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Nemesis Generation #031 Toastoar and #32 Furnvern

  1. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    Good morning!
    I am very happy to introduce you to two of the most unique Pokemon in the Nemesis Generation, having seemingly developed from originally man made objects.
    Toastoar, the toaster Pokemon. As is evident from looking at it, Toastoar can not move very well at all. If it needs to get somewhere quickly, it will pop the spring mechanism inside its body, making it bounce small distances. Many scientists have attempted to discover how a creature like Toastoar would ever come to be, but none have ever found a satisfactory answer. Although they look as if they are a machine, it appears that their insides are of organic origin. It has a unique typing, which allows it to attack with fire or electricity, or even produce smoke to hinder the foe. Toastoar can have one of two abilities, Motor Drive or Flash Fire.

    Furven, the oven Pokemon. Studies have shown that it has an organic digestive system which burns its food with flammable stomach acids. Like Toastoar, Furnven struggles to move so often attacks from afar. After battle, it can be rather dangerous to touch Furnven as its body heats up whilst fighting. Traveling trainers have been known to heat up food on their Furven on occasion. As with its previous form, this Pokemon can have either the Motor Drive or Flash Fire ability, taking advantage of its unique duel typing. As you would expect, Furnven has a very low spped, but a high special attack. Its defenses are rather split, with physical being significantly higher than its special defense.

    That's all for today! Join us again soon for more Pokemon from the Nemesis Generation.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Nemesis, Oct 14, 2009.

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