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Old PRP Character Bios

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Keleri, Aug 27, 2004.

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  1. Note:These are bios that were posted before the RP/PRP forum split, plus most of 'em are ignored, so I'll place them here locked just for past reference. If you want to use these characters again, post them in the new PRP bios topic. Thanks. ~ Linkachu

    And here's the first character I've used so far:

    Name: Axel van Eisen
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Why would you care?
    Age: 19
    Height: approx. 5'8"
    Weight: approx. 130 lbs.
    Hair: A redhead with blue dyed highlights. Slightly wavy and worn armpit-length.
    Eyes: A weird sort of light violet/dark lavender.
    Clothing: Dark red sport top, really short black shorts, held up with a metal-studded leather belt. Red and black striped knee-high socks, steel-capped motorcycle boots. Spiked leather wristbands, assorted necklaces. Black leather jacket with spiked shoulderpads.
    Identifying Marks: Stylized pidgeot tattoo on her lower back.
    Musculature: Pretty thin, not super curvy.
    Personality: Typical introverted desert inhabitant. Likes pokémon, doesn't really like people.
    Skills: She's a 'driver', and is okay at pokémon battling. Can also stay alive in the desert. Average bar-brawling skills.
    Past: Wouldn't you love to know.
    Family: What's that?
    Love Relationships?: Not telling.
    Pokémon: Gunther (Male Aggron), Aeriel (Female Persian), Tera (Not Telling Yet)
    Pokémon's Special Features, if any: Aeriel is more tan-colored than your average persian and has a green forehead gem.
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  2. Um... I would like to begin participating here. I read the rules, and that didn't really tell me what was going on, so if someone would fill me in, that would be great. Do I just jump into an RP already in progress?

    Anyway, meh, my character follows.

    Name: Jeff Azure
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: A small valley that no one has heard of (Happy-Happy Valley, if you're interested)
    Age: 16
    Height: 6 feet exactly
    Weight: more than a breadbox, less than a bigger breadbox
    Hair: Brown and unruly
    Eyes: Brown, but obscured by thick glasses
    Clothing: Blue jeans, a light blue t-shirt, a pair of metallic boots, reaching to the knee, that have retractable wheels set into the bottom
    Identifying Marks: None
    Musculature: Decent upper and lower body strength, but upper is stronger
    Personality: Kinda goofy, laid-back, trustworthy, surprisingly sharp
    Skills: Has powerful speaking skills - that is, can convince people to do stuff easily. He can speak Italian, but that hasn't been useful in the adventure yet.
    Past: Was the first person to leave his home valley. Received Pokeballs and all that good stuff from an as-of-yet undisclosed location. After leaving the valley, Jeff caught a Mr. Mime. He returned to train it inside the valley (combusting trees make for good experience), but soon left again to go on a training journey.
    Family: Nobody knows except for Jeff and the residents of the valley, which, like I said, no one knows about.
    Love Relationships?:
    Pokémon: Mercandos (Mr. Mime, male), Xerox (Ditto), 99 (Porygon), Argentina (Weepinbell, female), Booster (Gastly, male)
    Pokémon's Special Features, if any: Xerox is purple. 99 can travel through Pokedexes, like Blue's in Pokemon Adventures.
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  3. Name: Hoy Photu
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: The lost city of Auctorem.
    Age: 22 years
    Height: 5'11''
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Hair: Golden-brown. Longer than average for boys but not long enough to merit being described as "long".
    Eyes: Hazel. Sometimes bright golden, when he is having a particular flash of cleverness.
    Clothing: He mainly dresses in dark blue and turquoise. He could be wearing anything from a T-shirt and shorts to a monkly robe.
    Identifying Marks: None. Can't afford to have any in his line of business.
    Musculature: Slender, yet stronger than he looks. Prefers to use brain force anyways.
    Personality: Crafty and cunning, Hoy carries himself with distinct chivalry, though because he gets through life as a con man and spy this can often seem ironic. He displays an elegant wit often conveyed through his references to Norse mythology.
    Skills: Picking locks, moving around with a minimum of noise, and remaining undetected are all treated as art forms by Hoy, but his power lies mostly in his words. He is a very skilled arguer due to his high charisma and can convince even the most stubborn mind to yield. He is also good at playing subtle mind-games with his foes and discovering their hidden weaknesses.
    Past: Auctorem was once a flourishing civilization despite being completely isolated from contact with any other culture, and Hoy, in the city's heyday a prince, was next in line for the throne. But when barbarians arrived in foreign-looking flying machines they called "planes" (Auctorem was quite technologically advanced, but in a completely different direction from our own world), the city was destroyed. Hoy is the only survivor of that attack that he knows of, and he was forced to make his way in a world where his royal title suddenly meant nothing. That was how he found his way into the criminal underworld, where he found a great deal of money, excitement and risk just waiting to be had. Though he has become quite devoted to his career, he still seeks to uncover the reasons behind the attack and find out whether any other citizens of Auctorem still live on.
    Family: The Royal Family of Auctorem, all now dead.
    Love Relationships?: None currently; may develop one later.
    Pokémon: M Hitmonlee, M Sharpedo, F Gardevoir, M Nuzleaf, F Ninetales, M Skarmory
    Pokémon's Special Features, if any:
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  4. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord


    Alex (has no second name, orphan)



    Common Clothes:

    Black shirt, dark jeans, black boots and a long full length black leather jacket.


    Shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes and a well built body. Average height.


    Self-trained and honed fighting skills. Effective, efficient and ruthless.


    Grew up on the streets of Saffron City, an orphan from a young age - his parents killed by the evil Team Rocket. (I think steering away from Pokeschool events is best, so no THE Giovanni but Team Rocket is evil whatever dimension you live in) He litterally fought for his own survival. Making a few friends who passed on knowledge of their own fighting skills and how to get by on the streets. Most imporantly though he learnt about Pokemon.

    Living near both the Gym and the Dojo for a number of years he saw many trainers come and go. Win and Lose. Fight and Train. The many different kinds of Pokemon he saw amazed him to such an extent that one day he walked up to a trainer and asked him about them.

    The trainer had come from Pallet Town. His name was Gary Oak. (:lol:) The trainer took Alex to meet his grandfather when he was 14 and was given a Charmander to train.

    Though he wanted to get off the streets, Saffron City was his home, so he headed back there - picking up a Pikachu in the Viridian Forest and a Geodude in Mount Moon on the way.

    On his return he was greeted by a couple of men in black uniform at the gatehouse. The large red R emblazoned upon their shirts enraged Alex beyond everything as he realised what was happening. This rage built up as he journeyed through his home, seeing Rockets everywhere.

    The straw that broke the camels back was when he saw one of his few friends being beaten to within an inch of his life by two Rockets.

    Instantly he launched into a series of events that saw him fighting his way through the Silph Co Building, a mix of hand-to-hand combat and Pokemon Battling (unconventional Method) until he reached the top of the building. Rage and anger swollen within him as he stared at the back of the man who had masterminded it all. The man who had been responsible for his parents' death.

    Their Leader, Giovanni, looked into his eyes with power in his soul before simply walking past Alex, remarking that their business was done here and left the city.

    Alex since then has sworn vengance against Team Rocket, to put them out of action once and for all, to avenge his friend and his parents and the countless others. Now he journeys across the islands, fighting Team Rocket wherever they are to be confronted and training his Pokemon to be as ruthless in fighting as he is.






    Machoke (Piked up from the Dojo before leaving as a Machop)

    Espeon (A gift from Sabrina after learning of his quest and his action at Silph Co)
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    This character's Pokemon are based off my current FireRed team (see the FR/LG Game Log topic for more info).

    Name: Maria Skyler
    Gender: F
    Current RP: A New Land, A New Adventure
    Hometown: Winters
    Age: 16
    Height: 5' 6"
    Hair, eyes, and clothing: Basically the same as Katie's in the Hoenn RP (you can bet that Katie, or at least that Katie, will never be in another RP, and I'm used to this outfit, so :p). Baggy jeans, white t-shirt with a yin-yang symbol in the middle, brown eyes, bronze rimmed glasses with invisible bottom rims, a blue digital wrist watch etc. The differences are that her straight, dark brown hair is shoulder length, she wears no necklace, and her black jacket has the logo of the Winters Academy on the back.

    Personality: Adventurous, hyper, kinda deranged, loves space and the stars. Has a tendency to yell when she's frustrated.

    Goal: Asemble a solid team of Pokemon and learn/grow with them as much as possible. Being a top trainer goes along with that.

    Skills: Nothing special aside from her taught skills at the Academy and fair ability to use the stars as guides.

    Past: Since her father was one of the main coordinators at the Winters Academy Maria was enrolled into it at a young age and went straight through until graduation. While the average grad age is 17 she was a year younger than most of her classmates when she started. The RP takes place a short time after she left Winters to explore the rest of the land.

    Family: Mom, Dad, two brothers and a sister (all younger)

    Pokémon: Growlithe M (Sirius), Pidgeotto M (Altair), Vaporeon F (Bellatrix), Bulbasaur M, Graveler, Raichu F

    Pokémon's Special Features, if any: Altair is a shiny Pidgeotto (ie. has golden head and tail feathers).

    Pokemon History: Maria received both Sirius and Bellatrix (as an Eevee) as her first Pokemon at the same time, and caught the shiny Pidgey, Altair, a few years later. Her Bulbasaur was caught at the beginning of this RP. Graveler was caught in the Onnet caves.

    EDIT x Whatever: Ignore my Raichu comment... She is still destined to get a Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu, just not sure at which stage.
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  6. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Bored now. I'll delete my other character soon, dun worry.

    Name: Kunaileo (Kunai)
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Azalea
    Age: 14, 15? Looks about that age
    Height: Nearly 6 foot
    Weight: Unknown
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: He wears a black top with a pokeball on it, but it's ripped in various places, and he has black jeans on, which have ripped knees on them, and looked very worn. His trainers are falling to pieces.
    Identifying Marks: A scar on his face, in between his eyes, going diagonally.
    Musculature: Thin, boring.
    Personality: Nice guy really, but he can get pretty hostile sometimes
    Skills: Doesn't get wet. Ever. You can submerge him in water and he's come out perfectly dry. Also, has a record for holding his breath underwater - three hours. Oh, he can talk to grass and fire pokemon.
    Past: More random than anything. He was abandoned as an infant, and was raised with pokemon. He could talk by then, but his english is limited, to an extent.

    He was found by an old couple a few years later, and they raised him. Since then, he has grown a tad more attached to humans, but he likes pokemon betterer.

    Family: None that he knows.
    Love Relationships?: None
    Sneasel - Given as a present by the old couple who raised him.

    Charmeleon - Was fighting three Onix in Rock Tunnel. With a bit of nifty battling from Sneasel, Charmeleon managed to survive the attack, but he was incredibly injured. Kunai carried the pokemon to the nearest pokemon centre and Charmeleon became very attached to Kunai.

    Shuppet - Was found wandering near Lavender Town, amazingly. Kunai tried to talk to the pokemon, but all he got from Shuppet was 'rejcted'. Kunai guessed that the Shuppet was rejected from his home and had come all the way to Kanto. Kunai thought the pokemon was an extraoidinary pokemon, and Shuppet started following Kunai.

    Pokémon's Special Features, if any: Charmeleon's tail flame is blue.

    EDIT - *Dies* can't delete my other bio.... must.... remove....
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  7. Name:
    Age: 12
    Height: 5' 6"
    Weight: 106 lbs.
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Blue shirt, pants and a bandanna.
    Identifying Marks: Bandanna
    Musculature: ??? Big?
    Personality: Loving, Caring, Serious...
    Skills: Battling, Contests
    Past: Lived in a normal family...?
    Family: Mother, Father, 2 Bros and a Sis.
    Love Relationships?: Alexandra
    Pokémon: Wartorle, Shiny Kirlia, Hoppip
    Pokémon's Special Features, if any: Hoppip knows the attack Razor Leaf.
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  8. Name:Leon
    Hometown:little root
    Height:4ft 6
    Weight:5 stone
    Clothing:a white shirt with blue button and some black trousers and also his brown boots
    Identifying Marks:a custom pokeball thats in blue yellow and red a tatoo in the shape of of blaines gym badge
    Musculature:thin no muscluar apearance
    Personality:loves all pokemon and loves the things around him
    Skills:healing pokemon,pokemon battles,helping others and field researching
    Past:all he knows is he was born in little root and his parent whent missing so he moved to his uncles in kanto but then his uncle moved to hoenn
    Family:they are missing
    Love Relationships?:none
    Pokémon's Special Features, if any:these pokemons dna were changed to let them learn any hm

    heres a pic :)
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  9. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    Name: Katana Slifer
    Nickname: Kat
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Oceanview City (located on the Kyak Islands, if you've ever heard of them)
    Age: 10
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 5 stone
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: White with shell and starfish patterns; she usually wears a hat, t-shirt and shorts. She rarely wears shoes, unless she's in a large city. On occasions she carries a dagger, but only for self-defence in dangerous areas.
    Identifying Marks: She has a scar running down her left cheek, and her right hand is usually resting on her belt, ready for battle.
    Musculature: Quite thin, no noticable muscle.
    Personality: She's rather intelligent, and enjoys to bug others by correcting them. Usually bubbly, she makes friend easily, but is fierce in battle.
    Skills: Maths (not complicated, she's only ten!), swimming, cooking and science.

    Past: Her mother kicked her out of the house because of her "uselessness", even though she did practically all the chores. Her father left to be a trainer on her third birthday, but she still carries his pokeball pendant in remembrance of him.

    Family: Mother, father (has left), 3 sisters and 4 brothers. She is the youngest in the family.

    Pokémon: Feral (Totodile, male) - Received from her brother Rian, who was the only reason she saw to stay at home at all.

    Pokémon's Special Features: Feral is unusually vicious, seemingly the opposite to Kat herself.
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  10. Name:Sasami
    eye color:purple
    hair color:blue
    Job:works for team rocket
    Spieces:Half Human & Half Cat
    Cat ears color:brown
    Info:Was born as a human but was bitten by a cat and was transformed into a half cat and half human. To the elbows to the hands were transformed into paws and fur. Also the knees and below are fur and paws.Then has a tail and cat ears. (related to Kitten,we are cousins)
    Hometown:Littleroot Town
    Party:Swampert,Blue Persain,Delcatty,Mawile,and a Flygon
    Has 214 spieces of pokemon
  11. Name: Kitten



    eye color:blue

    Hair color:brown

    Job: works for Team rocket

    Team Rocket Rank: Excutive

    Spieces: Half Human & Half Cat

    cat ears color: brown

    Info: was born as a human but was bitten by a cat and was transformed
    into a half cat and half human. To the elbos to the hands were transform into paws and fur. Also The knees and below are fur and paws. Then has a tail.

    Hometown: Is littleroot town

    Party: Blue persain, sneasal, salamance, Shedinja, Treecko, and Kingdra
    Has 239 spieces of pokemon

    Other pokemon she love to use:
    Houndoom, Zippo (Charmeleon), Lombre, Ditto, All eevees, and Wynaut

    Family: Died in a fire closest member is her cousin sasami.

    Personallity: Sneasal Picks on people but kind hearted as a Blissy.

    Clothing: Has a red baggy pants w/ white shirt also w/ red baggy shirt and carries a sorwd around.

    Height: about 5'7"

    Past: Here bro. and sis. also father and mother died in a fire started by team magma.

    Starter pokemon: Treecko at Lv5 Birtch felt srry and made her start early at age 8 as a pokemon trainer and is known as a team rocket member now.

    Pokémon's Special Features: Here treecko knows leaf blade and persian is shiny blue!
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  12. Name: Alex
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: littleroot
    Height:Appx. "5'7
    Weight: 95
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: green
    Clothing: A
    Identifying Marks: claw mark on rocks and wood and scar across his back
    Skills: Has a tail (cat)
    Past: Past family is a cat demon in the fuedal area
    Family: Mom lives in little root
    Love Relationships?:nobody
    Pokémon: Persian, Treecko, Marshtomp, Aerodactyl, Porygon 2, and Dragonair
    Pokémon's Special Features, if any: Treecko knows leaf blade and is blue with an orange tail.

    Hides His Identity when needed
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  13. Katie

    Katie Guest

    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Manaan
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 5'7''
    Weight: Unknown
    Hair: Silver
    Eyes: Electric blue
    Clothing: Black, with black hooded robe.
    Identifying Marks: None
    Personality: Mostly evil and manipulative.
    Skills: Skills with a Lightsaber, can use the force.
    Past: Unknown
    Family: Unknown
    Love Relationships?: None
  14. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    New Character, New Profile. Will probably just use this for all non-hoenn RPs:

    Name: Doctor Gary Oak
    Age: 18
    Hometown: Pallet Town


    Born and raised in Pallet Town by his Grandfather Proffessor Oak, Gary Oak is now an official Pokemon Champion and Researcher.

    Leaving at the age of 10 on a Journey that eventually brought him to the Kanto Elite 4's doors Gary was a trainer that let nothing stand in his way of becoming the best. He seeks new challenges everywhere he goes and most recently saught the challenge of earning an official Doctorate in Pokemon Research.

    Emerging with the title of Doctor Oak, he now continues his quest to find new Pokemon Challenges to learn, grow and prove that he is the best.


    Whilst Gary has a large supply of Pokemon from his years as a trainer, most are left in his Grandfather's care while he journeys to seek out his challenges. These are the Pokemon he brought with him to the Hoenn Region or since caught:

    Chikorita: Originally a gift from Proffessor Elm, Chikorita and Gary have grown close and are an unseperatable team. Chikorita is the one constant in his line-up wherever he adventures.
  15. Name:Cascade
    Hair: no hair but has scales
    Eyes: Blue
    Identifying Marks:It is a pokemorph Charizard looks like a charizard but can speak human.
    Personality: kind and caring (But a hidden power :p)
    Skills:Knows pokemon attacks Blast burn,Wing attack,flame thrower, fly and other pokemon attacks that charizard knows...
    Past: Was a human but an team rocket pumped pokemon DNA into her body and created a talking Charizard....
    Family: none
    Love Relationships?: Dunno
    Pokémon: Wartortle
    Pokémon's Special Features, if any:Wartortle is shiny
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  16. Name: Kimishiro Dymitri Itoshigo

    Age: Currently 19

    Hometown: Pallet Town

    Kimi stands at a full fledged 5'8'' ( >XD ) with your basic build (meaning I'm not buff >.> ). He has wavy red hair that either puffs out to the sides or sometimes decides to stand straight up. He is caught often with a smirk, but his head is seemingly always in the clouds...

    After birth, his parents were always too busy to stay with him and his older brother,Ijirashii, and so more often than naught he was with his grandparents. His parents were always supporting people in need, and working as independent economic growth emphasizers . His grandmother was a mid wife, and his grandfather worked on airplanes. When Kimi turned age 7 they both had retired but the grandfather kept his old habbits at home.Unlike his brother,whom left for his journey when Kimi was 3yrs old, Kimi has a fully functional mind, and takes no medication. He grew a vast interest in flight having grown with his grandfather the closest ,and had even flown a couple of times...that was of course before the plane fell apart and rusted... On his 10th birthday, his parents had sent him a special pokemon they found in Johto while his grandfather gave him a Farfetch'd. A few days later Kimi recieved his liscense just as that super rare pokemon came in from delivery (they are old fashion, so no instant transportation). He formed what he called ,'The Mighty Ducks', which was a friendship between Tai his Farfetch'd and Chou his super rare...Psyduck. The three always dreamed of flying but just before his 11th birthday, his parents were reported missing, and this upsetting news sparked a new idea in his grandfather whom took to the skies in the spare (but still rusted) plane he had been working on. Kimi and his grandmother never heard from his grandfather again, but his parents were found ,yet still never around, exept to speak over the phone occasionally

    Over the years, Kimi grew more experienced as a trainer, overcoming much more than just simple pokemon 'battles'. His latest venture brings him into the world of careers. Being an independent adult now, he ended his 'pokemon journey' years ago and now is the entrepreneur of 'Kimi's Temporary Employment Service'. As the name implies, Kimi now works oddjobs that are requested upon him.

    Badges won

    Mistral Badge - won in a battle against Lee Tupper, not because of his skill nor power, but more-so based on his state of mind,heart and attitude.

    Boulder Badge - won in a tought battle against Brock by strategic advancements using his paras and psyduck.

    Active Threads


    Chou Psyduck M
    HP: Water
    Ability: Damp
    The lead pokemon, always loyal and enthusiastic about whatever Kimi asks him to do. Has changed attitude greatly since the death of his best friend, Tai.

    Seraphina Torchic F
    HP: Grass
    Ability: Blaze
    She was obtained from Prof. Gary Oak in Pallet town, but has turned into a gallent bird that tries her best. She has over-came her novice battle skills and rather enjoys it now.

    Spike Nidoran M
    HP: Fire
    Ability: Poison Point
    Kimi's poisonous partner is willing to battle continously 24/7. With such an attitude, it is hard for Kimi to match the pokemon's expectations as a trainer, but also makes this special Nidoran a strong ally.

    Garu Parus M
    HP: Flying
    Ability: Effect Spore
    First pokemon caught in the Safari Zone. Other trainers wanted the bigger pokemon but all overlooked the potential of this red hot paras.

    Akuji Ghastly M
    HP: Psychic
    Ability: Levitate
    Akuji was given to Kimi in a trade for his jigglypuff, Cherry. The previous owner of Akuji couldn't handle the pokemon's menacing ways and lack of respect. As it turns out, Kimi can't control the pokemon so well either.

    Doug Dugtrio M
    HP: Grass
    Ability: Arena Trap
    Kimi caught him in preparation for his third gym badge. Unfortunately, Kimi abandoned his journey before ever using him in battle. Though a bit out of practice, this is still one tough pokemon.​
  17. Btw this is a character from a fic which ive been writing for a long time.

    Name:Kyle Dickson
    Gender: Male
    Hometown:Saffron city
    Weight:8 Stone
    Hair: Brown and not to long , bang over eyes
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Black tactix uniform consiting of black jeans and Back t-shirt,A golden stripe Trails from his right shoulder to his left hip and also the same on the back Along the stripe on the back is the sheth for his sword.Over his heart is a metalic circle which has the emblem of the triforce to reflect his skills.He also wears "Light shoe" trainers designed by silph that allow him to run at a athletes pace.He also carries a "key tool" called gitch which is a wrist worn PDA Also built by silph.
    Identifying Marks:Non
    Musculature:Slight build(not buff)
    Personality: Assertive,Cares for justice and pokemon.Knows what hes on about,Curious.
    Skills:Good intelect,Cunning,Brave,Adamant
    Past: When he was young Kyles hometown of saffron was taken over by team rocket. At this time his father worked for silph co and was being held there as a hostage with many other workers,In an effort to save his father He escaped the confines of his home and managed to sneak into silph co.With his trusty sandshrew he managed to fight past a few rockets but eventually was taken down and was put with the other hostages and met up with his father who was badly beaten.They were soon saved by a trainer by the name of red and were told to escape whilst he stopped team rocket.He didnt listen and followed red and witnessed the mighty battle between Red and team rockets leader giovanni.
    Many years later Kyle had trainer himself so that if a situation like before arised he would be able to stop it.One day his father informed him that Siph were forming a team of trainers that could be counted on to protect the regions from threats.He applied for a job at silph and worked his way to into the team of 5 Called Team Tactix.
    Team members :Kali,Flannery(yes the gym leader)Casey,and Sparks surge(Son of Lt surge)
    Love Relationships: Kali a felow member of the team.
    Sandslash:His strongest Has been with him since he was 10
    Alakazam:Milton ,saved on a mission to liberate the pokemon of the game corner
    Pokémon's Special Features, if any:Miton is shiny and Silverwing has silver wings :p
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  18. ok heres my characters bio

    Name:Lee (the dust)
    Gender: f
    Hair: blode (held up in chopsticks ocansionally)
    Eyes: green
    Clothing: long purple dress like shirt with long black and blue jeans a blue/teal sash w/gold highheels and gold braclets
    Identifying Marks:beauty, speed on motorcycle pokemon battle skillz and luck
    Personality: loves water and fire pokemon ,tough and beautiful
    Skills:battling and getting the guys
    Past: a baby pidgey adopted her to be its trainer when it found her when she was a 3 yearold orphan now pokemon is her life
    Family: nobody
    Love Relationships?: when 15 friend joey
    Pokémon: pidgeot ( f), blaziken(m), shiny vaporeon(f), shiny flareon(m), charizard(f), and blastoise(f)
    Pokémon's Special Features, if any: pidgeot- it would ride her when not on motor, could sense rare items
    blaziken- had exterme fire power , shoots fire when on bike to give extra speed
    vaporeon-charmed the male eevees ev. astoundingly, would do every attck x2 and shiny
    flareon-has eyes on vaporeon,would do every attck x2 and shiny
    charizard-most powerful pokemon( only slightly better then raquaza) and over then average fire power
    blastoise- extreme water power , only blastoise with super ice abilities , and can make professoinal of ice sculpters
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  19. Ok, here's mine, my only character to be used, so far...

    Name: Matt Sarious
    Gender: Male (duh)
    Hometown: Four Island (ICE POKEMON PWNS THERE!!!)
    Age: 10 (not my age, I just feel like having a young character)
    Height: 4'3''
    Weight: 60 lbs
    Hair:Dark Red
    Eyes: Dark Red
    Clothing: Anything he wears is Dark Red
    Identifying Marks: He has slashes almost everywhere from his Sneasel
    Musculature: No real muscles.
    Personality: Very Hyper, much like his Sneasel, and will actually run and swim around Icefall Cave. He hates bats
    Skills: He is a good swimmer and very fast, he is also very friendly with Ice or Water Pokemon.
    Past: He was born with red eyes but as he grew they got darker. He also used to run around Four Island City before he learned how to swim, on his first entrance with his dad into Icefall Cave, he felt too cold and wanted to get out, when he got a ride on his dad's Dewgong, he found a Sneasel. Being very interested, he walked to it. Then, it slashed him, and smiled. Then, he was talking with it, and before he knew it, they were friends. Knowing he shouldn't smuggle pokemon home, he asked his dad, with his dad saying ok, the trio headed home. Sneasel and Matt became best friends over the years and became friends with the other pokemon as they all swam and played together for the years.
    Family: A dad, mom, Sneasel, and brother
    Love Relationships?: NO
    Pokémon: A Sneasel who was found in Icefall Cave, it's not in a Pokeball is it's not his starter, it's like a brother to Matt, and it scratches Matt to show affection to him.
    Pokémon's Special Features, if any: It has a scar on it's left eye down about 1.5 inches from it's eye down to the bottom of it's face.

    So, this is it!
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  20. yugimoto89

    yugimoto89 Guest

    Hair:Dark brown w/purple streaks about an inch above shoulders
    Clothing:jeans with a t-shirt, bandana and bike gloves
    Identifying Marks:an X on her left cheek from team rocket
    Musculature:just like misty pretty much
    Personality:outgoing but always helps a friend in need very happy to
    Skills:she can wriggle her way out of anything that has to do with friends, math or pokemon anything else goes right by
    Past:started pokemon training at age 6 because she loved pokemon so much and started on her own
    Family: never really knew family
    Love Relationships?: no
    Pokémon I use most of the time: pikachu (sparky), growlithe (growler), squirtle (squirt), pidgeot (cowabunga), quillava (quil), eevee (eve), flareon (flare), umbreon (umbre),
    Other pokemon:bulbasuar (bulba), charmander (flames), marill (no nickname), pichu (goggles), treecko (tree), mudkip (mud), torchic (tor), some rare pokemon that im not going to tell you, flaafy (no nickname), espeon (esp), jolteon (jolt), vaporeon (vapor), tododile (dile),
    Pokémon's Special Features, if any:pikachu that is always out of its ball like ash's, a blue flareon, pichu wears a pair of goggles thats how she got her name
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  21. Luke3000444

    Luke3000444 Guest

    Hair: dark brown with blue stips
    Eyes: mix
    Clothing: biker gloves, shorts, t-shirts, a vest and hat
    Identifying Marks:none
    Musculature:strong (not that strong)
    Personality: happyall the time
    Past: started early (started age 7)
    Family:only knew his sister (Yugi)
    Love Relationships?: yugi and i are
    Pokémon: Feraligator (big-boom),ho-oh, red gyarados, lugia
    Pokémon's Special Features, if any:none
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    Aside from the fact that Pokemon character bios are much better suited to the Pokemon RP board, there's one specific PRP rule that must be heeded:

    So please edit your bio and take the Legendaries out, Luke. Thanks.
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