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Private/Closed Omnikinesis (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Finch~, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Pyrokinesis (Fox): Tomazs @Clite of Dragonbow
    Areokinesis (Lynx): Ffion Krystal @Astrapi
    Hydrokinesis (Pied Kingfisher): Alex Watanabe @Sentorus67
    Florakinesis (Gecko): Lily Smith @PlayfulFox47
    Telekinesis (Wolf): Sienna Fang @KeenKitsune
    Umbrakinesis (Cat): Jace @EmoKitty21
    Electrokinesis (Eagle):Marija "Mara" Adelhaide@Merciless Medic
    Hyalokinesis (Glass manipulation) (Snake): Samuel Flint @Hallowed
    The spirit animals, are not only what your character can turn into, but a spirit that they (and the rest of the omnikinesis) can see. They will always follow you, even when you are shapeshifted into your spirit animal (As they are a separate entity), and guide you when you are in need.

    If you'd like more explanation on this, tell me on the disc.

    Ffion walked out of the small corner shop, sighing. Always, always her, as her brother could never be bothered to do anything but fortnite, she always found herself going up the shop for things her mother missed. She shook her head. "At least there's a route that isn't just more town." She muttered. She walked down a small, pebbled path, a route that would take her home through a more woodland area. It took longer, but better than the hustle and bustle of town.

    A small shard of what looked like broken glass, yet in the shape of a wing, glittered in the gravel. Ffion stopped, bending down and picking it up by the string that was attached. A necklace? Ffion shrugged, smiling, then continued home with it in her pocket.

    Ffion entered her house, putting the shopping away then running up to her room. She took the necklace out of her pocket, and looked at it closer. You could see the details in the wing. All of them. Even the feathers if you looked close enough. Ffion's finger brushed over the shard, then looked up. "Wait..my room?"

    There was no room here. Just fields of golden grass and a large building in the distance. It seemed almost familiar. "Why, hello" A voice said, it was soothe and calming. Ffion jumped, looking behind her. A... lynx?
    "Yes, me." The lynx said.
    "Y..you talk?" Asked Ffion, overly confused.
    "Yes. And you have the shard"
    The lynx nodded. "The wing. That is your shard. You have been chosen."
    "Chosen? Chosen for what?"
    "Listen, girl. You are part of the omnikinesis. Just one part. Areokinesis"
    Ffion stared. "What the-"
    "Me and my familiars will explain after the rest of you get here. Wouldn't want to spoil the fun, would I?"
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  2. Tomasz was walking around and thinking. What he is going to do now, nobody never listened to him. He didn't have any friends... And he didn't know, what to do with himself.

    He found on the round a weird ring, it had a red shard or something in the middle. As he took better look at it, He could say that the silver in the ring looked like flames. He put a ring on his middle-finger. "Well... That's a really pretty ring..." after he said that, suddenly, the city dissapired. He was on a golden field, field of a golden grass and it seemed that there was a building a bit far away.

    "Hello, Kid. I can't believe, that someone like you could be chosen" Tomasz turned around to the voice and saw a fox. "Wait... What is..."
    "I don't want to bother myself to explain this, just for your information. You are now a part of Omnikinesis, only one, but all of you are important. You are the Pyrokinesis, probably the most destructive of them all. So, if you don't want to hurt anybody, you have to listen to me" Fox said, without giving any time to reply "It seems that this lynx found his chosen already, let's join them and wait for the rest"
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  3. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Ffion turned, seeing Tomasz. “Are you real or am I dreaming?” She asked. “Sorry, that probably sounded rather weird...” She looked at him. “I’m guessing you’ve been ‘chosen’ as well?”
    Lynx looked to fox, dipping his head and whispering “It seems the shards have chosen well. Let’s just hope the rest don’t fall into the wrong hands. I’m still concerned about Umbrakinesis and cat, what if he cursed them?” He shook his head. “I’m probably worrying too much, aren’t I fox. Umbrakinesis is fine, cat is too. Let’s just hope whoever finds it is too.”
    Cat appeared out of the grass, black fur ruffled. “I know where the shard is. I sense who is about to find it is pure. Stop your worry, lynx”
    Lynx nodded. “We shall wait”
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  4. "I don't know... I was just in the middle of the city, not so long ago... But, I heard that two people can't have the same dream" Tomasz said "Well... If I believe fox, then yes. I am that 'Chosen' thing. My name is Tomasz (Thomas, for people that want translation)... And you?" he asked.

    "Well, You usually worry too much, Lynx. If similar situation happends, We will be prepared now. But I hope, that it won't happend again" Fox whispered back "You think shard did a right choice. I received a kid... My old 'Friend' was Strong and Good, you know and... Now I get a kid. But he didn't look bad. Still, I think your shard chose better than mine"
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  5. Jace was glad to be off the stage. Being the lead singer for a band was tough, especially when the band has a pretty large following. It is like he has no privacy anymore. Leaning up against the door of his dressing room, Jace laid his back and closed his eyes. "Man why did I let Jack talk me into this whole band idea. Sure the pay is good, but the fame is not." Sliding down the frame of the door, Jace's foot hit an anklet, it had a wing in a black color. Picking it up, he could see the detail of every feather and black oynx stone that was embedded into the wing. "Well who left this here. It is very beautiful. Whoever lost it is sure going to miss it." Touching the actual wing, Jace saw a bright white light, and when he opened his eyes he was in a large golden field. It looked very peaceful and calming.

    "Ah so you are the one the shard chose. I can sense you are pure unlike the one who held my shard last time." A black cat had appeared beside Jace. He was startled out of his thoughts by the talking cat. He could not really say anything. He was too stunned to even speak, much less form a proper sentence.
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  6. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Sienna was walking down the road towards her home. She had just "worked out at the gym", an excuse she frequently used to escape the overbearing girls who claimed they were her friends. She had genuinely thought they were nice at one point of time, but even an idiot could tell who they actually if they spent enough time with them. For her, it took a couple of hours and then she was done. She saw something on the ground that was glittering purple. It was a purple shard shaped like a crescent moon. It seemed like a good replacement for her moon charm she had lost some time ago. She put it on her choker, then continued walking home.

    She checked to make sure her door was locked before she walked over to a mirror. The more she looked at the charm, the more details there seemed to be. At one point it even seemed to be cycling through different moon phases. It quickly returned to a crescent moon, and she didn't think much of it. She closed her eyes for a moment and opened them suddenly as she felt something different. Indeed something was different, she was suddenly standing in a giant field of golden grass, there was a building in the distance, and a wolf right next to her?

    Hi, the wolf seemed to say as he stared at her. The wolf's gaze dropped to the crystal then he looked back up. You've been chosen to be a part of the omnikensis. You are Telekinesis. I am your spirit animal, I will guide you through the learning journey. We may not be the strongest physically, but I'm sure we'll have fun playing mind games on our enemies. Anyway, we will talk more later, now is not the time. Let's go meet the others. The wolf lifted his snout and sniffed. Lynx and Fox are already there, Cat is in the field somewhere, we should hurry I hate being late. Sienna stared at the wolf in shock for a moment before nodding. "Sure, let's go meet your friends," she said as she started walking.

    She slowed down as she approached the two figures. It seemed that the wolf smelled correctly all the way from here. I'm not the wolf, my name is Wolf. Right. They talked a little as they were walking over, to her it seemed that the wolf preferred talking through the mind rather than out loud. I wonder if I can do that if I learn how to use Telekinesis. Wolf rolled his eyes as if the answer was obvious. The two strangers seemed to be introducing herself. They must've been chosen too. Her eyes darted between the two of them as she saw their crystals. I wonder if they have any idea about what is happening? "Hi, sorry to bother you too, but I'm wondering if any of you guys know what is happening? I'm Sienna by the way," she added.

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  7. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Ffion looked at Jace, Tomasz and Sienna. “Well, I’m Ffion” Lynx looked at her. Then to the rest of the familiars. “There are still 5 shards that need finding. You will all be kept here until then”
    Ffion looked startled. “But... my Mum, my Dad? If I’missing for that long...”
    “No need to worry, Ffion. Time here will stop time there.” lynx said.
    Ffion sighed. “Good”
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  8. Tomasz noticed that there arrived new people "Well, Now we are quite a group, aren't we" he said and gave them a little smile, he didn't know why they are here. But thinking about it, won't change their situation.
    "Hi Sienna, well... We just arrived here too, but I think, that they will tell us soon. Right?" Tomasz said and turned to Fox.
    "Be patient, everything will be explained, when the rest will arrive"
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  9. The day was too good to pass. Alex Watanabe spent a full hour and a half to drive to the park. Even though was supposed at an electronics store for work and spend precious moments of his life boring himself to assured destruction. He all of a sudden "got sick" and couldn't show up. Work wasn't even on his mind as he sounds of critters chirping and skittering soothed his soul. Creating a picture harmony as he casually strolled through the humanless park. It was near the coast of the park that stretches out into the ocean that Alex placed down his towel. While the sign next to him said not to go near the water, he delightfully ignored it, after all, signs don't know how to have a good time. His feet were blissfully floating in the cooling sea when a small tide came in. Alex always had fun with them as the wave would give him a little push. This one, however, smacked him square in the face, completely drenching him and his towel. to further his surprise a small object appeared on his stomach. A seashell? he wondered upon close inspection he notices the string around it. He figured it must have been unwanted jewelry. He grabbed the small piece, held it up to the sun, and stared deeply. the object had an odd shape to it, it had jagged edges, but also a smooth surface. It was a deep blue but seemed like there were white patches inside. It was transparent, but it seemed like there was something entirely different on the other side. Alex spent quite some time admiring it. However, another larger wave appeared and rained down on him once again.

    This time Alex appeared at his surroundings. The piece of jewelry seemed to put itself on when he crashed with the wave. Now he was on solid ground. He noticed there weren't any of the markings that originally were there, the sign was gone. And the sun seemed to be in a different place, where exactly he wasn't sure. In what seemed to be an empty grassland. above him was the energetic chirping. It descended, revealing itself to be a bird. A pied kingfisher that seemed to be slightly larger than usual. In the bird's mouth was a fish. It released it and nudged it towards Alex expectantly. "No thanks, little dude. I ate on the way here." Alex responded. The bird snatched the fish back up and began scarfing it down. "Hey little one," Alex thought about how weird it is to ask for directions, but given how there seemed to be no one around and the bird looks like it somewhat understands. What choice did he have? "Do you know where we are? I'm supposed to be at the eastern coast park reservation and I think I got swept somewhere?" The bird looked at him. tilting its head as if confused. Then upon what appears as a sudden realization, it cocked it's to a direction and began to fly. "If you're asking me to follow. Thanks." The bird happily chirped as they traveled an unknown distance. Slowly they came to across a group of people. Each with some exotic pet next to them. Alex assumed it was a gathering of rich people or a zoo setting up. "YO" he shouted hoping to catch the others attention. The Kingfisher perched on his shoulder, not minding the noise next to it. "You guys got a spare phone? I left mine in the car."
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  10. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Lynx looked to kingfisher, head dipped. He looked to Alex. “I’m guessing Kingfisher hasn’t told you yet, but you are part of omnikinesis. The shard chose you, hydrokinesis. Just one, but just as important. Once the others have arrived, you will know more”
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  11. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Lily walked in a field as she picked some flowers to press, then place in her flower journal. Sure, it was one of those activities that most would find boring, but to her, it was calming when she was kicked out of the house due to it being a nice day. She picked a small purple wildflower and sniffed it. "What a beautiful aster," she commented as she placed it in a basket she was carrying. She looked around the field, noting several different flowers as she went. When she did not know one, she took out a book of flowers that she brought When she was done, she sat on a rock and smiled as she starting making sure that the flowers were acceptable for pressing.

    After she was done with that, she walked back home. On her way, a shiny object caught her attention. She picked up a necklace with a flower pendant. She frowned and shook her head. "Someone must've lost this." She became worried as she looked around, refusing to take it for herself. She did not see anyone. She inspected the clasp. It was still intact. Why it fell off the sposed person was beyond her knowledge. She loved the way it looked though, and just wanted to see what she looked like with it on. Against her better judgment, she took the necklace home with her. She told herself that she would find the owner after she got the flowers pressed.

    She announced to her parents that she was home and ran up the stairs and entered the second room to the right. Closing the door behind her, she placed the basket on her desk, which was in the back of her room, behind her bed. She then walked to her dresser, which had a mirror on it. She fished the necklace out of her pocket and placed it on her neck. She thought it looked lovely, but she had to find the real owner.
    "Bud, you are the real owner," a small voice said.
    She looked down on top of her dresser and saw a lizard.
    "Geko," the lizard, no gecko, corrected. "And the name is Gecko."
    Lily was dumbfounded for a brief amount of time before she looked at her small new friend. "Why are you in my room? Who exactly are you, I know your name is Gecko, but who are you?"
    He sighed. "You're part of the omnikinesis now. Let me bring you to the others, then we'll talk more."
    "O-others?" She looked around her and found that her familiar pictures of flowers and animals were gone and replaced by a sky.
    "Others," Geko said as he scampered over to the other spirit animals.
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  12. Sirens wailed and blared in the distance, they were definitely searching for something or someone. However, in one of the big city's dark alleyways not too far away from those very sirens, trudged a man. He held something in his right hand, green pieces of paper- or money that surely didn't belong to him, the man grunted at the sight. This is all the guy could take? That friendship was meaningless, wasn't even worth $45. He thought, reminiscent to the $45 his accomplice stole before Samuel double-crossed him and threw him directly into the police. Maybe I can take this to a pawnshop and get a decent amount for it. He'd think before holding up a strange pendant with a glass snake eye to his face. "Doubt it, but it doesn't look like amateur work... It actually looks decent." Samuel inspected, he wondered what the history was behind the piece of jewelry. Regardless, Samuel wrapped the pendant around his neck, it seemed to fit him well since the snake eye rested directly in the center of his chest.

    Before the man could get a decent look at himself, the dark alleyway suddenly wasn't dark anymore. Instead it lit up profoundly, so much so that the walls of surrounding buildings were painted with blue for a second and then it was red, but would soon return to blue, as if it was following a pattern. Samuel's eyes narrowed, the cops had him surrounded from both sides- it was surely over, he'd rot in jail for the rest of his time with no escape. Just then, a commanding voice shouted directly towards him: "Put your hands up and lay on the ground!" Samuel now knew that life wasn't a fairy tale, and there was no happy ending for a thief trying to survive in these streets. He did as he was told, so that maybe, just maybe, he'd be released for good behavior. Get it over with... Samuel thought to himself whilst he closed his eyes.


    "You definitely aren't pure." An unfamiliar voice bluntly stated to the dark-skinned man. Samuel opened his eyes after what seemed to be an eternity, his initial reaction to his new surroundings was that he got tased so much he actually passed out. He slowly got up, pushing himself off the ground via his arms and inspected the new area. There were no humans around, then who could've said that to him? Just then as if on a schedule, a formerly "invisible" snake revealed herself in front of him, it was massive which meant it had to be at least an anaconda or a python. "But that'sss fine as I'm well aware, snakesss are used to symbolize many actsss of malevolence in your world. Yesss?" The huge snake rhetorically asked, slithering up her new wielder's back and stopping directly upon Samuel's shoulder. Samuel stayed quiet with crossed arms, one thing he learned was to not talk if you were clueless, just observe.

    "Not a talker hmm? That'sss fine, but you must know," the giant snake paused and slithered so that she was looking into Samuel's eyes. "You've been chosen to be apart of an organization, known as the 'Omnikinesis,' I chose you. Because of that you now harnesss the power of glass and as a snake, you will become a master of ambushing and trickery." The snake told, then narrowed her eyes shortly afterwards. "Like any organization, you're not alone- there are othersss and you will need to converse among yourselvesss."

    "I'm not shy. I talk when I have to." Samuel cleared up in response.
    "Good then. Now come with me, we're going to find your new companionsss." She stated expecting him to follow behind her. She slithered through the grass until she could visibly see people talking in the distance. Samuel stuffed his hands in his pockets, slightly hunched over and followed the snake until she abruptly came to a stop. Ahead lied a group of more people and animals, who seemed to be having a conversation. "I see." Was Samuel's only reaction to the sight before he made his way over to them.
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  13. Only for a second was Alex was taken aback. it might have been due to history a few hallucinogenic drugs, but talking did seem so surprising for him. "Wow! Not only do you rich kids have crazy pets but they even talk to?" he held out his palm and Pied Kingfisher landed on it. "Can you talk too?" out came a tiny but excited voice that responded.

    "Hi" Alex waved as to properly introduce himself. "Im Alex."
    "Hi!" the kingfisher landed back on his shoulder.

    "So, cat thing, you said I'm part of omki-whatever now? That's cool and all but how much does it pay? I've got a pretty sweet gig right now that pays pretty good. If its anything like a circus I expect starting pay to be like 80,000."
  14. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Lynx snorted to himself, yet made no sound. "Pay? This is a job that pays in millions of people being saved. This is a job were Earth is dependent on you" Lynx dipped his head. "There is more you must know, but we need to wait for Falcon and Electrokinesis"
    Lynx looked around, then over to Snake and Samuel. He sighed, then sat down, just waiting for Falcon.
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  15. Tomasz looked at people around "So there is Seven of us and someone will join...After that you will explain to us, what is happening?" He asked. "Well 3 teens and 4 adults... It will be great, if they will listen to us sometimes" Tomasz thought.

    "Worry not, kid. Everything will be explained by this cat with small tail over here"
    said Fox and it looked like he pointed with his nose at Lynx "Just be patient"
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  16. Jace had basically shut down at this point. He was surrounded by talking animals. Not only that, but he was also not in his own dressing room anymore. He had a concert to get back to. He was still in what he wore on stage. Which is not much seeing as he was wearing just a pair of leather pants, a leather jacket, and a pair black combat boote. This should not be real, he should still be in his dressing room getting ready, not in some golden field. Not to meantion others who seem to be taking this a lot better himself. The only solace is the talking cat held gently in his arms. It was a comfort that he needed to process all of the new information that seemed to be coming in very quickly. Looking around, Jace spotted the city in the distance, he loved the city. All of the sounds, and light, it was like being in the theater while a show was being preformed. Jace did not really pay attention to the questions that everyone was asking, he spent more time conversing with the cat in his arms. "You know if you step back you will realize that all of this is real, it was just hidden to protect others. You are part of a group that protects mankind from harm. You were chosen to do great things. I sense why the shard chose you, you are clever, yet you are also very independent like a cat. You were sent here to work with the others around you." Jace took the time to let the words sink in. Knowing that there was a world that coexisted alongside our own, was a bit daunting, but he could manage. He just wished he had on something a bit more causal then his gear for the concert.
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  17. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Lily stood back, not wanting to disturb the others. She never liked being the first to talk to someone new. She looked around her, trying to memorize her surroundings. If she did that, then she would feel more comfortable. That was what she found anyway. She looked at everyone gathered. Four adults. Would they listen to her, ever? She did not know. She felt mounting terror as she was expected to converse with them and work with them. She could not do that. She was Lily, the girl who sat alone at lunch studying, who never talked to anyone except when she was asked to help someone due to her high scores. She was not some sort of hero. Lily sat down in the grass, covering her face with her legs. "I just want to go home," she murmured to the point no one heard.
  18. Being one to not talk to people much, Jace was someone who would observe and take in what people are doing. On thing he noticed with this bright happy looking girl, basically feel sad and not very happy. Going over with the black cat still in his arms Jace sit down beside the girl. He knew the look she had. It was the same look he himself had when he was overwhelmed by everything. "Hey my name is Jace. Why are you upset? Is it because you found yourself in a weird world with talking animals, because if it is, then you are not the only one."
  19. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    "Um," she looked down. She was talked to first, he wanted her to talk. She did not hear any of the others conversing, so she would not interrupt them if she was too loud while answering. She breathed before saying, "I don't like the amount of strangers I'll have to work with." She knew she sounded petty, but it was true. She did not know how to make her answer shorter, but she felt like it was good enough.
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  20. "You are not the only one. I hate being in large groups. I can barely stand talking to my band mates, who I have known for years." Jace smiled at the girl. She reminded him, of himself. Never really fitting in, being the quite one that no one ever really paid attention to, basically no on ever really shown any interest in him. "You not everyone likes to be in large groups. I personally don't. Sometimes it is like your voice gets lost in everything that is going on and you can not find your way back into it again."
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  21. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Lily nodded, not saying anything. She had a feeling that was slightly rude, but she did not really care. So what she was slightly rude! It was not like she totally ignored him. It was just she did not know how to express how she really felt. She plastered on a fake smile and looked at Jace, trying to say she was fine. She knew she was not, but she did not want to burden him with any of her troubles. She felt like her own problems were her alone to bear.
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  22. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Sienna watched as Wolf's ears flickered ever now and then, he was trying to listen to everybody at once. Hear anything interesting? Not much. She sighed lightly as she looked around. So we have to save people. Do you have to go wherever I go? Patience, lynx will tell everything. She realized that Wolf didn't want to talk much right now, so she stopped. She glanced at the two people sitting beside each other. I wonder if they're friends. She looked upward at the sky. I wonder how many of us will actually become friends. This is all quite sudden, I'm glad nobody is freaking out or anything though.
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  23. Thomas listened to the conversation between Lily and Jace... Well, he was kinda worried, but... He couldn't do anything with this right. Maybe let's try to talk with everyone?
    Tomasz tried to start loud enough for everyone to hear. "So um..... Hi. I will introduce myself again. My name is Tomasz... Emm, Nobody of us know, what is going on here and those animals from fairy tale won't tell us, untill someone arrives but... Well, I think we schouldn't be worring to much..... Let's try to be calm and if we are forced to work together, get to know each other a bit... If someone don't want to, he/she doesn't want to, it's fine..." He said, if they will be busy with conversation 'with everyone' he will at least try to figure out with who he is now.
    "Let's begin with me. I'm Tomasz and I'm 15 years old. I was born in 3rd December and I live in Poland... Emm, this is everything" He said.

    Meanwhile, Fox was trying to figure out, what Tomasz is doing, or rather, why.
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  24. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    "Im Ffion, and Im also 15, born 1st of January, so my birthday wasn't too long ago." She said sheepishly, then added. "Im from Australia"
    Lynx silenced her. "There will be a chance to introduce yourself later" He told her.
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  25. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Lily looked down, wondering if she should also talk. She decided against it since the lynx told Fion to introduce herself later. Lily had a feeling that Gecko would tell her the same. She looked back down at the grass and started to fiddle with it, twirling the blades around as they brushed her finger with their soft edges. She was comforted by her playing with the grass. Why? She did not know, but this had always comforted her, even when she was small.
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  26. The setting sun was slowly creeping closer to the horizon as a young woman could be seen training outside in a sort of outside gym she made herself, with a little help from her friend. The course she made in her backyard allowed her to try out some parkour stunts, as well as strengthen her entire body. This young woman had been training for quite awhile, her short, black hair drenched in sweat and her green eyes showing focus, yet weariness. Hell, even her black, training clothes were covered in sweat.

    After exhausting herself completely, she plopped down on the wet grass from the rain earlier that day and basked in the coming twilight, feeling accomplished for being able to beat her personal best the day before. It was then that, while spread-eagled, she felt something hit her chest. Thinking it was bird poop, she looked down to see that it wasn't bird excrement. It was a yellow crystal with a lightning bolt engraved on it. Picking it up, she looked at the gem. It seemed to carry its own energy and she felt empowered or more energetic holding it. Intrigued, she got up and walked inside and set it down on her desk before taking a change of clothes and taking a nice hot shower.

    After cleaning herself off, she went back to the crystal. When she touched the crystal with her damp hand, she felt like a shock of electrical energy blasted through her body, turning her vision black and knocking her out. As she woke up, she found herself under a bright sky, with her body laying on ground that was not the carpeted floor of her room, but long wild grass. She saw a bird of prey flying overhead, then turning about and encircling above her, and then dove down. Raising an eyebrow, she attempted to roll away, but her body was still immensely sore and almost numb from her intense training session that day. She just didn't move at all as the bird got closer, but as soon as the bird got closer, the bird spread out its wings, glided over to her feet, and landed on the ground.

    Sitting up in a slow and slightly sore manner, she looked at this interesting bird, which she identified as a hawk of sorts. Looking down beside her, she noticed that the gem she had found was now in an anklet that was shaped like a lightning bolt. She picked it up, feeling the static electricity, and looked at the hawk, who perched itself upon her leg and opened its beak to... speak?

    "G'day to you, I hope the teleportation didn't hurt ya too badly. You may call me Hawk," Hawk seemed to speak with a hybrid of British and Irish accents.

    "Um... No, I'm just sore from my training.... Uh... I'm sorry, did I just hear you-?" the woman's own thick German accent rang out, confused, before Hawk interrupted her, his speech getting faster.

    "Yes, yes, but I believe only you, and others of the chosen, can hear me speak, along with others who are like me," he explained.

    "So, there are more people like me with gems, and we each have our own animal that only we can hear? Interesting..."

    The young woman got up and looked about. In the distance, she can see a gathering of people with their own animals. Hawk flew about and rushed his way towards the group. Feeling like she had to keep up, she summoned strength from her legs, which already felt like lead, to run after the bird. She held on to the anklet tightly, trying to make sure she didn't end up falling face first into the ground with how numb her legs felt.

    She finally made it to the others, to which Hawk landed on the woman's shoulder. "Here is my chosen one, everyone. Sorry that took so long."

    The German lady looked about at everyone there. Everything seemed so surreal, but now that other people were here, reality was starting to hit her. Some of the people here seemed homesick or meek-looking. Were they talking about something before she arrived or was that how they were? She looked to the lynx, and then to Hawk.

    "Uh... So wait... This isn't a dream, and I'm not in my own home in Germany? What is this?" she asked, very perplexed.

    "You'll go back in time, but for now, we need to introduce everyone," Hawk glided over her questions about just as well as his own flying prowess and looked over to Lynx to initiate the start of everyone's new journey. The woman just stood there, speechless, waiting for the lynx to say something that made some amount of sense.
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  27. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Lynx nodded, then clambered up a tall rock, signalling for the other familiars to follow him. “Everyone!” Lynx said, loud enough for them all to hear. “You, every one of you, are part of omnikinesis. You have been chosen for a job that will mean saving the world. If you wish to back out, do so now. But know the fate of the earth rests in your hands if you don’t. Long ago, these powers, Areokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Florakinesis, Electrokinesis, Hyalokinesis, Telekinesis and Umbrakinesis, belonged to others. Yet umbrakinesis turned on them. They defeated them, but their shards were lost. Now, they are yours.” Lynx looked to Ffion, nodding. The girl raised her voice slightly and introduced herself. “I am Ffion Krystal. 15 years old, and from Australia.” Lynx looked at her.
    “And the power of Areokinesis Is yours”
    Lynx looked to the others, signalling that he was done.
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  28. Fox looked at Tomasz "Now... You may repeat about yourself. Not that I care..."

    "Umm... I may be irritating by this but... I'm Tomasz Król, I am also 15 years old and I am from Poland" after Tomasz said that, his jacket fall, but before it reached the ground, Fox catched it "You posses the power of Pyrokinesis. Just try not to set a city on fire, I still remember what happend to London centuries ago" Fox said.
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  29. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Gecko glared at Lily, telling her to also introduce herself. She shrunk back, feeling as if everyone was watching her, and judging. She hated that feeling. Even if they weren't watching or judging, she still felt that. She closed her eyes, trying to block everyone out so that she could introduce herself. She gave a deep sigh, and in one breath said, "I'mLilySmithfifteenfromU.S."
    Geko sighed. "Can you do it slower, I'm sure no one understood you."
    Lily opened her green eyes and looked down at the grass. Taking n another deep breath. "I'm Lily Smith, fifteen as well. And I'm from the United States." This time she said it quietly, but this time understandable if you were listening.
    Geko nodded. "You poses the Florakinesis Omnikinesis. Use it wisely."
    Lily nodded, taking what he said seriously. She did not want to end up destroying the Omnikinesis like someone before them did.
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  30. "Alex Watanabe, nicknamed wave slayer, ice road, 'the guy', and anything thing else cool " he began to introduce himself. "Normally I like to introduce myself over a drink, but seeing as I don't have any packs on me, I guess that's, not an option. I'm pretty good looking, I probably come from a long race of samurai or ninja, and you'll find me on the east coast of the great U.S. of A."

    Pied Kingfisher lept in front of him. "Hydrokinesis," it said.
    "hydro, so I can like, move water and stuff?"

    Alex looked at his hands, hoping some sort of marking or anything would show up. "Sweet."
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  31. Samuel's gaze switched between person to person, speaker to speaker until he decided it was right for him to introduce himself. He wasn't going to say any unnecessary information about himself, since it'd most likely turn half of them away- not that it bothered him anyway. However for the sake of this operation, he figured that they should try to at least work together, so all they needed to know was his name, age, and where he came from.

    Snake wrapped herself around his neck and shoulders and slightly teased the reserved man. "Go on, no need to be nervousss."
    Samuel grunted clearly irritated by her words, he wasn't nervous, it just wasn't the right time yet. Retaining his aforementioned position, he slightly raised his head so that his voice would clearly resonate throughout the area, as he wasn't going to say this twice.
    "Samuel Flint, 20 years old and I come from the U.S." His slightly deep voice stated. He didn't feel the need to state that his birthday was in a few days, that sounded childish and was unnecessary information.

    "Never forget the lethal nature of Hyalokinesis, Samuel. You'll do fine as long as you don't." Snake instructed, seemingly not too worried about him.
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  32. The young lady looked about, finding that there were a lot of kids. Some people weren't even around her age except for one guy, and possibly another, but he had yet to say anything. As everyone was introducing themselves, she sat down and put the anklet on. It was quite comfortable, even though the bangle felt metallic. She could feel the gem now exercising its power through her and she felt all tingly. Hell, the arms on her hair were starting to raise. Interesting...

    As she looked about, she decided to start speaking, her thick, almost stereotypical German accent ringing out. "My name is Marija, but you may call me Mara. I am 25 and I come from Stuttgart, Germany."

    Hawk hopped off of her shoulder as she sat down and perched on her leg before talking. "Yes, yes, and you have the power of electrokinesis. Feel the power radiate through you, but don't let it consume you. I don't want to become fried chicken."

    Mara had to keep in a giggle from that but snorted a little instead. The mental image of seeing Hawk burnt to a crisp like a fried chicken was an interesting concept, but now she was curious. Could she cook with her lightning? It was way faster than throwing it in the oven or the stove.
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  33. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Sienna glanced over at Wolf. By now, she had realized that she could hear the other animals talking, but she wondered if they could hear Wolf. For some reason, Wolf's communicating seemed different. She realized she had spaced out when she heard the people talking. They were introducing themselves. There was a pause in which Wolf started staring at her. She glanced over at her before talking. "My name's Sienna I'm 18. I currently live in the U.S.A."
    "As I mentioned before, you possess the power of Telekinesis. Please be careful, improper usage or training could turn you insane," Wolf said sweetly. Sienna nodded, she had been thinking about that since she had gotten here. I really can turn crazy, up till now it's felt like a fairytale with all this magic and talking animals. I guess real life has always been harsher.
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  34. Jace sat back listened as everyone introduced themselves. When it came to his turn he hoped no one recognized him for his rock band. He hated dealing with fans. Especially ones who want to be with him. "My name is Jace Blackwell. I am from London."

    "You have the power umbrakinesis the power to manipulate darkness. I can not wait to see the good you guys do with your new powers." The cat purred as he spoke to everyone. It was still in Jace's lap as it spoke to Jace and the group.
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  35. Alex waved at each new friend that introduced themself, not caring to remember their names, except for Jace, who seemed familiar for some reason. "Cool to be hanging out with each of you." he clapped and wiggled his hands as if expecting to shoot lasers at any moment. "So, Big cat, you keep mentioning saving the world, but what does that mean? You want us to give out those little pamphlets that say recycle or what?"

    "No!" Kingfisher respond.

    "Okay...then were doing the recycling ourselves? Cause this time of year weather is pretty rough to be picking up trash-"

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  36. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    "Saving the world from those who seek to destroy or harm it." Lynx leaped down and off the rock, padding up to Alex. "There are some that wish to use us - you, me everyone - for their own gain...governments that feel these powers could be of some use to them, who will stop at nothing to figure out why we have these powers"
    "But isn't it just the shard that has the power?" Ffion piped up.
    "The shard only acts as a vessel to store the power when its not in use. Without a host it agrees on, the power will be trapped inside the shard, until it shatters. You, and only you, will be able to use the power the shard possesses."
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  37. "So...We are some kind of guardians or heroes and our task is to protect the world" Tomasz said. "Yes... Kind of... Well, if you don't have any questions, we can send you back to their place... Right, Lynx" Fox answered.

    "Maaaaan, I hope that I don't sleep at the street or something... I can't wake up, this all looks really messed up" Tomasz thought.
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  38. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    "Yes, Fox. When you are ready, you may leave. If you'd ever like to come back, may it be for training or something else, just tell Fox. Time doesn't pass here; when you get home, it will seem like nothing happened back at home" Lynx replied.
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  39. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Sienna listened thoughtfully. So time doesn't pass here, and I can just tell Wolf if I wish to come here? Wolf looked over at Sienna. Pretty much. This place can be a pretty good place to clear your mind or think things over which is really beneficial for Telekinesis. There's also so much to explore, it's so vast so you don't have to socialize if you come here. She nodded in satisfaction, that seemed wonderful. She was guessing that saving the world wouldn't be a safe job but she was glad that she got some benefits. Having Telekinesis was a huge benefit no doubt, but this world seemed pretty nice too. So how exactly do I talk to you? Well, the thing is now I hear your every thought. However, most of the time if we're in Earth I will not respond unless you want me too. I can tell when you are expecting an answer and will sometimes answer either way. She had guessed it was something like that since Wolf started talking to her. So do you not like talking aloud? Wolf sighed "Telepathic communication is just more natural to me, though it may seem a bit weird at first.

    Sienna thought for some time before talking again. Well, if we're going to work together we should get to know each other. Is there anywhere you'd like to go? A ton of places, but we can start with one. "Me and Sienna are going," he said. Follow me. Sienna followed Wolf quite relieved to have gotten away from the group. She wasn't sure if they were going to start doing icebreakers or something to get to know each other. Trying to memorize everything she was told was already a burden, but trying to memorize everybody's facts about themselves? That would've been impossible. Wolf nodded his head in agreement. They can be a bit much at times, but you learn to get used to it to some extent at least. If you manage to learn Telekinesis, it will help your mind greatly. Memorization and other skills will be easier. Think of it as an extra incentive if you will. I can do that. She glanced upward at the sky a wistful smile on her face. I hope I don't disappoint. Wolf looked as if she was smiling. I'm sure you won't.
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  40. Fox saw as Wolf left with Sienna, after that, he said. "We will be going now too" Fox said, and before Tomasz said anything. He was already in the Fox's training grounds.

    "You know... My previous Partner was from Poland too... She was also in half French... But she was born here and lived here" Fox said.
    "What happend to her?" Tomasz asked.
    "... I don't want to... Talk about it..."
    "I will tell boy the truth later... I lied even to Lynx and the rest about it... But it will be better" Fox thought.
    "Now, Kid" said Fox "Your basic training starts...NOW"
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