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DPPt/HGSS My team needs help

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Abnaki_Knight, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Okay, first thing first. My pokemon are the same that are on my Rp charcter (beside the Umbreon being a shiny). So if you what to see the moves or any thing else it's are on page 15 of the Bio Post. But the moves are here for your convence.

    Umbreon: Mixed Wall
    Shadow ball
    faint Attack
    Counfuse ray
    50, 4, 200, 4, 200, 52

    Siczor: Physcail Sweeper
    Night Slash (might change to metal claw for STAB boost)
    Sword Dance
    48, 252, 28, 0, 28, 154

    Dragonite: ??
    Fire punch
    Outrage (Will hold presim berry for this move)
    Thunder wave
    52, 152, 52, 152, 50, 52

    Flygon: ??
    Dragon claw
    Giga Drain
    Rock slide
    52, 152, 52, 152, 50, 52

    Milotic: Specail Swepper
    Water pulse
    Ice beam
    48, 0, 28, 252, 28, 154

    Lucario: Wall Maybe
    Water pulse
    Aura Shpere
    76, 56, 152, 52, 152, 24

    Now the EV aren't set yet because they aren't at level 50 (yes Dragonite is Dragonair right now) but I think these would work (EVs are in blue under the pokemon they go to. In this order, HP, Att., Def., Sp. Att., Sp. Def., Spe.)
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Hold items and Natures are necessary here too.

    Overall, your movesets are not brilliant. For the most part, they seem like little more than random moves slapped together in an attempt at making something that might work, but probably won't. Umbreon for instance has awful offensive stats, so Shadow Ball and Faint Attack are not going to be particularly threatening to anyone besides possibly Alakazam. Scizor is alright but not great since you're running two attacks of the same type, plus U-Turn with Swords Dance is somewhat pointless and your set gets walled by Steel-types.

    Three simple guidelines you need to take into account:

    - Make sure your movesets are tailored to suit your stats. Your Umbreon, as stated, does not have a moveset that supports his stats in any way whatsoever, since he has abysmal offenses and amazing defenses. Besides Payback, Umbreon using any offensive move as his main means of dealing damage is a joke. Toxic will almost always out-damage everything Umbreon can do.

    - Do NOT use two attacks of the same type on your movesets unless you have a very, very good reason to do so. Right now, you don't, and it's a recurring problem on several of your sets.

    - Finally, make sure your sets actually have some sort of purpose or synergy with themselves. Lucario right now is just two random attacks slapped with Endure/Reversal - not particularly threatening to (in your case) anything named Gyarados or Salamence who both wall your set completely. Also, Flygon not getting Earthquake is a travesty, Dragonite's set just seems like a mess of random moves again and I've already gone over Scizor. Milotic is probably the only Pokemon in your whole team that has a good moveset.

    As for your EVs, you need to write them out much more clearly than that, since for the most part they just seem like a line of random numbers to anyone who doesn't know better (I'm assuming the 200 EVs for Umbreon are going into both defenses.) Also, your EVs seem like an uncoordinated mess for the most part. I'm sure others will be able to assist you in that area, but for now you really need to work on making your movesets better.
  3. First-
    Umbreon-Naive+ Quick temper(Att.), Holds Black sunglasses
    Siczor-Hasty+ Capable of taking hits(Def.), Holds Qiuck claw
    Dragonite-Serious+ Proud of its power(Att.), Holds Perism Berry (the one that cures counfusion once)
    Flygon-Gentle+ Often loss in thought(ether Sp. Att. or Sp. Def.), Holds Big Root
    Milotic-Serious+ Often dozes off(ether Sp. Att. or Sp. Def.), Holds Wise Glasses
    Lucario-Relaxed+ Capable of taking hits(Def.), Holds Foucs band (not sash)

    Second-Thanks for the moveset for Umbreon, I was clueless with these. U-turn is a run away idea going up againts high defence types and fire types to swicth to one with the moves to take them out. Lucario Aura Shpere there so I don't turst The endure/revesal combo to much. Besides that, the random moves are there to counter most of the weekness to the pokemon's types (e.g. Fire punch to counter ice types).

    Third- I used the Platium guide book for help first. That was proably my biggest mistake. As for the EVs, the shorten version is at the bottom. And for the randomness of them is so that some parts aren't left out. You don't want a level 100 Siczor to be easly taken out by someone 10 levels lower than it.

    Last- I fail and I know it.
  4. I'm confused by how you have written it, are these the EVs as they stand or are these the EVs you intend to raise? Either way, it's a bad thing. If they are the EVs already set (and if so I'm astonished they all have 510EVs and aren't even Lvl50) then you really need berries. If they are what you intend, some tweaking would help.

    All the 20's and 40's would be better served by putting them into the 200's, basically maxing out a Pokemon's good points instead of trying to reinforce its bad points (which usually doesn't help). For instance, take a Pokemon with base speed 40 and base attack 100. Instead of putting even EVs into both, max attack as their speed is unlikely to become fast still.
  5. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'd say the Platinum guide fails more than you do, in that case...

    ...moving on, if you don't like the Endure/Reversal combo, I'd say drop it completely. For it to work with any real degree of effectiveness, your whole set needs to be built around it, and from what you've said here, that doesn't seem to be your intent with it. If you're not going to lean entirely with Endure/Reversal, don't use it at all - it's all or nothing really.

    Moving on, your Natures and Hold Items are poor overall. Umbreon begs for Leftovers and either an Impish or Careful Nature, Scizor wants Adamant mostly - if you have Platinum or know someone who has it, definitely get Bullet Punch. Dragonite either wants Lonely or Adamant depending on the moves, and Dragon Dance is a must-have for the beast if you're leaning towards physical (which you seem to be.) Flygon again really needs an Adamant/Lonely Nature to support physical attacks. Milotic usually tend to go Calm, but Bold is an option if you want to focus on Marvel Scale. Finally, Lucario's Nature depends on the set, which you'd need to tell me exactly what you want Lucario to do in your team.

    As for items, Umbreon wants Leftovers as I said, Scizor could do with either Muscle Band or Occa Berry - some give it Life Orb, although I think Scizor's good defenses should be taken full advantage of as well as its offense, and Life Orb ruins that somewhat. Dragonite's Persim Berry is fine, although Yache Berry is viable as well. Flygon usually wield Life Orbs or Choice Bands, so take your pick really. Milotic could get away with Shell Bell if Umbreon carries the Leftovers, and Lucario's item depends mostly on the sort of set you want.

    Don't be too surprised - from Lv.1, when EV Training I'm usually well under Lv.30 once all 510 EVs are in place. I'd actually struggle to get OVER Lv.50 when EV training as opposed to trying to stay under it.
  6. Let me rephrase. I'm astonished at it because I get the feeling that this is an in-game team first and foremost. Of course I am just assuming otherwise, yes KoL you are right, my guys are usually Level20 or therebouts when I'm done with them.

  7. Okay so from your saying is...... Start the hole thing over to get the nature and EV stats right... right? If so, it's going to be a long summer. :'(

    Plus when I get acess to Wi-Fi, this team is for battling other trainers. I know this team is going to die fast but I like these guys. This is why this post is call My team needs help.

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