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Myths of Mafia Murders - Unsafe Storage

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Brendan Savem, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. If you linked from the Charms Mafia thread, then you already know what this is. If not, then you need to know that this is a story that closes our first game of Charms Mafia, featuring the last four characters remaining in the game; Myself, Sem, Toru, and Indie. It was a fun game, so I decided to end it with a bang. Please be warned that this story has horror elements in it, although at a mild standard. If you cannot handle such stuff, please refrain from reading this.

    A Spoonful of Salt to make the Medicine go Down

    Another execution, another corpse, another live lost. Sem watched as Weeds lifeless body now hung from a wooden beam, another of many from the executions. The sun slowly set behind the shells of the once living, all in various states of decay. Sem looked at Weeds, and then turned to the opposite end of the line, where Dwayna and Sir Red hung, their expressions locked in the pain that they felt in their final hour. Was Weeds truly one of them? Sem reached into his first-aid bag and held up the keys he found in Weeds pocket, they had the answer. Brendan, Indie, and Toru were on watch tonight, even though one of them must have been the last mafia. It felt strange, to have started with fourteen just weeks before and now there were only four. And whoever wasn’t on the line of corpses, was found day after day in all manner of grotesque assassinations. The committee leader was one of them, forever locked in a block of concrete, a “present” from the Killers of the Night; the Mafia.

    Sem knew the Mafia would go for him if they knew he was the doctor they spent half the week feverishly trying to find. His best chance to survive was to keep his medical equipment close and hope he would be able to use it should the Mafia come knocking. Each day it got harder though, as more and more people die. Sho was the worse. Sem looked up at the body of the once Detective. He knew full well that Sho would be dead, why did he cower and protect himself. He vowed then and there to make sure the Mafia paid swiftly for it, though that promise was fading quickly into fantasy, to be replaced by the reality that was what was around him, that he was going circles while one by one, the people around him died, many through his own words.

    Sem hoped Weeds was the last one, if they could just wake up without hearing about another body being found in the early morning, and then they could truly believe that the last of the Mafia was dead, and that the townsfolk had won. Sem dreaded the final investigation: the hopes of the town depended on this last one especially. Whether if they could be able to push through the turbulent times and begin to rebuild their community anew, or if tonight will only spell the doom and dread that there will be another poor soul to find in the darkest corners of their home. There was only one way to find out though, so Sem gripped the key tightly and began his pilgrimage to the sanctuary of the newly executed.

    Sem carefully entered the home and began his search for clues, gingerly moving his hands through anything that could be worthwhile, looking for clues similar to those found in the homes of Dway and Red. Weapons of monstrous design: nothing. Messages that told instructions of victims and targets: nothing. Notes stolen from Detective Shocari when his life was claimed: nothing. Absolutely nothing, not even a cheese-wire! Reluctantly, Sem saw the truth and that Weeds’s final words were indeed true.

    “He’s innocent doc…”

    That wasn’t Sem. Before he could even turn around, Sem felt the crack and ringing pain as he was struck on the head, and his world went black…


    It’s all a blur…

    Sem’s eyes struggled to focus as his consciousness returned. His head was ringing, and he struggled to remember what had happened. Final investigation… Nothing… he’s innocent… … he was attacked! Sem’s vision flooded back to him as he tried to figure out where he was. He was sitting in a chair in an empty room of some sort. There were no windows, a door on the opposite side of the room, and there was a mountain of some powder spilled on the wooden floor just five feet in front of him. Washing powder? Sugar? Salt? Sem tried to move, the chair he was in rattled as Sem quickly found resistance in the chains that bound him. Sem felt a scream building in his throat, and pushed it through his mouth where a heavy gag stopped it strapped across his face.

    “I hope you’re feeling comfortable doc.” A voice said, Sem looked over his shoulder to see a figure standing in the dark shadows just behind him, a smaller figure held under a single hand, or was the figure kneeling?

    “Of course, we wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable for tonight’s show” a second voice came in, Sem spun his head around and nearly smacked his face on a plate that had been brought up close to his head. Immediately, the sweet scent of baking filled his nostrils, upon the plate were seven circular golden-brown treats.

    “Cookie Sem?” the voice offered. Sem brought his eyes up and saw a familiar face, a golden-white face with a light-hearted smile and eyes as blue as the sky. The white hair gave the identity away: it was Brendan that stood before him.

    “I think that’s a no, he seems to have his mouth full already.” The first voice pointed out.

    “Alright Sem, I’ll just leave them here in case you change your mind.” Brendan said, putting the plate on Sem’s lap. Brendan walked over to the pile of salt in front of him, cleared his throat, and continued speaking.

    “I’m sure you are wondering why you’re here Sem” Brendan’s voice echoed throughout the room, with a heavy Scottish accent now mixed into his voice, Sem wasn’t sure whether he was hiding the accent in the time he knew him, or if the accent was fake and he was just making a show. “As of now, there are only four members of the committee left alive. That is Indie, Toru, you, and I. The detective has died a long time ago, but not before he was able to get two Mafia Members on the line for executions, a sweet victory for the committee, the only one sadly. What of the rest though? There were four to start, but only two are dead. Do you know who the other two are?” Sem’s mind was able to click one of them ages ago,

    “Would you go as far as to claim that I am Mafia? You could be right, however there are four members of the committee alive, and two of them are Mafia. Do you know what that means?” Brendan stalked back towards Sem, and brought their faces close. Sem could see everything, from the diabolical grin on Brendan’s face, to the coldness in his ice-blue eyes. “It means, that the Mafia is just one step away from controlling the entire committee… now we’re going to have to do something about that.”

    “First however, if you could see out the window, you would know that it is almost six in the morning, and no body has been found. That is because there is no body to find. And the Mafia always leaves a body for the committee to find, to help them decide who the mafia could be. We’re going to have to do something about that, because we cannot continue the game unless there is a new body to be found.” Brendan paused, “So who’s going to be the one to die? Is it you, is it me, or could it be…” Brendan paused, his grin growing wider and more demented, “YES! Of course, it had to be him next! Surely the doctor would have known, but where was the doctor? I’ll tell you where the doctor is! He’s a coward who only protected his own sorry ass! And guess where that’s gotten him? Nowhere! And now, he gets to have a show.”

    On that cue, two other figures stepped forward, one of them dragging the other across the ground, fresh blood creating small marks on the floor behind them. The person standing kept his head turned away, though Sem was able to see his long brown hair. The other was apparently unconscious, and had a hood tied on that kept any facial features from being seen, the person’s hands and feet however were neatly tied with triple braid rope, so that it would be impossible to be able to break free. The figure lifted the unconscious person up onto his feet, facing the salt pile. Brendan pulled out a small notebook and pen, and began to write down notes. All Sem could do was watch, even though his experiences taught him exactly what was going to happen. The salt would be absorbed through the cuts that must have been on the person’s body, causing blood salt levels to rise, which will cause sharp stinging in the eyes and wounds, and then increase the blood pressure, ultimately causing a heart attack and death.

    “Early this morning, it was found that the mafia had struck again in the dead of night!” he began, speaking slowly and taking his time. The figure released the body, and it fell forward into the pile of salt. The figure bent down and began to roll the body, flipping it over and over again in the salt. “The person was found underneath the town hall, as the next in a string of cruel and horrible assassinations by the Mafia that still plagues this happy town.” The figure continued to roll the body, which suddenly began to spasm and flail in a hopeless struggle to get free. Small whimpers of pain began to form from within the hood.

    “You hear that,” Brendan lowered his notepad at the sounds of suffering, “does that sound familiar? I am sure you have been to a farm before, have you?” Sem shook violently, realizing now who the person in front of him was. The plate of cookies fell off his lap and a few cookies began to roll away.

    “That’s right! It’s him! Ha ha haaa!” Brendan laughed, and then returned to his notepad.

    “The victim this time, was fellow committee member Komachi, or better known as Indie! Poor Indie was found at six in the morning in a pile of table salt, having suffered a slow and sluggish death! Now with only three members left, the stakes to find the last member is at its highest! It’s the final moment of truth for this town! Who’s going to wind up dead next?” At the word ‘dead’, Indie suddenly went limp. The figure above stopped rolling him and left the corpse in the salt. He finally turned towards Sem and Sem was finally able to see his face. Through elimination, Sem had already figured out that it was Toru: Brendan’s silent partner in homicide.

    “Oh no! Poor Indie!” Brendan wept in a very mocking way, Sem’s fists clenched at the theatrics, this madman was toying with him now, “Swift justice must be brought to the horrible person that committed this crime. The question is, who did it? Who could be so diabolically evil, cruel, and twisted to want to kill Indie, and Shiny, and El, and RMA, and Shocari, and Pyroblade, in such horribly gruesome deaths? Was it you Toru? Or was it me? Or…” Brendan’s eyes lit up like light bulbs, fire and madness danced together within them. “Or was it you Sem?”

    “Yes! Of course, you played this entire town for fools! And we all almost bought it!” Brendan roared, dancing around Sem’s chair, Toru stood back and let the sadistic madman do his thing. “You even used your own allies as tools. Even without the detective, you would have happily sold out Red and Dwayna to put yourself in good standing. You threw away the lives of your friends just to save your sorry self! And then you led us all on false lead after false lead. Tan is at the bottom of the pool, Jertyruiop is on ice, and Weeds is hanging from a nook because of you! You specifically wanted them dead because they still doubted your leadership, and you wanted them gone. You used the power you took from El to exterminate all that would hope to oppose you one by one! Well guess what – It didn’t work! I didn’t see at first, but now it’s all crystal clear. I can see right through you Sem! You are a horrible, monstrous, malicious, mad, mass-murderer! And you know what we do to people like you!” Brendan suddenly grabbed Sem’s chair and swung him around, showing him the hole that was just behind him the whole time, Sem recalled that the Town Hall was built over an empty well that was used in the old days, this must have been it.

    “With you gone Sem, we will finally purge the filth that has been festering within this town for too long once and for all! You won’t get to see it, but I’ll tell you one thing,” Brendan brought his mouth close to Sem’s ear, “things will be very… quiet from now on.” Brendan pulled back and let loose a long maniacal laugh, a final cry of triumph. “Well Sem, it’s been fun!” Brendan gave one sharp push and the chair fell forward into the void. Sem plunged through the darkness silently and disappeared. A sharp crack was the indication that the chair broke mid-fall, with Sem probably part of it now. No doubt, Sem was dead long before he reached the bottom.

    Brendan stopped, breathing heavily as he calmed down from his rant. He had won; this puny hamlet was his own private toy now. The godfather would be pleased that he was finally able to finish what Dwayna and Red started. There was just one more thing left to do.

    “Toru,” Brendan said, turning to his partner, his voice had become more relaxed, and the Scottish accent was once more toned to the smallest hint of British. “Shall we?” the two of them left the room and closed the door behind it, The entire town would know of Indie’s murder and Sem’s execution soon enough, they had the evidence ready; Brendan and Toru were the heroes of the town. The true secrets however, were forever lost in the pages of history…

    Thank you for reading, feel free to comment on the story itself, and various elements about or relating to it. Talk more focused on the game itself however should be related to the Charms Mafia Gaming Threads
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  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Re: A Spoonful of Salt to make the Medicine go Down

    You're cruel, you know that? You sadistic, evil, mad "Godfather"...

    This piece just proves that even more.

    However, I do find it ironic that Sem, the doctor, is seen as the more evil and greedy out of the lot, even though it's totally true~
  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Re: A Spoonful of Salt to make the Medicine go Down

    I do not agree with some of my supposed reactions in this >=o Though, I was pretty bad, but I didn't ALWAYS save myself. Just about... a third of the time. I also kinda /let/ Sho die :x
    #3 Sem, Jul 10, 2011
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  4. Re: A Spoonful of Salt to make the Medicine go Down

    Simply briliant! Best part is, those were the exact thoughts I had about Sem before I was lynched |D
  5. Re: A Spoonful of Salt to make the Medicine go Down

    Clearly, I would have rode away on a sheep, trailing denim as I went.
    Fantastic atmosphere of horror and whatnot throughout, and the story pulled me in from the starting paragraph, despite my untimely demise ^^
  6. Re: A Spoonful of Salt to make the Medicine go Down

    So did I! XD Or that general feeling at least. This is a very good story and I can imagine this happen. (also, you spelled my name wrong, there's only one 'r' in it) Well done on not only this story but also being able to wrap us townspeople around your finger with hardly anyone noticing.
  7. Re: A Spoonful of Salt to make the Medicine go Down



    Just, wow...

    Poor Indie D=

    Aside from that, very well written~ I guess after the next one's finished, you might write another one, or is that just wishful thinking?

    Either way, great job!
  8. Re: A Spoonful of Salt to make the Medicine go Down

    Ooooooh... *imagine exaggerated pursed lips*

    This is nice and dark, while incorporating the zaniness of the deaths. It's more common to be killed by a knife then table salt. :p
  9. The second edition of my adventures through Charms Mafia, where this time, I play the role of the bomber, and strike back at my former family. I'm posting it here in the same topic as the last one simply to keep the clutter together. Either way, same drill, comments here should be related to the story only, comments about the game itself are to be brought to the Charms Mafia Gaming Threads. Please know the difference before you post.

    Unsafe Storage

    Brendan let out a short sigh. It looked like they were off to a bad start. As it turns out, Savichez was innocent, which obviously would have repercussions. Both mafia no doubt would have plans for this. Brendan remembered what he would do when he was in charge; he would make a few safe and simple suggestions, a couple over the course of a few days, slowly nudging the confused townsfolk on a path of self-destruction. The rules were different, and Brendan wasn’t in charge anymore. Brendan slowly pulled back the curtains and peered out of the window. The sun had disappeared behind the horizon, and the sky was a deep purple color that was rapidly fading to black. It was time to move.

    Brendan returned to the table and examined the backpack before him, already packed with what he was going to need for tonight. In a time before, he carried the deadly weapons and other things that he needed for his murders. Tonight, it held something similar, but for a different purpose, whether he was going to use it tonight, or if he was about to play a waiting game, he didn’t know. From the notorious reputation he built up over the last few weeks, it was fairly likely that the new killers were going to see him as a threat, and he needed to be prepared for that. Brendan zipped the bag up, placed a small device laid next to it in his pocket, and slung it over his shoulder. He then left his house and locked the door, looking all around to make sure nobody was following him. And then he slowly walked down the street. Anybody that saw him out now would probably begin to think he was still an active killer. In a sense though, he was. He had a destination to get to first, a warehouse five streets away from the town hall, a place where at least nobody uninvolved would risk death.

    Brendan stopped by one house quite close to his own, staring at the house and the single lit room somewhere above it. No doubt she was just getting ready for bed. Brendan fought back the urge to shed a tear; this person was so willing to forgive and trust him despite his actions in the previous attack, and Brendan promised to protect that person in the fierce competition and paranoia that occurred within the town hall, even though he knew that it was a promise he would fail to keep. Brendan sensed she knew that already, from the way she suddenly ran off earlier that day, she probably knew he had plans, she most likely was already expecting the worse, he couldn’t blame her. Alas, there was no turning back now. Brendan slowly crept up to the house and crouched underneath a porch window. He took out a small sheet of paper and scribbled a small note onto it, then used sticky tape to stick it to the window, where it fluttered a little in the dusk winds. If he did come back tonight, he would just take it off on his way back to his own home, and save it for the next night. She would only see it when he didn’t come back at all.

    Brendan made each step deliberately and slowly, making sure to stay as quiet as possible, he needed to be where he had to be quickly. There was nobody else on the street tonight, and he had to get them all in one place without getting others into the mix. Would the doctor be following him? Is the detective spying on him? If they were, then one false move and everything would be ruined. All that mattered first though, was getting to the warehouse before-

    Brendan cursed as he heard the thud of two feet behind him, he whirled around to see a figure, hidden by darkness, slowly advance towards him. More sounds and three more figures appeared, all surrounding him in their square, their steel blades ready to slay their prey.

    Brendan’s heart pounded, it was too public here: he would destroy half the road, and knock down both of the apartment buildings on either side of him. He only had to go five more blocks before he reached his destination, only there would this confrontation be able to be settled without further repercussions. Brendan’s vision blurred slightly in his buildup of adrenaline so the faces of his attackers blurred together.

    “You know what we’re here for Brendan.” A voice softly spoke. Brendan turned to the first person that appeared, and recognized the Raichu ears of Katie. “It’s time for you to return to the family. And we’re not interested in you rejoining our ranks.”

    “Funny. As I recall, it was I that made your ranks. If I wasn’t there, where would you be?”

    “Typical Brendan, high and mighty just because you planned a few killings, and spun their heads around a bit. We will top what you did though; you will be just the first of many to go. Goodbye now." This was exactly what he meant, not enough relish, not enough excitement. If you’re going to murder an entire town of people, the least you could do was enjoy what you did. That didn’t matter though, the Baudelaire Family was here, they took the bait, and now all he had to do was spring the trap.

    Brendan suddenly began to sprint, dashing right between two of his assailants. He felt the sharp pain of a blade tearing through his arm, blood gushed out like a river that broke its banks. Brendan steeled his nerves and continued running, the attackers following behind. Brendan was fast, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to outrun them forever. He wasn’t going to though: his destination was already in sight. Brendan stole a glance behind him to see his attackers sprinting behind him. One in particular was steadily getting closer and closer, creating a gap between him and his allies that grew wider with almost every step. Brendan suddenly reached the warehouse and began to climb up the scaffolding, heading for an open window on the side, his bleeding hand throbbed violently, threatening to drain him of all blood and leave it all over the scaffolds as he hoisted himself up one then the other. Finally, Brendan crawled through the window and jumped down onto a box below him. He landed heavily, and then felt a sharp snap and his body crumpled completely. Brendan saw his leg bent at an impossible angle, and knew it was broken. It didn’t matter; he wasn’t going to need that leg anymore. Brendan reached into his pocket, and looked up in time to see a shadow falling towards him, and then on top of him. Brendan felt the sharp pain of the figure’s blade sinking into his chest, causing a red stain in his shirt to rapidly spread. His head began to scream at him, amongst the pain of all the wounds he gained in the last few minutes. Brendan groaned, looking into the eyes of his attacker, the young face that was Luckii, no doubt an accomplice of Katie. He was more of what the Mafia should be; a glint in his eyes that showed that he enjoyed what he did, and he was going to savor his kill. Brendan almost felt bad for what he was about to do to that face. Unfortunately, Brendan was on his last leg, he could feel his presence fading, but he just had one thing to do. He pulled the device out of his pocket, brandishing a small handle with a red button on the top, right underneath his thumb. As soon as Luckii saw it, he realized the mistake. Brendan’s painful grimace broke into a fractured smile, as he saw the tables turn on his enemies once more.

    “Bang.” And then there was light, then fire, then nothing more.

    Soon, medics, police, and firefighters were on the scene, all too late to save the razed warehouse. The bodies of both Brendan and Luckii were recovered from the blast zone, and brought to the lab for autopsies, with results describing the events released at the end of the day. Only Luckii and Brendan died in the blast, the rest of the Baudelaire family, apart from Katie due to outside circumstances, were able to avoid death and disappear into the crowds that amassed at the remains of the warehouse, the Crimson Order now had the upper hand, no doubt they eager to know that the ruling mafia family was beginning to fall. The townsfolk can freely revel in the dwindling mafia numbers, but yet they still know that they are far from done, and one mysterious townsfolk decide to follow the example of the sacrifice, and begins a solo crusade against both families, killing suspected members one by one. What happens next, who knows? All Brendan knows is that he did his part, the bombers' mission was a success. Now the rest was up to the townsfolk, would they be able to finish what he started? Nothing but the changing days can tell…

    In my opinion, I preferred the first one, it was more fun to write, and was a very unusual role for me to represent. This one however feels more like most other stories I've read countless times, it was a tad bit cliche for me. It's still pretty good in my eyes though, especially in the canon sense. I incorporated real events in the game so far into this story, though only a few might understand a few of them, keep your eyes open for them.

    The only thing I'm too unsure about is what Katie and Luckii would have actually done, since unlike the last story, I had less time to familiarize myself with them and what they were likely to do, so chances are that they're way off character. It was easy to work with Indie, Sem, and Toru because I knew what they might do in these situations. I would appreciate the criticism about this point especially, though comments and criticism about other parts are nice too.

    I may do another story at the end of this game as well, depending on how it turns out. It will be interesting to try at least. What do you think?
  10. Shiny Pyxis

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    [me=Shiny Eevee]can't stop giggling for some reason[/me]

    Okay, this was obviously a lot less funny than the last one (the last one was only funny because Sem died ♥), but... I can't help but break out into a grin after reading it. I like how you strike at your family and whatnot~

    What on earth could that mean? Are you gonna reveal to us what you meant by that in the end? o-o

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