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Private/Closed Naruto AU RP: discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Shen: Ghost Gym Leader, Mar 19, 2018.


First Exam:

Poll closed Oct 4, 2018.
  1. Written exam

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  2. ??? New exam

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  1. Naruto AU: The Chunin Exams

    Link to Roleplay: (

    Link to Discord:
    https://discord.gg/Ba9xsnc (Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers)

    In this world of shinobi, one thing is constant: power leads to great respect, or great leverage over others. The chunin exams is a time where genin can ascend to the rank of chunin. Villages from all over, no matter how low can send representatives, in this case not teams, but one ninja. Each village can send multiple ninja, but each must be sent alone. When the fog lifts and the exams start, we will truly see who ends out on top. But darkness looms around this year’s exams, an unknown evil approaches.

    In this RP, Naruto and Sasuke haven’t been born, leading down a much different chain of events. This is where you can make your own characters from any village that you like, to participate in the chunin exams at the leaf village. Or if you like, use a ninja already existing in the naruto world, just tweaked due to the AU

    Hidden Rain:
    Azumi Noriko——Chunnin

    Hidden Sound:
    Zaku Abumi @Shen: Ghost Gym Leader——-Chunnin

    Hidden Mist:
    Kai Yuki————genin
    Kiro Uchiha——Chunnin
    Kanshi- Chunin

    Hidden leaf:
    Taiyo Akugami——genin
    Raiku Uchiha——genin
    Shizi Sarutobi————genin
    Katsuo Ikeda——Chunnin
    Chikao Uchiha——genin
    AUSakura. @Godjacob—genin
    Ryo Yamanaka——genin
    Haru Hyuga—genin
    Kilka Nakashima- genin
    Keichi Hayate(Didn’t take the exam) genin
    Zarus- genin
    Shura Hyuga- genin

    Nadeshiko village:
    Sagisō Ajisai———genin

    Hidden Sand:
    Madoka Tadashi——genin
    Hashima Jabi- XXXXXXDeadXXXXXX
    Yasu Tsubasa————genin

    Hidden Clouds:
    Kenji Satoru————genin
    Katsuo Ikeda(Technically)
    Lako Hatsumi————genin

    Hidden stone:
    Tomiko Usagi————genin
    Mori- genin

    Other claimed Characters:

    Tayuya- godjacob
    Kidomaru- Nebulix
    Kin- six tails- Shen
    Sakon/Ukon- Shen
    Kanshi Yuki- 1 tails- nebulix
    Yukimaru- 3 tails. - Nebulix
    Wushu "Wu" Nobu- 5 tails
    Orochimaru -Shen
    Saizo Uzumaki
    Kazekage- nebulix
    Tsuki- Souldemon

    Character sheet:

    Jutsu type:
    Missions completed:
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  2. I shouldn't do another RP given my schedule but darn it I love Naruto and this is the first Naruto RP I've seen!

    I have a couple questions.

    1. How many missions should there be total to distribute for the missions completed?
    2. Will our characters be Part I age (12-13) or Part 2 age (15-16) range. Give or take a couple years.
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  3. 1. I’d say it’s flexible as long as they aren’t a crazy like over 200 C or something. B’s are rare for a genin to do and anything A and above are practically unheard of. So just bear that in mind.

    2. I’d say that ages would be between 11-16, seeing as those were the youngest and oldest we see in the exams themselves.
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  4. For example:

    Attached Files:

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  5. Alright, thanks for the clarification, I think I'm good to go.

    Name: Azumi Noriko
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Jutsu Type: Specializes in Kenjutsu (Umbrella with a elongated switch blade sword, deployable senbon and weighted frame for a club-like effect) & Water-nature Ninjutsu.
    Description: Short and lean, but with an athletic build. Has fair skin with black eyes and a scar across the bridge of her nose. Has short, brown hair and a black beanie she wears. Has a dark green, sleeveless top and wears her Amegakure (Hidden Rain Village) headband around her neck. Wears a pair of black pants with a pair of short silver cargo shorts over it along with a pair of black sandals with only her toes exposed which reveal violet nail polish.
    Bio: Grew up in Amegakure and, while she came in the period the followed the war between the Great Nations that devastated her home, still harbors a resentment towards said nations. As such, she has a dream of one day becoming the leader of her nation and a powerful ninja in order to give her nation more respect and someday on equal footing with the five great nations. Received some Kenjutsu training from a mysterious traveling swordsman who she desires to see again to learn more about. Has a strong sense of national pride, and personal pride in her capabilities, and is always focused and super serious. Believes people among the Big 5 nations "look down" on her and holds a lower opinion of ninja from those nations. Konoah especially.
    Likes: Cats. Traveling.
    Dislikes: The Big 5. Bugs.
    Missions Completed: 20 (0 A-Rank; 1 B-Rank; 7 C-Rank; 12 D-Rank)
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  6. Name: Zaku Abumi
    Gender: male
    Age: 14
    Jutsu type: Wind release, along with the implants in his arms lead to his key to victory. Knowing a small amount of skill in bukijutsu as well. He can create strong concentrated Bursts of wind that can destroy stone or break down trees, as well as focusing on sound instead and blasting a powerful sound waves that shatters eardrums.

    Description: Appearing practically identical to his original universe counterpart, except his insides had been modified even further, and his shirt is now brown instead of yellow

    Bio: on the streets near birth, he had to learn a lot of street smarts to survive, stoop by to stealing bread from others. In that respect he’s always sympathized with orphans. Until he found Orichimaru, who took him under his wing...at a cost. Zaku became an experiment of Orochimaru’s, with mixing machinery with organic tissue, eventually succeeding. Zaku was immediately put to work on many missions, mainly in such nations like the hidden rain and grass. He had trial by fire, going alone on several missions, preferring to go it alone to prove his worth to the man who took him in.

    Likes: Orphans, leverage.
    Dislikes: Bugs, fortunate people, liars.
    Missions completed: 15 (4 D, 10 C, 1 B.)
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  7. Got any people to tag invites to? Just in case I mean.
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  8. Sure. @Nebulix would you be interested in this?
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  9. ScorchPlayz

    ScorchPlayz Previously Nebulix

  10. ScorchPlayz

    ScorchPlayz Previously Nebulix

    Pff, all of you wind style users. I’m gonna be an OG uchiha. Thx for the boosts if I ever fight you tho. (Ps I’m not gonna be like regular uchiha, nor sasuke/Itachi type)
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  11. ScorchPlayz

    ScorchPlayz Previously Nebulix

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  12. We’ll see if they are actual ‘boosts’ lol. But an original Uciha, since sauske didn’t exist is going to get verrrry Intresting
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  13. TBH I might make my OC a water user instead, cause Hidden Rain but I've gone back and forth on it.

    Also that's fine, so long as you don't give your Uchiha all the hax (Amaterasu, Mangekyou, Susanoo etc.).
  14. ScorchPlayz

    ScorchPlayz Previously Nebulix

  15. Also keep an mind, these are genin too, so reasonable powers here
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  16. ScorchPlayz

    ScorchPlayz Previously Nebulix

    I highly doubt there is mangekyo genin (NOT counting sasuke since he’s been hokage level like summit or before)
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  17. ScorchPlayz

    ScorchPlayz Previously Nebulix

    But you know, 3 tomoe. I’ll mostly be relying on other jutsu, but keep in mind he has pretty good chakra control
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  18. ScorchPlayz

    ScorchPlayz Previously Nebulix

    Or maybe I should keep it 2 tomoe like sasuke?
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  19. Copying and stuff like that is fine. There's at least a chance for our other characters to compete. Though if your character can just dodge everything because he "predicts" body movements that might be iffy but if it is reasonable I'll see no issues with it. Should be like the Lee vs. Sasuke fighter, where if our characters can move fast enough you can't predict & react in time for everything.
  20. It’s just a visual difference really, but either way works. I do agree with GodJacob though, there must be some restraint on the dodge spam lol. And substitution Justus for everyone as well.
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  21. UniverSoul

    UniverSoul Previously SoulDemon

    Hecc I've been summoned but I lack knowledge about the fox ninja boy and his series
    H E L P
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  22. ScorchPlayz

    ScorchPlayz Previously Nebulix

    Welp goodbye then
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  23. ScorchPlayz

    ScorchPlayz Previously Nebulix

    The fact they didn’t use this restraint in the anime is beyond me

    *substitution jutsu and kunai*
    Lol Naruto you’re dead
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  24. Basically our characters are ninjas. They use energy called chakra that can lead to special abilities called Ninjustus (Divided up into elements. Earth, Water, Wind, Lightning & Fire). Some people come from clans, and get bloodline abilities unique to them (Sharingan for Uchiha Clan as an example.)
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  25. UniverSoul

    UniverSoul Previously SoulDemon

    Bye, tag me to join a Romance RP or something, cause if I joined this there would definitely be some romance, it's a curse.
    Edit: Oh wait I didn't see the other posts T H A N C C I will consider joining.
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  26. ScorchPlayz

    ScorchPlayz Previously Nebulix

    And you know... WOOD STYLE
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  27. Why did you say goodbye? I was willing to coach him XD

    Oh well...
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  28. Yeah I don’t doubt that lol.

    Yeah, maybe something like substitution justu has to take them a distance away
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  29. ScorchPlayz

    ScorchPlayz Previously Nebulix

    Coach him I’d honestly enjoy him here
  30. UniverSoul

    UniverSoul Previously SoulDemon

    Thank you Nebby i feel wanted now.
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  31. Oh, I'm for it. Haven't done things Naruto-esque in a while ~
    I'll make a character when I get home
  32. ScorchPlayz

    ScorchPlayz Previously Nebulix

    Name: Raiku Uchiha
    Gender: Male
    Jutsu type: Fire Affinity, and he's pretty good at kenjutsu. He's also really good at chakra control, but mostly uses it on his feet to make him quicker and while doing Ninjutsu. He also has 3 tomoe Sharingan.
    Description: White Cloak with Uchiha Logo; black cargo pants (most ninjas seem to have this); sandals; red eyes; gray bandanna on mouth with the fire kanji symbol on it; a bit long black hair, mostly spikey
    Bio: Backstory and Personality TBA
    Likes:sweets, doing missions, training
    Dislikes:bugs (not actually), bitter things, losing
    Missions completed:
    20 D Rank
    13 C Rank
    0 B, A, and S Rank
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  33. Accepted! I can see bugs are becoming an ongoing dislike now lol. At least Zaku has a canonical reason to hate them XD
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  34. ScorchPlayz

    ScorchPlayz Previously Nebulix

    I only did it. because he isn't. (i thought it was part of rules I couldn't see for some reason)
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  35. UniverSoul

    UniverSoul Previously SoulDemon

    My bio, cause I can.

    Name: Taiyo Akugami
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Jutsu type: Ninjutsu, specifically Fire Ninjustu with slight knowledge in Taijustu and Kenjustu
    Description: wears a crimson sleeveless jacket and a black t-shirt and black jogging pants. The t shirt has a fire symbol on it and he has the Kohana headband.
    Bio: was born and raised in Kohana, six year old Taiyo was inspired to study Ninjustu when he saw his village being attacked by corrupt ninjas(that's a thing right, like evil ninjas?) and warriors from his homeland defended him.
    Likes: Fire, Smores, Fighting
    Dislikes: being condemned, snobby people
    Missions completed: 10 D rank , 2 C rank , 1 B rank , zero A and S rank
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  36. Accepted! And yes, evil ninjas are a thing.
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  37. UniverSoul

    UniverSoul Previously SoulDemon

    Cool, feel free to correct me, I know little about Naruto so yeah.
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  38. ScorchPlayz

    ScorchPlayz Previously Nebulix

    ... It’s ok... don’t switch... don’t go lightning.. DONT GO LIGHTNING! DONT BE SASUKE!!!! .... ok. I think I’m fine... (but I swear to god if he uses my clan’s signature ju-)
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  39. UniverSoul

    UniverSoul Previously SoulDemon

    Are you okay, do you want me to be a zappy boi like some edgelord named Sauske?
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