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Mime Jr. Obsessed person/ Convo from Serebii.net Wifi chat

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Jeydis, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. Ok here is a convo I saved from the Serebii Wifi chat just now... I thought it was too funny to not share this so here goes... (Context was that this person had contacted me for the third time that night about trading her baby pokemon...after I told him not too.) Enjoy!

    Oh man I hope he doesnt come to pokecharms.... Im gonna get choked with Mime Jr. dolls down my throat or something.
  2. That was absolutely hilarious!

    Ninety-One Mime Jr. (the 89 normal ones plus the two shinies)?!? Twelve Mr. Mime a week?!? Forty-five eggs an hour?!? And why on earth did he count every step? I hope he just used the pedometer. But then again this guy is so obsessed he probably would manually count every step. And what is there to research exactly?

    BTW: Mr. Mime does need an Odd Incense to breed Mime Jr. Or else Mr. Mime will just produce another Mr. Mime.
  3. Doctor Oak

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    We have a chat log thread...
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