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PBR: Dark and Fire Team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by William Andrews, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. The team I plan on using in online play is as follows:

    Mightyena-Physical sweeper
    Ninetales-Support and status affect user
    Honchkrow-Special Sweeper
    Arcanine-Last Resort (Equal Physical and Special sweeper)
    Rapidash-Speed attacker
    Houndoom-Dual Type STAB

    The question lies with Mightyena.

    This is the moveset I have in mind for him:
    Held item: Flame Orb
    Ice Fang

    Which moves/held item should be changed?
  2. Shocari

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    Ditch Flame Orb immediately. I'm guessing you have Quick Feet as an ability, and that's why you want it, but Flame Orb's burn lowers your attack by 50%, which is crippling to a Physical Sweeper such as he. Also, with Quick Feet increasing your speed, Payback becomes pointless. However, if you're just using Flame Orb for Facade, don't: even with the boost to Facade's power, you're still crippled by the burn. Toxic Orb is much, much better, and does less damage to you over 3 turns. Since it's PBR, which is mostly doubles, I suggest Protect in order to both be safe and safely activate Toxic Orb.

    Crunch is an excellent STAB option, becoming base 120 with STAB. Sucker Punch is priority STAB that can help in hitting fast and hopefully hard. If you have Quick Feet, Taunt becomes an excellent option since you're now fairly fast. Finally, Super Fang is just wonderful because it'll cut the opponent's HP in half, which is great if you know you can't do any more than that with another attack.

    Overall, I'd personally run this:
    Mightyena@Toxic Orb
    Quick Feet
    -Super Fang/Sucker Punch

    However, if you consider not running Facade, I'd use Sucker Punch in it's place.

    I'm sure KoL has much better advice on what to do, though.
  3. Hmm... Okay, let me gather my thoughts:

    Mightyena@Toxic Orb
    Quick Feet (Due to Toxic Orb, speed is increased. A must-have)
    -Facade (Due to Toxic Orb, power is increased. A must-have.)
    -Crunch (STAB dark type, higher power move and potential defense drop on opponent.)
    -Super Fang/Sucker Punch (Very powerful attack / STAB priority move)
    -Protect (Guards against attack damage)

    Sucker Punch won't be of much help regardless of STAB, as I'm planning on EV training speed and the Quick Feet ability will also be in effect.

    Super Fang is a powerful move, but the 10% chance of missing worries me, especially if I'm against a Fighting Type.

    Protect is not a move I would normally use, as my usual tactic is to do as much damage to my opponent as possible, battle and otherwise, as well as conserving PP. As such, I would prefer to save that for another Pokemon
  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Alright, time to step in here:

    Correct really, this move is pointless on Mightyena with Quick Feet and Speed EVs, especially when Crunch is available.

    However, if this were doubles (in which case Protect would be mandatory) then I'd drop Quick Feet entirely and run an Intimidate set (with Sucker Punch STAB obviously,) which would be vastly superior in such an environment. For singles though, keep Quick Feet and Crunch.

    Draco Meteor is considered one of the best moves in the entire game due to its massive STAB power combined with Dragon-type only being resisted by Steel. It also has a 10% chance of missing. 20% or more miss chance, fair enough, but 10? Give me a break, there's caution and then there's paranoia; this is the latter.

    Also, since Super Fang always inflicts 50% of the enemy's current HP as damage, they'll always survive it and if they're a Fighting-type, they'll then kill Mightyena anyway. You're dead regardless of whether you hit them or not with it.

    Protect is there so that Mightyena doesn't get murdered before Toxic Orb has a chance to poison him (it takes a turn to activate, so you Protect on that first turn to keep yourself safe from damage.) Mightyena's speed is awful without Quick Feet active, and without Protect he's all too easy to destroy before the ability has a chance to activate. There's no getting rid of it here, besides, you're only going to use it once so what's the problem?

    Also, "doing as much damage as possible" does not mean "I will only use attacking moves and nothing else." The former means using mostly offensive Pokemon to break down defensive Pokemon and then setting up with moves like Dragon Dance to mop up everyone else. The latter means getting your face kicked in by anyone with half a brain in their head because you have effectively no strategy whatsoever.

    P.S. I should mention that for the third moveslot, Sucker Punch and Super Fang are both trash. Fire Fang is probably the best choice since it's Mightyena's best option for enemy Steel-types.
  5. I have no plans of really going into doubles with Mightyena, so I'll be sticking with Quick Feet and Speed EV. Thanks for the tip on Doubles, though.

    So ultimately that makes the move set recomended...
    Fire Fang

    Thank you, King of Lucario and Shocari, that's all my questions regarding Mightyena. ~:D~

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