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Ask to Join Not a Normal Kalos Journey

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Mangoez~, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

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    “Passengers and cabin crew, prepare for Ianding at the airport.”

    Hope immediately woke up to the announcement made by the pilot, as her flight from her Castelia City, Unova to Lumiose City, Kalos was quite a long one, and it left about 8 hours ago, making it a very long, grueling flight. She had slept for most of the flight, and ate only a bag of pretzels during the flight.

    As the plane was ready to finally land at Lumiose City, Hope was excited and nervous to go to the place she had always wanted to visit - as her home region was, well, quite boring to her and she didn’t want to start her journey over here.

    She looked out the airplane window and saw the beauty of Lumiose City. The city lights filled the city with absolute delight, and Hope didn’t blink for one millisecond. Soon, she heard a thud from ground, as the plane had finally landed. As soon as the fast plane finally stopped, everyone on the plane, including Hope, had finally stood up after sitting down for a while. She took her luggage out of the overhead bin and ran out the airplane door, despite being very exhausting. This was the journey of a lifetime - and she wasn’t going to miss one second of it.


    After a ride in a taxi out of the huge Lumiose Airport, Hope finally arrived to her hotel room. It was a nice, simple, but somewhat huge room. Hope changed her clothes, brushed her teeth, set her alarm for 6:00, and immediately fell asleep.


    “BR-BRING! BRR-BRIN-“ the alarm sounded before Hope smacked the off button quickly.

    It was a new day, and the sunset began to appear as people and Pokémon alike began appearing in the streets of Lumiose City. Hope yawned and stretched out of bed and began immediately getting ready and doing her normal routine and changed into her normal clothing.

    She looked at the letter she received from Professor Sycamore a while earlier, which read:

    Hello Hope Winter,

    This is an letter concerning about her Pokémon journey. I would like to see you at my Pokémon lab to help you begin a journey throughout Kalos. You are also allowed to get a starter from our Pokémon lab and a Pokédex. I hope to see you soon!

    Professor Sycamore

    She grabbed a bagel from the hotel market, eating it quickly, and checked out of her room and headed out to Professor Sycamore’s lab, and looked at the huge lab building and waiting outside on a nearby bench, waiting for the lab to finally open.
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  2. Luna had been in Kalos for a couple hours after her flight had landed around three that morning from Kanto. Visiting with her grandma had always given her sense of joy. Being so far away had not bothered the young trainer, but it would have been nice to see her more often.

    The hotel room that Luna received was quite nice. It was spacious and seemed to have a lot of room for pokemon to run around. Frost had been in her pokeball before now, but was let out to enjoy the room with her companion. Seeing as she would not be her much longer, Luna fell onto the bed and fell asleep, well that was until her phone rang with a messege.

    The messege was from her grandma, it seemed that the older lady wanted to wish her well on her journey. Waking up, Luna found Frost laying beside her in the large bed that would probably hold about a dozen people. "How are feeling this morning Frost? You ready for us to start our journey here in Kalos?"

    Frost slowly stretched, and looked up to Luna. A suggestion of a smile on her face as she woke up to the morning light. Frost nudged Luna with her nose, and jumped off the bed.

    Luna got up and found something to wear after her shower. With that out of the way she walked around the lobby for a bit, until they served breakfast. She grabbed an apple to eat on the go.

    When she did finally made it to the lab, she was saddened to see that it was still closed, deciding to wait for it to open, Luna walked over to a bench and sat down. As she sat down, she noticed a girl who looked to be waiting as well. Deciding to introduce herself, Luna turned slightly to hold out her hand.

    "Hello my name is Luna Stone. Are you waiting for the lab to open as well? Oh by the way this is Frost. She has been with me since I left Alola to live with my grandmother in Kanto."
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  3. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Dang, that introduction was just straight-up, ya know? Never seen a random stranger, I mean this “Luna Stone” person just walk up and introduce themselves that quickly, Hope thought.

    “Ah, yes, hello, Luna. The name’s Hope. Hope Winter. I don’t have any Pokémon to show to you, really, but I should be getting one soon in a few minutes when I go to the lab.” She said, as she shook Luna’s hand.

    AT ???

    “Ah, yes, I feel like we are ready for Operation Shuriken. We shall begin soon, in the small town of Vanville and surrounding islands.” a tall, bearded man spoke.
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  4. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah had finally arrived at the Kalos region after that long flights and having to book a hotel room for that night before going towards the professor's laboratory.

    "I can't believe mom sent me out here to learn about other regions cultures,but I guess it is a bit cool that I can meet new Pokemon that i've never seen before in person." Noah said as he began rubbing the back of his head

    Noah finally arrived at the laboratory after a while getting lost in the streets of Lumiose City and then notice two girl waiting around the entrance.

    "Sup mates, I assume you're here for the same reason I am, so then let's start with introductions the name's Noah, I'm from the sinnoh region. Noah said as he walked up the stairs to the entrance to meet up with the two girls.
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  5. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Ah yes, another straight-up introduction from a random stranger. Two in two minutes, Hope thought.

    “The name’s Hope, Hope Winter if you want to go further. I come from Unova, and I decided to start my journey here instead of there.” She then said, shaking Noah’s hand.
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  6. As Sterling walked out of the airport in Lumiose city, he stretched his arms to let out a long overdue stretch, he took a big sniff of the air only to exhale with relief. "Nothing like getting a good stretch along with that new region smell." He said to himself before he looked back to see a tusked reptilian Pokemon run toward Sterling and climb up him until it was on his shoulder.

    "You excited as well, Axew?" Sterling asked his Pokemon who cried cheerfully in response which made his trainer laugh lightly and pet the little Pokemon. "Then let's get a move on, we gotta get our Pokedex before we can start." He said before he saw Axew open up Sterling's bag to rummage around in it until he found a map to which he handed to his trainer.

    "Thanks pal." Sterling beamed as he took the map from Axew and quickly looked at it. "Let's see... we're here, so we need to go... here." He said as he pointed to both where he was and where he needed to be on the map before he folded it back up and handed it back to Axew who put it back in the bad and closed it up. Afterward, Sterling began to walk over to his destination, both awed by the stunning new scenery that he seemed to have exhausted back in his home region of Unova and excited for the journey that was hopefully to change his life for the better.
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  7. "Okay... there, there. It's just a little bath. Gotta make sure you're clean like me Pal," Feng said to the Plastic Turtle Pokémon.

    The boy picked up the little turtle and carefully dried him with a thick, brown towel. The small Pokémon squirmed when he was caught in his trainer's modest grip. He gave a few muffled sneezes through the plastic straws outside his nostrils.

    "Well, you know why we're here right Pal?" The boy asked the Pastudo. The plastic turtle slowly inclined his head in response, and glanced at the tiled floor for any plastic his large, gray eyes could find.

    "Yes, that's right. I'd figure that we could some time together, but you know... Honglong's been closed because of that thing. So, here we are, in Kalos... at least that's what the map said," Feng stated to the little Pokémon, before the trainer pulled out his map from the rucksack.

    The boy wore on his gray clothing, and grabbed his bag soon after. The Pastudo calmly stayed in the boy's arms still, and started to glance around the room.

    "Oh uhh... right. I guess you might be a bit hungry right now. That flight was pretty long, so I guess here you go then," Feng said to the turtle Pokémon, once the boy noticed the Pastudo's mouth starting to drool.

    Pal slowly stared up at the yellow ceiling until he was handed a small plastic bag by his trainer. The little Pokémon happily nodded and placed part of the the disposable container in his mouth. After the turtle chewed on the synthetic material for a brief moment, several enzymes from his salivary glands started to boot up a chemical reaction. About a quarter of the plastic bag was slowly dissolved, and the liquid material was promptly swallowed. The rest of the plastic bag was used like a pacifier, which caused the boy to giggle for a brief moment.

    "Well, I'm all packed... so are you ready Pal?" Feng asked the Pastudo. The plastic turtle quickly nodded in response, while he continued to maintain a quiet, partial vacuum between his mouth and the bag. The nylon claws had a firm grip on the bag, which caused some tiny tears when they held the single use container too hard.

    Feng exited the room, and made his way down the stairs from the third floor. The Pastudo kept his odd noises to a minimum after his trainer was at the market. The boy bought a decently sized, plain croissant after he gave a small note to the cashier. The little Pokémon attempted to cover the plastic bag with his stubby arms, though the woman had already noticed the unusual act.

    Pal took his first breaths of fresh air and a small spike of ultraviolet light. Feng decided to make his way to the laboratory after a quick glance at the letter he pulled out from his hoodie's pocket. There were a flock of Fletchling several meters above that appeared to be going about their daily business in life.

    The Pastudo's attention was still focused on the plastic bag he continued to treat like a dummy. The little turtle noticed the boy lightly jogging near the roads of a large city. The two arrived at a large building a few minutes later.

    "Ah, hello there. I'm Feng, and I guess you're here for the laboratory too?" Feng said to a lightly tanned girl that had long, blonde hair. The boy deposited his items in the rucksack after a quick adjustment with his grip on the small turtle.

    "Pas... Pas..." The Pastudo whispered to himself. The high voice was muffled by the somewhat louder suction he maintained with the plastic bag.
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  8. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Ah, yes, third one today, I don’t know if I should be happy or confused, Hope thought.

    “Hello. My name is Hope, Hope Winter to be more specific. And yes, I am also here for the laboratory, as I should be able to get my first Pokémon today.” She said.

    AT ???

    “Gosh dammit. Those Necro scum are so annoying. They are launching on operation already? Geez. They can’t just calm down?”

    “I guess we’ll have to launch a counter offensive, Boss.”

    “It’s only effective that way, I’d guess. Head on, we are launching Operation Sword.”
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  9. "I'm here to meet the Professor. I'm still trying to figure out why Pal likes to eat those bags and other plastic stuff so much. Oh right... I almost forgot. This is Pal, and he's a Pastudo, or what most of my friends in Huniaru call the Plastic Turtle Pokémon. He likes to eat every bit of plastic he finds, so I have to watch him a lot. I think I might need to let my thing do the other part of explaining," Feng promptly responded to Hope.

    The Pastudo started to make some chewing motions with his toothless mouth on another part of the disposable container. The boy took out a tan, handgun-shaped device, pointed it at the plastic turtle, and pulled the trigger. The muzzle emitted a harmless, cyan beam of modest light that rushed at the little Pokémon.

    "Nicknamed "The Litter Glutton," Pastudo is widely repulsed by many. It feeds on many forms of plastic in any polluted sea. The source of the oceanic litter has been traced to disposable bags, and other single use items," The Poké Browser stated with a male, monotone voice through the tiny rear speakers below the rear sight.
  10. Kay Argentston ran towards Professor Sycamore's lab after getting off the plane from Hoenn. She ran into a young girl about her age, sitting on a bench.

    "Sorry, I'm..." Kay murmured, "Looking for the lab."

    930 AM Laverre City.

    Firey and his Metagross had just swept Valerie, earning his sixth badge, his girlfriend hugged him as he placed the badge in his Kalos Badge case.

    "Thank you for allowing me to challenge the gym." Firey responded.

    Valerie was still stunned at the fact this guy's Metagross just wiped the floor with her entire team. He returned his Metagross and brought out his Blaziken, which had been with him since he started his first Journey in Hoenn. Ariana took his hand and the two walked towards the route to the next town.
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  11. "Pas... Past Pas," Pal said to the girl in a light red cloak that ran towards the laboratory. The turtle Pokémon attempted to raise his muffled voice after he swallowed another part of the plastic bag recently dissolved.

    "Pas, Past Pa. Pastu Pastudo," The Pastudo added with a noticeably passive tone. He emitted a light sneeze, which caused the teal straws protruding from his nose to quiver for a brief moment. He poked his trainer's arms in an attempt to get the boy's attention as quickly as he could.
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  12. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    “Ah, I see. Seems pretty odd, since many Pokémon are not really good with raw plastic. I guess it’s just your average genetic thing, and I can’t blame the little one.” Hope said.

    As soon as she said that, another girl bumped into her.

    Am I just a magnet? Why is everyone randomly coming here? Must be an intentional role play thing, but whatever, Hope thought.

    “Oh, you’re in the right place! It’s behind you.” Hope said to Kay.

    (OOC: Yes, I broke the fourth wall xD)
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  13. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Amber woke up when she felt a soft paw pad her face. "Sparky," she mumbled as she woke up, "one more hour." A soft growl emitted from the young Pokemon as she refused to wake up. However, Sparky left her alone as she opened her eyes. "Shoot!" She shouted as her Sparky, her Shinx, smirked. "Today I was supposed to get my Pokedex from the professor."

    She leaped out of bed, rushed her shower, quickly changed, and fixed her hair. Sparky sighed as he waited for his trainer. Picking up Sparky and rushing down the stairs, Amber flew out the door and into the streets of Kalos. Dodging the people on the street as she ran straight to Professor Sycamore's lab, she made it, drenched in sweat. Her shower was for nothing.

    "I'm here," she huffed as Sparky leaped out of her arms and she clasped her hands on her knees. "If barely." Sparky snorted and rolled his eyes.
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  14. "Hmm... probably it could be genetics. I've never seen any other Pokémon that just eats plastic as if it was breakfast. I might need to discuss this with the Professor when they get here," Feng responded, while he holstered the firearm-shaped device in the center pocket of his hoodie.

    "Past, Pastudo Pas," Pal hesitantly said to the girl right after he pulled the remaining chunks of the synthetic bag out of his mouth. The Pastudo placed the modest bit of plastic against his underside, and concealed it with his right arm. He looked around the city for a brief moment. He promptly hid the straws outside his nostrils with his left arm, and attempted to muffle a somewhat louder sneeze that followed in a split second.
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  15. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    “Aw, he’s adorable.” Hope said, looking at the little baby turtle Pokémon in awe.

    Meanwhile, a door could be heard opening from behind. It was a double door, and in fact it was the lab’s door. It opened automatically, and it didn’t seem like anyone opened it.

    Without any words, Hope ran into the lab.

    She then went up to the assistant and asked where Professor Sycamore was. The assistant responded with that he was in the back room, as she began walking to the back room.
  16. Luna stood up slowly and picked up Frost and held him in her arms. Knowing that she would have spoken more, but too many people seemed to show up in a short amount of time.

    Seeing as the place was open, Luna made her way to the open door and followed Hope into the lab. Frost was in Luna's arms enjoying the feel of being carried. Making her way to back room, she waited to be addressed by the professor to get her pokedex for the Kalos region.
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  17. Kay heard the door open as she pulled out a blue pokeball with a green star, and opened it, a small, serpent like creature with fins on the side of its head, big black eyes, a small white horn on the center of its Forehead, It was blue everywhere but its nose and underbelly.

    "Dratini!" The Pokemon responded.

    "Let's get the Pokedex, ok?" Kay asked her Dragon Pokemon.

    Dratini slithered up to her shoulder, where it laid his head on the right one, and wrapped himself around her left arm, somewhat loose. The two walked in the door and heard the Assistant explain that the professor was in the back room. Her Cross-transceiver went off in her backpack. Her Dragon type fetched it out of her backpack and answered it.

    "Dratini!" He cried.

    "Dratini, could you get me your trainer?" A voice called out.

    Dratini took the Transceiver and stuck it, on his tail, in his trainer's face.

    "Firey?" Kay asked.

    "Hey there, you made it to Kalos?" Firey asked.

    "Yes, at professor Sycamore's lab getting my Pokedex." Kay explained.

    "I just swept Valerie in a three on three match for my sixth badge." Firey responded.

    "Got to go, professor might be looking for me." Kay responded and hung up.

    Dratini put the Transceiver back in her backpack and prepared to meet the Professor. Kay gulped due to nervousness.
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  18. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Amber couldn't believe that everyone ignored her! She shuffled into the lab, still exhausted from her run there. She followed everyone else, not talking to any of them, mad that she was ignored.Sparky followed her, his yellow eyes glancing at everything. "Glad you're enjoying this, Sparky," Amber muttered to Sparky, who seemed to be in a real good mood. She guessed she just didn't like being ignored like that. Sparky, on the other hand didn't care.
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  19. "Ah, thanks. I've been trying to get him to not worry too much about how he looks," Feng said with a late response. He noticed the girl already running into the lab, and decided to follow her.

    "Pas, Past... Past Pa?" The Pastudo asked his trainer, while he slowly placed the large bit of plastic in his mouth. His mouth performed a series of discreet chewing motions to enable the enzymes to perform their usual acts with the disposable bag. The turtle Pokémon shoved the last piece of plastic in his mouth after the other dissolved bits were hastily swallowed.

    "Hey Pal, got a date in Hangbo City?" Feng playfully asked, while he gently patted the back of the turtle's malleable shell.

    "Pas... Pa..." Pal nervously replied after he devoured the remnants of the synthetic container. The Pastudo gave a few light squirms in the boy's arms.

    "Well, we talked about this yesterday. If you gotta eat, then eat. Just don't be eating too fast, or your tummy might hurt like last time," The trainer added, while the plastic turtle sighed for a brief moment. The Pastudo was offered a plastic cup from the boy's rucksack, and dubiously accepted it. He waited for Feng to be a considerable distance away from the assistant, before he quickly placed the drinking container in his mouth. The synthetic cup was broken down in the same procedure as the prior plastic product.
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  20. As Sterling walked over towards the lab, he could spot several people a lot like him; young and with first stage Pokemon by their sides meant they too had yet to start their journey. Once they stepped inside, Sterling looked around on slight awe, he had been to Professor Juniper's lab once or twice, but this was something else entirely. As he continued to look, Axew leaped off of his trainers shoulders and ran around in excitement only to grind to a halt before he bumped into what looked like a Shinx. "Axew, you should be more careful, you could've hurt whoever's Shinx this is." Sterling said in a serious and semi gentle tone of voice as he didn't want to make his Pokemon upset especially when he managed to avoid any accident.
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  21. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Sparky, feeling something bump into him, whipped around. He saw the Axew, gave him a cold, hard stare, and strutted off. Amber turned to see what the issue was after she saw Sparky walk past her. She also saw the Axew and got a panicked look. What did Sparky do to the small dragon? She didn't hear any crying, but you could never be to sure.
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  22. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    As the other trainer headed inside the lab with their pokemon, he thought why not and release his Murkcrow.

    "Murkrow, try to behavior yourself while we're here ok, I don't want to be kicked out before getting the Pokedex got it?"

    Murkrow responded by saluting to his trainer before walking away to explore around the lab.
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  23. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Hope then saw all of the Pokemon through the backroom window and began to stare at it for quite a while. She didn't pay attention to anything for a while, including the conflicts happening between Pokemon in the area. Ah yes, it was quite beautiful. But she stopped when a tall, black-haired man wearing a lab coat entered the room. It was, rather, Professor Sycamore, the owner of the Kalosian lab in Lumiose City.

    "Ah, I see you are all here! Welcome to my lab!" Professor Sycamore said. "Come follow me to the other room if you need a starter, as all of the Pokemon starters are here today. All of them are at their first stage. Choose wisely!"

    "Oh, if you just need your Pokedexes and Poke Balls, then here they are! I hope you enjoy your journeys and thank you for accepting my invitation!" the Professor said.

    Hope followed the Professor after grabbing her Pokedex and Poke Balls before going into the room and saw all of the Pokemon, just looked around, and pretty much ignored everything around her surroundings before a certain Eevee ran up to her. She looked at the adorable Eevee and said, "Aren't you a cute one? I think I want to choose you as my starter!"
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  24. Feng listened to the Professor's brief lecture. The boy decided to take a Pokédex and several Poké Balls soon after. The Pastudo consumed the plastic cup in a relatively short period of time. The plastic turtle glanced at the other Pokémon in an unfamiliar room his trainer walked into.

    "Pas... Past Pa?" The Pastudo asked the boy, after the little turtle saw a mammalian creature running up to a familiar girl in blonde hair.

    "Yeah Pal, I haven't been here either. Erm... you want another plastic thing there?" Feng responded, before he asked the Pastudo after a quick observation with the turtle's hasty chews.

    "Pas," The turtle Pokémon promptly replied, after he shook his head.

    "Are you sure? Don't be doing that just because of the other people and well... whatever these Pokémon here are called," The boy responded, while patting the Pastudo's head.

    "Past Pa Pa..." The Pastudo dubiously answered, while he placed his right arm in his mouth.

    "Well, okay then. Just give me the word when you want more," Feng calmly said, before the little turtle nodded at his trainer.

    On the other side of South Boulevard, there was a gray, robotic Pokémon just outside of an orange building. The little Pokémon tapped a circular protrusion on the right side of his gray head. An ocular display booted in his field of view, which read:

    Booting Scanlow...
    Recalibrating Retinal Receptors...
    Adjusting Pace Pressure: 1500 kPa > 150 kPa...
    Disengaging Adrenal Booster...
    Opening Scanlow...
    Time: Day
    Temperature: 23.89°C
    Condition: Fine
    Goal: Sneak out of the building without drawing attention. (Done)
    New Goal: Track down any leads of the girl.
    Opening CallingGear...
    Attempting to Call Number: 1306-9461-1947...
    Error: No signal detected, unable to call number.
    Opening Navitome...
    Pathfinding Area...
    Error: Pathfinding failed, unable to find location.
    Rough Drawing Coordinates...
    Coordinates: X: 103958, Y: 30, Z: -194579...
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  25. Luna looked to the others that had gathered a few had already gone into the back room, but there was one person who had caught her eye. It was the girl who came running in late. Going up to her, Luna decided to introduce herself before she got her pokedex.

    "Hello I am sorry for rushing in here. I thought you might need a miniute to catch your breathe from the running. I did not want to interfere with that. My name is Luna Stone by the way, and this is my partner Frost." Frost looked up to the girl as she snuggled into Luna's arms.
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  26. As Sterling went to pick up Axew, he heard Professor Sycamore's speech about receiving their starters and Pokedexes, although Sterling was more interested in the latter. "I'll just get myself a Pokedex, I've already got my starter with me, isn't that right, buddy?" He asked his Axew who gave out a cheerful cry before his trainer walked over to find where the Pokedexes were so he could receive his own and start his adventure... although part of him felt as though he should interact with the other present trainers so he could at least make friends.
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  27. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    After hearing professor's speech, Noah accepted the pokeballs and Pokedex. "Same here doc, I already have a partner to accompanying me throughout my journey right murkrow." Noah said as murkrow flew onto his shoulder and started flapping its wings.
    "Knowing from what I've heard this region this should be a piece of cake." Noah said with a smirk on his face
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  28. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Hope then looked at the little Eevee next to her shoe and looked down upon her. She then moved to the room that she was in, and grabbed her Pokedex and Poke Balls, and then asked, "May I have this Eevee's Poke Ball please?" Hope asked the Professor, as the Professor nodded and gave her the Eevee's Poke Ball.

    After picking up her Poke balls and Pokedex, she then went up to Feng, asking, "Can we travel together, possibly?"
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  29. "Yes, I'd be happy to go together if you wish. I think Pal can use a bit more time with others. I've been trying to get him to talk to other people and Pokémon aside from me," Feng promptly stated to the girl, before he gently patted the Pastudo's head.

    "Pas... Past..." The plastic turtle dubiously replied to his trainer, before he covered the plastic straws protruding from his nostrils with his arms. The turtle Pokémon looked away from the bunny-like Pokémon, and gave a muffled sneeze.
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  30. The professor, after handing the pokeball to the girl who gave her directions, handed her a Pokedex and Pokeballs. Kay went up a boy with an Axew, nervous, unlike her Dratini.

    "H-h-hi, I'm Kay Argentston, and I-I was wondering if you wanted to travel with me?" Kay asked nervously.

    Dratini went to talk with the Axew.
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  31. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Amber turned around and looked at Luna, giving her a small smile. "It's fine! I'm Amber, future electric-type trainer! I love electric-types!" She laughed and gave Luna a bigger smile. "Is there a certain type that you prefer?" She glanced behind her at Sparky, making sure he stayed out of trouble. The little linux was just laying down, watching her.
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  32. "Well I am more into two types. Water and Ice, I love the freedom of swimming with my pokemon, or in the case of Frost here, ice skating." Luna had a smile as she took in the girls enthusiasm. It was very refreshing. "What do you say we get our pokedexs. It looks like they have different colors to choose from."
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  33. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    “Shall we head on to the next route? I’m sorry if I seem anxious, but I’m pretty much excited to head out.” Hope said, as Eevee went upon her shoulder and she petted the small Pokémon.


    “Pilot 4546 landing at Aretoisa Island. Repeat, Pilot 4546 landing at Aretoisa Island. Requesting permission for landing.”

    “Request granted. Over.”

    A small helicopter with a logo, which had a plasma ring with a sword around it began to land at the strategic island of Aretoisa.
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  34. "Well, if you want to. I'm ready to go when you are. I guess I could explore more of this area. I heard a lot of people here really love to wear stylish clothes, it's just like Honglong... at least well, when it was a lot better back then," Feng promptly responded to Hope, while the Pastudo continued to cover the straws sticking out of his nose. The boy looked down at the turtle Pokémon and slowly stroked his smooth, malleable shell.

    In the interim, the Itonidon slowly made his way across the street in South Boulevard. When he arrived at the other side of the crosswalk, he picked up on an unfamiliar voice that shouted, "Get that little dork you little panda! He's mine! I need that baby dummy right now!"

    "Pan! Panch!" The Playful Pokémon cheerfully yelled, before he tackled down the robotic Pokémon!

    "Ack! Ow! S- st... stop!" The Itonidon cried, while struggling with the panda Pokémon! The ocular module in his torso loudly beeped, and continued to update in his retinal display.

    Warning: Chassis damage detected! Creature attack in progress!
    Switching Gears: Passive > Combat...
    Engaging Adrenal Booster...
    Adjusting Washer Pressure: 100 kPa > 1050 kPa...
    Relocating Excess Power: Core > Arms / Legs / Washer...
    Opening Monsterspector...
    Scanning target...
    Assessing target...
    Downloading data...
    Syncing data to Oculatron...
    Subject: Unknown
    Age: Unknown
    Threat Level: Lv. 7 - Severe
    | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
    - A black and white creature that suddenly attacked under someone's command. 
    - Appears to be very aggressive, and should be dealt with immediately. 
    - More data is required to obtain more key information on this target.
    - Retreat if possible, or fight against the threat if no other options are available. 
    - Optionally, obtain more data on this target.
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  35. As Sterling went to collect his Pokedex and Pokeballs, his Axew seemed to wander around briefly until he was greeted by an adorable blue serpent Pokemon, Sterling saw the two dragon types interact as his Axew happily greeted the Dratini while he was greeted by who appeared to be the Dratini's owner. He noted the girl's shy approach to him. "Hi there, you can call me Sterling, as for travelling, I think it'd be good to have company on our adventure. By the way, cute Dratini you have there, it's nice to see someone with another Dragon type." He said in a calm tone in an attempt to reassure the girl who called herself Kay.
  36. Kay blushed in embarrassment, and then responded as she calmed down, "Okay, as soon as you're ready, we can get going."

    At that moment, her Cross-transceiver rang again, she grabbed it out of her backpack and answered, "Hi, Kay Argentston..."

    "Kay!" A familiar voice exclaimed excitedly.

    "Ariana!" Kay responded.

    "Kay, who's the boy behind you?" Ariana asked.

    "My traveling companion Sterling." Kay responded with a light blush from embarrassment by Ariana.

    "Uhh, Ari..." Firey whispered as some sort of large wild Pokemon charged them, the Cross-transceiver cut out as Ariana hung up.

    "Sorry about that," Kay responded to Sterling, "Where do you think we're going to go first?"
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  37. Sterling smiled as Axew returned to his trainer's shoulder and helped make sure his items in the bag were secure, but Sterling reached inside to grab his map. "It's fine, let's see here..." He said as he began to check the map for where they were. "I'd say maybe... Santalune City? I hear it's a good place for beginners." Sterling said, but left the map out in case Kay had any better idea of where to go. Axew on the other hand simply darted his head around, often at times his attention turned to the Dratini alongside Kay.
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  38. "G- get... o- of... off!" The Itonidon yelled, before he shoved the panda Pokémon!

    "Yeah! Beat him up! That little baby's so gonna be mine!" A young boy loudly cheered, while he held a red and white sphere in his left hand.

    "Wahhh! H- he... hel... lp!" The robotic Pokémon cried, while he scurried towards the laboratory. The panda rushed at the Itonidon, and struck him five times with a series of open palm thrusts!

    Alert: Minor RAM overload detected!
    Caution: Critical chassis damage detected! Creature attack in progress!
    Danger: Armor integrity critical! Core damage imminent!
    Activating Hotfix...
    Sending Emergency Call...
    Error: No signal detected, canceling call.
    Finding Target...
    Target Found: Match = 2...
    Charging H2O Spreader...
    Launch Arc: 135°...
    Launch Value: 10...
    Launch Power: MAX...
    Executing H2O Spreader in 1.5 Seconds...
    Some tiny jolts came from the Itonidon's twitchy hands soon after the panda's fifth strike. Within a split moment, a volley of lathered bubbles in a wide arc were launched at the other Pokémon!

    "Pan! Pannnnnnn!" The panda screeched, after six of the bubbles violently exploded upon contact!

    "Augh! Ahh! God please ow owie ouch! Wahhhh!" The boy yelled after some of the zooming projectiles detonated on his right leg!

    The two Pokémon lied on the ground with almost no apparent signs of life. The young boy limped towards the panda, and recalled it back in its ball.

    "Y- You... you... You... you... You... I... HATE YOU! YOU SUCK!" The boy hollered, before violently pounding the ground in a brief fit of utmost rage! The little trainer hobbled away to a nearby building with an orange roof, and left the motionless Itonidon to himself near the laboratory's entryway.
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  39. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    “Alright, I think we shall get going!” Hope said, as Eevee jumped up and down in excitement. “Calm down, Eevee, we don’t need that much excitement here.”

    She then heard the sound of a yelling from a probable younger child, which sounded quite annoying to Hope.

    “The heck is that?” Hope asked Feng, as she walked out of the laboratory to see a rather, destroyed robot-looking like Pokémon laying on the ground.
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  40. "Sounds good, my brother just got out of Laverre City, he's quite powerful, his Metagross wiped the Gym Leader there three on one, his girlfriend called to check on me, that what it was." Kay responded.

    She and Dratini headed towards the door, thinking, 'He is a nice guy, I should keep calm.'

    Kay then headed towards the door, motioning Sterling to follow.
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