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Mystery Dungeon Logs (Potential Spoilers)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Yo. Wondering where people are at in the games, what your teams are named, what Pokemon you got and who you picked for your first partner, how many Pokemon you've befriended, your rank, and anything else notable (most often used Pokemon, acomplishments, etc).

    And yeah, some posts may contain spoilers. Beware.

    Team: Pwnz0rz (RLRL would hate me for it XP)
    Name: Katie (Bulbasaur, L. 31)
    Main Partner: Zippo (Charmander, L. 31)
    Other team members: 13
    Most often used members: Mertron (Magnemite, L. 19), Hellgar (Houndour, L. 14), Elefun (Phanpy, L. 15), Seifer (Absol, L. 22)
    Playtime: 16:35:08
    Rank: Silver Rank, 525 Pts.
    Adventures: 51
    - Beat Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno
    - Just completed my Bulbarific Team Base (Which was tedious, but at least its done)
    - Still waiting to hear from Alakazam's team...

    I'm itching to reach the point where I can FINALLY evolve my Pokemon x.x

    Feel free to post updates on your game status as you go.
  2. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Heh, sounds like a good idea, and LOL, Zippo the Charmander. :p If it wasn't for the fact that Richie is a pointless and annoying character, that'd be cool. ;).

    I hope this topic goes down well actually, as it would serve as a nice pilot for my next big plan for the site.

    Not giving much away, but I'm sure I'll come back later to find a topic in the Staff Room from Katie begging to find out what I'm talking about. :p
  3. Team: Drivy Move
    Name: Drivy Runn (Pikachu)
    Main Partner: Drivy Finn (Squirtle)
    Other team members: 5
    Most often used members: Drivy Flyy (Magnemite)
    Other members: Drivy *female* (Nidoran F), Drivy Plug (Elekid), Drivy Roll (Voltorb), Drivy Fang (Rattata)
    Rank: Bronze
    Adventures: 25
    Current Status: Training to ascend Mt. Thunder
  4. uhh i got a cydaquil on lvl 25 and he hasnt evolved yet and a zigzagoon on 23 and theres a no there

    im a bronze rank but that and im kinda aviod the missions.....

    i have an absol named rage cuz articuno was enraged when i met him

    now to find raquaza is making me angery cuz i get to the 26 floor and then i die

    oh and when u try and find groudon dont fight antbody cuz hes in the next floor
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    LOL... I didn't mean to level up so much, but my levels are quite a bit higher than yours and you're further than me ^^;

    Only my two main characters are high-ish, though. During that break in the game when I could only use them they leveled up a lot, leaving most of my other teammates in the dust.

    Added my Pokemon's levels into my previous post btw.
  6. well most of my caracters are lvl 27 now cuz im doin some missions and now im silver and not bronze.

    well did u find ninetales yet ? any way i think ill do somemore missions to get somemore items

    so yea more later
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Yeah, I finished that bit of the game (which I really enjoyed actually). After that was the base building, and now it's just waiting for my chance to take on Groudon... It's only inevitable that Alakazam's team will get its ass kicked and need my wittle unevolved crew to save the day :p
  8. yup thats how it goes

    then ull have to go up a million floor cloud tower but i cant suggest using any specific pokemon except absol and be prepared cuz theres a lotta pokemon and
    little items bring oran berries rocks and sticks and reviver seeds and at least 2 warp orbs just in case

    make sure u have a pokemon who can give poison cuz trust me ull need that

    and if u find the x-ray glasses it shows u where every enemy is

    and when u get to the lvl with hail try and find the exit asap

    well thats all i got 4 now
  9. Dang, I hate that I can't evolve until I finish the main story. Grargh!

    Team: Evergreen
    Leader: Ryan (Treecko...first try, yeah!)
    Partner: Totodile
    Recruits: Magnemite

    Play time: 2:42:52
    Adventures: 20
    Rank: Bronze (70 pts.)
    Status: Completed Set 1 of Makuhita Dojo challenges, preparing for Sinister Woods


    So I haven't played much yet. Obviously. I plan to add a good 10 hours this weekend, with nothing better to do. ^_^
  10. Okay... Since it seems no good will come from this, I'm going to edit it out. Sorry Lunareon, and sorry to anyone who had the plot spoiled. - Linkachu
  11. Why the crap did you post that?

    At any rate, I'm still training for Mt. Thunder - I tried beating Zapdos, but a team of Squirtle, Pikachu, and Meditite didn't work very well. I did catch a Geodude though, so hopefully, he'll help me.
  12. cuz this forum is for spoilers duh
  13. But that doesn't mean you should post spoilers solely for the sake of spoiling them!
  14. i wish i could understand that and besides i was just saying wat happened anyway that may not be true cuz i havent finnished the raquaza tower yet
  15. My point was that just because spoilers are allowed in this topic does not mean that you should go ahead and spoil something so late in the game without having a good reason. There's a difference between telling where you are in the game and revealing what would seem to be a major plot point with no provocation. And the fact that you don't actually know and didn't say that earlier doesn't help your case any.

    Long story short? Just because you can does not mean you should.
  16. fine w/e

    but anyway i think i just did the longest mission eva i had to go 23 floors and have a worthless pokemon on my team in magma cavern oh god that was long

    EDIT: i beat the game and u do lots of stuff but ill only tell u guys one thing u get to evolve but i wont tell ya how
  17. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Sem now despises you, Lunareon. Sem's eternal cold-heartedness shall fall upon thee...

    *Impales Lunareon to the wall with her own foot.*

  18. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    K. No killing, people. I edited Lunareon's post and apologize again for anyone who read it by accident. Lunareon, keep posting your progress. Since you're done the main plot of the game you shouldn't have much to worry about, but try to avoid key spoilers.

    Anyways... I 'finished' the game last night, too, but do you think it ends there?

    Hells no! :p

    I'm not sure how much longer I'll stick with the game (the plot kept me going), but here's my updated status.

    Current Team: Katie (Venusaur, L. 34), Zippo (Charmeleon, L. 35), Mertron (Magnemite, L. 20)
    Rank: Silver Rank, 785 Pts.
    Adventures: 60
    Playtime: 20:51:26
    Current status: Planning to train some in Makuhita's Dojo and evolve more Pokemon, then it's off to the Stormy Sea!

    I don't think any new Pokemon have joined me since last time. Through out the last two or three dungeons no Pokemon has wanted to join, even if I battled a load of 'em who were potential recruits. It seems that it's harder to win over evolved Pokemon =/

    That final dungeon was a bugger. I more or less gave up my "search the entire area" playing-style and headed straight for the items displayed by the X-Ray Specs or the stairs (whichever came first). The final battle wasn't that bad, but I had a good Link combo for Bulbasaur ^^

    Btw... Xatu is Yoda. Seriously. :p

    Edit: Oii... I just found out how much is left to do after you complete the plot x.O Time to give my rank a serious point boost >=)
  19. Okay, I did a good amount of work today.

    Current Team: Drivy Runn (Pikachu, lv. 24), Drivy Finn (Squirtle, lv. 24), Drivy Yin (Absol, I don't know its level. ^^;)
    Rank: Silver Rank
    Adventures: Around 80
    Current status: In front of the Sacred Mountain of Ice and Snow

    So yeah, after the massive amount of trouble Zapdos gave me, Articuno and Moltres proved almost no challenge at all. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.
  20. ok one suggestion train really hard before u go to the stormy waters place its sucks and its hard i no wats at the end but... i wont spoil it and just to tell u theres 40 floors.

    well i evolved my cydaquil im trying to see if i get 2 sun stones maybe thatll let me make my eevee a espeon and a strange talking statue scares me

    my friends both got and they suck really badly at it

    in other news im checkin out this place called solar cave i guess ill train there cuz its not to hard there

    well i think thats all for now
  21. Team: Evergreen
    Leader: Ryan (Treecko)
    Partner: Totodile
    Recruits: Absol, Magnemite, Murkrow, Paras, Teddiursa, Zigzagoon

    Play time: 11:59:59
    Adventures: 63
    Rank: Silver (565 pts.)
    Status: Seeking final peeled Chestnut for Mankey
  22. oh theyre making ur new team base itll look cool i garuntee that

    in other news i got another dungeon to explore :p and i found kyogre but i wont tell how :p
  23. um... ,Eevee, I think Level 11. my parter is pikachu.....trying to beat the part where you save the Jumpluff. And... I GOT THE GUIDE AT TARGET!!!!!!!!! Oh, did anybody notice your parter levels up faster then you?
  24. yea but i did training with out my partner so im like 5 levels ahead. and besides eevee levels up slow
  25. My Seviper is on level 30. I love my Seviper, I have a Charmander on level 37 he is my leader, and my totodile is my main partner. Those 3 are the Team Viper Rescue team! I have alot more partners but I only use those 3. I am a Gold rank with i dont know how many rescue points because I dont know where to go to find out.
  26. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Whee, finally got around to posting

    Team: MySpazz (=])
    Name: Yoshi (Pikachu, lvl 25)
    Main Partner: Charlotte (Charmander, lvl24)
    Other team members: 15
    Most often used members: Jonny (Nidoran (M), Lvl 15), Will (Shroomish, Lvl 11), Elliot (Absol, lvl 21), Dom (Aron, lvl 8 or so)
    Playtime: 8:10:59
    Rank: Bronze Rank, 420 points
    Adventures: 55
    - Beat Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno
    - About to go do Punish Bad Mankey

    Man, I think I leveled a bit too much when it was just Yoshi and Charlotte o.O
  27. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    LOL. That sounds like me. At least it'll pay off in the long run :)

    *Bulba tackles Pika-Elly*

    I need to pick MD back up someday and actually finish off the extras... It's hard without the motivation of the plot, though. Even though being able to change your leader is great, the game's lost a bit of its magic. Or maybe that's just me. Probably ;p
  28. Team: Hero's
    Leader: Rinok (Charmander) Lv19
    Partner: Pikachu Lv20
    Recruits: I can't remember all of them but I know I have Magnemite, Plusle, Electrike, Poochyena, Voltorb, Oddish, Both Nidoran, and Rattata, I have six others
    Play time: 21:45:05
    Adventures: 63
    Rank: Silver (525 pts.)
    Location: Mt. Blaze
  29. OK, new info.

    Team: I like pie (I know, it's crazy)
    Leader:Maisy (Eevee) Level 39
    Parter: Max (Pikachu) Level 37 (HA! I beat you!)
    Commonly used Recuits: Kevin (Magenmite) Level 19, Frost (Absol) Level 22, Justin (Spoink) Level 28, James (Tee-Hee, it's a Chimeco) Level 25

    Trying to Rescure Latias and get her and Latios on my team.
  30. Team: Hero's
    Leader: Rinok (Charmander) Lv34
    Partner: Pikachu Lv33
    Recruits:Rattata Lv3,Spearow Lv5,Nidoran(female) Lv4,Nidoran(Male) Lv12,Magnemite Lv8,Voltorb Lv4,Tangela Lv14,Scyther Lv13,Houndour Lv18,Phanpy Lv14,Smeargle Lv5,Tyrogue Lv8,Elekid Lv7,Poochyena Lv13,Seedot Lv16,Electrike Lv13,Plusle Lv5,Roselia Lv17,Absol Lv29
    Play time: 34:43:34
    Adventures: 119
    Rank: Gold (1805 pts.)
    Location: Hero's Team Base

    Adventure Log
    Reached the Hill of the Ancients
    Took to the road as fugitives
    Prevented the meteor's collision
    The rescue team base was completed
    Rescued Smeargle
    19 Pokemon joined the team
    748 floors were explored
  31. Is it okay if I resurrect this topic, even though everyone will hate me, since I got the game today? Q_Q

    Team: Sekai (I decided to go with a Narue no Sekai theme ^_^)
    Name: Narue (Torchic, L. 16) (cuz humans are aliens?)
    Main Partner: Kazuto (Totodile, L. 17) (haha, my darling "boyfriend")
    Other team members: 5
    Other team members (detail): Maruo (Magnemite, L. 13), Kyoko (Elekid, L. 6), Haruna (Yanma, L. 12), Yagi (Gligar, L. 12)
    Playtime: 5:20:59
    Rank: Bronze Rank, 155 Pts.
    Adventures: 25
    - Rescued Jumpluff's friend, trained/stalled to rescue Shiftry
    - Beat Zapdos on Mt. Thunder, saved Shiftry
    Adventure log:
    - 17 moves learned
    - 5 Pokemon joined the team
    - 130 floors explored

    I love this game! It may not be Ranger, but it seems longer...I think? Anyways, I decided to go with the first Pokemon I got on the personality questionnaire, and I got Torchic. @_@ I wanted Skitty...so I could be Team Namako/Sea Slugs (...Namako Chiimu!), name my Skitty "Ayumu" (a la the RP going on here, which was my first Mystery Dungeon "game"), name my partner "Osaka," and have a mainly Azumanga Daioh theme before deviating into nicknames from other anime. But then I got Torchic, the sassy one, and thought Narue (my original plan) would be better. And I'm in love with Totodile now, so that's mah partner! ^_^

    Oh...and...R.I.P., Hajime the Farfetch'd, my first true recruit who was lost when I died in the Sinister Woods! GOMENNASAI! T_T

    And I apologize for this seance with an old thread. Sigh...this is what I get for being late to get games...
  32. my favorite partner was always absol, i started off with an eevee, which sucked because i can't find the stones to evolve it.

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