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Lukario's drawings of randomness (Requests are open~)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by DJ Luke, Nov 24, 2010.

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  1. Hello~
    I never thought I would be making an art thread but I was messing around on paint and I descovered I had a talent~
    My Art:
    Presents for Linkachu and The Pyro, feel free to use them as avvies ect.
    Requests are OPEN! I will only take one at a time though and the secret word is "HATZ" use it when you request.
    I will try my best to oblige!

    Edit: Just did this for Louie I hate it though!:
  2. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    Shouldn't Thepyro be gray?

    But, yeah, they're not bad. Sorry, I didn't really liked then, in my opinion they're okay though, if you ain't expecting somebody to say that they're extremely cool. But, yeah, you have more talent then most people (including me).
  3. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    Care to elaborate on what could be improved?

    Otherwise you're just saying "lololol ur werk sux"
  4. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    Thankyou Yoshimitsu! But that is correct, if you don't tell me what is wrong then I can't improve. Anyway, some more art will be up later today and sorry the Doredia drawing is so bad! I hate gen V!
  5. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    There's nothing to be improved. It's just some paint drawing, made like any paint drawing, because the style is relaxed, being good even though it's poor quality. I'm not saying you shouldn't have opened this thread. As I said before, you have more talent than a lot of people, including me. What I said, was that it's okay as long as you didn't expected some detailed high-quality images, which paint images don't need to be. If there really was something to improve, I would say. What I said was that I'm simple not so fan of this style of art.
  6. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    Your drawing style is so cute and cuddly! And thanks for the Doredia! :3
    #6 Louie Forest, Nov 25, 2010
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  7. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    Just stuffs I drew randomly. Vaporeon one is a present for S.M! ILU always Magpie!
  8. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    These are quite good for early drawings. You seem to have developed a fairly distinctive style. However, these are some things that might improve your work -
    - Save as a PNG. It is much better quality than JPEG and makes your pictures look better.
    - Shading. It makes the drawings much more 3D. You can use the sprites as colour references.

    Other than that, just keep practising :p You might also want to check out Kedpeanut's, Tun's and Virgil's art threads. They are very useful, as they all use/used MS Paint. You might want to check out Virgil's thread on the Archive though, as he hasn't got any of his MS Paint stuff on his current thread (as far as I know.)
  9. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    As far as I know, this art style is made to be flat. I mean, aren't they supposed to be like that. What I said before, though I'm not sure somebody really understood, is that considering it's art style, it' pretty good, but it's not good compared to generic art. Shading would make it more realistic, thus changing the art style, and it wouldn't be so good as other arts of the same style. I recommend keep doing what you done so far. There's nothing to improve, it's perfect the way it is. If anyone draws the same art style but the arts look pretty different, than it's just that: different. Even if it made it more real, more detailed, etc. it's not better. That's the amazing part of using Paint.
  10. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    I understand where you're coming from. The art style is alright how it is. But I think its a bit silly to not try and make your work more complex and interesting artistically just because at the start you wouldn't be as good as some other artists who shade their work. Besides, giving it shading wouldn't change the art style, just make it look nicer. Anyway, there are plenty of 2D chibi artists who make some great arts, so its not as though these are completely unique.
    Anyway, at the end of the day, DJ Luke decides whether the pictures are shaded or not.
  11. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    Yeah, you're right. Shading or not wouldn't change the entire style. But puting too much effort could change. But yeah, one way or another, it's up to Luke.
  12. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    D'awwww, you even gave Atlanta her earring :'D

    Thanks very much ♥
  13. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    Thankyou Magpie ILU! I will do the shadey bit when I fix my new laptop because the shading is much easier to do on windows 7 paint not the boring, primary old version. I also find it very hard to copy images which is why im better at Lucario, Pikachu, Linkachu and Umbreon because I know all of their features of by heart if you know what I mean. (Ken Sugmori's job is hard!)
    Whilst both my laptop's had a heart attack and are in hospital, I can't go on paint.
  14. Ked


    Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    These are actually pretty good for a beginner~
    However, you might need to do some work on them.

    Pyro's eyes look more cat-like than Pika-like, mostly because of the pupils. The ears are also a little but too big and fat. The nose also looks way too big for it's own good. Pikachu's mouth isn't connected to its nose like a dog or cat either. Just erase the black line connecting the nose and mouth and Pyro should look less cat-like.

    Some of the same things go for Linky too. The nose is better in proportions, but is still a little bit too big. It is also not supposed to be connected to the mouth.

    Atlanta is very cute indeed, the little earring was a nice touch. Pretty much the only thing you're missing is the dark part on top of the head, but that's not a big deal. Vaporeon also has black almond-shaped eyes, the ones you added look more like cat eyes.

    My favorite is the shiny Umbreon. It has an adorable epression and the proportions are nice and chibi-fied. The only parts missing are the rings on its legs, just add them and it would look better.

    Just keep drawing and you'll smooth out your rough spots ;)

  15. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    Wow~ This art of yours is especially cute!

    I must say, you're far better at working on MS Paint than I am by a long shot ^_^
    My only constructive criticism has already been mentioned by others but I'll reinforce it anyway~

    Take a look at others art threads to get a better idea of how to work with your art and make it more fluent and less beginner blocky style. And adding shading is a great technique for you to adventure into sometime, just to see how you like it!

    All that aside; I too love your Shiny Umbreon ♥
    Could I say... "HATZ"? : D

    You won't mind if I request a picture of Gengar from you~?
    He can be whatever you like; chibi, large, standing, running, sitting, blah di blah di blah . w .
    Whatever's convenient for you!
    If you have other requests then it's no problem~

    Keep up the great work!
    K xx
  16. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    I love you all for such sweet comments~!

    I know I need to make some changes and if there is one thing im rubbish at, it's anime eyes!

    Since BOTH my laptops are completely _______ (there are a few things that I would like to put in that space there but I have to think of the kids aswell) I might not be able to do Gengar for quite a while but i'll see what wacky spells I can cast!

    I love hearing your opinions! I hope to here more too!

    But for now i'll leave you with this:
    To do list: Espeon, Umbreon attempt 2, Linkachu attempt 2, another yummy tidbit for my darling Magpie and a lame excuse for a Gengar!
  17. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~







    New work! I sure hope you like your Gengar Kasumi!
  18. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~


    He's uber fantasical super duperly utterly undoubtedly amazingly adorably WONDERFUL~<33

    Thank you so much, Luke! *// 0 //*
    I love it! You're a superstar!


    He is fanatasitc I'm so glad you posted this for me! Your other pictures look top notch also~
    I'm personally loving Arcanine (after Gengar obviously)<33

    You've done a fantastic job! Can't wait to see what else you're gonna draw for us!
  19. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    To be honest, I was a little unsure about Arcanine and wasn't going to post it but I had one of those "Meh what the heck, I spent half an hour drawing the damn thing so I might aswell!" moments, im really glad you like it!

    *sobs* Magpie I love you and I wanted to do this better but my efforts failed, so here is the best one I drew *sobs*
    Empire, the Weavile of doom! It looks hapier than I am now! I really need a hug...
    Edit: I dont just draw pokemon y'know
  20. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    New work!
    Crappy Jolteon
    Alex Rose, also known as LQ on charms
    Randon boredness
    Apple, my faithful Ampharos

    And Kasumi, here is the URL for your Gengar, I forgot it before:

    Random giftart:
    I sure hope you like it!
  21. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    Thanks Luke!!~

    You're arts are looking as cute as ever! That Jolteon picture I find especially eye catching~
    And that giftart for K.O.L is so adorable I wanna huggle it! Uwaa!

    I think you're really good at coming up with things to draw, and having the continual motivation to draw them- this is something I often lack xD

    Keep drawing Luke~♥

    K xx
  22. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    Motivation? You must be kidding! I just get bored alot and draw stuff randomly but im glad you like thems~
    Now for the worst drawing anyone has ever seen:
    Doctor Oak, I hope you like it~
  23. Ked


    Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    O.O I didn't know I missed so much stuff...

    Anyways, I'll start with the first massive upload~!
    Most of these drawings are good. Everything looks much better proportion-wise~

    On your Umbreon and Espeon pics, the noses are too big. They should just be a smal black dot on the end of the muzzle. I also love the way you drew the eyes, especially Espeon's, very cute~

    On the Arcanine everything looks pretty good. the body looks a little bit thin near the chest area, and gets wider as you go farther back. That makes the body look a little bit weird. Another thing, its missing one leg. You might want to add that. You also might want to make the mouth go up further, like you did on Genar, so it looks super-awesome-chibi-squee and stuffs.

    The Gengar, I like. It might look a little better if you move the mouth up a little more, I think it looks a little low. You also missed a couple white spots on its back that you might want to fill in.

    Linky looks so cute 'w' Again, the mouth shouldn't be connected to the nose. You are also missing one very important detail: the cheeks!

    Empire looks so cute with his little expression and stuffs. I love his pudgey little body and I want to squeeze him~!

    I'll just skip this 'Konata' person because I have no idea who she is :c

    iFlare is really cute~ I love the little sparkly eye. *gasp* The mouth...it's connected to the nose! Not a big problem, but it should just be a small, black, triangular dot. I also think the body looks a bit thin, too. It also looks like you went easy on the chest fluff.

    I have a question to ask you now that I've seen KoL. Do you use the default colors on Paint? If you make your own colors the drawing looks a lot better. It also looks like you save in .jpg or something, but only on some pics. The edges on some pictures get blurred and distorted.

    KoL is pretty good overall. I don't have much to say about it.

    Apple the Ampharos is so cute~! I love the little apple you added in his pudgey little hand.

    The eye is pretty good. I like how you added all the little details and veins and stuffs.

    Alex Rose is pretty good. I remember her on here. Now she is the guest Kerorogirl. The blinking eye also looks a little big. Try to make it the same size as the other eye if you can.

    Jolteon is actually really good. I don't have much to say about it, except that the purple in the eye looks a little off, becaise my Jolteons turn out like crap too >_<

    Bayleef is super adorable. Everything about it looks good. ^^

    So, yeahs. That's all my crit. Hope it's not too long~! Keep up the good works ;)
  24. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    Comment away~
  25. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    Okay... let me just say...
    Sparky is the cutest Raichu I have ever seen!
    Keep up the good work!
  26. Ked


    Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    DJ that is so cute~!!

    The pose and the eyes and the heart and everything is just so SQUEE!
  27. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    Behold the Chuck Norris of the pokémon world~:
  28. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    *///// 0 /////*

    Luke how are you so awesome at this?~♥
    Sparky looks positively adorable, and I couldn't help but chuckle about the Chuck Norris Furret! Ufufufuf~

    I forgot to comment before on how much I love that picture of Konata~ She's uber cute in your drawing!! Yay! I hope you draw us some more Lucky Star~

    Thanks for checking out my art thread; I shall make sure to visit yours regularly~!!

    K xx
  29. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    New work~:

    Sparta the Glameow, Simple the Chinchi, Giftart for Ked~
    These aren't as good as the others but meh!
  30. Ked


    Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~


    I loves it and it is so adorables and stuffs ♥

    May I please request something? I would like a super-awesome-adorable-chibi-squee Totodile please. And could you put the word "Croco" next to it? Thank you in advance 'w'
  31. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    You didn't say the secret word Ked~ But since I already finished a chibi totodile before you requested, i'll overlook it this time (also when will my avvie be done? Just saying)
    Here you go~
    It's a rattle, not a maraca~
  32. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    *//// 3 ////*

    He's so cute!
    I especially love the eyes!♥♥

    You're so good at doing Chibi pics, Luke~
    And the rattle is fantasmalicious :>

    K xx
  33. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    Tyson, the chibified Typhlosion ♥
  34. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    I will not accept request from people who don't have 40 or more posts!
    New work:
    Worst glaceon evar!:
    My pet charmander, Zalus~
    Waddaya think~?
  35. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    ILU Luke ♥

    But at the same time I hate you >//// ~ ////<''

    Why d'you have to be such a God at drawing Pogeymanz ; 3 ;
    Glaceon looks amazing in that picture, and when my sister looked over my shoulder she was immensly impressed with it too!

    (She's an eeveelution fanatic :>)

    K xx
  36. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    More art:
    I don't even know what moe moe kyun means :D
  37. Ked


    Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    I am so sorry D:
    Wow, I completely forgot that HATZ was for here >_<

    The rattle and everything looks so cute on Croco~! I wish he looked like that and wasn't a Feraligatr so I could put a diaper on him. I loves his little tooth and how he's standing on his tip-toes.

    Everything looks so cute and chibified and everything is so cuuute!!

    The Espeon kinda freaks me out though o.o
    Mostly because of the eyes. The purple parts look more like pupils. The mouth also gives it a weird effect with the purple pupil thingers.

    Tyson is really, really super awesome and stuffs. The shading on the eyes gives a nice effect too~

    You were made to draw Pokemons chibi-fied and super-duper awesome~! Keep up the good works ;)
  38. Re: Lukario's scetchy booky thingy~

    I have here two envelopes, one containing good news and one containing bad news, which do you want first then? Too slow i'll pick for you~

    Good news: My windows 7 laptop is finally fixed so I can get the better version of paint
    Bad news: The new paint is alot harder to use and I need a new mouse

    New work will be tomorrow or Wednesday Scrap that, I don't need a mouse when I have a flimsy pad thingy~ It's like the flappy paddle gear changer in cars, a but fiddlely, but you still cope~!
    Anyway, recently i've been working on these boxy things~ I hope you like them~!:
    Remember requests are open! I need something to do~
  39. Hey DJ Luke! May you make me a drawing of a shiny Jumpluff riding on a Piloswine? (Make sure you can see Piloswine's eyes.) Thanks!
  40. That might take a while as im rubbish at drawing piloswines but for now~
    New less big art~ [​IMG]
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