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Private/Closed MHA: Heroes Forever (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by ToshiThenAgain, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. Entrance Exams: Prologue

    The sky was filled with clouds placed about here and there, moving at a moderate pace. With the clouds came a gentle breeze against the walls of the towns and cities of Japan. It's now only just a week before the entrance exams, time is coming up short in a race against the clock. Along the steep streets of a little neighborhood presents a young man, Toshi Kora. Sweat runs down his face as he dashes towards the bottom of the slope of his neighborhood. This crater-like shape in the ground holds a peaceful plaza with a fountain in the center of it.

    He reaches the fountain and tags it, now raising his arm to look at his watch. "Ten mile run over the course of just over an hour, that's around six miles per hour, phew!" He slopes over in exhaustion over how tired he was and from the soreness in his legs. "Too bad I can't use my quirk around town or else I'd have gotten here way sooner. But hey, it's a new personal record in my book." He slowly recovers as he looks around the rather quiet plaza with nobody else around. "I wonder how hard everyone else may be training?" He looked into the sky to see nothing but a beating sun and those few clouds amongst many others.​
  2. Though most of the neighborhood was quiet, the early morning mist not quite evaporated as the dim sun just began to peek over the building tops, one particular yard was as alive as ever. "I thought you were a baseball player, not a ballerina! Throw it like you mean it!" Mike yelled across the yard as a bead hung off of his nose. The target of Micheal's teasing was his 10 year old brother, Benjiro, who thought of himself very highly as a baseball player despite the fact he had yet to uncover his quirk. In Ben's hands was a stack of miscellaneous objects, while scattered around the yard was the remains of other objects. Some of the devices around the boy's feet were split cleanly in half, others split only partially, and some not split at all. Mike wasn't keeping track of his successes and fails he just wanted more, he needed Ben to throw more and throw harder or else he wasn't going to get better. The younger male quickly pitched a wooden log at Micheal, who made contact with the piece and tore it in two as it passed him. Without warning, a thin metal sheet made its way in Micheal's direction, the boy grinned and cleaning split that piece as well. Panting, Mike gave his brother a challenging glare, to which Ben responded by chucking a a brick towards Micheal. Mike rolled his eyes as he made contact, but this time the brick did not tear- he misjudged the strength needed for the large object- instead he barely cracked it before the brick slammed right against the center of his face and he fell backwards. Micheal took a moment of groaning in pain before jumping up and pointing a finger towards his brother "You did that on purpose, you jerk!" Mike accused to which he received no more than a triumphant expression from which Benjiro stuck out his tongue and trotted inside. Mike huffed before flopping onto his back and rubbing the bridge of his sore nose, that actually hurt a lot.

    Alyssa closed her eyes as she sat on the edge of her bed in the darkness of her room. Although it was morning, her curtains were drawn and lights off. The girl could feel the darkness around her, empowering her and whispering in her ear. The girl clenched her fists and her expression tightened before slowly she felt the darkness bend, her body slowly left the bed, levitating in the same sitting position- she felt calm and safe. Without warning, the girl's bedroom door shot open and she let out a girlish yelp. "Go away!" Alyssa yelled and a a large shadowy hand slammed the door back shut. She was sure that it was one of her parents 'checking in on her', but it didn't stop her heart from racing and she suddenly found herself unable to concentrate. With a huff Alyssa opened her curtains and looked behind her at the small shadow her body made, it wiggled around when she commanded it to before taking its original shape. What if there were no shadows at the entrance exam? She'd be screwed, no way she could even survive it without her quirk. With a long sigh, Alyssa pulled her hair back into a messy bun at her neck and opened her door, sure enough her father was still standing there with a stupid grin on. The man began to speak before swiftly being interrupted as Alyssa raised a hand and walked away, she already knew- breakfast was ready. Both of her parents are pro heroes, so it was only natural for them to push her into applying to U.A. but the problem was that Alyssa wasn't like her parents. She didn't like people or showing off, she hated conflict and loud noises and anything dangerous. How was she supposed to live up to their expectations?
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  3. As the sun rose across the horizon, Kaito simply tossed and turned in his bed, he was never a morning person and enjoyed sleeping in, given how he didn't have many plans, this was the perfect opportunity to get his beauty sleep. That was until a four legged creature walked into his room and jumped on to his bed, the creature nuzzled against Kaito which caused him to give in and wake up only to see a little white cat with a bright red bow around it's neck, a recent addition to the family that his mother always wanted to get. "Good morning Baihu..." Kaito said in mild annoyance as he rubbed his eyes and stretched out in to a yawn. He reluctantly got out of bed and went to open his curtains only to be met with a large amount of sunlight that he quickly shielded his eyes from.

    He picked up the kitten and walked downstairs to the kitchen to see his mother already prepare breakfast. "Morning mom." Kaito said quietly, his mother looked back at her son with a smile. "Good morning, I hope you enjoyed your lay in." She replied gleefully as she flipped a pancake. "While it lasted." Kaito replied sarcastically as he set the cat down while he sat at the table just in tome for his mother to put some pancakes on the table which Kaito immediately snacked on.

    "So, I'm guessing dad and big bro are at work?" Kaito asked to which his mother replied with a simple nod. "And I still haven't heard anything from U.A. yet." She said. "But that doesn't mean you should lose hope, sweetie." She added which made Kaito smile. "Aww, are you trying to butter me up?" Kaito joked which caused the pair to snicker. "Come on honey, I'm not bacon fun of you." The pair laughed as their ridiculous breakfast puns went of for several minutes.

    After breakfast was done, Kaito returned upstairs to his room so he could get dressed only to be greeted by his cat once more. "Aww, you always so furr-iendly ever since we got you." Kaito joked as he knelt down to pet his kitten who responded with a purr while he looked at one of his many hero posters. "I need this chance to become a hero..." He thought to himself as his face turned serious, because if he didn't earn his chance to become a hero... what then?
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  4. A clutter of noise could be heard from the dojo as Akari Dashio knocked a sword out of her opponent's hand. She smiled before bowing to them. Akari skipped out of the room and exited the dojo. She walked down the street, the cold, crisp morning air tingling on her skin. She looked up at U.A, placed upon that high hill. She knew she had to train harder to get in. She knew if she did her parents and friends would be proud of her, and they were the ones she needed to protect most, as well as civilians in danger. She looked down and realized that she was still holding the sword from when she was training, She threw it at the floor, with a bit of force behind it. The object had disappeared in a small burst of smoke. She glanced at the people around her. She could tell they thought that she was too 'optimistic', but that just means they were too 'pessimistic' She carried on her walk, and kept touching random things, a dark blue light emitting from them, and duplicating them, placing them in random places to cause confusion. She giggled at a person walking into a recently placed lamppost, and another tripping over a root of a newly grow tree. Dashio hung upside down on that tree, looking at the unfortunate victims of her silly little tricks. She then realised she was hanging from the tree that the man recently damaged. The tree disappeared, and Dashio fell from a high branch. She put her hands towards the floor and pushed of the grass, launching herself forward in a frontflip. "Perfect timing, if I do say so myself." She muttered, brushing down her clothes. She then felt a tingling sensation all over her body, a backlash of using her quirk, before being pushed over by the force of two paws. Dashio turned around to see her Border Collie, Aki, standing over her, licking her face. "Hey, stop it!" Dashio said to the dog. "What are you doing here anyway? Did you escape from the doggy door again?" She spoke camly. Aki did that 'I didn't!' head tilt at her and she knew he was lying. "Hey, You've been a bad boy!"She stated, a bit of seriousness in her tone. Aki lay down, his way of asking for forgiveness. " You could of gotten hurt! But, I can't stay mad at you for long, you're just too cute! Just promise you won't do it again!" Aki got up and licked the girl. "Now come on, lets go." Akari started walking, Aki trotting next to her. They had made it to a nearby field, and a small area of long grass remained. She ripped a piece of grass, testing the strength of it, before touching another piece, still in contact with the ground. A blue glow surrounded her fingers, and she moved them of the blade of grass and onto the ground. Pieces of grass started popping up from the ground around her, and eventually covered a wide area. She made sure that every blade of grass had the same strength, and with how many she made, most of her energy was drained. She lay down on her back, the morning dew slightly damping her clothes, and making her hair glisten in the sunlight. Aki came and sat next to her, making her feel less lonely. Daisho looked at the sunrise. She felt calm and collected watching it. She closed her eyes, not awake yet not asleep, and relaxed, aiming to get her energy back after restoring the now-green field.
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  5. Toshi stood up and looked at the steep street glowing from the rays from the sunrise. "I can probably do another run before heading back for some breakfast." He jogged away from the fountain and up the street and the further he got away from the fountain the fewer people he saw around. He eventually saw the large buildings of UA in the distance just up on the hill. Normally he would dodge the upcoming neighborhood due to its medium crime rate in the area and would instead head up towards UA on the safer side. As he turned the corner, he suddenly crashed against a figure as he fell to the ground. The unknown figure hardly moved but looked down at Toshi and stretched out a hand. "I'm sorry kiddo, I didn't mean to knock you down. Need some help?" Looking up, Toshi noticed that it was just a man in a black suit and hat making him hard to see.

    He accepted the hand and stood up. "Thank you, sir." He tried to let go, but the man still hung onto his hand, getting a tighter grip. The man spoke to him with the same kind tone, but something was off. "You've very polite, are you planning on enrolling at UA? You look like a strong young man." Toshi calmed himself realizing it was just another civilian of the area coming home from work. "Yes sir, I'll become a great hero and help out whoever is in need of my help. I wouldn't want shady figures causing trouble around a neighborhood if you get what I'm saying-" Toshi instantly stopped himself from talking as he realized he was talking about that man. The man looked down at him but his tone instantly changed as his grip tripled in strength. "I'm sorry you feel that way... but I'm sure I can change your mind about that." Toshi suddenly screamed as the grip felt unbearable to the touch. "NO! STOP!" Toshi felt light headed soon after he yelled as he stumbled around. His head fogged up and he felt like he was about to blackout.
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  6. Mike was crawling around his yard and merging back together everything he had split, he could feel the swelling around his still swore nose and muttered something about how Ben was lucky that their mom was home. After finally putting all of the scraps back together, Mike huffed- ti was tiring. He usually didn't train this much all at once- but the entrance exam was coming soon and he had to put on a show if he was going to be accepted. "Alright- let's go for some exercise." the boy grinned to himself knowing that he needed to recharge his quirk anyways. As Micheal closed the gate to his backyard he heard a scream- it sounded like it it was only a few streets away but that definitely wasn't a couple few kids playing around. Seconds later the words 'STOP' sounded through the buildings, at that point Micheal took of sprinting in the direction of the scream. "Please me nothing, please be nothing." Mike muttered as he ran, but coming up on the scene Mike saw exactly what he prayed he wouldn't have come across. Micheal felt his body start to tremble, the kid looked to be about his age he must've been terrified. "Hey! Stop or-or I'll call the police!" Mike yelled at the man in black, it wasn't exactly an effective threat but it was the best he could come up with.

    Alyssa ate her breakfast swiftly before excusing herself and leaving the table. Her family wasn't like her. They didn't understand. Of course she knew that they loved her, but it was painful to know that she could never be what they wanted her to be. "I'm going for a walk." the girl called out as she slipped a large black hoodie over her body and closed the door behind her, her quirk was easy to practice outside. It wasn't big or flashy unless she wanted it to be and there were always shadows and stuff from the different trees and buildings. As she walked, Alyssa dipped her foot in the shadows and watched it disappear. Eventually she sat down under a tree at a park, she watched with a soft smile as she bent the shadows into different shapes like animals and airplanes.
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  7. Akari was feeling better after a bit of relaxation. She had regained most of her strength after the long task of training her quirk. She had started to get up when Aki had picked up a loud yell. He started barking at Akari, and ran towards the shout.

    "Hey, wait up! Where are you going?"Dashio asked as she chased after the dog. She had stopped once the dog had arrived at where the scream came from. She could see a shady figure doing something to a boy that looked around her age. She could see another boy too, still around the same age, threatening to call the police. "Seems sketchy. Think we should help?" Aki barked in agreement.

    "Hey guys! She said strolling up to them. "This seems fun, mind if I join?" She approached the dark figure, pretending she too was a villain. Aki approached the boy in need, sniffing at him. Akari put her hands behind her back, the blue glow surrounding her fingertips, getting ready to use her quirk, putting strength into her hands. She approached closer to the man. "I'm sorry, but this was all in peer defence!" She shouted, making two duplicates of herself. She spread them out, and they all attempted to throw a punch at the shifty man, trying to help the boy. After all, if he was holding the boy with one hand, that meant he had only one hand to attack with, and there were three of her. That should keep him busy.
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  8. The man instantly noticed the girl approaching them and listened to her, not losing focus for a second. Toshi went limp at around the time the dog started sniffing. He had not believed the intentions of the girl and was more alert than before. When she began her assault, he noted the two that had come from the body of the girl and quickly threw Toshi at the girl. Toshi collided against the girl and upon impact woke back up. His freed arms now targeted the two duplicates. He grabbed them both by their punching fists just in time and hold them down to the ground. They seemed softer in a way compared to the average human body, but he continued to hold them down and looked up at the girl. "Clever, but you don't know what you're up against." He smiled. He turned his head towards the boy who said he would call the police and talked directly to him. "Call the police if you want, but if you do then none of these kids will make it out without a scratch or more."
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  9. (Rip Alyssa, but she's going away for a little bit until I have something for her to do)

    Mike caught the lump in his throat and the stillness of his breath as another girl entered the scene. She couldn't have been any older than him either- how was she so brave? The boy's mind raced, he had to do something. If he wanted to be a hero he couldn't just stand around. But what was he supposed to do, this guy was obviously stronger than him. The man was outnumbered, though he defeated the two clones at once with ease, it seemed. And the criminal managed to pin down the clones he hadn't destroyed them, maybe they were actually rather sturdy. "Hey are those thing living?" Micheal asked before quickly dropping his voice so the villain couldn't hear, it was a weird question all things considered. He didn't give the girl a chance to respond before explaining, "My quirk can stick things together. If you let me, I can mend together the hands of your clones to make what would essentially be a net out of them. If it works we might be able to at least temporarily disable his movement." He stated near a whisper. Did Mike have a part 2 to his plan? No. He didn't even know if this would work, the boy was who previously captive was free now- maybe his quirk was useful.
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  10. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Keiji has to practice for this upcoming exam, and after practically being forced by his brother he made his way down to the local park, you can find a few animals their and a lot of people tend to bring their dogs to the park, so his plan was to try observe them and try and imitate them.

    As he eventually made it to the park he looked around to see what he could find. Surprisingly there wasn’t as much as usual, quite a few people with their dogs but he already had a lot of “dog like” abilities, so he then took another look around for what else he could see, and there really was not much that interested him. Other than something that wasn’t an animal. In the distance he noticed a girl, who seemed to have some sort of shadow related quirk, Keiji was intrigued by this and decided to run over there to observe it even more.

    He then ran right over to the girl with a smirk on his face. “Heyyy, that’s a pretty cool quirk you got there.” He said as he stood next to to her.
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  11. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    The early morning breeze could be felt from the city roof tops, puting a soft smile on Ashi Hiyaku's face. It was perfect training weather for him. The young soon to be hero glance around his surroundings, trying to pick out a path to travel.

    He could see the UA buildings off in the distance and felt a small smirk grow on his face. "Alright, if I jump from here to the bank building, then to the law offices, and than reach the shopping distract than I'll be increasing my height with each jump and eventually reach UA. Sounds like a plan to me." Hopping in place for a bit, Ashi, knelt down, crouching to charge up. He focused on his positioning, making sure that he'd leap on his intended path.

    After about 15 seconds, Ashi suddenly launched into the sky, letting out an excited whoop as he did. He quickly shut his mouth however, remembering that one time he swallowed a fly by mistake. Sliding to a stop on the next building, he only crouched for a few seconds, relying on the momentum from the last leap to keep him going.

    Just as he was about to reach the bank building to jump off, he noticed something in the corner of his eyes. Some shady looking man was approaching kids that looked to be around the same age as him. He wanted to check this out of course, but being in mid jump, he couldn't adjust his tracjectory in time. This small mishap caused him to get lauched into the cold water of the local park's lake.

    Ashi rose to the surface, thankful the water helped make the crash not hurt quite as hard. "Damn it...I gotta be careful. If someone saw me using my quirk I'd be screwed." He muttered under his breath, quickly climbing out of the water. He wanted to see what that commotion was but didn't wanna risk getting caught leaping there. "I'm sure a pro hero or the police will handle it..."
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  12. Fresh air, sizzling bacon, and sun shining on Saki's face, this could only mean one thing, it's morning, but Saki hated the morning, she got up from her bed though and looked out of her window, from a distance, she could see a person, hopping from one building to another, "Lucky", Saki mumbled, unbeknownst to her, there was a villain. She dressed up her usual clothes, and went down to the scene of her mother preparing her breakfast, Saki knew her dad went to work early, and didn't question it. As she ate, her mother asked her the same questions as yesterday, "So, your going to UA soon, you must be pretty excited" Her mother asked with a smile, while sitting down across Saki, "Yeah, real excited" Saki sarcastically said, while clapping slowly, her mother's smile faded to a concerned look, she stood up, grabbed Saki's backpack, and handed it to her, Saki already knew what this meant, and quickly headed to the park.
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  13. ~Kiara~

    The young teen strolled through the park, taking in the serenity of the environment. The sun gave her pale-blonde hair a faint shimmer, and her steely eyes had a certain twinkle to them.
    She noticed a pair of teens, close to her age, talking. The girl seemed to be playing with shadows, which she presumed was her Quirk. She approached them, before speaking.
    "H-Hi..." she said shyly.
    She turned to the girl, watching her manipulate the shadows. "That's a really cool Quirk... I have one too, but I can't do anything like that." She chuckled awkwardly.
  14. Saki let out a sigh of relief, as she was walking to park, she gradually slowed down until she finally stopped, she was so distracted by the music in her earphones, that she didn't know she was already in the park, she asked herself, "maybe a few minutes in the park, wont hurt" Saki said as she pulled out her phone, and sat on one of the benches, she replaced the song with another one, as it sounded too boring, and pleasantly watched the people go through, while listening to music

    On the opposite side of the park were three people, they seem to be introducing each other, but Saki cant quite make out what they're saying, she realized she has her earphones on, and slowly took them off, and Saki was right, the boy seemed friendly, and it disgusted Saki, the other girl seemed shy, Saki thought she might be fun to mess with and there was the other girl, she seemed emo, and Saki chuckled at her appearance, it was at this point Saki realized she was being mean, she felt sorry, and just stared at them blankly, to see if anything interesting happens.
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  15. Alyssa quickly smashed her palm down onto the shadows to make them dissipate when a voice spooked her. The girl looked up to a stranger who seemed to be about her age. What a weirdo, why was he so close? Feeling a rush of timidness the girl stumbled over her words, "Oh no. I'm sorry I didn't mean to disturb you." Alyssa quickly apologized in a small voice. Suddenly another girl joined the pair, it was all rather overwhelming. Their interest in Alyssa's quirk helped the girl calm down, maybe they wanted to be heroes too. "Oh, uh thanks. I'm sure you're quirks are cool." Alyssa said in a hushed tone before quickly remembering her mother's lesson on how to make friends in her new school. "I'm Alyssa, what's your names?" the girl asked and offered a smile without making eye contact with either of the other teens.
  16. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Masakazu woke up to the quacking of his pet mallard, Drake. "Okay, Drake. I'll feed you." He slid out of bed and lumbered after the waterfowl, who was comically waddling in that was as close to a scurry as he could get. Masakazu poured a mixture of fish eggs, worms, insects, and greens into a food bowl, and slid it across the kitchen. "Eat up." He made toast for himself, then settled down with his breakfast and all the fights uploaded in the last 24 hours, as his routine usually went. Hours later, it hit Masakazu: he had to get ready for the exam. Sighing, he turned off his phone to fly to the gym. He flew the two miles as fast as he could, and landed easily, as he was used to. He focused specifically on the muscles he'd researched that would be useful in a fight, or to pick up rubble. He did lift weights with his wings, by laying on a bench and, since the wings didn't have grip, used his hands to hold the weights on either side of his body in place. After the gym, a sore winged kid was dragging his feet home, feeling accomplished.
  17. Ito Koki felt more like a parent than a child sometimes. This was because his mother and father were heroes and both of them were working under an agency who whilst lenient, could not always afford to keep them on separate shifts. Today was one of those occasions, meaning the two psychic Koki heroes were in the city on day patrol. Whilst they were having the day out doing what they loved, Ito was home alone and had to take on the parental responsibility of shopping. He didn't complain though as he didn't much mind. True, at times it was frustrating, annoying and pressuring to have heroes for parents but it was also pretty cool, supporting and amazing. If the cost of that was to have to do the shopping and various other tasks now and again, it was a cost that Ito gladly paid. Plus it got him out the house, which was always a good thing.

    He didn't need to get much. A carton of milk, a loaf of bread, some eggs and some fruit were the only things on his list and now in his carrier bag, which swaying gently by his legs. The colour black trailed from his feet to his neck, Ito wearing trousers, a coat and a backpack of that colour. Only the jumper peaking out from underneath the coat wasn't such a dark shade and even that was only grey. He wasn't dressing to look fashionable, he was dressing to keep warm as whilst he had everything he needed he planned to stay out a little longer. His route took him away from home and to a park which he had hoped would be empty. It wasn't empty. Once again Ito was impartial. One could always find a quiet spot in a park, though one could never predict how long it would stay quiet. He entered the public space, checking the time as he walked along the path.

    For a while Ito followed the path but it wasn't long before he diverged from it, walking across the grass to an empty space just shy of the treeline. He approached the trees but halted before them, turning around to face the expanse before him. From this spot Ito had a good view of the park, at least a large portion of it. Satisfied with what he could see he set the carrier bag on the floor and sat down next to it. Ito took in the view, took in the sounds and took a deep breath in. His eyes dimly flashed orange for a moment. In that same moment his backpack slipped off his shoulders of it's own accord and plopped onto the ground behind him. Ito gently raised his hand, barely lifting it up. The backpack floated off the ground, ever so slightly. The teen traced a semi circle in the air with a finger and the backpack slowly moved around him in a semi circle, stopping in the air in front of him. A small smile spread across Ito's face as he released the breath he had been holding. Time to do what he loved.

    His body was relaxed, as was his mind which was more important in this particular situation. Ito closed his eyes and raised his other hand, less slowly than he'd raised the other one which was still keeping the bag afloat in front of him. He began to move his hands, pinching and pulling at nothing or stretching and bending his fingers rhythmically and with familiarity in his movements. The backpack began to unpack itself, the zipper sailing from one end to the other, opening the gates and allowing pencils of various colours and sizes to flood out into the air where they remained suspended, organised into three rows. A sharpener and a tiny container filled with pencil shavings quickly levitated to their place next to Ito. Finally a sketchbook drifted forwards, opening and flicking through it's own pages as it made it's way to Ito's lap. It gently lowered itself onto Ito's folded legs and the mild orange aura that gently pulsated around all the floating objects faded, almost into obscurity.

    Ito reopened his eyes and looked down at his blank canvas. He lifted his head back up to look at the large portion of park in front of him. He liked doing landscape pieces. Not to copy what was before him but to change or enhance it, breathe a different sort of life into it. It relaxed him and right now he needed to relax. He'd recently finished school and what lied before him absolutely terrified him. UA. A pencil flew into Ito's hand. It was green and he began to shade the lower half of his canvas. Of course he wanted to get into UA, he wanted to become a hero but it didn't mean he was any less scared of it. Perhaps he was scared of failure? Or success, but that success not being enough- though that would make it failure would it not? He continued to shade, the action of drawing helping to keep his mind tame and slow instead of a blur of overwhelming thoughts and emotions. Ito was content sitting where he was and so he continued to think and continued to draw, his blue eyes which were barely glowing orange flicking up to the landscape and down to the canvas.
  18. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Passing by the park, Masakazu spotted a girl his age watching a group of people, who also seemed to be his age. He wasn't stinking or sweating (ducks don't have sweat glands, a useless part of his quirk, and he always freshened up after the gym, anyway), so he decided to talk to the girl, who was closer. Masakazu snuck up right behind her, head hovering over her shoulder, and whispered, "Who're we spying on?" @Ironic_Man
  19. This sudden whisper was not expected, and it made Saki jump and squeal, Saki turned around to find a tall person, "WHAT THE HECK, MAN!?, YOU SCARED ME!" Saki shouted, but toned it down, so that the others won't really hear it, she hugged herself and shivered, seconds later, Saki has finally calmed down, "okay, first of all, who are you?, second of all, what do you want?, and third of all, i'm not spying on anybody" Saki rapidly asked, she didn't like people talking to her. @mallard
  20. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Masakazu burst out in laughter as he got the same reaction he'd been hoping for. Still grinning, he recognized the girl from middle school. "I know you, you were in my homeroom last year. I'm not as good with names, unfortunately." He collapsed on the bench beside her. "Anyway, I'm Masakazu. As for what I want, good laughs and social interaction, I guess, but they aren't as bad as you're making them seem. You should try them sometime." He grinned as he held out his hand. @Ironic_Man
  21. Akari stumbled back as the boy fell back on her, but she managed to stay upright."Hey, are you okay?" She said before helping the boy regain his balance. She looked up at the kid asking about her clones, that were now on the floor. "Well, you can but be careful, it'll hurt me! But I wouldn't recommend it if you're planning on engaging in battle. I'm sure thats against the law." She stated. "Anyway," She turned her attention to the other boy. "Now if you can run, I recommend you do. I don't plan on getting harmed by this shady guy right now." She told him, whilst backing away from the man.
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  22. Toshi becomes balanced once again after falling unconscious. He was back on his feet and ready to fight again. He knew what he wanted to do but he knew I shouldn't. "You need to listen to her, we aren't supposed to fight or use our quirks unless for self-defense. We can run now so we don't have to fight. What we should do is wait for a Pro Hero to show up, they know what to do!" He looked ready to fight with a serious look on his face, but you could tell that his intentions were to run. The figure looked off into the distance as if ignoring all of them with an intimidation factor to it. "It doesn't matter what you do, I'm not interested in causing this much chaos. This is just the kind of mindset that all heroes have, jumping into action without thinking. At first, I didn't want to get caught, which caused me to try to erase this encounter from that boy's head." The thought of erasing one's memory shocked Toshi to the point of true fear, but he was still focused. "I'm not here to kill anyone, so please just leave. Tell the police, this isn't your fight." Near the end of his speech, he seemed to have a calmer tone again. He let go of the duplicates and got up. He walked in the direction he originally was going towards before the encounter. He came close to the boy who had been scared most of the encounter and walked past him, slowly exiting the scene. Toshi slowly relaxed and didn't do anything to avoid further problems with the man. "Don't go after him.."

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  23. The sound of intensity, sweat and courage swelled under the many shining lights that rested atop the ceiling of the gym. Bam bam bam! A consecutive flurry of punches made the sturdy punching bag recoil back. The attacker, Liam Hunter, a sixteen year old boy who recently received a chance to go to UA. The bitter liquid dripped off of the young man’s face with every blow he made, but his punches never slowed down, it was like he was pushing himself further than ever before. Left jab, left jab, right hook, evade, repeat.

    “Keep going, kid! Mix it up once in a while, like a real match!” An older man loudly instructed Liam. He was almost bald, but he had muscles way bigger than Liam's to show instead. It was clear that he was an experienced fighter, years of combat which made him hardened and wise.

    Liam bared all of his teeth, as he attempted to follow his coach’s advice. Right jab, left jab, right jab and again, then swiftly, he stepped back to gain distance and kept note of the remaining time he’d have left. “1.. 2.. 3.. Now!” Once he’d gained enough stamina, he quickly moved in on the bag and delivered a devastating right uppercut. The bag recoiled once more, but not as much as it should have because the session was simulated, meaning his quirk was purposely not activated at the moment. The boy received a few pats on the back, whilst he stepped back to catch his breath, inhaling and exhaling large amounts of air, but in a controlled manner.

    “Nice one, Liam. Hey, I don’t know if it’s just me, but you seem bothered by something. What’s going on, kid?” The coach would ask, removing his hand from the boy’s back.

    Liam glanced up at his instructor with a look of consuming bitterness. “I guess I’m just stuck on if I can really keep up to the other students at UA. They must be able to shoot large blasts, shatter dimensions, or just outright KO me whenever they feel.” Liam's gaze diverted to his now raised hands, with both hands openly displaying their palms. “All I got is some built-in strength booster..”

    “Listen boy-- it doesn’t matter what quirk you got. It matters on your determination to work with it and improve.” The older man lightly punched Liam’s shoulder, and gave him a small grin. “This ain’t the kid I know, he’s usually a beacon of confidence. You can go places with your quirk, and I ain’t just saying that to cheer you up.” The older man watched Liam for a few moments, before walking away. Though the words did reach the young boxer as his newly formed, melancholic smile was evidence of that.

    “Pfft. Thanks, coach...”
  24. The tall man burst out in laughter, maybe he intended for Saki to be scared, and she was not pleased by this, Saki was about to punch him, but then he introduced himself, he even said he recognized her, Saki immediately remembered that boy from before, but it doesn't really ring a bell, it seems she just forgot about him. The tall man introduced himself as "Masakazu", and held his hand out, Saki didn't want to be too mean or harsh, so she shook his hand back, and sat beside him, but just as she sat, Saki got a mastermind idea , "sorry about earlier, i'm just short-tempered, i'm Saki by the way", Saki introduced herself with a smile on her face, she desperately needed this guy, he's the perfect prankster, and if they were on the same class, they would wreaking havoc everywhere. @mallard
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    "It's fine, your reaction was priceless." Inside his head he added; No one changes moods this quick. She's up to something. He hid his suspicion with his smile, he'd become very good at deceit with years of practice. Masakazu relaxed and leaned back, still with a smirk. "So, what're you out here for anyway? If it's not spying, then what?" @Ironic_Man
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  26. Masakazu asked a question and he seemed friendly about it, and Saki didn't want to ruin this conversation, so she just answered truthfully, "Just taking a stroll... then i ended up spying on them" Saki replied while pointing to the three people across the park, "what about you, is scaring people what your out here for" Saki added, with a smile on her face, he could have already known her scheme, but Saki just went along. @mallard
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    Psymallard Previously mallard

    "I've actually been going to the gym a lot recently. I'm preparing for UA's entrance exams, hoping I'll get accepted." Masakazu chuckled, slightly embarrassed. "Hero has been my dream job for a long while. Obviously I'm not good for the job if they want a goody two-shoes, but I think my training's gonna pay off."
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  28. Mike watched the man walk away, he blinked slightly before the other boy spoke up. "Yeah..." Mike muttered before he realized that the other boy was talkign to him. Did he think Mike would go after the man? Mike wondered if he came off as rash or ignorant of the law, he made a mental note to work on that. It didn't take long for Micheal to forget the whole situation whoever as he quickly rushed over to the girls side. "Wait are they clones? Like exact clones? And they do what you tell them, that awesome! Is that your quirk? To clone yourself?" Mike asked excitedly as he bounced around, he was totally changed form just minutes ago when he almost peed his pants facing a real bad guy. "Do you have a quirk?" Before the girl had a chance to answer, Micheal turned his attention to the other teenager- "Why'd that guy even attacked you, anyways?" Eventually Mike slowed down as he ran out of questions and simply sat with a lopsided grin and awaited the answers.
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  29. Toshi looked at the boy as he jumped around him and the girl. He broke into a slight giggle as he saw how much the situation changed in so little time. "Hey, first off. You did an amazing job just now. Threatening to call the police and then trying to come up with a plan to stop him was all very brave of you. Now as much as the usage of our quirks I would say they were all used legally for self-defense so I'd personally say we were fine." He looked down at his shoes and took a deep breath and sighed soon after. He looked back up at both of them smiling. "I have no idea what he wanted, guess he just didn't like heroes, as I told him I was going to UA. He flipped out, but he's gone now, just another villain on the streets I guess." He barely took a second before moving on from the subject. "Oh and my quirk... It's a power-enhancing emitter that boosts my attack, speed, or defence." He still kept his normal attitude as if he had never been close to danger.
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  30. It was at this moment Saki knew she forgot something, the moment Masakazu mentioned the word "training", Saki remembered UA's entrance exams, "Oh, the UA entrance exams, so your going to UA, too?" Saki asked, she didn't bother training, since her quirk just needed someone else's quirk, she still has to work on her reflexes though, Saki's plan for the entrance exams, is to jump in front of someone whose using an emitter quirk, and use that. She just has to meet some people. @mallard
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    Psymallard Previously mallard

    "So we're both going to UA? Great!" Masakazu took out a coin and started flipping it, while still focusing on Saki. "What's your quirk, anyway? Since you can probably guess what most of my quirk is about." He gestured to his wings with his free hand. @Ironic_Man
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  32. The paper he was drawing on began to fill with colour. Blues of different tones filled the top of the drawing whilst vibrant greens of all shades flooded the lower canvas. There was no horizon in his work, instead the sky and ground merged together in the middle of the landscape, bleeding into each other and almost blurring together. His drawing was rather dreamlike and even though he'd yet to finished it his pace drastically slowed. Occasionally he picked out a pen and shaded over an existing area but for the most part he let his hand rest, still keeping his pencils afloat besides him.

    It was healthy to unwind and to think but he felt like he'd done all the unwinding and relaxing he needed to do. The entrance exam for UA was fast approaching but he had confidence in his abilities, at least enough to get in. His parents were confident that he was going to excel in his class but Ito didn't hold his own expectations that high. All he needed to do was pass the entrance exam. He knew not what it was but deduced that it would probably be focused around ones quirk and relatively simple. The school was looking for potential heroes, not already made ones, so there situational awareness, decision making and thinking didn't need to be too advanced, at least in Ito's opinion. The orange haired boy let out a sigh, letting go of his train of thought. There wasn't much need to think about it anymore.

    A pencil floated into his hand, a muddy green. He littered the bottom of the drawing with strands of this colour before once again looking up to the park. Ito could see quite a few people his age but non he recognised. He missed his friends from school. Of course he had stayed in contact with them but it wasn't the same as seeing them in person everyday. His school was rather far away as well so there was no chance he'd just run into them. Ito wondered how they were doing and decided that he'd message them when he got home. When did he want to go home. The teenager hummed a little, looking at the time once again.

    The pencils flew gently into Ito's backpack, followed slowly by the sketchbook which slipped in just as the zipper was closing of its own accord once again. He would head home soon but for now he decided to stay in the park a little longer, sitting atop the little hill was on and looking out over the frees space.
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  33. "Well, it's called "Mirror", but i'm gonna need someone with an emitter quirk" Saki replied, she's got to keep this conversation friendly, and Masakazu just mentioned he's going to UA too, that means there might be a chance they could be classmates. Seeing Masakazu with wings, really intrigues Saki, is his quirk some kind of bird, but what bird?, "So what IS your quirk?, can you demonstrate it by scaring that guy over there", Saki pointed to a boy with some sort pencils and other art supplies floating around him, "-you know, there are other kinds of birds" Saki persuaded him. @mallard
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    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Masakazu's brow raised and his smile dropped. "Scaring people isn't all I'm good at, you know. But I guess I'll give you a demonstration." He put his hands up to his mouth and let out his perfected duck call. Three ducks waddled close, and Masakazu whispered something to the each of them. "Duck. Besides the obvious, my wings have a special oil that repels liquid, my lungs can function normally in thin oxygen, and... I can talk to ducks." He pointed upward, and right on cue, an entire flock flew overhead. They shat while airborne, and the amount of ducks there made it look like white rain. When it was over, there was bird poop every where except a the vicinity of every person in the area. Sure, people were spooked. But no one was going home looking like an accident at a white-out factory. "How's that?" Masakazu turned to Saki and grinned proudly. @Ironic_Man
  35. Once he felt content enough Ito began to leave, first putting on his backpack and then grabbing his carrier bag. He halted the use of powers now, the dim orange glow in his eyes disappearing along with the aura surrounding the objects that he was moving with his mind. It was time to head home. Ito took a step forwards and then froze, watching the temporary rain of droppings drop from the sky. He moved a hand to feel the top of his head, which dry and unscathed like the rest of him. The flock of ducks passed, Ito watching them with a frown on his face. The orange haired teen was a little bit freaked out to say the least. There was no way that what had just happened had only been chance. Someone did it.

    Ito looked around the park, this time with a more attentive gaze. He saw a few individuals, the one with wings stuck out to him the most as a culprit. The one with wings also seemed friendly and not at all like a villain. There was no need to intervene, nor to converse with the duck man and the girl he was talking too. Perhaps the winged person was merely showing off? It didn't matter, Ito was heading home. He walked back towards the path, discretely using his powers to push away duck poop from where he was going to step. Ito liked these shoes.

    Eventually he left the park, a small smile on his face as he began the trek back home. He checked the time for the millionth time today, realising his parents were probably back from work. It would be good to see them, though with the entrance exams in a week he guessed that they'd probably question him quite a lot, maybe even make him train? He would wait and see.
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  36. Saki's jaw dropped, when she saw a flock of ducks flew overhead, it was like the sky, but nearer, Saki gasped at this beautiful sight of birds, not the aftermath though, as she looked down, she noticed there was bird poop every where, but didn't care, "woah, that was cool", Saki said in a happy tone, "-i mean the bird's flying part, not the aftermath" Saki added while chuckling. Saki stood up and stretched her arms, "well, anyways, it's nice meeting you, but i got to go home" Saki said while waving goodbye, "SEE YOU AT THE ENTRANCE EXAMS!" Saki shouted before running back to her house. @mallard
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    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Masakazu waved goodbye, then went home, but at a more casual pace. Drake greeted him at the door, hopping in circles around Masakazu. "Alright, I'll feed you," he sighed, faking reluctance. The usual mix splat into the bowl, and Masakazu slid the bowl across the floor, as was normal. As he was about to leave the kitchen, he realized that he needed to eat. He grabbed a box of sushi and settled down in front of his computer. He resumed his morning activity of watching superpowered battles.
  38. Mike smiled at the other boy's praise, he seemed like a nice guy. Maybe they could train together, then he wouldn't have to train with his brother all the time. Maybe they could be friends, Mike wondered where the kid lived. Suddenly, a set of words caught Micheal's attention, he pointed a finger at the boy before gesturing back to himself and repeated the action several times, "You're going to U.A? I'm going to U.A. too! Well, I guess- I hope I'll be able to go to U.A." Mike muttered the last part sheepishly as he realized how arrogant he might've sounded. "Oh, power enhancing? Well that's pretty cool, because then you can make your strong point whatever your opponent's weakness is. Wow, I wish my quirk was cool like that. Not that I'm complaining, I like my quirk." Mike trailed off as he realized he was rambling again. Suddenly, the boy's phone began to ring in his pocket. "Oh- I forgot, guess it's time for lunch." Mike muttered as he picked up the phone and yelling could be heard from the other side. Micheal chuckled slightly as he pulled the phone away form his ear, "The name's Micheal Silvion , you can call me Mike. I hope we can all be friends. See you at the entrance exam!" the boy yelled over his shoulder as he waved goodbye and sprinted back home while chatting on the phone.

    Alyssa smiled softly and avoided eye contact the entire interaction she had with the two strangers. 'Well- it was nice meeting you. Goodbye." the girl eventually couldn't take it and ducked away from the conversation as she hurried home. As Alyssa entered her home, she stormed past her parents and ignored their happy greetings. The girl walked into her room closed the blinds and sunk into the darkness, it was the only place she could relax.
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  39. Toshi watched the boy run away into the distance after what seemed like a bit of awkwardness. "Ah well, I wish I could have encouraged him. Oh wait- I never told him my name!" He looked down at his feet in defeat and sighed as he looked back up. "So he is going to try to get into UA too, huh? It would have been nice to train with him, or maybe even help him train, he seemed not so confident in his abilities, but I've seen a lot from him today." He noticed he went off a lot without noticing the girl for a while. "Oh, and my apologies, I guess I should have thanked you. You really saved my guts. The names Toshi. It was nice to meet you." He smiled and stepped back for a moment to get a look at the time on his watch. It was almost noon and almost time for lunch. "Time flies huh?"
  40. "Huh? Oh, I must have been daydreaming." She said, looking at the boy. "I'm Akari, and don't worry about me saving you. I just always have the need to save people, you know? Thats why im going, or at least trying, to get into U.A, just like you and that other boy! And your quirk sounds super cool, probably better than mine. My quirk is Duplicate. Anything I touch I can clone, like living creatures, plants, objects, and i can make and dispose of them at will, and I think I would be able to clone quirks, but i've not tried it, and don't intend to. I've got my own power after all." She looked up at the sun. "Yeah, It does, doesn't it? I feel as if two minutes ago it was still morning. Anyway, I gotta go train if I want to get into that hero school, after all. What are you planning to do now?"

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