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New mystery dungeon game

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Pokefreak13388, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. There is a new game. It is called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Explorers of the Sky. It is coming out this fall. I will post more information as time goes on. :)
  2. I've seen the descriptions and the game looks quite interesting. I would love to have Riolu or Shinx as my starter.
  3. Just to note, you should poast at least some miniscule amount of information about the game, besides the title to merit a proper discussion.

    As Prof. Noctowl has mentioned for instance, Riolu and Shinx are now added to the roster of possible Starters. From what I gathered, Phanpy and Vulpix are the other two new additions to the possible Starters. Much like Platinum served to bring new Formes to certain Pokemon, Explorers of the Sky will feature the Sky and Origin Formes of Shaymin and Giratina respectively.

    The storyline has also been slightly modified to fill up certain plot holes, like whatever happened to Grovyle and Dusknoir.

    Personally I'm hoping they'll rearrange the Dungeon Orders. The Resort being one of the last few dungeons you can come across frustrates me, if not only because Buizel can only be recruited there, which merits little point of the story is already over.
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    Not like we don't have enough PMD games already, but I have to admit, I do love them so much just because you ARE a Pokemon and you don't actually own Pokemon.

    But yay, Shinx, Riolu, and Vulpix being starters are terrific, only because they're some of my favorite Pokemon. I'll either choose Shinx as my starter and Vulpi as my partner, or go the other way around, seeing which one I end up as first, but stills.

    Looking forward for this game to be released. ^^
  5. I have lost patenice with PMD games recently; but I will be buying this.

    :D I'm not too excited about it- but hey. New Pokemon game, I have to have it!
  6. it was my first time with the posts. Basically the new game has 6 other episodes.

    1) Bidoof's Wish: involves bidoof and Jirachi

    2) Genius Igglybuff

    3)Today's Scream

    4) Charm's Arrival: includes Team Charm and their past.

    5) Into the Dark future: Grovyle and Dusknoir work together when Primal Dialga tries to get rid of them.

    6)The sixth mission features Shaymin.

    This is what i got for episodes pm me for more info.

    The five new starters are shinx, vulpix, riolu, phanpy, and eevee. Munchlax and meowth are not in this game.

    This is all I got for now. :)
  7. I really like the new starter choice this time around. The episodes seem pretty good too. Hope the game gets out soon.
  8. No Meowth? :'( I guess I'll get Phanpy with this game then, Pickup all the way. Probably get Vulpix or Shinx as a sidekick 'cause its adorable and covers one of my weaknesses.
  9. I wish they would let you pick out of all the Pokemon for a starter but it would have to be first form or somthing like that not having to answer the questions carefully to get what you want.
  10. I'm not too keen on the mystery dungeon games, they always have a really sad end to the story, but il give it a try
  11. The new game comes out october 1st 2009 for USA. Plus, for into the dark future, it has a surprising ending and celebi gets involved. There are many more secrets to the game. Will post later more info as time goes on. Thats all for now
  12. oooh, riolu for a starter would pwn. and do u know if u can recurit shaymin on the sixth mission?
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