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Non-competitive Event/Activity Ideas

Discussion in 'Pokécharms Organised Play' started by Linkachu, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    I realize our scope has been a bit limited. While not all of our registered members are competitive battlers, there's not a whole lot for people to do otherwise. I'd like to see this change, so I'm shooting off this topic to gather ideas. What kinds of non-competitive events or activites do you guys think could be fun to do during our Saturday group meetings?

    One idea off the top of my head is Mystery Pokemon Egg exchanges. Everyone breeds a Pokemon egg with at least one eggmove or dreamworld ability (something to make the baby special). We then randomly assign partners for everyone to trade their eggies to. Easy activity, but can be pretty fun - especially with all of the new possibilities Black and White will be giving us.

    We could alter something like this, too. Instead of offering a single egg, you could breed three and have your partner pick one without knowing what's inside. I'm also personally interested in mimicing some of these Mystery Egg giveaways in Japan, so once my breeding stock is established I'll give it a go.

    So, yeah. If you guys think of anything else we could organise, share your ideas. :)
  2. SJ


    Keeping going with the 'game team' idea might be a good one; no ev training or anything - moving pokés forwards a generation I just tweak their move set a bit and mix and match different teams. It doesn't require any mad grinding / breeding, and they will already be a decent level - casual battles for casual trainers (and it lets you muck about with stuff that would just be consigned to a box else).
  3. hassanidcard

    hassanidcard Guest

    Linkachu, Your idea is really good.We should really fdo it. Now we just need to set a time and day. then we'll be ready to go :)
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  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    I'm going to have to put a limiter on this one. While I'm not against the idea entirely, I don't want these events to become anywhere near as common as ones that do require EV/IV training, because I know it'll just result in laziness amongst people who won't bother training teams for anything other than events like these.

    I'd go as far as limiting it to one in-game team tournament per year at most. While I've nothing against casual players, the last thing this place needs is something to widen the gap further between the casual and competitive crowds.

    Gimmicky stuff is fine since it doesn't create that kind of problem and still requires preparation from all players.
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Thinking about it, I second KoL on this one. EV training in Gen V really isn't that hard, and technically you only need to train your team once if you're satisfied with it. Most battlers enjoy tweaking their teams however, and that's why we put so much time into it.

    So, yeah, one in-game tournament per year - if that - is fair when there are many other different types of tournaments we can hold now thanks to Gen V.

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