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Open Outcasts 2 discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Stormursa, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. So, I have forgotten. Where is the unconscious form of Dave, currently?
  2. Ah yes. For some reason, it feels like SkyFort is extremely unimportant right now. Is anyone (besides Dave) even still there?
  3. Everyone except Tim, Netero, Dillion, Jake and Alex (male).
  4. I will now, sadly announce, that after Monday, i will almost never be active, during the summer. Not that it'll affect anyone here, but, in a sense, this is me taking my leave.
  5. So once more outcasts as died and I think I believe I know why. Should we try to revive this great legacy once more or let it finally rest?
  6. Hmm... I think we should give it a little while. And I'm pretty sure I also know why it died
  7. So it died again. and a bit quicker this time.
  8. Everyone should have a try making Outcasts, each with their own kind of plot and stuff, see whose lives the longest
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  9. I think it died because off the bat people left other in the dust. In the first outcasts our characters stuck together for almost the entirety of it and knew they had to work together. The skyfort people actively tried to get rid of people at first by saying that no more people could come because their bunker was to small or something like that(that's how I interpreted it). If outcasts is to be ever born we should try and stay back to the roots. Try and stay together and welcome people.
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  10. Hey guys how's the rp
    Awe crap I forgot to make my character can I even join
  11. Yeah I have to agree with storm. My work schedule when we started this one had me working long hours so I wasn't able to post when everyone else could leaving my character in the dust.

    Also technically speaking the Unwanted is based off the original outcast RP.
  12. Also true, jagson. But you and I have been the only ones to post.

    @Tsu I'm afriad it has died
  13. Now you know how I feel

    Joking aside, reboot sounds good, who'll make it?
  14. I'd rather not. So someone else?
  15. Why not just give me some time to make the threat.
  16. A reboot. Yeah, that seems like a pretty logical and justifiable decision. As for the creator... since Stormursa already declined, originally, Zander wanted to make a new one after the original died, but he decided to give up on the Pokecharms life a while ago.
    If no one else decides to create the third installment of Outcasts... I guess I'll start it. Maybe with a better title than 'Outcasts 3'.
    Something like... 'Outcasts: Reborn'? Yeah, I like it. Anyways, I'm not gonna make some Homestuck characters this time. In fact, I wanna stick with one character, actually.
    EDIT: It took me forever, Jagson, to come to the realization that you meant 'thread' not 'threat'. Lol, sorry. Once you make it, just don't forget to tag me, alright? Thanks dude, later.

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