemed to be ready to take a trip, so Dai assumed that she would be taking quite a bit of money. However, the Blaziken could make pick-pocketing the young woman obscenely difficult.

    Dai tucked a lock of dirty blonde hair behind her ear mentally flipped through her Pokémon's stats through her mind. Empoleon would be at an advantage against Blaziken, but she wasn't given to thievery. Luxray would be evenly matched, but Dai couldn't think of a way to incorporate him into the theft. She could have her sweet Lopunny act as if she had been injured and distract the Blaziken and the trainer. Dai's recently traded female Ninetails still did not listen to her completely so Dai ruled the Pokémon out. The last Pokémon on Dai's roster was a Sableye she had acquired along with the Ninetails. Since she was a ghost-dark type her only weakness was dark. Dai didn't believe the Blaziken would be much of a threat in that department. Not only that, but her Sableye got along very well with Sniper and enjoyed working with him. She pulled an ultraball from her slate gray and crimson bag and released the Sableye.

    The creature twitched and fidgeted while Sniper spoke to her. When she revealed her sharpened teeth in an eager grin, Dai made her move.

    She approached the woman, putting on her best helpless act, and Weavile limped along side her. "Miss," she gasped feebly, "Miss, please, we were attacked! I need you to help us. Our attackers they took everything…" Her voice trailed off, and she fell to the young woman's feet, theatrically. Dai opened her eye just a fraction to see Weavile collapse to the right of the young woman and Sableye's jewels sparkle briefly, and then disappear into the shadows of the apartment building behind them.

    (OOC My PkmnRPC can be found here: http://www.pokecharms.com/forums/index.php?topic=903.msg114416#msg114416 )
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  3. The sun was shining lazily, coating both Xyrem and ‘Vadumee in a veil of warmth. There were still numerous doubts about this "journey" in Xyrem's mind, but the kind heat began to ebb at them until they were no more than little specks. Walking down the street suddenly felt pleasurable- almost as if the idea of an adventure made the town that was once so dull to her bright and alive again. As she walked, Xyrem pulled her hands above her head in a mock stretch, almost as if to enjoy the sunshine more. To her left, ‘Vadumee remained on guard- if his meditation had taught him anything, it was to always be aware of the world around him.

    They traveled along at a lazy pace, stopping briefly to look in shop windows, or to stare at a particularly odd traveler. Everything felt relaxed, and far away- almost as if her entire afternoon had suddenly become a dream. With that thought etched into her mind, she stopped and appreciated a slight breeze that had wound its way through Oreburgh's urban center. Then, the dream cracked and fell into pieces.

    "Miss…" Xyrem turned around to see a young girl stumbling towards her. She couldn't have been older than 17, with dirty blond hair and sparkling blue-green eyes. Next to her was a Weavile, who looked as if it were going to fall over any second. Concern filled Xyrem's eyes as her first-aid knowledge began to flood into the forefront of her mind. ‘Vadumee, who still stood silent at her side, eyed both travelers wearily.

    "Miss, please," she continued, "we were attacked! I need you to help us. Our attackers, they took everything…" The girl then collapsed, her Weavile shortly following. It only took a few seconds for Xyrem to kick into help mode.

    She rummaged through her bag, and pulled out a basic first aid kit. Chances are, for collapse, there was one hell of a wound that was leaking a large amount of blood. Xyrem probably couldn't completely close the wound, but she could at least make the young girl stable enough to wait for an ambulance. Wasting no time, she turned the girl over onto her back.

    "Argh, the crimson of her undershirt isn't helping much," she mumbled, looking the girl's outfit over for any darker spots where her blood could have seeped through. "‘Vadumee, something's not right here. There's no wet spots. No blood. Unless we've got something internal, there's no reason for this girl to have collapsed," she said. Everything seemed normal- not even a scratch marred the pale skin of the girl's arm. The large fighting Pokemon noticed his master's uneasiness, and closed his eyes. With the loss of his vision came a rush of improvement in his hearing. ‘Vadumee slowly scanned their environment, taking in any sound that he thought to be abnormal.

    "Don't most people defend themselves when they're being attacked? With the amount of damage that supposedly occurred, there should be scratches all over this girl. ‘Vadumee. Be on guard," she stated, turning to her companion. The fire chicken opened one eye, nodded, and then drifted back into his previous state of raised consciousness. Soon after, Xyrem joined him.

    Meditation was one of the ways in which the two were bonded. Xyrem had learned as a child, from her father. Back in those days, she simply thought of meditation as something done by weird guys with long beards and pretzel bodies. Ah, the ignorance. Over time, she learned that meditation was a way to key into the world around her, to notice even the littlest of things from the sounds they made. "It's a way to quiet the mind, to shut off that infernal racket that is your consciousness," her father had told her. And after those days, she knew it was true. Her mind was an endless cacophony of thoughts, feelings, ideas, and stories. When she had first begun, she had trouble turning it all off. Even if she met with success, it was brief- seconds later, the theme to her favorite T.V. show would play in her head, rendering all of the previous focusing meaningless. Now, after years of daily meditation, she had learned to shut off the voices for a good five minutes. It was an amazing feeling, in her opinion, to be able to really sense the world and self- and to be able to integrate the two.

    With the drop into meditation, Xyrem became insanely aware of her body movements. She could see her own outline, down to the detail of her backpack and the first aid kit clutched in her hand. Her hearing picked up conversations from all over- many of them wondering what was going on with the collapsed girl and the meditating freaks. From far away, she heard the various sounds of the coal mine. A flock of Starlys flew overhead, chattering softly to each other. And, in the shadows nearby, something was rustling. Her eyes shot open, and the world fell back into its normal fuzzy symphony. She looked towards ‘Vadumee, who still sat in intense concentration. A few seconds later, his eyes creaked open and looked upon their master. They nodded to each other, as if expressing that they had reached the same conclusion. Something was wrong.
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  4. The crunching of gravel and stone became increasingly gritty as the carpet of earth cracked and loosened the further one travelled into Oreburgh. Passing through the gate that marked the boundary between civilization and the surrounding wildlife, the young man could feel the afternoon sun breaking from over the last creeping outcrop of rock that made up the mouth of the cave's exit. Even as he moved further into the town, the vaporeon beside him kept an easy pace, her coat gleaming in shades of blue and cerulean that pushed at the parameter of hues her body was capable of producing. Even the contrast in color between she and the soil beneath her seemed to lighten the atmosphere, and was especially welcome to eyes that were still adjusting to the natural light found outside the confines of the grimy dirt tunnels. Evidence of their short trek was still present on both their persons, more so on the young sir than his companion as the sudden wave of warmth had already condensed beads of water from her back and collected the majority of dust that clung to her frame as it descended over the curves of muscle beneath the pelt.

    On the taller, more upright of the pair, ridding himself of the fine coat of dust he had collected meant brushing off every inch of fabric and pulling taut the creases that cradled tiny pockets of the airborne particles, effectively launching them off of his person. Taking a moment to stop and run his fingers through a handful of his dark hair, he couldn't help but grin at the clouds of grime that dropped onto the ground beside him. Setting his feet about shoulder width apart, he promptly folded at the waist so his torso was parallel to the earth beneath him, and viciously scrubbed what remained settled in the locks off of his head and back to the earth where it had come from. Satisfied, he straightened once more, adjusted the strap of his pack, and continued on his way, hardly concerned or even aware of the water type weaving around his feet with each step he took.

    Prepared for little more than a cheerful atmosphere to greet him after long hours of morning hiking, he found himself considerably alarmed when the first scene to greet him was a panicked atmosphere coupled with a grim looking Trainer and her Blaziken. Even more perplexing was the young woman that had thrown herself onto the ground before her, lying in the dust and dirt with two of her pokemon companions sprawled out beside her. Amidst trying to make sense of what he was seeing, as well as safely navigate himself and his partner to their intended food stop, his feet took to shuffling and kicking up more of the earth he had made an effort to rid himself of, coating the steel toes of his heavy boots in an even coat of grime. Even with his concern and curiosity written as clear as day over the smooth cut of his jaw and planted deep in his watery silver-grey irises, his legs continued to carry him in on his merry way. The vaporeon lingered, her pace slowing as they passed the small party and she craned her neck to try and catch a glimpse at the girl's full face, regardless of the fact that she had effectively sheathed herself in earth and hair. Following obediently, the pair still found themselves a reasonable distance from the small group, and joined by the occasional passer-by that spared a glimpse at the scene.

    A few voices carried far enough for him to catch the murmurs, consisting mostly of theories following an amateur diagnosis of heatstroke or some other form of exhaustion, most likely as a result of a quick glance returning no obvious signs of struggle. Curious, but considering it no business of his own, he kept his distance and observed from afar, shifting uncomfortably from his heels to the balls of his feet.

    ooc| This looked a lot longer in Word :<
    Sorry it's short, and that Archer's so boring |3
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  5. Dai, eyes closed and heart racing, forced four of her five senses to sharpen. With the young woman, who upon closer inspection wasn't much older than Dai herself, bent over Dai and busied herself with Dai's crimson undershirt. Mentally cursing herself for not having Sniper inflict some injuries on her, she listened intently and tried to get a bearing of what the woman was doing. She felt the woman stiffen and order her Blaziken companion to be on the alert.

    Shit. Dai reprimanded herself silently. She hadn't expected the young woman to have any medical knowledge at all; just to panic a little and call for help, giving Dai, Sniper, and Sableye more than enough time to rob the good Samaritan and make a run for it. By the way Sniper was now unnaturally stiff, Dai knew that he was about to give up the charade and pounce on the imposing, six-foot tall Fire Pokémon. Dai strained unsuccessfully to send Sniper a mental message to relax. Unfortunatly, she was no psychic and her mental screams went unnoticed.

    "Don't most people defend themselves when they're being attacked? With the amount of damage that supposedly occurred, there should be scratches all over this girl. ‘Vadumee. Be on guard," Dai heard the young woman say. If this plan was going to be successful, Dai was going to have to do something quick. She didn't think Sableye would be able to accomplish anything with these two unusually perceptive creatures without any help. Dai, trying her best not to make any external hint of consciousness, bit her tongue until it bled. She gritted her teeth against the sharp, throbbing pain, thankfully she didn't have to act as if she were in pain anymore. Dai let the coppery, thick pool in her mouth, careful not to swallow, and coughed forcefully, spraying blood and saliva everywhere, speckling the young woman's ivory pale skin with dark red rubies. She tried to look as miserable as possible, and suddenly noticed that the young woman, despite being covered in gore, was quite pretty. The red and purple-streaked hair contrasted nicely with her pale skin and her large eyes were a lovely shade of brown. Dai sat up and coughed two more times, putting a hand to her chest, she suddenly felt the scrutiny of those lovely brown eyes, and hoped that Sableye had at least found something of value.

    Looking around with eyes that she hoped looked weary and pained, Dai saw the pretty young woman and her tense looking Blaziken, to her right was Sniper, who to her astonishment looked pained, with his eyebrows furrowed and a frown on his face, and she spotted Sableye climbing nimbly onto the young woman's bag.

    Dai groaned audibly, not in pain, though she hoped it would seem that way, but in exasperation. There was no way that Sableye would go unnoticed. Though her color and ghost-like consistency camouflaged her, the jewels that glinted and shimmered beautifully gave her away. Dai gripped the cloth of her shirt over her chest.
    "We were ambushed," she began, trying to keep the red-headed pair's attention, "it was a man and an-an Infernape." She furrowed her brows, and allowed some blood to drip over her full pink lips. "We didn't stand a chance." Dai filled her voice with as much despair and defeat as possible, and felt a little pride for her own, and Sniper's commitment to the plan.
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  6. Xyrem, once she had visually conferred with ‘Vadumee, went back to the task at hand. Even if something was not quite right, the girl still could be in danger. There was a brief moment in which Xyrem considered leaving the young girl. Her instinctual folly of distrust was beginning to destroy her helpful mood. It could be that this girl was trying to pull one over on her. She shook her head. ‘No,' she thought, ‘that couldn't be it.' Pulling her first aid kit a bit closer, she began to mentally run a list of what could have gone wrong.

    Meanwhile, the large fighting type began to take in his surroundings once more. Whatever had caught their attention in the shadows had seemingly disappeared, and at first he mentally chalked that up to a mistake on his part. He then remembered that Xyrem had noticed something was off too- and the way they meditated, it was highly doubtful that they could both misread their environment in such a drastic way.

    Xyrem, however, was nowhere near ‘Vadumee's train of thought. She had deftly slipped back into medical mode, ignoring all outside stimulus. Something had to be wrong with this girl. The would-be paramedic briefly considered psychiatric trauma- perhaps the stress of the attack had provoked her into fight-or-flight mode, and the collapse was just a physical representation of her mental exhaustion. Or hell, it could just be the fatigue that normally follows such a response. That must have been it, as the girl didn't seem to have any external injuries.

    A flash. That was all Xyrem was really able to see. It was probably only a little bit more obvious than a microexpression, but it was there. It was a slight grimace of pain- a sign of consciousness. And, just like that, the girl coughed up blood. A few spatters dotted Xyrem's face, and, rather than wipe them off, she scrutinized the young girl carefully. Soon after, she sat up, coughing twice more. Droplets of blood hit the pavement, marring the gray concrete beneath. Even when the girl sat up, Xyrem didn't take the time to clean her face - that could be done later. She began to catalog the girl's actions. She didn't seem dazed, or forgetful, but she did seem pained. Her eyes darted around, looking first to Xyrem, then to ‘Vadumee, then to her Weavile, then to a spot just a bit behind Xyrem, then back to their original focus. Weavile, Xyrem noticed, had followed its trainer's expression of pain. Worry flashed through Xyrem's auburn eyes as she looked towards the pained trainer next to her. The girl groaned, and then began to speak again.

    "We were ambushed… it was a man and an-an Infernape." She furrowed her brows, and a small trickle of blood dripped down her lower lip. "We didn't stand a chance." Her voice was mired with despair and hopelessness. Xyrem, however, paid no attention to the girl's tone. Upon seeing the trickle of blood, her visage of worry quickly transformed to one of confusion. When one coughs up blood, usually it's a violent expulsion from somewhere deep within the body- one of the major internal organs, perhaps. Blood that's from an internal bleed doesn't poetically trickle out. It gets expelled forcefully, sometimes onto people's faces (as Xyrem could now attest to). Something was definitely up.

    ‘Vadumee had since broken out of his meditation state, and was now visually scanning the area in order to figure out what the hell was going on. He looked back to his master, who was clearly not as worried as she previously was, even though there was blood on the girl's lips. It was then that he noticed a flash. Some sort of gem, perhaps. It hovered purposefully over Xyrem's bag, seemingly nothing more than a jewel in the sunlight. Xyrem didn't have any jewels in her bag.

    "Blaz! Ken!" he shouted, alerting his master to what he had found. She turned towards him, and he quietly pointed down to her bag. After focusing her attention where her companion had pointed, she noticed a sparkling gem… attached to which was a thieving Sabelye. Anger shot through her body and bubbled up to her facial expression as she turned back to the girl who was lying on the ground.
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  7. "Sable! Sniper! The jig is up!" Dai sprang to her feet and spit what was left of her blood to the pavement at the young woman's feet. Sableye sprang lightly from the other trainer's bag and skittered, chattering, to Dai's side. Sniper took a warning swipe at the Blaziken before hopping back to join his trainer and the sparkling Pokémon. Dai took a defensive stance against the opposing trainer, and reached into her bag to grab two pokeballs.

    "Sable, return!" In a flash of brilliant red light, the small Pokémon vanished into the orb. Grasping the other ball, she tossed it high into the air, and called out; "Bebe!" Out spilled the same brilliant light only this time, it dispelled to reveal a large Empoleon. The Pokémon looked first to Sniper and Dai, then to the unknown trainer and her companion. Empoleon shook her head in a slightly bored, slightly exasperated way. Once again had Dai and Sniper screwed up in one of their attempts at theft, and once again they called upon Bebe to get them out of it. She didn't mind terribly, for she adored her trainer, but sometimes it was just annoying. For a girl who spent her whole life thieving, one would think that she'd be able to do it without getting caught.
    "Empoleon!" Bebe cawed in a deep, booming voice, shooting an annoyed glance at Dai.
    "Yeah yeah, I know, you don't have to give me that look." Dai said, too anxious and excited to sound reproachful. Even though she had ultimately failed in her goal, she still reveled in fighting. Her opponent stood at the ready, smoke winding up her Blaziken's powerful legs, indicating the Pokémon was more than ready for a fight.
    "Now, let's not get too riled up," she grinned. "No one got hurt, and no one lost anything. I think we can be perfectly civil." Dai cocked her hip and pretended to inspect her nails nonchalantly.
    Sniper mimicked his trainer's pose. "Wee!" He growled, eyes never leaving Blaziken.
    Empoleon just stood, watching the other trainer and her Pokémon, trying her best to calculate the other Pokémon's first move.

    Dai kept speaking in a smooth, arrogant tone. "Me and my friends were just practicing our acting… Sable was just curious," her green-blue eyes darted quickly around her surroundings. The apartment building blocked any escape in that direction. The sun-bleached pavement that lead out to the city lay to her left, and to her right the pavement stopped at the beginning of the wilderness. That direction was most likely the best place to run. She glanced at Sniper, then to the right, and back to Sniper. He understood what the look meant, and mumbled so that only Dai could hear.
    "Wee-vile vie! Weavile wee." He growled. Dai understood him and knew that Sableye had managed to grab something before being caught, so now it was time for her and her Pokémon to take their leave.
    Dai's eyes locked with the red-headed trainer's own, and Dai spoke in a polite and formal tone. "I think we should go. We're terribly busy, and we should get going." Dai and Sniper turned and took a step away from the young woman. Empoleon did not remove her eyes from Blaziken as she stepped back.
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  8. ‘No way. That did not just happen. She did not just…' The first thing that registered on the redhead's face was shock. That expression slowly ripped itself away to reveal pure rage as the other girl jumped to her feet and recalled her Sableye.

    After that, not many of Xyrem's thoughts could be put into words that weren't either profanities or guttural growls. Suddenly, everything disappeared. Sound became distorted, and static filled the greater portion of her hearing. The other trainer pulled out an Empoleon, and began to speak in an arrogant tone. None of the words registered. Even if they did, with her tone, Xyrem doubted it would have helped to mollify the situation. ‘Vadumee felt anger pour off of his trainer in disastrous waves, crashing any and every emotion that dared to stand against them.

    No. She wasn't going to let this happen again. Even in the face of betrayal, she was to control herself.

    Xyrem had always had a bit of a problem when it came to anger. In most emotions, she was relatively controlled, and exposed of them as little or as much as she desired. Anger was never that way. If she could hide it, she would. If it wasn't able to be hidden, it would explode forth, much like it was threatening to do now. It wasn't anywhere close to a black out; she was completely conscious during every single rage attack she had ever had. Nothing ever ended well when the fire of ire burned so passionately in her mahogany orbs. Most of the time, she would end up destroying something nearby. Any item she could find- there were times when she had broken Pokeballs in half, ripping them at the hinge. Sometimes, she would lash out at people around her- while her friends had gotten used to her rage outbursts, someone like this girl wouldn't know how to take it. In truth, Xyrem meant no harm. Her curled fists, though, and tensed body probably expressed otherwise to the other girl. With some polite phrase, the green-eyed thief began to walk off.

    "Oh no you don't," growled Xyrem, rage composing its discordant symphony upon her countenance. She took a large step towards the other trainer, while her Blaziken prepared for a good fight. She turned back to her friend, signaled for him to calm down, and then turned her attention back to the other trainer. He grudgingly complied, and the smoke that had been curling in warlike tendrils from his fists and feet floated lazily into the air. Xyrem realized that her negative emotion was probably flowing into ‘Vadumee, and began to calm herself down.

    "Maybe we shouldn't fight," she acquiesced, uncurling her fists, "but I demand an explanation for whatever the hell you just tried to pull," Xyrem seethed, her attempt at being calm apparently failing.
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  9. Dai halted in her tracks and Sniper looked up at her with questioning, crimson eyes. The orange gem superimposed in his forehead shimmered beautifully in the afternoon sun. Turning, Dai gestured for Sniper to remain behind her, and spoke to Empoleon in a hushed whisper.
    "Don't let your guard down." Dai noticed the terrible anger that rolled off the young woman in waves. She should've picked a less dangerous mark, she thought to herself. She locked cool green-blue eyes with smoldering brown ones and chose her words carefully, adopting an aloof and carefree tone, to hide the warnings going off in her head.
    "To be perfectly honest, we tried to rob you." She said casually, taking a couple steps forward to stand next to Empoleon. "You see, we don't have much and we just thought we'd rob the first person who came out of the building." This was only half-true, but there was no way the red-head would know. The truth was, Dai and Sniper had watched this young woman all day the day before. They noticed that the young woman spent most of her time in and out of the gym, and she seemed quite listless and uninterested in much of anything. Dai assumed that this young woman suffered from a lack of excitement, and would be easy to distract with an unusual event.

    Empoleon leaned into Dai's hand as she stroked Empoleon's shoulder, but never removed her eyes from the Blaziken that stood before her. Sniper stood a few paces behind the pair and looked upon them sourly, curses bouncing around his devilish mind. He didn't like to see his best friend with anyone else, even his team mate Empoleon. Or any of his team mates for that matter.

    Even though the young woman seemed to be controlling her anger, Dai still saw danger flash in her eyes. What worried her more however, was the Blaziken that towered over its trainer. It seemed to be quivering with rage.
    "We underestimated you, though. We didn't expect you to be quite so interesting." The pause was heavy with intrigue. "You don't seem to be following your normal routine," Dai gestured to the young woman's full backpack. "Going somewhere?" Dai smiled a wistful smile, and her anxiousness vanished for a second, replace momentarily with a sad longing, a longing to just travel and explore and learn. Empoleon sidled closer to Dai and Sniper stepped lightly to her side, stringing his wiry, yet powerful arms around her waist. He shot a glare at the opposing pair, and Dai broke from the mood, returning to an aloof and slightly defensive state.
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  10. ‘…So it was true.

    They were trying to pull something on me.'

    A thousand separate emotions flooded Xyrem's mind. One was pity, at their apparent lack of financial assets. Another was pride, in the honesty that the young girl showed. She also recognized a hint of bravery in the other girl- to admit that they had been trying to steal from her was bold indeed. Anger still lingered, but it had fallen back to a state of quiet smoldering.

    "You don't seem to be following your normal routine," the girl gestured to the Xyrem's full backpack. "Going somewhere?" The girl's expression briefly changed to one of a wistful longing. A few seconds later, she was back to her original air of distance.

    …Confusion entered the forefront, pushing all of the others out. The girl had claimed that they had planned to jump the first person they saw. But then, she just referred to a "routine". Xyrem's quick logical processes began to run. How would they know she even had a routine? As far as she knew, she really didn't. The only somewhat constant thing in her life was her frequent visits to the Oreburgh Gym. Sometimes, she'd watch the Gym matches just for the fun of it. Going through the whole League Challenge never really appealed to her- she knew her team was strong, and didn't need any fancy badges or ribbons to confirm that. From her time spent in the Gym, she learned a lot about strategy- both from the challengers, and from Roark himself. Over time, some battles became predictable. A second process began to run, one that asked her why she chose to take in all of the strategy when, in reality, she wasn't going to use it. Xyrem told that process off, and pulled her mind back to the matter at hand.

    "How do you know that I even have a normal routine?" Her eyes narrowed, and she felt the muscles in her shoulders tense. 'Vadumee, who before was in a state of weary attention, followed his trainer's lead and prepared for a fight. It was all appearances. They both knew, deep down, that there wouldn't be a physical fight. This young girl had not threatened Xyrem's physical form, and as such she would not harm her.

    The tension in the air was almost tangible as Xyrem waited for a response.
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  11. Shit. She thought to herself for the second time in an hour. "Okay, okay so I lied. I'm not stupid enough to try and steal a lot without first researching. Certainly you of all people should know about research, the way you hang around the Gym and talk to that Leader, what was his name again? Oh yeah, Roark." Noticing the way both the red-head and the Blaziken were tensed, Dai dropped the defensive tone in lieu of a gentler one.

    "I'm not an honest, or good, person for that matter. I gotta do the best I can to survive, you know?" She shrugged, and Empoleon relaxed slightly. Sniper continued to grip Dai's waist in silence. Dai looked up into the clear sky and inhaled the fresh, earthy air. A hot breeze blew gently through Dai's dirty blonde hair and lifted the crimson pieces of cloth that dangled from her slate-gray cap.

    Dai immensely disliked the idea of telling the whole truth, but this trainer was much too smart, and hot-tempered, to try to pull anything on her. Empoleon seemed completely relaxed now, happy that her trainer had opted to do the right thing, and Dai patted her powerful shoulder causing Empoleon to purr deep in her throat. Sniper squeezed Dai around her waist and looked up at her, an expression of confusion and worry on his impish face. The key around his neck, the original copy to the lock around Dai's neck (all of her Pokémon had a copy of the key that went to the lock, all painted orange,) gleamed in the warm sunlight. Dai put an arm around her closest friend, and then ruffled the fur on his head. She gave a loving smile, a smile reserved especially for her Pokémon companion, and Sniper grinned in comprehension. He hopped away from Dai and adopted his naturally haughty demeanor once more, finally at ease.

    Dai eyed young woman's backpack once more. "So like I said, this isn't like you, as far as I can tell. Where're you off to, stranger?" She felt that asking for the young woman's name would be awkward, so she hope the young woman would offer it instead.
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  12. Admittance. The final tool of a liar.

    Xyrem didn't usually like people like this girl. They were usually up to no good, and she would do anything not to associate with them. People who used lies and disguises were the same ones who, down the line, would backstab and betray. Xyrem had quite an eye for spotting the untrustworthy. Often, she could see the malevolence brewing in the eyes of those who would want to do harm. However, she could sense something different in this one. There was a piece of her that was good- she could see it in those blue-green eyes. And with that, her anger faded away.

    "So like I said, this isn't like you, as far as I can tell. Where're you off to, stranger?"

    She couldn't quite place it, but Xyrem could feel a gentle geniality in her tone. With that, she found her own expression softening into a smile.

    "The name's Xyrem. I'm heading off on a journey, because… well, I guess if you've studied me, you know my routine is pretty damn boring," she said, her eyes now filling with a soft kindness. Her companion, now sensing that the immediate danger had passed, relaxed his body and smiled at the Empoleon. He decided not to show it, but his mind was still alert to his surroundings, just in case the girl was still acting.

    Xyrem had always had problems with trusting others. She tended to believe that behind every altruistic deed stood a selfish motivation; that behind every compliment was a hidden malice. Not only did this often tank her self-esteem (as she believed any compliments to be bogus, and promptly disregarded them), but it also gave her a tinted world view. Knowing all of this, ‘Vadumee knew that her friendly smile was probably just as artificial as his own. Still, he insisted to himself to keep up appearances, as not to get her any more paranoid.

    "So. Is there any reason you're here? I mean, besides to steal from me, I guess," Xyrem asked, her tone still slightly guarded.
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  13. The red-headed young woman, who had revealed her name to be Xyrem, seemed to have let go of her hostility and had shifted to a gentle, friendly state, as did her Blaziken. Empoleon, surprised when Blaziken smiled at her, nodded and returned the smile. Sniper looked between the two Pokémon and scowled. He didn't like that the Blaziken recognized Empoleon, even though he was so obviously more powerful.

    "So. Is there any reason you're here? I mean, besides to steal from me, I guess." Xyrem asked. Dai sensed the guarded tone.

    Dai had to think for a moment. There was no particular reason for her being anywhere. She belonged here as much as she belonged at the bottom of the ocean. Her brow furrowed. Dai couldn't think of anything to tell Xyrem. She glanced up at the red-head sheepishly.

    "I don't… know. We just happened to be passing through." Dai smiled, and hugged her companions to her body. "We kinda just wander really. Stealing here and there, but it's not like we don't enjoy it. Traveling is what we do, I suppose." Sniper jumped from one foot to another cackling. Dai patted him on the head. "Sniper likes it very much." There was a smile in her voice as she spoke. This Weavile had been with her for as long as Dai could remember, and she loved him for every second they spent together. He and her Pokémon would probably be the only living beings she'd ever love, besides her estranged brother. She touched the orange painted lock around her neck absent-mindedly, her fingers brushing lightly over the lacquer of the paint.

    Dai's clear eyes suddenly brightened and flashed back to Xyrem. "Traveling can get quite lonely, you know." She took a step forward and extended her hand, Sniper mimicking his trainer. "I'm Daiana, but you can call me Dai," she paused, a playful smile curving her full pink lips, "is there room for one more on this journey of yours?" There was an excited glint in her green-blue eyes.
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  14. ‘A wanderer, eh? Must be exciting.'

    For as long as she could remember, Xyrem had been the exact opposite of a wanderer. Her home was her base of operations, and she very rarely left it. She had always been the sedentary type, prone to sit in front of computers or TVs. Journeys had never really spoken to her. There were parts of her, though, that yearned to have that sort of freedom, to decide where and when to go places. Xyrem had never been restricted by her parents; the figurative bars of her prison were all psychological.

    "I'm Daiana, but you can call me Dai," she paused, a playful smile curving her full pink lips, "is there room for one more on this journey of yours?"

    For a second, Xyrem was taken aback. This girl had tried to steal from her, and now she wanted to adventure together? Somewhere in the redhead's brain, a logic circuit fried from the confusion. While her neuroglial cells rushed to help the fallen brain cells, she looked blankly up at ‘Vadumee. His expression was also one of confusion, making the two look like quite a match. She looked back at Dai, who with a gleam of excitement in her eyes had extended her hand. The Weavile next to her had done the same.

    ‘I can't trust her. She tried to steal from me.' Score 1 for Xyrem's logic.

    ‘But she redeemed herself, and she seems pretty nice.' And Xyrem's emotion comes in for a tie!

    ‘Yeah, for a thief. What if she needs more money? What if she just leaves you with nothing?' Logic scores again!

    ‘Let someone in. You know you can't do this alone.' GOOOOOOOOAAAL. The score is 2-2! What will the thrilling conclusion of this game be?

    Xyrem extended her own hand to meet Dai's. ‘Vadumee bent over in order to do the same to Weavile.

    "Always room for one more," Xyrem replied with a smile.
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  15. Dai watched patiently as she waited for Xyrem's answer. It seemed she was trying to solve a difficult problem mentally, and her Blaziken mimicked its trainer's expression. Her red brows furrowed, then relaxed, leaving her unnaturally pale skin smooth and young once more. She looked up and locked eyes with Dai and extender her hand to meet Dai's. They shook, grinning happily at each other.
    "There's always room for one more," Xyrem replied with a smile. Blaziken knelt on one knee and locked claws with Sniper, a smile stretching his beak. Sniper shook vigorously, his smile looking more like a sneer, though he meant it to be friendly.
    Dai turned quickly, shared her warm smile with Empoleon, who returned it with a sigh of relief, and recalled the large water Pokémon. Taking a couple march-like steps away from the apartment building, Dai faced Xyrem striking a pose and gesturing to the Oreburg gates, Sniper did the same, a mischievous glint in his crimson eyes.
    "Let's be away, Xyrem!" Dai called, always with a love for the dramatic, as her hair was picked up by a sudden breeze. With the sun beating gently down on them, Dai could feel adventure beckoning like a Froslass in a blizzard; impossibly tantalizing.
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  16. And just like that- with a simple handshake- Xyrem was no longer alone.

    Dai turned and smiled at her Empoleon, which breathed a sigh of relief. She recalled it, and took two dramatic steps away from the apartment building.

    "Let's be away, Xyrem!" Dai yelled, thrusting her hands out towards Oreburgh Gate, a dazzling smile on her face.

    Leaving Oreburgh. Now that was one hell of a step. Sure, she'd lived in Jubilife for a short time, and her parents had taken her on exquisite trips to Hoenn and Kanto, but Oreburgh was always truly her home. It was boring and stagnant, yes, but there was a certain feeling of sanctuary to the mining town. There were a thousand novels and a thousand messages telling one to stray from what they knew. And now, there were a million neurons in Xyrem's brain screaming to forget those messages and curl back up in her apartment. There was one, though, screaming to go for it. Her consciousness reached out and embraced that one as she accepted her journey. Each step she took towards her new traveling partner felt like the first step in an eternity of falling.

    And sometimes, she noticed, it felt good to fall.

    There was nothing supporting Xyrem as she began to follow Dai through the city. The safety, the security, the bars of self-imposed prison that surrounded her day after day; they all fell farther away with each breath she took, and with each set of muscular contractions that her heart pulsed. For a split second, everything slowed down. Dai in front of her, dirty blonde hair caught in a slight breeze. Conversation all around her; the chattering of a living, breathing city. ‘Vadumee at her side, pacing his large steps to match hers. In that second, every memory that still sat in her brain flooded back to her, causing her to stop. Near this very spot, 12 years ago, her mother had held her by the hand as they walked about the town, stopping in any shops that caught their interest. A little bit farther off, an imposing commercial edifice stood for the corporate greed that had almost driven her father insane, back when he still ran a company. And on the road ahead of them, somewhere a good three blocks up, the Oreburgh Gym stood as the entry-level challenge to all new trainers. For some reason, it was the Gym that brought an unmistakable warmth upon her heart. She began to walk again, if only to catch up with the energetic blonde that was a few steps ahead of her. Xyrem reached out her hand, and touched Dai's shoulder.

    "Dai, there's something I must do before I go. Someone I must see. Will you go with me?"

    Xyrem thanked whatever deity existed that she didn't blush easily.
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  17. For once, the prospect of traveling didn't seem like a necessity of living a less than honest life for Dai and Sniper. Walking purposefully through the mining town of Oreburg toward a new adventure was an incredibly thrilling feeling. Dai felt a bounce in her step and could see Sniper scampering around, climbing lamp posts and rocks, and springing off them with acrobatic summersaults. He cackled in his own mad way. Dai turned to smile at her new friend and notice that she looked quite nervous, even though her hyper-alert Blaziken seemed completely at peace. Dai turned away, sure that this journey was something completely new to Xyrem, so she had every right to be nervous. Xyrem reached out her hand, and touched Dai's shoulder.

    "Dai, there's something I must do before I go. Someone I must see. Will you go with me?" Xyrem spoke, voice only less than even.
    Dai eyed her for a moment, and then shrugged. "'Course," she beamed, "no problem." Xyrem returned the smile and changed direction. Nodding at Sniper, the group headed in the direction of the Oreburg Gym. Maybe now I'll find out why she hung out around the gym all the time, she thought to herself.

    They continued on their way, Dai and Sniper still marching energetically, and Xyrem and Blaziken keeping their smooth and even pace. Dai pirouetted out in front of the group, Sniper always mimicking her, and opened the door for Xyrem and Blaziken.
    "It's time to say you're goodbyes, mademoiselle." She spoke in a heavy accent, smiling widely. Dai winked at Xyrem playfully, she had always loved theatrics and simply being weird and wild. Life was too short for to waste it conforming to the rules of society. Dai had always been a little excitable, even when she lived on the streets in Snowpoint with her younger brother, stealing and pilfering to survive in the icy climate, however, it wasn't until she befriended Sniper as a Sneasel and several of his pack that she really got into life no matter how bleak it was.

    Dai ruffled Sniper's fur, giggling at his mirrored pose. His crimson eyes flashed up at her, and he shared her laughter, only his sounded much more sinister.
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  18. To Xyrem, the walk to the Gym was unbearably short. Dai and her Weavile were merrily marching, beaming brightly, to their destination. Xyrem had involuntarily slowed down, her body acting out the pressure that she found her psyche under. ‘Vadumee, noticing his trainer's expression and posture, met her speed and looked down at her. He couldn't read minds, he was not psychic in any way (in fact, he was nearly the exact opposite of psychic), and yet from what he knew of her, the fighting type knew exactly what was weighing so heavily on her mind.

    She had never quite examined her feelings until the moment the Gym came into view. This was a place that she visited daily, and yet somehow, knowing that this was the last time she was going to see it for a while made her rethink the reasons why she chose to make it part of her routine. At the front of her brain sat the reason that she told everybody, including herself, any time the question was posed. The redhead had always fostered a soft spot for logic, and therefore learning strategies from the strongest trainer in the area would do her some good. It was never to be used for actual battles, it was to exist in her brain as neuron food.

    But that in itself was kind of ridiculous. Illogical, even.

    There was something hidden back in the deeper recesses of her mind, though, something that even she didn't want to accept. It was most apparent in the times when she had told herself that, had she lived in any other town, she would not have been as eager to learn strategy.

    Finally, the ragtag team arrived in front of the Gym. Xyrem tilted her head up, and brought her hand up to shield her eyes from the afternoon sun. So many times in the past she had stood in front of the building, every time before this, in a mood of excited glee. Now, it was almost as if the city had quieted in response to that very moment. The young trainer felt her heart beat heavily in her ears, her blood pressure climbing as she began to feel more nervous.

    "It's time to say you're goodbyes, mademoiselle," said Dai with a wink. She pulled the heavy Gym door open, Weavile adopting the same pose as his trainer. Somehow, Xyrem doubted Dai even knew half of the nervousness she was feeling.

    The quick heartbeat, the uneasy feeling, the sadness at leaving this damned town- all of them served as a volley of excuses that her mind had put up as barriers. Said barriers quickly fell as she walked through the doors, out of the summer heat, and into the cool breeze of the Gym.

    Damn her emotions, damn her pheromones, and damn her human nature. Somewhere along the line, between her daily visits, she had developed feelings for the young Gym Leader. Perhaps it was the numerous strategies he would think up. Perhaps it was the fiery passion in his eyes when he spoke of fossil excavation. Now that it was in the forefront of her thoughts, she could probably think up a million reasons why these feelings had befallen her. And now, she was standing there, in the vestibule of Roark's domain, with no idea what the hell she should do.

    ‘I came here to say goodbye to him. And that's exactly what I'll do."

    With a renewed sense of determination burning in her eyes, she walked further into the Gym.
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  19. Xyrem looked like she her own gut was wrenching over and in on itself over and over again. Dai watched her warily as they entered the cool, rocky gym. She'd never needed to say goodbye to anyone, so Dai had next no experience in saying goodbye to people, though she had seen people part ways before her. Dai couldn't think of a reason as to why a goodbye had to be such a nerve-racking experience. Xyrem's hands were balled in small, pale fists and her Blaziken seemed equally disturbed by his trainer's behavior.

    Dai thought hard on everything she knew about this young woman. She spent every day here, at this Gym, so there had to be someone she spent her days with. A teacher? A friend, maybe? She glanced back at Xyrem who was walking at an excruciatingly slow pace, and a thought crossed Dai's fiendish mind; maybe more than a friend.She turned her greenish-blue eyes to the large gym. There were boulders and large, battle polished stones littering the battle ground. Up until a few feet from the cool gray ceiling, everything was covered in a combination or clay, dirt, and sand. The walls varied in colors from almost black, to a bright orangey red. Dai found that she liked that color. Sniper jumped from boulder to boulder experimentally on one foot, oblivious to Xyrem's inner turmoil.

    Apart from the landscape Dai only saw 3 trainers, all seemingly too young to inspire an interest in Xyrem. But then again, Dai didn't know Xyrem that well. Dai scrutinized the nearest young trainer with hard eyes. The young boy and his Shinx squeaked and ran in the other direction, and Dai shrugged and continued through the gym. Her eyes roaming the gym, Dai finally spotted Xyrem's source of apparent discomfort. Near the opposite end of the gym stood a red-haired young man who sported a hard hat and thick-rimmed glasses. He was quite attractive, and his warm smile was inviting and infectious. Dai glanced back to her human companion and saw that her cheeks showed the slightest of blushes and her eyes were locked on the young man Dai assumed was the Oreburg gym leader, Roark. Though Xyrem's posture and body language seemed nervous, almost sickly, her warm, chocolate brown eyes held a flame of longing, and respect.

    Dai smirked to herself, and spun around so that she was behind Xyrem. She pushed Xyrem forward, Sniper attempting the same to no avail, and whistled to the young Gym leader. He turned, a slightly bemused expression on his handsome face, and beamed down at Xyrem when he noticed her small frame. Dai winked at her new friend and ushered her forward, trying to instill some confidence in the girl.
    "Hello Xyrem, I was getting worried that you wouldn't show up today." The gym leader said, warmly. "Have you brought me someone to practice strategy with?" His voice was as welcoming as a hot soup and accompanying blanket on a wintery day. Roark smiled waved at Dai, a gesture which she and Sniper returned. Dai nudged Xyrem, and willed her to go on silently.
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  20. Somehow, he had managed to collect another layer of grime on his clothing and skin.
    Must be something in the air.

    Tugging at the dimpled rolls of cotton he had previously folded above his elbows, each creased cuff was shaken gently to expel any dust that had gathered in the folds, launching the pools of dirt back down to the earth from whence they had stirred. Focused more on the task he had given himself, he paid no heed to the vivacious pair of pokemon bounding about the arena, busying themselves in what looked like an awkward game of leap-frog. Satisfied with the state of his clothing after thoroughly brushing himself, from the brass fittings on the squared fabric that dressed his shoulders down to the tattered knees of his jeans, Archer returned his wavering attention to the masses of cool and earthy hues that tore nimbly across the now empty battlefield, taking a few moments to enjoy the architecture of the hall before returning to their trainer. Resisting a smile for only a moment, he felt it ease onto his face as a chuckle escaped him. The combination of both the vaporeon's large blue eyes and the breloom's watery brown ones warmed him with pride from down in his chest to the flush in his cheeks, spreading over his nose in a soft rosy hue. Standing tall before his two partners, he turned first to the dual grass-and-fighting type, pulling his grin into a pleased smirk before speaking.

    "You're getting stronger and quicker Bennet. I'm, well," at this point he let the beaming smile cross his face again, flashing the set of straight pearly teeth at the giddy pokemon.

    "You did real good, m'dear."

    Reaching out and laying a hand on the breloom's mushroom cap, he smiled as the puff of yellow spores that jumped up at his stirring tingled his hands, creating an interesting sensation between the slight numbing and the soft, pillow-y texture of the pokemon itself. Ignoring the feel for a moment, he proceeded to rub her head affectionately as she bumped at his hand, chuckling as the tingle twitched up his arm.

    For half a second, his balance seemed to skew and he found himself standing on the balls of one foot as his knee involuntarily jerked forward. Turning to the source of the imbalance, he smiled wryly at the vaporeon pushing her forehead into the back of his leg. Rather than pet her affectionately, the man crouched down to her level before scooping her up under her forearms and slinging her over his shoulder, holding her in place with one arm as she purred amusedly. Having finished his business, and without feeling obliged to return either of his loyal partners, he left the battling arena and stepped into the lobby where Roark had wandered out into earlier.

    It was at this point that he picked up on the, thus far, one-sided exchange of words between the young redhead and two newcomers. It wasn't before he had passed well into the main area that he recognized them as the blonde and firey-haired girls from earlier.


    The thought made him shudder with anxiety, and he instinctively turned his gaze to the floor, silvery eyes picking up on each detail of the movement between the pacing of his feet to the tumbling of pebbles that had been kicked up by his shoes. Knowing full well he wasn't going to be able to slip out any way other than the front door, and it would be rude to creep away without exchanging a friendly word with Roark, he tightened his grip on the water type and stood a few feet away from the party, forcing himself to appear preoccupied as he peered through the long, choppy cut of his dark hair towards the wall adjacent to the one mere steps behind him. From beside him, the perky breloom peered at the portion of her trainer's face that wasn't obscured by the thick locks before wandering in circles around the current inhabitants of the building, deepening the blush that had developed on Archer's cheeks into a healthy red glow as he gaped awkwardly, eyes wide with a panic he was fighting to conceal even as he tugged at the cut of his pockets with his free hand.

    Girls, females, egads they make everything complicated and awkward and they're just so hard to speak to and they give you those looks that don't help any and look at you like they're going to seize you one minute or start bawling the next and it's better not to get involved… So much better.
    How on earth does Roark manage?

    Watching quietly through a haze as he continued his inner monologue, the beaming leader took notice of the stray Bennet and turned with a smile to the young man, raising a single eyebrow at the blush on his cheeks and the dazed look that fixed his attention on a section of dirt about a foot behind the gym leader's left boot.
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  21. ‘I am so trapped.'

    Dai was behind her, poking at her back. The Weavile was trying to push at her legs. And every single neuron in her damnable brain was screaming to tear past them, run out the door, and get the hell away from the Gym. There were many times where Xyrem had to do something that she did not particularly wish to do. Each time before this, she had drudgingly accomplished her tasks. This one was miles different.

    Xyrem turned so that she could monitor Dai's position in her periphery. If the young blonde moved the slightest bit left, she'd spin right and get out of her grip. She'd have to step over the Weavile, as tripping during her daring escape would be quite crippling.

    ‘Wait. Wait. Why am I trying to escape?'

    ‘Easy. Because saying goodbye to him is going to be the most awkward thing that I've ever done.'

    …Damn these logical battles. It didn't look like Dai was going to let her escape, leaving all of Xyrem's previous pondering pointless.

    Fear. Longing. Embarrassment. The young redhead felt her neurons process each one of these individually, and then, almost as if to spite her, mash them together into some amorphous blob of negative emotion. Her once rigid posture began to curl, almost as if her body was attempting to go into fetal position, but failing. Her logic fell away, revealing her tender emotional core- as delicate and as sensitive as new skin. Her heartbeat once again took center stage as she felt the pulse deep in her ears. For a split second, she closed her eyes. She slowly relived every memory she had formed in the Gym.

    Xyrem couldn't remember why she first entered the Oreburgh Gym a few days after she moved into her downtown apartment. A lot of that primary memory was fuzzy, probably due to her emotional strain. What wasn't distorted, though, was the first battle she witnessed there. More specifically, the finesse and skill that Roark displayed while guiding his team to victory. It was probably then that this… crush… began to form. After that, battle after battle flashed through her mind. Most of the battles were ones she had watched- challengers of all sorts, each with different strategies and Pokemon, some victorious, some forced to deal with the weight of their defeat. There were also the few strategic matches she had shared with Roark, for fun. She had bested him once, maybe twice, and yet had never wanted a badge. Half the time, she was vying more for his praise. The other half was to satiate her own sense of pride. The slideshow ended, and she opened her eyes.

    When she came back to the world, Roark was standing before her.

    Damn. Xyrem hadn't expected Dai to even attempt to get the young man's attention, let alone succeed. And in this fresh light, it became obvious to her why she had let herself fall for him.

    "Hello Xyrem, I was getting worried that you wouldn't show up today," the gym leader said, warmly. "Have you brought me someone to practice strategy with?"

    Xyrem looked back to Dai, silently. She winked back at her, almost as if attempting to instill some of the extroverted courage that she had so much of in reserve. For all purposes, it didn't work. Xyrem turned back to Roark, and smiled lightly. She felt the faintest blush begin to grace her cheeks, and cursed herself inwardly. Never in her life had she felt so awkward and bare.

    ‘If something doesn't happen soon, this is going to increase exponentially in awkwardness.'

    It was then that Xyrem noticed a Breloom, walking in light circles around the group. Its seemingly carefree attitude began to dispel the uncomfortable atmosphere that had settled in the lobby. Roark soon noticed as well, and turned to focus his attention on a previously unnoticed trainer carrying a Vaporeon. He was walking gingerly, as if attempting to hide from the group. Xyrem showed little if any interest in the newcomer, and focused her attention back on Roark, who was eyeing the shy trainer with an expression of confusion.

    Xyrem mentally slapped herself when a small area of her brain began to gush about how cute his expression was. She shook her head, and figured that if she was going to say anything, it would have to be then.

    "Uhm… Roark," she mumbled, capturing his attention once more, "I'm afraid that I haven't come for strategy today. See… I've decided to go on a journey…" she paused, unsure of how to continue. She found her voice wavering at every other word. The tone of insecurity in her speech made her hate herself slightly. "This is Dai, I'll be traveling with her." Xyrem motioned to the young trainer behind her with a wave of her hand. The next part was just too damn hard. When she had turned back from Dai, the redhead found it hard to meet the Gym Leader's eyes. Every time Xyrem had been in the Gym, she had seen Roark with a kind smile on his face. Now, with her last announcement, he looked simply crestfallen, and that honestly was not something she was prepared to face.

    "I came to say goodbye to you, at least for a little while," she mumbled, doing her damned best to hold back tears that were threatening to release themselves onto her cheek.
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  22. Every fiber of Xyrem's being was oozing nervousness and foreboding. Dai would normally have pitied the young woman's plight, had it not been for the handsome young man who seemed genuinely interested in her. She squeezed Xyrem's trembling shoulder gently, trying to comfort her. This beautiful young girl seemed filled with so much emotion she could barely contain it. Tears sparkled in the corner of her eyes, which oddly enough seemed to match the gym's environment. Dai averted her eyes, it was almost painful to see so much genuine emotion, and spotted a scrawny looking boy almost gaping at them. If it weren't for the blush painted across his face it would look like he was scared out of his mind, however, his Pokémon did not mirror his stress. A Vaporeon sat comfortably in his arms, and a Breloom scampered around at his feet.

    It bothered Dai how much the male trainer was terrified of apparently nothing. She gave him what she hoped was a kind smile, hoping the boy would more comfortable. Then, realizing Roark was speaking again, she turned back to the emotion filled space in which her friend occupied.

    "Uhm… Roark," she mumbled, capturing his attention once more, "I'm afraid that I haven't come for strategy today. See… I've decided to go on a journey…" she paused, unsure of how to continue. She found her voice wavering at every other word. The tone of insecurity in her speech made her hate herself slightly. "This is Dai, I'll be traveling with her." Xyrem motioned to the young trainer behind her with a wave of her hand, and Dai gave a small salute. "I came to say goodbye to you, at least for a little while," she mumbled, doing her damned best to hold back tears that were threatening to release themselves onto her cheek. The gym leader looked sincerely crestfallen, and held back a smirk, glad to see that Xyrem's feelings weren't unrequited.

    "I'm sorry to hear that." Roark's voice was uncharacteristically melancholy. While the warmth still ran through his voice, it was almost completely hidden by disappointment. Roark locked eyes with Xyrem, the intensity making even Dai blush, and Xyrem to stiffen in front of her, and smiled a sad smile. "I'm afraid I'm going to miss you, and our strategy sessions." The words were heavy with affection. He glanced quickly at Dai, who blinked, surprised. "Would you mind taking care of Xyrem for me? She tends to over-think things." He chuckled.

    "She's in great hands." Dai replied, showing her hands, palm out, to the young gym leader, and Sniper mimicked her.

    The gym leader turned his warm gaze back to Xyrem. "Have fun, be safe, and be sure to learn more strategy and techniques. I want to see them when you get back."

    Dai was sure Xyrem would melt at Roark's chocolate sweet words.
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  23. [OOC: There's slight autoing of Dai in this entry. I obtained full permission from her, and tailored the auto to Katsuo's exact standards]

    A sense of slight pride swelled within Xyrem as she realized that she had spoken the words she had most feared saying, and had come out alive. The pride was quickly pushed aside by the overwhelming sadness of the occasion.

    "I'm sorry to hear that." Roark's voice was uncharacteristically melancholy. While the warmth still ran through his voice, it was almost completely hidden by disappointment. Roark locked eyes with Xyrem, the intensity making her stiffen and blush. "I'm afraid I'm going to miss you, and our strategy sessions."

    ‘He's going to … miss me, specifically?' Somewhere in her brain, neurons sparked off fireworks of celebration. She quieted the celebrating cells, and then focused once more on the Gym Leader. She found that, in her momentary absence, he had said something to Dai.

    "Have fun, be safe, and be sure to learn more strategy and techniques. I want to see them when you get back," he finished with a small smile. She nodded, and couldn't help but let a grin surface. On the inside, she was melting at the sound of his voice.

    "Well, I guess this is goodbye. I don't know how long I'll be gone for, but…" Xyrem's voice trailed off as she got lost in thought. How long would she be gone for? Months? A year? …Longer?

    Dai sighed. This was going nowhere. A sneaky grin appeared on her face as she inched closer to Xyrem's back. With one swift motion, she pushed the redhead forward- right into Roark. There wasn't any possible way the young girl's face could get any redder. Dai began to whistle a tune, and then turned away from the two. Weavile followed his trainer's example.

    ‘Well, this is awkwa-' Xyrem's thoughts were cut off as Roark wrapped his arms around her in a hug. Scratch that, her face could get redder. She curled her arms around him in return, completing the embrace. The awkwardness, the depression, the anxiety… they all melted into a deep sense of joyous security.

    "Be careful, mmkay?" he mumbled quietly to her, squeezing the red-faced girl a bit tighter.

    "Okay…" Xyrem really couldn't form much of a coherent sentence besides that. Hell, she was lucky to even be able to form that word.

    It's funny how an embrace that lasts but a few seconds can feel like an eternity. Xyrem's usually noisy mind had quieted entirely as the neurons were preoccupied with taking in every signal coming from the peripheral nerves in her arms and torso, busy with feeling the warmth and processing the pheromones. It was a deluge of feeling, to say the least. And, just as it began, the two parted. Xyrem felt the blood that had gathered in her cheeks begin to flow through her body once more. Her brain quickly started working again, mostly to freak out about the embrace, and to make little notes about how ‘oh em gee he looks insanely cute when he's blushing ell oh ell'. Sometimes, her brain thought in chatspeak.

    With the slightest tint of red still on her cheeks, Xyrem raised a hand as a wave, and then turned and walked out of the Gym into the bright Oreburgh afternoon.

    ‘Life is good.'
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  24. It was kind of touching, watching the pair of them. He'd never seen Roark in this kind of light, not that he'd known him for very long through technology and it's variants of communication, and even less so knowing him face-to-face.
    No matter.

    As soon as the girls had left the vicinity, it seemed almost as if a colossal weight had been lifted from his shoulders. His head lifted, and the light coming from the lanterns strung up on the walls met his gray eyes again as the cut of hair fell out of his line of sight. Stretching his shoulders back, he winced as an audible pop announced the adjusting of his stiff joints. Once he was standing tall again, and considerably more comfortable in the atmosphere, he took his free hand balled in a fist to his chin and used the force from his arm to help him crack the stiffness out of his neck. At least three consecutive, quiet popping noises came from the action, and he let his head loll until his temple was resting against the vaporeon's smooth skin. It was only after allowing the gym leader a moment of reflection that a grin crept at the corners of his mouth, pulling the full lips into a wicked smile. Peering at the redhead from under his own dark lashes, he turned the smile into a pout, lower lip quivering forcibly.

    "Golly Roark, I hope you'll pine for me as much as you do the young miss."

    Taking a moment to register the young man's words, the bespectacled young sir slowly turned his head towards his companion, his sad smile fading into a wry grin as he did.
    "You, sir, are a creep."
    The leader's words brought a laugh from Archer as he closed the gap he had left between them to allow a respectful distance from his farewells. But, now that the young ladies were gone, he felt quite at ease poking fun at him.
    "And, if you don't mind my asking, what was with the tension? I don't think I've ever seen you wearing pink, least of all on your face."

    At this, the darker haired man let his grin fade into a lopsided smile as he pocketed his free hand, shrugging quietly.
    "I'm not good around women. My train of thought kinda snaps and I get real uncomfortable. It's not a secret, really, especially considering how obviously it bothers me. I mean, as a kid, your parents teach you how to act around girls. Mum was pretty intent with this specifically. But, y'know, it just didn't really work out."
    The look on Roark's face spelled his amusement and made it fairly obvious what his responding comment would pertain.

    "So.. You're gay?"

    Which, of course, warranted a punch in the shoulder. The redhead laughed and rubbed the site, grinning at the assault.
    "If I was gay, you'd be in trouble."
    The awkward thoughts the comment forced into the young leader's mind gave him enough time to scour the ground with the toe of his boot until he found a reasonably sized stone, and promptly booted it at the other young man.
    The playfulness of Archer's prodding coupled with the continued marching of his breloom seemed to wear away at any of the remaining tension tugging at Roark. Recognizing this, he grinned up at his young friend and shrugged lightly.

    "You'd probably best be off then, yeah? Eterna's a fair distance away, so you'll want to find a place to set up camp before it gets dark."
    Hearing this, Archer turned his wrist against the back of the vaporeon still slung lazily over his shoulder, peering at the time displayed on the screen on his watch.
    "Good idea, actually. I've heard there's a man-made clearing in the woods about an hour down the route, so I'll have to get over there sooner rather than later."

    Crouching down until his calves were pressed against the back of his thighs, he shrugged the shoulder he had hoisted the water type onto until she rolled lazily out of the curve of his neck and down his arm until she had landed delicately on the dry earth.

    "Your vaporeon has impressive balance."
    "Tell me about it. I'm not quite sure how she does it either."

    Turning to the bouncing breloom currently making her way over to the pair, he tugged free one of the trinkets attached to his belt, tapping the button stuck on the surface without so much as looking at it. As soon as it grew to the size of his fist, he held it out to the approaching mushroom until she had leaned forwards onto the edges of her long feet to nose it gingerly, sniffing tentatively before butting at it with her head. As soon as the button depressed a second time, the upper half swung open, and the pokemon was quickly compressed into a swirling red matter before being sucked into the capsule.
    Fixing the tiny machine back onto the clip he had pulled it from, he turned back to Roark and extended a hand towards the young man, smiling sincerely.

    Clamping his own gloved hand onto the one held out to him, the leader returned the sentiment in the smile and nodded his thanks.

    "Take care."

    Without another word, Archer turned back towards the front entrance of the gym, waving a hand behind him as he pushed the door open with his shoulder and turned out towards the route that would follow to Eterna, mindful of the vaporeon that took to weaving between his feet again and sparing only a hesitant glance towards the two girls still lingering amidst the bustling of the city.

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  25. Time had gotten away from them. Dai had no problem traveling at night, but she feared Xyrem might. It was probably best to leave as soon as possible if they were to make a decent camp before nightfall. Making a camp was such a lame task, Dai rarely ever made one. It was much easier calling all her Pokémon out for a nice huddle. Not only was it cheaper than camping supplies, but it was better for the soul. Dai wrinkled her nose. That was such an odd sentiment, so uncharacteristic of Dai, for her thoughts rarely delved deeper than the surface of what was right in front of her. They had put several feet between themselves and the gym, Pokémon following them closely. Sniper was performing his normal acrobatics, and Xyrem's Blaziken took short strides to stay at the same pace as his trainer. Dai was glad she had shoved Xyrem into her dirt-covered prince. She nudged Xyrem playfully, smirking knowingly.

    "Well, well, well," Dai began, "I had no idea you had boyfriend, a gym leader boyfriend for that matter." She paused, putting her forefinger to her chin. "I just thought you went to the gym because you had nothing better to do." Sniper walked alongside her, nudging Xyrem with his thin elbow. He found this new bit of gossip almost as interesting as Dai did. "Isn't it awesome to know you'll have someone missing you, and waiting for you to return safe and sound. He's so handsome too, you sneaky lil' minx." Dai poked Xyrem giggling. The sky was now a warm gradient from a deep blue, to a bright and fiery orange which was, oddly enough, very similar to the beautiful color of the clay Dai had noticed earlier.

    Xyrem had since seemed to have picked up a little bounce in her step and her pale skin was painted with a pretty pink flush over her thin cheeks. Even though Dai knew next to nothing about this girl, she still felt immense joy, and perhaps a small pang of envy, at her good fortune. Dai had never known any relationships apart from physical ones, so she didn't quite understand what Roark and Xyrem had, but she found that she wanted to understand, and to know the feelings of being loved. Dai shook her head vigorously while she waited for Xyrem to respond. She didn't like thinking about anything remotely deep, to Dai, it was almost depressing.
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  26. Pheromones are funny, funny things. The entire town seemed vibrantly brighter to the young redhead, and she even noticed a small smile on her face that she simply couldn't hide. Part of her felt like skipping joyously through the town- however, the more logical part silenced that, insisting that she had a journey to think about now. As always, the girl began to attempt to quell the emotional uproar that was threatening to take over her mind. For the most part, she was successful. There was still a slight bounce in her step, though, along with a gentle covering of pink upon her cheeks. ‘Vadumee, who had left her alone for a while after she had walked out of the Gym, was now back at her side. His mood was matched to hers, as he loved to see his trainer happy. And, he noted to himself, it had been a while since she was this excited about anything. Dai soon appeared next to the young trainer with a knowing grin.

    "Well, well, well," Dai began, "I had no idea you had boyfriend, a gym leader boyfriend for that matter." She paused, putting her forefinger to her chin. "I just thought you went to the gym because you had nothing better to do." Her Weavile walked alongside her, nudging Xyrem with his thin elbow. He seemed to be just as interested as the young blonde was in this particular matter. "Isn't it awesome to know you'll have someone missing you, and waiting for you to return safe and sound? He's so handsome too, you sneaky lil' minx," she finished. The slight pink that had been peacefully existing on Xyrem's cheeks blazed into a full red once more. She turned back to the young blonde, who seemed to be slightly lost in thought.

    "He's not my boyfriend," Xyrem began, still blushing furiously, "I just…" she struggled to find a reason to fit her proclaimed logic. "I just have been practicing strategy with him for a while, and I guess since we saw each other every day, we've gotten close." She nodded definitively, as if to tell herself what she had just said so confidently to Dai. "But I have to say, it is nice to have someone waiting, I guess."

    That didn't mean her mind wasn't somewhere completely different. Sure, there had been the occasional male who was interested in her, but she never had really felt anything in return. Every compliment they ever seemed to give was about how "cute" or "pretty" she was. To Xyrem, that meant nothing. And the only person who had complimented her intelligence and logic was… Roark, she guessed. But he didn't seem the type of person to be interested in her. Her pessimistic mind had convinced her that he was just friendly. The way he had embraced her, though, began to wreak havoc with her logical centers.

    No. No more of this. The two, who had been walking for sometime through the city, were now at Oreburgh's gates. Although she tried to pull her mind off her previous train of thought, it still lingered as a background process as she prepared to step out into the wilderness of Route 207.

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  27. Soon the mismatched group of trainer's would embark on the first leg of their journey. The wilderness would soon be upon them and Dai feared she would have to help Xyrem navigate through the darkness. The bespectacled red-head didn't seem the outdoorsy time and Dai was frustrated with her. Dai had seen this type of situations before many times. Almost every female mark she had previously tried to rob or fool had romantic issues that she complained about to friends. While watching and planning her thefts, Dai would overhear women talking to men, who were obviously interested in their female acquaintance, then turn to her friend to complain that the opposite was true. It was a circle of self-depreciation and low self esteem. The whole affair was sickening and Dai had seen so many loves go unloved that she vowed she wouldn't let it happen to herself, or anyone, should she ever find a friend.

    An uncharacteristically cool breeze forced it's way through their group, rustling leaves and lifting loose dirt.. The force of the cool was so surprising; it brought back memories of Dai's childhood in Snowpoint. She didn't quite miss the cold, but she had enjoyed the time she spent with brother, and she sorely missed him even if she would never admit it. She watched Xyrem, and noticed a deep red blush was fading from her pale skin, slowly receding back deeper into her skin.

    "Don't be ridiculous. He sure as hell is interested in you. Did you see how much he's gonna miss you? I did. The way he hugged you wasn't like any strategy buddies I've ever seen." She grinned an evil grin, very similar to that of Sniper. "More like strategy buddies." Dai raised an eyebrow and nudged Xyrem with her elbow, reveling in the innuendo. She just loved being crudely honest. "And I mean that in the best possible way. He really likes you! He has every reason too." She stopped before Xyrem, and pointed an accusing finger at her, Sniper mimicking her as he always did. "Don't you dare try and prove me wrong. I won't let you. You'll just have to accept that Roark definitely has feelings for you." She shrugged, but her eyes turned accusing again. "I've seen too many futures ruined because of denial."

    Dai turned and continued walking, her frame firm, and her eyes took in the darkening sky, in which stars were starting to make their bright appearance. She sighed. "Don't you dare try to talk yourself out of the truth, either. You're too fortunate to deny yourself the truth." Her voice had changed from a joking firmness, to a wistful and slightly melancholy tone.
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  28. Xyrem hated conversations like these. She never knew quite how to respond, and therefore often remained silent, simply thinking her responses.

    "Don't be ridiculous. He sure as hell is interested in you. Did you see how much he's gonna miss you? I did. The way he hugged you wasn't like any strategy buddies I've ever seen."

    ‘Damn, her logic is as fast as mine. I knew it, there was something about that hug. Meh, maybe we're both just overestimating.'

    "More like strategy buddies." Dai raised an eyebrow and nudged Xyrem with her elbow, reveling in the innuendo.

    ‘I wish.'

    …'Wait, what?' Xyrem shook her head lightly, and continued listening to Dai.

    "And I mean that in the best possible way. He really likes you! He has every reason to."

    ‘Every… reason?' The young redhead hoped that her facial expression didn't belie her confusion to Dai's statemtent. The other trainer stopped, and then pointed an accusing finger at her. Dai's Weavile followed suit.

    "Don't you dare try and prove me wrong. I won't let you. You'll just have to accept that Roark definitely has feelings for you."

    ‘…Maybe she's right.'

    ‘But if I assume, I'll just get hurt.'

    The blonde shrugged, but her eyes turned accusing again.

    "I've seen too many futures ruined because of denial."

    ‘Could it be that she's telling me all of this… out of concern?' This stopped Xyrem's usual sarcastic inner voice for a full ten seconds. Usually, she assumed that anything said to her had some hidden form of malice behind it. However, no matter how hard she looked, Xyrem couldn't find a damn thing that Dai could gain from her accepting this "truth". No matter how long the young girl scoured her mind, she could only find concern and warning in Dai's message.

    "Don't you dare try to talk yourself out of the truth, either. You're too fortunate to deny yourself the truth."

    Too… fortunate? Xyrem noticed the change in Dai's tone- it had become serious and melancholy, where just seconds ago she was smiling and making innuendoes.

    Yes, Xyrem has always hated these conversations. Back when she was younger, her friends used to say the same sorts of things. Unfortunately, children can be mean and stupid, and so often the "advice" was often false or faulty. After those days, the logical girl decided to rely only on her own perception- as others seemed to see things that just weren't there. She quickly learned to accept her view- and only her view- as reality. And, as perception can be skewed, so can reality. It didn't seem even remotely possible that someone who she took interest in would do the same in return. If someone chose to chase after her, it was because they were severely flawed. If she chose to chase after someone else, she would be shot down mercilessly.

    And so, Xyrem had completely accepted that, wherever life took her, she'd be alone. Almost. She was so damn close to accepting what she believed to be her fate. So. Damn. Close. But then, almost as if to punch her views on life in the face, today had happened.

    The confused girl had never found her brain in a more frazzled state then it was at that very moment. Her neurons sparked and fizzled, desperately sending off impulses in order to try and get even one piece of this anomaly figured out. She was still walking, but was clearly not tuned in to the environment. ‘Vadumee, who before was calmly walking at her side, was now showing signs of worry for his trainer.

    On the outside, she remained silent, attempting to keep a neutral expression on her face. For the most part, she was doing a good job. Every once in a while, a grin would start poking through, or a frown, or a look of general confusion. Her Blaziken put a clawed hand gently on her shoulder, asking in his own way if she was alright. Xyrem turned back and smiled weakly at her friend. Although deep down, he knew she was just trying to appease him, he let go of her shoulder and continued on at his normal pace. The trainer shook her head once more, and turned to Dai.

    "Hm. Well, it seems we came to the same conclusion about that embrace. So, for now, I'll agree to accept what you seem to refer to as a ‘truth'. Doesn't matter much now, though, seeing that we've left Oreburgh," she laughed a bit to herself, a pained giggle escaping her lips and riding on the evening air. Smiling sadly at the ground, she slowly brought her head up to look at her surroundings, which to this point she had been ignoring. Route 207 wasn't too bad- a little bit of wildlife, an entrance to the towering Mount Coronet, and, at the end, a long-as-hell bicycle path to Eterna City.

    "Y'know," Xyrem started, "Cycling Road is for… Bicycles. None of which we have. So… how the hell are we supposed to get to Eterna?"
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  29. Good, Xyrem had accepted the truth. The fact that she had read into the embrace and understood that there was something there made Dai feel much better. At least one of them had something to look forward to when their journey was done.

    "You know that saying, ‘you don't know how important something is until it's gone'?" Dai didn't allow Xyrem to answer. "Well, I'm pretty sure that applies pretty nicely here," she paused, a thoughtful expression on her face. "Do you have any idea how much he's gonna realize you mean to him? Hooey, there'll be so much sappy emotion in the room I'll have to hold my breath to keep from getting it. Emotions are very contagious, dontcha know?" She stopped in her tracks and looked around. "And don't you worry about those bikes; I'll take care of it." Dai winked and began walking away from Xyrem and Blaziken. "Wait right here." Her pace was laid-back, and she had her hands in her pocket. Sniper walked beside her, matching her posture.

    Several minutes past and Dai came speeding back, Sniper riding on the handlebars of a bright red, obviously stolen bike. "Get on, get on, get on!" Dai yelled. She held out her hand, skidding to a halt in front of Xyrem, and frantic and excited look on her face. Her eyes sparkled with mischief and Sniper cackled madly on his perch. "Our adventure starts as soon as you take my hand." Her voice held both excitement and uncertainty. If this girl, who was obviously much more intelligent than Dai and would certainly see this as a bad idea and if she did the right thing, Dai would be forced to escape on a stolen bike, minus a friend. Being left high and dry wasn't anything new for Dai, but she was already in the mind set for this journey, and having it all taken out from under her would hurt. Dai bit her lip and shook her outstretched hand, her green-blue eyes imploring.

    "Get on."
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  30. When they got back.

    As Dai ran off to go and solve their bike problem, the redhead's mind began to wander. Honestly, she had only thought of the journey, not the return. Sheesh. If the goodbye was awkward, then the return would probably be even more so. Mush had always been uncomfortable for her.

    And while half of her simply wanted to forget about the return, the other half soon filled with powerful emotions. Happiness, at the fact that he'd be waiting. Depression, because it'd be a damn long time before she'd get back. Anger, for letting herself long for such vulnerability.

    Gah, there had been a lot of emotional raves in her brain lately. Next, she'd be thinking of glow sticks and fast-paced techno.

    Her thoughts were cut short as Dai rode in on a shiny red bike. There were no bike stores around here. There were, however, a lot of physically weak children with shiny red bikes. Xyrem took a second to mentally facepalm.

    "Get on, get on, get on!" Dai yelled. She held out her hand, skidding to a halt in front of Xyrem, a frantic and excited look on her face. Her eyes sparkled with mischief as her Weavile cackled madly on his perch. "Our adventure starts as soon as you take my hand."

    Xyrem took a second to give Dai a skewed glance, as if trying to show her disapproval. However, it did get her thinking once more. Their adventure was about to truly begin.

    "Get on."

    This is it. They were starting out on a real journey, and part of Xyrem was immobile, both from fear and excitement. She looked once again to Dai's outstretched hand. It was like some cliché anime scene, and for that, she loved it. Xyrem turned away from Dai.

    A grin widened on the older girl's face.

    "How am I supposed to get on that bike? It's stolen!" Xyrem then turned back to face the blonde, letting her see the wide smile on her countenance. Her comedic side had returned full-force.

    "More importantly, it's only got one seat."

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  31. "How am I supposed to get on that bike? It's stolen!" Xyrem then turned back to face the blonde, letting her see the wide smile on her countenance. Her comedic side had returned full-force.

    Dai's heart plummeted. So this was it. There would be no journey, and no friend. She brushed her foot against the ground and ran her fingers through Sniper's short fur. Putting one foot on the bike's shiny new pedals, Dai prepared to escape down the bike road.

    "More importantly, it's only got one seat." Xyrem spoke, a cheerful smile on her face.

    Green-blue eyes shot up and met brown ones. A fiery spark returned to them and excitement filled her body. A wild grin spread across her face, and Sniper wiggled on his perch.
    "Firstly," Dai began, "as far as I'm concerned, if no one is around to claim the bike, it wasn't stolen." She nodded to Sniper and the Weavile hopped blithely from the handlebars and onto Dai's back. He pointed a long claw forward and struck a ‘full steam ahead' pose. Sniper chattered away, impatient for their journey to begin. "And secondly, we don't need another seat, you can sit here." She patted the handlebars and smiled as if it was the most natural thing in the world. More and more stars began to wink at them from the slowly darkening sky. The velvety sky had transitioned from a pale blue, to a fiery orange and yellow, to a deep violet black. The moon's silvery pale surface was making's its cameo in the twilight sky. Everything was so beautiful; Dai felt they were blessing their journey in their own way.

    Dai reached out and grabbed the tiny Xyrem, and pulled her closer to the bike. Sniper jumped off of Dai to assist a very reluctant Xyrem onto the handlebars. Dai stood and put her arms under Xyrem's arms and hoisted her, with Sniper lifting Xyrem's lower half onto the handlebars. Xyrem stuttered protests which Dai ignored. Sniper scampered back up Dai's form and screeched with joy.

    "Now just hold on tight, don't wiggle around too much, and relax. I've done this a million times before with my brother." Dai's voice was breezy and relaxed, she lifted the kickstand, and prepared to take off down Cycling Road.
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  32. Their eyes met, and once the blonde caught Xyrem's grin, any previous tension in the air faded away.

    "Firstly," Dai began, "as far as I'm concerned, if no one is around to claim the bike, it wasn't stolen." She nodded to her Weavile, who hopped blithely from the handlebars and onto Dai's back. He pointed a long claw forward and struck a ‘full steam ahead' pose. Sniper chattered away, impatient for their journey to begin. "And secondly, we don't need another seat, you can sit here." She patted the handlebars and smiled as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

    ….Wait… What?

    Xyrem's face showed a wide range of emotion, mostly confusion. Her and bikes had never really gotten along, and she only used one when absolutely necessary. She always ended falling off, or flipping over (note to self: pebbles are assholes), or rolling inhumanly fast down hills (okay, so it was a dare, way back in the day, to ride down one of the many piles of dirt around the Oreburgh Mine. Bad idea). On the best of days, balance wasn't her thing. On a day like this, where her emotions had literally Giga Drained her brain, she'd probably fall off and get run over by the damned thing. Her mouth opened to protest, and to tell Dai exactly what was wrong with her plan.
    However, she was cut short when said trainer grabbed her by the arms and, with the help of a certain Weavile grabbing Xyrem's legs, lopped her on to the handlebars. The Weavile then scampered back up Dai's shoulder, screeching with joy.

    …Damn her low weight. Damn it to hell.

    "Now just hold on tight, don't wiggle around too much, and relax. I've done this a million times before with my brother." Her voice held little care for the now terrified redhead, who was looking desperately for a way to secure herself to the bike. It was to no avail. Dai pushed the kickstand up, and began pedaling fiercely towards Eterna.

    That day, Xyrem added a new entry to her "list of things that are scary and painful".

    Entry #72: Riding on the handlebars of a bike driven by an insane thief with a need for speed.

    The young girl wanted nothing more than to take in the scenery on the way to Eterna. However, many of the nice trees and shrubs on the way to Cycle Road proper had transformed into dark green blurs with little to no definition. The evening air, now turned into a mini weapon by the velocity of the crazy driver, pelted Xyrem with small leaves, grass trimmings, and, every so often, a firefly.

    After freeing the fifth insect from the makeshift windshield that was her glasses, Xyrem began to wonder whether Dai knew where the hell they were going, or if she was just on a quest to create the most disastrous high-speed bike crash ever.

    A few minutes of breakneck pedaling later, the ground beneath the bike turned to smooth concrete, and barriers popped up on either side. The new path seemed to go on forever- an infinite concrete line separated only by the occasional bright street light. Below the path sat some patches of grass, a calm blue river, and a large Oak tree that looked like a great place for a picnic. Xyrem made a mental note to visit the clearing when this insane journey of theirs was over. Night had now fully descended over the two, sprinkling stars out into the dark sky. If the ever-balancing Xyrem had been in the state of mind to actually look up at them, and if she hadn't currently been fearing for her well-being, she might have let her brain go into philosophical mode.

    Instead, she grasped the bar below her, closed her eyes, and hoped to whatever deity existed that Dai knew what the hell she was doing.
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  33. Dai loved speed. It was such a rush, literally and figuratively. She often wondered if she was addicted to adrenaline. The force of the cool night air that blew through air and stung her face knocked the thought out of her head, however, and she focused on not getting the three of them killed. Xyrem sat, knees to her chest, knuckles bone white on the handlebars. She looked like she was going to be sick, but Dai did not stop. She had gained too much speed and was too excited about it. Trees and shrubs zoomed past them, blurring into odd mixtures of color, eventually combining with the pale colors of concrete barriers.

    Every now and then, Dai would spot the multi-colored and blurred form of another biker. They must've been a sight to behold, a terrified trainer on the handlebars, another whooping from the seat with a Weavile on her back, and a Blaziken sprinting beside them. Dai laughed aloud, and was certain that that would unsettle Xyrem even more, but she didn't care. She laughed and whooped, then, just to scare Xyrem a little; she threw her hands up in the air and yelled: "Look Ma, no hands!" They swerved dangerously only once, so Dai put one arm around Xyrem's tiny waist to keep her on her perch, and returned to steering the speeding red bullet.

    They continued speeding down Cycling Road, Dai and Sniper thoroughly enjoying pushing the bike's limits, and Sniper often glanced at Blaziken. Blaziken had combination of worry and joy on his fierce face. Sniper imagined the fire-bird was worried for his trainer, so he flashed the large Pokémon a toothy grin. Blaziken returned a small half-smile. Icy air blasted past the lot of them and ruffled Sniper's fur. He cooed in pleasure. Sniper often missed the frigid climate of Snowpoint and the long days he spent causing mischief with his best friend, Dai. He would miss it more, but he had grown to believe that life outside of the cold, was just as fun and exciting. However, he did find it was easier to fool people when the temperature was well below habitable. Also it wasn't so much acting as hoping they'd offer help.

    Almost too soon, the ride was over. They skidded to a halt just off the Cycling road and Dai shoved the kickstand deep into the dirty and hopped off the bike. Sniper and Blaziken quickly helped a stiff Xyrem off the handlebars. Her knuckles were bone white from grasping the handlebars.

    "Here we are! Eterna City!" Dai walked backwards toward the city, flourishing her hands towards the sparkling city lights up ahead.
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  34. Never had she been so glad to see a city.

    Usually, Xyrem tried to treat short trips between cities as learning experiences. She'd look at the flora and fauna, see if she could find any new Pokemon, or just simply take a break to sit in the grass and philosophize. Turns out, she could do none of those things while at breakneck pace on a bicycle. And so, as ‘Vadumee and Weavile pried her from the handlebars, she breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Dai had begun walking backwards dramatically, then stopped, flayed out her hands, and yelled.

    "Here we are! Eterna City!" Her hands stayed in the same position, as if trying to welcome the redhead. Said girl was attempting to signal her adrenal glands to stop releasing adrenaline into her system. After a few minutes of arguing, the little kidney-hats stopped releasing their wares and returned to peacefully being accessories. With the lack of adrenal stimuli, Xyrem's brain quickly went into "if I don't get some damn sleep right this second, I will murder a hoard of Pichus with my bare hands" mode.

    She shook it off a bit, and then followed Dai, who was now walking once more towards the beckoning town. After catching up (and reassuring ‘Vadumee that A- She was okay, and B- He was not a hoard of Pichus so he had nothing to fear), Xyrem placed a hand on Dai's shoulder.

    "Perhaps we should go to the Pokecenter and get some rooms. I need some sleep, or I'll start murdering small, lovable creatures from pure anger."

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  35. "Perhaps we should go to the Pokecenter and get some rooms. I need some sleep, or I'll start murdering small, lovable creatures from pure anger."

    Dai laughed aloud. "You are hilarious! Sure, sure, we'll get some rooms." She loved the way this girl threatened little innocent creatures when she was cranky. It was adorable. They continued on their way, abandoning the stolen bike for someone else to find (or be caught with.) The lights twinkled in windows and shone evenly from lampposts. Every now and then they would flicker when a person crossed in front of the light. It was a very pleasant environment and Dai was forced to wonder who lived in the warm glow of those lights, and what it was like to be touched by the warmth of those lights, to have a place to call home. It occurred to Dai that Xyrem had left her home, but all the same she had a home to go home to. And someone was waiting for her. Dai felt an old ache rise up within her chest cavity. It was a familiar pain, but it surprised Dai how much it like a fresh wound every time. However, Dai held her composure and continued twirling her way towards the Pokémon Center, somewhat less enthusiastically.

    Dai had long grappled with ‘what if.' What if her family had remained whole? What if she knew how to survive without resorting to criminal acts? Whenever these poisonous gnats infected her thoughts, she always thought of her Pokémon. She wouldn't have met any of her team if her mother hadn't been forced into a ‘clinic.' She wouldn't have met Sniper if her father had wanted anything to do with Dai and her brother. Dai snatched Sniper out of a summersault in midair, and held him like a plush doll. It bothered Sniper, but not enough to stop her. After several paces Dai began to tickle Sniper, causing him to screech and cackle madly. He bounced out of her reach, and Dai chased him in the direction of the Pokémon Center. They both skidded to a halt in front of the large, brightly lit door of their destination.

    The young blonde trainer turned sheepishly towards Xyrem, digging her boot into the ground. "Um, wouldja mind handling the formalities, and the getting us rooms and such?" She asked. "We're really no good at this..." She trailed off, smiling a small, embarrassed smile.
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  36. The odd pair walked about the streets of Eterna in silence. It really was a beautiful place to be at night. Xyrem looked over to Dai, who was hugging her Weavile much like a plush toy. A bit of protest later, Dai was tickling him, laughing in delight at his squeals and coos. He bounded off in front of her, and she began chasing him in the direction of the Pokecenter. Xyrem, in response, looked up at ‘Vadumee. Back when he was a Torchic, she might have done the same thing to him. Now, hugging him to herself like a plush toy, or even tickling him, seemed a little bit tough, considering the fact that he was easily a foot taller than her. As if reading his trainer's thoughts, ‘Vadumee looked down upon Xyrem, giving her a playful look as if to say, "I'd like to see you try."

    "I know, I know. I won't try that on you. I'll get myself fire-kicked," she mumbled jokingly, giving the fire chicken a friendly punch to the shoulder. She then went through her belt, and grabbed a Pokeball. If she couldn't cuddle ‘Vadumee, she could at least hug Anonymous. She hit the small button on the center, releasing what seemed to be a relatively hyper Porygon-Z. It briefly bounced around, making high pitched chirps as it took in its surroundings. Xyrem came up behind it, and pounced the small cyber-bird. It quickly rose off the ground a few feet, leaving its trainer to dangle upon its back.

    "Okay, fine. I won't tackle you," she said, laughing. Letting go, the young redhead fell about a foot, and landed gracefully on the ground below. Anonymous was still chirping ever so quickly, running scans on almost everything it saw. "We're in Eterna, Anonymous," Xyrem mentioned to the Porygon-Z, who was probably on the verge of a major freakout due to the amount of stimuli it was taking in. It looked back, seemingly happy with this change in scenery. She walked over to it, and hugged the small internet Pokemon. It ‘squee'd happily until Xyrem chose to release it from her grip. It then began to float forward, slow enough so that the other two could follow without having to run. The young trainer motioned to her Blaziken, who agreed to join their train of insanity. With that, they walked off in the same direction that Dai had gone a few seconds earlier.

    One short journey later, they came upon the Pokecenter. It was a relatively imposing structure, although it was a bit smaller than the Oreburgh one Xyrem had gotten used to. Even though the hour was pretty late, the light from the windows bathed the surrounding concrete in a welcoming glow. Dai was in front of the door, waiting with her Weavile.

    "Um, wouldja mind handling the formalities, and the getting us rooms and such?" She asked. "We're really no good at this..." Xyrem smiled sleepily, and nodded. The two walked into the center together.

    The lobby was peacefully silent, with very few trainers littering the couches or asking for battles. Xyrem gingerly walked up to the front desk, and waited until she could get the attention of whoever was on duty at that time of night. While she was looking for a bell of some sort, Anonymous came up by her side. After noticing what its trainer was attempting to do, it decided to help the only way it knew how.

    "SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" it squeed, at the top of whatever served as lungs in a Porygon-Z. Xyrem immediately blushed, and hugged the Porygon-Z to herself, so that it wouldn't repeat itself. A few seconds later, Nurse Joy appeared at the front desk.

    "Hello, welcome to the Eterna Pokemon Center. How may I help you?" Nurse Joy had a nearly robotic smile that, were she less tired, might have creeped the Xyrem out. The trainer tilted her head for a second, confused as to why the nurse didn't enquire about the insanely loud squee that the Porygon-Z in her arms had just screeched. She shrugged, figuring that this sort of thing probably happened all the time. Porygon-Z's weren't the most sane things on the planet.

    "Could we have two rooms, please?" Xyrem began to dig through her backpack, coming out with her trainer ID a few seconds later. She handed it to the nurse, and watched as it was placed into a small slot near the Center's computer. It binged, and Nurse Joy handed the card back. Said card was placed somewhere in a front pocket, as Xyrem really didn't have the presence of mind to put it somewhere where she could actually find it, something she'd probably regret the next day.

    "You've got Room 213 and Room 215. Here are your keys," said the nurse, sliding two keycards over to Xyrem. "Have a nice night!" She smiled, and the redhead smiled back, exhausted.

    "Here's your key," Xyrem mumbled sleepily, giving Dai one of the cards. The redhead stretched and yawned, blinking wearily afterwards. The quest for an elevator ended almost as soon as it began, which really didn't qualify it to be a quest in the first place. Xyrem decided that she hated her internal narration when it got too late at night. She also decided she hated elevator music, and when said machine dinged to indicate that it had successfully reached the second floor, she briefly considered telling Anonymous to fire a Signal Beam at the speaker. However, fatigue overtook anger, and she shuffled towards Room 213. Saying goodnight to Dai, she walked into the room, closed the door behind her, and dumped her backpack on a chair in the corner.

    It was like some hotel room, really. Everything seemed relatively forgettable. White walls, tan Berber carpet, furniture made out of what was probably particle board. There was a TV, along with a laminated channel guide, but she really didn't seem much in the mood for such activity. She plopped herself down on the bed, looking up at both ‘Vadumee and Anonymous.

    "Well, I think it's time for you guys to go to bed," Xyrem mumbled, pulling out their Pokeballs. She first recalled Anonymous, who was sucked in with the smallest of ‘squee's. "Hm... ‘Vadumee, you've had quite the day of following us around. It's a crazy adventure, eh?" She laughed, and the Blaziken smiled back. "If today is any indication on how this journey's going to be, we've got quite an insane path ahead of us." She paused, and looked thoughtfully up at ‘Vadumee. "I think it's worth it, no?" He nodded, and she pressed the return button on the Pokeball, sucking him back inside for the night. After taking the belt off and placing it on the nightstand, Xyrem rummaged through her bag, found some clean clothes, and headed for a quick shower before she passed out for the night.

    A short time later, Xyrem was lying under the covers, staring at the ceiling. The room was dark, illuminated only by the gentle glow of the moon shimmering through a crack in the curtains. She was tired, but couldn't help running a mental scan on everything that had occurred that day. Her decision to go on a journey. Meeting Dai, in maybe not the best way. Bidding farewell to Roark. That embrace. A blush found its way back onto her cheeks, and she decided to forget the terrifying bike ride up to Eterna. Her eyes closed, and she drifted into a fitful sleep.
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    The sun slowly rose on Eterna City, casting its first rays upon the still sleeping city of History Living, warming away the chill of night. In the distant forest, the star-like, flickering glow of Volbeats and Illumise faded, and the melodic chirping of Kricketunes was slowly replaced by the trill of early-rising Starly.

    The hill soaked up the rays of the sun, as it has for hundreds of years. Vague reflections of the sunrise upon the twin statues of Space and Time made the legendary beasts portrayed in them look almost alive, bidding each other good morning - The air was ripe with the scent of dew and woodland and breeze, as if there hasn't been a city there at all. It was peaceful, the sort of peace that only early morning can provide, before the humans awakened and the magic faded...


    The idyllic peaceful image was shattered as if hit by a ton of bricks launched by a particularily irate Rhyperior wondering why in the name of the balance does it look that ridiculous. This was not a normal sound of morning, and its cause could not be described as "normal" by any scale of the word, either. That was because a human taking on a Breloom in a fighting match had to be utterly insane. Either that, or named Willow Deschaine.

    As you've probably figured out, dear reader, the latter option was the correct one.

    Willow Deschaine - Green-eyed, freckled, with reddish brown hair and a manic grin, was staring down a Breloom, glaring playfully into its blue eyes, her hands locked with its claws, her forehead pushing against the green mushroom-cap of the dinosaur-like creature at the place its forehead was, attempting to push the creature as it was attempting to push her back. She was of average height - on the 1.65-1.70m range, with an athletic build and clad in an outfit that consisted of a blend of greens, golds and browns - and almost screamed practicality and comfort while still looking flattering. Her reddish-brown hair seemed to fade and become brighter at its tip, and sported a pair of light green streaks which somehow managed to both stand out against her hair and compliment it in a strange way.

    Finally, the Breloom's footing gave way slightly - something the mostly-green creature corrected by launching a fierce kick with both its legs - which the girl countered by letting go and jumping back, proceeding to launch a kick of her own. The girl and the Pokemon lapsed into a flurry of kicks and punches, countering and blocking each other. Finally, the girl was knocked down by a quick, hammer-like tail-swing from the Breloom, sending her rolling on the grassy hill for a short while before coming to a halt.
    "Hey, no fair!" she pouted "I don't have a tail, you know!" The Breloom seemed to chuckle, illiciting another demented looking grin from the girl.
    "Oh, so you think this is funny, do you, Kida? That's it. Your grass is MINE."

    The girl flew into a pounce, catching the still cackling Breloom unprepared and wrestling with her on the ground for a while, only pausing when a male voice interrupted her.

    "Tsk, tsk, starting without me again, are we, Willow?"

    Both the trainer and the Breloom (that was pinned under her) turned their heads instantaneously towards the source of the voice - a male in his early twenties clad in a black leather trenchcoat over a green T-shirt and blue jeans. He had a pair of warm brown eyes behind a pair of rectangular, black-rimmed glasses and long, wavy dark brown hair under a black bandanna, a vague white helix pattern flowing along its rim and a PokeBall design on its side. His shirt sported a lighter green design that resembled a DNA helix made of plants, and his trenchcoat, too, carried a green plantlike pattern along its side. The male chuckled at the reaction, which made the two of them look somewhat like a pair of peculiar deer caught in headlights.

    "Well, you've been sleeping late again, Gad." the girl smirked in response, raising an eyebrow "Gee, I wonder why..."

    "Oh, shush, you." the male retorted "If you woke up with the love of your life laying there beside you, would you hurry to leave?"

    "You two just got stuck together because of all the sap you generate." Willow jumped to her feet, stretching all cat-like. "And I thought you two liked trees."

    "Nothing quite like a bit of verbal sparring before the main event, eh, Willow?" Gad grinned, stretching too.

    "Well, Kidachi and I have been warming up for a bit now." Willow grinned back "Don't think even for a moment that we've exhausted ourselves. I think Elysium has better start counting down to her defeat."

    "I wouldn't count my Torchics before they hatch, if I were you." Gad chuckled with a wink.

    "I don't think Gardenia would have appreciated you being me." Willow retorted with a wink of her own.

    The male blushed deeply for a moment, and then proceed to glare darkly at the girl. "You win THIS round, Miss Deschaine, but this battle has just begun."

    "Well then, enough prattle, more battle." Willow grinned, the Breloom snapping to attention, leaping to her feet and looking ready for action.

    "In that case," Gad smiled lightly, and a PokéBall rolled into his hand from seemingly no where. It was a strange sphere in two different shades of green, a complicated helix pattern surrounding its central button. "Let's give them a fight they will never forget! Elysium, arise!"

    The trainer tossed the PokéBall into the sky, and it opened in a twin helix of green light. Seconds later, a creature materialized upon the battlefield.

    It had a graceful, tall and slender digitigrade biped, slightly taller the trainer. A curving neck sported a crested saurian head which turned a soulful golden gaze towards the Breloom. From behind the creature's head streamed a mane of vines which resembled wisteria flowers. The creature's plated body was a deep shade of forest green, and supported vine-like outgrowths in a lighter green, as well as arrays of leaves that seemed to act as guards. A pair of longish, leafy vines snaked around the creature's long tail in a double helix pattern. But the most curious feature of the creature seemed to be the crystalline nodes that covered some parts of its body, and the blade-like crystals which seemed to grow alongside the creature's arms and fan at the tip of its tail. They had an icy quality to them, blue and purple refractions along a translucent glacial shade which seemed to almost glow in its own light.

    The PokéMon — a Wisteriark, to be specific - bowed its head in a warrior's greeting to the Breloom, which returned the greeting with some enthusiasm. While not having been sparring partners for too long, Kidachi and Elysium already developed a deep, mutual respect — and it seemed that both were looking forward for this morning's session. Both trainers and PokéMon took their places on opposing side of the makeshift battlefield. They both liked the hill — it was relatively far away from the more densely populated areas, and the presence of the twin statues always made it feel like the battles were overseen by the mythical presence of beings that, in the ancient past, were revered as gods.

    Without further delay, the battle began.

    The Breloom charged forward, her head lowered for a headbutt attack, accelerating with springy steps. The Wisteriark stood unmoving — until suddenly, an array of leafy wings with crystalline stems — previously neatly folded against the creature's back - fanned open and the creature leapt into the air, evading the headbutt in the last second, unfurling her tail vines and lashing them at the Breloom. The mushroom PokéMon skidded to a halt and whipped her tail up, the ring of seeds on its tip developing a bright green glow…

    He recognized the attack — Seed Bomb, one of the most powerful assets at the Breloom's disposal. Indeed, soon enough the seeds launched, one by one, leaving a trail of glowing green light behind them as new seeds slowly grew to take their place. The Wisteriark launched herself upwards in a barrel roll, wrapping her tail-vines around her tail again and narrowly evading the Seeds, the faintly glowing crystals upon her body leaving helical trails of light in her wake. The Breloom continued her barrage of seeds at whatever rate her tail managed to regrow them — but it seemed futile — the Wisteriark was just too fast for her regeneration rate, and the seeds eventually lost their momentum, falling to the ground in a graceful parabolic arc and vaguely exploding. It was then that the Wisteriark made her move, flapping her wings and whipping up what looked like a condensed orb of whirlwind — an Air Slash attack. With a quick whip of her wings, the orb was launched forward in a shockwave of concentrated wind force. If the attack was to connect, it would surely put a serious dent in the Breloom, whose dual grass/fighting type made it highly susceptible to attacks from above.

    But just as the attack connected — something else connected — the glowing blue claws of the Breloom's paw slammed into the Wisteriark, knocking her out of the sky. The two combatants crashed to the ground, breathing heavily — but both were back on their feet relatively quickly — already charging at each other, locking their claws with each other, not conceding an inch of ground. The Wisteriark lashed forward with her neck, attempting to strike the Breloom with bites, but the Breloom evaded her motions. For a moment, it appeared to be a stalemate again — before the Breloom grinned, and with a quick flick of her mushroom cap, released a cloud of stun spores directly into the Wisteriark's face.

    The Wisteriark stumbled backwards, dazed, collapsing on her side, twitching slightly as if she was hit by a bolt of lightning - paralyzed to the core.

    "You forgot the first rule of tangling with Brelooms." Willow grinned "Don't get in too close a range! And at this range, there is no chance you can evade what's coming next! Kidachi, finish it! Iron tail!"

    The Breloom emitted a low growl, swinging her tail around like a wrecking ball as the metallic sheen of the Iron Tail attack began forming around it. Faster and faster the swinging went until the Breloom's club-like tail was no more than a blur. And just as she was preparing to take the final swing…

    "You're forgetting something too." Gad grinned in return. "Relying on status ailments is never a good idea when facing a Wisteriark!"

    The Wisteriark's crystals burst into radiant white light, encasing the creature's body with an aurora of white, blue and purple. The Deep Forest PokéMon, to Willow's horror, rolled out of the way right as the Iron Tail slammed against the ground. The Wisteriark leaped into the air gracefully, doing a somersault and…

    It happened in a single flash of light — the Wisteriark brought her crystalline armblades down as she dive-bombed the Breloom, sending the mushroom PokéMon flying with a screech of agonizing pain, its mushroom cap nearly severed in two places along the Breloom's head, flapping about like tattered cloth in the wind, held only weakly by a tiny filament of tissue.

    "Kidachi! Quick! Use Poison Powder, directly backwards!" Willow called out, and the Breloom weakly complied, a cloud of purple, poisonous spores launching directly into the Breloom's flight path — and the mushroom PokéMon's body soon followed, sailing through the cloud, becoming entirely covered in the spores. For a second the Breloom winced at the burn of the poisonous spores against her severed tissue — but then, something miraculous happened.

    Seemingly absorbed into the Breloom's body, the spores triggered a change — rapid cellular division. Fungi threads seemed to sprout from every corner of the wounds, pulling the severed mushroom cap together — knitting it, mending it. A few moments later, you could barely tell the creature's mushroom cap was damaged at all.

    "Now that was an excellent use of Kidachi's Poison Heal ability!" Gad grinned. "You're actually becoming a challenge!"

    "And you are still unpredictable." Willow replied "Seriously, how did Elysium recover from this? Kida's stun spore could knock a wild Mamoswine down for hours!"

    "You're not the only one who can use abilities, m'dear." Gad smirked "Wisteriark's Purify ability gives it a chance to recover from any status ailments inflicted on it. Paralysis and Iron Tail was a smart choice of moves — it would have made it hard for her to dodge a super-effective move like that."

    "You mean…" Willow said.

    "Yes. A chance. A One-in-three chance, just about, as the matter of fact. If that ability didn't kick in, she'd be in serious trouble." Gad chuckled "But I believed in Elysium — I just knew she could pull it off. You already know the significance of that, though. Using an attack against yourself was also a risky maneuver."

    "Well, someone taught me how sometimes the best solution is not the most straightforward one." Willow grinned, and the two trainers shook hands, the Breloom and the Wisteriark nodding at each other again, congratulating each other on a well fought battle."

    "I'm heading back to the gym." Willow said "I need one hell of a shower and I want to put Kida through some proper cell regen. Poison Heal or not, Elysium did quite a number on her."

    She proceeded to smirk.

    "Shall I send out a message to your other half?"

    "Just that I love her to pieces." He smirked back.

    "Will do." Willow rolled her eyes lightly, then a mischievous grin came to her face.

    "I'll let you know when she manages to pull herself together from last time." She cackled and fled, taking off on a run towards the Eterna City gym, the Breloom dashing in her wake, leaving Gad to sigh in mock-annoyance as he followed her escape path with his eyes.

    "That girl." He murmured to himself "Is going to drive me utterly mad. Is it bad that that's just the way I like her?"

    Elysium simply shrugged, then closed her eyes and spread her leaf wings and taking in the glowing rays of the sun, using her Synthesis attack to recover her battle damage. The trainer placed a hand on the Wisteriark's shoulder for a moment.

    "You did great today, Ely." Gad smiled, and the Wisteriark emitted a soft series of low-pitched clicking noises in contentment. Letting go of the Deep Forest PokéMon's shoulder and moving aside as to not block the sunlight from her leaves, the Trainer inhaled the cool morning air as he looked down at Eterna City's streets not too far away. It seemed like it's going to be a lovely day.
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  38. Dai couldn't remember the last time she had slept indoors, or slept that much during nocturnal hours. With a Weavile as a permanent fixture to Dai's being, the dark hours weren't made for sleeping, rather for thievery and less than noble deeds. However, she Dai had managed to sleep for several hours before Sniper pounced on her drowsy form at the crack of dawn. Dai had fought with him for close to an hour for the right to sleep another five minutes, but she ultimately lost and ended up wandering the Eterna streets with an overly-excited Sniper.

    It was most definitely too early to wake Xyrem. During the time Dai had spent casing the red-headed trainer Dai had learned a couple interesting facts.
    1. Xyrem never woke up before 1 in the afternoon.
    2. Xyrem was extremely cranky when she did not get all of her hours of beauty sleep.

    The sun's early morning rays warmed and baked the streets, and the sky was slowly transitioning to its deep blue. Dai blinked against the obscenely bright sun, and gave Sniper an unhappy look which he ignored in his excitement. This wasn't the first time Dai had been in Eterna City, but it was the first time she had actually seen it. The deep chocolate colored mosaic bordered streets were wide and inviting, and the matching buildings, whose windows were once bright, were now dim with sleep.

    Dai wandered and inspected various parts of the city, eventually stopping to peer into the Eterna Gym window. The inside was so startlingly beautiful, Dai could scarcely breathe. Gorgeous waves of flowers and vegetation blanketed the inside of the gym. Dai spotted several moving plants and discovered quickly that they were Pokémon. Sniper eventually halted his manic mannerisms and came to investigate what had caught his trainer's attention. When he looked through the window, he saw nothing remotely interesting; in fact he found it repulsive. He cackled at the thought of the damage he could cause to the lively colors, but Dai shot him a warning look, and he stopped his mad laughter.

    Taking Sniper's claw, Dai turned, sighed, and made her way back to the Pokémon Center. Dai had desperately wanted to go inside the gym, but with Sniper she knew it would only have caused trouble. Robbed of her chance to visit beautiful garden gym, Dai was ready to misplace her anger.

    "Alrighty then," Dai began as they entered the Pokémon Center. "I think it's time we woke our dear new friend." A mischievous smile played across Dai's features.

    "Wee-vile!" Sniper cooed happily. The pair put on gentle expressions and approached the front desk.

    "Excuse me, Nurse? Last night you gave me and my friend room keys, and I'm afraid I've misplaced mine." Dai pretended to be embarrassed. "My room number is 213." Dai's room number was actually 215, but it wasn't her own room she needed to get into.

    The nurse smiled robotically, then handed Dai a new key. "Here you go, miss. Now you be careful with that." She admonished, though her voice was to kind to put any feeling behind it.

    Dai thanked the nurse and giggled when Sniper mimicked her, a sappy expression on his face and his mouth curling into an all too sweet smile. They tip-toed their way to Xyrem's door, and silently opened the door. The inside of the room was dark and cool. Dai nodded towards Xyrem's sleeping form, and then snuck her way towards the drawn blinds that hung thick in front of the window. She could see light trying to force its way in around the edges of the blinds. Dai turned to Sniper, who stood in a crouched position on Xyrem's nightstand, and mouthed ‘now.'

    With that command, Dai threw the blinds open and a burst of sunshine shot through the window and onto Xyrem's form. Sniper pounced on her bed and yanked the sheets off of Xyrem, all the while cackling and screeching happily.

    "Morning, sunshine!" Dai yelled in a sing-song voice. "The more time you spend asleep, the less time you'll spend on your journey! More time away from Roark!" She added suggestively.
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  39. Many people assume that dreams are magical creations, hidden desires revealed only when the more logical parts of the brain have closed for rest and repair. In reality, they're not. Some who are familiar with computer programming may know the term "garbage collection". In short, it's basically a process run by computers that finds useless data, and, by purging said data, cleans up the system memory in order to store more important and useful items.

    Dreams, as Xyrem postulated, are no more than that.

    Basically, the brain smashes a bunch of memories together, shows them to the person, and whatever is remembered is deemed "important" or "necessary". In specific, the dendritic connections that create an important memory will be strengthened, and those that represent forgotten dreams will be weakened. This leaves two basic types of people: those who remember their dreams, and those who do not. Those who do tend to have complex memories from early in their lives, but may be a little weaker when it comes to raw processing power. The remainder- or, those who tend not to remember their dreams- end up being excellent problem solvers, but cannot remember for the life of them what it was like to be a child.

    Xyrem was one of the latter, and did not care to remember her dreams. Memory wasn't all that important to the young girl.

    However, neuronal repair was. And, whether or not the young redhead had been dreaming about a certain Gym Leader, she was deep in REM sleep when the sun began to rise. She was curled in a small ball, facing away from the damnable light of the window. The alarm clock that had been kindly provided by the center sat lonely and unused, as the girl was used to waking up whenever the hell she felt like it. However, fate (in the form of her traveling companion) would not let this be.

    The door to Xyrem's room softly clicked open, revealing a grinning girl and her Pokemon. The two moved in silent synchronicity, apparently in some sort of a plan. With one at the curtains, and her partner on the nightstand, everything was set in motion.

    "Morning, sunshine!" Dai yelled in a sing-song voice. "The more time you spend asleep, the less time you'll spend on your journey! More time away from Roark!" She added suggestively.

    Rolling over wasn't going to help. Covering her eyes wasn't going to help. Finding a heavy, blunt object and beating the living daylight out of whatever just woke her would, but unfortunately her bag was out of reach. The young girl sighed, and opened her eyes. To her left stood Dai, who had forcefully pulled the curtains open, revealing the bright morning sun that was slowly rising over Eterna. On her right was Dai's Weavile, who was cackling and screeching, the comforter triumphantly clutched in his claws. Xyrem sat up and, with a graceful reach towards the ceiling, popped her shoulder and elbow joints decisively. As much as mornings sucked, Dai was right. This was a journey, and it would probably benefit her to actually be awake during the day.

    "Okay, okay, I'm up," Xyrem mumbled, taking a bit of time to rub at her eyes and yawn. Sometimes, she hated how stereotypical she was while she was waking up. "Now, I have to get dressed, and then we can go down to the lobby. I hear they serve food. Or something." With that, Xyrem uncurled and rolled over a bit so that she could place her feet firmly on the carpet. After a few seconds of staring blearily at the ground, the trainer grabbed for her glasses so that she could once again have complete vision. For a second, her brain went back into a semi-sleep mode. She briefly considered passing out again, and only reconsidered once she re-noticed Dai and her Weavile. With that train of thought, the young girl completely forgot what she was going to do next.

    Right. Nightclothes aren't regular clothes. This realization fresh in mind, the mostly-asleep Xyrem grabbed some clothes and headed into the bathroom to change.

    Ten minutes later, the makeshift travel group found themselves in the lobby. Unlike the previous night, many trainers were now running about, either healing their partners or demanding battles. Actually, many of those who were demanding battles were small children who, at this hour in the morning, Xyrem believed deserved a good ass-kicking for being so damn annoying. She shook off the morning anger, and turned to Dai.

    "So… does this place serve breakfast, or should I just get to work on assassinating these children and stealing the little snacks they're carrying?"
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  40. Every morning set in the depths of a city as green and lush as Eterna carried a crisp, refreshing taste to the air as the sky began to show signs of dappled color amidst the heavy blues of night. Slowly spreading beneath the cover of dense white tufts of cloud, the rising sun began to churn the heavy hues of violet into the breezy pinks and golds of dawn. The transformation continued until the sun broke over the crest of the distant hills, spilling the golden rays that fanned out over the land and tickled at the nose of the young man stirring within the wraps of his sleeping bag. Sniffling lightly, he shuffled dazedly before twisting onto his side and propping his torso up onto his elbow, peering over the six shadows with their backs turned to the sun.
    Soundlessly, he shimmied slowly from the twisting flannel that had swallowed his lower half, and tugged free the metal spheres that hung from a chain at his hip, summoning five of the six peacefully silent forms back into their respective capsules, leaving only the vaporeon curled to fit into the curve he himself had created in the midst of his own dreaming. Groggily, the water type roused to a state of awareness as her young trainer fumbled quietly with the complicated mechanics of his pants and day-clothing.

    Within twenty minutes he had crammed everything in his possession into the chunky pack hanging lazily from his shoulder, swinging lamely and thumping rhythmically against his thigh. It was a matter of personal preference for him to set up a camp on the outskirts of town, as opposed to the artificial comfort of the Pokemon Center's rooms-for-hire. The chirping of starly in the morning and the rustling of wild pokemon going about their business was calming and soothing, and provided a steady tempo for the thoughts drifting lazily across his mind, mostly consisting of the scents that registered as he approached the city.

    Where the earthy crispness had been the scent of the human clutter dominated, mingling with the overpowering waves of breakfast scent that loomed patiently over the heads of Eterna`s townspeople, tantalizing those that were awake. Turning into the lobby as soon as the sliding glass doors made themselves known, he clutched meekly at his own stomach before braving the front desk.

    It occurred to him how accustomed he had become to the cut-and-paste smiles of the Joy family, and their polite mannerisms. Not that it made them any less creepy if one thought too hard about it. While the nurse had her back turned from the lobby so she could converse with one of the many children scurrying haphazardly around the building, he pondered this, sparing only a vague glimpse at the approaching girls through his peripheral vision and not stopping to give it a second thought. Upon reflection, it seemed truly uncharacteristic of him to disregard it so easily, and the thought surprised him.

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