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Open Lilica Gardens Academy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Iced_Tae, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Dear Student,
    You have been accepted to Lilica Gardens Academy, a prestigious boarding school in the Sinnoh region, in the city of Hearthome, for coordinators. We teach our beloved students proper etiquette and how to become the best of the best. But if you want to become the best of the best, then you must follow all our rules. Good luck and we hope that you will be able to befriend the other amazing coordinators.

    Lilica Academy
    7. HAVE FUN!

    The Student Council:

    President: @Iced_Tae
    Vice President:
    Public Relations Officer:

    School Rules:
    1. Please be in your dorm room at 9:00 PM
    2. Always wear your school uniform
    3. Your Pokemon must be kept in their pokeballs unless they fit the size requirement, nothing bigger than a Luxray.
    4. If you fail more than two classes, we must speak to your parents
    5. Respect the other students and teachers
    AGE: (10-16)


    Amalié Laurent
    AGE: 15
    GENDER: Female
    APPEARENCE: she has beautiful long and silky light blonde hair, she also has the clearest blue eyes, she wears the usual uniform for girls, which consists of a white long sleeved blouse, with a navy blue cardigan, the uniform also consists of a red tie with, the color of skirt is navy blue and she wears knee high black socks with the black leather mary janes with 1inch heels, that the female students are forced to wear, she also wears a golden charm bracelet. She has fair skin that almost seems like porcelain, and with the combination of her light blonde hair, Amalié looks like a doll
    PERSONALITY: a very sweet girl who loves helping people out, as the Student Council President, Amalié is trusted to always help the new students around and she loves doing it since she usually befriends all of them. Usually very calm and collected. She has this natural leader like aura emitting from her, that makes people listen closely to her instructions. But she's not always sweet as a cake because when in battle, Amalié is a complete and utter beast.
    DORM ROOM APPEARENCE: Amalié was lucky enough to get a dorm room to herself which was amazing and thanks to the large size of the dorm buildings, Amalié has a rather large room to herself. She has a queen size white and pink canopy bed in the middle of the room, with a white desk on the wall to the left, and on the right side of her room is a door that leader to her bathroom, which has a walk in closet, and her walls are painted a creamy white while on the brown wooden floor underneath her bed is a fluffy pastel pink carpet. Just like every other dorm she has a golden chandelier hanging in the middle of the room, while matching white lace curtains are attached to her windows.
    POKEMON TEAM: Milotic, Absol, Loppuny, Togekiss (larger than average ones), Delphox, Gardevior
    RELATIVES: Chloé Laurant (Mom), Lance Laurent (Dad), and Ádrian Laurent (baby brother)
    BACKSTORY: being the daughter of a past top coordinator and a famous director, Amalié was cast into a shadow, but instead of continuing to hide in her parents shadow. Amalié chose to rise above her parents and prove herself to the world.
    OTHER: Amalié speaks with a accent (french). People prefer to call her Ami if her real name is too hard to pronounce.

    As Amalié sat in the Student Council room, the female petted her beloved Absol's head as she continued to design a poster for the Gardening Club that the teachers wanted. "Oh Absol, when will the other members get here?" the blonde beaty questioned with her accent. Absol shook her head before licking Amalié's a hand to calm her down. "Hehe, Absol your such a cute little thing aren't you~" Amalié cooed, before returning to creating the poster

  2. Bio
    Name: Lucas Ray
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He has brow messy hair, he has bright shiny brown eyes, he wears a hoodie with many customs made patches and wears the school uniform. which consist of a navy blue suit jacket, white dressing shirt, navy dressing pants, and of course dressing shoes. he also wears a black beanie including headphone around his neck.
    Personality: He is a type of person full of creativity and curiosity. He wants to learn about anything, especially in art, cooking, and music. He extremely competitive in pokemon battles. He friendly and care about his friends, but hate people disrespect his friends.
    Dorm room: Has yet to be known.
    pokemon: Raichu, Lucario, Charizard, Luxray, and Evee
    Backstory: Lucas grew up in Sinnoh with his uncle, and thanks to his uncle he grew fond of music and art. Not only art and music were he fond of, but he also became fond of his curiosity to know anything and everything.

    In the Rp: Lucas finally steps in the school gate, and look his partner Lucario. "Ready Lucario?" he asks. Lucario nods of agreement. They step in the school's ground. "Alright we first need to find the dorms," he said. The search of his dorm begins. He starts looking for someone who knows were the dorms are in the campus.
  3. "Ms. Amalié, there's as new student here and we expect that you will show him around" the vice principal informed as she handed Amalié a navy blue file, which contained some information about the new student, but not the type of information where Amalié would know his blood type and personal information. The blonde female nodded before leaving the Student Council room. But before going on the search for the new student, Amalié returned her Absol and giggled, "sorry girl, but your a bit too mean to others" Amalié said to the Luxury Ball on her hand. The blonde beauty then sent out her Lopunny since the normal type was much more nicer than her grumpy Absol.

    As Amalié and her Lopunny walked around the school, the blonde coordinator caught sight of the new student. The Student Council President and her beloved Lopunny a walked up to the brunnete and his Lucario with a sweet smile on their faces. "Hi, you must be Lucas Ray, I'm Amalié Laurent and this is Lopunny, were here to show you around the school" the girl informed
  4. "Yes, I'm Lucas Ray and it's a pleasure to meet you," he said with a smile. " And I would love to know the entire school," he adds. " you been a student of this school or you transfer," he asks. His curiosity always gets the best of him.
  5. "I've been here since I can remember, anyways why did you want to become a coordinator?" Amalié questioned as she looked through Lucas's file, while Lopunny continued to smile happily as her soothe belle around her neck with every step she took
  6. "To tell ya the truth I want learn everything," he reply. Lucario was nudging Lucas."Your hungry buddy?" he asks. Lucario nods to agreement. He grabs his backpack and pulls out macaroons. "Here ya go lucario," he said handing his buddy a delicious macaroon. "You want one as well your Lopunny" he offer. "Before we start this amazing tour" he adds.
  7. Lopunny shook her head with a smile. "I'm sorry but Lopunny only like Poképuffs" Amalié stated. "Anyways let's take you to your dorm room first, so that you can drop your stuff off" the blonde exclaimed as her accent showed. Amalié then started walking to the directions of the male dorm buildings. "Ahem, as you can see our large campus is made up of five buildings, the main building, girls dormitory, boys dormitory, library, and the stadium" Amalié informed
  8. "Wow this amazing" he said as gazing around. His curiosity got even wider. "Do students learn anything else besides pokemon coordinating?" he asks.
  9. "Y es, we learn other basic subjects such as math and whatever but we specialize in teaching students the art of coordinating" the girl replied as she walked into the male dorm building and taking the steps up to the top floor. "Anywho, this is your dorm and I will wait for you outside of the building since us females are not usually allowed in the male building" Amalié stated as she handed Lucas his key card for his dorm room. "Never lose this key card and the room is very large so choose one of the two beds since your roommate has no yet shown up" the blonde informed before elegantly walking down the staircase with her Lopunny, before waiting outside the building
  10. He grabs the keycard. "Alright thanks. See you in you in a bit. He goes to the dorm. "Holy cow this is huge. Well I take the bed on the left side." he said to himself. He unpacks his belonging and dress to his uniform and his beanie. He steps outside to see the blonde girl. "Alright what next?" he asks.
  11. " Well I feel as though the campus is way too big to show around that easily, so anyway all your classes are gonna be in that large building" Amalié informed as she pointed at the large castle looking building. "Talk to the office and they will give you your schedule, I usually like to tour kids around but I'm actually quite busy at the moment" the blonde female informed before walking into the main building with Lopunny and up to the third floor where the Student Council Room was located.

    "Alright let's see, once I add this finishing touch of glitter, this should beeeeee.......FINISHED!" Amalié exclaimed as she finally completed the poster for the Gardening Club. "Alright Lopunny, now that that's done, I have hundreds of more complaint papers to read...." the President of the student council mumbled. Lopunny sighed before sitting down on one of the chairs, waiting for her trainer to finish
  12. He walk to the office as he was instructed. He finally picked his schedule. "This seem fair enough." he said to his lucario while looking at his schedule. Lucario nods of agreement. "Maybe we should explore the entire office to get used to." he said. "Well lucario time for you to get some rest" he said to his lucario while softly tap him with an ultraball. He calls evee out. He starts exploring the office.
  13. Name: Daniel Diaz

    Age: Fifteen

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Daniel is tall and olive-skinned, with curly auburn hair, and brown eyes. On top of the normal school uniform, he wears a claddagh ring on his right hand's ring finger. He is also wheelchair-bound, and his wheelchair is mostly black, with a blue stripe on the back, and silver handlebars, wheels, and footrests.

    Personality: Daniel is a proud, romantic, and passionate person, who likes to base the themes of his contests around specific images, normally stemming from the many classic books he likes to read in his spare time. He is exceptionally good at combination moves, and is able to create moves which both stun and deal massive amounts of damage in battle. He enjoys reading, cooking, and watching plays and musicals.

    Dorm room: To accommodate his disability, Daniel received a double-wide ground-floor room, which he has to himself. The walls are painted light blue, and it has a large bookshelf and desk. It's also equipped with a shower chair, and a shorter sink, on account of the fact that he uses a wheelchair.

    Pokémon: Serperior, Honchkrow (Shiny) , Mightyena, Machoke, Plusle, Lopunny (She is a service pokemon, trained specially to assist Daniel. She is taller than the average Lopunny, and wears a yellow vest, to indicate her purpose. She hates being petted by anyone except for Daniel, primarily because she isn't allowed to distracted while working.)

    "So this is it, Lopunny," he said aloud, as the rabbit pushed him inside the gates, "My new school."

    Lopunny chirruped in agreement, heading toward the office. Finding the place hadn't been hard, the massive boarding school wasn't exactly hard to miss, but time would only tell whether it was worth Daniel's time, or his mother's money.
  14. Amalié groaned in frustration as she continued to wait for the rest of the student council. "How long does it take for them to actually do their jobs" the blonde complained as she finished reading the last of the complaint papers, which were mostly indicated to letting the students walk with their large Pokemon inside the building. "Hmmmmm, it's reasonable if your in the building Lopunny but something such as a Tyranitar is just too much" Amalié mumbled
  15. Daniel used to his phone to direct Lopunny to the main office, where he presumed he'd receive his keys. He did have to take a lift to get there, and from then on, he just hoped that none of them would have any objections to him having a service pokemon.

    "Excuse me," he began, knocking the door, "I'm here to receive my keys?"
  16. Amalié walked out of the student council room with a huff as Lopunny followed behind her. "This is so honestly annoying, if I wanted to do all the work myself then I wouldn't need the other members" the blonde beauty exclaimed as she walked to the office, holding a pile of folders and documents. When Amalié reached the office door, she saw a male who also had a Lopunny. "Ms. Laurent, thank you for filling out all these documents" the secretary thanked as she took the pile of papers from the blonde arms. Instead of waiting for the secretary to hand her more paper work, the President of the student council instead took a navy blue colored folder for the new student with a Lopunny. "Hey, sorry if the office is a little slow but the rest of the student council members aren't here yet but anyways, are you Daniel Diaz?" Amalié questioned as her Lopunny eyed the males Lopunny
  17. "I am," he responded, "I, er...I was the one they said they were giving the double-wide room to, on the ground floor, because, y'know. I presume my service pokemon, Lopunny, won't be a problem?"

    Lopunny coughed discreetly at the other lopunny, eyes narrowing. Nobody was allowed to get in the way of her job, or else they got high-jump kicked to oblivion...
  18. "Well first things first, no you're Lopunny is not a problem, in fact I'm glad that your service Pokemon isn't a gigantic Aagron, then if so we would have a major problem, no offence to anybody though" Amalié joked as her accent started to show once again. "And yes your room is on the ground floor, and I don't think the office will mind if I show you around, since it is kind of my job" the blonde happily stated as she opened up Daniels folder. "Alright please follow me" Amalié kindly instructed as she walked to the direction of the elevator, Lopunny smiled at Daniels Lopunny before following her trainer to the elevator and waited for Daniel and his own Lopunny
  19. "Alright," he answered, and Lopunny began pushing him in her direction, "It was probably a little silly of me to ask, but I've been asked to put her away in public, before."

    Lopunny's nose wrinkled, at the mention of the memories. She'd had a good mind to kick those people to oblivion.
  20. "Some people are just too selfish and they don't see how their selfishness affect others around them" Amalié stated as she pressed a button in the elevator to take them to the first floor. "And it wasn't a silly question, and you have nothing to worry about, since here in Lilica Academy, we allow our students to be with their Pokemon even if they don't need them in such ways as yours, but the only time we have to say no to a trainer is when they let their Pokemon misbehave or if their Pokemon is just way too big" the blonde informed as Lopunny nodded her head
  21. "Lopunny won't misbehave. Well, not unless someone gets in my way," he said wryly, "She was even a little wary of my boyfriend, Kemen, back when we first met. She's fine around him now, but it did take a good six months for her to come to trust him!"

    Daniel's boyfriend, Kemen, lived overseas in the Nita region. The two maintained a long-distance relationship, most of the time, but when they had a moment free, they always met up in person, to spend time together.
  22. As the elevator door opened. Amalié walked out as Lopunny followed her closely. The female headed out of the main building and waited outside for Daniel to follow. As she waited Amalié sighed before looking at her Pokemon next to her, who smiled brightly at her trainer. "You really do know how to make me smile" Amalié stated as she petted Lopunny on the head which caused the normal type to smile even bigger
  23. Daniel and Lopunny came shortly after, the service pokemon coughing discreetly, taking a moment to straighten her vest.

    "So, before I start here, is there anything I particularly need to know, or be aware of?" Daniel asked.
  24. "Well Lilica Academy is a very safe place but also I've been thinking about finding new members for the Student Council so maybe if you wanna join...." Amalié trailed off since she didn't wanna embarrass herself. "You know what nevermind, let's just take you to your dorm" Amalié informed as she started walking towards the male dorm building
  25. "Alright," he said simply, putting his phone away. He actually meant to ask in terms of additional school rules or customs, but if there were none, then that was fine. As long as nobody had a problem with him or Lopunny, everything was fine.
  26. Once reaching the male dorm building, Amalié entered the said building before scoping in front of Daniels room. "Alright this is the room..." Amalié whispered as she took out Daniels key card for his room
  27. "Ok, and it has everything I asked for?" he replied, "Shower chair, shorter desk, no furniture I won't be able to move by myself, oh, and space for Lopunny's special pokeball, vest, pokemon food, and training guides?"
  28. Lucas and Evee continue exploring around the main building. During the entire exploration, he became an acquaintance with some of the employees. "Let's go back to our dorms", he said to his partner.
  29. Amalié scanned the keg card which unlocked the door to the males room. The female pressed a button which slid the door open, "yup it seems to have everything you asked for, and if you need anything just call the student council and we will get those items for you, now that I've take you to your room, I must get going, since my classes are about to start" Amalié informed as she gently handed the key card to Daniel. "Also welcome go Lilica Academy, I honestly hope you apply for a spot in the student council" the blonde stated before leaving the male dorm biding with Lopunny.

    After returning the folder go the office, Amalié headed for her first class which was Pokemon Typing. When the girl walked into the room, she instantly sat down in the front row as she returned her Lopunny to it's pokeball, usually all the classes would allow Pokemon but this particular class didn't, due to the fact that the students needed to focus very well in this subject, and Pokemon were usually the cause for distractions
  30. Lucas checks his schedule and his watch and realizes that he is late to class. "Oh no. Evee let's go.", he said as he began to run. He runs fast as he can to arrive at his class which is Pokemon typing. He returns his Evee back to its pokeball and walks in class. He sees the female trainer, and he waves his hand at her.
  31. Amalié waved back to Lucas with a smile present on her lips, before turning back down to her notebook, which she was writing down possible candidates for the new stude t council since she was mist probably gonna kick the present ones out. "Hey um Lucas, would you like to sign up for the student council?" The blonde beauty questioned as she looked at Lucas with pleading eyes
  32. Lucas knows that she is desperate for new members. " Sure,” he said with a smile. "I wouldn't mind joining", he said.
  33. "Great, I've already looked into your file and you would make a great Reporter, once break starts, we can head over to the student council room and I'll tell you how to do your job" Amalié happily informed as the teacher and other students walked into the classroom
  34. Daniel went to unpack his things, grateful that his classes didn't start until he'd had some time to get used to the place. He decided that he'd opt out of the student council; it was a waste of the time he could be spending working on appeals and combinations. Winners didn't get to the top by occupying themselves with pointless activities.
  35. "In the main building right?", Lucas asked. After he asked, Lucas realized that student took their seats. He quickly searched for an empty seat before roll call. He finally spotted a seat and took his seat and waited for his name to be called.
  36. "Miss Laurent, you are needed in the stadium to teach the first years" the teacher sternly stated. Amalié sighed before gathering her books and going up to the student council room to place her books and pencil ouch in her desk, she then placed her pokeballs into capsule balls before putting seals on them. The student council President then ran down to the main floor and made her way to the stadium.

    Upon reaching the said stadium, Amalié scanned her school ID to get access into the stadium. Once she walked in, she was greeted by first years who patiently waited for her arrival. "Alright so I'm gonna teach you how to properly do combonations" Amalié informed. The female then threw two pokeballs in the air, "Milotic, Togekiss, Showtime!" Amalié called as the two Pokemon appeared out of the pokeballs in a swirl of petals, Milotic then instantly jumped into water that was now present, due to the fact Amalié specifically said to the people she wanted the pool to appear so her Milotic could maneuver easily. As Togekiss flew above Milotic, Amalié smile at the first years, "all right let's start"
  37. NAME: Matthew Williams
    AGE: 13 (Wishes he was 21)
    GENDER: Male
    APPEARANCE: Matthew is a light skinned boy, weighs 81.5 (lb), and stands at about 56.7" due to him aging faster than he grows. He has long, light, blonde hair which he hides due to people constantly teasing him about it. He wears a (always unzipped) black hoodie and tainted dark blue jeans. He wears casual grey and white sneakers and long white socks (well, technically speaking, they look long).
    PERSONALITY: Friendly, easy-going, laid-back
    DORM ROOM APPEARANCE: Though he may look like a kid, he's not one at all. Matthew is, actually, very tidy -- sometimes even to the extent where people say he has "OCD". He always keeps everything stored in cabinets, shelves, desks - anything that looks neat. The reason to this is that he's always worried about what others will think if someone saw his dorm room messy.
    POKEMON TEAM: Unfortunately, Matthew doesn't have a team. Just his Pikachu with a strange, unknown, ability. Though, he doesn't really care either way since all he wanted was to become a Pokemon master just like Ash.
    RELATIVES: Savannah Williams (Mother), Harold Williams (Father)
    BACKSTORY: Ever since he was a little kid, Matthew always wanted to be a Pokemon master. But, one day, his passion blossomed to an even larger extent when he met Ash Ketchum. Ever since that day, he's always aimed to be just as "cool" as Ash is.
    OTHER: Matthew's hair is about 5 feet long which makes it very hard to hide.
  38. ( Do I qualify to be able to join? )
  39. ((I'm sorry but the characters are only allowed to wear the school uniforms and in this RP it's like Ash Ketchum never existed and plus Lilica Academy only allows trainers with more than one Pokemon, due to certain contests and were only using regular Pokemon, so no special abilities))

    Amalié stood at her spot as the first years took their places in the seats for the audience. " Milotic use twister underwater!" Amalié commanded. Milotic dove down to the bottom of the pool before using twister, which caused the water to turn into a whirlpool. "Now Togekiss use moonblast into the water", Togekiss did as she was told and shot a large Moonblast into the whirlpool which caused the sparkly pink orb to spin in the water. "Now Milotic release the twister!", after Milotic heard the command of her trainer, she released her control of the twister, which caused the moonblast to finally stop spinning and hit the bottom of the pool. When everybody looked down to the waters, they were all in awe since Amalié had commanded her Pokemon in a way that made the water crystal pink with sparkles. "Now Togekiss use psychic on the water!" The blonde trainer ordered, the fairy type complied as her eyes started to turn blue, which meant psychic was being used. The large Togekiss made the pink and sparkly water fly out of the pool and made it dance around in the air. "Now Milotic use blizzard and Togekiss let go of your hold on the water" Amalié commanded one last time, the female Pokemons nodded before doing as the were told. Milotic summoned a blizzard as Togekiss released her psychic hold on the water. But instead of the water falling to the ground, it was frozen into what looked liked flower petals, due to the blizzard. Once the blizzard ended, the frozen pink petals were still dancing in the air, before bursting and making it rain in pink sparkles. The first years clapped and screamed, as Amalié took a bow along with her two Pokemon who were now next to her
  40. Lucas was confused about the blonde hair leaving class. He raised his hand and asked the teacher why she needs to teach another class. The teacher explained to him why and Lucas understood what going on. Class continued until the bell rang.

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