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Naiot Map

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Tragar, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Now, this is for my story in the Fan Fic section. I made it during my free time, and I've got a competition on another site that is still going on. Here it is anyway:


    I'll give more info soon, just tell me what you think, because this is the first ever map I've made, so yea...
  2. lala

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  3. Pretty one track, but I tried and failed miserably. So, I can't talk. :-[

    It is nice, though. If it is a region with badges, try more towns/Cities.

  4. It's too 'go up to next town'. There needs to be more going on everywhere, maybe different climatised places, stuff like that. The art is fine, so just expand the map.
  5. baratron

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    There seems to be a mysterious lot of nothing on the right-hand side of the lower big island. On an old map from the Middle Ages, it might be marked "Here be Dragons". I'm wondering what's there to be discovered in your country?
  6. Well, it's pretty good for a first try, but there are some points you can improve on
    First of all, the shading isn't good enough. Some places are shaded much, while oter places are just non-shaded open spaces. Maybe change that?
    Second of all, There's not really much to go, it just looks a bit empty. There isn't a route to the town on the small island either.
    For the rest it's good. Improve on the points mentioned above, and it will be really good.

    Edit: I just saw I made a pretty big bump, sorry about that ^.^'

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