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DPPt/HGSS Looking at increasingly odd pokemon... Wigglytuff! :D

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Yoshimitsu, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Okay, I'm just looking at some massively underused pokemon now, and planning movesets and stuff for them. Just because I can. This time, I'm looking at Wigglytuff.

    Here's my thoughts on a physical Wiggly:

    Cute Charm

    Left over EVs in Defense

    200 Attack
    200 HP
    Left over in Defense

    Defense Curl
    Roll Out
    Body Slam/Return

    Obviously utilising Wigglytuff's high HP stat for Sub and Leftovers, though I'm not 100% on how useful Sub would be. It hinges on whether Wigglytuff can survive the first attack since it's a very slow pokemon anyway. If it does, the Sub should survive long enough to recover the HP lost. Defense Curl and Roll Out are understandable, and Body Slam/Return for STAB damage (Body Slam for chance of paralysis).

    And for a Special Wiggly:

    Cute Charm

    252 Sp. Attack


    200 Def
    200 Sp. Def
    The rest in Sp. attack

    Substitute (again)
    Hyper Voice
    Shadow Ball

    Again, substitute that hinges on surviving the first round. If it does, Wigglytuff survives, recovers HP. Hyper Voice for STAB, Psychic for Fighting and Shadow Ball for ghost.
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Wigglytuff...now there's an interesting one...

    Due to Wigglytuff having a larger Special movepool and a slightly larger Sp.Attack stat over its respective physical attributes, the Special set does seem to be the way to go. However, Wigglytuff's horrible Speed and mediocre-at-best Sp.Attack mean a generic sweeper set won't be effective for much besides making you lose very badly, very often.

    For that reason, you'll need to improvise - here's an example:

    Wigglytuff @ Custap Berry
    Cute Charm

    - Hyper Voice
    - Shadow Ball/Flamethrower
    - Endeavor
    - Substitute

    Simple premise here - come in on a severely wounded opponent and use this as a revenge kill against them. You want your opponent to hit you for anything between 50-74% HP damage here with one attack, and you want this to be able to happen pretty consistently - check Google for Damage Calculators if you want, since they'll help you figure out what EV spread will be optimal for achieving this. Anyway, here's the plan - opponent hits you for 50-74% damage, you use Substitute and activate the Custap Berry, granting you the first attack for a turn. On your first-strike turn, it's guessing game time. If you predict the opponent will stay in and let themselves be KO'd, then do the honours and KO them, then Endeavor the next Pokemon that comes in to break your Substitute, putting them at pretty low HP before they can KO you. If you predict they'll switch, use Endeavor first to cut the opponent's HP down greatly, then finish them with an attack as they break your Substitute. Also, I highly suggest going 252 EVs on Sp.Attack without any question, since Wigglytuff's Sp.Attack won't be high enough to really harm anything otherwise. Put the rest into HP/defenses as you see fit.

    It's definitely a tough set to use, but Wigglytuff isn't underused for no reason - to put it bluntly, Wigglytuff is a bit crap. However, this set can definitely do some pretty major damage if you can get the moves off at the right time.

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