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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Doctor Oak, May 13, 2013.

  1. Doctor Oak

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    It's been officially picked up, and begins airing in America this autumn.

    Here's a first glimpse of the pilot, which seems to feature J August Richards (of Angel fame) in what may be the first super hero to be adapted into the series...

    The official site has some information about the main cast, except for J. August Richards, who is being kept under wraps for now:

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  2. Doctor Oak

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    Full trailer:

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  3. Linkachu

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    I don't watch much TV anymore this is definitely one of the more interesting looking shows that's come along in awhile. I'll need to figure out a way to keep track of it. :angel:
  4. Doctor Oak

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    I'm quietly hoping that this will be the next big hit for Joss. I'd love to see him return to a long-running show again and I'd definitely love to see where he could take this series both in the run up to his sequel to Avengers, and afterwards, when his deal with Marvel otherwise ends and SHIELD is all that remains.

    I'd love this to be a way for Marvel to not only give exposure to characters in the Marvel Universe that would otherwise be ignored in live action because they wouldn't hold a movie themselves (though Guardians of the Galaxy is a great demonstration that Marvel doesn't care -that- much what most people would consider to be movie-worthy) and/or for Marvel to sneak in, by the back door, the other main Marvel heroes to the cinematic universe. The rights for TV, afterall, are different to those for the films. It definitely could be feasible to, at the very least, start exploring Mutants within the cinematic universe without treading on Fox's toes. (Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are all but confirmed for Avengers 2, after all, so it would definitely work out well to do that).

    Since there's no chance of this being picked up well in the UK, I'll definitely be *ahem* acquiring it once it airs in America.
  5. Doctor Oak

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    Full full trailer:

    Cobie Smulders also appears to be making an appearance as Maria Hill in the pilot. Let's hope for Samuel L Jackson to get himself a cameo at some point (and for Smulders to take a full time role after next year).

    Also, J. August Richards has confirmed to NOT be Luke Cage. It's even implied that the character he's playing may not even be originally black, or may even be entirely new for the series. BUT, he's only a guest star in the pilot, so while his character may well end up being recurring (and he's a Whedonite, so it's highly likely he'll be back), he's not a main cast member.
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