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Private/Closed New Beginings (Pokemon Sinnoh adventure)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Cyren, Jan 21, 2016.


Time skip 3 hours ahead

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  1. (this is my first RP adventure, it takes place in the sinnoh region starting in scattered places around the region, write at least one paragraph, choose one unevolved pokemon to start off with, and please, no fakemon. so let's get this started)

    Name: Rory
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon partner: Yuri (Ralts)
    Hometown: twinleaf town
    Appearance: average height, always wears a blue scarf, messy dark brown hair, carries around a computer bag everywhere usually containing adventure gear and snacks
    Personality: friendly, sympathetic, creative, optimistic, and accepting

    Rory's eyes jolted open when today was a super special day, it was the day Rory could finally leave twinleaf town, it was Rory's 17th birthday, because his mom is over protective, he couldn't leave earlier. Gathering his things, Rory was going to set out to become one of the strongest in the region, and plans on winning all the badges. Rushing out of the door, he took his partner Ralts with him. But before Rory leaves, he has to say farewell to the town who has been there for his entire life.
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  2. Waking up in Eterna Forest, Dusk sleepily blinked his eyes open. His Eevee stood up beside him as he yawned. The trainer grabbed his bag from the tree branch and threw on his hat. The brown-haired trainer started walking out, his Eevee trotting barely ahead. He soon saw Floaroma Town up ahead. After that, he would head to Oreburgh, and finally Twinleaf. Exiting the forest, he saw the fields of Floaroma Town just up ahead.
  3. Name: Aenon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Pokemon Partner: Egg (Togepi)
    Hometown: Celestic Town
    Appearance: Average height, always wears a beanie, thick (slightly messy) blond hair, wears a white t-shirt, wears ripped jeans, wears belt (to carry pokeballs), has backpack to carry egg (togepi)
    Personality: Friendly, intelligent, understanding, patient, and determined
    Aenon walked around Celestic Town with "the egg". "The egg" had been his the present from his tenth birthday and still hadn't hatched. He had been waiting for the egg to hatch to begin his pokemon journey. More than anything Aenon wanted "the egg" to hatch...
  4. Rory strolled out of Twinleaf town, Always stalling my time, because of that It's almost dusk, Rory thought, as he observed his new surroundings, looking around seeing a large variety of pokemon. Some Staraptor tending to a nest full of starly, a few bidoof running around chasing each other. Rory sighed, and started a path toward Jublife city, where he was planning on looking around at the trainer school.
  5. Taking his shortcuts, Dusk ended up in Oreburgh faster than usual. How no one ever thought to take the path right through the trees astounded him! He saw Jubilife City just on the horizon, breathing a sigh of relief. Why Professor Rowan had called him, of all people, he didn't understand. Spotting a lake, he saw a shortcut that didn't need him to swim. He couldn't, but that was besides to point. He simply walked along the lakebed, this shortcut getting him and his Eevee to Jubilife in record time.
  6. Aenon heard a loud cracking noise. Everyone milling about Celestic Town stopped in their tracks and just stared at him. But he wasn't making the noise. The noise was coming from behind him. He looked around then realized that "the egg" must finally be hatching. He opened his backpack excitedly as a newborn Togepi emerged from the egg, "Pi!" it exclaimed. Aenon was overjoyed! After two long years of waiting, thepain in the neck,weight on his back,useless egg had finally hatched! Now Aenon could finally begin his Pokemon journey, "You're a girl, I will name you Fayette which means little fairy." whispered Aenon to the baby Togepi...
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  7. N strolled along through Twinleaf Town with Zorua. "Isn't is nice just to get away and see new places?" The Zorua barked happily.
  8. Name: Avery
    Gender: Female
    Pokemon partner: Audino
    Hometown: Canalave City
    Appearance: A little shorter than average, has dark skin and long black hair, wears glasses, likes to wear dark colored sweaters and skirts, carries a satchel full of medicine and books about first aid.
    Personality: Conscientious and hard-working, but a bit of a perfectionist. Gets nervous when things don't go exactly according to plan.
    Avery approached the courtyard behind the Jubilife City trainer school, double checking the final exam schedule she clutched in her hand. This was it--the last exam before graduation. It was supposed to be a Pokemon battle against another student, to measure how well they could apply the skills they had learned in class.

    The courtyard was empty, aside from one of the school's teachers. "Ah, Avery!" he said, standing up from a bench as she approached. "I just received a call from your battle partner. I'm sorry, but he can't be here today. There was a family emergency. We'll have to reschedule your exam for next week."

    Oh, come on, Avery thought to herself. She wished she had known about this in advance. "Alright. I'll see you then," she said. Feeling a little crestfallen, she started walking back to her dorm room. At least this meant she could spend some more time in Jubilife before she had to go back home to Canalave.
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  9. ------------------------------
    Name: Nero
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon partner: Roy (Torchic)
    Hometown: Veilstone City
    Appearance: Ruby red eyes with a black trench coat that is outlined with purple and black jeans. Shiny platinum colored hair and wears black and purple scarf that always covers his face.

    Nero was in the Team Galactic HQ snooping around because he heard some rumors that they were up to no good, so he and his Torchic decided to find out. They entered from the front of the building and were greeted kindly "probably just an act" he thought to himself and snuck out of site farther into the building when he over heared a few grunts talking about how life will be when their leader brings forth the new world. Nero decided to listen in on the conversation but the grunts heard him and triggered the alarm, grunts were chasing after them and he managed to get out unscaved but some were still after him and he started fleeing towards Floaroma Town realizing he was out numbered.
  10. Rory started to fallow the path towards jublife city. The path was surrounded by endless trees on all sides, and occasionally the path was nothing but tall grass, making Rory accidentally stealing on tails, or wings completely pissing off the local pokemon and having to end up fighting them until they calmed down. Finally Rory saw a flat zone leading up to a town. Rory rushed over there, and running into the town, it was Sandgem town.
  11. Aenon strode out into the grass with some newly bought potions and his Togepi, Fayette. He was heading to Jubilife City to meet other trainers his age at Trainer's School. He must go through Eterna City and Oreburgh City first though. It would be a long journey, but if he put his mind to it, he would be to trainer's school in no time...
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  12. Avery lied down on the bed in her little dorm room, but had a hard time relaxing. She'd been completely prepared for this test. She had spent the last two weeks practicing every day, and planning out every detail, and now she just had to... Wait for a week? What was she supposed to do with all of that time?

    She sighed. Maybe she could just... Find someone else, and have the teacher grade a battle with them instead. He probably wouldn't mind, as long as the fight wasn't too one-sided. Beginner trainers liked to practice battling on the little path between Jubilife and Sandgem town. Maybe she could get one of them to help her.

    She sat up and looked through the window. It was almost dusk, but there was still about an hour of daylight left. That should be enough time. She grabbed her bag and left the building, then made her way through Jubilife's southern exit to look for trainers.
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  13. Now at Jubilife City, Dusk walked out to see a boy about a year younger than him. His Eevee also turned to see the Ralts. "Hi there!" Dusk said to the kid.
  14. Rory finally reached Jublife city, after a day's walk, he was exhausted, and so was his Ralts. They were about to enter the city, but then there was a boy, a litter taller then him, and seemed to be a bit younger, and his Eevee "Hi there," the boy said. Rory was caught off guard for a moment, and naturally, Rory replied, "Hello, good morning," Rory paused for a moment, "I'm Rory, this is Yuri," Rory jesters to his ralts.
  15. "What a rush" Nero said while moving towards Floaroma Town "It felt like we were never gonna lose them, huh bud" His Torchic Roy gave a little smile and nodded and then they finally arived in Floaroma.
  16. Avery didn't have any luck finding trainers to battle. She didn't run into anyone at all, in fact, aside from some wild Pokemon. She let her Audino out if its ball in case any of them came too close.

    Before long, it started to get late. "Oh, forget the whole thing," she said to her Pokemon, exasperated. "We have more than enough extra credit to pass even if we don't take the test, right? Let's just go home." The Audino just yawned in response.

    As the two of them walked back into town, Avery noticed a couple of trainers about her age talking to each other. They didn't seem to be from around here, judging by their unfamiliar Pokemon. Maybe talking to them could get her mind off of things. "Are you two new here? I can show you around town if you'd like," she said.
  17. Aenon began his trek to Eterna City across Route 211. He encountered a few wild pokemon and made a few falls, but, eventually his Togepi, Fayette reached level fifteen and learned a moveset of Extrasensory, Sweet Kiss, Metronome, and Nasty Plot. Aenon had now reached Eterna City and was ready to continue on through Route 206 to Oreburgh City then to Jubilife City.
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  18. Name: Logan
    Gender: Male
    Pokémon Partner: Chic-Chic (Chikorita)
    Hometown: Eterna City
    Appearance: Tall, with jet black hair. Has a scar on his cheek, always has a backpack on. Chic-Chic likes to sit on his shoulder
    Personality: Funny, but always gets serious when he needs to.

    Logan is leaning up against the Pokémon Center with Chic-Chic on his shoulderwhen he spots Aenon. He waves to him and then walks over. Logan gets on one knee and pets Togepi. "New in town?" said Logan. "My name is Logan. And this is Chic-Chic" The Chikorita jumps off his shoulder and sits down next to Logan.
  19. Aenon saw Logan and greeted him, "Hi, my name's Aenon and this is Fayette!" Fayette the Togepi jumped off of Aenon's shoulder and waved its tiny hand, "We came all the way from Celestic Town. I'm planning on going through Oreburgh to Jubilife and train with Fayette at Trainer's School. Would you and Chic-Chic care to join us?" Aenon asked, "I would enjoy it if you would." Aenon declared smiling...
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  20. Logan smiles and says, "I would love to!" Chic-Chic climbs back onto Logan's shoulder. Logan takes off his backpack and pulls out some Pokémon food and feeds it to Chic-Chic. "Would Fayette like some before her journey?" Logan says.
  21. Aenon put his ear up to Fayette's tiny mouth, "Piii! Piii!" Fayette exclaimed happily, "She must be quite hungry. I think she would definitely enjoy some food! Then, let's get going my new friend." Aenon said then winked at Logan...
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  22. Logan gets on one knee and gives some Pokémon food to Fayette, which she destroys with only one bite. "Are you ready to go, Aenon?" Logan said while putting his backpack on. Chic-Chic jumped into the open backpack, Logan laughed. "Guess she doesn't want to walk the whole way." Logan said.
  23. "Let's get going then!" Aenon said excitedly as he hoisted Fayette into his backpack. Aenon began sprinting towards Route 206, "Last one to Oreburgh's a rotten Exeggcute!" Aenon laughed, "Bite my dust, sucker!" Aenon yelled to Logan playfully...
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  24. Logan laughs, he is actually quite fast. He runs ahead of Aenon and says, "Can you catch up?" Sure enough, Logan beat him to Oreburgh. "How you doing, rotten Exeggcute?" Logan says playfully. He takes out Chic-Chic and puts her on his shoulder.
  25. Aenon laughed, "Er," Aenon stumbled, out of breath, "I guess I am the rotten Exeggcute aren't I. You know we ought to each catch one more pokemon before we go to Trainer's School! You know, to impress the teachers." Aenon declared, "Maybe we could even battle before we reach Trainer's School." Aenon winked, "Here's what I think would be a good idea. What do you say we split-up along Route 203 catch one more pokemon and battle each other once we reach Jubilife City? What do you think Logan?"...
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  26. "Sounds good!" Logan said, before heading to Route 103. He is searching around for a Pokémon when he finds a cave. Logan runs inside and sees a Dieno. Logan decides to battle the Dieno, and he catches it. Chic-Chic calls out in joy. "I think I'll call you Rocky." Logan says as he lets the Dieno out to walk with him. They walk out of the cave and back to Oreburgh, hoping to meet Aenon and his new Pokémon.
  27. Aenon stumbles upon a Poliwag while walking by a river along the side of Route 203, "Go Fayette, use metronome!" Fayette wagged her tiny hand back and forth and was able to use take-down on the Poliwag. Aenon then threw a pokeball at the Poliwag. It shook. Once. Twice. Three times. Four times. Five times. Then, click! Poliwag was caught. Aenon released the Poliwag from its pokeball, "So you're a girl. I'll name you Raine." Aenon announced. Poliwag smiled happily, "What's that you're holding there Raine?" Aenon asked. Raine the Poliwag dropped a King's Rock, "You don't mind if I take this do you?" Aenon asked Raine understood and shook her head and smiled. Aenon then put the King's Rock in his backpack and made his way to Jubilife City...
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  28. Logan was already waiting at Jubilife with his new Pokémon. "There you are." Logan said, "Meet Rocky!" He sent out the Deino and said, "Have you ever seen one of these before?" Chic-Chic jumped off his shoulder and landed next to Rocky. "Ready to battle?" Logan said.
  29. "Oh, I'm always ready to battle Logan. Always. Go Raine!" Aenon shouted as he released Raine the Poliwag from its pokeball...
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  30. "Go Chic-Chic." Logan called out. Chic-Chic jumped in front of Logan and made a battle cry. Logan smiled and said, "Chic-Chic, use Magical leaf." 5 leaves com from Chic-Chic and ingulf the Poliwag.
  31. Raine the Poliwag staggered backwards and strained to hold itself together "Raine, use hypnosis on Chic-Chic!" Aenon shouted the swirl on Raine's belly rotated at a moderate speed as Chic-Chic became drowsy and lulled to sleep...
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  32. Logan grunted and used an Awakening. Chic-Chic sprang back awake. "That was my only Awakening." He said. "Chic-Chic, use Vine Whip!" A vine came from Chic-Chic and it slapped Raine.
  33. Raine the Poliwag fainted, "Okay, time to shine! Fayette, go! Use metronome! Metronome summoned splash. Fayette flopped around and accomplished nothing, "Dang it!" Exclaimed Aenon...
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  34. "Time to bring out the big guns!" Logan says. He put Chic-Chic back in her Pokémon and sends out Rocky the Deino. "Alright Rocky!" Logan says. "Use Rock Smash!" (Remember our deal)
  35. Fayette was hit but didn't suffer very much damage, "Use metronome, Fayette!" Fayette waggled its tiny hand as meteors fell out of the sky, "Holy crap!" Aenon exclaimed, "That must be draco meteor!" Rocky the Deino tried to dodge the meteors but wasn't fast enough. A meteor then directly collided with Rocky the Deino...
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  36. Rocky fainted and Logan puts him back into his Pokeball. "Chic-Chic, let's finish this!" Logan says as he sends Chic-Chic out of her Pokeball. "Take Down." Logan says. Chic-Chic uses the move, making Fayette faint. But the recoil makes Chic-Chic faint as well. "What the..." Logan says in shock.
  37. "Good game mate," Aenon said picking up the fainted Fayette and placing her in his backpack, "I see you've forgotten about the recoil though." Aenon winked. Aenon and Logan started walking towards Trainer's School, "I was so surprised when Fayette summoned draco meteor! Wasn't that totally astonishing?!"Aenon fanboyed/questioned...
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  38. Logan put Chic-Chic into her Pokeball and sighed. "I did forget." Logan said. "Let's head to the Pokémon Center." The 2 went to the Pokémon center and Logan healed Chic-Chic and Rocky. "Ready to go?" asked Logan as he let Chic-Chic climb on his shoulder.
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  39. Aenon had Fayette and Raine healed, "Let's go!" Aenon shouted Fayette climbed onto his shoulder, "Piii!" Fayette agreed. Aenon and Logan headed off to Trainer's School...
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  40. Logan smiled as he walked into the Trainers School. "There's a Game Corner in town." Logan said. "We're old enough to go, want to head there after class?" Logan let Rocky and Chic-Chic explore the school while him and Aenon chatted.

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