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Ask to Join Lone Clover Academy RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Ry_Burst, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Discussion and Sign-ups https://pokecharms.com/threads/magician-school-idea.17496/#post-503167

    "Crap, I'm late," Ryoga Wilson shouted, looking at the clock. He jumped out of bed, and pulled his pants on. He grabbed his white button up shirt, and slung it over his shoulders. He began to button up the shirt sloppily, leaving it untucked. He grabbed his tie, bag, and sword, and rushed out of his room.

    "Don't forget about me!" A little black mouse squeaked, running after Ryoga. The boy stopped and laid down his arm, placing the back of his hand on the ground, with his palm facing up. The mouse climbed up his arm and took his spot on his shoulder, while Ryoga grinned madly.

    "Sorry Nabu. I just don't wanna be late for my first day of school." Ryoga said smiling. Nabu rolled his eyes, as Ryoga ran the staircase leading to exit. He was currently staying at an inn, just north of Lone Clover Academy, the school he was planning on attending. He exited the inn, and began to tie his tie. After making a crude knot, he hopped onto the bus that had stopped at the corner.

    He revealed an ID, that showed his face, proving how he was a student at the driver and he nodded silently. This was the bus to Lone Clover Academy, and Ryoga was this bus's last pickup. The next stop was the academy itself.

    All the student's luggage had already been delivered to their rooms, which two students would have to share with each other. However, only students in the Mage class would bunk together. And not to mention, that all the students on this bus were kids taking the Mage course.

    As the bus lurched forward, Ryoga walked along the aisle. He walked towards the back of the bus, and faced a student who seemed to be sitting alone. "Mind if I sit here?" Ryoga asked the student.
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  2. Sabrina heard someone say "Mind if I sit here?" and looked at him, and replied "Sure. You'll just have to mind Avaros here. It's been a weird year for me so far..." She petted Avaros and waited for a response. While waiting, she took out her bow in case someone tried to stop her. She kept her bow with her at all times. But she wondered who the person she was sitting next to was. "So, what's your name? Mine's Sabrina." asked Sabrina. She ried to pet Avaros once again, but Avaros had its attention on Ryoga, and Nabu. She focused, and drew a sketch of Nabu and Avaros, and added some shading. Unfortunately, she focused too much and created a sphere with her element--Terra.
  3. "I don't know about this seat. How about the one over there. Her familiar is a wolf. Wolves eat mice." Nabu squeaked, shivering a bit while on Ryoga's shoulder.

    "It'll be fine, Nabu." Ryoga said giving a slight chuckle. He sat down beside the wolf and the girl, placing his bag and his sheathed sword on his lap. He slipped on his blazer, so it was square on his shoulder and Nabu slid into the blazer pocket. "My name is Ryoga Wilson, and nervous mouse in my pocket is Nabu. He's my familiar." He said offering a handshake out to the girl. He watched as Sabrina was sketching, while forming a ball of earth with her magic.

    "That's Creation class magic, right. I'm still learning about this whole being a Mage thing. And the Element is Terra, right?" He asked. He was hoping he got that right. With Creation Magic, not being a Pyro Mage's strong suit, his mother hadn't spent much time explaining that specific class of magic.
  4. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Shadok was walking down the bus. Head down. He had seen two people talking. He ignored them and kept walking. A small flame ran after him, and he was whispering from his side saying things like: ''speak to them.'' The flame was too sweet to be taken seriously. The flame began to turn blue and began to get very hot. The flame had kept talking and grumble. Shadok continued walking, ignoring her. As he walked, the flame lit the way.

    "Go talk to them, you stubborn one!" The flame said, being ignored again. The flame had begun to jump from one shoulder to the other of the figure, muttering about him being very antisocial. Shadok simply entered the bus, the flame muttering from his side. He had endured that flame for years, but whenever he needed it, it even helped. The figure sat down behind them. Those who were talking. Shadok had settled on the chair, put the sword on the side of his chair.

    ''Hello! My friend here is antisocial, but I'll speak for him! '' The flame said rising over the chair support and lying down. The flame was the size of Shadok's palm, not so great. The flame had continued to speak many random things. Shadok just listened and did not care, he just had looked at them. The flame had kept talking and bothering both of them. The flame kept talking, until it got tired and Shadok gave wood for the flame to eat. Shadok and the flame ate, but now the flame was silent.
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  5. "Yeah. The element is Terra. I want to master a different element. But I know that's going to be hard." said Sabrina, looking out the window of the bus. "In fact, I learned a lot about magic from... nevermind..." said Sabrina, trying not to bring up the subject of her grandmother. "You know, Avaros won't bite. Nabu's free to talk to him." explained Sabrina, while waiting for the bus to stop. She kept sketching Nabu while waiting for the bus to stop, and tried to make a shape out of the sphere made from her element that wasn't a sphere. She ended up waiting for Ryoga to say something.
  6. With the mention of the possibility of being able to control a second element, shocked the boy. Ryoga closed his eyes and tried to image mastering multiple elements. Then he opened his eyes,and said, "Nah. I wouldnt want to use two elements. Seems too complicated. I'm going to become a Pryo Mage, like my dad."

    He held up his sword and drew it just a bit to show the glint of part of the blade. Then the small part showing began to emit small flames and heat. "I'm pretty sure this is called Aura Magic. You know, when a Mage uses their power to enhance themselves or an object. Pretty cool, right?" Ryoga said, before sheathing his blade.

    Nabu popped his head, now safe from the threat of being a wolf's supper and said, "Right. And Pyro Magic is best at using Aura Class Magic. Remember what your mom said about it?"

    "Yeah, I remember. You see Sabrina, this sword belonged to my dad, who died protecting the world from demons. And Nabu was once his familiar. Now we teamed up to avenge Dad's death. I'm gonna become the strongest Pyro Mage in existence. Then no demon will be able to beat us!" He said, a bit too loud, allowing a few students in other seats to hear.

    "C'mon Ryoga. Don't be so loud. You're embarrassing us." Nabu quietly cried.
  7. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Shadok had heard what Ryogan had said. Nothing would hinder Shadok. He fought for his family. '' Now- '' The flame was interrupted. '' You will not become the strongest pyro, you idiot. I'll become. "Shadok said getting up and taking his katana, then looking at Ryogan." If you want to become the best, try. Words did not make him, much less lament for his father. I lost my. And my mother. And my family, "Shadok said with a cold look at Ryogan.

    The small flame slapped Shadok. '' He lost his father! Have respect! "The flame said. "I lost my family. And you know that, and you know I do not like to talk about it, "Shadok said, and the flame dropped. '' Go, you stupid child. Become better than me ... Ah, you're not. Try it before you talk, okay? '' Shadok said sitting down and putting his sword away. '' Idiot ... hmf. '' Shadok said sitting at the window, Watching the leaves on a tree fall.
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  8. Ryoga stood up and faced Shadok. "It's seems we have a rivalry going on now. To see who's the best Pyro Mage. I'll take you on, right now, let's go." He said smiling, begining to draw his sword, while standing in the aisle.

    Nabu leapt up and bit his ear. "Yowch!" Ryoga shouted, wincing at the sharp pain. He dropped his sword in suprise.

    "Ryoga, don't be stupid. You have no real fighting experience. Not to mention, were on a bus full of people." Nabu hissed.

    Ryoga bent down to pick up his sword, and faced Shadok. Then he said, "Just so you know. My father's death doesn't fuel me. I want to be like him, and that is what does." And with that, he sat down in his seat.
  9. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    '' I'm not intimidated. I already trained, and I fought. You know, we'll figure this out on our own. I do not want to have to hit someone in front of everyone. '' Shadok said sitting down. '' Look, Shadok, you better stay out of trouble. You're going to be expulsed! "The flame said, jumping on Shadok's shoulder, which ignored her. Shadok picked up his notebook, and started drawing. The drawing began to take shape from his family, and he stopped drawing, and ripped off the sheet and put away his notebook.

    The flame, meanwhile, jumped onto Ryogan's shoulder. '' Sorry for my master. He's kind of rude. "The flame said sitting on Ryogan's shoulder. She saw Nuba and jumped to the side of the mouse. ''Hello familiar friend! It seems that our masters will have some hm ... problems. What do you do when your master has some? "The flame asked, looking at various places and moving energetically, as always eating did her.
  10. "Usually I allow him to solve his own probelms. Usually Ryoga can figure things our on his own. Even if I have to prod him along so he does." Nabu squeaked.

    Ryoga furrowed his brows. "I can hear everything you're saying, you know."

    With this, the little mouse familiar gave a happy chuckle. "My name is Nabu and this boy is Ryoga. It's a pleasure." And with that the mouse stood on his hind legs and gave a bow.

    "Dweeb," Ryoga mumbled under his breath, loud enough so that Nabu could hear him. The mouse shot Ryoga a glare and the boy laughed. "Wait, you can hear me. That's so weird. I wasn't trying to let you or anything. Ha ha ha."

    Nabu merely rolled his eyes at this. But this was all in good fun between the two.
  11. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Parker had been resting sitting upright, using his halberd as support. He hadn't quite gotten enough sleep last night, however his rest was abruptly interrupted by a couple of Pyro mages who had gotten into a quarrel. He stood up and turned around to face them, "Excuse me? Could you two quiet down please, I'm trying to rest."
  12. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    '' Generally my master does not have as much trouble, and when he has he solve it himself. I think our masters will fight,but it will not stop us from not hating each other, will we? "The flame said jumping up and down." I'll be back before Shadok starts drawing again. It's good to talk to other demons. Bye! "The flame said jumping back to the master's place, Sitting down next to him, watching what he did. He still thought he could do something wrong.

    ''No. If you want to become a mage, do not sleep. We will become Mages, not people who only know how to rest. '' Shadok said uncomfortably with the new person. He saw the flame coming back, and sitting in the vacant seat next to him, which should be the last unoccupied place on the bus. Shadok watched a child with his family, walking around ... If he had that. "I just need to train," he said, ignoring what he had seen. And, the flame only watched. '' I'm sorry, '' the flame said to the man.
  13. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    "No, it's fine." Parker said to the familiar. "I understand where he's coming from. I really shouldn't be asleep." Parker looked around at all the incoming students on the bus. "I should really be trying to make friends, going into a whole new school and environment without knowing anybody would be tough."
  14. Sabrina listened to the conversation on the bus, trying to form a wall with her magic between all three of the people talking. She had done it for fun. Unfortunately, the bus hit a pothole or something and it crumbled. She continued sketching, and sculpting the sphere of earth into what she wanted it to be. Sabrina and Avaros looked out the window and it looked like they were never gonna get out of the bus. She sketched Avaros and Nabu, and wrote down the word "Terra" on the page.
  15. The bus came to a screeching halt, leaving a few students to slam their faces into the back of the soft seat ahead of them. The doors opened wide, and a man wearing an grey trench coat walked through. He stood at attention at the front of the bus, with his hands neatly folded behind his back. Strapped to his back was what looked like a black high tech sniper rifle. Resting neatly on the man's head was a peaked grey cap. In the man's mouth was a candy cigarette, while a while box of them, rested in his coat pocket.

    "Students, my name is Sargent Ashton Griswold. I will be your homeroom instructor, and you will adress me as Mr. Griswald. Now, since you are all freshmen taking the Mage course, you are all in my homeroom. Now form a single file line and follow me. I hear one peep out of anyone, and I will personally kick your ass. Now follow me to the place you will sign in at."
    The man was quick to bark orders and had a very authoritarian aura. He walked off the bus and he walked under the front gate

    Ryoga admired the golden letters that read "Lone Clover Academy." He was stoked. Nabu who was now in Ryoga's blazer pocket, admiring the scenary, for it was almost identical as it was, last time he was here.

    Mr. Griswald led them to a woman who had a large table beside her. Across the table's surface were multiple stacks of paper with a manilla envelope on top of each one. Written on each envelope was the name of the person thw stack belonged to.

    "Hello students. I am the assistant principal, "Ms. Penelope. And here is your information. This includes maps of the facilities, and boy there is a lot, dorm arrangements, classroom info, and everything else you will need to know. Class starts tomorrow at 8:00 AM, so eat in your dorms, and meet Sarge over there, in classroom 1H for homeroom. Until then, go to your dorms, get unpacked and socialize and explore. The rest of the day is a set up and a free day." The woman seemed to have boundless enthusiasm. The pet name for Mr. Griswald seemed a bit odd, and Ryoga noticed Mr. Griswald wince once he was called that.

    Ryoga walked forward and picked up his stack. He opened up the envelope to see a key with a tag that read, "Room M5D." He assumed that meant he was staying in the Male Dorm, sleeping on the fifth floor and staying in room D. It made sense right. He shuffled through his stack of paperwork finding the map, before shoving all but it and the key into his bag. Then he walked towards his dorm.
  16. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    As Parker walked up to of the prestigious academy in the line he and the rest of the students had formed he found himself lost in thought. He had been invited here because of his mastery of the weakest form of Gust magic, but now that he was actually here he was a bit scared.

    "I'm really here, Lone Clover Academy..." Parker had said this out loud without even realizing it.

    Following the others up to the table, Parker grabbed his bundle of papers and checked to see where his dorm was. He was hoping his bunk mate wouldn't be some weirdo.

    "M5D... well what the hell does that mean?"

    Parker asked around and learnt that it was room D on the 5th floor of the male side of the dorms. Which he though made a lot more sense after learning what it meant. He grabbed his halberd and bag, slinging them on his back and started towards his room.
  17. "Honey, I'm home!" Ryoga shouted swinging the door open wide. Inside was the room he would be spending the next four year in. His stuff was neatly packed on the left side of the room, where what he assumed was his roomates gear, was on the right. The room had a very basic layout. On the left and right side there was a bed, pressed against each of the two walls. Along the back wall was two desks, with chairs and a computer on each desk. A large window was above the desks, as long as both desks, combined. Near each bed, near the foot wad a chest, for storing personal belonging. And finally there was two dressers by the door, one on the left and the other on the right.

    "Man, this bed looks soft!" Ryoga shouted belly flopping onto the bed. Nabu fell out of Ryoga's pocket and into the hardwood floor.

    "Behave yourself, Ryoga." Nabu squeaked, scowling his friend. "You need to have a good impression on your roomate. You'll be living together for a while."

    Ryoga laughed, and rolled on his side looking at the mouse. "Think about it Nabu. If I act like someone I'm not, I would be lying to him. My first impression should be just me being me."

    Nabu gave a sigh. "If you say so."

    Ryoga took off his shoes and placed them by his bed. He stood up and opened the first box. "C'mon, Nabu. Let's get unpacking. We have a few boxes to burn through."

    "There wouldn't be as many boxes if you didn't bring you Xbox, and your collection if games." Nabu said climbing up onto Ryoga's bed.

    "Don't be naive. I need my games. I'll have free time, and I refuse to not play video games for four years. It's unthinkable. Now stop complaining and help me unpack." Ryoga shot back, lifting up a console out of the box and placing on his desk.
  18. Axel stepped forward and picked up his forms and began walking to the dormrooms, not taking note of the other students around him. "Remember what brother said, socializing wont get you anywhere, stay focused." A bead of sweat ran down the boys forehead as he thought of the oncoming challenges.

    "Relax Axel, its gonna be fine. Now lets see what room number you have." Said Yami, the small raven perched on Axel's shoulder. Yami gave Axel a quick peck on the top of the head.

    "Oww, I am relaxed, chill out with the poking." Axel replied before checking which dorm he was in. Out of all the things Axel was worried about at the academy, having a roommate was the one thing on his mind now. Being a boy who grew up in a rich household, Axel never had to share a room and wasnt exactly sure how it would go.

    "Now lets see...ah, M3A. Guess thats your room. move along now Axel, we dont have all day." Yami said looking over the boys shoulder at the papers before giving Axel another quick peck.

    "Ow! Im going im going!" Axel replied picking up his pace.
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    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    "M3A." Ember said, on Shadok's shoulder, that he started walking to the men's dormitory, third floor, room A. As Shadok walked, everyone went out of his way. Even the bullies got out of his way, afraid. He entered the bedroom, and watched, then settling down and starting to pull his things out of his backpack. ''It's best to leave a note, I'm tired of talking. And I do not want you to burn the room, either, "Ember said, starting to write a note on a piece of paper. Ember began to write, while Shadok took the clothes from his backpack and kept it in the closet, took off his katana and put it on top of the desk.

    '' Dear roommate, I wanted to warn you of the rules so that the room is not burned by Shadok (Your roommate):
    1. Do not talk about family;
    2. Do not copy what he says;
    3. Do not take his katana;
    4. Do not take his katana;
    5. Do not take his katana;
    6. Try not to do anything to irritate him;
    7. Do not bother him at night;
    8. Do not complain too much;
    9. Do not stand in his way.
    Oh, my name is Ember. I am the flame that follows him all the time. He likes me. (Do not say that to him) ''

    Ember took the note and placed it on the table, on the side of the Katana, very obvious to know that it was there. Even seeing who was there, Shadok ignored him. It was deadly silence."I hope he sees it." Ember said as he jumped on Shadok's shoulder.
  20. Yami landed on the table and looked down at the note, glancing at Ember who was jumping onto Shadok's shoulder. "Axel." Yami said plainly.

    Axel looked up from the trunk he was organizing to see Yami clutching a paper with his foot. "Hm, whats this?" He mumbled looking to his roommate before reading the paper. "Dear roommate....hm." After he read, "Do not take his katana." for the third time Axel furrowed his brow before crumpling the paper up and tossing it into the trash bin.

    "Dont you think your roommate seems a little off?" Yami asked quietly while floating next to Axel who simply continued to put his things away.

    Axel looked to Yami for a moment before closing his trunk and standing up, "Hey, im Axel, guess we'll be rooming together for awhile. Im assuming your Shadok." He said holding a hand out to the boy, an innocent grin spreading across his face.
  21. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Shadok saw Axel and ignored him. "Ah ... his name is Shadok, yes, it's a pleasure." Ember said jumping in Axel's hand. '' He's not cool. But, never repeat that. '' Ember said as he watched Shadok unpack his things. '' And he's going to ignore you, so it's no use, and he might get annoyed if you try to socialize. '' Ember said, jumping up and down. '' But really, do not annoy him. You're going to take the blame if something happen! "Ember said jumping on the pillow and began to doze off. '' Wake me up in three minutes ... '' Ember said asleep. Shadok heard and picked up his watch, setting the alarm for 3 minutes later. Ember dreamed of Shadok beginning to fight and burn the room. Weird.
  22. Axel stared at Ember for a second a second before smiling. "Not to worry Ember, we can take precaution." He said before looking around the room thoroughly. "Hm, gonna be tricky bit it should be possible." He added before placing his palms together and closing his eyes.

    Yami stared at Axel, distress starting to overcome him. "Axel, you shouldnt be using magic in the door room. Even if you have experience, your still a freshman." Yami perched on Axel's shoulder and was about to peck the boys head when he was interrupting by Axel's words.

    "Relax Yami, its fine." Axel grinned before gritting his teeth together, a faint rumbling could be heard all around them and in an instant, the color of the walls shifted to a pale grey. Axel relaxed and looked around the room, grinning. "There, I put thin layer of stone around the walls of the room. So if you start a fire, it wont spread past our dorm."
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    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Parker had gone up the first four flights of stairs and had made it to the fifth floor. He adjusted his bag and halberd and started making his way down the hall, which seemed to stretch on forever.

    "If it's room D then it shouldn't be very far..." Parker had murmured aloud to himself. He turned his head to the left and stopped in his tracks, realizing he had said this just as he was passing by his room. "Lucky enough I guess." Parker reached his hand out and grabbed the door handle, swinging it open and stepping into the room.
  24. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    A loud alarm sounded, and Ember woke instantly. "Okay ... Why is the wall gray? You do not have to answer. "Ember said as he jumped off the pillow. "Just do not burn it all up." The flame said, stretching. '' Do something to get to know each other, you will be here for a long time together. '' Ember said taking a piece of paper, two pencils and making a tic-tac-toe board. '' Play together, and there's no point in complaining. '' The flame said seeing the two and giving two pencils. Shadok picked up his pencil and broke it in half. He took out his sword and a cloth, then began to polish it. '' Look, do something with him, you're going to have to be together with him. At least try it, who knows, maybe you will be less embarrassed with each other? "Ember said,drawing the board again. This time, Shadok took the pencil and placed the paper on the table, noting an X in the middle. "Your turn." He said giving the pencil to Axel.
  25. Yami looked on at the game with a worried expression. He landed next to Ember and spoke in a slightly higher voice than normal, "Uh, Ember, Axel may come off level headed boy but he tends to push limits a bit. This may be a bad setup."

    Axel picked up the pencil and stood there contemplating for a moment before writing an O in the center tile, overlapping Shadok's X. "Im not doing this. Im gonna finish unpacking. If you wish to speak with me like a normal person id be happy to listen." As Axel finished talking he dropped the pencil on the table and went back to the foot of his bed, tending to his trunk.

    Yami sweat dropped, "Oh, I hope he doesnt set the boy off. The last thing we need is to be expelled on the first day." He perched on the lid of the open trunk and pecked the top of Axel's head.

    "Ow! What was that for!?" Axel complained clutching his head.

    "Axel I know how you are, dont push this boys buttons. Do you really wanna start something with your roommate on the first day?" Yami questioned in his usual unsteady tone.

    "Relax Yami, everything is gonna be fine, you worry to much." The young boy replied as he close his trunk and exited the room. "Im gonna go look around campus, come on Yami."
  26. "Oh, you must be our roomate." Nabu squeaked as soon as Parker entered to room. Currently, the mouse was sitting on Ryoga's desk, while the boy flattened a now empty, cardboard box. He had only unpacked one of his boxes so far.

    "Oh, hey. Nice to meet you. My name is Ryoga Wilson. I'm your roomate." Ryoga said, walking towards the new arrival. He stopped in front of Parker, and raised and hand, offering Parker a handshake.
  27. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    "Oh hey, the name's Parker." Parker responded, grabbing Ryoga's hand and shaking it. He took his halberd and laid it down on the bed that had his stuff near it.

    "I hope we can get along." He said turning back to Ryoga. Parker thought he looked like a nice enough guy although his familiar was a different story, Parker hated rodents.
  28. Liam was in is room and no one else had arrived so he decided to move some things around and make it a bit neater. So he began by moving the bed on the left side of the room to the middle of the room, Following this he put the two dressers next to each other so that it looked more well arranged within the room. Then he realised it he had to put the two beds on top of each other to make this work and freeze so they would stay in place and there wasn't a chance of his familiar Songo helping as he was fast asleep on his chair. After he'd realised it he walked into the dorms corridor and yelled creating an echo "Yo, I need some help so anyone mind doing me a solid and Helping me out, cause it would really be appreciated?!"
  29. "Same here mate." Ryoga said, nodding and going back to his boxes. He opened up the next box, and then walked over to the dresser, bringing the box over too. He opened a drawer, and began to put clothes from his box into his dresser drawers. A few minutes later, he finished putting away all of his clothes, leaving one cardboard box left of stuff.

    He broke the empty cardboard box down and put it with the other one. As he set it down, his stomach gave a audible growl. He checked the clock above the door to see it was a little past noon.

    "You know Ryoga, I saw a cafe near here, just east of the front doors." Nabu said, climbing down the leg of the table. He hopped onto the bed, climbed the bedpost, and leapt onto Ryoga's shoulder.

    Ryoga gave a grin, and rubbed his stomach. "Sweet idea, Nabu. I'm starving. Hey Parker. Wanna come with us? We could get some lunch and meet some of the other students." Ryoga, asked turning back to Parker.
  30. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    "I kind of wanted to unpack the rest of my stuff, but sure, why not." Parker set down the box he was holding and walked closer to his bed, debating whether or not to bring his halberd. In the end he decided it best and slung the weapon over his shoulder.

    "Guess I'm ready, we can leave whenever." Parker announced, waiting by the door for Ryoga.
  31. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Shadok took the paper and crumpled it, and threw it in the trash. He continued to un-pack his things with Ember's help. "Look, you need to talk to him. You're going to be with him, at least make it worth it. "Ember said as he watched the boy leave. Shadok continued to un-pack his things until he was done. He did not have so many things at all. He was really hungry and left the room to go to the coffeteria. Shadok left and saw Ryoga on the way, also going there. As Shadok walked, everyone was out of the way. He had arrived in the cafeteria, picked up an fried egg and sat down. The moment he sat down, everyone left the table he was. And, that was one of the only free tables.

    Ember followed Shadok, and knew that if he did not socialize with his roommate, his year would be worse. But, he would not. Never. So Ember went looking for Axel and left Shadok alone.
  32. "We can finish later, anyways." Ryoga said, grabbing his sword and slinging it over his shoulder. He opened the door and stepped outside. He then began to leave the dorm, assuming Parker was right behind him. "So, this little cafe, costs a bit more, than the cafeteria, but I've heard, it's way better. The food is much better and the atmosphere is pretty good too. Might as well give it a try, huh?" He said, as he began to walk down the stairs. As he exited the dorm room, his stomach gave another, even louder growl. "Where did you see this cafe, Nabu?" Ryoga asked, slouching a bit.

    "Yeah, just this way," Nabu said, standing on his hind legs, pointing in the right direction with his forepaw.

    "So, Parker. What element do you use? I use Pyro magic. I combine it with my sword to pull off some Aura Magic, that kicks some butt." Ryoga boasted as they walked along.

    Nabu snickered. "You haven't ever actually fought anyone before using magic. You'd have no idea what your idea, if you ever got into a fight." The rodent said give a high pitched laugh.

    "I've been in a few fist fights and been in a few sword fights. And not to mention, Mom helped me get a grip on the more basic parts of my Magic. I'd do some damage." Ryoga said, trying to disprove Nabu's claim.

    Then, Ryoga stopped dead in his tracks. There it was, Poppy Cafe. It was a nice little building, with some shaded tables and chairs. Ryoga walked over and sat down at a table.
  33. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Parker took the seat across from Ryoga. The building was nice and quaint, he liked it. Looking around he noticed that it was unusually busy for this time of day. Ryoga must have been correct when he said the food here was better, it seemed popular.

    "Ah, sorry. I use Gust magic, and like you I also use Aura magic." he said glancing over to his halberd which he had rested on his chair. "A lot of people would consider Aura Gust magic pretty weak, but I've been training with it my whole life and I refuse to use anything else."
  34. "That's pretty cool. Aura Magic itself is pretty sweet though too. The whole concept of Aura Magic is pretty sweet too. I mean instead of just firing blasts of your element, you can boost yourself with the element and fight them, yourself." Ryoga said, as a girl, who seemed like a Junior walked over with menus.

    "Hi, I'll be your waitress, Whitney. Here are your menus. Would you like anything to drink?" She asked in a sing songy voice.

    Ryoga blushed. "Um, I'll take some tea. H-hot please. With, um, a teaspoon of sugar." He said shakily, with his face a bright red.

    "Okay cutie." She turned to face Parker and asked him, "And what about you?"
  35. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Parker looked up at the waitress and then back over to Ryoga who appeared to be a bit flustered. Parker had no idea why, the waitress didn't appear special.

    "I'll take an iced tea, no lemon, and a spoon of sugar." Parker told the waitress, resting his menu back onto the table.
  36. "Okay, Hot Tea, with a Teaspoon of Sugar, and an Iced Tea with a spoon of sugar and no lemon." Okay, Ill be back later with your drinks, and so you can order." She said writing it all down, and scurrying away. By the time she was gone, Ryoga's face had returned to his regular color.

    "So, I think I'll get a Club Sandwich." Ryoga muttered, as he opened up the menu and skimmed it a bit.

    Nabu gave a snicker. "Someone has a crush." The little mouse teased as Ryoga's face became flushed again. Ryoga reached around trying to snatch the mouse, but he ran to the opposite shoulder, just in time.

    "What? No way! What are you talking about!" Ryoga said, as he tried to hide his face, behind his menu.

    "I think she kinda looked like that one girl in your middle school, that you talked about." Nabu teased.

    Ryoga rolled his eyes. "No way! Forget about it. So, what are you going to order Parker?" Ryoga said quickly, trying to change the situation.
  37. Axel wondered around the area outside the dorms with Yami flying next to him. "Wonder what shops they have in the area. Yami, go sky high and tell me what you see." The young boy said to his familiar who nodded before flying upwards.

    "Well there are a few stores and cafe's and such, but not for what YOUR thinking of, am I right Axel?" Yami said as he descended from the sky, trying to give the best 'as a matter of fact' expression his raven face could produce.

    "Relax Yami, I wont be searching for....'that' anytime soon." Axel said as he continued his march forwards. "Its a shame, im so used to the professional chef back at home that the schools cooking seems a bit below my usual standards. Perhaps im more spoiled than I thought..." Axel's voice trailed off as he walked before the sight of a familiar face caught his eye in the window of a cafe.

    "Isnt that the boy who almost startd a fight with your new roommate?" Yami asked nervously ducking behind Axels shoulder, not liking the idea of another Shadok.

    "Relax Yami, he didnt start that problem, besides, this cafe is probably better than the lunch room." Axel said while walking into cafe, taking note of the other student with him. "Uh, hey. You two are going to Lone Clover Academy as well right?" He asked either of the boys while approaching.
  38. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Parker looked over at the stranger who seemed to be asking them a question. He had a raven on his shoulder and seemed to mean no harm, but Parker still grabbed his halberd's handle just in case.

    "Yeah, we do. Why are you asking?" Parker questioned wearily, this guy could be up to something.
  39. "Sit down. Have lunch with us. It couldn't hurt to meet some people in out Mage Course." Ryoga said, pointing to one of the unused chairs by the table. "Might as well meet some of our classmates." The boy showed no fear or concern about the stranger.

    Nabu raised an eyebrow. "How did you know he was taking the Mage Course?" The mouse asked, looking at Ryoga with suspicion.

    Ryoga gave a shrug. "I saw him on the bus. That and the raven familiar was a big clue. It's rare for a non Mage to have a familiar. Remember what you said. Normally demons don't become familiar with random people. Normally they have some magic in their veins and are trying to use it or plan too."

    "Ah, so you've learned a bit." Nabu mumbled.

    Ryoga grinned. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ryoga Wilson. I'm planning on bwing a Pyro Mage, who specializes in Aura Magic. My familiar is named Nabu."
  40. Axel glanced at Parker, "Just curious to know who my other classmates are." He said before grinning at Ryoga while taking a seat. "Im Axel, ill be a Terra Mage who specializes in Creation Magic. And this is my familiar Yami."

    Yami hopped from Axel's shoulder to the edge of the counter. "nice to meet you." He said to the other boys while bowing his head before turning and looking at the small mouse on the table. "Um.....thats a familiar to right?" The small raven asked looking back at Axel.

    "No you may not eat him, jeez." Axel said flicking the back of Yami's head, only for the bird to turn around and peck at Axel forehead.

    "Theres no harm in asking!' Yami complained as he stopped pecking Axel, turning his attention to Nabu, "Why hello, I have no intention of eating you."

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