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Ask to Join People turned Pokémon Quest

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Willow Whisp, Nov 28, 2019.

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  1. Introduction: It was a normal day in the pokemon world, or so it seemed. At exactly 12:03pm, trainers started mysteriously turning into Pokémon. The people were thrown into chaos, since the cause was unknown. That is until a group of people turned Pokémon decided to go on a quest to set things back to normal.

    (I’ll start this off)

    Imelda was sitting under a willow tree, looking out at the town. She got up and decided to try and get something to eat. She looked at her watch, seeing that it was twelve. She figured she could get some lunch at a local restaurant. She started descending the hill into the town, glancing around nervously with her bright green eyes. She held her violin case firmly in on of her hands as she walked through town, trying to find something to eat. She pushed her light blonde hair out of her eyes as she neared a corner. She stopped as she tripped over a Morelull. Imelda picked it up. “Sorry.” She said quietly. Imelda looked at her watching, seeing that it was 12:03. Then, the Morelull emitted an off colored dust, along with a hundred others doing the same. She slid to the ground before falling asleep.
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  2. Aster was walking by as the same happened to him. when he woke up it seemed as if the he was smaller. when he got a look at his hand, it looked like a white spoon! He went to find a window, and when he looked into it, a Ralts appeared.

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  3. Imelda groggily sat up, and looked around, confused. Her violin case seemed a lot bigger than it should. Like it was almost as tall as her. She then realized that she was the one who had changed size. Imelda looked into a puddle, her eyes widening as she saw a Litwick staring back at her. “I’M A FLIPPING CANDLE?!” She shouted half angry, half confused.
  4. "I guess.. H-hey! where are all the people! It just looks like a bunch of fainted Pokemon everywhere!" Aster was confused and needed to know the answer, but had no idea how. "Hey, do you know what just happened?" He asked her.
  5. Imelda turned and looked at him. “No idea. I just woke up l-like this.” She thought for a moment. “Now that I think about it, the Morelull I was holding sprayed out something, then I fell asleep.” Imelda stared at her green flame in her reflection. “Figures. I’m a yankee candle now.”
  6. In a slightly delayed reaction, Allie slumped against a tree after the glow surrounded her body. She didn't have the chance to be confused before she began to feel dizzy and lightheaded.
    Feeling the blackness in the corners of her eyes, she realized what she had to do. She could be severely injured. She pulled an emergency whistle off her belt and blasted it three times: the universal distress signal. The last blast was much shorter than the rest, as she blacked out, the whistle dropping next to her, softly landing in the grass.

    Once she was rendered unconscious, her body began to change. She changed to a rather diminutive height, as her skin lightened to white and her hair turned green and short, curling over the front of her head. Her limbs became thinner and proportionate to her new body. Two purple crystal-like protrusions emerged from her head, swirling with a strange energy. As her clothes vanished, a strange dress-like body part covered her. Anyone in the nearby radius would be able to see this transformation. She was a Kirlia.
  7. Imelda heard whistles in the distance. It took her a moment to realized that it was a distress call. “I think someone’s in trouble.” She turned and started walking towards the direction. She stopped once she realized how slow she was going. “Right. I’m a candle.” She looked around and saw a Growlithe that had just woken up. “Excuse me sir, can you h-help me? I need to get somewhere.” The Growlithe looked at her confused, but agreed and gave her a ride to where Allie was. “Thanks.” She said as she watched the Growlithe run away. She turned and saw a knocked out Kirlia. Imelda went over to her. “You ok?”
  8. Aster ran over to help Imelda. "We should wait a little bit. It seems she's out clean." He told her. He ran over to see an unconscious Meditite. "This is like being straight in a nightmare..." He collapsed on the ground. "W-why.. is this happening..." He got back up and ran back over to her. "So something sprayed, you say?" he asked.
  9. “Y-yeah. A Morelull. It sprayed this weird green misty stuff.” She sighed and sat down in the grass. “And here I thought I wouldn’t get any shorter.” Imelda smiled a little. “I’m Imelda, what’s your name?”
  10. "Aster. Are you from around here?" He asked, smiling.
  11. Her smiled wavered for a moment, but she quickly recovered. “Not quite. I’m from Unova.” Her flame flickered a little. “Nice to meet you Aster. I’m sorry you have to meet the candle version of me.”
  12. "Heh, that's okay. Sorry you have to meet a version of my that's looks like a baby." He looked at himself in the glass of a cafe once more, and looked down. He hesitated for a second, but looked up. "You.. you know if these people don't wake up... we're going to have to find out about this ourselves, right.."
  13. Her eyes widened, before looking determined. “Yeah, I know.” She looked up at the clouds. “I wonder why all this is happening. I mean, why would a whole town suddenly turn pokemon?” She sighed and kept gazing dreamily at the cumulus clouds.
  14. He looked back at her. "Well.. whatever happens, we need to stick together. We may be the only ones alive.". He started to walk, but saw something for a split second out of the corner of his eye. "W-what was that...?". He turned around, and saw it once more, but it didn't appear again. "Hm.. that's strange." He slowly turned back and started walking again.
  15. Imelda hesitantly followed him. “You really think they might be- be dead?” She fidgeted nervously as she walked. “You sure we should leave the Kirila here?” She tried to avoid making eye contact as she walked.
  16. "That's true. On second thought, we may want to stick around until someone wakes up. Lumiose City has a lot of food, and electricity. It's safer here, I'd say." He said, turning around and facing the Litwick.
  17. Imelda nodded and looked back at the clouds. She was never very good with socializing, so this was going to be a challenge. She hoped that once others woke up, she might fade into the background. Well, she didn’t hope that would happen, she just assumed that would happen. Imelda sighed and looked at her little white hands, examining them.
  18. He walked over to her and sat down next to her. "What were you doing when this happened?" He curiously asked. Aster was trying to get as much information about what's going on.
  19. Imelda snapped out of her thought and looked over at him. “I was going to go play my violin, to get some money to...” her voice trailed off, before she continued. “To buy lunch.” She smiled a little at Aster. “How about you?”
  20. "I was going to help Clemont with something, but then this happened." He told her. He looked over to the gym, and wondered if this might have had something to do with that.
  21. Suddenly, a groggy groan echoed behind the pair as the Kirlia stretched out. It appeared she was unaware anything was out of the normal.
    Allie noticed a pair of Pokemon - a Litwick and an oddly-colored Ralts - ahead of her.
    "Hey - WAIT!" she called ahead. Maybe they knew something about this! She sprinted after them. Her steps seemed much smaller than normal, and as she got closer to the pair, she noticed that they were as tall as she was.
    Those are some awfully tall Pokemon...
    Hey - uh - Litwick and Ralts - uh -" She wasn't sure what to say now. The idiocy of asking Pokemon for help suddenly set in. She was still unaware that she was now a Pokemon herself.
  22. "Hm? Oh! Are you that Kirlia from before?" He asked, turning to her.
  23. (O.O.C - @JakeDC, I'd avoid one-liners. I don't want this thread locked.)

    She blinked. For some reason, the fact that she was speaking to a Pokemon had not yet fazed her. "Hm - Kirlia? No, I don't know any Kirlia...are you thinking of someone else?" She looked completely oblivious, obviously not yet realizing that she definitely was a Kirlia. It seemed she'd been hit in the head quite hard.
  24. "Look in the glass to your right." He told her so she could see that she was a Kirlia. He walked over to once more to look at himself as a Ralts. "This is just so strange. Where could that Morelull that caused this could be.
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  26. Imelda observed the two of them silently. She watched the reflection of her green and purple flame as it flickered. Of all the things to stay the same, it had to be her eye color. Granted, she liked green the color, it was just hard to go unnoticed when you’re eyes were a piercing green. Imelda turned around and swiftly started walking, looking for something to eat.
  27. "I'll stay behind, and help out the Kirlia." Aster walked over to her and examined. "Huh. are you sure you're not a Kirlia? you really look like one." He said, with a confused look on his face.
  28. She walked around until she found a store. Imelda walked in and looked around. She ‘borrowed’ some food from the knocked out store manager. When she finished pillaging, she only had a some berries, due to not being able to carry much, because her arms were currently very short. Imelda felt a little guilty for stealing, but didn’t really have any other option. So, she started walking back.
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  29. He walked over to her and examined. "What did you get?" Aster said, curiously. "I haven't eaten in about a w- ... um, never mind." He said, turning his back and walking away. he went to a cafe and went to a water fountain to drink. He hopped up on a table and jumped on and took a sip. once he was finished he walked around the plaza, only to see more unconscious Pokemon bodys. he shuddered, and walked away.
  30. Imelda watched him silently, assuming the end of the sentence. Amazing how people always thought it was a good idea to leave kids in the middle of no where, starting at age ten. She didn’t have guts to follow him, since she assumed he wasn’t coming back. That was her automatic instinct. She sat down on the ground and ate a berry.
  31. He thought about what he just said, and he needed to tell somebody or he would feel even worse. he walked over to Imelda and sat down. "H-hey... I want to tell you something that's been on my chest for a little bit. I-i'm not a trainer. I never intended to be. Remember when I said I was going to help Clemont? That was a lie. I was going to hide... f-from them..." He stood up quickly just after finishing. "O-oh no.. they're behind this. We have to leave NOW! That Kirlia can either come with us or not, but we must leave! They'll know it's me!"

    As he was about to start running, he stopped and turned. "You're probably very confused, and I think I need to explain. It's a long story so you don't have to listen. I just need to get out of here."
  32. She stared at him, kinda confused, but understood the urgency. “Ok then, where do ya wanna run to?” She asked as she stood up. Her flame flickered in confusion as she tried to figure out who ‘they’ was.
  33. He saw the confusion in Imelda's face. He had to tell her but only while they were leaving. "Okay, let's go to Vanville Town, and I'll tell you on the way there. They started running and he began. "Okay.. So, when I was 1 month old, my mother put me up for adoption. I still don't know why and I want to find out. Anyways, I was 12 when I was finally adopted. I was adopted by an kind, old man but his daughter was very abusive. after 2 years, he died and his sister immediately took all of the inheritance and kicked me out. I was still only 13, and I had nowhere to go so I snuck inside the house and stayed there. Though, not long after she found me and threw me out, saying if she ever say me again she would kill me. I never saw her again, until one day in Shalour City. She had strange men around her. I was guessing she used the inheritance to buy bodyguards or something stupid. but as soon as we locked eyes I froze. She said, 'You haven't forgotten what I said, have you?' and laughed. I certainly hadn't I started to run and she sent the men running after me. and here we are now. It's been a week since I have slept or eaten, and if they find us they'll know it's me because I had a Ralts, and it was my only friend. But after I was kicked out I never saw it again. I'm guessing she... s-she.." He said nothing more and fell on the ground, out cold.
  34. Imelda’s eyes widened and she stopped next to him. “Aster? Aster?!” She breathed heavily from running and felt his pulse. “Well, your not dead, so that’s good.” She sat down next to him and looked back, not seeing the men. “I think we should be good for now.” Imelda put the berries next to her and waited anxiously for him to wake up.
  35. He hadn't eaten in a week, or slept to say the least. after a day passed by, he opened his eyes slowly, and stood up. he stumbled and then spoke. "I-is... anybody here...?" He said, hoping for an answer. He needed food, and he didn't have the heart to steal from the shops and stuff. He could barely see, so he didn't see Imelda. after a couple of seconds he curled back up on the ground, waiting for somebody to come.
  36. Imelda sighed in relief. “Thank Arceus you’re ok.” She got an oran berry and handed to him. “Eat. That’s probably why you passed out, besides all the running and exhaustion.” She smiled at him warily.
  37. "... Thank you." He ate it fast and went to a house. He peeked inside. Nobody was home. "We should probably stay here for now. There's food and shelter, and until the men find us we're good."
  38. Imelda nodded before standing up. She walked over to the house and peered inside, a little hesitant to go inside an abandoned house. She sighed and nervously walked inside, praying to Arceus that there wasn’t anything crazy inside.
  39. Aster ran inside of the house and looked to see if anyone was there. "Hello? Anybody?" His voice echoed through the hall, with no response. He continued to walk and found a room with a bed. He jumped on to it. Somehow, he'd been asleep for a day yet he was tired. He soon dozed off for a little bit.
  40. Imelda followed him and sighed, seeing that he was asleep. She date one of the berries she had ‘borrowed’ and sat down in the corner. She yawned and fell asleep while sitting up. She mumbled something indistinguishable in her sleep and her flame flickered in fear.
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