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Of Lemonade and rooftops

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Mizu_Taji, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. Kyoki

    Kyoki Guest

    Lyn laughed at Ser as she walked "Oh your so going to get it" she bent down and picked up a small hand full of mud and threw it at her Vulpix.

    Ser was to busy playing in the puddles to dodge the small mud clump. She shook her head to get some mud off her ear then tried to tackle Lyn yipping happily.

    Lyn barely dodged Ser and jogged the rest of the way to the group and grabed Casey before he noticed and ran off again "Hey sorry bout him he loves to run all over people" she held the Pachirishu to where he couldn't get away and looked at the boy "You ok?" she kept her distance from him not wanting to get knocked into another pile of people and pokemon.The Pachirishu squirmed and tried to get away "PaiPai!"

    Ser chose that moment to leap onto Lyn and leave great big muddy paw prints.She then jumped over to the girl with the bike and jumped on her as well.
  2. Sylvia watched for a moment, then looked at the girl and her dragon.

    "While I am concerned, everything seems to be in order. I don't wish to over crowd. That is bad for the person who is injured...most of the time..." she said, looking over the edge again.

    "Just how far away is the nearest hospital?" she asked.
  3. [size=8pt]The gallade's eyes smiled again and he nodded.
    "The girl is my trainer. She's nice, but a little nosy. As you can see."
    He accepted the boy's weight with ease, standing straight as Reynald balanced himself out.
    "The dragonite you see- His name is Noble. He's like a father figure to us so please don't feel threatened by him. He's different, as you may have noticed."
    He held a surprisingly fluent conversation for pokemon, displaying intelligence perhaps equal to that of a human.

    The dragonite himself began to shift from foot to foot, looking a bit antsy as Belle displayed an anxious persona.
    The pikachu, having jumped from her perch on whatever part of Belle's anatomy, had now found a comfortable spot on Noble's shoulder.
    The girl glanced back at Sylvia and gave a tired smile.
    "Well. I do need to get my pokemon. I think the hospital's a fiv minute walk from here, though. Ten or fifteen for him if he's limping. By the way- I'm Belle. Nice to meet you."[/size]
  4. Reynald was kind of annoyed the twins ignored him but just shrugged meekly. He looked at the gallade and nodded as it talked about its trainer and the dragonite.

    "I don' find it that weird I have some weird Pokemon of my own." Reynald stated nodding towards Fenrir, who took the time to greet the pachirisu girl, and Serene who had moved to his other side protectively.

    "Attention people who care, we are moving out to the hospital now before I lose consciousness." Reynald stated to the crowd of gathering trainers. He looked over at the gallade and nodded indicating he was ready to move.
  5. Rosa whipped around and unexpectantly frowned. "Well I could fly you there if you like. But seeing as you were rude enough to ignore my question I see you'll take the slow way. Then I'll have to fly your unconscious body to the hospital." Her voice was suddenly cold as ice.

    Right on cue. Rosie thought. She knew her sister well, she was kind but her mood could change really quickly, like the way the wind blows. But you did not want to get her angry. "Sorry," she said, "Rosa is just really moody."

    "Hey!" Rosa shouted.
  6. Kit took notice of Reynald yelling that he was headed to the hospital.
    "I'm coming, too," she said. "I'm kind of the one who caused all this. I need to make sure that you're ok."
    She said as she looked at him.
    she pulled out a pokeball and called Shun over.
    "Shun, I'm sorry but you need to go back into your pokeball for a little while."
    Shun looked at her like she was going to be in trouble with out him. "tales" he whined at her.
    "I know you worry about me but, I think it would help if you stayed in there for a bit ok?"
    Kit pointed the pokeball at her ninetales which was then returned to the pokeball in a flash of red light.
    She then went to follow Reynald and the Gallade that he was leaning on.
  7. Kyoki

    Kyoki Guest

    "What's up with the kid?" she stated at Rosa snapped at Reynald. Lyn was currently trying to get Ser to stop jumping on people before she made one of them mad. "Knock it off we're not playing right now" she whisperd.

    Casey managed to get free of Lyn's grasp and ran twords Reynald "Oh snap!" she quickly pulled out his pokeball and called him back. Right before he ran into Reynald the red beam reached him and pulled him back into the ball. "I'm not gonna let you get me into more trouble then you already have, for crying out loud we havn't even eaten yet..." she mumbled to herself as she cliped the pokeball back onto he belt "So you need an escort to the hospital, might as well go with you learn the layout of the town. I'm Lyn by the way nice to meet you..all."
  8. Reynald frowned. "if you don't want to help, then don't i could not care less. Secondly do apologize if I did not answer this Pokemon has been asking if I am alright or not." indicating the gallade. he trudged towards the direction that was supposedly the hospital he smiled over at Rosie "It's alright, sorry for being terse I just want to get to the hospital and rest."

    He watched as Kit joined the group and walked along. Fenrir trotted along sniffing the ground and looking for trouble. Serene flew low overhead watching the group.

    Reynald nodded towards Lyn as she moved closer "The names Reynald, nice to meet you, and im not a kid. I don't need and escort but help is appreciated and I gathered you all would like to make sure I'm alright. Like I said im new here."
  9. "Sylvia" she said, offering her name in responce to the other girl's name being thrown into the open. She looked down at the fellow again.

    "Well, on the other hand, I suppose that with how things were handled before you and I interjected into the scene, perhaps I should tag along, if anything to keep people from running into him..." she mused, and then looked up at Belle with a small chuckle.

    "I also study medicine as a hobby. Perhaps I could at least splint whatever's broken..." she then squinted her eyes at the guy before looking at her Kadabra.

    "Did he even break anything?" she asked. Safire nodded and pointed to her own arm.
  10. Rosa relaxed a little. "Well sorry, I can't exactly hear telepathy that isn't directed at me." She said and began folowing the group, Rosie close behind. She stopped next to Lyn and smiled. "Sorry about the shout, I hate it when people don't think I'm paying attention when I really am.

    Blaze, Volts, Sweetie, and Sparky had decided to stay on the outer perimeter of the small group, just in case anything else decided to come crashing out of nowhere. Rosie smiled, "They might need some help. Go Icy!" She threw a pokeball into the air and in a familiar flash of light, a Glaceon was stabding next to her.

    Rosa followed suite. "Go, Shadow!" The pokeball she threw into the air released an Umbreon, which looked around and growled menacingly. "Shadow, we're not being attacked. We just need you to keep a lookout okay?" The Umbroen stared at her for a moment, noded, then walked off and trotted side by side with Sweetie.
  11. Reynald tried to smile but was weary from today's events. "Again, sorry I do not hang around Psychic Pokemon a lot so this is kind of new to me." He slowed down a little bit and looked up towards the dragonite and trainer. "I think we are going to slow up a bit and wait for her, since she is your trainer it'd be rude to walk ahead without her."

    He sighed and tried not to move his arm. He was cold, wet, and muddy but that did not matter too much. He shook his head lightly again to get the mud out of it and kicked his shoe to release the large clumps of mud that had become stuck to them.
  12. [size=8pt]He'd been relatively quiet while the humans chattered away- and goodness did they like talking. But he was grateful for the boy's words, and nodded in understanding.
    "Of course. Not many people do, unles they themselves are psychic. I've noticed the whole tapping into their minds thing usually stresses people out. And thank you, I would feel more comfortable with Belle here.."
    He flushed, though how he did it was anyone's guess.

    Back on the roof, a good hundred meters away from where the small troupe had migrated to, the girl was climbing onto the back of her steed, making herself comfortable before nodding to Sylvia as if in confirmation.
    "You said Safire would be able to teleport you down- now that she's back I can see that you'll probably get there faster than me. Personally, I prefer flying. I'll meet you down there, yeah?"
    Her mouth pulled into a smile as Rusty scampered onto her shoulder, the pikachus tiny paws scrabbling at Belle's back as she moved.[/size]
  13. Meanwhile, Raging-Banebou was having his male Scizor "Akahitsu" search for many pokemon that might have gone missing.

    Raging-Banebou had taken a job as a "PokeScout", a trainer who searches for missing pokemon and brings them back to their trainers.
    He originally had Akahitsu when he was a Scyther in Jotho with a mature personality.

    Then a couple of days ago during his Hoenn Adventures, while protecting a young Wooper from a Crawdaunt, he evolved into a Scizor after taking quite a beating (and some motivation from Raging-Banebou, as well) and defeated the Crawdaunt with a powerful Metal Claw and returned the Wooper to its rightful trainer.

    "Find anything yet, Akahitsu?", Raging-Banebou shouted high into the skies. Akahitsu flew down and shook his head no, saying "I don't think I can find ANY missing pokemon in this forest..."

    To tell the truth, Raging-Banebou could talk to pokemon, causing the pokemon to talk human-like, unlike other pokemon. He had taught his pokemon to talk like humans, always being the "belive in yourself" and "you can do it!" kind of guy.

    Then suddenly, a loud cry had sounded, which sounded like a female Bellossom. Akahitsu and Raging-Banebou's battle-loving Elekid "Shock'n" heard the sound, with Akahitsu being startled.

    "On second thought", Akahitsu said, readying his Metal Claw. "I can find a missing pokemon...". Akahitsu then flew off as fast as he could, with Shock'n and Raging-Banebou in hot pursuit.

    "Where do ya think that huge scream came from?!", Shock'n exclaimed while running as fast as his small legs could take him, attempting to catch his breath.

    "It's a female Bellossom, and it sounds like she's in trouble!", Raging-Banebou said as he pedaled on his bike at full speed.

    Akahitsu had an urgent and serious look on his face. He HAD to save that Bellossom as soon as possible...
    [​IMG] (BTW, I'm just using the card to show waht Raging-Banebou looks like and the pokemon he has with him.)
    #53 RagingBanebou, Dec 12, 2007
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  14. Kyoki

    Kyoki Guest

    Lyn just smiled in acknowledgment to Rosa then walked slightly ahead of the group and started looking around the town as they walked "Is it just me or do all the towns seem to look alike..." she said outloud but mainly to herself. She placed her hands behind her head and started walking backwards facing the group, Ser started walking backwards beside her having picked up that habit while they journeyed. "So what's everyone here for? Shopping, pokemon, lost or do you live here?" She asked being the nosey person she was.

    ((Um kid your post doesn't seem to have anything to do with the RP, are you even near the town we're in?))
  15. (URK! Srry bout that...I tend to get carried away in a story... ;)
    I am, on the other hand, in a route near the town where the story takes place! Clever, ain't it? ;D)

    (Besides, it was my first time I added to a story, so try not to be too harsh, plz. :3)
  16. OOC: It's fine I can go along with it just keep it to where we all can participate Raging. That way its not our whole story and randomly yours pops in here and there and it is only you. Oh, friendly reminder, watch your tenses you switch every now and then. Other than that im fine with it. This is more of a real life rp so try not to go crazy with the powers ^ ^, thanks.
  17. K, thanx for the tip there, big guy! ^_^
  18. The woman walked bristly down the cobblestone path; the hospital her destination. Her sleek onyx trenchcoat whipped behind her, as did the miniture teddiursa, which was sprinting to keep up with its owner's pace. Upon entering the establishment, she stopped in place, only to have the bear collide with her right leg, which did not faze the woman in the least.

    "That's what you get for wanting to walk." she commented to her teddiursa, who cooed lightly as he stood up from being knocked down and shook some of the mud he had collected during his moment of fresh air.

    She walked up to the front desk, where an employee was sitting patiently behind the clean counter. "How may I help you?" answered the nurse with a too eager smile. "I am in need of bandages" the woman said cooly behind her pitch black shades. "In a moment if you please, you will be called momentarily." The nurse spoke through her wide pearls, as she notioned toward the croud of people, all sitting in lobby chairs. "Thank you" the woman muttered before taking a seat next to the entrance, and with an unsatisfied sigh, she flicked her long blonde hair behind her shoulders; she knew this wait will be much longer than a moment. If only she did not need to purchase her bandages and anti-bacterial medication directly from the doctor.

    The teddiursa tugged on the end of her black pants and opened his arms wide, wanting to be held. The blonde let out a sigh. "Your covered in mud" she complained, reluctant to hold him, but after a pout from the small bear, she picked him up and attempted to get some of the dried mud off of him. However, her efforts were disregarded since the teddiursa was now busy chewing on her hand. "Pudding, quit that." She said sternly, and in response Pudding let go, and made a face as if to say, 'I'm sorry I took a chunk of your hand'. She knew it wasn't Pudding's fault though, as she rubbed her sore hand; she knew that she needed to buy food for her pokemon relatively soon, but she could barely afford the bandages as it is.
  19. ((Ugh...sorry for the delayed reply. I got really sick and couldn't get on without surging pain in my head

    And also a friendly reminder to you Bane, please mark all out of character comments either by double parentheses, such as I have done, or placing OOC: in front of what you say as reynald has done ^^ Thank you))

    Sylvia smiled and nodded at Belle. "I never really had a pokemon big enough to fly me, but the teleporting method will allow me to clean up my things and gather up my pokemon and still get down in time to be useful," she said, then peered down and over to the injured fellow. "Though, with how things have been going for the poor guy, he might not want any help," she said with a sigh, a shake of her head, and a small chuckle.

    "I'll meet you down there though. I just need to pack a few things," she said with a wave as she gathered up the drinks that were unfinished, and started placing her pokemon in pokeballs for easy transport.
  20. [size=8pt]A grin replaced the urgent look on her face as Sylvia consented their dispatch.
    "Cool. I'll see you in a minute then- I should make sure Thes isn't getting himself into trouble first and foremost."
    As the dragonite began to flex it's wings again, probably more for show than in preparation, she tugged at his shoulders and in moments they were rocketing diwn the side of the building in a sort of diving maneuver.
    At a glance it would have seemed as though they were plummeting to their ultimate doom, but about twenty feet from the damp asphalt the dragon's wings shot out from either side, pulling them into a sharp lateral movement across the surface of the road and maybe a foot away from becoming road-kill.
    It certainly didn't seem as though she had intended the ride to be so dynamic, as soon as the pokemon was flying at the group at a decent pace, she slumped against his neck and clutched the woozy pikachu with one hand as the other went to her head.
    "Show off. Try not to topple them over once we reach them."

    Their arrival was quicker than she had expected, and they had pulled up alongside the girl's Gallade relatively quickly.
    Having fully recuperated, she beamed down at the pokemon and received a flushed look in return.
    "Hi. I'm Belle. And that's my Gallade."[/size]
  21. Reynald watched in slight awe as the dragonite flew down from the Cafe. He felt a slight sense of panic as they neared the ground but it was quickly resolved as it pulled up and flew nearer. He waited for her to land and smiled up at her. She seemed a bit dizzy from their dramatic flight so he patiently waited for her to recuperate.

    After she had introduced herself he smiled again "The name is Reynald, nice to meet you. Thanks for the help by the way." he said as he nodded his head towards the Gallade. "What took you so long?"

    Fenrir ran around the dragonite sniffing it and trying to get it to play. After a bit she attempted to jump up and lick Belle's face. Serene chirped lightly but terse indicating that they should move.

  22. [size=8pt]"Of course."

    The gallade's smile remained in his eyes as he balanced himself again, tugging a Reyland's shirt as a sign to move on.
    "Sorry about the delay, there's another girl on the roof who wanted to help too. Though I'm not sure why you wouldn't let Theseus just teleport you to the hospital."
    As she spoke she had dismounted, and returned the dragon to it's capsule on her belt. Peering around at the small posse that had gathered, her hands retreated to the innards of her pockets.
    "So.. What exactly happened? I think I missed a lot, you seem to have grown a following."
    Her gaze moved fromthe boy to the sisters, to the one girl who seemed more flustered than he, and finally to the one that had been scaling the department store wall.
    She shuddered at the thought of what may have happened had she fallen when she had perched several feet from the ground.[/size]
  23. Reynald looked at the Gallade and nodded . He then whistled and called Fenrir over before she decided to make Belle her new tackle target. "That's fine we could use more people anyways, Who knows what will hit me next. Well I would have if the girl's Espion didn't blow me up earlier. I understand why it did it but im not used to Psychic Pokemon so. Plus I like walking better."
    Reynald followed Belle's gaze around the group and at her mention to what happened he sighed heavily.

    "Well so far I have gotten lost, been rained on, watched a small rug bee match inside a department store, hit with a bike, broke my arm and cracked a few ribs, got blown up with a Pokemon, had a girl fall on me, and......thats about it. Am I missing anything?" He addressed the last part to the group jokingly. He shrugged "It happens, no big deal."
  24. Kyoki

    Kyoki Guest

    Lyn just watched as Belle and Reynald talked and sighed slightly. She started looking around and swayed a bit, she chuckled when she heard him reacount what had happened since she first met him. Lyn looked down at Ser, who whined slightly, and smiled slightly "Sorry girl, we'll go get something to eat once we get him to the hospital I promise" she crouched down and started to pet Ser.
  25. Kita sat on a bench outside of the hospital.

    'Another failed attempt at catching a Pokemon,' she mused silently.

    Petting Hoothoot who perched elegantly next to her, she began to smile crookedly. Would she ever be able to raise her Pokemon up to something great? Her brown hair wafted in her face and she knocked it behind her ear unconsciously. Her green eyes stared at the ground with a fevered gaze, as if she had lost focus, she would die. Why did she feel such animosity towards her life of late. She was failing. She was failing Hoto. She would just have to try harder.

    And harder she did try! Every day! But it only got worse. She was too weak to become a full fledged champion. With only five kanto badges and MUCH more training to do, she couldn't even dream of that yet.

    'Besides,' she looked lovingly at the pidgeotto resting in her lap, 'Evolve already needs to... evolve already before i can go anywhere.'

    She had no choice but to name him that. She used to say it over and over when he was just a pidgey. He thought it was his name, now. How depressing.

    Calling Evolve Already back into his Pokeball, she and Hoothoot walked towards the hospital doors.
  26. Kita sighed heavily as she walked into the hospital... What a load of crap. Could she never EVER just win ONE battle? She scrunched her nose in a disgusted expression. She was worried, and her pale facade shewed forth an anger like molten lava along with it. She plopped down on the right side of a lady on a seat. She carried a teddidursa, so she couldn't possibly be that bad. She really didn't pay attention to the icy stare she recieved, but instead ruffled HootHoot's wings. He crooned in delight at the attention. Deciding to be civil, and ignoring the somewhat rude man talking to nurse joy, Kita looked over at the dark woman:

    "Uh... hi?"
  27. What is with everyone? Has she suddenly become popular? Within a span of 5 minutes, the last two people to have entered the establishment happen to sit next to her, out of the few empty seats they could have chosen.

    Feeling suddenly claustrophobic, she felt compelled to just stand up and take a seat in another empty spot void of people, but she kept her feet firmly to the ground. Why does she have to move? They were the ones who trespassed on her private space. This fact alone was what kept her there awkwardly between the two strangers, though she could not stop herself for finding an excuse to get up.

    Her contemplation was interrupted however by a very familiar pang, in which she looked down and glared at her fuzzy pokemon, who gazed at her hungrily. The woman gave a muffled grunt at the pain, as to not create attention to herself by her neighbors, and slowly tried her best to pry the hungry jaws off her hand. 'Quit that you!' she thought mentally as she felt embarrassed for his ill behavior, and finally after a few tries with no signs of letting go from her efforts, she gave him what looked like a karate chop to the head, which made him instantly let go.

    'Take that' she thought triumphantly, but quickly turned to the women who had suddenly spoken to her, as to not seem rude.

    "Hello" was all that she replied, since she felt no motivation to start a conversation with the stranger.
  28. Kita looked away for a moment confused by the brush off. People were usually nice to her or at least cordial.

    She looked back and almost giggled at the little bear chomping on her owners hand.

    'Poor thing... he must be so hungry...' she thought.

    A good deed came to her ditzy mind and she whipped out her handbag. Digging through it, a small aroma erupted from its depths as her hand clasped around a plastc container. She produced a pokemon cookie type... thing, and extened the small morsel to the lady.

    Hoothoot was actually drooling at the pungent bakery fragrence.

    "Would your teddidursa like a cookie?" she added her sweetest smile unconsciously. She felt like such a ditz.
  29. Pudding was so hungry, it did not matter if it wasn't his favorite food, and looked up to his owner to see if she approved. She was even tempted to take it, knowing how hungry her glutinous teddiurda was, but knew enough to answer, "No thank you," because she knew absolutely nothing about the woman, and the old, outdated saying 'never to take candy from strangers' echoed annoyingly in her mind, where in this case there was a cookie.

    Pudding looked almost hurt by the evident 'no', but never questioned his owner and only gazed at the cookie lovingly, and grred a hello to the stranger and its Noctowl.

    "Mr. Brown, the doctor will see you now," was suddenly announced by the nurse joy in a high pitched tone over the intercom, and one of the men sitting in the far corner of the waiting area left for the office with his Chansey. The blonde gave a sigh, seeing how slow things were going, and how many people that were there before her, and wondered if she'd ever have her turn.

    ooc: Just out of curiosity, is Reynald and the others ever going to show up to the hospital or what? =/
  30. OOC: we are trying to get there we are waiting on one person kind of sorry for the delay T T its finals for some people and we have to go back home so its all abit hectic
  31. Ooc: Yes! Finally Christmas break is here! Gimme a minute and I'll post.
  32. ooc: Thank goodness! I was getting bored out of my mind, D; (my break pretty much just started) I never thought an rp forum could move so slow >
  33. Rosa would have said something to Reynald about Violet, but she was too focused on the Dragonite that just disappeared to respond. That kinda reminds me of Typhoon. She thought, lightly brushing the Aerodactyl's pokeball which clung to her belt.

    Rosie tapped her foot at the incrediby slow pace that the group was going at. She didn't blame them, for Reynald was injured, but he didn't hurt any of his legs. Sparky looked back at her, shrugged, then continued walking by the Gallade's side. Rosie beckoned for Rosa to follow and they headed to catch up with the others.

    (Sorry my post is boring, but NOTHING IS HAPPENING!!!)
  34. Reynald could feel that the group was getting annoyed by the pace they were walking. He sighed heavily and shrugged. He did not want to be rude but they were right, this was taking too long. "Hey Belle, could you tell the girl we are waiting on to just meet us at the hospital everyone seems to want to get moving. That'd be great." he addressed the next part to his rest of the group "Sorry for the wait let's go."

    Reynald pressed onward alot faster than he normally would have but he was getting annoyed with himself and a few other things. He turned the corner and saw the hospital at the end. Finally he thought and pressed onward.

    OOC: again sorry but we have had finals and what not i know Mizu and Kyoki have had to study for awhile and could not keep posting. ^ ^''
  35. ooc: No need to apologize, its completely understandable; everyone has a life outside the rp and theres no use blaming that. =]
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    OOC: Since I said it in that other thread, I'll say it here, too. A few of you are very close to being warned for your post quality (start putting more effort into your posts, as in more than 5-6 lines per reply, or you will be warned for it. This is all in the rules), and another few of you need to tone-down the OOC usage. Most of these comments could be left until you have time to post an ACTUAL RP reply and are just clogging up the topic. An RP is a story, and it really takes away from it when you break into random non-RP chatter.
  37. Kyoki

    Kyoki Guest

    (( Hey everyone Im just posting to tell you that Im leaving. I can barely remember about this place with work and everything and I'd feel bad if I didn't show up for a while and for somereason the RP wasn't going anywhere because of it so to make it more simpler on you guys Im just going to leave, it was nice playing with you for the short time I was here and who knows maybe I'll be able to come back someday. Sorry about this when I started I thought I'd actually be able to come here more offten then I've been able to, I really didn't mean to waist your guys time I hope you can forgive me. Good bye))
  38. Kyrah Melisso pranced outside of her house, ending the visit to her mother. "Ma, I'll be fine!" She called. She was finally journeying to Goldenrod city, and exploration was her motive. "C'mon, Speedy! We haven't got all day!" She yowled to her Arcanine. Speedy zipped out of the house, carrying a basket with a note attatched. Kyrah smiled. "Aw, Speedy, Ma is so worried!" She whispered to her Poke'mon, taking the basket from the Arcanine's mouth and reading the note. " 'Here's some food for you, Kyrah. It's a long way to Goldenrod! I packed some Poke'mon food for all your Poke'mon, as well. good luck, dear! -Mom.' " Kyrah snickered, walking onward towards the cliffs that led to the outside of Pewter City. "Well, Speedy. Our adventure begins!" She sprinted towards Mt. Moon, which led to Cerulean City. She had fought all the trainers here already, so they basically ignored her. Perhaps one or two called her name and said hello, challenging her to a rematch when she returned from Goldenrod. "Alright, Speedy. We're going to get through this cave a s quick as we did last time!" She told her Poke'mon. Speedy nodded his head, woofing in agreement. They stepped into the cave, turning right towards the ladder that led down.

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