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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Phantom, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. ((BTW, those of you who can barely make out any of the pictures or they seem REALLY bright, its your monitor. I confirmed this at a friends house, as my first abstract was a gigantic blob of white. I guess its some sort of resolution thing, mess with your settings if you want to see it properly.)

    Some stuff I've been working on. I need some advice on some things, so I decided to put some stuff here. Don't be afraid to point out mistakes!
    Chaos my Pokemon RP character:
    Ignore the extra crap XD
    With his Lopunny, Megami

    with Hanuman, his Infernape [This one was rushed....]

    This was for a KH role play:

    And these for a Naruto roleplay I'm currently in:
    Akkiude, one of his jutsu.
    Chunnin look, with some updates
    (early Halloween present)

    and some of my abstract:
    Mystic Lotus

    Shugoshin Kurosu

    Like what you see? Check out my deviant for more: azazilkhun.deviantart.com

    Chaos, Azrael, Ketsueki and related©Phantom.
    Aiichi and Kya © Respected owners
  2. Teh Light hurts meh eyes...lol Phantom's crap is actually pretty good, especiallt the characters, I love the concepts for their costumes.
  3. Thanks again, by any chance do you mean the Halloween picture?

    As for the light, IT BEEZ HOLY. XD
    There's an effect I use that makes it like it's radiating light, it's actually really easy.
  4. >o<

    Great job.

    You crap reminds me of my crap. Right now I'm on vacation, sketching away since I have no pen...

    Well, good job!

    But lemmie tell you right now... You're going to have to practice drawing faces right facing and to the side... it haunts you later if you don't know how to do it. And don't care if you screw up. It's crap......... right?
  5. ROFL True true
    Right now I'm practicing some new drawing styles and techniques, so most of my new stuff is Crap. I guess I'll put up some of my new stuff when I put up Artiste's present.
  6. :o

    Artiste gets a PRESENT? X_x


    What styles are you messing with? Can you give me names of manga that you're using the style of, or an artist? (wow, that was a weird sentance)
  7. More like payment for the Mugshot of Chaos.

    Actually, I haven't been using the styles of any manga or Mangaka(I think that's what they're called -.-;)
    I've been experimenting and refining my own style.......Which seems to be going in a somewhat right direction. I've gotten quite the inspiration from Endling on Deviantart and several other artists I watch on there, so I've been having a flood of idea's lately. XD
  8. I can't wait for my present. ^_^ Thanks again, Phantom! I was not expecting that when I made the mugshot.

    I love the Halloween one. That one is awesome. How do you get more than one person on teh page?!?onequestioneleventy?! I never could figure it out, and I never could bring myself to do it, because if you mess just ONE person up, the whole piccy is ruined.
  9. Just a little longer, I'm having problems with that strange mess of a hair cut of his XD.

    I've been working on many many group picks, so I've gotten quite good at realizing how and where to place people in a pic. Best way for getting a good group picture is to know that the other characters take up space and are as important as the other ones. Like in the Halloween pic: Originally, I was trying out Gothic Lolita (Which I personally think is quite cute. Mmmmmm....Marley...), ANYWAYS, I used the face of one of my friends characters and the white space around her was KILLING ME. So, I decided to try out some other stuff, like...Vampire Brown people and axe-sythe nutcases (-.-;)
    Anyways, once you get use to making characters that fill space, and realize how depth and perspective work on flat paper, you get the hang of havin`more than one character in a picture.
    Understand, or did I just confuse myself too?
  10. Understood. Thanks, mate.

    His hair is a bit of a mess, xD. Blame Pixelchu!

    Joking. >.> Maybe.
  11. My current Project, Untitled, but this piece is called "Father and Daughter"

    An updated Chaos picture!

    That Matt Palmer picture I had drawn for Artiste. I've taken so long to upload it since I didn't know if I shoulder or not due to the fact he's been banned. Oh well.
  12. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Oh, cool! That picture of Matt looks so cool! And I think it's actually great that you posted it for him, even if he is banned.... Yeah, i'm not Artie, so I can't say stuff for him because I don't know what he would say about it, but I'm saying it looks really cool to my eyes, and somehow cute enough for me to want to hug it... can I? NO, I don't want to hug Matt or Artiste, (or do I? Kidding...) but I want to hug the drawing. Yeah, I still have my obsession with hugging pictures....

    Your Chaos drawing looks a bit... small to my eyes. Is it just the computer screen? *squints* But I can tell that it looks very good.

    EDIT: Yays! *hugs picture* Thank you, Phantom!
  13. Yes you may hug it.

    The Chaos picture itself is tiny. I'll lineart it and host it up here again, that way everyone can see it better.
  14. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    What's the deal with Chaos having a head full of bandages? Or is it some kind of turban? Reminds me of Mr Bump, though :D. He's very cute, but I worry about his poor head.

    I agree with Rocket X about the abstracts - the light in them actually does hurt my eyes! (I find bright blues very painful although I can tolerate most other shades of bright light. This is a known issue with me - there's a shop round the corner from where I live that has a blue neon sign, and I go out of my way to avoid it when the sign is lit at night.) The lotus flower one is pretty, though I had to squint at it. I'd like to see it redone in a pink or pinky-orange, as I think I could appreciate it better that way.

    I like the Father and Daughter picture a lot. I especially like the eyes, the girl's outfit and the winged headdress.

    Why do all you people describe your work as "crap"? Silly artist-types :p.
  15. Probably because all/most of them think their artwork is horrible. In reality, their artwork isn't really that bad, but it can do with some improvement. Everything can be improved a bit. As my teacher always said, "There's always room for improvement".

    I must say, your piece called "Father and Daughter" is really well done. I especially like the background. Those abstract ones look pretty, but they hurt my eyes.... I don't like bright lights.
  16. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    Hee! Well, my artwork really is crap. I reached my ability peak at the age of 8, and have never got any better than that. In contrast to that, our artists here are positive experts.

    I must say, I'm intrigued by what Megami the Lopunny is doing to Chaos in the second picture. Helping him put his bandages/head wrappings/turban on? Or... something else? I'd like to see some more of these pictures coloured. Also rather interested in the list of Pokemon caught/wanted alongside the first picture. Do you speak Japanese, Phantom?
  17. Ha ha as Bookworm's teacher says, "There's always room for improvement."

    The bandages on his head is a turban, though, I'm terrible with the hats and etc. I'm a japanophile (NOT OTAKU....They scare me...) so the whole Japanese extra was me having fun. I'm learning Japanese, but I'm more tempted to learn Mandrin (ROFL BILLIONS OF CHARACTERS) or something before handed now XD

    If you check out my Deviant art page of that picture, it'll have an explanation about her eyes, the wings, and the reason her hair is partially white (Headress?).

    Oh and Yes, Megami learned "Headwrap". @^@

    As for the abstracts, I'll put my more recent ones one here later.
  18. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I do NOT call my stuff crap, though I must say, I think my drawings and sprites aren't that good compared to some others here. The only thing that I can draw are Eevees (thanks to lots of practice at the time I was obsessed with them.)

    Just wondering... do you take requests by any chance?

    EDIT: Okay, since you take requests, how about you do something about that trainer in my avvie? I don't care what you do, really... as long as it isn't scribbles and then showing it to everyone and saying, "Here's S_E's request, her custom trainer that got blew up." That would be horrible... >_< Kinda kidding.
  19. I do, but expect it to show up on here after quite a time. I'm busy CGing some more pics, but I can pull in and lineart about...Three requests right now.
  20. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Everything can use improvement, but that doesn't make it 'crap'. I very much agree with baratron here, and I only say this because I have many close friends who are artsy-people... all of them are too modest for their own good. Or maybe it's just low-self esteem? Either way, they should take more pride in their own work :p (/hypocrite)

    But that's besides the point. Your 'crap' is pretty good, Phantom! I'm impressed by the detail you put into designing your characters' clothing, and Chaos is a rather cute character. I really love that Chaos/Lopunny picture for some reason... you can just sense the closeness between the couple in it.

    Keep up the good work, and be sure to post whatever new artwork you come up with =)
  21. I think your drawings are excellent, you get the dementions right, and you really capture the interest of the viewer. Both, pokemon and non-pokemon related drawings are very good. And it is apparent that you can color very well too. And, of course, thier is always room for improvement. I believe that you can make your drawings a little bit more, errr, how do I put this, straight(Not exactly the right word but :p). The point of this post is, your a great at drawing, keep drawing, and you'll get better.
  22. Thanks Linkachu, I mostly call me stuffs the crap mostly due to the fact I'm very modest about my stuff, despite everyone going, "IT'S NOT CRAP! ASJGAOHLDIUAIWFWSDE!" I know I can do better eventually, so in the end I call it "crap" so that I can start cranking out better "crap". When I start making professional looking stuff, I'll move out of the "crap" phase and into "PUBLISH IT" phase. XD
    I get a lot of complements for my costumes and that ChaosxLopunny picture, mostly because I think thats among the first couple of pictures I have that have a cute theme to it and not something dark or anything.

    Curtkid: Straight as in shorter hair or are they somehow crooked?
  23. No, I ment straight as in general, or, they could be neater.
  24. True true, Many of them are messy, but the paper I uses smudges a lot. That, and I often enjoy cluttering my picture.
  25. Man, I haven't been here in forever. After my HD got wiped I forgot atleast 50% of the sites I use to roleplay on. Anyways, heres some stuff to revitalize this thread.
    Shipping from another forum

    ....A lot of the other pictures were scanned to brightly...
  26. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football


    Long time no see! Great to see you here again!

    Anyways, that's a really cute picture you have there! Hrm... is it Naruto related? (not clicking on link due to laziness)

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