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Myth of the 'Legendary' King (PRP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by pac_halo, May 27, 2015.

  1. Billions of years ago, according to the ancient myths of the old Unovian dynasties, there was a singular egg, existing in nonexistence. That egg hatched and gave birth to the creator of Life, the Universe, and Everything. The Pokemon was named Arceus by the olden kings, which, when translated from Old Unovian, meant Alpha- the beginning.

    Thousands of years ago rose the first civilization, led by an all-powerful tyrant whose name history has long forgotten. Out of his almost infinite greed and lust for power, he sought not only the masters of the weather, space, time, and other concepts, but also the mysterious deity-like Alpha Pokemon. He succeeded, and gained unlimited prestige throughout the land.

    This power did not quench his thirst.

    He heard rumors of another place, a place named 'Kalos' by its inhabitants, was ruled by another king, who, with the help of legendaries of his own, created a device that revived the dead.

    With hope this device could prevent his death, the Unovian king and his armies traveled to Kalos, got control of the device, and used it. However, its effects were nothing like the king could ever imagine. Not only did it grant him the ultimate gift, it destroyed everything, causing a war between not only humankind but the Pokemon themselves. The king, guilty of literal genocide, went into hiding, never to be seen again.

    Fast forward to the present day. A determined explorer learns of the myth and gains the determination, the guts, and the skill to hunt down this mythical king and his legendary Pokemon team. But he can't do it alone- Will you help him uncover the ancient mystery of the All-Powerful Legendary King?

    So, whaddya think? Sounds interesting? Post a bio below! Got an idea? Feel free to contribute! I've included my bio below.

    Name: Lewis Steloine (Stel-O-ee-n)
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Driftveil City, Unova
    Age: 20
    Height: 6'1''
    Weight: 160 lbs.
    Hair: Reddish-brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothing: A brown overcoat over a blue polo. Wears brown pants and carries around a black bookbag with white trim. The bag usually contains several books on archaeological subjects.
    Identifying Marks: None
    Musculature: Lean and slightly muscular from constant work outside
    Personality: Lewis is an idealist, and he thinks anything is possible if you put your mind to it. He is also quite the extrovert and hates working on a problem alone. He's also deceptive, as he'll use lies to get what he wants. He won't hesitate to lie to a close friend in dire situations. He is a huge fan of archeology and history and he studies a lot on those subjects.
    Skills: Knowledge of Kalosian and Unovian history, identification of different artifacts
    Past: Was born and raised in Driftveil, which sparked his interest in archeology and digging. He never knew his mother, but his father always helped Lewis in his interests.
    Family: Harrison Steloine (Father), James Steloine (Grandfather), Francis Hardman Steloine (Grandmother)
    Love Relationships?: None


    Species: Escavalier
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Swarm
    Personality: Friendly and noble, Escavalier is always willing to lend a hand. He is very trusting, however, this could be marked as a weakness due to he trusted random strangers even when life is at stake. He lives by a code of chivalry, never battling someone clearly weaker than himself.

    Species: Excadrill
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sand Rush
    Personality: Excadrill, despite its seemingly threatening appearance, is quite passive. It refuses to battle for sport and shares Lewis' interests in archeology and digging. When battling for defense, Excadrill will at all costs protect everyone, and even if the opponent is still capable of attacking, Excadrill will try to persuade Lewis to flee. However, if worse comes to worse, than Excadrill is a phenomenal battler, using a combination of ground and steel attacks to hit the enemy hard.

    This character bio is extremely outdated. I've made quite a lot of edits to the character as we work on the RP.
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    I think that the usage of ANY legendaries without staff authorization is not allowed by our rules, and since you haven't run this by me first... Yeah, no.

    Edit: Spax contacted me and clarified things - no actual legendaries are used by anyone involved in the plot and the whole thing is meant to add mystique to a string of artifacts that would be the centerpiece of the plot, a-la Indiana Jones. As such, I will allow this - as this actually seems to have potential. ^^
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  3. I'm actually fairly interested in this RP. But could I have a little more information on the plot? Also, do you need a character bio? Some of the RP's I've joined haven't needed them, while others have, so I'm not sure if you would like one. :/

  4. Yes, if you want to join, feel free to post a bio.

    Here's a general summary of the plot:

    Lewis finds a secret passage in the Clay Tunnel connecting to the Underground Ruins. Here, he finds nothing except ancient scripts written in Old Unovian. He (despite his imperfect translation) finds out that it connects to the Ruins of Alph in Johto. Feeling that he might be on to something huge, he tries to recruit anyone he can into a party to help him travel to Alph and solve their mysteries (He pitches the idea to a university, who, since being desperate for any media attention due to their falling exam performance). Once he convinces the University to give him a team, they all travel to the Ruins in Johto to discover if the texts mean anything. They solve the tile puzzles and, with help from their Pokemon, they get into a special place. A magnificent event happens (Yes, I'm getting more vague. This is so this can be open for discussion. Still, feel free to deviate from the written plot if you got a good idea) and it gains the attention of a mob. The team and the mob race against each other, each trying to discover the artifact that leads to money, power, etc.

    Again, feel free to give ideas, as this is just a VERY rough draft.
  5. I'm not the best when it comes to plot devices, so I won't be too much help there. The best I can do is give my opinion on ideas that are flung at me :/

    However, I think it would be interesting if this "special" place had a sort of Indiana Jones feel to it. You know, ancient hidden temple, booby traps, etc. Next thing I post here will be my character's bio. :)

    Name: Jake Lashley
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Lavaridge Town, Hoenn
    Age: 15
    Height: 5' 8"
    Weight: 130 lbs.
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothing: A navy blue sweatshirt with yellow pull strings, worn out blue jeans, and black sneakers. Wears a pair of black-rimmed glasses and carries a small yellow backpack. Often has a pair of headphones hanging around his neck.
    Identifying Marks: Has a small scar above his right eye, hard to notice as most of it is hidden within his eyebrow.
    Musculature: Very little arm muscle, lean but strong legs perfect for running
    Personality: Jake is a strange fellow. He is a massive introvert with social anxiety and ADHD, taking a very long time to really trust or feel comfortable around anyone, preferring to keep quiet and watch from afar. But once you gain his trust he becomes a completely different person. He becomes extremely kindhearted and humorous, cracking jokes whenever he can. He will do anything to help a friend, no matter how dangerous the task. He believes in the policy of "No Man (Or 'Mon) Left Behind" and will never leave a friend in need.
    He loves to explore.
    Skills: Has fairly extensive knowledge of human medicine and first aid
    Past: Jake grew up in Lavaridge Town, exploring the nearby volcano and forest all his childhood. His parents were the area's only doctors, which is where he got his medical knowledge from. His mother died when he was 10, boiling alive in one of Mt. Chimmney's hidden hot springs. When Jake became extremely depressed, his father sent him off to see the world and explore, putting the past behind him.
    Family: "Poppy" Lashley (Grandfather; Deceased), "Granny" Lashley (Grandmother), Aaron Lashley (Father), and Arya Lashley (Mother; Deceased)
    Love Relationships: None


    Species: Natu
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Magic Bounce
    Personality: Peppy and energetic, Xavier was Jake's last gift from his mother. Although small, Xavier is a very capable battler, having mastered his psychic abilities at a young age. Xavier is rather spontaneous, sometimes making decisions without thinking of the outcome.

    Name: Aya
    Species: Gardevoir
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Synchronize
    Personality: Aya was Jake's first Pokemon. Caught as a Ralts, Jake and Aya share a rather strong bond. Aya is almost like a second mother to Jake. She cares for him, protects him, and even scolds him. Although she prefers not to, Aya is not against battling, more than capable of holding her own.

    Name: Holly
    Species: Sewaddle
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Overcoat
    Personality: Holly hatched from an egg sent to Jake on his fifteenth birthday by his grandmother. Having recently hatched, the little bug is still rather shy, but she has shown a rather playful side from time to time. Although a rather recent addition to the team, Holly's abilities compliment Jake's medical prowess perfectly. This alone has made her an indispensable team member.
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  6. Name: Beck Lorente
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Dewford Town
    Age: 23
    Height: 7' 3"
    Weight: 210 lbs
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Gold
    Clothing: Wears an all black formal attire with a grey dress shirt and doesn't wear a tie. He dons a white half-mask over his face in public in order to conceal his unnatural eye color and wears a silver chain that loops through two gold rings around his neck.
    Identifying Marks: None
    Musculature: Has a fit lean body from the many years of working with nature.
    Personality: Beck is a polite and well mannered man who hides much of his tragic past from others. Being a man of peace who prefers pacifism over violence, the young man will often try to talk things out before resorting to force in order solve his problems. Beck also suffers from a strong sense of 'survivor's guilt' due to losing his family in a freak accident and tries to help anyone who needs it in order to relieve his guilt. As an interesting quirk, the man has a tendency to get lost out on the road due to his terrible sense of direction and helpless curiosity.

    Skills: A herbalist and an agriculturist. Knows how to make various foods and medicine with the plants around him. He also knows how to survive in the wild for an extended period of time due to the survival skills that were pounded into him during his childhood.
    Past: An orphan who was abandoned at doorsteps of an orphanage in Rustboro City. Was picked up by his travelling foster father, Ricard Lorente, and grew up with the family in Dewford Town. His foster father and mother were Pokemon rangers who'd often pick up orphaned Pokemon and the young boy was quickly accepted into the family without any real troubles. Beck especially got along with his foster brother and they often dreampt of joining the Ranger corps together. But after twelve years of youthful bliss, young Beck's perfect life was utterly ruined when a stampede of Lairons came out of nowhere and leveled half of the peaceful town he lived in. Beck's entire foster family, with the exception of his younger sister, were killed in the resulting attack. After several years of struggling, When his younger sister was finally old enough to take care of herself, the young man went off to travel around the world. Searching, for a purpose in life.
    Family: Real family unknown.
    Adopted family: Ricard Lorente (Father; deceased), Jane Lorente (Mother; deceased), Mena Lorente (Elder Brother; deceased), Flavia Lorente (Younger Sister; Alive)
    Love Relationships?: None


    Species: Blaziken
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Speed Boost
    Personality: Fury is a battle maniac that loves to test his mettle against all kinds of Pokemon. But whenever he isn't out on the field, Fury hides his thirst for battle under a guise of calm - staying alert to his surroundings in order to protect his trainer. Despite his rather violent tendencies, Fury absolutely adores his Pokemon trainer and the fighter often takes extreme measures in order to ensure his safety. Unfortunately, the Pokemon's love and respect for Beck does not apply to just anyone and the proud fire-type often takes on an indifferent attitude towards anyone he meets for the first time.

    Species: Rhyhorn
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Rock Head
    Personality: Steadfast is a very kind and patient Pokemon that loves to let children play on top of his body as a playground. He also loves to lay down and rest under the cool shade of a tree on a hot sunny day and relax with his trainer after helping him collect some herbs. He dislikes violence, but is not afraid to use it in order to protect the things he loves. A particular physical trait that this Pokemon has is that its left shoulder armor is broken - as if it were smashed to pieces in a savage battle some time past.

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  7. @Galladerekerboy, while I appreciate your interest in the RP, your character needs a bit of work before using it in an RP. There's just some bits that need to be a cut. Also, there are some grammar problems in your submission that I think might translate over to the RP.

    Just a few pointers:

    Being the son of Cynthia doesn't seem to really add to the character of Reginler very much and I would suggest that it be cut entirely.

    A cloak is strange thing to wear, especially for a fourteen-year-old. It also doesn't seem to have a reason to be there- As you said, it only changes what he sounds like. The cloak only adds mystery to the character and we don't want readers focusing on the character- We need the readers focusing on the mystery of the myth. Unless your character has something to do with the legend directly, I would cut the cloak out entirely.

    Traveling through each reason is an extremely hard task and one that a fourteen-year-old seems unable to complete (I know Pokemon is running a show with a ten-year-old traveling through every region, but Bart Simpson has been in fourth grade since '89). I would suggest cutting that from your character.

    Otherwise, your character seems alright. If you have a reason for the things I just listed, feel free to say so.

    @Seyriub, your character is good to go. I'll start a conversation so we can discuss the RP.
  8. Alright! Sounds good. I'll be looking forward to it. :p
  9. Name: Lizz Ross

    Hometown: HearthHome City, Sinnoh

    Age: 15

    Height: 5'8"

    Weight: 115 Lbs.

    Hair Color: Brown

    Eye Color: Green

    Clothing: Wears a Pink T-Shirt, Shorts, and grey tennis shoes. She has a charm bracelet on her left wrist with a charm of every pokemon she has on it.

    Identifying marks: Freckles

    Musculature: She is a fast runner and practiced gymnastics a lot.

    Personality: Lizz is a competitive girl and her fights are usually intense. She cares about her pokemon very much and trains them differently than most so they don't lose. She uses her uniqueness as an advantage. Lizz is not as friendly around new people but she is a fun person once she trusts you.

    Past: When Lizz was 12, her mother persuaded professor Rowan to give her a pokemon and she chose piplup. Her mother wanted her to train her pokemon to be in the contests. Lizz ended up running away when she was 13 and started her journey. After 2 years and 4 badges, she decided to come to Johto and help with the mystery.

    Family: Alice Ross(Mother),Rick Ross(Father), grandparents unknown.

    Love Relationships: None


    Name: King
    Species: Empoleon
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Torrent
    Personality: King is intimidating but very friendly. He loves his trainer more than anything and will attack anyone who tries to hurt her. If he doesn't trust someone right away, they won't be trusted for a long time. He was her starter.

    Name: Spark
    Species: LuxRay
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Rivalry
    Personality: Spark was named for her smartness and her battle attitude. She was Lizz's first catch and her hardest. Soon after being caught, they bonded well. She is untrusting to other people and is hard to befriend.

    Name: Lux
    Species: Lucario
    Gender: Female (If that's okay since females are so rare)
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Personality: Lux is a stubborn lucario. Lizz found her abandoned egg near the beginning of the journey and it hatched soon after. Lux is always at Lizz's side to keep her safe and doesn't like to be in a pokeball.
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  10. (Could we possibly RP as the Pokemon?)
  11. This actually sounds very interesting! I read your basic synopsis in reply to Zeypher's post, and I suddenly became extremely interested because my mainstream character is actually from the Johto region and, after some time, is heading back out on his journey once again. Here, I'll post his bio. If my character is a good fit for this RP, let me know! (WARNING - His Bio is quite a read.)

    Hometown:Goldenrod City, Johto
    Height:5'5" (Gotta love the short guys, am I right?)
    Weight:125 lbs
    Hair:Dark brown, almost black.
    Clothing:Wears mainly black and red, likes to look classy, so dress shirts are commonly worn. Sometimes will wear brighter colors if the occasion calls for it.
    Identifying Marks:None
    Personality:Pessimistic at times, but generally fiery, hyperactive, and jovial. The huge change can be blamed on the manic-depressive disorder he suffers through as a result of two things that will be mentioned later.
    Skills:Firstly, as this apparently counts towards his Mary-Sue score, Francisco knows how to drive. Generally a fast learner, and quick on his feet. He's a bit of an empath, able to easily sense the emotions of other people (which contributes to the strain of his bipolar disorder), and to a lesser extent, pokemon (he's not on par with the empathetic talents that N possesses, basically). These aspects together make him a very skilled battler, but should he hit a low point in his emotions during battle, things can get hairy for him.
    Past: Francisco never knew his father, and his relationship with his older sister had always been rocky. Through his entire life, all he ever had was his mother. She supported him as a small child, and encouraged him to go on his journey. In fact, it was her, not Professor Elm, who gave him his first pokemon. An Eevee, who would later become a Flareon and acquire the nickname, Flame. Six years after he started his Journey, Francisco's mother fell deathly ill. At this point, he was taking on the pokemon League in Unova, it was the closest he had ever been to making it to the League conference finals, but he knew what was more important, he threw his semifinal match to return with haste to Johto to visit his mother. He spent two weeks with her before her passing. This had thrown him into a deep depression from which he could never fully recover. He was later diagnosed with manic-depressive disorder, better known as bipolar disorder. His older sister, Izzy, and her family took over their mother's home, and though their relationship had always been rocky (mainly due to an incredible similarity in the fieriness of their otherwise opposing personalities), out of love for her little brother, Izzy and her husband, Abel, pushed Francisco to succeed, and to go back on his journey again. He would also receive a lot of support from his cousin, Sergio, who would make frequent visits from Kanto. Two years later, at age eighteen, Francisco has finally gotten the urge again, he and his pokemon headed out of Goldrenrod City to find adventure once again, and to one day, become champions.
    • Desi (Mother - deceased)
    • Izzy (Older Sister - Age 35)
    • Abel (Brother-in-law - Age 34, hails from Sinnoh)
    • Marble (Oldest Neice - Age 15, only three years younger than her uncle)
    • Eli (the middle child and Marble's little brother - Age 11, and just starting his own journey)
    • Ada (Francisco's youngest niece - Age 5)
    • Sergio (Cousin - Age 30, hails from Kanto, decided to head to Orre along with a group of Francisco's friends now that Francisco is starting his journey again.)
    Love Relationships?:None written in at the moment. This is subject to Change.
    Pokémon:Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

    1. Species: Flareon
    Nickname: Flame
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Hidden Power: None
    Special Features: Incredibly fast for his species, due to the care taken into his breeding.
    Personality: Jolly-natured, he likes to bring joy and laughter to others.
    History: Francisco's first pokemon, bred and gifted to him by his mother. The two are inseparable and have gone through thick and thin together. Flame may not be the strongest member of Francisco's team, but he is the most reliable.

    2. Species: Charizard
    Nickname: Fury
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze, Tough Claws (Mega Evolved)
    Hidden Power: None
    Special Features: None
    Personality: Careful-natured, Fury is very observant, and thus a very wise pokemon.
    History: Fury was Francisco's second pokemon, he was left abandoned as a Charmander right outside of Goldenrod city when Team Rocket deemed him unworthy of use to Giovanni. He was battered and weak, so Francisco rushed him to the pokemon center. The two have been extremely close ever since. Fury received his nickname when he reduced the base of the Team Rocket members who had hurt him to smolders. He is capable of Evolving into Mega Charizard X in tough spots.

    3. Species: Empoleon
    Nickname: None (Although Francisco will affectionately refer to him as Leon from time-to-time)
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Torrent
    Hidden Power: None
    Special Features: None
    Personality: Gentle-natured, Leon is very caring, and loves to nurture infant pokemon.
    History: Leon's original trainer was Marble, he is the child of Abel's Empoleon, Suki. At the time when he started his Journey, the home that Izzy's family lived in was too small to harbour pokemon, so as a gift, when Francisco visited their old home in Azalea Town, they gave him Piplup. Through much training, it would eventually become an Empoleon of such stature that it could rival its mother, Suki.

    4. Species: Infernape
    Nickname: SolarFlare
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze
    Hidden Power: None
    Special Features: None
    Personality: Naughty-natured, SolarFlare loves to cause a little bit of mischief.
    History: It's hard to say whether SolarFlare was Francisco's third or fourth Pokemon. On his way to Izzy's old home in Azalea town, a mysterious man bumped into 10-year-old Francisco, knocking him down. As an apology, the man gave Francisco and egg. However the egg did not hatch until after Francisco recieved Leon from Marble. When it did hatch, it was a healthy young Chimchar. In his first battle, he activated his blaze ability, reminding Francisco of the solar flares he had seen on television on the space broadcasting channel. This would be the nickname he bestowed upon the fiery little monkey. After much hard training, SolarFlare would eventually become a hardy Infernape.

    5. Species: Ursaring
    Nickname: Beast
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Guts
    Hidden Power: None
    Special Features: None
    Personality: Impish-natured, Beast loves to harass her opponents.
    History: Beast is Francisco's fifth pokemon. He encountered her in Ecruteak city as a Teddiursa trying to steal food out of the basket of an unaware picnicker as they were leaving the city. He drew attention to her and she attacked, Fury, a Charmeleon at this point, subdued her and Francisco quickly captured her. She was invaluable in battles where Francisco's predominantly fire-type team was at a disadvantage. Upon returning to Goldenrod to take on Whitney, Beast took Miltank's challenge and evolved into Ursaring, mopping up the floor with Whitney's team. Beast got her nickname from the way she frenzies her opponents. Her favorite move is Thrash.

    6. Species: Dragonite
    Nickname: Crusoe
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Hidden Power: None
    Special Features: None
    Personality: Mild-natured, Crusoe is very relaxed, chill, and nonagressive.
    History: Francisco would not meet this sixth member of his team until he arrived in the Kanto region. On a trip to the Safari zone for a catching contest with a rival trainer, Francisco came across perhaps the most majestic pokemon he had ever laid eyes on, a Dragonair bathing himself in the lake. He spotted Francisco and both stood their ground, Francisco tossed his Safari Ball, and that was it. The Dragonair had joined his team, he named it after a character from a novel he had read as a child, where a family had encountered an infant Lugia and bestowed the name onto it. It would take the Challenge of Lance's Dragonite, and evolved during that battle, although he lost to the more experienced Dragonite, Crusoe knew a strength he never knew he could.

    Fury’s Mega Evolution

    On their journey through Hoenn, Francisco became very interested in the phenomenon of Mega Evolution. He had heard of it in the past, but after hearing that the League Champion of the region, Steven, was capable of Mega Evolving his Metagross, he needed to know more. After a few days of research, Francisco learned that Charizard were capable of mega evolving. He also learned that the trainer and pokemon needed to have a strong bond forged through friendship, trust, and experience. Francisco had a Charizard, his second pokemon, and close friend, Fury.

    Francisco knew that he and Fury had the bond required for Mega Evolution, at that point, they had been partners for five years, and have seen much of the world together. They had faced three pokemon leagues together, each time becoming close, and learning from their losses together. Francisco and Fury had everything they needed for Fury to mega evolve, save for two things: A Mega Stone, and a Key Stone.

    Francisco did more research; he looked through the Archives in Mossdeep City and learned of the Draconids, an ancient tribe who have deep ties to the Legendary Pokemon, Rayquaza, and Mega Evolution. He learned that there were very few of them left, and the archives were very vague as to where the remaining members of the tribe could be found. But, he needed to talk to them to learn more. Asking around town to see if the locals knew anything, he finally got answers from the Nurse in the pokemon center. She told him that there were rumors of the remainders of the ancient tribe taking refuge at Meteor Falls, their ancestral home.

    With haste, the then 15-year-old made his way to Meteor Falls. He battled his way through many dragon-tamers, who saw him as a challenger instead of an inquirer, and, finally, crossed paths in the winding caverns with an elderly woman. Francisco asked her of the Draconids, when she revealed that she herself was the chief of the remnants of the tribe residing at Meteor Falls.

    Francisco brought Fury out, and asked her if she could teach him more about the phenomenon of Mega Evolution. She explained that Mega Evolution is the result of untapped power laying deep dormant in the pokemon being unleashed by a strong bond with its trainer, and that this can only occur when the trainer and the pokemon hold two resonating stones, the Key Stone and a Mega Stone.

    The elderly woman could see that Francisco and Fury were definitely close. She asked if Francisco and Fury were interested in using Mega Evolution themselves and both eagerly nodded. She made them aware that she had a key stone on her person that she would be willing to give to the trainer and his Charizard, provided they pass a trial.

    The trial was no small feat, to be sure. The two would have to brave the harsh jet streams of the Hoenn skies, the Domain of Lord Rayquaza. The goal was for Fury to test himself, and for Francisco to coach him along to become better. The Elderly woman, being a Draconid and attuned to the dragon-typing, wanted Fury to prove himself by learning a move that he could not normally learn on his own without the help of a tutor. Fury had to learn the Dragon-type attack, Dragon Pulse, by making contact with the dragon-type power held deep within him that allows all members of his species to gain the dragon-typing when mega evolving into Mega Charizard X. Soaring through the skies would help him find that inner Dragon-type.

    Francisco theorized that battling pokemon in the sky who would know the move would help Fury understand what it means to be a Dragon-type. Thus, helping him understand what it will take to unlock his potential and learn Dragon Pulse. Were this a regular day of training, Francisco may have just had Crusoe battle Fury, but due to the nature of the trial, Francisco had to leave the rest of his pokemon with the Elder, to ensure the one-on-one effort. Their only hope would be to find a wild roaming dragon to battle in the open skies.

    The first Dragon-type pokemon they would come across at these high altitudes were a duo of Altaria. Fury challenged them to a battle, a challenge they accepted. The battle raged on for a good fifteen minutes before it was over, Fury had dominated the two Altaria, and the challenge was not sufficient enough for Fury to speak to his inner dragon. The battle concluded and the two Altaria continued on their way. No luck.

    After a few more hours of soaring through the sky, things were starting to seem bleak. Dusk would be upon them soon, so Francisco began to ponder whether they were truly worthy of mega evolution, and whether it was a good idea to land and take refuge before nightfall. Fury scoffed at these notions when Francisco spoke of it. Fury knew they were worthy. He knew he could learn this move on his own, so long as his trainer was there for him, Fury knew he could do anything. Francisco realized this and they continued on into the coming night sky.

    Soon, they would find something powerful soaring through the skies, a Salamence. Fury almost charged her to initiate a challenge, but then Francisco saw that she carried two Bagon on her back, and halted Fury. The Mother Salamence was relocating her family. Francisco and Fury approached her and made themselves clear that they meant no harm, they simply wanted to escort her and her young safely through the night sky, because many dangers could lurk. The Mother Salamence accepted the offer, and one of her two sons, the little daredevil, jumped across the backs of the two large flying pokemon and landed in Francisco’s lap, cuddling up to him. Francisco was taken by surprise that a wild Bagon would be so friendly to a new human.

    An hour later, it was about midnight, and something terrible happened. A Dark Pulse knocked into Salamence and Fury. The impact knocked Francisco and the two Bagon off the backs of the two large flying pokemon. Francisco quickly grabbed both Bagon during the fall, and positioned himself to where he would take all the impact if they were to hit ground. Salamence swooped down and caught them on her back. The Dark Pulse attack had come from a Hydriegon, infuriated that another Dragon had come flying through his territory.

    Francisco hopped on Fury’s back from Salamence’s and the battle was underway. Fury and Salamence versus Hydreigon.

    Francisco began to give Fury orders, and the wild Salamence fougth alongside them. The Salamence used Dragon Breath to immobilize the Hydreigon, while Fury rushed the devilish creature with Dragon Claw. The beast simply shrugged off the two super effective direct hits and replied with a powerful Draco Meteor, showering the blasts all over Fury and Salamence. Francisco and the two Bagon were now holding on for dear life.

    The blows were exchanged for almost half an hour until Hydreigon hit the mother Salamence with a powerful Dragon Rush, knocking her and her offspring out of the sky. The two Bagon were holding on to their unconscious mother, screaming for their lives. Without hesitation, Francisco did a nose dive off of Fury’s back and made contact with Salamence, pulling a revive out of his pocket and using it on her, awakening her so she could regain lift. Francisco rode on her back along with her two infants.

    Fury grew restless, in the darkness of the night sky, he could no longer see his trainer, and Hydreigon already blended in. Miraculously to him, he could hear his trainer shouting “Fury, keep it together! I’m alright. Just follow what I say, and we’ll all survive this!” This was calming to Fury, but it also lit a fire. Fury was now enraged by the danger Hydreigon had put his trainer, and friend, in. Hydreigon reappeared, launching towards Fury with a powerful Dragon Rush. Fury caught him, and looked him dead in the eye before sending him back with a powerful Focus Punch.

    Fury’s target was set and locked. No matter what, Fury was able to see his opponent. Fury heard Francisco order out a Flame Thrower out in the distance and he complied. Hydreigon, however was unfazed. He charged through the Flame Thrower and hit Fury with a powerful Body Slam. Fury’s blaze ability activated. Fury bit onto Hydreigon’s neck and tossed him downwards. He could hear Francisco in the distance order a Fire Blast, Fury complied, but something else happened. Instead of a Fire Blast launching from Fury’s gaping mouth, a huge, purple-colored, bright aura shot straight out at Hydreigon, enveloping the Brutal Pokemon.

    Francisco was able to see the whole battle thanks to the Night Vision goggles he had invested in back on his journey through Sinnoh. But the brightness emitted from this blast was as clear as day. Right away, Francisco knew it. Fury had learned Dragon Pulse. The Dragon Pulse had rendered Hydreigon unable to continue battling, and so, it fled. Fury met back up with Salamence, Francisco, and the two Bagon, and they all flew back to Meteor Falls together.

    They made it back by noon the next day. Salamence decided to make her home there, in the caves. Francisco and Fury returned to the Elder, and she returned his pokemon to him. Flame was ecstatic to see that Francisco and Fury were both alright.

    The Elder asked if Fury had learned Dragon Pulse. To prove it, Francisco ordered the move, and Fury displayed it to all his might. The Elder was impressed. She revealed that her name was Bruma, and that she too, in her younger years was an aspiring trainer, and she was capable of mega evolving her Charizard. It had been two years since her partner had passed away, so she told them that she no longer had use for her Key Stone nor her Mega Stone, as she was too old to raise a new companion, and it would never be the same as her dear old Charizard.

    As promised, she awarded them the Key Stone. And as a token of her esteem for risking their lives to save the Salamence and her two infants when things got hairy, she also gave them the Mega Stone that she used to Mega Evolve her Charizard back in her day, Charizardite X. With this, Francisco would now be able to Mega Evolve Fury in battle into the Fire- and Dragon-type, Mega Charizard X. Francisco and Fury were proud of what they were able to achieve together, and from then on, in times of great need, Francisco would call upon the power of Mega Evolution to power up Fury even further.
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  12. @julieno321 and @The iFlare, I might be able to accept you, but please bear mind that we want to keep this at most to four people. I'll end up choosing the one with the character that will end up working the best.

    @ScoutPug, no, you cannot. I want the focus to be on the adventurers and the myth rather than the actual Pokemon.
  13. Alright, cool. Thanks for considering me. ^-^
  14. No I mean like say I was using a lucario and a trainer. Since the lucario can talk and understand humans I thought I might ask.
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  15. @ScoutPug I suppose that's alright, Post a bio and I'll put your character into consideration.
  16. Ok thanks. ^•°•^
  17. I saw that you are looking for only four people, but I hope you consider my app here:

    Name: Jacob Tully
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Numeva Town, Unova
    Age: 20
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 155 lbs.
    Hair: Dark orange
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: He wears a white T-shirt under a thin black jacket. He wears loose jeans, and navy blue sneakers. He carries a black backpack on his back.
    Identifying Marks: Orange hair and freckles generally are enough, but he also wears black framed glasses.
    Musculature: While his weight is not very impressive, Jacob is well cut, which can be seen in his slightly jutting chest and thick arms.

    Personality: Jacob could certainly be considered an introvert. He has a general disdain and mistrust of other people, and it leads him to travel on his own. Only those who have found themselves forced to deal with Jacob, or those who are extremely extroverted are able to become close with him, and he considers very few people his friends. Jacob is very intelligent, and often considers less smart people less important.
    Skills: He generally has a good knowledge of pokemon in many regions. Furthermore he can play guitar, and is good at basketball.

    Past: Jacob was born to a wealthy family; his father was a pokemon scientist, while his mother worked as an executive of several pokecenters. Together, Jacob’s parents encouraged Jacob to learn as much as he could about pokemon, and they prepared him to become a pokemon trainer. He never challenged any pokemon league but was trained in large part with Grimsly, who was a family friend. While Grimsly went on to become part of the Elite Four, Jacob spent a lot of his time hunting down and fighting Team Plasma. After being betrayed by Grimsly, the hunter became the hunted, and Jacob travelled across the world in order to avoid Team Plasma.

    Family: Horace Tully (Dad), Aerial Tully (Mom), Trevor Tully (brother)

    Love Relationships: Hera (A trainer he met in Hoenn)


    Species: Excadrill
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sand Rush
    Personality: Excadrill was given to Jacob as a Drillbur when Jacob was born. Although they grew up together, young Jacob was never really fond of Drillbur. Drillbur tried to reverse this, doing everything he could for the young Jacob but nothing seemed to work. It was not until Jacob began battling around age 8 that Drillbur and Jacob became close. Now, the two are very close, with Zed being the pokemon Jacob relies on most. Zed knows this, and is very eager not to let down his trainer.

    Name: Voltaire
    Species: Eelektross
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Levitate
    Personality: Jacob chose Tynamo as his favorite pokemon when he was very young. Receiving the pokemon at age 5, the two were a perfect match; Voltaire was just as introverted as Jacob, and they were always comfortable together. Now, Voltaire’s special connection to Jacob remains, and the two are always happy together. Voltaire often sleeps in late, and loves Nutella.

    Name: Tank
    Species: Darmanitan
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sheer Force
    Personality: Tank is a pokemon that enjoys free-roaming. While Jacob does not often keep any one pokemon out for too long on its own, Tank is often the one who is freed to travel around the town. Jacob is not as close with Tank as he is with some of his other pokemon, as Tank is very friendly and outgoing, which Jacob sometimes finds annoying. Still, the two battle well together.

    Name: Casper
    Species: Beartic
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Snow Cloak
    Personality: Jacob and his Beartic have a very unique connection. Jacob was a sickly child, and whenever Jacob would get sick, Casper would as well. The two spent plenty of time together at home, and in the hospital. Casper was also a good fit for Jacob; an introverted and intelligent pokemon, Casper was basically a reflection of Jacob. It is because of Casper that Jacob’s favorite pokemon type is ice.

    Name: Stargazer
    Species: Golurk
    Gender: None
    Ability: Iron Fist
    Personality: Stargazer is a very quiet pokemon, and Jacob gives it its space. As Jacob’s most powerful pokemon, Stargazer is often called upon to handle the situation when there is danger about, second after Zed(Excadrill). Otherwise, Stargazer’s personality is relatively bland: for whatever reason, it does not get along great with other pokemon.

    Name: Ruxpin
    Species: Stoutland
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Intimidate
    Personality: Ruxpin is Jacob’s newest pokemon. He received him as a Lillipup on his 15th birthday. Jacob and Ruxpin always had a rocky relationship. Jacob did not really like to use Ruxpin all that much when he received the pokemon; he was a normal type, and so was relatively weak against just about everything. Ruxpin is very dedicated, and works hard to earn Jacob’s approval, but Jacob still does not use Ruxpin often.

    I know I'm a bit late, but let me know!
  18. Okay, everyone that I haven't confirmed yet, your bios are still in for consideration. I'll PM the chosen one after choosing.

    @ScoutPug , if you still want to participate, please PM me your bio. Once that happens I can accurately judge who will be #4.
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