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Nemesis Generation #015 Slail

  1. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    Welcome back to the Lab! Today, I present Slail!​

    #015 Slail
    Bug Type​
    Slug Pokemon​
    On first glance, particularly in comparison to the heavily armored Sheilug, you couldn't be blamed for thinking that Slail looks rather vulnerable. You wouldn't be far wrong, either, as at this stage Slail has rather poor defenses. and it's shell is liable to breaking. It's rather high HP does help make up for it though, the one advantage Slail has over it's steel type counterpart.​

    However, their vulnerability hasn't driven this Pokemon to become shy or hide away. On the contary, they can often be seen in grass, chewing on it. They do have to be rather careful that they don't start eating a grass Pokemon such as Oddish though! ​

    Battle wise, Slail has a rather basic move pool, made up of moves such as Body Slam and their trademark move at later levels, Acid Armour, to increase defense. The Sticky Hold ability which this Pokemon has means its held item cannot be taken by the foe, meaning it works rather nicely with moves such as Fling. Although it may look like Slail could not throw, it can still launch items such as a Kings Rock rather far by swinging its head forwards quickly! Quite a funny sight I must say! ​

    As I said at the start, Slail's weakness lays in its defenses, something it is apparently very conscious about. It is thought to be this which eventually leads to the changes in their evolved form, Sheal. Join us tomorrow to find out what they are!​

    Thanks again to Rain!
    And now for the Dex Entry for Slail



Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Nemesis, Jul 20, 2009.

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