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DPPt/HGSS My team for a Wifi RP

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Red Silvers, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. So heres a team I will eventually have in a RP.

    Now, its a little unusual. the battles follow D/P rules (such as the special/physical split) but we can only use moves from 3rd gen or before.



    Medicham/F @ Choice Scarf



    Shedinja OR Beautifly/F

    Any advice for movesets would be helpful.

    Hold item advise is welcome as well.
  2. Hmm, this is a new one. I've never seen someone do this kind of topic, I mean. And an Aggron? Veryyy good...

    Aggron @_____
    Rock Head
    1) Double-Edge
    2) Iron Tail
    3) Aerial Ace
    4) Dragon Claw

    Aggron is a powerhouse, but Fight and Ground moves can be a OHKO if used correctly. So, to counter Fighters, Aerial Ace is in there. Dragon Claw for pesky Dragon-Types. Iron Tail for STAB, and Double Edge to take advantage of Rock Head.

    AL has Tried
    Hope I was of some assistance!
  3. i absolutely adore ninjask...

    Ninjask @ Muscle Band/Sky Plate
    Swords Dance
    Aerial Ace
    Facade/Baton Pass/Faint Attack
    EV train mainly in Attack but with a little Speed training

    Medicham @ Choice Scarf
    Fire Punch
    Ice Punch
    Hi Jump Kick/Psychic
    just kill KO a few Unknowns for EVs in Attack(no matter what) /Sp. Attack(if you choose Psychic)

    Crobat @ Big Root
    Steel Wing
    Giga Drain
    Sludge Bomb
    Shadow Ball
    EV train in Sp. Attack and Speed

    Azumarril @ Splash Plate/Icicle Plate
    Double Edge/Perish Song
    Hydro Pump
    Ice Beam
    EV train in Sp. Attack and HP
  4. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
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    Explain to me how your roleplaying rules work in more detail? When you say "we can only use moves from 3rd gen or before", does that mean you can only use moves that already existed in the game, or that you can only use moves that already existed in that Pokemon's moveset? I know that quite a few Pokemon have gained new "old" moves! (Moves that already existed but which they couldn't previously use.)

    Also, does your RP permit the use of new items?

    I take it your RP isn't like the anime, and you are restricted to four moves per Pokemon? :p (Would be ever so easy otherwise - put every useful move on!)

    Depending on the rules, Beautifly could use:
    1. Gust - FLYING, special
    2. Silver Wind - BUG, special
    3. Giga Drain - GRASS, special
    4. Psychic - PSYCHIC / Shadow Ball - GHOST / Morning Sun

    Hold item: Big Root or Sky Plate.

    Gust has a low basic power - only 40. But this goes up to 60 with STAB, making it as powerful as Giga Drain. And used with the Sky Plate, it's boosted to 72, which is reasonably acceptable.

    Silver Wind's a lovely move that can potentially boost all stats. It has a 10% chance of boosting each stat each time it's used. I like it a lot.

    Giga Drain sucks HP out of your opponent and restores half of them to you. It could be used in combination with the Big Root for more power.

    Psychic & Shadow Ball fill in possible gaps in your team. Morning Sun restores HP. Doesn't work so well if the weather is bad, but I don't like to put Sunny Day on Grass or Bug-type Pokemon.

    Shedinja is rather ugh - its 1 HP make it so difficult to use, as well as the fact that Ghost-type moves are Super Effective against it!
    1. Confuse Ray / Swagger
    2. Shadow Ball - GHOST / Protect
    3. Grudge
    4. Aerial Ace - FLYING / Dig - GROUND / Toxic ??

    I don't usually like to use Swagger because of the risk to your own Pokemon if the foe manages to overcome its confusion and hit you. But Shedinja is probably the one Pokemon that can use it effectively, because it only has 1 HP in any case - if it's going to get KOed by an attack, it'll get KOed! So in that case it seems worth making the foe confused AND more powerful, so it's more likely to do itself serious damage.

    Dunno if it's worth putting Shadow Ball on Shedinja - it's pretty slow (base speed stat 40), and it'll be KOed by any Ghost type that it faces. Protect is annoying and will make Shedinja last longer. Also, if you're playing with only 3rd Gen moves, there isn't anything that can break Protect.

    Grudge is nasty - if Shedinja faints, the opponent loses all PP for the move that KOed Shedinja. Again, an effective combination with its 1 HP.

    I guess Shedinja needs some kind of attack rather than just sitting there being annoying. Aerial Ace never misses - and will also KO another Shedinja if you end up in a Shedinja on Shedinja battle ;)! Dig gets Shedinja out of the way for a turn, possibly away from a Fire-type - and unlike most other pkmn, Shedinja doesn't have to fear someone using Earthquake or Magnitude while it's in the ground for double damage because it's not affected by Ground-type moves.

    I really Do Not Get why Shedinja is able to learn Sandstorm. That's a Rock-type move & Super effective against Bug-types. Shedinja suicide? Isn't it already dead?
  5. We're limited to moves that existed in 3rd gen, even if the pokemon only learns them in 4th gen.

    The reasoning is that this a Hoenn RP that is slowly getting more and more 4th gen in preperation for a transistion to Sinnoh.
  6. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
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    I've never heard of this type of RPing before, sounds neat. I don't know if you're going to make this team or already have the Pokemon. Either way, I'll assign Natures.

    Rock Head
    Quick Claw?
    -Metal Claw/Iron Tail/Brick Break
    -Double Edge/Rock Slide
    -Aerial Ace/Dragon Claw/Earthquake
    -Aerial Ace/Dragon Claw/Earthquake

    Metal Claw or Iron Tail is for STAB, but I added Brick Break in there as an option since Fighting covers everything Steel does and more. Your choice though. Between Tail and Claw, I'd go Claw. Accuracy > Power in my opinion.
    Rock Slide for STAB. Double Edge to take advantage of Rock Head.
    Last two are up to you. I wouldn't go Aerial Ace, simply because if you're going to get hit by a Fighting-type move, it'll likely KO you anyway before you even get a chance to hit back. :/ I don't see the point. But it does have a crap-load of Defense so, meh. Dragon Claw and Earthqauke are good options too, especially if your team lacks either type.

    Inner Focus
    Black Sludge/Iron Plate
    -Poison Fang
    -Air Cutter/Aerial Ace/Wing Attack
    -Confuse Ray
    -Steel Wing

    Poison Fang for STAB.
    Same for the Flying-type moves. Air Cutter is weakest with power 55, but it has a high critical-hit ratio. Wing Attack is there in case you can't get a hold of another Aerial Ace TM in case you used it on Aggron.
    Confuse Ray. Pwnz. Soulz. Use it. Abuse it. Spam it.
    Steel Wing for Rock-types.
    Use this set instead of the one above. (Sorry, Mr. Rhino.) But the above set has three SPECIAL moves, which Crobat has limited success in. (Unless you don't mind/don't care, then disregard this.) You'll do fine with this set as long as you keep away from ghosties and psychics.

    WHY does this 'Cham have Choice Scarf? It seems so illogical to me, am I missing something?

    Neutral natue (Hardy, Docile, Serious, Bashful, Quirky.)
    Pure Power
    -Brick Break/High Jump Kick
    -Thunder Punch
    -Shadow Ball

    STAB, I prefer Brick Break over High Jump Kick, but that's your choice, either would work nicely.
    Psychic for STAB
    Thunder Punch for Flying-types
    Shadow Ball for Ghosts.
    I didn't see the use of Ice Punch considering you have Azumarril. As for Fire Punch, if you'd really like it and aren't too afraid of Ghosts, then replace Shadow Ball with it.

    For the above Ninjask set, you could also stick Double Team somewhere in there for something really annoying. xP
  7. The reason for the Choice Scarf is that it is one of the few hold items I have availbile. We have to 'find' the items in the RP to use them.

    I do have a nice horde of berries.

    Sadly, the RP is a little delayed lately, but I apprieciate all the help.

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