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Ask to Join One Piece: The Great Pirate Era

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by JayTaku, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryuuji walked around his island, looking around at all the bandits and criminals that inhabited the island. He then made his way to the pub, again looking around at the people inside, he never thought much of any of them, he was actually quite disgusted at how pathetic they were. He made his way over to the bar and sat down. "I guess it's just another boring day of living on this pathetic island." Ryuuji thought as he then sighed. He ordered a drink and then made his way back outside to look at the sea. "I bet all the pirates and their crews will be in search of that treasure soon." He thought as he chuckled.
  2. "Ten Hut!
    Within the main harbor of Loguetoen, located on Polestar Islands within East Blue, a large collection of Marine cadets had been gathered as they stood in attention before a Marine captain; who stood on the deck of a ship as he overlooked the cadets on the dock.

    "In the very town that renegade Gold Roger made his anarchistic proclamation, we will remind the citizens of the seven seas that the force the protects the people is still the one who rules the seas. A special task force is being made to expand our range in enforcing the laws of the World Government across the seas. We are looking for the best of the best, so you will all compete in a tournament to showcase your talents to us. Victory or defeat in matches isn't as important as your overall performance. Though naturally, whether you can win or lose with your abilities will be made part of your evaluation." The Captain explained, as a young cadet with grand aspirations listened to each word spoken and felt her a fire light with each word spoken.

    "We will meet back at this harbor at high noon. You will have till then to make needed preparations. We expect you to give us your best and be at your best. Dismissed!"

    "Sir yes sir!"
    The young cadet, Abby, gave a salute before she pondered what she was to do with her free time. She could not afford to waste it, as this tournament might be the most important thing in her Marine career...maybe even the most important event in her life. However, if she trained herself too hard she'd be worn out before it even began. So she needed to find that balance, and she supposed a trip to the market to get some fruit would be an ideal start. So Abby would begin to make her way into the town; unaware of the aspiring pirate who also seemed to have ambitions of grandeur in his head.
  3. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    When the schooner Endless Night approached the port at Loguetown, Veks was on it. He had not thought that he would come back to his hometown so soon, but, leaning over the ship's railing to look out at the port before him, he reminded himself that things were different now. He was different now, his travels, still so short, had left their mark on him, in more ways than one. From his pointed ears and muzzle, to the tail flicking behind him, to the fur covering his body. Zoan fruits were not generally seen as particularly powerful, but they were useful in their ow right. He'd left Loguetown fully human, and no one would recognize him now.

    This was his first time home since Gold Roger's execution. He had been there of course, most of the town was. The marines had made attending all but mandatory, the better to get out their message of capital punishment for piracy, and the long reach they had. But, Veks had seen Roger's smiling face, heard the man's dying words, and was inspired by it, like many others had been. Suitably, Gold Roger's parting action was to launch a new golden age of piracy, one they were now enjoying. So why come back here rather than be out there on the vast East Blue? Well, Loguetown was one of the last ports of call before Reverse Mountain, and thus the last chance to stock up on supplies for any vessel hoping to attempt the Grand Line.

    And that did mean any vessel. A hush came over the crew on the deck as they pulled in to port. There were a lot of Marine vessels here - all very distinctive ships, their standardized design and paint schemes made them easy to pick out. Endless Night was not flying her true colors, and was officially registered as a cargo ship, both precautions the captain had taken that all members of the crew were extremely grateful for. Loguetown had a Marine base of course, and being Gold Roger's hometown there was bound to be an increased presence, more eyes on the island, but this was excessive. Something had to be going down.

    Veks considered the possibility that he might not disembark after all - devil fruits tended to stick out, and by using his hybrid form he'd no doubt draw even more attention. He had spend many a fight getting acquainted with this ship's twelve cannons and the six pound cannonballs they fired, and they were due for cleaning if nothing else. But this was probably his last chance to make something of himself before he was stuck with this bunch of dead-enders until they all inevitably died a few days into their Grand Line adventure. And if he was going to strike out as a pirate on the Grand Line and not be at the mercy of one crew or the other, he'd need a log pose of his very own. He was also interested in acquiring a new model flintlock that had been made in South Blue, and if any East Blue city was going to have some for sale, it'd likely be Loguetown.

    So, he accepted his rather meager cut of the profits from their voyage thus far - seriously this captain's greed would likely be his downfall - and strode down the gangplank into the port proper. Being on solid ground again was a different kind of experience, but he quickly re-adapted and was able to walk, with some confidence, to the city's market, doing his level best to ignore any strange looks he received. There was a fairly long standing arms shop there that would hopefully have at least one of the things he needed.
  4. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryuuji then decided that he would go into Louguetown to get some food. He grabbed his dagger and then sword as he started making his way to the town.

    He got there after about ten minutes of walking and he then walked into the market. He saw a shop selling some meat, so he went to grab some to take home with him. He went and got the meat and held it. Ryuuji was gonna start making his way home until he noticed the marines in the main harbour. "Wait, what the hell are they doing now?" He asked himself quietly. He then noticed that they had been dismissed, and one of them was making their way into the town. He got up and followed her to see what she was going to do.
  5. Abby, even in spite of some...odd feeling in her gut as someone had, without her current knowledge, began to follow her. Abby calked that up to pre-tournament nerves as she made her way to the main market and made a selection of an apple as she made the purchase before she took a big bite of it.

    Abby began to think the tournament over. Would weapons be allowed? She doubted it, it was just supposed to be a place where one displays their skills not a death match. Still, she figured she could check up a local weapon's shop just to see what they had available as regardless of whether she'd make the task force or not she always could use a little tune up and stock up on supplies that could make or break her survival out on patrol.

    So Abby prepared to leave for the weapon's shop, though she paused first. Taking a bite of her apple as she scanned behind her, that feeling in her stomach refused to go away as she tried to spot anything, or anyone, suspicious around her to try and ease that feeling.
  6. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryuuji continued to follow the girl as she then stopped and looked around her. "I'm guessing she's noticed me, but why isn't she saying anything about me following her then." He then got a little closer to her as he gave her a stare. "So your a marine right?" He asked as he then grinned, a lot of the towns people looked towards him and then Abby. Ryuuji had always had a strong hatred for marines, he thought they were no better than criminals.
  7. Jacob sat down on the first wooden stool he found. You'd expect something better from a town which is known in the entire world, but the inns were all kinda.. trashy. Without even needing to look around, the young marine could clearly feel that he had a good amount of eyes on him. Truth is, despite lots of marines being there at that moment, there were still a lot of pirates hanging around. Well, not as loud and prideful as they usually were, but it was still obvious enough that some of the people he crossed eyes with were just waiting for a chance to jump at his neck. But that wasn't really important.
    What's important right now... He thought - is getting into that "special task" the Captain was talking about. We'll do the pirate-hunting later, for now I need to save my energies.
    As many of the marines there, he really did not have an idea of what role this special unit would've had in the marine ranks, but if it had "special" in its title it had to be important, right? "Oh, and "the best of the best" he said... Hehehe" Jacob muttered to himself, laughing almost maniacally at the end. He HAD to get in, no matter what.
    He asked the barman some rum, and kept on sitting there, drinking and waiting, while still keeping an eye on whoever moved around him.
    With this many pirates around, you're never safe. He thought as he pulled his sword closer to him.
  8. Abby was slightly surprised to see some guy walk up to her and ask if she was a Marine. That grin he had when she asked also unnerved her a bit, given it was far from the genuine aww she had seen in kids eyes when they saw a Marine, but managed to keep a neutral expression

    "Yes, a cadet. Though someday I hope to climb my way through the ranks to the very top. Is there something you are in need of?" Abby asked, as she had not dismissed the possibility that this guy may have needed her service for something. Though she had a feeling the reason he asked had nothing to do with how she could help him though she needed to hear what he would say first.
  9. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryuuji's grin got even bigger, the crowd's gaze was still on Abby. "Oh well that's good, I was hoping to get some Beri today." He stated as he reached into his pouch and pulled out his dagger. Ryuuji was told if he could take down at least one marine he would get a decent amount of money for it. "Don't worry I'll go easy on you, after all your only a cadet right." He said as he gave her a cold stare and held his dagger up to her and then his grin returned, but it was more sinister this time.
  10. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    From Veks' perspective, Loguetown hadn't changed at all since he'd left. He'd bet that were he to go to the town square, Gold Roger's execution platform would still be standing there. Would the man himself also be there, smiling down at him again? No, of course not. Gold Roger was many things, but he was not immortal. His head had been cut cleanly off, Veks had seen it. Still, though, if anyone could find a way to cheat death, the weasel had no doubt in his mind it would be the Pirate King.

    His ears flicked as he caught a floating conversation, snapping him out of his thoughts. His eyes drifted in the direction the noise was coming from: a young woman, maybe a few years younger than Veks himself. She identified herself as a Marine cadet, responding to a question from a man that Veks didn't quite hear. The way the man carried himself set off alarm bells in Veks' mind, and, sure enough, he drew a knife on the woman, quite literally attempting to mug her in the street. It was quite the brazen display, and there was no doubt in Veks' mind that the marine could take care of herself if the need arose, but...

    Stepping in to help would no doubt win him some gratitude from this woman, and having a friend on the opposite side of the law could be useful. Plus, common thieves and muggers were the lowest of the low, the worst kind of person and the worst kind of pirate. He could probably take down the knife carrying boy himself, and together with the marine his odds were even better. He drew one of his pistols with a flourish, pointing it quite plainly at the armed man's head.

    "Drop the knife and step away, and you won't need to get hurt," he said gruffly.
  11. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryuuji saw a man draw out a pistol and then aim it at his head. He chuckled and looked up to Veks with a cold stare "Are you sure you wanna do that to me, I mean do you know who the hell I am." Ryuuji could tell this guy would be trouble, so his sword and dagger wouldn't do it. He grinned as his teeth turned into fangs and he grew claws. He held his claws up to Veks and gave him a glare. "You may know this town for having weak bandits and petty thieves, but I'm different as you can see." He stated as he then grinned and went charging at Veks.
  12. Woosh!
    As Ryuuji began his charge, the faint sound of multiple feathers flying through the air signified Abby's response. It took a moment to get over the shock of a knife being pulled on her, which had not been the first time that happened, and more importantly the shock that the bandit appeared to be some sort of man-creature hybrid.

    So Abby responded to what she perceived as a Devil Fruit of some kind with her own. Something she would have liked to keep to herself till the tournament but she needed to prioritize the threat to civilians at hand. As she produced some feathers from her arm and fired them with the aim to have them stab into the back of Ryuuji's legs to bring his charge to a halt.
  13. On a certain island in the East Blue, a young man carrying a few bags of provision ran through the small village of Chisai towards the docks. "Come on Kyuubei, let's go before they change their minds." He shouted to his companion. The boy was Green D. Muto, he was on his way off the island to start his journey as a pirate.
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  14. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Veks didn't even give the man the chance to gloat before he was drawing his second pistol. His caution was soon rewarded when said man revealed himself to be another Zoan type Devil Fruit user. This didn't really change Veks' calculations any, it just made his foe a bigger target. True to his original assumption, the Marine revealed that she also had powers of her own, though they were much less flashy compared to the two Zoan users. While she fired feathers at the wolf-man's legs, Veks took aim and fired two bullets at the charging man's chest.
  15. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryuuji noticed the feather heading towards his leg, he didn't think to move so it ended up hitting his leg. He then saw the bullets coming towards him, so he decided to pull out his sword and deflect them. He then noticed that the feathers had made him bleed. "How could a feather even make me bleed? But anyway I should take these two seriously, they also seem to be devil fruit users." Ryuuji looked back up to both of them, looking enraged. "Okay, you guys are starting to piss me off." He stated as he then looked towards Veks. "Who are you anyway, you sort of just showed up, and to be honest you don't look like another marine." Ryuuji said to Veks and he looked at him more.
  16. “Right behind you, Captain!” Behind the boy who had ran off previously was a young woman, carrying some supplies her own. As she made her way to the docks, she made sure to rouse some attention by teasing some of the local men, but nothing that would require her to stop her journey back to their ship.
  17. Muto quickly glanced behind him as he saw Kyuubei following him, a smirk grew on his face when he heard her call him captain. Arriving at the dock, Muto met with a woman standing in front of a rather large ship. "Hey mom, are you sure its alright to take the biggest ship our village has?" He asked. The woman smirked at her son. "Of course, we don't have much use for a ship this big for our little village anyway. Why let it go to waste?" She responded. "I'm proud of you son, finally off on your big journey." She added before Muto jumped on the ship. "Thanks mom." He said.
  18. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    The wolf-man got a lucky break deflecting his bullets, but his charge was stopped by the Marine's attack and he took the time to talk again. Veks had an opportunity then, and this time he wouldn't make it so easy got the wolf-man to block. One gun was aimed at the man's head, the other at the knee of his already damaged leg. With any luck, the wolf-man would be so busy deflecting the headshot he'd take the second hit and shatter his kneecap. Or he'd take the headshot. Either way, it'd likely end the battle. He fired both shots.
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  19. “Kya-ha! Thanks for the ship, miss!” Kyuubei smiled as she said her goodbyes, sending out one last kiss to the audience Muto and herself had gathered. “Goodbye~! I’m gonna miss you all!” She called as she started loading their cargo onto their new ship. “C’mon Captain, you’ve gotta be the one to take the helm.” She called to her boss, beckoning him onto the ship.
  20. Abby frowned a bit as she decided to strike while the man-beast's focus was on the newcomer, as she shaped a couple of throwing stars out of feathers and sent them flying with the intent to strike the guy in the shoulders.

    Her aim, naturally, was to try and jab the shoulders so that the guy could not swing his clawed arms around as causally as he possibly could; though she reminded herself once this fight was settled to talk to this guy who offered her aid. And find out what his story was...whatever it was.
  21. Hearing the call of his crew mate, Muto nodded and jumped to the helm of the ship. “Alright, let’s go.” He said. Raising the sails and spinning the ship wheel around, the ship carrying Muto and Kyuubei left the dock, entering the high seas.

    After sailing away from their home island, Muto looked back. The small island looked even smaller now as it was just a small dot on the whole wide ocean. He sighed before looking to his first mate Kyuubei. “I know we already brought supplies on board but I think we should still stop at the next island in case we missed anything.” He said. “Loguetown is pretty close by, let’s stop there.”

    Back on the island, an older man walked up next to Muto’s mother. “I still don’t think we should have let them go, the sea is a very dangerous place for a couple of kids to be running around in.” He said to her. “Come on old man, you worry too much.” She’s responded before hitting the man’s shoulder which made his flinch and recoil. “They’ll be alright, I have faith in them.”
  22. “Sounds like a great idea! I’ll whip up something for us while we wait!” Kyuubei dissapeared into the kitchen to make something for Muto and herself, something she could tell would be done many times over in the future.

    “Hmm...what to make...Oh! Smoothies! That’ll be a good way to keep us refreshed while we wait!” Kyuubei danced around the room, preparing all the ingredients for their first official meal as a pirate crew. As she created the dish, she sung a song her other used to sing to her when she was a child. With a smile on her face, she opened the door onto the main deck, with a plate of drinks in hand. “All ready, Muto!” She called as she brought the tray over to her Captain, gazing out into the sea.
  23. When Muto heard Kyuubei agree with him, a smile grew on his face. “Glad to hear it, Loguetown it is.” He said as their path was set. After sailing for a bit, Muto saw Kyuubei come back with a trait of smoothies. “Thanks Kyuubei.” He said as he grabbed his cup and began drinking it. Awhile later, Polestar island came into view as the ship quickly closed in one it. “We’re here.” Muto exclaimed as they docked.
  24. Kyuubei smiled at her Captain when he thanked her, and continued to look out into the sea until they reached Polestar Island. “Hoi! Time to drop anchor for Polestar~!” The young girl helped out her Captain in docking the ship as they arrived at the new island. “Hah...here we are.” Kyuubei sighed as she stepped onto the docks, waiting for her Captain to follow suit.
  25. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryuuji then heard the shots fire, one aiming at his head and one at his knee cap. "Okay If it hits my head, then I'll die, but if it hits my kneecap it will only shatter it." He moved out of the way of the bullet aiming for his head, but the other one still hit his kneecap. He collapsed onto the ground, whilst on the ground wo more feathers were going for his shoulders, they jabbed his shoulders. He couldn't get up. "You damn bastards, you were actually able to beat me, you should feel good about yourself." He said as he then looked towards Abby, "So why don't you just take me away, you're a marine right."
  26. "I mean, I could think of a number of charges against you given your actions here. But I prefer to question people first..." Abby said, as she pulled a pair of sea-stone handcuffs and worked to try and bind Ryuuji's wrists behind his back so he'd not pose a threat to anyone.

    "I do hope you are some secret Marine in disguise, because a civilian jumping in and fighting a dangerous Devil Fruit user is incredibly reckless if not suicidal." Abby said to Veks, as while internally she was appreciate of his help she also had a code as a Marine to put the safety of others above all else; and some random "civilian" jumping in to fight such a dangerous aggressor was the exact opposite of what she strived to do as a Marine.
  27. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryuuji nodded, "Okay then, I'm fine with that." He said as Abby put a pair of handcuffs on him. Ryuuji then smiled at Veks, "Yeah I'm surprised you survived that long against a devil fruit user like me, consider yourself lucky." He mentioned as he looked at his shoulders, "But anyway, what was going on with those feathers, would you happen to be another devil fruit user?" Ryuuji asked while looking at Abby, trying to look as intimidating as he could.
  28. After docking the ship, Muto followed Kyuubei off the ship. He took a bit to take in the scenery of Loguetown. "Loguetown, Gold Roger's hometown. It was here he was executed after making his speech that started a new age of pirates." He said to himself quietly as he stood on the dock. He observed the busy streets of the town, many thieves and pirates were around even thought marines were patrolling everywhere. After a bit of appreciation, Muto turned to Kyuubei. "Well, let's go." He said before noticing a bit of commotion happening a bit further ahead. "What's going on there?" He said out loud.
  29. “Hm?” Kyuubei poked her head around the corner of the shop she was checking out to see what Muto was talking about. “It looks like it’s some kind of fight...you wanna get in there?” She asked as she popped up behind her Captain, looking at the mess unfurling in front of them. She licked her lips as she said this, as she wasn’t quite done with the snack she had bought just previous to this.
  30. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Veks breathed a sigh of relief. The wolf-man had been caught between their pincer attack and gone down in a hail of gunfire and feathers. The marine cuffed him soon after, and the weasel couldn't help but wince at the sight. Seastone cuffs, a marine specialty. He hoped he never had to wear those. The wolf-man was trying to be all chummy now that he'd lost, but the Marine also had some questions for him. He quickly thought about how he was going to play this, holstering his guns while he did so to give him something of an excuse as to why he didn't answer immediately.

    "So sorry miss!" the weasel said, "I thought I could make him back off if he saw there were two people facing him. Really, attacking you in a crowded street like this, I'm surprised no one else thought to try and stop him. I have some experience fighting bandits, though admittedly I didn't know he was secretly a dog!"
  31. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryuuji laughed a little, "Why would anyone here wanna help a marine? Over here we hate them, and we always will." Ryuuji stated as he looked up at Veks, "Anyway whatever your name is, are you from this island or what? And what actually are you, just a civilian?" He asked as he still looked at Veks. He was also still checking all of his injuries.
  32. Muto glanced at his crew mate as she seemed eager to get into a fight. "Whoa there, that lady seems to be a marine and if we went in now it could mean trouble. We don't want to be caught the same day we started our journey do we?" He said. "But I think we should get closer to them and see wat's going on." He added.
  33. “Aw, if you say so, ‘Cap.” Kyuubei followed Muto as the two got closer to investigate, putting her hands in her pockets as she walked along. “Man, I can’t even tell what’s going on here. You got any ideas, Muto?” She asked he captain as she squinted at the sight before them.
  34. Getting closer to the scene of the fight, Muto looked back towards Kyuubei who asked if he had any ideas what was going on. Muto shrugged slightly as he looked back in front off him. "I don't know, I guess that guy could be a pirate and that marine just apprehended him." He responded.
  35. "I'll let you decide if I am one or not, you seem like a smart guy. Despite being stupid enough to attack a Marine in public." Abby replied as she would work to try and pick him up and keep him close now that he had been restrained. Though his comment on Marines was an attention grabber and one she needed to address.

    "Well, whether you appreciate our service or not, we Marines only strive to protect people. And I wouldn't be giving moral lectures when you pulled a knife on someone unprovoked and threatened a possible civilian." Abby spat back, as this guy's attitude rubbed her the wrong way as she kept an eye on the wolf-fruit user but also faced the crowd. Who seemed to gather around and Abby felt it was her duty to calm any worries they had.

    "Citizens, it is all right! This assailant has been apprehended and the situation is under control! Please go back to your usual activities there is nothing to be worried about!" Abby said loudly to the crowd, as she tried to quell concerns and hopefully would cause the crowd to disperse. No reason a scene needed to be had given the danger had passed, this guy did not deserve such attention anyway.
  36. “Aw man, what a drag...what do we do now?” The young woman asked her Captain, seeing as how the situation had closed itself before they were able to interact with it. “If we can’t think of anything to do, we could always visit one of the tourist attractions on this island, I’ve heard the town square has a bit of history behind it.”
  37. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryuuji got up and let Abby get a hold of him. As he got up though, he turned and smiled at the people around him, "Well looks like it's goodbye, I've finally been arrested." He said as he laughed a little. "I know for a fact that if I can't get out myself, some of these guys will come to my rescue, I mean while it is for my own gain, I have protected them from people that have attacked." He thought as he turned and walked away.
  38. Seeing the situation had been handled, Muto looked to his crewmate as she asked him a question. "Yeah sure, it will be nice to learn more about this historique town." He responded. Muto looked back to Ryuuji who was being taken away. "It seems that guy assaulted someone, wonder what he's problem was." He thought.
  39. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    While Ryuuji walked away many of the townspeople were relieved, as many of the townspeople just saw him as just another criminal. Whereas others were actually quite upset about it. A group of people started to talk, "It is kind of a shame that Ryuuji got taken away, after all he has been the one to save us from criminals and other bandits, even some pirates." One of them mentioned as they then stopped talking.
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  40. Kyuubei’s ears perked up as she listened to the murmuring of the crowd, ad the rumors spreading about. “Hey Muto, it seems like this guy wasn’t a real villain after all. He actually sounds like he could be useful if we recruit him, dont ya think?” She asked her Captain as she tried to imagine the level of strength this “Ryuuji” had.

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