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Ask to Join Make Way For Victory (Massive Crossover RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Blotch'd, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Paper Mario walked through the crowd of people to the condiments section. He was holding a paper hoagie, and planned to put paper mustard on it. He didn't talk, but nodded as a gesture of 'pardon me'. He didn't quiet know WHY he was here. But then again, the invite said it was to celebrate greatness. He didn't know any of these people, and he was suddenly thrown into a party with them. "They better-a-have some-a-pasta." he thought.
    Meanwhile, Kris sat near the door. If anything got insane, they'd leave. Kris had to wonder. Where were his friends? Hadn't they come with him? And if not, what were they doing? These questions didn't really make him concerned. Susie is powerful, so they could carry the others. He was a lot less concerned when he thought about it. But he kept his sword out just in case.
  2. Silver walked around, unable to tell why he had to be here. He shrugged it off and continued walking, before using his powers to quickly levitate himself through the crowd, giggling softly. He headed towards the door, he was planning to get some fresh air after all. He ended up seeing someone there, but couldn't stop himself from moving. "H-Hey! L-Look out kid!" He yelled in an effort to warn them.
    - -----------
    Peridot was standing alone, watching the people around her. She wasn't much of a social person, so this was new to her. "May as well TRY to make some friends...." She mumbled, trying to fight her way through the crowd, as she accidentally bumped into someone, stumbling as falling to the floor. She looked up, and saw they looked flat, almost like paper. "Urm....s-sorry...." She stammered quietly.

    Villager was sitting with his friends, Orange and Blue, as they commnicated about random things. Villager couldn't talk, but he had a special power, which showed his emotions in different ways, whether it was a purple swirl over his head to show sadness, or a heart over his head to show love, he could show what he needed to. Blue and Orange though didn't have that. Blue could act out what he was trying to say to talk, while Orange knew some sign language, but not alot. They never talk to each other, but they all were friends anyway from knowing each other in Smash Bros.
  3. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Paper mario turned, seeing Peridot. They lifted their hat up over his own head and back down, as a gesture of hello. He made a simple gesture that meant 'Where are you off too?'. It's not like he could talk now. In his dimension, he was able to say simple words. For a moment, he didn't blink. He didn't move. He just stared, waiting for a reply from the green thing.
    Kris looked up, seeing some sort of...Thing floating toward them. He didn't want to hurt them, but then again...They didn't stop moving. Kris quickly rolled out of the way, and looked at Silver. They aimed their sword at the floating entity, while the bored look on their face returned.
  4. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Pennywise was sitting in his own little corner on a comfortable sofa, next to him was Samara and surrounding the sofa in some what of a barrier, were Mike, Look-See and Babadook, they were essentially Pennywise's bodyguards. "Where in the world is Peter and Jason" he said turning to Samara, without turning from the book she was reading Samara said "at the bar, where did you think Peter and his muscle would be", Pennywise sighed to himself before returning to his monitoring of the party.

    Peter was at the bar, he was sitting there beer floating in the air, he used his telekinesis to bring the beer to his hand before taking a drink, he turned to Jason, "so big guy another drink", he asked and then using his telepathy, he got the response of <why not> as Jason shrugged. Peter turned to the bartender and order two more beers.
  5. Peridot stood up, looking at Paper Mario. "Um...I don't know where I'm going to be honest. I just got invited here for some reason....anyway, my name is Peridot. Nice to meet you I guess." She said, glad to at least know somebody here now.
    - --------

    Silver crashed into the wall, groaning as he was able to float to the ground. "Sorry about that....sometimes I can't control how fast I go...." He mumbled, turning to the kid, seeing they had a sword. " Urm....nice sword you have there.... " He said to them, before smiling. "Hey, I'm Silver. Silver the Hedgehog!"
  6. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Paper Mario nodded, and held his hoagie up. He then pointed through the crowd, and at a snack table. Many condiments and chips rested on it. He gestured for Paridot to come with, not minding the fact they might not eat what was set on it anyway. Its not like he knew gems didn't need to eat.
    Kris still kept the sword up, and it shined under the light of the lights in the place. Kris was skeptical. They nodded, in a gesture of hello. However, they didn't trust them still. The bored look remained on their face. Kris put the sword up, for a moment, to take out paper and write 'Kris' in cursive. Then, Kris turned it around so Silver would be able to read it.
  7. Peridot followed after Paper Mario, looking around. "Woah...this place is so big....I can't believe I was invited...." She said in awe. She was glad she could make new friends here though.
    - -------
    Silver read the name on the paper with a smile. "Kris...that must be your name! Well, Nice to meet you Kris!" He said happily. " So...nice place right! I don't know why I have to be here though....it's strange why they need so many people here....all famous ones too.....it's kinda suspicious of you think about it. " The hedgehog stated, looking at the surroundings.
  8. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Kris nodded. The ground shook a few moments, before abruptly stopping. Kris was surprised, but the bored look remained. Kris then shrugged, as a response to Silver's statement. Kris put away their weapon, and looked around to see if others were fine. They couldn't see anybody who was effected greatly.
    Paper Mario didn't feel the small earthquake, as he was too focused on leading the way. Paper Mario was enjoying himself, and he bumped into the snack table, face landing in a chip bag. He lifted his head, and a few chip crumbs escaped from his new hat. This had covered his eyes, and he put his hands out in front of himself, feeling for something.

    Meanwhile, A shadowed figure watched the party. They snickered at their achievement of gathering so many people.
  9. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    The tremor had slightly disturbed Peter and Jason but they shrugged it off, "we might a swell head back to Pennywise" he said standing up, he was about to head back with Jason when someone walked into him, he turned to see a person, paper thin and covered in chips, "watch where your going pipsqueak" Peter said menacingly glaring at the paper boy.

    Pennywise was annoyed, the tremor had spilt his drink and he wasn't happy, he looked around seeing Kris and Silver, "hmm interesting, Samara take Look-See and bring those two over here". Samara nodded stood and walked motioning for Look-See to follow, they reached Kris and Silver, "Come with us, the boss wants to talk with you, oh and don't say no, cause if you do well that's why I brought my friend here, not that I couldn't kill you myself."
  10. Peridot pulled it off Paper Mario's head so he could see, handing it to him. "Here you go!" She said simply, as she looked at everything on the table. Peridot then turned to Peter, and shoved him a little. "Hey! Leave him alone!" She said.
    - --------

    Silver was surprised at the earthquake, but shook it off. "Okay, something is wrong here....you have to realize that. I mean, some people here aren't even good guys, and we were invited to "celebrate greatness". I'm not saying I don't trust the people here, but something is up....I'm sure of it." He turned to the others that walked over and nodded. " Okay, I'll go. " He said, not wanting to anger them.
    Villager and Blue barely noticed the small earthquake, but Orange definitely did. She stopped and looked around, seeing a shadow -like figure, as she stood up, walking over silently.
  11. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Kris simply followed, in a effort to keep them happy. They weren't freaked out, but he did see what Jevil could do. These people looked tougher to him, but he was just a smart as they were...He thought. Kris thought any goon stupid enough to follow around some creep had no common sense.
    Paper Mario nodded at Peridot, and looked at the guy who had insulted him. He then got somewhat angry. Paper Mario circled around Peter and Jason. Every time he finished a full circle, he had somehow inflicted pain on the two. This caused him to smile a little. This would teach them to refrain from calling HIM a pipsqueak.
  12. Peridot smiled and used her ability to move metal to grab a steel bar, just in case she needed to attack also.
    Silver smiles as Kris came along too. "Lets see....earthquakes.....everyone gathered here......this must be a place that there's gonna be an attack!" He thought to himself.
    Orange eventually made it to the shadow person, glaring at them as she grabbed her Ink Shooter. "Woomy!"
  13. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Peter chuckled to himself, he healed his wounds instantly thanks to his Rapid Cell Regeneration and the telekinetically raised Paper Mario off the ground in a choke hold, Jason had moved forward to block Peridot from helping, "you have no idea who you are messing with paper, I could kill you with any of the multitude of powers I have copied, maybe I'll see what I get from you".

    Samara brought the two over to Pennywise, who looked up from his drink and said "you two have intrigued me, I sensed you were wondering about the tremors, I was intrigued also, any theories". He looked at the two, the sword one might be a problem, but he had his goons.
  14. Peridot struggled to get by Jason, trying to help her friend. "HEY! LEAVE HIM ALONE YOU CLOD!" She yelled at Peter, worried about what would happen to her friend.
    - -------
    Silver looked at Pennywise, and nodded. "Yes, actually. Think about it, most people here are they only people who ever stop the people who want more control. If they were all together though, it could be easy to call reinforcements, and kill everyone off. I'm guessing we were brought here for that reason, so all the people who could stop them, wouldn't be able too." He explained, before floating up into the air and crossing his arms.
  15. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    The shadowed figure was surprised, and quickly advanced through the crowd. He pushed and shoved people out of the way. The sword clanked behind it, as they floated. They then had to teleport to the other side of a wall, where a odd room was. This room had no doors, or windows.
    Paper Mario didn't mind. It was a party, and he noticed the beer he had. He looked at the tender, and pointed at it. The tender put one on the counter and took some of Mario's coins. Paper Mario then looked at it, as in gesturing them to have it. He didn't seem to be hurt much. Paper didn't actually breath. Or did they? Paper Mario didn't notice if he had been breathing or not his whole life.
  16. Orange ran after the shadow-like person, stopping as they saw a wall in front of them. "Woomy! Woo!" She yelled, confused. She had to find a way to get in somehow, but how? She needed to warn everyone. That shadow couldn't stop her! She ran around, trying to find as way to warn the others.
  17. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Pennywise laughed at what Silver said, "if that's your theory, where do me and my gang of misfits here come into it, we don't stop bad guys, we are the bad guys." he laughed slightly before spotting Orange looking frantic, "what's wrong with that orange thing over there?" he asked no-one in particular.

    Peter lowered Mario, "I apologise, we got off on the wrong foot, my name is Peter Petrelli, and that lovely fellow there is Jason Voorhees" he stood back and looked at his hand, it was now flat, "what exactly is the point to this power of yours" he asked as his hand turned 3D again. Jason held his hand out to shake Peridot's hand, as if to show that there were no hard feelings.
  18. Peridot smiled and shook Jason's hand. " Greetings, Jason! " She said happily, glad to make another friend.
    Silver floated down and glared at Pennywise. "Well, it's not like we all came to walk around and do nothing! I'm from 200 years in the future, and I can tell when somethings up!" He said aggravated.
    Orange continued looking around. "That shadow things gonna kill us all! I have to warn everyone, but how?" She thought, slowing her movement as she flopped down, out of breath.
  19. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Paper Mario made a circle with his fingers, and clapped his hands together, rubbing them. This made 'circle around, squish them'. Paper Mario then turned, looking at the alarming orange squid. Mario turned his head in confusion. He then turned back, and Mario took out a can of soda. It was flat. He spun around the contents, making a gesture for clinking them together, like some sort of truce.
    Kris wasn't really paying mind to anybody. They were bored, so they took out a Lancercookie. They bit part of it off. They weren't alarmed at all about this clown. They smirked a bit at the clown-like appearance. They weren't afraid of this human-like person at all. "He might be missing a birthday party right now." Kris thought.
    The figure watched the monitors, listening to conversations. They waited for the perfect moment to strike. While this was going on, He was calling some old buddies. Evil buddies. The most evil of people, who would thrash their enemies in a instant. "Hello." their gruff voice said. "Is this the Cartoon? Yea, I've got a gig for you. You ready to flood the competition?" They said into the phone.

    One villain coming. 15 more to go.
  20. Orange stood up again, seeing some other people that were looking at her, she became scared by this, and ran off. "Great! This is just perfect! They probably are working for the bad guys too!" She thought, pushing herself to run faster.
  21. Clouds had gathered.
    First lightning seared the sky, splitting it in two. Ear shattering thunder roared shortly after. Ground cracked and bent to the power of storm, leaving a deep, smoking crater in its surface. Air was filled with stink of ozone.
    In the smoking crater a sole figure stood.
    There was something special about this newcomer. Not just the fact he just emerged from a lightning, neither his astounding size, his wondrous as a marble statue body nor this great hammer he held. This thing was hidden in the proud way he stood there, torn the ground apart, in the insightful way he analyzed his surroundings with freezing gaze, aware of his . There was something... majestic about him. Godlike, you may say.
    Mysterious man started making his way up the crater.
    He was clad in other-wordly armor shining in lightnings' pale aura and a red, noble cloak that waved behind him, as he walked towards the partyside. In his right hand he held a magnificent hammer, truly a weapon worthy of its wielder, with mystic rune carvings covering it. Surely a weapon of great power.
    Stranger walked out of the crater.
    His face was undisputably an example of handsomeness. It was a scarred face of a stern warrior, blend with majestic features of a king, and eyes of a sage that has seen much more than any mortal could ever see in their lifetime.
    Lightning slashed through the sky once again.
    The God of Thunder was ready to party.
    House woke up with a gasp. He looked around with a blurried sight. Where was he? A good question. By overwhelming noise, flashing lights and a half-empty glass in his hand it was easy to deduct that he got himself into some sort of party. Head hurt him really badly. So did his leg. What did he take? An even better question. He was ready to bet it was only few vicodine pills... maybe followed by a morfine injection. About that he wasn't so sure.
    House quickly checked his pockets' content. Satisfied by what he found, he took out his vicodine box and spilled few tablets on his hand. After a moment of reflection he rised his hand and ate little white pills.
    "You feelin' alright, weirdo?"
    House turned his head towards the direction from which voice was coming from. What he saw was quite surprising.
    Next to him was sitting someone who probably could be described as a cyborg. Most characteristic feature was a metal mask on his face, with a cable connected to his chest. Cyborg-like creature wore a long, black coat, black shirt, trousers, gloves and shoes. A rather dark person.
    Skin left on him was scarred and deformed, like after a fatal burn. As a complement to the whole image, he had two hookswords at his belt.
    "What did you just take?" cyborg asked
    "Nothing special. Something to ease my pain."
    The cyborg looked at him, clearly suspicious.
    "Gimme some."
    House seemed to be surprised by cyborg's reaction.
    "Wow. Not what I'd expect. Don't you care about me getting addicted to drugs? And how do you want to take'em? I don't see any mouth on you..."
    If cyborg had a visible face, House would probably see expression of dismay he currently had on.
    "Yeah... I keep forgettin' about that."
    For a moment the were both waiting in uneasy silence.
    "The name is Gregory. Gregory House."
    "You wanna drink something?"
    If House could see Kabal's eyes, he would probably be frozen solid.

    Levi was confused. Why would anybody want to arrange such a big meeting? For what purpose? He always felt anxious in large groups of people. That might be a reason he was so suspicious about whole meeting, but he felt something different.
    "At least I have my swords" he thought to himself "there's nothing i couldn't handle when I have them with me." The only thing he could do right now was to wait. And where is the best place to wait in?
    A bar, obviously.
    But as he proceeded towards the bar, he saw a movement that didn't fit to the pattern. An orange person, running, breathless.
    "If I have nothing better to do" Levi thought "I can check that."
    He walked up to Orange.
    "What made you run so fast you were left here soaked of strength?"
    Orange stood up and started running away.
    "Stop right there!" he yelled, pursuing Orange through the crowd.
  22. Orange freaked out as another person began chasing her, forcing herself to go at her max speed. She kept pushing people out of her way, dodging out of the way of any obstacle, even attacking people to get them to move. She was serious about not getting caught at this moment.
  23. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    It was horrible.
    The floor flooded with Black Ink, and a somewhat dense fog covered the building. This made it hard to run. The door had burst open, and a tall figure slumped through it. A gigantic smile plastered on their face was covered in dripping ink, and a slumped bow tie sat on what looked like his skin. He enjoyed the state the building was in. With his gigantic smile, he launched several people near the door into the air with a swing of his cold arm. The ink he was in allowed him to grow bigger. He ran quickly through the crowd, launching anyone in his way. He was on his way to the bar, and came across Pennywise and the others. He easily threw the blue child, and left the others alone. He knew Pennywise and his goons, and they were bad. He doesn't attack bad people, because they create chaos. And chaos is great. He didn't want trouble with the Silver one, either. They were talking anyway.
    Kris flew through the air, landing on a snack table. Cupcakes and punch flew into the air, landing on the floor and on others. He got up, and cracked their neck. Kris took out their sword, and quickly advanced toward the giant ink monster. This only caused Kris to be flung again, this time straight into bottles of beer and whine. The sword clattered, landing straight into the counter.
    Paper Mario was surprised when a blue child was flung right above them. Luckily, he was sitting ON the counter. Otherwise, he would have drowned. Black paint was dangerous to paper. He looked at the gigantic figure, and then at the ground. Paper Mario was unable to leave the counter.
  24. "Woomy!?" Orange cried, sinking into the ink. She started splashing around, struggling to keep her head above the water.
    - ----------
    Silver floated up, throwing things at the monster. He needed to slow it down as much as he could. He kept using one hand to throw things, while picking people up with the other. He didn't see Orange yet, but saw two other kids, one with blue hair, one that was just a normal kid,so he lifted them above the ink.
    Peridot yelped and grabbed onto a metal part of the ceiling, pulling herself up with her ferrokinesis. She noticed the Orange kid, but knew she couldn't get to her, so she called her out. "Hey! That one kid is in trouble!" She yelled, trying to alert someone who could help the kid.
  25. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Jason, being the undead, invulnerable person he was, waded into the ink and picked up the small orange inkling, sitting her on his shoulders he made his way back to the bar. At the bar Peter, now hovering turned to Pennywise and noticed something, "I think he is avoiding bad guys, which doesn't help me as I'm technically a good guy and now so is Jason, so we are in this together Mario".
  26. -I'm so exited for this party!!!-shouted Yugi- How about you JoJo???

    -Shut up, bastard.-answered JoJo, clearly irritated-I'm going for this party, just beacause I've heard Dio will be there. I have better things to do than playing with kids.

    -Oh don't be such a vegetable!

    -Yeah like, don't be such a vegetable, dude!!!- they heard from behind

    It was shaggy. JoJo knew this even without turning back. He could felt power of shaggy piercing through his body. He was barely standing. But Yugi looked like he didn't felt it at all.

    -Shaggy! What a suprise! You came for fun too, right?

    -Nah, man. I'm here for 20-foot sandwitches, zoinks! Like, you didn't get this in your invitation?

    -No, but. I'll happily get a bite!

    -Me too.-said peacfully

    -It can't be...- Yugi didn't ended

    -Yes, it can. Like, good too see a fellow God here, Jesus!

    -Nice too see you too, Shaggy.- said Jesus

    -But how are you here? And why? I have so many questions...-said JoJo confused

    -I came here to see a show.

    -Wait, what show, dude?-Shaggy asked.

    -You will see.- answered Jesus with a smile on his face.

    By the time they were next to party. They came in.
  27. "Metal Freak?"
    "Are ink floods normal here?"
    "Why are you... what is that?!" Kabal sprung from his seat and grabbed House. He pushed him out of the way of the giant figure. House fell on the counter.
    "Stay here" Kabal commanded and went after the giant figure. Superspeed made it possible for him to temporarily stay on the surface of the ink.
    "Let's see what you are made of." he muttered to himself and drew his hookswords.

    "Hello, little origami plumber." House greeted Paper Mario with a hint of mockery in his voice. "I think a pipe broke in nearby printing house. You going to do something about it? "

    Levi saw the figure emerge from the door and soon after got hit. He fell back and started sinking in the ink. Last moment he managed to pull the trigger of his omnidirectional gear and fly up to the ceilling. Safe. At least for now.

    Thor stormed the house, flying in through the window. God heard cries and sounds of struggle from the outside. Lightning danced across his hammer. He saw the figure making its way through the crowd. He lowered his weapon at the creature
    "Stop this madness, monster, or thou shall feel the wrath of Asgard!" lightning grew bigger and brighter, as the figure continued flooding the house.
    "Prepare to die!"
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  28. Silver put the people he was carrying down on a nearby table, turning to the monster. "I'm gonna see if I can get closer!" He yelled, flying towards it.
  29. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Bendy turned. In almost every direction, people were attacking. They turned to Kabal, and sank into the ink. He rose up under Kabal, attempting to fling him. Searchers rose from the ground, attempting to attack people. Bendy, who had rose from the ink, dunked himself again. He rose in front of Silver, and flung his arm at them.
  30. Silver cried out in pain, slamming into the wall. "Ugh....just washed my fur too...." He mumbled, brushing himself off. He floated in front of the monster, staring at it. " Hey! Why are you doing this! Is this why we were gathered here!? " he yelled, as one of the kids, Villager, pulled out an axe, throwing it at the monster as an effort to help.
    Inkling closed her eyes, awaiting death, but it never came. She opened them slowly, seeing she was on somebody's shoulders. She whimpered softly, clinging to them tighter as she began trembling violently. She couldn't help it, she was scared.
  31. "What is going over there?"-Jesus wondered.
    He tried to make his way trough the crowd, but he couldn't. He float in the air. He saw a fight between some figures. He strain his sight.
    "This is gonna be interesting"-said creating for himself a bag of popcorn.
  32. Kabal had a moment to react after the figure disappeared. Speedster couldn't stop, couldn't turn. It would make him drown in the black ink. So he ran forward, faster and faster. Unfortunate, he wasn't running fast enough. he was caught off-guard by Bendy, stumbled and fell on the ground. Fortunately, he managed to thrust one of his hookswords into one of the tables, trying to lift himself up. To no avail, he was too sank to deep into the ink. He saw Silver being thrown at the wall. House was stuck on the counter. There was no-one to help Kabal.
    "At least it's not raining." he thought to himself. And then the thunder roared.

    Thor rushed at the monster. It was nothing Thor couldn't beat, he wasn't different than the Frost Giants he faced before. He made his way through the searchers and finally had an opportunity to face Bendy.
    "Thus I bring power of thunder upon thou!"
    Mjolnir flashed as Thor rised it and brought down going for Bendy's head.

    Levi watched struggle between Bendy, Silver, Kabal and Thor with caution. Arrival of the Thunder God may change the balance of forces in favor of heroes... but it's a mere possibility. Levi wasn't commiting into the fight. There was no way of him using his manuever gear inside a building. Instead, he helped rescuing wounded and drowining from the black ink.
  33. Orange watched some one beginning to sink underneath the ink. So, she did something that she never though she would do. She jumped off of Jason, forcing her way over to Kabal. She didn't care how much it hurt anymore, she needed to help. She grabbed onto a nearby table, climbing on it as she reached out as far as she could, pulling Kabal closer to it, trying to help him up.
  34. JoJo saw a monster and ran trough crowd like nothing mattered. When he was near enough to kill this being he said "You are already dead. Ora Ora Ora..." but monster was standing there like nothing happened. Jojo was SCARED. After this attack, he lose hope for winning. But then he heard from behind "Dark Magic Attack!". What a relief. He saw inkling helping kabal getting out from ink. He hopefully came back. It's time to beat the crap out of this dude!
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  35. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Jason, now kind of protective of Orange followed her, and started to help with Kabal, as he did this a tentacle of ink pieced straight through Jason's heart, he continued to help Kabal, ignore the tentacle completely. Peter was floating towards Bendy, throwing everything he could at it, rocks, ice and random objects.
  36. Silver floated next to Peter, waving to him. "Heya! You got any idea who that guy is?" He asked him, as he began helping throw things. Meanwhile, Peridot started to collect all the things she could without falling from her spot on the ceiling, preparing to see if she could make a device out of it.
  37. Kabal caught Orange's hand and tried to pull himself up again. With Orange's and Jason's help, he slowly pulled himself out of the black ink.
    "Thank you guys." speedster sighedand picked up his hookswords "Without you... I'd be a goner. Not quite ready for that again."
    He turned to Jason and noticed the tentacle.
    "Whoa... isn't it... doesn't that bother you...?" he pointed at the tentacle. "It's... it pierced your heart. Kind of."
  38. While everyone was either fighting or helping the wounded Shaggy finally awaken after eating seven 20-foot sandwitches. He wanted more. He saw a fight and thought "Like, this is gonna be fun, zoinks!".
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  39. Orange knew she had to help, so she jumped back into the ink. It hurt her since it was ink opposite of the kind that makes up her body, but she ignored the pain she felt. She advanced towards Bendy, and began throwing Splat Bombs at him. She was determined to help win this fight.
  40. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Bendy was surprised. Now, in every direction, he was being tackled and attacked and projectiles were thrown at him. He was now orange in spots, and projectiles were stuck in his ink like body. He dived down, and the projectiles floated in the ink. When he came back up, He was bigger, and more gloppy. They lobbed ink at the attacks, hoping to have them drown in it. Suddenly, a gruff voice came over some loud speakers. "No, you idiot! Get after the orange one! She's seen too much!" the speakers seem to spoke. This caused the monster to immediately turn in Orange's direction. He saw how she was hurt, and lobbed some ink at her. He did this repetitively, hoping to drown her in it.

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