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LoZ: Crescent Light Chronicles

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  1. Legend of Zelda: Crescent Light Chronicles

    The idea for this fanfiction has already been in the works for two years, and I've been writing on it for a couple of months now. Overall, it has developed far more than I originally intended.

    I am also open to constructive criticism, seeing as my goal is to become a published author at some point. Any feedback is much appreciated, and I hope that you enjoy my amateur attempt at a fannovel.

    General Information

    Summary: The Triforce's balance is suddenly disrupted. It had been a week since their return. Link and Zelda depart in search of Shadow, unaware of the gravity of the situation.

    Pairings: ZeLink, with some other pairings. Some last, some don't.

    Length: Roughly 80ish chapters, and it's also divided into Parts (possibly into two Volumes).

    Game-Base: Multiple

    Genre: Fantasy-Adventure, with a few sub-genres.

    Rating: T (for safety)

    Website: http://crescentlightchronicles.webs.com/

    Website Fanarts: http://crescentlightchronicles.webs.com/apps/photos/

    ~ ~ ~

    I already have all of Part I written, and will post chapters periodically (every other day, perhaps). Once the first twelve are posted, then I cannot garunetee when the new chapters will be up.

    (Note: I'm having trouble getting the quick links to work properly, so at this time they probably won't take you to each chapter. I'll try to get if fixed soon.)

    Table of Contents

    Part I

    Chapter I: Starlit Blaze

    Chapter II: Departure

    Chapter III: Vigilance

    Chapter IV: Foreshadowing

    Chapter V: Songs and Secrets

    Chapter VI: Convergence

    Chapter VII: Obligations

    Chapter VIII: Corruption and Compassion

    Chapter IX: Innocence

    Chapter X: Unleashed

    Chapter XI: Ripples of the Past

    Chapter XII: Dark Reflections

    Part II

    Chapter XIII: Interlopers

    Chapter XIV: Fallen Astray
  2. Part I - Chapter I: Starlit Blaze

    Blood spattered the night. Cries rent the air. Flames erupted into the moonless sky.

    A raid.

    Warriors and lavender eyed creatures swarmed the large town of Lyrako, south of Ordon. Selena broke into a run. The blazing firelight danced around her, making her hip length hair, like strands of electrum, appear coppery in the harsh light. She jumped aside, backing into a smoldering alley as mounted warriors thundered past, the hooves of one's mount nearly clipping her.

    Selena pivoted, darting out of the thin path, coughing as another billowing cloud of smoke wafted to her. Eyes and lungs burning, she ducked around a large draft as it reared up, the whites of it's eyes showing.

    It's knotted reins caught a foreleg as the plate-sized hooves slammed on the cobblestone, sliding. The large equine whinnied in surprise and pain as the braided leather snapped against it's leg. Eyes wild with fear, it suddenly lost it's balance. The dappled horse toppled over on her.

    Selena gasped as she hit the ground, the breath knocked out of her. Pain was shooting through her left leg. It was pinned underneath the equine's ribcage. Someone suddenly grabbed her under the arms, pulling as she attempted to jerk her leg away while the horse's frantically pawing hooves kicked at everything in reach.

    She loosed a sigh as it came free, the person pulling her to her feet. Selena turned, seeing a militia solder. "Run, if you can!" he shouted over the fire's roar, drawing his longsword to meet the opposing warriors.

    Her hand hovered over the rapier in her belt as the lavender eyed creatures quickly surrounded them. Selena quickly unsheathed it as the circle grew tighter. Her blue eyes flicked around the ring of creatures warily, nervously.

    One struck. It's claws pierced the militia solder's neck. Blood sprayed her white trousers and pale blue shirt, pooling around her brown, knee-length boots as it drug it's claws down the soldier. It stepped back. The corpse fell at her feet. Selena's pale complexion turned ashen.

    A warrior stepped through the throng, smirking when he saw her favoring a leg. "Drop your weapon, or die," the warrior snarled, though somewhat startled by her appearance. Blue-eyed blonde Hylians were rare, by any standard.

    "And if I do not surrender easily?" she inquired, raising her sword slightly.

    "Then you shall suffer a great amount of pain before death, like any other," he said, motioning the creatures aside. Another warrior was tormenting one of the militia, only drawing out the person's death. "That is an example."

    Another creature moved towards her, hissing. She lashed out in attack. It burst into as her slender blade connected. Selena paused, puzzled.

    "Your choice: Servitude or death," the warrior snapped, leveling his weapon.

    "… Neither," she returned, stepping back.

    A building collapsed behind her, releasing a fresh wave of heat and sparks. There was suddenly more shouting and cries for help. The warrior half-turned.

    Someone was cantering through, his steed's hooves pounding against the stone as he slashed at the creatures and warriors. A mounted foe rode beside the rider, attempting to knock him out of the saddle.

    "Moron," her opponent scoffed, snapping his fingers. "Kill him," the warrior ordered. Half of the creatures immediately responded. Eight warped around the rider, spooking his horse. It shied away from them as one of the warriors struck.

    The rider slipped out of the saddle, rolling away from his prancing steed. He brought his sword across the nearest creature as he straitened. It burst into ash. Another appeared.

    Selena stiffened. It was clear they were not going to halt until the order was fulfilled. As she moved forward the warrior lunged. The edge of his blade pricked her bare neck. "A shame … So few Hylians have your appearance," he drawled, pressing it closer. A thin red hair appeared across her neck. One wrong movement on her part would result in a slit throat.

    She froze, knowing the warrior would gladly dispose of her. As her opponent relaxed, his eyes on her sweat moistened and smoke-smudged face. Selena slowly, cautiously, brought the tip of her sword upwards. She struck, immediately jumping back. His blood spattered the heated cobblestone. He swore, his blade barely missing her.

    Selena stumbled backwards, feeling the breeze of his weapon. The warrior's gaze was murderous. She swallowed painfully, her throat raw from the smoke. "And now?" Selena inquired, seeking an alternative route.

    "You die, like any other headstrong wretch!" the warrior spat, raising his sword as crimson spread down his tan sleeve. He charged her. She sidestepped, pivoting. The flat of her blade connected with the warrior's back.

    Selena turned, not waiting to see what happened, and broke into a run. She winced, hearing a shrill whiny and sickening crunch. The young woman shuddered involuntarily, knowing the warrior had been trampled. A sharp cry of pain brought her attention back to the rider.

    Blood was running down the young man's bare arm, flowing from the front of his shoulder. Crimson against his lightly tanned skin. It was his sword arm. He grimaced in pain, plunging his weapon into the one who'd attacked him. The creature hissed in agony, the blade jutting out it's back.

    Like the one she had struck, it burst into ash. Though deadly, the possessed a weak physical defense. The remaining creatures saw that he was weakening, and advanced.

    Her throat constricted with concern. One somehow noticed her footsteps over the fire's roar, turning. Selena hesitantly slowed, raising her weapon defensively. Selena moved forward, unnoticed by the rider and the creature he was dueling. The other was watching her like a hawk, observing every movement.

    It was as if the creature held Wisdom. The thought was absurd, yet somehow plausible. Selena paused, meeting the lavender eyed gaze. It pounced.

    She stepped back, raising her arm instinctively to protect her face. Claws ripped into her forearm. Selena gasped, icy pain burning at the gashes. It moved to strike again.

    It's sharp, curved claws clashed with her sword, sliding. The grating sound raised the hairs on the back of her neck. She jerked her weapon away, thrusting it forward. Her blade pierced it's neck.

    The ashes scattered with a heated gust from a crumbling building. Sparks and bits of blazing wood pelted the ground. Selena sidestepped, narrowly evading a shower of sparks, and dashed towards him.

    He looked up, pressing his hand over the claw wounds. Scarlet was dribbling over his fingers. "Are you alright?" she inquired, hesitantly touching his arm. The rider's emerald eyed gaze locked on her face, startled. He suddenly grasped Selena's arm, jerking her aside.

    A riderless horse thundered past, blood running down it's flank. She winced as his hand slid over the claw marks, pain coursing through the wounds anew. The rider released her arm, glancing at his further bloodied palm in astonishment.

    A nearby whinny caught his attention. The rider's buckskin was rearing up, pawing at an offending creature. A black hoof caught it in the shoulder as the equine came down, snorting. He wiped his hand on his forest green trousers and sheathed his sword, lightly touching her shoulder. "Come!" the rider said urgently, shouting to be heard over the fire.

    He jogged towards his steed, Selena trailing behind him. The onyx haired rider reached up, his fingers closing around the knotted reins. "Steady, steady …" the young man said soothingly, running a hand down it's sweat moistened neck.

    The horse's nostrils were flared, it's muscles tight with anticipation as it pawed the stone. Selena gently stroked it's flank, attempting to calm it more so. She paused as her fingers brushed over a brand, taking her hand away. The outline of a Triforce was branded into the equine's skin, letters H and K in the center triangle.

    Was he a rouge, or a Knight of Hyrule?

    The rider swung into the saddle, extending a hand. She pushed her uncertainty away, grasping it. He pulled her up behind him, and slapped the reins against his steed's neck.

    It broke into a full gallop.

    * * * * *

    A young woman slowly backed up, droids forming a tight half-moon around her. The girl's hair was a light blonde, her eyes a colbat blue. She appeared to be fifteen or sixteen, naught more.

    Her back bumped against the cool stone wall. Fear entered her eyes.

    Another person appeared outside the half-moon smirking. Something snapped. The droids parted, allowing the person to enter. "Lycoris …" the blonde said softly, startled.

    The dark eyed gaze held hatred, Dark Energy flickering at her palms. The arrival attacked.

    Zelda sat bolt-upright. Her sapphire blue eyes were soon shadowed with pondering. "… Who are they?" she inquired softly, standing.

    She walked onto the balcony of her chambers, bare feet padding against the cool white marble. A light breeze toyed with her loose, golden blonde hair and floor length nightgown. The lilac silk blew around her legs, shimmering slightly in the starlight.

    It had been a week since they'd returned to the world of Light.

    The sound of Link's Horse Call drifted to her ears, gracing the silent night. Zelda leaned on the smooth railing, scanning the garden.

    He was lounging in the cherry blossom three, eyes closed as he played the relaxing melody . She pushed herself away from the railing, her thoughts returning to the dream as she turned.

    Was it prophetic? Outlining the future?

    Zelda sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Who are they?" she asked herself again, exasperation touching her tone. She lowered her hand after a moment, pulling one of the doors open. The guard started, before breathing a sigh of relief. He bowed as she passed, moving towards the spiraling stairwell.

    She trailed her hand down the banister, picking up the hem of her gown as she half-jogged down the stairs. Something was prodding at the back of her mind, though she couldn't say what. The Horse Call abruptly fell silent.

    Zelda paused, before running into the garden. Link was now facing the cherry blossom tree, staring at it. Pink petals were swirling around the starlit garden, blowing around the ground.

    "What is it, Link?" she inquired softly, slowly walking towards him. He turned, startled.

    "Zelda? Did I wake you?" Link asked, stepping nearer. She shook her head, watching the tree lose yet more blossoms. It was as if it were going dormant early, though spring was not yet half over.

    "… I do not understand … First the dream, and now this?" Zelda mused, gesturing to the tree.

    "You had a prophetic dream?"

    "I am not sure, to be truthful …"

    "Odd … I have been feeling uneasy since dusk set in …" Link whispered, confusion touching his expression. A sharp, piercing pain suddenly branded the Triforce symbol on the back of their hands. He winced as Zelda bit her lower lip, both pieces of the Triforce glowing.

    The affinity based colors faded to gold after a moment, the pain diminishing as the glow did. Link's icy blue gaze met Zelda's sapphire blue one. "Goddesses …" Link breathed, the back of his hand still tingling.

    "Link … The balance is off …" Zelda whispered, staring at him. The Triforce suddenly seemed uneven - The power incomplete.

    (Author's Note: I hope that you enjoyed the first chapter, and that it was not a disappointment.)
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  3. Well its clearly very well written, props to you for spending so much time on it. An enjoyable read, even for someone like me who has for some reason never played the Zelda series *dodges rocks*

    And for some reason, your site hates Firefox :( Made it crash twice, but its no problem :p
  4. Linkachu

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    Mmm... No problem with the set up of this thread at all. And w00t! I should've realized by your screen name that you were writing a Zelda fic. Linkachu approves ^^

    Just a tip to make your Table of Contents look better - why not make the list into clickable links themselves? Example for your first chapter. Instead of how you have it now, do it like this:

    Table of Contents

    Part I

    Chapter I: Starlit Blaze

    Just seems a bit neater. Either way however, whatever works. ^^
  5. Thanks so much! I really appreciate that you took the time to read it, since you've never played the Zelda series before (no worries, I won't be throwing rocks).

    Sorry about the website, I didn't realize it did that to other firefox users (since that's my browser).

    [quote author=Linkachu link=topic=6296.msg106488#msg106488 date=1244743653]
    Mmm... No problem with the set up of this thread at all. And w00t! I should've realized by your screen name that you were writing a Zelda fic. Linkachu approves ^^

    Just a tip to make your Table of Contents look better - why not make the list into clickable links themselves? Example for your first chapter. Instead of how you have it now, do it like this:

    Table of Contents

    Part I

    Chapter I: Starlit Blaze

    Just seems a bit neater. Either way however, whatever works. ^^

    Hey, thanks for checking this out so soon. ^_^

    I'm glad that you (apparently) like it so far, and I'll try changing the links into clickable text now - Seeing as I couldn't get it work, XD.

    Well, I hope to talk to you soon. *huggles*
  6. Chapter II: Departure

    Zelda's eyes expressed clear concern, whilst Link's were darkened. "Do you suppose Shadow is …?"

    Link shook his head, glancing up at the star speckled sky. Cherry blossoms continued to swirl on the gentle breeze, turning a pale pink. " … I don't know …" he mused, his fingers wrapping around the Forest, which dangled from a silver chain.

    The pale emerald sphere had a faint glow, visible through his clenched, gauntleted hand. A crystallized water droplet hung from Link's ear, glistening in the starlight. Upon his left wrist, overlapping the gauntlet, was a coppery wrist band. The Aqua and Flare.

    Zelda shifted her weight, the soft grass tickling her ankles as she stepped off the pathway, nearer to Link. His expression held dignified resolve. "He was headed south towards Termina … Shadow should be at the boarder by now … It's five days by horseback. I'll depart at daybreak," Link said, fierce determination burning in his eyes.

    She touched her bare hand to his cheek, stepping closer. "I shall accompany you …"

    "No," Link said flatly, startling her. "What will Hyrule do without their Princess - No, soon-to-be Queen?" You are their symbol of hope."

    "I am more than a title - I am also a person," she countered, knowing many held her in high esteem. Almost above humanity. "A person that cares about more than just her country. You are going to have company, unwelcome or no," Zelda said firmly, touching her index finger to his soft lips, silencing his objections. "King Ralis and Brother Darbus shall understand if a regent rules in my stead, for a restricted time."

    Link's shoulders slumped in defeat. "You've made your point," he sighed, annoyed with himself for giving in. "I'll restock Epona's saddlebags while you prepare," Link said, striding towards the stables.

    Zelda looked up as the guard knocked on her door. "Enter," she called, tucking the Royal Tiara inside a small leather pouch. The oaken door opened, an elderly man stepping inside.

    Though wizened with age, his step was light and energy clearly vigorous. His sweeping green robes brushed the floor, offset by alert hazel eyes, set in a wrinkled face. "You requested my presence, Highness?" he inquired pleasantly, despite the earliness of the hour.

    She nodded, feeling his gaze. "Yes … I wish to ask something of you, Minister Crofton," Zelda returned, turning. Her blue kirtle swirled around her legs, the hem swinging to a stop several inches about the toes of her booted feet.

    "Haste does not always profit, child … Continue, if you will," Crofton said calmly as the clock chimed four, sensing her urgency.

    "I've need of departure, with the sole company of a young man named Link … I wish for you to assume regency during my absence. Presuming we locate the third party, I shall return soon …"

    Lord Crofton stroked his short silver beard, pondering. "You must leave?"

    She nodded again, carefully watching his expression. "Though not yet knighted, Link is worthy of the honor …" Zelda added, before the question rose.

    "I sense you cannot tell me where you are going - Her Highness also seems irritated at the thought of an escort …." Crofton observed, gauging the look in her eyes before mentioning the idea. "… I know you would not depart without reason, but I ask one thing of you … Return safely …" he said softly, bowing his head.

    "So I shall. You may alert the Castle after dawn," Zelda said reassuringly, placing a hand on her advisor and friend's shoulder. Crofton stood, quickly embracing the young woman, and left her to finish preparing.

    * * * * *

    Link swung into the saddle, nudging the palomino mare into a walk. Epona nickered, glancing at the pure white gelding her master was untying from the wall. The elegant equines sagely plodded along, shod hooves clipping on the stone.

    He paused, seeing a young woman emerge from the Palace doors. She immediately moved towards him. Link reined Epona to a stop, glancing down at the blue-clad arrival.

    Zelda's loosely braided hair hung over her shoulder, bound with a blue thread. A small leather pouch, much like his own, was belted to her waist. It continued to swing slightly as her loping gate slowed to a walk when she neared the horses. Link leaned down in his saddle, offering the gelding's reins.

    She accepted them, pulling them over the white's neck. Link's brow arched as she mounted, seeing the hilt of a knife at the top of her boot. Zelda settled in a sidesaddle position, pointedly covering the gleaming steel with her coarse frock.

    "I am astonished they let you go so easily," Link said softly, breaking the silence.

    "That is because I only spoke with Minister Crofton …" She replied, adjusting her grip on the reins. Link nodded, recalling the kindly, yet elderly man Zelda had introduced him to.

    "Are you fully prepared?" he inquired, running his hand down Epona's smooth, muscular neck. She nodded. "Alright …" Link said, nudging her into a walk as he straitened. Zelda followed, lightly slapping Sumner's neck with the reins.

    The spirited gelding immediately responded, moving into a fast walk.

    As soon as they were out of Castle Town she switched to the traditional position, swinging her leg over the other side of the saddle. The two horses moved into a paced trot, heading south towards Ordon.

    * * * * *

    "Whoa …" he said, pulling back on the reins. The buckskin halted, wearily pawing the ground. They had been riding double for some time.

    Selena slid off the stallion's back as the rider dismounted, running down it's twitching side. "Thank you…" she said softly, her voice trailing off as she realized she didn't know his name.

    "Think nothing of it …" he returned politely, sliding the reins back over his horses neck. "Come, Elare," the rider said, gently pulling the braided leather. "… May I know your name, miss?" he inquired as Elare slowly walked beside him, muscles twitching with exhaustion.

    "Selena … What of you?" she replied, her hand still resting on Elare's lathered side.

    "… Kent …" he finally replied, turning as a worn trail caught his eye. "This way," the rider said, leading Elare onto the path. The tall trees acted as a canopy, blocking the rising sun as they walked.

    The winding path soon split, heading in different directions. Kent paused, before taking the angular branch. "If I remember correctly, there should be a spring near by …" he mused, walking through a clump of ferns that had grown on the path. Elare's head dipped down, quickly grabbing a bite of the thin leaves.

    Selena pushed aside a branch, allowing her companion extra space. And froze.

    Pure, cream colored sand stretched in front of them, surrounded by greenery and rock face. Water cascaded down the rock face in the back of the spring, rippling through the clear liquid. Faeries with a soft pink glow hovered over the darker, deeper section.

    Ferns surrounded the sand covered landscape, the back half concealed by tan stone. She slowly stepped forward, taking in the scenery. "It's beautiful here .." Selena breathed as Kent joined her, moving closer to the spring.

    "Yes, it is," Kent agreed, though not quite forgetting about his wounds. He led the stallion into the spring, water splashing around his boots, which rose half-way up his calves. The buckskin's black stockings shone wetly in the morning light.

    He removed a cloth from the saddlebag, dipping it in the spring water. Selena stepped into the spring, pausing. It was warm, astonishingly. She walked towards him, concerned when she saw the condition of his shoulder. "Your shoulder his still bleeding, Kent … Allow me to help .."

    His brow arched. "As is your arm," he pointed out, noticing that most of the torn sleeve was a violet-crimson mix. Selena flushed, holding it behind her back.

    "I'm alright …" she said timidly, looking away.

    "And I am to believe that … Why?" he inquired, glancing at the water. It was taking on a tinge of pink, droplets of red slowly falling into it as Elare was drinking. The stallion raised his head, snorting.

    Selena combed her fingers of her good arm through Elare's flowing ebony mane, feeling the thick, yet soft hairs. She heard something sizzle, looking back to Kent. He was wringing out the cloth over the claw marks on his shoulder, pink water running down his muscular arm. The wounds momentarily foamed, knitting themselves back together.

    Kent rotated his shoulder experimentally as the foam slid away, leaving it unscathed. "Not even a scratch," he said, a smile playing about his lips. "Now may I see you arm?" Kent inquired, though his tone implied more of a polite command than a question.

    "… Alright …" she consented softly, embarrassed by his concern. Kent lightly took her wrist, turning it so he could see the gashes. Selena winced as he peeled back her ripped sleeve, tearing the scabbing sections off the edges of the wounds.

    "These are deep …" he commented, gently touching between two of the five gashes. Kent dipped the cloth again, holding it over the wounds. Selena's jaw clenched as the spring water was wrung onto the claw marks.

    All five gashes began foaming, the wounds burning. He dribbled more onto the foamed area after a moment, washing the gashes as they healed. The burning sensation was lessening, her wounds nearly finished recuperating. Kent rinsed the area one more time, revealing it to be completely healed.

    "Thank you …" she said softly, her face still flushed slightly as he released her arm, now satisfied. He shrugged, turning to unsaddle Elare.

    "I am merely curious - Lyrako was a city of trade, an outpost if you will. Your rapier tells me you are not of merchant stock … Was there something you were entrusted to do?" Kent inquired hesitantly as he loosened the cinch, knowing the question was intrusive.

    Selena squatted, splashing the spring water on her smoke-smudged face. "… Yes … My family had been tasked to locating a person dubbed Nayru's Guardian, in order to return a Harp …" she said, staring at her now downcast reflection.

    "Were you separated?"

    "No … The fever took Mama and Papa almost six months ago," Selena replied, straitening. Her tone wavered slightly. She felt a hand upon her shoulder.

    "I apologize … I should not have pried …" he said softly, comfortingly. "Still … That is quite a burden to bear alone …"

    "It is necessary, though … At least traversing as a bard does not allow starvation," Selena added, holding her hands apart as she turned. A blue glow appeared, flickering. Kent's brow arched.

    A blue and violet painted harp materialized in her grasp.

    "You know magic?"

    "Only two specific spells …" Selena admitted, flushing. The ability to store an item in one's mind came only through a Time-based spell, using memory. "What of you?" she inquired, hoping to turn the conversation away from her.

    "I, too, am searching for someone. But the winds have changed …"

    "How so?"

    "The droids have gained offensive power …" Kent replied, meeting her gaze.

    "Hold a moment," Selena said, staring at her acquaintance. "You know what those creatures are?"

    He nodded.

    * * * * *

    Link reined Epona to a halt, Sumner stopping beside the mare. Their hands were tingling again, as if falling numb.

    "What does this mean?" he inquired outloud, staring at the grassy plains ahead. Link suddenly stiffened, glancing at Zelda.

    The ground was vibrating. Unwelcome visitors were thundering towards the duo.

    (Author's Note: Yes, I might be updating every day until we're caught up. I hope that you enjoyed this chapter. ^_^)
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    I am most certainly interested. You're excellent at describing the scenery and story. I will definately be waiting for the next eleven+ chapters to be posted.
  8. Hello's. ^_^

    Thanks for checking CLC out, I appreciate it. There should be another chapter up tomorrow, but I'm still working on the beginning of Part II. With any luck, I'll have it done soon.
  9. Chapter III: Vigilance

    Zelda's grip on the reins tightened. The swordsman nodded as Sumner pranced on the turf, eagerly awaiting the coming arrivals. Epona trotted beside the elegant equine, soft brown gaze staring at the horizon.

    "Let's hasten … And now would be an excellent time!" Link added, seeing the first mud colored boar appear over the hill. He rammed his heels into Epona's sides, urging her into a gallop.

    The duo reined their horses to the south, fleeing the army of mounted goblins. Excited grunts were audible behind them. A blazing arrow flew past his ear. Link gasped, feeling the blistering heat. He drew his sword, noticing a bublins on his left.

    A stained steel axe glinted in the morning light. The boar neared him, it's coarse brown hairs almost brushing Epona's golden pelt. He struck. Axe and sword clashed. The Master Sword's blade gleamed yellow in a ray of light, before a green aura flared around it.

    Roots burst out of the grassy field, tangling around the boar's short legs. It fell with an astonished grunt, throwing it's rider. Link's gaze scanned the plain, searching for Zelda. She was nearing the bridge.

    With two bublins closing in on each side.

    * * * * *

    Kent turned back to unsaddling Elare, seemingly avoiding her curious gaze. He pulled the saddle off, resting it against his brown clad side. Selena's eyes followed him as he placed it on the sand, walking back to his steed.

    She dipped the cloth, scrubbing along Elare's sweat-encrusted spine. Kent's expression was nonchalant, though his eyes were far away - Deep in thought.

    He, too, seemed concerned about the creature's appearance. Droids, Kent had called them. The emerald eyed rider ran his hand through his tousled onyx hair, sighing. Elare nickered, nudging his master. Kent gently rubbed the stallion's velvety black muzzle, absentmindedly scratching the base of Elare's throat with his other hand.

    The buckskin arched his neck, thoroughly enjoying the additional attention. Selena continued to groom the stallion, observing him. Kent shook his head, clearly frustrated. He slowly lowered his hands, his gaze now focused on her.

    "What is it?" she inquired, pausing. Curiosity seemed to intensify his stare.

    "Naught …" Kent returned after a moment, looking away. He dipped, rubbing it up Elare's hocks as he squatted. "… Where do you plan to go?" he inquired, wringing out the cloth. A thin stream of sweat tainted water hit the surface. Kent swirled the cloth in the warm spring water, glancing up at her.

    "Hyrule … Why do you ask?"

    Kent shrugged, still holding her gaze. He seemed preoccupied. "Would you care for me to accompany you?" Kent inquired, straitening.

    She flushed, stepping back. The water sloshed around her boots, wetting the knees of her trousers. "Please, do not think of me as a responsibility," Selena returned, raising her hands as if to fend off a strike.

    The onyx haired rider shook his head, a smile playing about his lips. "No, it is not that. It would simply be uncouth not to offer …" he commented calmly, yet evasively. She continued to gaze into his deep green depths, sensing he was omitting something.

    Elare nickered, turning his head to look at her. The stallion rubbed his head against her hands, clearly tired. "… Alright, I see no reason why you shouldn't," Selena consented, looking away before speaking again. "How did you know what those creatures are called?"

    "I had the semi-recent misfortune of meeting someone who controlled them," Kent sighed, his tone distant. "Well … I suppose we should rest some before departing …" he mused, seeing as they were both teetering on the brink of exhaustion and Elare had reached it.

    She nodded in agreement, glancing back at him. Kent took the reins, leading the buckskin to a grassy area near the water. He looped the braided leather around a tree, tying it into a secure slip knot.

    Selena waded out of the spring, smiling as Elare promptly plopped down onto the grass with a snort, shaking his head. She walked to the equine, squatting as she ran her hand down his muscular neck. Elare's legs were leisurely folded, his head now resting on the ground.

    The young woman moved to the side, further away from the stallion for when he got up. She hesitantly laid down, feeling Kent's eyes. Selena's gaze flicked to him, curious.

    His back was resting against another tree, ankles comfortably crossed. Kent's scabbard rested across his legs. One hand rested on the hilt of his sword, the other gripping the sheath.

    As if preparing for unwelcome company, she mused as exhaustion finally overtook her, sleep invading her senses.

    * * * * *

    Link's breath caught in his throat, watching as another boar loped onto the south end of the bridge. Zelda was surrounded. Two boars from behind, one ahead. All three were notching their bows.

    Sumner's shod hooves pounded on the weathered wood. The young woman suddenly pulled on the reins, nudging the white's sides. His brow arched.

    The gelding responded immediately, jumping off the bridge. Water splashed around it's cannon bones. The trio of boars collided, erupting into startled and agonized grunts. Sumner cantered beside them, snorting.

    There were two others. She glanced at Link, nodding. The duo focused, once again relying on magic. A flaming arrow sailed past Zelda's arm. She tensed.

    Spirit Light burst forth, momentarily blinding their pursers. She ducked forward in the saddle was the Forest began to glow, another arrow flying over her head. The Faron Woods were in sight. Roots once again burst out of the vibrating ground, snaring a single boar.

    Epona suddenly tensed underneath him as they entered the Woods, biting the bit. He looked to Zelda. Her grip on the reins was tight. She could feel it was well.

    They were not far from the ‘shrine' … He pressed his right heel into her side, calmly asking the mare to turn. It was making him uncomfortable, not knowing. Still, if Epona also sensed it, there was a high possibility. Horses were animals of prey, their instinct was to remain vigilant.

    He ducked under a branch as they slowed to a trot, hooves nearly soundless on the forest floor. Link stiffened as he straitened, an icy chill seeping down his spine. That feeling was all to familiar. Droids.

    Link swung out of the saddle, gripping the mare's reins in one hand. The heel of his boot clunked against an unnoticed root. Epona stepped back, finally releasing the bit. The palomino arched her neck, locking her legs as he tried to lead her closer to the shrine.

    "Easy, girl …" he murmured, stroking her muzzle. Zelda also dismounted, glancing at him. She hesitantly pulled up the right side of her kirtle, halfway up her calve. Link flushed, looking away as she pulled the sheathed knife from the boot. The coarse fabric brushed against a thin leafed bush as she released it, making a rustling sound.

    He hesitantly looked back to her, trying to push what he'd seem from his mind. A tinge of crimson tainted Zelda's features, though she quickly diverted his attention.

    Someone was entering the shrine. His brow arched. The Mirror had been destroyed. It should have held no further use. Link flipped the reins over Epona's neck, edging closer. Zelda nodded, tying Sumner's reins to the mare's. It would at least keep the duo together.

    She stepped into the clearing, quietly moving towards the entrance. Link dropped the reins, jogging after her. One off guard moment was all a droid would need. His grip on the Master Sword's blue hilt tightened.

    The heels of their boots clicked faintly on the flagstone, reaching the door. Zelda's fingers wrapped around the cold iron handle, pulling it open with utmost caution. She suddenly sidestepped, raising her hand.

    Violet fumes seeped out of the door, blowing in their faces. Link winced, blinking. The fumes stung … Like acid. Magic?

    His free hand slid inside the small leather pouch at the side of his belt, searching. The capacity of the enchantment enlarged pack never ceased to amaze him. His fingers soon closed around cool platinum. The Gale Boomerang. He withdrew it, a slight breeze entering the clearing.

    It toyed with their hair before wrapping around the bent metal, turning silver. Link stepped into the door, pausing. Something hissed. He drew back his arm, releasing the Boomerang in one deft throw. It swung around the small room, a harsh wind cutting through the noxious fumes.

    The duo stepped back as the gas billowed out of the doorframe, like a dark fog. Link raised his hand, easily catching the returning item. His brow arched, seeing the foliage. It was shriveling into brown weeds, shells of what was once green. Dying. Even the nearest tree was becoming wilted. What power was this?

    Their throats were beginning to ache, raw from accidentally inhaling some of the fumes. Link tucked the Boomerang back in the pouch, and strode through the door. Zelda was on his heels, but two feet around him.

    Claws suddenly ripped across his cheek. Link gasped, sidestepping as scarlet flowed from the gashes. The warm liquid dribbled onto the right shoulder of his tunic, testament of the attack. He turned, eyes narrowing.

    The droid further extended it's bloodied, dagger like claws, hissing. It's slate gray, humanoid form nearly blended with the brick wall - Aside from the violet on it's face. A glinting amethyst shard was embedded between it's cold lavender eyes.

    Link tensed as it dropped into a crouch, recognizing the movement. His icy blue gaze followed every move, a faint green aura appearing around his sword. Still, to continuously use magic in quick succession would only get him killed. He could feel the effects from their battle on the field, his energy already ebbing.

    It pounced. He sharply brought his sword up. Blade and claws clashed, sliding. The two jerked back, moving in for another strike. A blade whistled in the air behind him, another droid hissing.


    He lunged, abruptly, bringing his sword across the creature's torso. It burst into ash, momentarily blinding him. Link turned, blinking the soot out of his eyes.

    The princess glanced over her shoulder, hearing his footsteps. A thin gash ran across her shoulder, blood trickling from the shallow wound. Her knife glinted in a ray of light, irritating the droid. She ducked as it attacked, the curved claws missing her face by inches.

    Zelda ducked around it, planting her blade in it's back as she straitened. Her expression was one of distaste, staring at the ashes. "… Their essence … It's full of hate …" she whispered, stepping away from the pile. Zelda's gaze slowly shifted to the second doorway, the Mirror Chamber.

    The person had not been a wayward traveler, he had to have been allied to the droids to have passed so swiftly. She quickly, but quietly strode across the room. Link was soon at her side, squatting.

    Someone was kneeling on the stone floor, his back turned to them. Long umber locks trailed down his crimson shirt, partially falling around his face.

    Low voices drifted to their ears, undecipherable. Zelda inched closer, hand resting on the edge of the door. It was cracked open. She slowly, cautiously pulled it back another few inches.

    "… see your assignment was successful …" a male voice was saying, his tone bored. "Your next, mercenary, will be more challenging. Take this, and depart to Lyrako," the same masculine voice added, something sliding across the floor.

    "Yes, sir," the rouge said coolly, fingers curling around the flat object.

    "You shall receive further instructions there … And you have company," he added calmly. The duo tensed. "Kill them."
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    Oooo suspensful! :D I wonder who this 'mercenary' is as well as the identity of his employer.

    I also can't wait for the two parties to meet (as I'm sure will happen sooner or later, right?)
  11. Thanks. ^_^

    As for the mercenary, well ... He's known, here and there. And yes, that'll be in Chapter VI: Convergence.
  12. Sir Red

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    Just caught up with what you've written thus far, and it's terrific. You have a great writing style and you do a fantastic job of describing what's going on. Kudos thus far.

    However, I have one piece of constructive criticism. I noticed that sometimes you simply use 'he' or 'she' in a paragraph without specifing who said person is beforehand. For the time being it's easy to assume who 'he' and 'she' are. But when there are more then two people in a scene it could prove troublesome as to who is doing what.

    Other then that minor detail, I've thoroughly enjoyed your fannovel thus far. I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter to see where your cliffhanger leads.
  13. Hello's. ^_^

    Thank you for checking this out, I appreciate it. And I will try to keep that in check from Chapter XIII on (since that's the current chapter), thanks for pointing it out.

    I'll be updating regularly until we're caught up, so it should all be up fairly soon. Then, I cannot guarantee when the new chapters will be up - But I hope that you enjoy them. *Huggles*
  14. Chapter IV: Foreshadowing

    The rouge straitened, nodding.

    Link stood, jaw clenched. The faint violet glow vanished. Zelda stepped back, glancing at her knife. The rouge was unsheathing a long, curved saber. It glinted in a ray of light.

    A faint golden aura appeared around Zelda's knife, thickening. She suddenly flicked it, as if to remove water. The sturdy blade immediately thinned and lengthened, becoming a rapier as the glow vanished. A wry smile played about her lips as she moved back, further into the first room.

    They might have lost the main element of surprise, but not entirely. Link took her cue, stepping around the other corner. Just out of sight.

    If the mercenary still wished to kill them, that one tactic would give the duo a slight edge. He ran his fingertips down the Master Sword's smooth flat, listening intently. Daylight was streaming through the open door, making their weapons gleam. Link slowly shifted his weight, tensing.


    The sound was quiet, barely audible. But there. Zelda nodded to him, the faint smile vanishing. Her free hand was slowly curling into a fist, anticipating the approaching duel. Something snapped.

    A droid appeared, jumping out of a gaping black void. The room's climate suddenly grew colder as the swirling black portal began to shrink, vanishing into nothingness. Zelda shivered, the momentary chill cutting through her garments.

    The lavender eyed creature hissed venomously, extending it's claws. Steel flashed beside him. Link ducked, pivoting. A saber connected with the wall, clanging loudly. Glowing orange sparks dotted the floor.

    Link's eyes narrowed as he straitened. The droid lunged, aiming for Zelda's throat as the mercenary advanced. He sharply raised his sword, watching the young woman out of the corner of his eye.

    Zelda sidestepped, calmly allowing it to pass. The creature turned, launching itself off the wall. It's claws were suddenly scarlet. The side of Zelda's kirtle was ripped. Four short gashes ran horizontally across her ribcage, blood already flourishing on the material.

    She turned to face it again, jaw set as she raised her sword. Spirit Light glowed around the blade.

    His gaze flicked back to the mercenary. The sellsword's steel gray eyes were cold and uncaring, nearly emotionless. Link back-flipped as his opponent struck. He landed in a kneeling position, holding the Master Sword defensively. The mercenary's saber clashed above his head.

    Link stiffened, startled. His opponent was stronger than his somewhat lean frame suggested. An amused smirk played about the mercenary's lips.

    He allowed the blades to slide, glaring at his foe. His leg shot out, catching the mercenary's ankles. The umber haired sellsword swore, rolling. Link's blade hit the floor, narrowly missing.

    The green clad swordsman straitened, stepping back as the mercenary clambered to his feet. His opponent lunged. Link struck. An agonized hiss was audible behind them. The droid had been defeated.

    Their swords clashed in a feat of strength. Grating against one another, the two gleaming weapons formed a lethal ‘X'. The duo slowly turned, oblivious to all else. His foe's eyes were hardened, but now alive. Elation and bloodlust.

    A smile played about Link's lips. His arms, already tensed, were now rigid. He pressed forward, forcing the mercenary back another step. The heels of their boots clicked on the floor. A bead of perspiration ran down his face. His icy blue eyes locked on the sellsword's, panting slightly.

    Yet he had something to his advantage. Something that was just dawning on his opponent. The wall. It was nearing his foe's back. Their exchange, already on edge, met it's climax.

    The mercenary's efforts, as well as his own, were redoubled. His opponent threw all of his weight behind the saber. Link's heels slid slightly on the floor.

    Control was vital. The one without would surely die. Link gritted his teeth, trying to adjust his two handed grip on the hilt. The Master Sword was sliding, his palms slick with sweat, soaking the gauntlets.

    With a faint grunt, he lunged. Forcing the mercenary against the cold stone. Link partially released the hilt, his right hand closing around his foe's sword arm. He smashed it against the unyielding wall. Twice. Three times.

    The mercenary flinched, his saber clattering to the floor. Link's blade, heated from their duel, pressed against his throat like a branding iron. "… Speak, sellsword … Or lose your head …" Link snarled, breathing heavily.

    Zelda appeared beside him, placing a hand warningly on his shoulder. Her grip was light, but firm. "Who are you, and whom do you serve?" she inquired coolly, her sapphire like gaze boring into his steely gray ones.

    "No one of consequence, though my employer is," the mercenary returned vaguely, glaring at them. He seemed more perturbed than anything, despite his situation. "And if you continue to meddle in his affairs, I feel you shall meet him relatively soon."

    Her brow arched. Was their true foe a hunter, or were his resources simply not adequate? It was time for a different approach. "… What could be so dire," Zelda began quietly, holding his gaze. "… That one would order death to those who accidentally overheard pieces of an exchange?"

    The mercenary smirked, gloating. "Eavesdroppers often hear things they do not like … It would be foolish to allow rumors to spread, much less be believed. And the two of you are not simple commoners," he added calmly, glancing at Link.

    "Your meaning?" Zelda prompted, intrigued.

    "Ordinary people would have died to the droids … But your weapons also hint."

    Link stiffened. The mercenary's trained eye had also recognized their fighting style - His impassive gaze clearly expressed it. Zelda's grip on his shoulder suddenly tightened.

    The fumes were returning, swirling around their ankles. A noxious violet swath, drifting upwards. Their throats were beginning to ache again. The mercenary suddenly lashed out in attack.

    His booted foot connected with Link's stomach. The green clad swordsman stumbled back in surprise, flinching. Their foe ducked around the Master Sword's blade, scooping up his own. Zelda moved to block his path, raising her rapier warningly.

    The mercenary chuckled, performing a vertical slice. She sidestepped, feeling the breeze of his weapon. A long, mostly healed wound on the edge of his neck caught her attention. It appeared somewhat fresh, no older than two weeks.

    He suddenly shoved her aside, sprinting out the open door. The duo jogged after him, hearing a startled whinny. A strawberry roan was disappearing into a sea of trees, the mercenary astride.

    Link sighed, shaking his head. One glance at the sky told him they'd wasted over two hours, earning naught but more to dwell on. The Aqua began to glow, soft blue aura appearing over their wounds. A gentle tingling sensation told them the gashes were healing. "… And now?" he inquired, glancing at Zelda. She was staring at the cloudless sky, lost in thought.

    "… We continue …"

    * * * * *

    Soft grass tickled her cheek, a lark's trill blending with the sound of running water. A large, yet relatively light weight rested across her shoulders and down her back. It seemed warm, strangely familiar.

    Yet a nagging feeling was egging at the back of her sleep-trodden mind. "The Harp!" Selena gasped, jerking fully awake. A loud snort, the weight removing itself, and sudden movement caught her attention.

    "It's alright," Kent said calmly, though sound preoccupied. She slowly pushed herself up, brushing a lock of pale blonde hair out of her face. Elare was shooting her a mildly disgruntled glare, and turned to his graze with a dignified flick of his flowing ebony tail.

    Her gaze flicked to Kent. His sword now rested on the ground, a large piece of leather laying across his lap. The Harp, really a lyre, was within arms reach.

    Selena breathed a sigh of relief, walking to the onyx haired rider. "Thank you, for looking after it," she said softly, kneeling beside him. He shrugged, signing the top of his parchment with an intricate flourish.

    "You seemed to exhausted to even attempt waking … So I held onto it," Kent mused, finally meeting her eyes. A gentle smile played about his lips, seeming mildly amused. Her gaze dropped to the parchment, embarrassed. What was on the horizontal page made a slight page made a slight flush creep into her cheeks.

    A charcoal portrait covered the entire sheet, exceedingly detailed. It featured both Elare and her.

    In the drawing, the buckskin was using her shoulder and upper back as a headrest, while her own head rested on her arms. She glanced at Kent again, uncomfortably aware of the heat in her face.

    He had drawn them sleeping? "… You're an artist?" Selena inquired hesitantly, her gaze flicking back to the portrait. It was titled 'Innocence'.

    "I dabble at it," he admitted nonchalantly, flipping the secondary leather flap over the portrait. "Here," Kent said quietly, handing her the Harp.

    She nodded, fingers curling around the smooth wood. The duo stood after a moment, the rider striding towards his steed. He only paused long enough to tuck his drawing in a saddlebag, easily hefting the saddle itself onto his hip.

    Elare turned his head to look at them, snorting as he chewed the grass in his mouth. Kent chuckled, seeing the stallion's expression. "No riding this time," he amended, swinging the saddle, blanket and all, onto Elare's muscular back. Kent reached under the buckskin's stomach, bringing the woolen cinch around. With one deft tug, he pulled the woven strap up and hooked it.

    The stallion let out an exasperated sigh, shooting his master a dirty look. Kent patted the buckskin's shoulder, amused. "You know that bloating doesn't help," he said good-naturedly, scratching the base of Elare's throat.

    Selena smiled as the buckskin gave in, arching his neck. Glancing at the lyre in her hands, it dematerialized. She walked towards them, Kent untying the reins. The young woman paused next to the duo, absent mindedly running her fingers through Elare's soft mane.

    Once he met her gaze again, she noticed something different. "… Kent, your eyes are red. Did you not rest any?" Selena inquired softly, hesitantly touching his arm.

    "I dozed," Kent shrugged, taking the braided leather in his right hand as he stepped forward. "I appreciate your concern, though," he added, smiling. "Shall we be on our way?"

    She nodded, walking on the stallion's other side. Still … An uneasy sense was prodding at Selena. Pinpointing why, however, was elusive.

    (Author's Note: While there was only action in one PoV, things are about to kick up a notch in the next few chapters. ^_^)
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    Another terrific chapter, Moon. Nice fight scene there between Link and the mercenary. I'm interested to see who he's working for.

    Also, a have a funny feeling about Kent...>_>
  16. Thanks, I'm glad that you liked it ... But, unfortunately, that (whom the mercenary works for) will not be mentioned in the near future.

    Also, I'm open ears to your thoughts on Kent. After all, it's interesting to hear opinions and theories. ^_^
  17. Chapter V: Songs and Secrets

    Selena glanced up as they finally emerged from the trees, her hand resting against Elare's smooth, muscular shoulder. Violet was streaking the golden sky, dusk approaching swiftly. Her brow arched.

    They had been walking longer than she thought. Elare's head dipped down, grabbing a mouthful of the lush green grass. Sprigs stuck from between his lips as he chewed. Her gaze moved to Kent, lingering.

    The onyx haired rider was clearly exhausted, occasionally stumbling. Her fingers curled around the reins, giving them a slight tug. The buckskin halted, feeling the bit pressure his mouth. "… Perhaps it would be best if we rested here for the night …" Selena suggested mildly, flushing slightly under Kent's curious gaze.

    "… Alright," he sighed after a moment, looking away. The rider's gaze settled on a stray pine, fairly young, but big enough to tie too. He looped the reins around the trunk, twisting the leather into another slip knot. Kent ran his hand down Elare's neck before moving away.

    The young woman's cobalt gaze followed him, concerned. Kent lowered himself onto the turf, staring up at the sky as he lounged on his back. She glanced up, a smile now playing about her lips.

    A pale crescent hung in the darkening lilac sky, stars just beginning to appear. The moon and stars - Gentle Nayru's symbols, guardian of the waters.

    Selena's smile faded, uncertain. Would she be able to find the Goddess's Guardian?

    "What is it?"

    Selena's gaze flicked to Kent, brow arched. "Pardon?" she inquired softly, somewhat startled. The emerald eyed rider had been watching her, now resting on his side.

    "If you do not mind my saying so, it seems something is troubling you … Selena," Kent added after a moment, tilting his head to the side. She looked away, avoiding the other Hylian's gaze. "… My apologies …"

    "No, it's alright," Selena amended, glancing back at him. "I was wondering how I was to locate the Guardian," she admitted, sighing.

    "I am sure you will, sooner of later," Kent returned reassuringly, smiling slightly. The young woman nodded after a moment, looking back up at the sky.

    "Thank you," she said quietly, also cheered that her companion was becoming friendlier. More open, in her mind.

    Yet the rider was also searching for someone. He, too, had troubles. Despite the mask that had been raised, seemingly sheltering him. Not wanting others to see his hidden hardship.

    She could not say what was bothering Kent, but his trials showed in his eyes. There was more behind the emerald depths than one could tell from a single glance. Selena smiled sadly, still watching the rider out of the corner of her eye. Though they had joined for a time, their tribulations remained separate.

    Untold. Untouched. And would remain as such, both unwilling to trouble the other.

    During their silence the sun had finished vanishing, leaving the area faintly lit by the celestial light. Selena's cobalt gaze remained on the pale ‘u' shaped crescent, lost in thought. She absent mindedly spread her hands, a faint blue glow appearing between them.

    The blue and violet painted lyre soon materialized. "… You said you were traversing as a bard, correct?" Kent inquired after a moment, his tone mildly interested.

    "Yes," she affirmed, half turning. Her pale blonde, hip length locks seemed to shimmer slightly in the moonlight. Faint curiosity was evident in her soft blue eyes.

    The rider now seemed hesitant, rethinking his words. "… Forgive me if this comes across wrong, but may I hear something?" the rider ventured, pulling himself into a sitting position.

    A slight flush came to the young woman's cheeks, becoming timid once again. "… Alright …" she returned, clearly unaccustomed to requests. Selena hesitantly began to strum the Harp, it's liquid notes bathing the cool evening air. The young woman began to sing softly, eyes closing.

    "A sparrow calls,
    "From outside of these walls.

    "I look towards the sky,
    "And wonder why?

    "Why can I not spread my wings and fly,
    "Soar above, by and by?

    "To shed these feathers of stone,
    "For these walls to no longer be home.

    "I look once more,
    "Yearning to soar.

    "Fallen no longer,
    "I can see the ever changing path, yonder.

    "Though not knowing where it goes,
    "I follow the river's flow.

    "The ceaseless winds of time lift me into flight,
    "Towards fortune and plight.

    "Traversing the winding trails of fate,
    "Whilst the hour becomes late …"
    she sang, her voice trailing into silence. Selena slowly looked back to Kent, uncertain.

    He seemed lost in thought, preoccupied. "Very nice … Insightful, even. Did you compose it?"

    "One of my first," Selena said quietly, now staring at her lap. Elare suddenly snorted, pawing the ground. The onyx haired rider stood, wary. Selena stiffened, the Harp vanishing.

    Something that felt similar to the lavender eyed creatures. Similar, yet not quite. The young woman also stood, hand hovering over the hilt of her rapier. "What is it?" Kent inquired, noticing her defensive stance.

    Selena glanced at him, brow arched. "You do not sense it, then?"

    Kent shook his head slightly. "A droid, I believe. Do you feel something else?" he inquired, puzzled.

    "… I have been in tune with essences since I was a child …" she explained quietly, uncomfortably aware of his gaze. "This feels human," Selena added, shifting her weight. The rhythmic sound of hooves, even on grass, caught her attention.

    Someone was riding towards them, the silhouette dark from where the duo stood. The emerald eyed rider suddenly stiffened beside her, fingers curling around the hilt of his longsword as the arrival's appearance became visible. "… It cannot be …" Kent whispered, jaw clenched. Selena took as step back as the arrival dismounted, still somewhat hesitant to draw her blade.

    She tensed, feeling the other's glare settle on her, before moving to the onyx haired rider. "Such a pleasure to see you again, Kent …" the steely eyed arrival drawled, venom lacing his tone.

    * * * * *

    Link paused, gently pulling back on Epona's reins. The palomino mare came to a halt, standing patiently as her master's icy gaze drifted. Coming to a stop at Zelda.

    The young woman had been strangely silent, even since their return to the world of Light. Her soft sapphire blue eyes were often far away, preoccupied. The green clad swordsman swung out of the saddle, grasping Epona's reins as he walked next to Sumner. Celestial light played across the field, sparkling on the dark water of a distant pond.

    They were nearing Hyrule border, having gone around Ordon. Lyrako, something of a central, yet non-affiliated outpost, was still roughly two days away. Link's gaze drifted to the blue clad Princess again, watching her.

    Zelda's long golden locks now hung loose, the blue thread tied around her wrist. She stared ahead, an occasional breath of wind toying with their hair. Her upright, straddling position in the saddle remained unwavering. Despite the weariness that was beginning to show.

    Link slowly reached up, hesitantly touching the young woman's hand. Zelda looked down, still allowing the gelding to plod along at it's leisurely pace. "A rupee for your thoughts?" he ventured, concern touching his tone.

    "So many questions, yet so few solutions," Zelda mused out loud, sighing. Link's brow arched. "… Why did the bublins lay claim to the Southern Hyrule Field so suddenly? Who is the mercenary's overlord? Yet …" she added quietly, her voice trailing off as she reined Sumner to a halt. "There is also something else that has been bothering me …" Zelda admitted, still staring into Link's eyes.

    The swordsman nodded; he had been waiting for the core of her distraction to surface. "Yes?" he prompted gently, though removing his hand. Once again recalling the blatant fact that he was a commoner, and she was all but.

    "At Shadow's world, before you confronted his previous master … Zalcite mentioned someone that people long stopped speaking of … My younger sister, alive …" Zelda said after a moment, lost in thought.

    "You have a sibling?" Link inquired, eyes widening. The young woman nodded.

    "I expect, living in Ordon, the messengers never reached it with the news … Just as well, I suppose - Seeing as she vanished hours both after birth, and mother's death, according to my late father … I was but a year old at the time," she added after a moment, glancing at the crescent moon hanging in the dark sky.

    "It troubles you, not knowing," Link stated quietly, watching Zelda's expression. Oddly calm, with a hint of sadness.

    "Yes," she said softly, a small sigh escaping her lips. "I suppose that I want to know who raised her, how she turned out. The thought of possibly knowing, and still having to duel - Even kill, perhaps - is what bothers me the most."

    Link nodded in understanding as the young woman dismounted, watching the ground. "To find that one's remaining family had been brought up by one's foe would, indeed, be devastating," he murmured, knowing it was a possibility. One that Zelda had already considered, and accepted.

    Her fingers curled around Sumner's reins, giving them a slight tug. They continued at a slow walk, the hem of Zelda's kirtle brushing the grass. Yet the feeling of uneasiness was once again settling over them.

    The swordsman's fingers twitched, his hand tingling. Zelda glanced at him, puzzled. "Again?" she mused, gaze straying to her own hand.

    A faint golden glow was visible in the darkness, turning to their affinity's colors.

    (Author's Note: Well, it is a little late to be updating but ... I was bored, XD. This chapter contains the first 'song' I've ever composed, so it probably isn't that great. But I hope the rest of the chapter met the quality standards. ^_^)
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    Nice chapter. I like the two, for lack of a better word 'relationships', and how they seemed to progress in the chapter.

    I wonder who the mysterious rider is, perhaps the mercenary?

    So not only do you wanna be an author, but you also right songs? Quite the talented girl you are.
  19. I have to say I liked the song, and considering its your first, all the more props to you :)

    Another great update, can't wait for more.
  20. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

    And, in answer to your question ... Possibly. :D

    But, I actually haven't written any songs since that one. When it comes to rhyming, I tend to lean more towards regular poetry, XD.

    [quote author=LoN link=topic=6296.msg107451#msg107451 date=1245137919]
    I have to say I liked the song, and considering its your first, all the more props to you :)

    Another great update, can't wait for more.

    Hey, thanks for commenting. ^_^

    I'm actually kind of surprised that both you and RedRising24 found the song enjoyable, but that's still good. And there should be another update up sometime today.
  21. Chapter VI: Convergence

    The steely eyed arrival glared at Kent, a smirk playing about his lips. "You had thought me dead, it seems. So sorry to disappoint," he snapped advancing. Unsheathing a long, curved saber. It glinted in the moonlight.

    Selena stiffened as his gaze flicked to her, grip on her rapier tightening. About to draw it. She glanced at Kent, uncertain. The onyx haired rider seemed well acquainted to the arrival, though not in the best of sense. "Who is this wretch?" he spat, glaring at her.

    "An acquaintance. She has naught to do with this," Kent snarled, stepping in front of the young woman. "If you wish to duel, fine. But do not drag an innocent into your quarrel, Kain."

    "Always so noble," their aggressor sneered, leveling his curved blade. Kent slowly unsheathed his longsword, raising it defensively. "But it seems your acquaintance is in the wrong place at the wrong time. I feel no mercy for companions of yours."

    The rider tensed. "… If I lose, Selena, take Elare and flee," he murmured, barely audible.

    She hesitantly touched the back of his shoulder, gently pushing him a step to the right. "No … I shall assist you," Selena added, unsheathing her slender blade.

    Kain's brow arched, amused. "Little girls should not be playing with swords," he drawled, moving into an offensive position. Blue eyes met steely gray ones.

    "… You may have a point - But I am not a child," Selena said calmly, watching every movement. Their umber haired foe shrugged, gaze momentarily flicking to the young woman's small breasts. She stepped back, feeling heat creeping into her cheeks.

    Kain's amusement seemed to heighten. "So it seems."

    Kent's blade, both wider and longer than Selena's, gleamed like platinum under the moonlight. He raised the steel longsword, adjusting his grip on the plain hilt. The onyx haired rider advanced, emerald eyes betraying his calm. Anger simmered beneath the cool green.

    "When we spoke last, I believe you mentioned being a mercenary. May I inquire as to what made you sink so low?" Kent ventured coolly, disgust lacing his tone. "Guarding the cretin you once loathed? Murdering your breathen?" he added pointedly, acidly as he glanced over his opponent. Kain adorned scarlet and brown, lacking the final color of white. His plain trousers blended with the leather of his boots, a metallic glint visible on his belt.

    Kain shrugged, lunging. Their blades clashed, grating. The swords glinted. "I may be disgraced, but one could say that my employer could care less," the umber haired mercenary said calmly, stepping forward. Their plain brown boots brushed, sliding. "Being bound by chivalry grew dull - This has no limits. I may do what I please, so long as the commission is completed."

    The onyx haired rider ducked away from his foe's saber, pivoting. His blade connected with a knife that seemed to spring from Kain's palm. "Pathetic," Kent snarled, glaring daggers at his opponent.

    "You are the same as me. Admit it," Kain chuckled, sidestepping. Once again having Selena in his sights. The young woman was hesitating, nearly fearful of intercepting the hate-fueled duel. Both clearly harbored intense dislike for one another.

    "Hardly," Kent hissed, stepping back to avoid the saber. Feeling it's breeze. The curved blade narrowly missed his throat.

    "As you will - Brother," Kain added, amused. Kent stiffened. The knife vanished with a flick of the mercenary's wrist. Selena sharply raised her sword, tensing. A pale blue aura flickered around her as the rider pivoted.

    The knife was partially deflected, leaving a shallow gash across the top of her shoulder. Blood welled at the thin cut. A smile played about her lips, seeing the rouge's expression. Both astonishment and rage.

    The aura vanished. "Even low-grade Shield spells are useful," Selena pointed out quietly, glancing behind her. The knife quivered in the tree trunk. It would have pierced her chest, had the spell not intervened. Too close. Her magic was not powerful enough to block a small knife, much less a sword.

    She adjusted her sword to a defensive position as Kain advanced. "What? No more fancy spells?" he sneered, leveling his curved blade.

    Kent bristled. "Kain! Leave her out of this," he said warningly, striding after the mercenary. Kain simply snapped his fingers, smirking. A loud hiss made the rider's eyes widen in surprise.


    Selena slowly met the rouge's gaze, grip on her rapier tightening. Three of the lavender eyed creatures. Claws extended. Circled around Kent. They lunged.

    "… You control them naturally …" she whispered, stepping back. His essence was darkened, as if smudged by soot. Nearly opposite of Kent's. It made her uneasy, a chill running down her spine.

    Kain's brow arched. "And how do you know that?" he challenged, advancing further. She took another cautious step back.

    "Your essence."

    The sound of steel grating against a droid's claws was unsettling. "Well, well … It would be a shame to allow a power such as this to be on the loose," he drawled, eyes narrowing. They were cold, merciless. The same as his essence. "It seems I'll have to kill you."

    * * * * *

    The faint tingling sensation suddenly burst into raw, burning pain. Zelda stiffened, grip on Sumner reins tightening. "… Link … There are droids near by …" she breathed, hand resting on the hilt of her weapon.

    He nodded, swinging into the saddle. The Master Sword glinted as he unsheathed it. "I would rather not allow such creatures to roam free."

    Zelda followed the suit, climbing onto the gelding's back. "I agree .." she murmured, pressing her heels into Sumner's sides. The gelding whinnied, breaking into a canter.

    Heading for the distant sea of trees.

    * * * * *

    Kain lunged, vertically bringing his saber down. Selena sidestepped. He struck again. The young woman ducked, jumping back. She could feel the breeze of his weapon.

    The rouge's steely gaze locked on her cobalt one. "When, I wonder, do you plan to stop dancing around and duel?" he growled, striding after the elusive swordsmisstress. Kain was growing frustrated. Enraged that his attacks were missing.

    Selena continued to moved backwards, occasionally sidestepping or ducking to evade the blade. "If I allowed you to make contact it would hurt. Seeing as I am not a great admirer of pain …" she trailed off calmly, her innocent comment angering him further.

    "I believe I already have," Kain snapped, indicating the shoulder of her sword arm. A hiss of agony told them that a droid had been defeated. Selena glanced at Kent, momentarily pausing. The rider had a trio of gashes across his upper arm. Three long crimson marks.

    Their eyes met. "Selena!" Kent suddenly gasped, tensing. She sharply raised her rapier, pivoting. Kain's saber connected with it. A smirk played about his lips. He pressed for ground.

    She yielded, swallowing. The sound of hooves, pounding on the turf, met their ears. What sounded like two horses, though her back was turned to the noise.

    The young woman stiffened. Friends or foes?

    Kain suddenly threw all of his weight behind the saber. Selena stumbled back, balance faltering. He lunged.

    Her reaction was instinct. Raising her arm, as well as sword, to protect her face. The flat of her slender steel blade pressed against Kain's throat, his saber narrowly missing her own. A single strand of hair floated to the ground.

    "Well?" he prompted, noticing Selena was hesitating. One simple motion would be enough to kill. Yet she remained motionless.

    There was another sharp whinny. "Farore!" a masculine voice gasped, startled.

    Kain raised his saber to strike. Selena's Shield spell suddenly flared. Throwing the mercenary back. A low moan escaped the sellsword's lips as he hit the tree.

    Selena lowered her rapier, breaking into a run. The remaining two droids attacked. Kent suddenly back-flipped, lashing out as one hand touched the ground. His booted foot connected with the crystal on one's head.

    The glinting amethyst shattered as Kent's heel smashed against it. Pieces fell to the grass. The rider landed in a kneeling position, ash now blowing in the breeze. A weakness?

    Kent straitened, eyes searching for the final one. Lavender was faintly visible behind him. One of the arrivals lunged. A gleaming longsword cut through the creature. The blade protruded from it's chest.

    It burst into ash.

    Selena breathed a sigh of relief, slowing to a walk. Kent turned, emerald eyed gaze momentarily settling on her. "Are you alright?" he inquired as she paused next to him.

    "Yes," she returned softly, quietly. Her eyes flicked to the arrivals. They appeared Hylian, and versed in the blade. Selena suddenly gasped, a sharp burning pain entering her side. A thick warmth was seeping down her garments as she fell against the rider.

    Kent quickly gripped the young woman's arms, steadying Selena as her balance faltered again. A knife was embedded beneath her ribcage. Deeply. Only a glinting black lodestone was visible.

    "A piece of advice - When you have the chance to kill, do not pass it up," Kain drawled, now sounding vaguely amused. Yet his voice seemed far away.

    Selena's eyes slid closed, her head throbbing. She could feel Kent lowering her to the turf, blades of grass tickling where bare skin showed. Yet the knife inside of her - It felt similar to the mercenary's essence.

    Waging war with her own. Two vastly different lights, conflicting. Painfully.

    A hand overlapped her own, which was blindly searching blindly for the weapon, and pulled it away from her side. There was a fleeting pressure, then only a dull ache. The invading essence vanished.

    Unconsciousness claimed her.

    * * * * *

    Kent glanced up, glaring at the umber haired rouge. Kain now sat in his roan's saddle, staring down at them. "I expect we shall meet again, brother," he drawled, adjusting his grip on the rein.

    "Half-brother," Kent corrected icily, fingers curling into fists. Not wanting to admit relation to the sellsword. Kain shrugged, and slapped the reins against his mount's neck.

    The strawberry roan erupted into a full gallop, thundering past.

    "… That is the same mercenary we encountered earlier," the green clad swordsman beside him mused, puzzled. Kent's brow arched.

    A faint, white-gold light caught the rider's attention. His gaze flicked to the blue clad young woman, startled. She was healing Selena.

    Soon somewhat satisfied, she looked up at her companion. Kent's eyes widened in astonishment. The young woman was all too familiar, having spent two years underneath her.

    He dropped into a kneeling position, head bowed. One knee touched the soft turf, left hand resting on his right shoulder in sign of submission. Like that of a Knight.

    "… Thank you, Princess …"

    (Author's Note: Well, this chapter should answer some questions, and possibly raise more. Hope you liked it. ^_^)
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    A great chapter as usual. Kain made me laugh a couple of times, I like his rouge way of thinking compared to Kent's proper way.

    Also, I'm interested to see why Kent is no longer a knight.
  23. I'm glad you liked it. ^_^

    But, (and perhaps this is due to a simple personality clash, yes with my own character, XD) I seem to have a hard time liking Kain. Also, while I cannot give a detailed explanation without giving spoliers, I can say that Kent is still a Knight ... Just not on, per say, 'active duty'.

    That reasoning will be outline in Chapter XI: Ripples of the Past. With any luck, CLC will keep you interested long enough to read that.

    Once again, thanks for reading and commenting. *huggles*
  24. Chapter VII: Obligations

    A slight smile played about Kent's lips, sensing that the Princess had stiffened. To be expected, perhaps.

    "Pardon? I believe you are very mistaken," the young woman said quietly, levelly. Yet clearly, as well as understandably, startled. Trussing her guise.

    He slowly looked up, gauging his Princess's reaction. Through her calmness, he could identify the confusion in her eyes. Kent hesitantly stood, habit and engrained teachings seemingly resisting the motion. His emerald eyed gaze momentarily flicked to her companion.

    A lean, muscular frame with a slight tan. Blazing, yet icy blue eyes were set in the young man's youthful face. Full of life. Yet the slightly younger male's stance suggested varied trainings, though fully willing to draw his blade. His eyes were like that of a feral beast, yet also fiercely loyal.

    "Rest at ease, swordsman. I intend no harm," Kent murmured with a slight nod of his head, gaze flicking back to the blue clad Princess. "… We are well met, Milady. Deny as you wish, though I venture to mention a neglected area. You have left the Mark uncovered," he said quietly, referring the trinity of triangles of her right hand, which now had a faint blue glow. Fading, but visible in the night.

    The young woman flushed, before finally nodding. Affirming. "You are correct," she said softly, sighing. "… Are you perhaps, Sir Kent?" she inquired after a moment, puzzled.

    Kent nodded solemnly, bowing his head. His emerald eyes gaze flicking to where Selena lay, in doing so. "Is she alright, Highness?" he inquired hesitantly, also redirecting the subject as she knelt next the young woman.

    Even in the dim lighting by the moon, he could see that the wound still bled. Though not as heavily when inflicted by the knife. "… I believe so, though my magic would not heal it entirely. Your companion seems to be vulnerable to lodestone - Perhaps that is why …" the blue clad Princess mused aloud, trailing off as she glared at the bloodied knife in her hand.

    The reverse of Nayru's symbol, etched in silver on the glittering black stone.

    "… Link, I believe you may recognize this mark," she murmured, handing it to her companion. Kent's brow arched. The swordsman also seemed unnerved by the symbol, tensing.

    "Unfortunately, yes," Link sighed, frustration bordering on his nearly strained tone. "Though perhaps it would be best to take this Knight's companion to Ordon, lest others unnecessarily become involved. The wound needs to be properly treated," he shrugged, his icy eyes meeting Kent's gaze. Omitting something.

    The Knight nodded, picking Selena up as he straitened. "I follow my Princess," he said calmly, not wishing to provoke the swordsman. Yet also make a vague attempt for more information.

    He strode to where Elare was tied, giving the slip knot a sharp pull. It immediately came loose, the braided leather falling around his stallion's cannon bones. Kent pulled it over the buckskin's head, cautiously mounting.

    Selena's head rested against his chest, lips parted slightly in the depths of unconsciousness. Kent sighed, adjusting her motionless form to a more comfortable position. He was aware of a golden palomino and a pure white coming to a halt next to Elare.

    The swordsman seemed to be hesitating, mulling over something. "… I suppose it would not deter us too long," he murmured, half lost in thought. "We could escort you to Ordon, if you'd like."

    Kent looked over, startled. "It seems that you and her Highness are embarked in a quest, and I would not wish to impede," he returned, gaze flicking back to the young woman in his arms. Even with the wound mostly healed, she showed no signs of waking. The lodestone, which had been imbedded in the hilt of Kain's knife, apparently wrought more damage than they'd thought. An unusually chilled evening breeze toyed with their hair, cutting through their garments.

    His fingers curled around Elare's reins, awaiting their response. The stallion shifted his weight, growing bored. Kent's grip, loosely supporting, tightened around Selena's limp form.

    "It's quite alright," the Princess said softly, gaze flicking to the young woman in concern.

    The onyx haired Knight nodded after a moment, nudging his steed into a trot. He now bore personal responsibility towards Selena, as well as his Princess.

    Yet concern for her welfare was beginning to overpower his sense of duty. Something of a sad smile played about his lips, having a vague idea of what would happen if they encountered Kain again. As a duo or alone. Neither consequence was desirable.

    He had heard his half-brother's reason to dispose of his acquaintance. Whom he was beginning to consider a friend, her gentle disposition growing on him.

    A slight breeze ruffled his tousled onyx locks, Kent's emerald eyed gaze distant. The Knight absent mindedly clucked at Elare, gently requesting to move into a faster pace. He sighed, lost in thought.

    How had Kain survived their previous confrontation?

    * * * * *

    A billowing dark mist was descending over the entire continent, barely visible in the early morning light. It passed over many, but clung to few. And spread, tendrils of black ivy growing on their essences. Claiming them.

    The seed of corruption. Whom did it arrive in, and how quickly did it progress? Far more importantly, who were those faceless individuals, their features masked by a dark shroud?

    Like a heavy fog, the dark mist was blanketing Hyrule's surrounding countries, attempting to invade the boarder. Suffocating it in a deafening silence.

    Someone's heart beat steadily against her ear, reassuringly. A low moan escaped her lips as she attempted to move, pain shooting through her side. The relaxed grip around her tightened. Selena's eyes opened, startled.

    Gray was streaking the sky, dawn approaching swiftly. Her soft cobalt gaze flicked to the person's face, curious. Kent's emerald eyes bored into her own. "… Are you alright?" he inquired gently, uncertainly.

    Selena stiffened, now uncomfortably aware of how close they were. A flush was appearing in her cheeks as she nodded, deepening. Upon noticing his condition, however, she quickly pushed her embarrassment aside; The half-formed dream forgotten.

    Kent's eyes were red from lack of sleep, his muscular form slouching in the saddle from exhaustion. Dried blood ran down both his left arm and his side.

    She lightly placed a hand against his chest, pushing herself away slightly. Her soft cobalt gaze remained on Kent's. "… What of you?" Selena inquired after a moment, barely audible. Her eyes trailed to the still scabbing gashes on his upper arm.

    "I'm quite alright," Kent returned calmly, his tone level. Hesitantly, gently touching her cheek. Selena's gaze immediately moved to his face, startled. He quickly dropped his hand, allowing Elare to stop. The stallion's head dipped down, grabbing a large bit of the lush turf. His teeth bumped against the bit as he chewed, clinking.

    "… Your arm …" she whispered, swallowing. Now aware of two other horses.

    Kent shook his head, a slight smile now playing about his lips. "You were injured worse than I. Please, do not fret over my condition," he said quietly, sighing. Guilt weighing over his conscience, apparently.

    Selena slid from his grasp, landing lightly on her feet. The young woman winced, her side once again irritated. She looked up at him after a moment, concern still evident. "… I worry because I care," Selena returned, gently rubbing Elare's throatlatch.

    The stallion arched his neck, upper lip quivering. An innocent smile appeared on her lips as she continued to rub it. "I believe that I have found your sweet spot," Selena murmured to Elare, faintly amused by the buckskin's reaction. She turned towards the other two riders, noticing they had also paused - As well as avoiding Kent's startled gaze. ".. Thank you, for assisting us earlier," she added with a bow of her head, her tone quiet. Respectful gratitude.

    "You're quite welcome," a feminine voice responded, formalities briefly returned.

    Selena looked up, shyly glancing over their new companions, hiding a wince as she straitened. Both appeared to be older than her, even if marginally. Weariness tainted their features, a half finished braid hanging over the female's shoulder. The duo seemed discreetly curious, puzzled. Yet something about their essences mystified her.

    They were powerful, showing strength at heart. Although something else was egging at the back of her mind, the nagging sense that both essences were faintly familiar. Yet she had not seen either, though slightly tainted with swirling emotions. Inner conflict, concern, doubt, curiosity, or suspicion? All of them? And about whom?

    She forced an uncertain, wavering smile, realizing that the swordsman had asked her something. And had been too focused on understanding their essences to notice. "… My apologies, would you repeat that?" she inquired, flushing.

    The swordsman's brow arched, before shrugging. "We are not far from Ordon, and will reach it soon. Would you like to continue?" he returned, adjusting his grip on the reins. Selena nodded, glancing around them.

    Sycamore trees grew around them, leaving a wide, fairly grassy path. A thin dirt trail cut through the lush turf, winding steadily away from them. The sound of running water behind them suggested either a spring or river.

    Selena's hand moved to the knife wound as her companions nudged their steeds into a walk, placing pressure over the gash. Attempting to relieve the persisting ache, though her success was marginal. It felt as if the blade was still partially embedded in her side.

    She walked next to Elare, resting her right hand against his muscular shoulder. Continuing to hold her left hand over the gash, which was beneath the right side of her ribcage. Something brushed her own shoulder, causing Selena to look up.

    "Are you sure you're alright?" Kent inquired, his gaze meeting her own.

    "… Yes …" she murmured, looking away. The onyx haired rider quickly moved his free hand back to the reins, seemingly shamed. Allowing each other to continue in silence.

    Selena paused as they came to another clearing, early morning sun lighting the area. Kent, the swordsman, and his companion soon dismounted. Dawn's light danced across the moderate sized clearing, dappled through some of the trees. A simple cottage was nestled on a sharp raise of thin turf, a canopy of trees circled around the back and sides of it.

    "This is where you live, Link? It is very nice," Kent commented, nodding to the swordsman.

    "On occasion, as of late," their icy eyed companion replied, shrugging. Link walked his mare to the small treeless are next to the house, pulling the reins over her head before moving away. He quickly scaled the wooden ladder, agility suggesting long habit.

    Link's gaze drifted back to them, then to his feminine companion. Then to them again. Fully taking in their appearances, it seemed. He shrugged again after a moment, brushing aside Kent's curious gaze.

    "Well, perhaps it would be best to rest," Links suggested mildly, helping his companion up the ladder. Kent nodded absentmindedly, lost in thought. The rider's jaw was clenched.

    "Kent? What is it?" Selena inquired softly, passively curious. Her tone was prompting, yet at the same time exceedingly timid. His emerald green gaze riveted to the young woman, startled.

    "… Naught …" he returned after a moment, immediately masking his preoccupation - And the emotions beneath it. Kent lightly took Selena's arm, guiding her towards Link's dwelling. She tensed slightly, the duo pausing. His grip laxened further.

    She could feel was he was. Somehow sensing his emotions, as well as strong memories attached to some.

    The sellsword's face flashed in mind's eye, burning hatred attached to the brief image. Raw anger, the enduring shame and astonishment of betrayal branding her psyche.

    Selena recoiled, breaking the accidental connection. "I did not mean to look … My apologies," she whispered, half stepping back. Kent's grip on her upper arm tightened slightly, just enough to remain firm. His emerald eyed gaze slowly met her soft cobalt one. Equally startled.

    "It's alright, Selena," he said gently, noticing her reaction to a mere glimpse of his past. Though from a rougher section, he could see she was mortified at having pried - Even without the intent of doing so. "I am not upset … Just startled by this ability," Kent added soothingly, pushing any thought of his half-brother away. Lest she become intimidated by the sheer ferocity of their mutual dislike. Unwilling to chance breaking the friendship that was forming.

    The young woman nodded after a moment, though still uncertain. She looked away was he released her arm, moving towards their new companions. Selena immediately scaled the ladder as she reached it, concealing a shudder of pain while doing so.

    Though the wound was mostly healed, it was still quite tender to her movements. Kent soon appeared beside her, the small group following Link into the cottage. Their obligations and tribulations remaining far from forgotten.

    (Author's Note: Sorry about not updating last night, XD.)
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    As usual, terrific stuff. Only noticed a few typos here and there, nothing major.

    Something about Link made me laugh a little, he just had a really lax nature. XD

    I like the awkwardness of the relationship between Selena and Kent. It's sweet and a little funny to see how hesitant and embarrased they get.
  26. Sorry about those typos, a couple always seem to slip past me, XD. *Whacks typos with mallet. Pauses, then innocently hides mallet behind back while smiling.*

    Yeah, I kind of figured that it would fit Link at times. And I have to agree with you on Kent and Selena. ^_^

    I'm glad that you liked this chapter, though. Hope to talk to you soon.
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    I just finished catching up and all I have to say is this: Remarkable chapters! ^_^

    The,budding relationship between Kent and Selena, the relationship between Kent and Kain, band Kain's personality are all fantastic and well done.

    All I have left is a theory regarding what was said in Chapter V: Songs and Secrets.
    My theory is that Selena is Zelda's long lost sister. You don't need to comment on that as it could be spoilerific, but that's just my interpertation.
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  28. Thanks, I'm glad you liked them. ^_^

    But, I can say something in regards to your theory: It is highly unlikely, unless my muse demands a change.

    Anyway, thanks again for reading and commenting. Hope to talk to you soon. ^_^
  29. Chapter VIII: Corruption and Compassion

    Kain paused outside of an elegant oaken door, sweeping his shoulder blade length umber locks into a ponytail at the nape of his neck, fastening a crimson thread around it. A curved saber hung from his belt, glinting in the afternoon sun. His steel gray gaze leisurely wandered, further absorbing his surroundings.

    Tattered remains, masked by dark soot. Few buildings remained standing, the rest collapsed in what seemed like a large bed of hot coals. Lyrako's blaze had utterly destroyed the once bustling city, it's survivors no longer apparent. Of the remaining structures, the Trinity Shrine was by far the largest, therefore the most useful. Even if it's original content was not.

    The mercenary looped his mount's reins around a sturdy wooden pole before pushing the door open, allowing it to swing shut behind him. Early spring weather had succeeded in cooling the marble, the heels of his booted feet clicking on the floor. Large torches, rather than candles, now lit the wide corridors.

    He paused as he rounded a corner, eyes narrowing. The droids were beginning to guard the area. They hissed warningly, dagger-like claws extending. Kain silenced them with a wave of his hand, the creatures immediately lulled into submission by his essence.

    The lavender-eyed humanoids moved aside, their slate gray forms avoiding physical contact. Their bodies were neither male nor female, no distinction visible between the present trio, visible to his eye. Kain strode past them, stopping outside a purposefully closed door.

    He lightly rapped his bare knuckles on it, other hand resting on the hilt of his sword. Wary. The muscular sellsword casually shifted his weight while awaiting a response, growing impatient. His younger half-brother crossing his thoughts.

    An unpleasant scowl curled Kain's lower lip, fingers wrapping around the cold hilt of his saber. The door suddenly swung open, the mercenary slipping into an expressionless mask. He walked inside, begrudgingly dropping into a kneeling position.

    The dishonored Knight withdrew an iron coin from between the cloth of his brown trousers and plain boots, tossing it directly in front of him. It slid across the floor, grating.

    A calm, cool voice responded. "Very well, I see you've brought the token. Your actions bring favor … However, report the first section of your assignment."

    "Successful, to say the least."


    "You shall find the latter more interesting, I assure you," Kain drawled, his tone equally calm. Capturing the noble's rapt attention.

    "How so?" he inquired, carefully phrasing his tone so it seemed void.

    Kain slowly looked up, a slight smirk now touching his lips. "I encountered a person of interest while traversing down here. She could sense essences," the mercenary added, briefly recalling the electrum haired maiden.

    His employer's brow arched, visible startled. The auburn haired Lord had curiosity apparent in his cold cerulean eyes. "Your actions were?"

    "Naturally, one with such abilities would be a threat. I made an attempt to kill her … Although the Knight probably managed to spare the girl, after I departed."

    "Another noble's daughter?"

    "Unlikely. And I left because the odds were not tipping in my favor - Being four against one."

    "I do not care to hear your excuses, mercenary. What else could you gather?" the Lord inquired coolly, an edge to his tone, though his interest was growing.

    The sellsword's jaw clenched, momentarily. Angered by the rebuke. "The girl was weak. She did not have the resolve to kill, though she had the chance. It seemed she was on the timid side - Vulnerable."

    "Intriguing … And presuming you happen to encounter the Knight again, kill him. It seems that he shall be a liability. One that we cannot risk. I care not how he is disposed of, so long as it happens. And you are withholding on the maiden, mercenary," the noble added warningly, eyes narrowing.

    Kain's brow arched. Amused by his employer's interest. "Only that she is a sword wielding bard," he drawled, his molten steel gaze meeting the noble's. "And if I am to take up an assassin's hobby, the yield should increase," Kain suggested calmly, his undertone suggesting more of a demand.

    The auburn haired Lord tossed a scroll of parchment at him. Kain raised his hand, easily catching it. "Debatable, once you complete the assignment. Details are in the scroll."

    "Yes, Milord."

    * * * * *

    Kent slowly released the door, glancing at both Selena and the Princess. Zelda was observing everything in sight, curious. Her first time in a commoner's home, unsurprisingly. The young woman's boots clicked on the hard wooden floor as she moved, following Link.

    Selena, however, was taking in the room from a standstill. Almost as if fearful of breaking something. His brow arched. "… You have not seen the inside of a house before?" Kent inquired softly, his tone passively intrigued.

    The young woman shook her head, flushing. "Not that I recall," Selena returned quietly, her eyes now following the other duo. Kent's gaze remained on the young woman, pondering.

    What had her past been like? How much longer would their paths be intertwined? And far more importantly, what would happen if she encountered Kain alone?

    Kent suppressed a sigh, leaning against the smooth wooden wall. His older half brother had already made an attempt - Simply because she could sense his corruption, and clarify it.

    His preoccupied stare moved to Link and the Princess, noting that they now carried round bundles, each a soft cream color. The Knight pushed himself away from the wall, motioning Selena forward. Link tossed one of the four bundles at him, the tight roll coming undone as he caught it. Blankets.

    "Thank you," he said, smiling gratefully as he laid the thick cloth over the floor, following the swordsman's actions. Their female companion did the same, only a little further apart.

    "Think nothing of it," Link returned, promptly dropping onto his spread. A sigh of simple contentment came from the swordsman's direction as Kent lowered himself to the blanket - Though he suspected that Link was also preoccupied, by his other companion's disappearance.

    The emerald eyed Knight rolled onto his back after a moment, resting his head on his unharmed forearm. He absentmindedly stretched, his limbs growing heavy. Nearly three sleepless day's worth of exhaustion overtaking him, falling into a world of dark silence.

    A tantalizing aroma of freshly baked bread reached his senses as he awakened, making the Knight realize his denied hunger. Kent winced as he pulled himself into a sitting position, his hand immediately moving to the trio of gashes. And encountered a soft bandage.

    His gaze moved to the other trio, brow arched. Early morning light filtered through one of the high windows. He had slept an entire day?

    A slight flush colored his lightly tanned face, now fully aware of their gazes. "How do you feel?" Zelda inquired, her tone calm, yet also somewhat concerned.

    "Much better," Kent returned, still resting his hand over the bandaged wounds. Selena looked away, breaking a chunk of bread and placing it on a small wooden plate next to a small wheel of yellow-gold cheese. The young woman stood, walking over the now bare floor to where he sat. She knelt next to him, handing Kent the food with a timid smile.

    "That is good to know," Selena said softly, avoiding his gaze. His eyes followed the young woman as she straitened, noticing her change of garments.

    A deep blue tunic, only a shade lighter than her soft cobalt gaze, fell three-quarters down her tights, belted at the waist. Also leaving her forearms bare, a bracelet of crystalline silver-blue beads circling her right wrist. Judging from how the tunic cloaked her petite form, it was one of Link's spares. Ordonian style trousers, cropped just below the knee for women, covered most of her legs with beige material. Selena's bare feet padded across the wooden floor as he looked away, deliberately focusing on the meal provided.

    Knowing it to be impolite to ‘focus' on a lady's appearance, even for a moment. The Knight ate in silence, tearing smaller chunks from the partial loaf as he listened to the swordsman's Horse Call. It's fluid notes rang through the cottage, soothing, even.

    He glanced up upon hearing an unfamiliar shout, engrained reaction to draw his blade. Kent's hand fell to where his longsword normally hung. It was gone. "Kent? Your blade is here," Link said, displaying a sheathed sword. The Knight nodded after a moment, relaxing. He paused as both Selena and the Princess stood, moving outside.

    "… Does Selena know of the Princess's identity?" Kent inquired after a moment, standing. The swordsman nodded. "How?"

    "I do not know, to be truthful. Neither of us told her, I assure you," Link added, understanding Kent's concern. "We did decide on the alternate name of Elisa, for when necessary. It sounds common enough, I believe," Link said quietly, though still uncertain.

    Kent walked to the open door, staring out of it. Several youths surrounded the disappearing duo, swift friendship visible within the group. A slight smile played about Kent's lips, oddly comforted by the knowledge. Link nodded, apparently knowing what had crossed the young Knight's mind.

    "They immediately took to Zelda and Selena … It is consoling, knowing that kindness still exists," Link mused, half lost in thought. Apparently recalling a past adventure of his own. The green-clad swordsman half turned after a moment, observing Kent. "You do not seem much older than I, though it is clear that you have seen much," he said quietly, his icy blue gaze focusing on the Knight's.

    "A fair amount, I suppose. I am little over eighteen, by two moonspans," Kent shrugged, his tone somewhat guarded. "It seems you are belittling yourself, though."

    Link looked away, sighing as his gaze moved towards the path again. "To my knowledge, I am of common birth, and am far from being a Knight. Even uncommon accomplishments mean little, in comparison to a noble's. What else is there to mention?" he admitted, startling Kent with his sudden explanation.

    The young man's brow arched, digesting the information. Watching the swordsman's movements, much like an older kin.

    He seemed to be the usually optimistic type, though recent happenings had clearly dampened his spirit. His intent to guard the Princess was amiable, though curious. Making the emerald eyed Knight wonder how the duo had made acquaintanceship, yet also remain silent. Link withheld more than simple loyalty for Zelda, that much was clear.

    Kent nodded after a moment, the swordsman's apparent shame at his birth-rank now vaguely understandable. Though not something he had right to intervene in. He turned back to the path, following Link out the door. Also feeling it best to allow events to proceed naturally, without interruption.

    The duo swung off the rise, Kent landing in a kneeling position as Link straitening. "We should probably drop by the spring soon, before that damage risks becoming permanent," Link suggested, motioning towards Kent's injured arm. The swordsman paused, clearly biting back another comment.

    "What is it?" Kent inquired, curiosity growing.

    "… Selena was concerned that you had taken ill, what with being asleep for such length," Link admitted after a moment, deciding that withholding the knowledge would only intrigue the Knight further. Kent paused, uncertain. As well as startled.

    "You are certain?"

    "Quite," Link said calmly, his tone thoughtful. "She had already dressed your arm, when we awakened. It is safe to say that she is a caring soul, though not wholly unfamiliar to strife," the swordsman mused, now walking along the downhill path.

    * * * * *

    Kain ran his hand down his mount's muscular, smoky gray neck as he remounted, preoccupied. The mare's head turned, a splash of copper on her nearly drab coat. He pressed his heels into the equine's sides, impatient.

    His steed snorted in aggravation, moving into a begrudging trot. The headstrong mare's freshly shod hooves made a steady, rhythmic pattern on the packed dirt path.

    A vaguely pleased smirk was tugging at the corner of his mouth, anticipating the latter section of his assignment. Or rather, the chance of being rewarded to dispose of his younger half-brother. How simple it was, to nudge his employer in the right direction. Though clearly intelligent, the noble was also thorough. Unwilling to take chances.

    Kain chuckled, his grip on the reins. Kent's weaknesses were the same as their mutual sire, if not more so. Painfully obvious to him, even.

    And he knew which barrel held the fish.

    (Author's Note: Yep, a chapter from both of the half-brother's PoV's.)
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    As I always start, terrific chapter. I really like the format in which you write; third person limited, but constantly changing who is the main character. It allows for each character to develop nicely and not reveal too much.

    I like how recently, atleast, the story has focused more on Kent and Kain. It adds an interesting new aspect and makes it more then just another LoZ fic.

    Also, *gasps* Kain is gonna kill Selena, or atleast try to.
  31. Thanks. I found (after trying a couple different types) that third-person is actually the best style for me. ^_^

    Well, for now, this is the only chapter that focuses on Kain. There might be another later, but so far the next four/five (Chapter XIII still being incomplete, XD), it doesn't look like it.

    As for your suspicion, well ... *shrugs* Some things I have to leave up to the reader to decide.
  32. Chapter IX: Innocence

    Kent's gaze followed Selena as she moved through the water, village youths trailing playfully behind her. A smile touched his lips, relaxed by their antics. He moved down the hillside, closer to the first small dock.

    The young Knight paused, noticing the young woman's jaw was clenched. Set against the apparent pain in her side, though her expression was otherwise invitingly friendly.

    Her long, pale blonde locks clung to the sides of her face, fanning out in the water as she swam. Selena's hand raised occasionally, catching a leather sphere and in turn tossing it to another. One of the older youths; Beth, giggled as she fumbled with the item. Despite the cool water, the children seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the unusual game.

    His eyes continued to follow the small group, leaning against the shadow cloaked wall of the village ‘market'. Lost in thought. Preoccupied by the young woman's unusual abilities.

    Selena's innocence prevent her from using them to purposefully pry, though she appeared to have the option to do so. Childlike kindness seemed to exude from her gentle personality, touching those whom surrounded her. Much like a lit candle in darkness, providing a small light. Her influence proved to be rather soothing, for the most part.

    With the exception of Kain.

    Kent's emerald gaze was growing hardened, much like the stone that it's color resembled. The sound of splashing water broke his absentminded observation, bringing the young Knight's gaze to the short dock below him.

    Selena sat at the edge of it, dangling her bare feet above the village's small lake. Shimmering, green-scaled schools of fish were faintly visible to his eye, moving along aimlessly. He pushed himself away from the wall, quietly walking towards her.

    "… Something is troubling you, Kent?" she inquired softly, her back still turned to him. His brow arched, pausing.

    "You knew that I was here?"

    The young woman half turned, pulling both legs onto the dock's weathered wood. "Your essence," she returned, a slight smile playing about her lips. Kent nodded after a moment, moving to join her. Selena combed her fingers through her dripping hair, brushing the soaked locks off her face in doing so. Her soft cobalt gaze remained on the young Knight as he lowered himself to the planks, mildly intrigued.

    Kent met her gaze after a moment, thoughtful. "… You have mentioned essences several times, I believe. Are there restrictions to sensing them?" he inquired quietly, his eyes now moving towards the water. Watching the youths continue their game, although listening intently.

    "… Yes, and no," Selena offered, deciding how best to explain it.


    "An essence is very much the core of one's being - It shapes who you are, in sense," she began, slightly preoccupied. Selena hesitantly extended a hand, touching her fingertips to his heart. Kent's gaze immediately moved to the young woman, noting the flush that was tainting her cheeks. The still moist bracelet glistened in the afternoon sunlight, reflecting the dappled silver-blue beads onto his sleeveless tan shirt.

    "One's essence is like the inner magic that we all hold: Equally capable of being harnessed, or unleashed. Both essence and magic, no matter the affinity, flow from one's heart," Selena added, dropping her hand. "Once I am … familiar with an essence, it's bearer is simpler to locate. Unless I am focused, however, an unfamiliar one could nearly pass unnoticed."

    The young Knight nodded, absorbing her words. "Can you sense your own essence?" She shook her head, negative. "Alright … Are they capable of change?" he inquired, his calm and collected tone revealing measured, though genuine curiosity.

    Selena paused, cocking her head slightly. "I believe so, at least marginally … The full power, however, may be partially based on one's current emotions."

    "You have put much thought into the subject, it seems," Kent commented, holding her cobalt gaze. A smile touched Selena's lips as she fingered one of the crystalline beads on her bracelet, rolling it between her thumb and index finger.

    "Yes," she finally admitted, flushing slightly. "… You are perspective, Kent. It seems that you miss little, if anything," Selena observed, thoughtful.

    The onyx haired Knight shrugged, nonchalant. "It was something that I picked up, with time," Kent said quietly, his tone faintly distant, though his eyes remained on her. "Selena? May I ask something without seeming horribly rude?"

    Her brow arched, before nodding. "Of course," she agreed, wariness barely touching her tone.

    Kent hesitated, startled by her swift and affirmative response. Wondering if she was so trusting with all whom she encountered. "… How old are you?"

    "If I recall correctly, less than half a moonspan from my sixteenth year," Selena murmured, her gaze remaining on him. "… Why do you ask?"

    "Your swordsmanship, although inoffensive, holds a certain refinement. I was curious as to how and when you had obtained such training, thus, also your age … My apologies, if I am being to familiar," Kent added, once again withdrawn. Silently pondering - She was roughly two years younger, and it seemed that her very core remained untarnished. Even after encountering his half-brother.

    Selena's voice cut through his thoughts, causing his straying gaze to move back to her. Seeing that he had been distracted, she spoke again. "Papa taught me, so I could at least defend myself … Although what little knowledge of swordplay I possess seems in adequate, as of late," the young woman mused, her gaze locked on his.

    Kent stiffened, knowing what she was subtly voicing. "No," he said flatly, the bluntness of his tone startling her. Unwilling to mar her innocence by teaching a warrior's necessary, yet bloody art.

    "Kent, please. I … want to learn," Selena pressed, though hesitation touched her tone. The Knight chuckled shortly, shaking his head. "Yes?" she inquired, slightly bemused.

    "You are a poor liar, Milady. I can see that you do not truly want to learn - It is in your eyes, Selena," he added gently, realizing that his tone had become brusque.

    The young woman flushed, before nodding. "You do have a point - But I need to learn. What I know of swordsmanship is not enough; You saw as much."

    Kent sighed, looking away. Knowing it was true. "If I agree, know that I expect you not to give up. You must hold to your decisions," the young Knight said softly, calmly. He picked up a small, smooth stone that rested near the dock, rolling it between his palms. He tossed it between his palms. He tossed it in the water, watching the surface. Ripples, small and large, spread along the once still area. "Each decision creates a ripple, one that can grow large. Changing them also does so … Are you positive?" he inquired, preoccupied.

    "Yes, I am," Selena affirmed, equally quiet. Resolute. Kent's gaze strayed back to the young woman's face, observing her. She seemed sincere, even if what she was requesting clashed with her disposition.

    "Perhaps," Kent returned vaguely, allowing room for further consideration. His brow arched as a strong breeze swept across the water, noticing Selena shiver. He stood, extending a hand. "You may wish to move, as to prevent becoming too chilled," Kent said, offering a slight smile. Encouraging her to break at least a small barrier of her shyness, though expecting little.

    She took if after a moment of hesitation, allowing Kent to pull her to her feet. "Thank you," she murmured as he released her hand, returning a timid smile. Acknowledging his attempt, though.

    Kent nodded, pausing in mid-motion as she stepped back. Oddly puzzled. "Have you been through Hyrule before?" he inquired, meeting her gaze.

    "No, this is my first time within it's realm of influence," the young woman responded, caught off guard by his sudden question.

    "Alright … I was merely curious," he mused, unable to brush away his sudden sense of familiarity. Mildly confused, that he had only just caught the notion that he's seen her before Lyrako.

    His emerald eyed gaze followed Selena as she walked past the market building, trailing behind her.

    * * * * *

    Link stopped next to Zelda, whom was leaning against the vine strewn tree trunk. Dappled sunlight filtered through the high treetop, dancing over the large roots below. His icy blue gaze followed Zelda's after a moment of silence, soon settling on their new acquaintances. "How much longer do we dare stay?" the blue-clad Princess inquired, glancing at the swordsman.

    "No longer than two days," Link said, though reluctant about even that delay. "If we waited any longer, there would be less of a chance in finding Shadow."

    The young woman nodded, a breath of wind toying with her long locks. As well as carrying bits of their companion's conversation. "Alright. What of Kent and Selena?"

    Lin sighed, shaking his head. "I do not know," he murmured, squatting next to Zelda. Absent mindedly observing the other duo, following the gist of their conversation, though he was unfocused. The young man trailed his fingertips along the sprawling root, it's rough bark catching on his skin.

    His brow arched, seeing Selena break into a run. The Knight immediately followed, calling after her. Both heading towards the nearest spring, Ordonna's.

    Link straitened, glancing up. He stiffened. "Farore!" the swordsman gasped, eyes widening in astonishment. A billowing cloud of black-violet aura, hovering over the treetops. It suddenly vanished with one fell swoop, dipping out of sight.

    He swung off the large root, Zelda landing beside him. They moved into a run, hearing a shrill whiny. His booted feet pounded on the dirt path, a loud squawk telling him that a cucco had gotten in the way.

    Link stumbled to a halt as they reached his clearing, startled, The trio of equines were rearing up, mere sight of the aura setting them on edge. White and black hooves ruthlessly pawed the air, despite Kent's attempt to sooth them.

    His icy gaze moved to Selena, whom was now holding the Knight's weapon. She handed it to him, before dashing towards the spring. "Selena!" Kent gasped, hesitating only a moment before leaving the horses.

    The swordsman nodded to Zelda. They had little choice but to follow. He could feel the Light Spirit's pain, resonating. Coursing down the path.

    Could Selena and Kent sense it? Or what they were about to encounter?

    * * * * *

    Kent unsheathed his sword as he ran, ducking under a low branch. The aura was still seeping out of the Spring's entrance, it's noxious swath swirling along the ground. He tensed as he straitened, lavender meeting his gaze.

    A droid.

    It lunged, extending it's dagger-like claws. Kent brought his sword up, stepping back. The creature suddenly hissed, rebounding off a shimmering blue barrier. Selena's magical shield cracked as it struck again. She visibly flinched, concentration broken. The barrier flickered, then vanished.

    White-gold aura suddenly flared around the droid, roots bursting out of the turf. Curling around the creature, binding it. The pale aura turned aggressive - Forming a concentrated sphere over the glinting amethyst shard as Link paused next to the Knight. It shattered.

    Crystal shards landed underneath the rolling aura, vanishing from sight as the ash fell. "Thank you," Kent murmured, his gaze momentarily shifting to Selena. She seemed to be alright, despite what had happened to her shield.

    Link nodded in acknowledgment, he and the Princess immediately moving forward. Kent stepped over the tangled mass of roots, jogging after the duo. The Knight gasped as he reached the spring, startled by what met his gaze.

    A massive, white-gold goat with a shimmering magical sphere hovering between it's curved horns. Ordonna, the Spirit of Light.

    Crackling black energy was circling it and it's spring, causing the Spirit to wither in agony. Another sphere was forming, this one of the same dark energy. To destroy the Spirit's power.

    He stiffened, his grip on his sword tightening.

    "Company …" Selena whispered from beside him, her voice barely audible.


    "Surrounding us," Selena returned, her petite form tensing as a large ring of droids appeared. At least nine, if not more.

    The two on the east and west end seemed larger. Their crystals were smooth, oval. Giving the impression that they were a different type. And it seemed to mean that they were more intelligent, stronger.

    Warm water splashed around their boots, slowly being backed into the spring. Like a wild beast's quarry, being herded to a simpler area.


    (Author's Note: Well, here's the belated update, XD. Now that this is up, there are only three other finished chapters left.
    *Bashes writers block with wooden mallet. Pauses, and innocently smiles while holding mallet behind back* Sorry if there is a delay for Chapter XIII on ... I haven't been able to write a chapter-per-week recently, XD.)
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    Oh boy; do I sense a shift in power in the world? I'm interested to see how this situation will be resolved, or possibly not...
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    That's the only one I picked up. I believe you meant Link ;).

    Anyway, great chapter. I love the suspence you set up with this newer possibly stronger enemy you had appear at the end there.

    I'll admit, like RedRising, I'm a sucker for those kinds of relationships too.

    On my last note, I love you're new avi.
  36. That's the only one I picked up. I believe you meant Link ;).

    Anyway, great chapter. I love the suspense you set up with this newer possibly stronger enemy you had appear at the end there.

    I'll admit, like RedRising, I'm a sucker for those kinds of relationships too.

    On my last note, I love you're new avi.

    Okay, I'll try to find that typo later and fix it in the saved document.

    I'm glad that you liked the new foe, too. ^_^ Oh yeah, thanks. The artist is Maga-Link on DeviantART. She gave me permission to use part of her drawing as an icon.

    And there's nothing wrong with that. Obviously, I like them to since I'm writing it. ^_^
  37. Chapter X: Unleashed

    Selena's cobalt gaze flicked around the tightening ring, wary. The droids were forming a noose, it seemed. Their essences were powerful, however darkened.

    Weakening the Spirit's.

    She slowly took another step back, water sloshing around her bare calves. Selena glanced at her companions, noticing that their essences had flared. Their stances revealed fierce determination, as did their eyes. Her own widened in astonishment, recognizing the Triforce symbol on Link's gleaming longsword.

    The Blade of Evil's Bane.

    A loud hiss brought Selena's attention back to the droids. Their lavender eyes were glowing - As were their crystals. Black-violet energy was jumping between each one, forming a dangerous corral. Restricting their movements.

    The young woman glanced up, feeling Ordona's silent cry. His situation was growing worse. The sphere was nearly as large as the Spirit's own. Their foes attacked.

    Kent retaliated, sharply raising his steel weapon. Light magic flared from the Princess, combating the wave of Dark Energy. Selena hesitantly moved back, feeling her own magic react. Flaring, even.

    * * * * *

    Link paused, startled. A dim cobalt aura was suddenly visible, the deep blue magic clearly resisting the Dark Energy. Attempting to combat the tightening ring, perhaps.

    Though fresh, untried, the aura seemed somewhat powerful. And it was resonating from Selena's direction. He heard a sharp cry of pain, followed by an agonized hiss as Kent moved in front of the young woman - Warningly leveling his blade.

    Scarlet billowed in the warm spring water, slowly fading to a sickly pink. Link's icy gaze moved back to the remaining droids, wary. As well as uncertain. Whom had ordered the strike on Ordona's spring? Were they near by?

    His eyes narrowed. One of the smaller droids was advancing. The swordsman raised his weapon, the gleaming steel reflecting half of it's wielder's face. As well as the calm resignation in his set expression.

    He lunged, bring his sword across the creature's extended claws. It hissed in warning, throwing all of it's weight behind it's claws. Attempting to knock him off balance. Link's jaw clenched as he stepped back, seeing the ring tighten more so. Time was running short.

    The young man nodded to Kent, before motioning towards the smaller droids. Zelda's magic was holding off the larger two, acting as a much needed shield. They would remove the distractions. Before the situation worsened.

    Link paused, startled. Feeling a wave of unfamiliar magic surge behind him. In his moment of inattentiveness, the droid struck. He lashed out in attack, icy eyes blazing. His blade connected with the creature's torso, piercing it's chest. The Master Sword's gleaming blade protruded from it's back.

    It burst into ash, further tainting the warm water. The others suddenly went rigid, hatred burning in their unyielding lilac depths. Black-violet light reflected on their steely claws, an equally dark aura appearing around them.

    The swordsman stiffened, feeling the oppressive shroud. Another agonized hiss told him that another had been defeated. Meaning that there were roughly six left. Their odds were improving.

    Link leveled his blade after a moment, the horizontal edge smudged with ash. He gasped, feeling a magical explosion. Fragments of Dark Energy pelted the spring. And it's occupants - Raw, burning pain shooting through his body at contact. The swordsman's jaw clenched, resisting the urge to fall to his knees. Attempting to resist the tempting urge to succumb, to no longer battle against it. Fire seemingly ravaging his mind and body.

    Suppressing what little magical power that he held, the Forest talisman's inner glow dimming. His grip around the Master Sword's warm hilt tightened, hearing his companion's suddenly pained voices. There was a loud splash, as if someone had fallen.

    He swallowed, balance wavering. The young man threw out an arm to steady himself, the effects of the Dark Energy slowly fading. Link sharply raised his weapon, lunging. Meeting the incoming droid head on. Claw and sword clashed, grating. Link jerked away, sidestepping as he pulled the metallic shield from his back. The droid attack, relentless. He thrust the shield forward. It rebounded with a dull clang, landing in a crouching position.

    Another struck. The swordsman bit back a cry of pain, claws ripping into the unguarded section of his shield arm. Deep wounds running from the end of his short mail sleeve under the tunic to the beginning of his gauntlet.

    The original droid attacked. Link's jaw clenched, raising the shield. Pain shot through his arm, the torn muscles screaming in protest. He lashed out in attack. His smudged blade connected with it's side. Cleaving it into separate pieces as he pivoted. A slender rapier suddenly cut through the droid that had struck him.

    Zelda's lithe form became visible as it burst into ash, her sapphire-like eyes immediately noting the damage to his arm. "We have a small problem," she stated quietly, turning.

    The two remaining droids were closing in - Impure malice resonating from their overlarge forms. Standing over a foot taller than Link, claws extended, their intent was clear. Ruin.

    His gaze flicked to Kent and Selena.

    A sphere of cobalt magic was suddenly visible between the young woman's hands. She released it. Her sphere collided with the already reforming on of Dark Energy. Selena's vanished, lost in the fragmenting pieces of the other.

    Her balance faltered. And failed. Water splashed around the young woman as she landed on her hands and knees. A shudder of exhaustion coursing through her petite form, scarlet dripping into the spring water from the series of gashes across her cheek.

    Kent half-turned, tensing. Seeing his companion's condition. He stepped back, moving closer to Selena as the remaining two droids advanced.

    Link stumbled forward, feeling Zelda's open palms on his back. The sound of ripping fabric was audible. He twisted, throat constricting. A sigh of relief escaping his lips when he saw that only the blue kirtle had been partially dismantled, pieces of her ripped garb hanging from the Princess's lower back.

    The green-clad swordsman stiffened - Feeling Ordona's Light flare, no longer encumbered by the immense amount of Dark Energy.

    His gauntleted fingers closed around Zelda's arm, jerking her forward. She landed against his chest, startled by the unexpected movement. Sword and claws clashed behind him. Encouraging the other droid to strike.

    It's claws extended further, shimmering in a burst of white-gold aura. Ordonna released his power. The droid lunged.

    A pulse of magic collided with it's chest, knocking it across the spring. Everything vanishing in a blinding flash of Light.

    Multiple colored dots danced in front of his eyes, the slightly dazed swordsman blinking in attempt to clear his vision. Link felt something brush against his cheek. He immediately stepped back, crimson tainting his features as the Princess came into focus.

    "Are you alright?" the young man inquired after a moment, meeting her sapphire-like gaze.

    "Yes," she murmured, nodding. Zelda paused, before moving beside him. Link turned, following her gaze. A somewhat relieved sigh escaping his lips, seeing their companions standing. Even if exhausted, they were at least alive.

    Link's brow arched, a familiar voice drifting to his ears. Rusl?

    His gaze momentarily moved towards the spring's entrance, intrigued. The village swordsman stood on the pale sand, hazel eyes widened in astonishment. Seeing Ordona's looming golden form.

    "… My Thanks, young ones … Exercise caution, however … For there are some whom track every step you make …" Ordona warned, his voice resonating in their minds. And vanished, leaving only the small group of Hylians and lone human to occupy his spring.

    Link felt Zelda stiffen beside him, unnerved by the Light Spirit's words. He extended a hand, lightly gripping her shoulder. Preoccupied as well.

    He paused mid-motion, tensing. Seeing Selena collapse. Kent lunged, catching the young woman as she fell. The Knight then hesitated, before fully picking her up. Wading out of the spring, casting Zelda a concerned glance.

    Link and the Princess followed him, momentarily pausing. "Is she alright?" the green-clad swordsman inquired softly, motioning towards Selena's motionless form, cradled in Kent's arms.

    "… I believe so, though I am not certain …" Kent mused, trickling spring water over the four shallow gashes on the young woman's cheek.

    Rusl nodded to the Knight, stepping towards the spring's entrance. "A friend of Link's is a friend of mine. Please, come," the village swordsman offered, moving onto the path as Kent straitened.

    A smile appeared on Link's lips as Zelda and Kent began following the village swordsman - Noting the gentle hesitancy in which Kent handled the younger woman. It seemed that the Knight was beginning to open, though. Starting to emerge from the somewhat stiff shell he had resided in, when they had first encountered.

    He shook his head after a moment and began trailing after them, deciding that it was not his place to pry. His thoughts once again returning to Ordona's warning.

    * * * * *

    Kent's gaze moved to Zelda as they walked, broken amethyst shards occasionally clinking against their still moist boots. "… What happened, exactly?" he inquired, uncertain. Recalling the sudden surge in Selena's power.

    He had felt it, even before she had used the magic. Oddly enough, she had seemed startled. Barely able to control it.

    "… It seems that her magical poweress, or potential, has been unleashed," the Princess mused, thoughtful. "In such, that very power drained her," Zelda added, noticing the tinge of confusion in Kent's expression. "But it shall require practice, if she is to use it efficiently. Moreover, learning how to control it …"

    Kent paused, his gaze falling to the young woman in his arms. "Selena shall be alright, then?"

    "Just allow her to rest," Zelda returned quietly, Link soon falling in step beside them as they reached his clearing, moving towards the village. Kent nodded after a moment, sighing. Listening to the rhythmic pattern of their heels against the packed dirt path, worn hard by regular travel.

    Casting his current stream of thought aside, he was unable to refrain himself from dwelling on Ordona's words. A scarlet cloth of caution, yes, but unfortunately vague. Whom? Why?

    Was the observer tracking their entire group, or a sole being in it? For the Trinity piece that the Princess possessed, or merely a monetary boon? Both of the latter, perhaps?

    Already, several possibilities were visible in mind's eyes. Claiming the majority of his focus, leaving the young Knight little time to dwell extensively on other subjects. Kent's emerald eyed gaze strayed to his companions, pondering.

    He knew little about Link, though it was clear that the swordsman would lay down his life for the Princess if need be. As for Selena? Despite only having been acquainted for a short time, it seemed that she was relatively harmless. True, she chose not to speak of her past unless prompted … Although he was rather similar, in that aspect. And she respected that.

    Kent suppressed a sigh, wearied. Were they being hunted? If so, to what ends? His jaw clenched, a certain tracker coming to mind. One that cared not what happened, so long as the commission was completed. The possibility seemed plausible, unfortunately.

    As of their last encounter, he hadn't even scratched Kain. Meaning that, if the mercenary wished, he could seek them out to finish what he began. And it was likely that the sellsword would, sooner or later. Kain did not give in so easily - He had only departed because two other swords had arrived.

    A wise idea, though it deprived him of the chance to finally knock Kain from his pedestal. Something that he should have managed some time ago. But had failed in attempt.

    The young man paused as they reached the back of Ordon, seeing the village swordsman's home. "Thank you, Rusl," Link murmured from beside him, his tone nonchalant.

    "My pleasure," he returned, shrugging. Though his calm hazel gaze rested on Link for a moment, apparently intrigued. Both by the younger man's company, and by what he had seen at the spring. Rusl motioned them inside, pulling the sturdy wooden door open.

    Kent nodded in thanks, striding after Link and the Princess. Also deciding that it would be best, to allow Selena to sleep in peace. Before the winds changed again, sweet Farore perhaps bringing more than they wished for. And not in the best of sense.

    (Author's Note: Sorry for taking so long to update again, XD.)
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    Wow, as I always say, terrific stuff. I enjoyed the fight scene alot, it was quite fun. And, of course, the furthering of relationships made me happy. XP

    The end of the chapter got me wondering, not sure if it was supposed to be a cliff-hanger, but it came across as one for me.
  39. I see you saw every 'possible hint', then. ^_^

    And, yes, it's supposed to resemble a cliff hanger. I'm glad that you liked this chapter, though. :)
  40. Chapter XI: Ripples of the Past

    Kent sighed, gripping the cool iron pick. His preoccupation causing him to dig at the rock lodged in Elare's hoof far more savagely than necessary. He was out of line, and knew it. Every time he allowed himself to care, as of late, something struck.

    The young Knight glanced up, startled as the rock popped loose - His mount jerking the hoof from his cupped hand, snorting indignantly. Kent straitened, rubbing Elare's shoulder in apology. The stallion was now glaring at him, mildly reproachful.

    He shrugged after a moment, moving towards Elare's flank. The buckskin let out an irritable sigh as Kent patted a muscular black hock, reluctantly raising it. Making it clear that his master's mood was effecting him as well. Kent dug the curved iron into his mount's dirt-packed hooves, absentmindedly breaking the clumps to leave only the triangular frog and hard black sole.

    One glance at the sky told him that it had been several hours, since he had left Selena with his other companions. Golden light streaked across the coming evening sky, varying hues of crimson and lilac swirling in the mix. Kent released Elare's now clean hoof, hearing footsteps. Icy blue eyes soon met his gaze. Link.

    The Knight nodded in greeting, slipping the pick back into his stallion's saddlebag. Kent ran a hand down Elare's muscular neck, the buckskin's golden-bronze coat shimmering slightly in a dappled ray of setting sunlight. His emerald eyed gaze remained on the approaching swordsman, Link's pace revealing equal weariness, yet also mild relief.

    Kent paused, allowing his hand to simply rest against his steed's neck, curiosity piqued. Link also halted, momentarily taken aback by the Knight's calm observation. Noting that it seemed he was once again withdrawn, collecting full control over the emotions that he chose to display. The green clad swordsman strode forward after a moment, moving towards his freshly groomed mare.

    Link lightly rubbed Epona's velvety pink and black muzzle, receiving an appreciative nicker in return. "You have kept yourself occupied, I see," he offered by way of greeting, a smile accompanying his words - Seeing that a good majority of dust once visible on Sumner's and Epona's soft pelts no longer showed. Kent shrugged, now rubbing Elare's throatlatch.

    "My hands, yes …" the onyx haired Knight murmured, sighing.

    "Something is troubling you?" Link inquired, half turning to meet his new companion's eyes. The young man shrugged once more, this time wincing in result of the movement.

    "To be blunt," he affirmed, gingerly rotating his left shoulder. As if it was stiff, an old injury returning to prod at him. "And if my assumption is correct, you are also dwelling on something," the young added quietly, prompting his younger company to speak.

    Link hesitated, before complying. "Zelda suggested that I fetch you, seeing as Selena has awakened," he returned, his measured tone belied by the faint smile that remained about his lips. The swordsman paused as Kent stiffened, the young Knight consenting himself a nod, before leveling their gazes once more. "… Also, at the spring; One might say that your proved yourself, in sorts. Feel welcome to join us, Kent. Impeding should not fall under your concerns," Link ventured, back tracking on his words from several nights before. Knowing, apparently, that his Knighthood had been attained for the main reason of protecting the Princess.

    No longer viewing him as whom might unintentionally deter their self-imposed assignment, it seemed. Trusting him, to some extent. "Thank you … But I must acquire Her Highness's consent as well," Kent sighed after a moment, patting Elare's neck before moving towards the village path. "I should check on Selena, at least …"

    The sound of Link's boots were audible behind him, a lark's trill drifting through the air as they walked. Kent sighed, his hand resting on the hilt of his longsword. Were his efforts simply transparent? Or rather, blatantly obvious to whom surrounded him? Even as guarding Zelda remained priority, other duties continually seemed to rise - A good majority because he was allowing himself to grow attached.

    A gentle breeze was sweeping across Ordon, tousling his short onyx locks as the sunlight danced across the village's sparkling waters. Soon pausing in the looming shadow of the water wheel, Kent was able to see a feminine trio at the sandy bank. Selena, the Princess, and Rusl's wife; whom he had earlier introduced as Uli.

    Though remaining in the shadows as he moved forward, the young Knight's subtle movement brought him nearer to his female companions. He halted upon hearing Selena's voice, recalling the young woman's unusual ability. It seemed likely that she could sense him, yet she gave no notice of his presence through her still wearied movements. Kent suppressed a sigh, acutely aware that Selena would not leave his thoughts for a fair amount of time if their paths split in the following days.

    The weeping of Uli's young babe soon cut through his thoughts, startling him out of his broodings. His gaze continued to follow Selena, observing her. Exhaustion tinged every movement, remaining effects from her sudden burst of magic. If using her natural poweress remained draining, many consequences were highly possible - None of them desirable, especially what with their recent company of the droids.

    Yet a faint smile soon eased the young Knight's set features, even reaching the stoney edge in his eyes when Selena's voice once again became auidalbe. Judging from the heightened quality, he could not deny that she was singing again. He stiffened when she halted mid-stanza, half turning. Their eyes met, his gaze darkened by shadows.

    Kent turned on his heel when she started to stand, striding past Link's startled form, mentally chaisting himself.

    * * * * *

    Zelda lightly caught Selena's arm, preventing her from following the clearly frustrated Knight. The younger woman immediately halted, thought hesitantly lowering herself back onto the sandy stream bank. Concern was evident in her eyes, trailing after Kent's diminishing form.

    Uli soon excused herself, and retreated to the cottage. Although intrigued, the villagers made no specified attempt to pry. Fortunate, for the time being. It would spare both time and energy, as they would not have to form an additional guise.

    She paused when Selena spoke, meeting her gaze as the sound of the weeping babe faded.
    "Continue, if you will," Zelda prompted quietly, nodding.

    Selena hesitated, before nodding in acknowledgment. "… Although Kent refuses to speak, it is clear a shroud hovers over him … Did something happen, that you know of?"

    Zelda sighed, raising her gaze to the darkening sky. The vibrant colors were fading with the sunset, lavender and deep blue laying claim to the cooling swath. "He and his kin had long served as Knights in the Royal Guard, his mother a healer … Kain openly betrayed Hyrule, roughly seven moonspans ago. Kent departed soon after, though he mentioned returning eventually. Even so, he now stands alone," the Princess summarized softly, half lost in thought. He had departed mere days before the reign of Twilight. Whether the half brothers had roamed as spirits for a time, she did not know.

    "… What of his family? He simply left?" Selena inquired, doubt touching her tone.

    "He has none remaining, Selena," the young woman stated shortly, eyes sliding closed as Link joined them. "… I am afraid you shall have to ask Kent, if you wish to know the full tale. The bit I know only scratches the surface, I believe. But I would advise allowing him some time to himself, first," Zelda added after a moment, releasing Selena's arm.

    "… All right …" Selena agreed, a small sigh escaping her lips. Yet her eyes alone made it clear that she had considered saying something, but had thought better of it. Zelda's brow arched, intrigued, though she could not be certain why. Was there something she did not know, but her piece of the Triforce did? If so, what? Gentle Nayru was taunting her, it seemed. Perhaps the quiet maiden was on a quest of her own? It was certainly a possibility, though it further divided their small group. Even as quanity did not always strengthen, it often opened new paths.

    She glanced over as Selena stood, her gaze focusing on Link as their youngest companion began wandering the village. "We depart on the morrow, I presume?" Zelda inquired calmly, the pushed time result of Ordonna's warning.

    "Yes," Link affirmed quietly, watching the shimmering school of greengill make its way down the stream. "Those droids … They simply are not natural. If they are pursuing us as well, we should leave immediately. Status or no, it would not be right to endanger Ordon," he added flatly, almost defensively. The green clad swordsman sighed, reaching up. His gauntleted fingers curled around the Master Sword's cold hilt, unsheathing the longsword in one fluid motion. It's smooth blade gleamed in the remaining rays of sunlight, the blessed steel turning a pale yellow.

    "What is it, Link? There is something other than Shadow and Ordon's fate on your mind," the young woman pointed out dubiously, the calmness of her tone tinged with concern - As well as uncertainty, upon seeing the intent in which Link was gazing at the blade with.

    "All of Hyrule, and those around it. When at the spring, I felt Din's strength rejoin Nayru's and Farore's. Yet it was as if hollow, a mere echo of what the Sword held when I dueled Gannondorf. Although the blade also draws upon the Holder's poweress, it was divided. As if halved, even. It matters not if we manage to locate Shadow, when it comes down to what we possess," Link concluded listlessly, weariness finally touching his tone. His icy blue eyes were far away, lost in thought.

    Zelda extended a hand after a moment, lightly touching it to the back of Link's sword wielding one. "So you have felt it as well … Even though our individual amount of power remains the same, the overall is now incomplete. It seems the Goddesses felt the need to bolster their defenses. We may have new allies to locate as well," the Princess mused, removing her hand. Drawing Link's bemused gaze to her in doing so.

    "Perhaps," Link agreed after a moment, examining the possibility. "But our original ally should come first," he said single-mindedly, returning to their original task. "I feel the latter of your idea may be simpler if we reunite the first half."

    He sheathed the sword and pushed himself to his feet, offering a hand to Zelda. The now cold sand clung to the fabric of her torn kirtle as she grasped it, allowing him to pull himself to her feet. Moonlight glistened on the stream, the celestial light resonating from the pale wedge climbing into the now dark sky. A cool breeze toyed with their hair, just strong enough to tug at their unbound locks.

    Speculations aside, there was too much to do to be slowed down.

    * * * * *

    The battered armor on Link's ‘practice warrior' clattered loudly under the force of Kent's kick, a fresh dent appearing in the under tempered metal. He immediately jumped, lashing out in attack. Twisting in mid-air, his booted foot collided with the same area. He landed in a faltering kneeling position, barely balancing himself. Kent straitened, glancing over the armor once more. His shallow dent in the metal had barely deepened, instead widening.

    Even under the light of the moon, it was clear his aim had been off. He shook his head, jaw clenching. Training did not clear his mind as it used to, distractions ever present. Of the most persistent, the matter of departure and the faerie from this dream seven moonspans ago. Though the former was an immediate problem, the latter was longer still. It's request remained clear, much as the one Selena was searching for. If he was correct, the two beings they had been entreated to locate bore similar qualities.

    He suddenly pivoted when a hand touched his shoulder, his right hand falling to the hilt of his sword. Cobalt eyes met his gaze, widening in astonishment. Kent half turned as Selena stepped back, allowing his hand to fall to his side. Out the corner of his eye, he could see her hesitancy. The young woman's electrum tresses appeared almost silvery under the half moon, the paleness of her blonde hair exploited by the even paler light.

    "… You have my attention. Strike while the iron is hot," Kent sighed, avoiding her gaze. Whether it was her intent or not, it felt as it she was peering into him - Quite literally. He shifted his weight after a moment of silence, attempting to mask the dull ache in his left shoulder as a precaution.

    "… It is naught … My apologies for interrupting you," Selena whispered, her voice barely audible. But clearly taking the irritation in his tone to be directed at her.

    "Hold, Selena," the young Knight said, fully turning to face his companion. She paused, uncertainly meeting his gaze. "You requested weaponry guidance, I believe. Do you still wish to learn?"

    "… Yes," Selena murmured, nodding.

    Kent leveled their gaze, silently challenging the hesitancy of her tone. If she was not certain, it would do little good. The young woman met his scrutiny calmly, allowing his gaze to bore into her own. "All right. I would suggest finding your boots. We may begin soon, if the circumstances allow," he added, thoughts returning to Link's words. Duty demanded that he accompany the Princess, yet it also turned him in Selena's direction. Perhaps her ability to sense essences held a certain reasoning?

    He paused as Selena offered a brief bow, apparently in silent thanks. She turned, walking towards the village. Kent's emerald eyed gaze remained on the young woman's retreating form, thoughtful. It had not been sheer happenstance, in Lyrako. Nor was it happenstance that they encountered Link and the Princess, not what with the recent turn of events.

    ‘There is no such thing as coincidence - Only inevitability,' his father had once said. Was it true?

    (Author's Note: No action in this one, but after that last chapter they need a break. Especially for what's coming next. ^_^)
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