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Non-Gaming Usage of Your Gaming Systems

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Linkachu, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    For about two years now, I've been using my DS/Lite as my standard alarm clock. First it was the original DS - which was handy since I'd take it everywhere with me anyways - and now it's the Lite, and really... it's a great little feature to have. Very portable, easy to set, doesn't use batteries, and in standby-mode the DS can last for hours extra. Sometimes the only reason I'd turn on my Lite during the day would be to set the alarm ^^

    Obviously some of the other consoles/PSP have even more usages than that, ie. DVD player, MP3 player, and so on. Do you tend to find yourself using these functions often, if not more often than you'd actually play games on the system?

    I must admit that for someone who doesn't always have a DVD player handy (like when I'm visiting family for a few days) the PS2 has been very good to me as a replacement :)
  2. I've had my PSP for almost two years now, and I've only ever played two games on it, that's it. I use it ONLY for movies and music. Otherwise, all my gaming systems have been for games only.
  3. My PSP is pretty much used to watch movies on not UMDs but Episodes converted from my PC. Its great for car Journeys. Also the internet function on the PSP is very very hand when im in bed and dont really feel like sleeping!
  4. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    I use my 360 for DVDs a lot of the time, if I'm not using the compy. Aside from that, that's pretty much it. I have an proper MP3 player for MP3s and my PSP was never any good for converting video too anyway, so I don't really use it for much at all.

    I do have a bunch of MP3s loaded onto it, but only did that because I couldn't find my MP3 player on Wii launch day and I wanted music to listen to on the way down there.
  5. Would using an "off" DS as a mirror count?

    Then, yeah, I have done that.
  6. yeah, i do that a lot.
    i don't really use any of my systems for anything other than games, but i will use the alarm clock now that you mention it...

    well, that's all i have to say.
  7. I use my Ipod Nano for my Clock.

    My best friend like lives next door and I talk to him on Pictochat.
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    That'd be fun. I tried to do that with my brother when we both lived in the same residence building, but even through he was only one door down and on the other side of the hallway, the walls were too thick for the signal :-\
  9. I'm pretty sure I've used my GBA SP for a flashlight at least once...I might have with the 'Lite, too.

    I tried to use the 'Light for an alarm clock when I left my iPod in the car overnight (I use it as my alarm since I have speakers for it), but it didn't work...>_<

    But yeah, other than that...not much...
  10. The only bad thing about it is that I have to go in my Garage because its closer to his house. He also has to go in his garage. In the winter months it gets really cold in there.
  11. pokefreak Z

    pokefreak Z Guest

    I'm pretty sure I've used my GBA SP for a flashlight at least once.
    do computers count as consoles? ???
    if not i use a ps2 as a dvd player.
  12. Hehe....
    All the fricken time. xD

    PS2: for DvDs and CDs...
    (The tv has a sweet surround sound set up, so why not use it to blast some tunes? Even though I have stereo set up with 24 CD holder, tape player, record player, radio, and 12 speakers.... >.>;;; )

    DS Lite: Mirror, tried the alarm clock but not loud enough for me, and flash light.

    Computer: (Because mine is set up for gaming) TV (yes, I have cable on my computer), DvDs, and gaming... xD
  13. I also use my ps2 for a DVD player. I don' t have any other player, and it works really nice. A friend of mine gave me the remote (which is nice) so that I don' thave to remember what buttons on the controller do what.

    I have also used my SP as a flashlight when I am playing in bed after I shut my light off and need to find something. Quite handy :)
  14. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

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    I've heard that from a few people now. Guess I'm fortunate to be a light sleeper. The DS Lite's alarm keeps getting louder and louder, and usually after the first few beeps I'm up and trying to shut the thing off... I can't stand the sound XP

    There have been a few times when I've been half-asleep, shut the thing off, and gone back to bed. Thankfully its never happened when I really had to be up, like work days ^^;
  15. I once used my DS as a shiv. Ha ha, no, I'm just kidding... Or am I?
  16. I used to use my SP as a flashlight all the time...

    A while ago my freind and I talked to her sister using pictochat on our DS's because her sister had a question about the game she was playing--she (the sister) was just in the next room over though and was only too lazy to get up, lol.
  17. I use the DS (diamond as well) for a clock,stop timer,calander,and calculator.

    Also when i start college i plan to use it as a portable net (i brought the browser,which will be useless till i get there,which should have wireless options)
  18. I've used my PS2 for a DVD player, and the computer to watch DVDs. Basically that's it.
  19. Shit,thats what i use it for.I wanted to say that :'( I just use my DS + Pearl for:
    Kitchen Timer(so i know when my microwavable pancakes are done XD)
    Thats it.
  20. I used my DS as a timer once(set the alarm so I'd know when it was time to get off the computer).
  21. I normally watch movies on my PS2 or Xbox 360.Another thing I dont have a flashlight so when I need to find something in the dark I use my DS light. :-[
  22. I also use my DS to watch my GBA video cartridges, it's so much brighter than my SP
  23. When I got my SP, I tried to use it in a dark room and it was almost too bright, all I could see was a white screen. Again, useful as a flashlight.
    The Poketch on DP is really, really, useful. I especially find it useful to write down notes such as "Train up Lucario" or "Fix hole in the stairs" :p
  24. I'd like to add that since my last post,i've gotten Datel's games n' music.So now my DS is a music player,video player,note keeper (i got a program that lets me write down notes),calander,clock,calculator,and to top it off i have some amazing games on it
  25. RLRL

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    I think its safe to say I used my PS2 as a dvd player for DVDs a lot more than I ever spent playing games on it. When my second one was stolen I replaced it with a plain dvd player because I realised it'd been about 6 months since I'd played any games on it.

    My SP used to get used as a torch when I was looking for stuff in the car i'd dropped.
    I've used my DS' alarm clock function a few times when I've been away at competitions, and when I was in japan and couldn't be bothered to use my phone alarm.

    I regularly just turn on my wii to check my myspace from the sofa or read through the news channel, its pretty darn useful, I just wish that the Wii had come with a DVD function, would mean less playing around with wires in my crashing room.
  26. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

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    I have used my SP as a flashlight once, and I also used it as something just to have music in the room (or to have annoying Pokemon music on to annoy my friends).

    I have used my DS as a flashlight a lot, for doodling and writing random things, and as an alarm. Yeah, I'm the same as Linkachu. I'm not as a heavy sleeper as most people. The down side, though, is that once I accidentally set it on 5:00 instead of 8 because I wasn't pressing the button half of the time. It was horrid, especially with my parents yelling at me to a) go back to sleep, and b) give them my DS (and now they still have it.....).

    I also use my DS/Pearl as a calendar and/or a watch.
  27. yea, well, i would have used my ds as an alarm, but unless you know how to hook it up to an amplifier, it wont get me even a little into the realm of consciousness...but i have used it as a flashlight/reading light on numerous occasions

    and then i check the weather on my wii, since i dont really know how to navigate the news channel, and i have no idea how to browse then internet on it... ???

    before they made portable dvd players, when my family went on a road trip with one of my moms friends, we used his son's PS2 as a dvd player... ;D

    edit: i was actually meaning it as the wii, but i can see how thta could be misinterpreted
  28. Well, I have quite a few of these! :D

    I have used my DS without a game for:
    Alarm clock~I'm nocturnal, so mornings are hard
    Doodling on Pictochat (without another viewer)~ I'm easily bored
    Messing around with colour and language settings~And when I am bored, it's usually by a lot
    Turned on in general~ A light
    Turned off~ A mirror (if for some reason I don't have my other one)

    I have used my DS with a game or other thing not built in for:
    DS Browser~I need the Internet
    D/P Poketch~
    *Kitchen Timer- I actually use this for what it was meant for, I use the oven/stove quite a bit
    *Drawing/note pad- Boredom killer, or used to write notes
    *Roulette and Coin Flipper- I can't make decisions on my own
    *Calender- I often forget the date
    *Digital Clock- I'm also time disorganized, and screw the analogue clock that's freakin' hard to read on a video game screen (real-life, plain old white-on-black ones I can do)
    *Calculator- I often forget my graphing calculator at school, so this must suffice
    *Counter- Rarely will I use this, but sometimes I need to keep track of numbered events
    *Pixel-by-Pixel Pad- I like making mosiac-esque art on here
    D/P in general~ Some of the music is quite enjoyable

    The Wii:
    News Channel~ Gotta be up to date! Plus I like screwing around with the globe
    Mii Channel~ Sometimes just to make somebody, but generally to make fun of somebody
    Weather Channel~ I always wonder about weather in other countries for some reason, and I like to know my weather, and again, the globe is fun
    Photo Channel~ I upload some of my pictures (usually the ones from Germany) and play around with them, but some of them (particularly the castles and other scenery) I just look at and can't believe I saw such a thing
    Shop Channel~ I like looking for free things, but the only ones I found was some Metroid thing and Everybody Votes Channel, the latter of which being the only one I downloaded
    Everybody Votes Channel~ My opinion shall be heard!

    Really, any other system, if it had another use, hasn't actually been used itself for awhile.

    KoR, I don't think you can view the Internet with the News Channel. You have to download something from the Shop Channel.

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