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Of Lemonade and rooftops

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Mizu_Taji, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. ((open to anyone))

    Opening the door to the roof of Goldenrod City's prominent department store, Slyvia looked around. The ground was wet from the storm last night, and there was still the occasional puddle that needed to be avoided. The sky was outcast, though a few beams of light seemed to snake through the thinner patches of the gray puffy clouds. No one else seemed to be here, and that was fine by the 18 year old.

    Making sure not to step into any large puddles, she made her way over to the vending machines while digging in her bag for some coins. As they clinked into the slot of the machine, she pressed a button, and a plastic bottle filled with light yellow liquid came out with a thud. The prosess repeated a few times more before she took her haul over to a table.

    "Yuck...the chairs are still wet..." she moaned. It looked like she was going to have to stand. Setting the bottles down on the table, she looked through her bag again and grabbed the 5 occupied pokeballs that were near the bottom. In simultanious flashes of light, her group was out, ready for the refreshment she had promised them. A bowl was needed for Reith the Houdoom, but Gem the Flaaffy, Razor the Grovyle, and Safire the Kadabra could easily hold the bottles and tip the liquid into their mouths without much problems. Dundee had quickly scrambled into Slyvia's arms, and requested getting bottle fed, or at least help with holding the bottle so he wouldn't spill. With a sigh, she put down her own drink to help the Totodile out.
  2. The dark rain clouds broke early in the morning. It was about mid day when a boy wearing a dark red hoodie and brown shorts stumbled miserably into Goldenrod City.
    "Now where am I?" exclaimed the boy exhaustedly "Any ideas Fenrir?"
    the boy looked down as his Growlithe popped up from his shirt. It looked up at him and yipped happily.
    "Thanks a lot." he said sarcastically.

    The boy's name was Reynald. He was eighteen and had been training for quite some time in the Sinnoh region. However, a series of events while he was hunting for a fire stone has led him here. Reynald has a shaggy main of silver hair from which red eyes lay underneath. Many people found his eyes strange but thats what happens when you live with a family that works with fire Pokemon he thought.

    Reynald shook his head in a poor attempt to dry it and looked around the city.

    "Looks like every other city we've been to huh girl." Reynald said to Fenrir "Think I should let Serene out now? She's probably upset I left her cooped up in that ball while it was raining."

    Fenrir hopped out of Reynald's hoodie and landed softly on the ground shaking out her fur. Reynald reached on his belt and drew out a poke ball. Fenrir looked up at him with eyes that matched Reynald's.

    "All right Serene you can come out now." Reynald said as he tossed the ball. A small Pidgy appeared with white feathers around the eyes instead of black, landed on his shoulder, nipping his ear angrily. Only recently caught, Serene was one of his favorites.

    "Ouch, alright I'm sorry ok? now let's see what is in this city shall we?" Reynald said as he started to walk towards the building he assumed was the cafe.
  3. "Um, we're in...Goldenrod City right?" Rosie asked her sister. The 15 year old had her face buried deep within a map.

    "We've been in Goldenrod City for the past six minutes." Her also 15 year old sister, Rosa, answered.

    "What? How did you know?" Rosie asked, looking up from her map.

    "Because we passed the sign: WELCOME TO GOLDENROD CITY six minutes ago." Rosa said. Suddenly her backpack wriggled. She slung it off her shoulder. "Alright you two." she said, unzipping it. "It stopped raining now." A head popped out of her backpack.

    "Cyndaquil!" The pokemon cried.

    "Okay Blaze. Now where is Volts?" Rosa asked as Blaze hopped out. She rummaged through her pack until she finally came upon a sleeping Raichu. "Hey Volts. Wake up." Rosa said, prodding the Raichu in the side.

    "Rai?" Volts murmured, sitting up.

    Rosa smiled and picked Volts up by his waist and set him down on the ground. Blaze quickly hopped on her shoulder and was followed a little more slowly by Volts. Rosa turned around with both pokemon sitting on each of her shoulders, and saw Rosie also digging through her backpack. A head also popped out, only this pokemon had a huge leaf growing out of its head. The Chikorita quickly jumped out and was followed immediatly by another Raichu. Sweetie the Chikorita smiled happily while Sparky the Raichu also hopped on Rosie's shoulder.

    "Are we going or not?" Rosa sked.

    "I'm coming." Rosie murmured and began walking down the street again, Sweetie walking close behind her heels. After a few minutes, it became apparent that perhaps no one was in this town. "Maybe they're all inside beacause of the rain." Rosie suggested.

    "But it stopped raining already. Oh there's someone." Rosa answered and suddenly pointed to a figure futher down the street. "I guess the department store is still open." Rosie shrugged and both girls began making their way to the store.
  4. [size=8pt]The crowd inside the colossal store was just as thick as ever, if not worse due to the mass numbers flocking in for shelter from the rain.
    But, even through the constant hum of chatter, it was fairly discernable that the rain had indeed ceased.
    Having already finished her shopping and, consequently, bearing the burden of having arms laden with bags, the girl began to trek through the crowd to reach the elevator.
    Out of order.

    Giving a huff of clear aggrivation, the girl reached for her belt and pulled off a single pokeball. Holding it out at an arms length, the smooth metal capsule flicked open and released a beam of red matter. Soon enough, it had materialised into a pokemon about the same height as the girl- maybe taller with the added height of his ears.
    "Apollo, I need help carrying these bags. I'd like to get onto the roof just for a minute to see if they've restocked those pokeplushes vending machines.. Or if they even have them in this town."
    The lucario gave a soft grunt, probably more out of hefting the bags than in response.
    At the sound of her companion being released, a small yellow head popped promptly from the black messenger bag slung across Belle's torso, the flap that had been intended to keep it's contents inside now flopping lifelessly across the pikachu's ears.
    Giving a chirp of glee, she scampered up the trainer's back and seated herself atop the black beret the girl had slapped on, over the mass of brown curls that had been particularly unruly today.
    The resulting action was an unorthodox session of Belle balancing herself out once again, giving the yellow mouse a wry smile as it got comfortable atop its perch.

    The trip up the three-or-so flights of stairs that had separated her from the rooftop was a show in itself, and she was thankful the people in the store were too occupied to pay her any heed.
    So, as one may imagine, reaching her destination brought about a feeling of triumph, and she set the bags on the ground in time with the blue pokemon at her side.[/size]
  5. The door to the department store clicked open as Rosa, Rosie, and thier pokemon all entered the crowded department store.

    "Agh. Well now we know where everyone is." Rosa said, struggling to get to the front of the line.

    "Hey, wait up!" Rosie called after her rapidly disappearing sister. She ducked and weaved throgh the crowd of people, Sweetie and Sparky quickly following.

    "Rai!" Sparky shouted as someone accidently stepped on his long tail.

    Rosie finally caught up with her sister, who was now ordering things from behind the counter. "What do you need Revive Potions for? Your pokemon hardly ever faint." Rosie said as she saw what Rosa was mainly buying.

    "You never know when you might need them." Rosa answered, taking up her bags. Sweetie and Sparky arrived, Sparky was massaging his throbbing tail. "Let's go." Rosa said, turning around and working her way out of the crowd. Sparky groaned and hurried after her.

    "Great. Now where did she go?" Rosie muttered to herself. Her sister had disappeared into the crowd again. I swear, I wouldn't be suprised if that girl could turn invisible. She thought and scanned the crowd for her sister. She didn't really expect to find her though, there were too many people.

    "Are you coming or not?" Rosa suddenly appeared, but she was holding another bag. Rosie had no idea what was in it, but she was sure Rosa would show her once they got outside. Once again they had to push their way out of the crowd, but they finally made it to the door and made their way outside.

    "Phew! I almost feel like a pokemon just released from a pokeball!" Rosie said, feeling good now not to be in such a cramped place. Rosa walked over to the tables and chairs and began inspecting them. Finally she layed her bags down on the driest one, (even then it wasn't that dry) and called Blaze and Volts over. She handed the both of them a Soda Pop and opened one for herself.
    Rosie walked over and dug in the bag also. She pulled out another Soda Pop and handed Sweetie some fresh water and Sparky some lemonade. At first Rosie thought Sweetie may need help handling the bottle, but the Chikorita just used Vine Whip to grab the bottle. Rosie once again scanned the streets again, besides the girl a few tables down and a figure on the roof, they were the only people that were outside. It almost seems like a ghost town now. She thought, and opened her Soda Pop.
  6. Kyoki

    Kyoki Guest

    Lyn slowly aproached the city, she peaked her head out from under the umbrella to figure out where she was
    "Ok let see where are we this time Ser...Goldenrod huh." she looked down at the vulpix she was walking beside her"This look like a good place to rest?" she asked.

    Ser looked around then looked back up at her and yipped shaking her wet paws. Lyn chuckled and shook the unbrella to get the excess water off it since the rain had passed.

    "Ok lets go get you dried and get something to eat." she slung her backpack off her shoulders and packed up the umbrella. Slinging it back on she grined down at Ser "Let see what fun we can have here." They continued to walk down the path into town and headed twords the department store. Before they reached the door one of the pokeballs on her hip opened and out came a Pachirisu that instantly started running around on her crawling in her hoodie "Dangit Casey!" she yelled while trying to grab it. The Pachirisu jumped on Lyn's head and looked around. "Gotcha!" Lyn quickly grabed Casey and held him in front of her face. "How many times do I have to tell you not to come out with out me telling you to?"

    "pai?" Casey tilted his head and looked at her cutely

    "Don't even try that look on me" Lyn stared at him for a while then sighed "Fine you can stay out but don't wander off got it?" She set him down on her shoulder and checked to make sure no one was watching them.
  7. Reynald examined a town as two girls who looked similar to the other disappeared inside the department store.

    "Huh.." Reynald said as he walked up to the store's doors,almost bumping into a young girl with an umbrella covering her eyes.
    "Sorry" Reynald said quietly as he approached the doors. As soon as the doors opened a wave of sound assaulted Reynald's ears. Fenrir back away and placed her paws over her ears to block the sound. People rushed left and right and collided with each other like it was a football game. Serene dug her head into Reynald's neck.

    "No way I'm going in there." Reynald exclaimed as he headed back to his original spot. "Well, now what Fenrir? I'm lost and the only way to find out where I am is through the riot in there. Fenrir yawned lazily and swaggered where she stood. Reynald sympathized, he was tired too.

    Reynald stretched and look around to see if any other buildings were occupied.
  8. Kitsune Greenlily is riding into Goldenrod one a shiney green bicycle with Shun her ninetales running next to her. Ninetales ran effortlessly next to the bike. His green eyes were bright and more alert to his suroundings than his trainer. She had her hair down today to keep some of the rain out of her ears. She had her rain jacket on over her favorite green dress to keep dry. She needed to go to get more potions and buy some pokeballs.
    "Well Shun were do you think the department store is?"
    Shun Looked at her and whined then continued running.
    "Fine be that way then" She said to her ninetales
    she rode down the street and didn't notice that there was a person down the street andwatched as her nintales slowed down but didn't slow down at all. she didn't notice some one in front of her until she was almost on top of him.
  9. Gem, the light blue Flaaffy, was taking a swig of her lemondade when the first set of new comers caught her eye. Being the kind of pokemon she was, she nearly slammed down her bottle and trotted over, not thinking that the girl and her Lucario could be of any harm. Pressing her fuzzy head against the girl's leg, she bleated happily, nuzzling the new person.

    "Gem! What did we talk about?" the red headed woman snapped all while trying to calm down the hyperactive child pokemon who was squirming around in her arms, wanting to meet the new lady as well. Safire sighed and held out her hands, used to this situation. Almost automatically Sylvia placed the small crocodile pokemon in the Kadabra's grasp and hurried over to her over affectionate sheep pokemon.

    "I'm sorry if she bothered you!" she said with a bow in apology as she tugged on Gem slightly to make her back off, but it didn't seem to work all that well.
  10. Kyoki

    Kyoki Guest

    Lyn looks around and notices a guy and a growlithe walking away from the department store, a little bit ahead she notices someone riding a bike. It's clear to her that neither of the people are paying attention and the boy is about to get run over. How can he not notice that there's a bike coming at him? she thought "Hey boy!" she yelled trying to get the guy to notice the bike that was coming at him fast. Ser poked her head out from behind Lyns leg to look at see what she was yelling about.
  11. Reynald whipped around and faced the first person to speak in this town and started to yell "Who are you calling BOY!" but was cut off as a sharp pain between his shoulder blades drove him into the mud. He groaned as tires crashed over his back leaving him face down in the mud.

    Fenrir walked over and whimpered as she nudged Reynald's right arm causing new pain to flare along it. Its probably broken Reynald thought as he tried to push him self up and roll over. He stared up at the clear sky as Serene chirped worriedly and landed on his chest. Reynald winced even though the bird was not very heavy.

    "Hey Serene," Reynald croaked. "Mind getting off of me?"

    Fenrir laid her head gently on his chest and looked at Reynald with great concern.

    "I'm alright girl, let me up." Reynald said as he tried to sit up, but his muscles disagreed and he decided it would be better to lay on hope to god that girl that had called him boy would be smart enough to help.

    "What a great way to start the day. Walk into a zombie town, witness a rugby match in the department store, and get hit with a bike. What else could go wrong?"
  12. [size=8pt]With the new assault on her person disrupting her balance again, she latched onto the lucario at her side for support.
    The pokemon, just as startled as she was, stumbled around for a bit before straightening back up and helping his trainer back onto her feet. The two flushed as they turned to look at the newcomer- and the girl that followed her there.
    Giving a hearty grin, Belle put her arm around the lucario as the yellow pokemon atop her head took her place between the two. The silver bell around her tail twinkled happily with her recognition of another electric-type. Both of Belle's pokemon exchanged glances, but shared the same silly grin as their trainer as she slapped on a cheerful face.

    "Oh, not at all. I'm sure Rusty's pleased to have an encounter with a pokemon of the same type- Your flaaffy is the first since we've reached this town."
    It was good to be talking to someone- The occasional excuses people made in the department store when they bumped into others didn't quite cut it.[/size]
  13. Rosie gasped as she saw the boy get run over by a girl on her bike. Rosa was already dashing towards the scene. "Are you alright?" Rosa asked as she got down on her hands and nees by the boy's side. A Pidgey and Growlithe sat next to him. Rosa heard Blaze and Volts arriving at her side but she payed no attention.

    Rosie suudenly stopped by Rosa's side and knelt down next to her. "I think his arm's broken." Rosie said, pointing at his right arm, which was twisted at an unnatural angle.
  14. Reynald stared at the twins with a look of sarcasm on his face, his crimson eyes looking from one girl to the next. "You know I can hear you two right? I am still conscious, unless this is all a dream..."

    Reynald tried to move his arm but yelp in pain and stopped. Fenrir took the opportunity to greet the new comers by attempting to tackle the nearest twin and lick her face. Serene puffed out her feathers and tried to defend Reynald, but was too shy to actually get close to the twins.

    "Anyone get the license plate of that bike that hit me?" Reynald groaned wiping his face clear of mud with his left hand. "I think my ribs are cracked too. Is there a hospital in this town?"

    Reynald once again tried to sit up slowly, and managed to get into an awkward sitting position.
  15. "Bikes don't have license plates." Rosa murmured mainly to herself as she pushed the Growlithe away, "To tell you the truth about the hospital, I know there is one in this town but I don't know where it is. I haven't been here in such a long time I've kinda forgotten where everything is." She stood up and took a pokeball off her belt. She threw it up in the air and an Espeon suddenly appeared. "Violet, use Psychic to lift this boy up. Apparently he can't walk on his own."

    The Espeon nodded and her eyes began to glow red, and Reynald was lifted into the air. Sweetie trotted forward and used Vine Whip to help balance him.
  16. "ow" she said as she rubbed her head. she looked around and saw that her bike was on the ground next to her and looked for Shun. He was standing next to her looking back and whining at her. His green eyes looked at her untill she looked.
    "what is it Shun?"
    She turned to look "oops...I ran into some one again didn't I...I didn't do it on purpose. I'm so sorry"
  17. Kyoki

    Kyoki Guest

    Lyn winced out the sound of the bike hitting the guy and mummbles "Ow.." She started walking twords where he lay but stoped as two girls and a handful of pokemon rushed past Wha? Where did they come from? She looked down at Ser who just looked up at her and shruged. All of a sudden Casey jumped off her shoulder and ran twords the group of people "Crap, get back here!" she rushed after him trying to get to him befor he did anything stupid.

    Casey ran up on the guy and stoped on his shoulder. He then poked the boys forehead and tilted it's own head.

    Lyn ran up and skided to a stop by the group, however she sliped on the mud and crahed into the Espeon.Causing all of them to topple over into a puddle "Ouch" she groans and trys to untangle herself from the pile.
  18. If Sweetie weren't balancing Reynald, he probably would've fallen because of Lyn crashing into Violet. The Espeon released a huge blast of energy, causing everyone within five feet to fly back. She trotted back over to Reynald and continued lifting him up. Rosa gazed at Lyn in confusion. Where the heck did she come from? She thought and turned back to Rosie. "Do you still have that map?"

    "Yeah, why?" Rosie asked, pulling out the map.

    "Try to find out where the hospital is." Rosa said and turned back to the boy.
  19. Reynald landed a few feet away and yelped in pain. He struggled to get on his feet shakily, looking angrily at the two twins. " I can walk just fine its a little hard to get up with one hand broken and ribs cracked. Thanks for the offer but I think I'm getting more injured the longer you guys stay around." His mood lightened up during the second sentence and he softened his tone.

    "Sorry for snapping I'm just in pain right now." He smiled slightly as he looked towards the girl that had hit him. "Hey You!" he called over. "Come here!"

    Reynald tried in vain to get the mud off his clothes and checked the small pack on the back part of his belt. Nothing appeared to have broken, good. He then spent some time cleaning off the five poke balls at his belt. Selene fluttered up and landed on his shoulder nuzzling his neck. Fenrir wag her tail excitedly, she hasn't seen anyone new for some time and jumped on the second twin giving her the same greeting.

    "Sorry about Fenrir, she likes people a lot." Reynald laughed and then winced. "That hurt, no more laughing."
  20. She noticed that he was yelling at him and got up to go to him.
    "I'm sorry. I was distracted"
    She said apologetically. Shun looked ashamed of his trainer. She was trying to apologize and ran over to try to help him. she tripped over something walking over to him. Shun was entirely ashamed that his trainer appeared so incompetent. She landed on him and knocked him down again. "Oh, I'm so sorry I'm not helping at all am I? I didn't do it on purpose I swear."
    She looked at him and was embarrassed she hit him at all not to mention twice.
  21. Kyoki

    Kyoki Guest

    Lyn blinks surprised as she got blown up into the air, she quickly reached out and grabed onto a pole that was sticking out the side of the building. Hanging she pulled herself up and carefully crouched on it. She looked down at the group "Hey I don't think that's helpful!" she yelled down as the girl on the bike crashed into the poor guy again.

    She noticed movement on one of the twins and groaned slightly as Casey poked his head up out of her clothes. "Pai?"

    Rolling her eyes she looks around for Ser, spotting her by the door to the department store Well at least she's ok she looked back to the guy who was curently under the girl with the bike, if it wasn't for the fact he kept getting hurt that would be a funny position to find a guy in.
  22. Sylvia smiled back, happy to see that her pokemon's antics were not offencive in any way. Still, she gave her foot a little stomp, which made Gem finally cease her nuzzling and back off just a bit. This time she noticed the yellow thing on top of the nice woman's head. Wagging her blue tipped tail, she bleated happily again in greeting.

    "I'm sorry..." she said again, her apologectic streak showing through. "I don't suppose I could buy you a..." she stopped her offer of what was going to be a drink when she heard a distant scream from the ground below. "Oh dear...I wonder what's going on..." she looked at the female again, not wanting to be rude and running off to peek over the roof's edge. So she just smiled, though her blue eyes darted again in the direction of the distress.

    Razor and Reith were peering over the edge, looking at the scene below. While the Houndoom was slighly worried that the man was alright, the Grovyle gave a loud hardy laugh, amused by the silver locked male's fight with karma. Reith flicked his tail at him and growled, but Razor just growled back and chuckled softer.
  23. [size=8pt]It was very polite of her to offer compensation, but the screaming from about five stories below them was certainly distraction enough to have them both glancing at the rooftop's edge.
    "Ah.. Ha. Maybe we should ah-"
    The yellow pokemon had already beat her to it, taking a leap from her place beside Belle and Apollo to peer over the edge, a look of disdain on her face.
    Belle followed the pokemon, grabbing the wrist of her lucario with one hand, and the stranger with the other.

    The scene below stunned her.
    There was a boy who looked like he just got hit by a car, a couple of girls who looked like they were playing poke-tennis with him, and another with a ninetails that was apologising profusely to the tennis-ball.
    And.. Another girl standing on a pole that was jutting from the side of the building.

    "You know.. I don't think they're going to get him very far like that. We should help."
    The lucario gave his trainer a side-long look.
    It was trouble enough gettin up here, and now she wanted back down? They'd need to something with all the stuff she'd bought- stuff it all into her handbag at least and see if it's uncanny ability to hold mass quantities was god enough.[/size]
  24. Sylvia, watching the female move to the edge, walked with her and watched the sight that unfolded. Knowing something needed to be done, she made a few quick rounds among her pokemon, scolding Razor for laughing and taking Dundee from Safire again.

    "We should do something..." she concered. "But with all the commotion going on down there, will we be able to be helpful?" she asked, though even she was unsure if she was asking herself or the other human that stood next to her, also peering over the edge.

    "I suppose a little information couldn't hurt..." she said, then peered back to her Kadabra, who, being the psycic that she was, already knew what was going to be said. "Teleport down there and see if you can figure out what's going on. That way we can figure out if anyone needs help or not"

    Safire nodded and closed her eyes. In a flash she was perched on the same pole that Lyn was.

    "Dabra?" she asked, most likely asking if she needed assistance.

    Sylvia smiled and looked up at Belle. "She'll be able to tell if we are really needed or not..." she explained slightly. "If so, Safire can get us down there in a jiffy...better then trying to force our way down through that zoo, especially with the elevator down," she said.
  25. Kyoki

    Kyoki Guest

    "Gah!" Lyn jumped back at the sudden appearance of a Kadabra in front of her and shoved at it, in the process she almost knocked herself off the pole. Quickly regaining her balance she looked from the Kadabra to the group on the ground "You with them?" she asked "If your with the doublemint twins down there you might want to call them off. I think they're going to kill him" She watched the boy for a second to see if he was moving at all. Lyn then mummbled to herself "Think I'll stay up here it's safer..."

    Ser shook her head and slowly walked twords the group. When she reached the boy she started to pull on his shoe, trying to get him away from the group and to a building.
  26. [size=8pt]Her words were assuring, but just as an extra precaution Belle reached down and pulled yet another ball from her belt. This one was a deep blue in color, and had two bright red stripes running across the surface. But it was just as sleek and smooth as the last, and sparkled in what sunlight had broken through the overcast sky.

    "I'll get Theseus to check on the ground down there, then. Just as an extra precaution."
    Tossing the ball out over the side of the building, it broke open mid-air and released a bolt of red matter that began to materialize upon it's decent. The jolt of energy it released was enough to shoot the metal capsule back into the girl's open hand, and she peered over the edge to watch as the Gallade touched onto the ground. His pearly white skin seemed almost polished, and it was clear even from their height. He only remained in his place for a second, pausing to take a breath of fresh, rain-sodden air before disappearing in a puff of violet... Stuff.

    And quickly reappearing beside Rosa, his eyes questioning as he began to tap into the girl's thoughts.

    "Do you require assistance, miss?"
    His voice was surprisingly lucid for a pokemon, and it had a resonating tone that made clear indication that he was well-matured for a pokemon.[/size]
  27. Suprisingly Rosa did not jump. She was used to talking with her Espeon this way. "No, I don't need help. It's that kid over there." she said, pointing to Reynald, "He says he can walk but a cross-eyed Linoon can see that he won't make it five feet before he falls back down again. He won't even let us help out too."

    "Well neither would you if you were hurt like this." Rosie remarked, running a finger down the Gallade's arm and trying to stop the Growlithe from poucing on her.

    "Acutally I don't let you help me because you'll just drop me on purpose. I trust my pokemon though." Rosa shot back at Rosie, grinning as her eyes flashed in anger. Suddenly she heard something. "Hey! I heard that!" She shouted, turning around to face Lyn.

    God. That girl can hear a raindrop fall out of the clouds. Rosie thought as she couldn't even hear the faintest mumble from the girl Violet had blasted back.
  28. Reynald managed to work his way out from under the bicycle girl and once again get to his feet. Serene was busy tugging and pulling at the girl to get her to move and seemed to be more agitated than normal.

    "Serene are you alright you seem more flustered than..." but was cut short when Serene began to flash bright white.

    Well this is a nice surprise, the stress has caused her to evolve...great Reynald thought to himself as he shook his leg free of the Vulpix.

    "Thanks for your help little one but I think I will be fine." Reynald stated as Serene finished changing into a Pidgeotto.
    Serene, completely changed, easily pulled the bicycle girl to her feet and promptly dropped her and then rushed over to Reynald, nuzzling her head into his leg asking for praise.

    "Hehe, good job Serene...Fenrir! leave those two alone would ya?" Fenrir popped her head up and bounced over to Reynald.

    He heard the two twins bickering and limped over to them. They looked about three years younger than him and were just a little bit shorter. Well, he was pretty short himself but thats life. He looked from one to the next with his red eyes waiting for them to finish.

    "I appreciate the help just ask next time before you start levitating me with a Pokemon that explodes when touched by strangers please." Reynald said trying to sound light hearted. Truth is he was hurting from the current events and just wanted to get to the hospital. "Sorry about Fenrir again, we haven't seen many people in awhile and is probably too friendly for her own good.
  29. Rosa turned, suprised that he had decided to come back. "Oh it's nothing. In fact, Fenrir kind of reminds of my insane, hyperactive cousin. But Violet doesn't really explode, she just really hates it when people interupt her while she's trying to work because they break her concentration." She explained, kind of embarrassed about her Espeon.

    "I got it!" Rosie shouted suddenly.

    Rosa clapped her hand to her left ear. "Have what?" She muttered through gritted teeth. Her sister had shouted right into her ear.

    "The location of the hospital." She said. "Just go down to the end of this street, then take a left, walk down abot halfway, then take another left, then go to the nearest right and the hospital should be there." (completely made up directions. Heh heh.) Rosie explained, tracing an invisible route with her finger as she spoke.
  30. [size=8pt]The Gallade watched warily as the sisters began bickering, glancing around to where the first girl had indicated at the boy that was now limping his way back to the group- something he probably shouldn't have been doing in his condition.
    Instinctively, the tall pokemon reached out to take the arm that didn't seem horribly bruised, a look of concern spreading through his face.

    "Is there any way that I may assist you?"

    From her position atop the roof, Belle frowned as she watched the crowd begon to re-form, and the boy began to start walking on his own. She exchanged wary glances with her lucario, and reached out to take hold of the pikachu that had been peering over the ledge.
    A sudden paranoia made her secure a hold on the yellow pokemon, just to ensure she wouldn't topple over the edge.[/size]
  31. Kyoki

    Kyoki Guest

    Lyn chuckled "Congrate you heard me talk to my self good job." she said softly as she looked around to judge the distance to the ground"If you'll excues me." She smiled at the Kadabra then let go and jumped down the the ground, she landed in an ackward crouch due the the slipperyness of the ground. "Graceful..." she stood up and looked at the group "Ser come here!" she called to her pokemon that was currently watching the boy slowly walk on his own

    Casey proceded to jump from his spot in one of the twin clothes and ran over the to girl with the bike. He ran up her leg then up to her head "Pai!" he exclaimed happily.

    Ser quickly ran back to Lyn's side and at down by her feet. She looked up and tilted her head to the side slightly at the look of people looking over the edge.
  32. OOC: Good job with all the posts everyone! I didn't think this would be that popular lol. Everyones posts are great thanks again ^ ^

    BIC:Reynald smiled as he watched the two girls. Fenrir wagged her tail excitedly as the commented about her and looked on the verge of pouncing again, but one look at Reynald made her calm down a bit and stay close to him.

    "Shes not that hyperactive all the time." Reynald remarked glancing down at Fenrir. He jumped as the girl suddenly shouted out that she knew where the hospital was and began rattling off directions. Reynald quickly memorized the directions and was about to head out when another Pokemon touched his arm. he back away just slightly, again wary of this new stranger, and was puzzled when it started speaking into his mind. Serene puffed out and marched over to this new stranger, and stopped short as Reynald shot her a warning glance. The Pokemon gave him that look like he was stupid for getting back up and Reynald couldn't agree more. But he was stubborn like that

    Well I thought I might be able to make it but my body is telling me otherwise. He thought and then he said aloud "Alright thanks for the directions, and this time I am asking if you guys will give me a hand to the hospital. Bicycle girl get over here! You to monkey women!" Reynald shouted out to all the people he knew where there. "And you might want to get your master so I can thank him or her. As for the rest of you I would like to know my assailants names please" He said and laughed a little before wincing again "Ouch, forgot, no more laughing."
  33. Rosa smiled. "I'm Rosa." She said, stepping forward.

    "Rosie." Her sister plainly said and stepped up next to her sister.


    Rosa suddenly looked down and relized that her pokemon were still out. "Oh that's Blaze." she siad, pointing to her Cyndaquil. "And that's Volts." She pointed to her Raichu. Volts smiled happily and leapt onto Rosa's shoulder. She took out a pokeball and quickly returned Violet back into it.

    "This is Sweetie, this is Sparky." Rosie also introduced her Chikorita and her Raichu. Sweetie smiled and used Vine Whip again to help the Gallade with supporting Reynald. She did't care if the Gallade didn't need help (but she really didn't know if he needed help or not) she was still going to help a trainer in need.

    Rosa smiled again, "Are you going to walk to the hospital? Or are you ging to fly?" She asked, that Pidgeotto looked as if she could carry him but what about the rest of his pokemon?
  34. Safire was able to duck away from Lyn's flailing just in time. The Kadabra didn't blame her, she did sort of pop out of no where. Keeping her perch for the time, she gave a wave of her hand as Lyn said goodbye. It was nice to see that the injured was at least standing. After a few more moments, and pretty sure that only Lyn had seen her, she, in a puff of smoke returned to her trainer's side.

    "It seems that everything is going to be...semi alright..." Sylvia stated, looking at Belle, then hearing the guy call out. Like Safire, Sylvia only saw Lyn take notice of the Kadabra, so didn't pay much heed to the invitation of coming down.

    The Grovyle peeked over the edge again and sighed. It wasn't as amusing anymore. With a huff he went back to his lemonade, sipping it slowly as he fumed at his loss of entertainment.
  35. [size=8pt]Once more the pokemon found himself surveying the scene, and it might have seemed as though he was smiling, despite his lack of a mouth.
    "That won't be necessary, sir."

    With his feet together the gallade held out his arms, as though inviting the boy to be carried.
    "I would gladly do the honors, if it pleases you."

    Scratching at the pikachu's ears, Belle turned away from the ledge and pulled the Lucario's red pokeball from her belt, holding it out to the pokemon as he stood expectantly. Soon enough, the ball's signature red beam shot from it's center, and began to envelop the pokemon, breaking his glowing form into a single concentrated beam as it retracted back into the capsule.
    Attatching it to her belt once more, she pulled another free- similar to it's counterpart, its glossy red coat shone as she tossed it into the air, letting loose a cloud of the red matter. Rather that fall back onto the ground, it proceeded to soar into the sky, gradually taking the shape of a moderately sized dragonite. Stretching his wings to their fullest size- a good half-length longer that should be, he spun once or twice before taking his place before his trainer.

    His face was slim, far skinnier than that of an average dragonite to the extent where his features resembled that of his Charizard teammate. His eyes too were relatively small, though they retained a kind, fatherly feel as he smiled down on the girl.
    She turned to the girl and bit at her lip as she cradled the yellow pokemon in her arms, her fingers flicking absently at her silver bell.
    "I'm going down there. I'm concerned. And I'm willing to take you, but only if you want to come."
    As she spoke, she began to gather the goods from the many shopping bags, stuffing them in her own pack that hung from her shoulder. The black messenger bag began to bulge, but surprisingly was able to accomodate the many items.[/size]
  36. Kitsune got back up and walked over to Reynald.
    "I'm Kitsune, but you can call me Kit. And this is Shun my ninetales.
    I'm sorry for all of this" she said. "I'll help you in any way that I can," She said as she picked up her now slightly mangled bike and walked it next to her.
    "again I'm sorry I can be a bit scatter brained at times."
    She walked up to him to see what she could do to help.
  37. Kyoki

    Kyoki Guest

    Lyn noticed that Ser was looking up, just as she was about to look up she heard the boy call to her "Hey boy who are you calling a monkey?" she shouted back. She smirked slightly and looked down at Ser not even waiting for a reply from the guy. "Well where to now girl? Feel like following them or do you want to go somewhere else...wait.." Lyn looked around and sighed "Great where is he now?" She looked back up and spoted Casey on the girl with the bike, luckily it seemed no one noticed him yet "Brat...come on Ser lets go get him." She headed back to the group and tried to get some of the mud off her hoodie while she walked.

    Ser jumped up and started to follow Lyn. She jumped in the puddles and splashed mud everywhere while they walked.
  38. Reynald looked around as everyone took the time to introduce themselves. He noticed the monkey girl didn't seem to care she had caused him alot of pain. Oh well, he didn't care too much. He paused and looked at the Pokemon as it offered to carry him.

    "Sorry im not a damsel in distress so carrying me is out but.."Reynald slung his good arm over the Pokemon's shoulder and pulled his broken one closer to his chest."This will do. By the way, the name is Reynald Magus. I'm not from this region and im a little lost so I wouldn't mind having a few people to walk around with. This is Serene...shes a little overprotective but she'll loosen up after awhile. Shes claustrophobic so she doesn't like being in her little ball. And you have already met Fenrir." Fenrir yipped and wagged her tail at the mention of her name.

    Reynald looked up as a Dragonite appeared and a girl climbed on the back gathering her things. he looked over at the Pokemon he was leaning on. "Friend of yours?"
  39. Rosie looked up at the appearence of the Dragonite far above. She turned to tell her sister but relized she had walked ahead.

    "Hey Kitsune! Or Kit, there's a Pachirishu on the back of your head!" She called over to the trainer. She stood next to Reynald, still waiting for his reply.

    "Cyndaquil!" Blaze chirped.

    Rosa turned her head upwards and also noticed the Dragonite. She squited her eyes. What a strange looking Dragonite. She thought as she saw the dragon pokemon's head.
  40. She heard one of the girls yell at her.
    "There's a Pachirisu on my head?" She repeated slowly trying to figure out why there was a pachirisu on on her and trying to look at the Flying dragonite.she spent more time looking up at it than trying to locate the pachirisu.
    She got tired of trying to watch the Dragonite and went about looking for the Pachirisu.
    She tried to grab around be hind her and get the Pachirisu.
    "where are you? Don't worry I won't hurt you." She tried to restrain it but she couldn't get a hold of it.

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