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Let's Get Digital

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Reynald, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. "What is happening to our world?" A tall, robed figure spoke. Other, similarly robed, figures stood nearby as they watched the island below them.

    "They are forgetting who they are. They are becoming wild." Another figure spoke. They all wore light brown robes to cover their faces. Below, forests burned and the sounds of war and chaos drifted up the mountain that sat in the center of the island to the robed figures' home.

    "We need them. Now." The first figure spoke again, turning to walk inside the house.

    "NO, GENNAI! The eggs are not ready! They won't be strong enough!" A third figure retorted as the group followed the first figure inside. The figure walked into a room where a large table with a keyboard attached to it. On the table sat seven differently colored eggs, each about the size of a basketball. Attached to each egg was a small white device and a necklace with a gold charm.

    Gennai shoved past his comrades and leaned over the keyboard, "We have no choice! If we wait any longer our island will be destroyed along with the rest of our world!" He tapped a few keys and the eggs started to glow and rock back and forth. The small, white devices attached became small balls of light.

    "They will be lost and unable to reach their full power until they come to us. I hope you know what you are doing..."

    "Trust me, I have faith in them." Gennai smiled as he pushed one final key and the balls of light shot out of the house and into the sky.


    Hi there. My name is Alex. Alex Mason. I guess I should tell you a bit about myself, huh. Well I'm sixteen years old and I live in Milford. I'm a bit of a nerd; I like games and drawing and computer stuff. Sounds pretty normal, right? Typical high school student. I thought so too until something amazing happened to me and my new friends. It all started in computer class. I didn't know it at the time, but my whole life was going to change that day.


    5:00 A.M.


    "Well I wonder what it's like to be the rain maker..."

    "Ugh...Shut...Up..." Alex groaned loudly and tossed his pillow at the clock that was sitting on his nightstand. He hated getting up this early. Why did he do it again? Oh well, maybe he could catch a few more z's before -

    "Hey, Alex. Time to get up. I'm heading out for work." His dad opened the door and flicked on the light in Alex's room. It was a fairly basic room; bed dominating the right wall near the window, t.v. sitting on the dresser on his left wall, closet at the foot of his bed near the door. It wasn't a dirty room, but it also wasn't the neatest of rooms.

    Alex sighed and sat up, "Yea, Dad. I'm up. See you in a few hours." Alex's dad was a bus driver. His mom...His mom died when he was young. She was in the military and died during Desert Storm. His dad had never re-married and tried to support Alex and himself with bus driving and playing music on the side. Alex rubbed his eyes and hopped off his bed to get ready for the day.

    In a hour Alex was down stairs, showered, dressed, and watching whatever was on the t.v. at this hour while he waited for the bus. His breakfast consisted of a pop tart and mountain dew. It took a moment before Alex noticed the bag sitting next to the t.v.. Sitting on top was a note with Alex's name on it. He got up and opened the bag. Sitting inside was a brand new laptop.

    "Woah..." Alex stared at the glossy green casing of the laptop for a minute before looking at the note. It read:

    I hope this makes up for past years.
    Happy Birthday.

    That's right. Today was his birthday. Alex had completely forgotten. It's not like they celebrated it, they didn't have the money or time. Alex smiled and shouldered the laptop. He would look at it later during class. The bus arrived and Alex hopped on. His dad looked at the bag and smiled. Alex gave him a hug, "Thanks, Dad." before taking his seat to school.

    Milford High School was where all the reject kids were put because they had no where else to go. It was also home to Alex's personal bullies. The only reason he was here was because of money problems. Alex was a fairly shy guy in public and that made him the ideal target. Maybe they would be sick today. Of course that wasn't the case. Alex had managed to slip into the school quietly and made it to his locker before a pair of hands grabbed him from behind and slammed him into the metal lockers.

    Alex spun and faced down the large football player grinning at him. He had short cropped hair and fierce brown eyes, "Thought you could run from me, huh?"

    "I'm not running, Jack...Just didn't feel like embarrassing you by kicking your teeth in today." Alex retorted quietly. Jack growled and drew his hand back. Alex barely had time to raise his arms before stars exploded across his vision.

    "What was that, smart ass?" Jack snarled.

    Alex coughed, "I said you looked pretty in ballet last week..." He had just managed to recover from the blow before Jack's massive hands grabbed his shirt and lifted Alex off the ground.

    "You think you're pretty funny, huh?"

    "Well...My friends do like my jokes..."

    "What friends, nerd. Give me your lunch money before I kick your ass."

    "Sorry to disappoint you...Didn't bring any."

    Jack dropped Alex and ripped the laptop bag from his shoulder, "Well I guess I'll take this then."

    Alex roared in rage and tried to tackle Jack. The football player merely laughed and kneed Alex in the gut, knocking the wind out of him.

    "Punk." Jack grabbed the back of Alex's shirt and threw him back into the locker. Alex's vision went black as Jack's fist drove him down to the ground again. Alex scrambled to get back up before lunging at the bag, grabbing onto the strap. Jack swung him around into the locker again. But Alex wasn't letting go, no matter what.

    "Enough, Jack." A girl stood at the end of the hallway with her hands on her hips, glaring at Jack.She was younger than both of them with blonde, almost brown hair parted to one side. Her blue eyes stared down the football player.

    Jack laughed, "Or what, freshman? Gonna fight his battles?"

    The girl grinned as a teacher rounded the corner, "No. But he will. Now give him his bag back." Alex tried to look at the girl, which was hard since his right eye was swollen. Jack growled and swore. He tossed Alex's bag back before the teacher escorted him away. The girl trotted over and tried to help Alex up, "You never know when to back down and get help, do you?"

    "He would have given up eventually, Helen..." Alex smiled crookedly. Helen was from Dallas, Texas. She had recently moved to Milford for some odd reason and was about the only friend Alex had in Milford.

    "And you would look a hundred times worse. Come on. We are late for computer class." Helen shook her head and tried to support Alex's weight as they walked down the hallway to class.

    "Thanks, Helen..."

    "Just be more careful, alright?" Helen glanced at him quickly before smiling, "Oh. And Happy Birthday."


    Computer class went by slowly. The teacher walked among the kids and droned on and on about the new project they would be working on. Alex barely paid attention. In fact, he rarely paid attention in any of his classes. He didn't need to, it was all easy to him. So he spent the period checking out his new laptop with Helen. It was a very expensive model. Dad must have spent all his music money to get it. It was also probably the most expensive thing he owned. There was almost no programs on it except the operating system and a shortcut to some program called, "digimon.exe". Alex almost clicked it, bu the bell rang signalling the end of class.

    Just as they were leaving, Alex could swear he heard an odd sound coming from one of his computers. Helen looked at him just as she was leaving, "Hey. Are you coming?"

    "I'll catch back up with you in a bit. See you at lunch." Alex called back. Helen signed, shrugged, and left Alex alone in the computer room.


    That noise again. Was something talking? Alex found the computer that was making the noise. A high pitched voice was faintly talking through it. Alex couldn't make out the words but it sounded like it needed help. But the computer was off. How was it making noises if it was off? Alex reached over and pushed the power button. Suddenly, the computer exploded with white light. Alex jumped back and stared as a beam of green energy slammed into his chest, knocking him into the nearby computer chair.

    "What...is this?" Alex stared down at his lap where a strange device sat. It was almost circular with chunks taken out of the corners. In the center sat a screen with two little blue buttons to the right of it and a large blue button on the left. A small antennae sat in the top left divot. Alex reached out and picked up the device, causing it to beep wildly and the screen to fill with light. Alex had just enough time to scream before the device pulled him into the computer screen.


    Well that's how it started. Weird right? I was scared to death at the time. Where was I going? What happened? There was a lot of questions going through my mind. What I wasn't aware of was that this was happening to other kids around the world!

    Some Birthday this turned out to be.
  2. Rain why is it always rain. Then again Washington is notorious for the ammount of rain. Jacob sighed as he looked out the window of the bus to West Seattle High School when he looked back to his friends a wad of paper hit him in the head. He looked around and saw that it was the big gang-banger guy that everyone either feared or loved. Andre couldn't stand Jacob, mostly because he had creamed him in the dance battle they had a while back.

    "What you starin' at?!" Andre shouted across the bus.

    "From the looks of it," Jacob shouted back. "A kid with too much hype for his own good, no game, and certainly no rhythm." Andre just glared as the bus filled with a chorus of 'OOHHH's and 'Oh hell no thats one dead son of a b***.' Jacob just smiled sarcasticaly and turned back to his friend Justyn who have him a high-five.


    Once they had reached the school Jacob took off and made sure Andre wouldn't find him, if he did Jacob wouldn't last long. When Andre walked around the corner JAcob froze and scanned the hall and dashed forward. Andre saw him duck into the computer room but decided to wait him out.

    "Jake what in the world are you doin' in here?" Justyn twanged.

    "Avoiding an oaf what else." Jacob replied gettinmg a laugh from the class.

    "Good thing we all know what your talkin' 'bout."

    "Yeah I'd be royaly screwed if you didnt."

    "You know you're late now right?" Justyn said sarcasticaly.

    "Kinda hard to be late to your third period when the bell hasn't rang and you're there already." Jacob chuckled as the bell rang. Jacob walked over and sat next to Justyn and got started on the work they had to do and befor he could even turn to talk to Justyn the class was over. As jacob walked out he thought he heard the computer he was just at make a strange noise but he blew it off planning to come back later and check it out. Andre was waiting for him at the end of the hall. As he walked around the corner Jacob had a fist in his chest, He staggered and looked up to see Andre and his group of fighters behind him.

    "You're gunna get it now white boy." Andre said tryin to sound cooler.

    "What's the matter Andre, Can't take a few insults? Sounds like you can't take what you dish out." THe words were barely out of his mouth when the mob moved in. Two big guys had him by his arms and one from behind the others stood around as Andre went to swing again. A smile flashed acrossed Jacob's face as he jumped and kicked Andre's fist sending it into the guy on the right freeing Jacob's arm. Jacob used this to elbow the other guy that held him and drop to kick Andre in the chest before sprinting down the hall as fast as he could.


    When the end of the day came Jacob went straight to the computer room. That noise had followed him around all day even his cell phone and ipod weren't safe. When he walked in the noise was at its loudest he walked to the nearest computer and saw it was off. Why would a computer thats off be making so much noise. When he reached for the power switch the computer erupted with light so bright Jacob had to cover his eyes and when he looked back at the computer there was a small blueish white device on the desk. It looked like something from a cartoon, ovalish with parts missing and there were dark blue buttons and a screen onthe frons and even an antennae sticking out of where there was a chunk missing.

    "What in the world?" Jacob said but the device seemed to be calling to him. Jacob reached out and grabed the device causing it to flash and shake and the screen flashing with light before Jacob was pulled into the computer.


    Thats how it happened. Not a typical day. Deffinately not one for a seventeen year old from Seattle thats for sure.
  3. (Going to denote the use of French through <these guys>. I can speak and write it fluently just fine, but not everyone can, so it's for the best!)

    "Sur la Pont d'Avignon, l'on y danse, l'on y danse!"

    <Marie, maybe you should stop singing. That's a kid's song.>

    <So? I think it's very catchy.> Alice shook her head and sighed at her friend's response before brushing her long hair out of her face.

    <When did I become friends with such a weirdo?>

    <You like it. Ah, I'm going to the library today. See you later, Alice.>

    "Au revoir, Marie." Alice stopped at the bus stop in front of them while Marie kept walking forward, a couple of books in her arms. She gave a quick wave behind her before continuing down the street to the library.

    "Now, I need to return these books," Marie spoke, mostly to herself, in order to help her organize her thoughts. The library was coming into view by now, for it was merely five minutes from the bus stop. Normally, she would simply visit the school library, but they had a much smaller collection, so she was only able to find these books at the public one. "Then I have to go shop for some bread, get on the bus, and I should be home by five. I hope." She smiled, happy she had the plan done out, and took the stairs up inside the library.


    <Ah, yes, I'd like to return these books...> Marie spoke to the librarian with a degree of uncertainty. A couple of them worked on different days, and she was hoping she would see the really nice one who always helped out everyone. Agnes. Sadly, she came face to face with the terse frown of the other woman. She snatched the books from Marie's hand and then waved her off. Glad to be dismissed, Marie quickly turned on her heel and made a beeline for the exit.

    "Now I just need bead from the market, and I can get home. Lovely!" Marie recalled, once more to herself. The market was, fortunately, nearby, and she had no trouble picking out some fresh bread and a few things for herself. She dropped some euros in the hand of the merchant and went off to the bus stop she had left Alice at earlier.


    "Alice?" Marie stood, incredulous, at the sight of Alice still standing at the bus stop. The girl turned, smiled, and gave a quick wave. <What are you still doing here?>

    <The bus is late.> She frowned, crossing her arms. <I wonder if it'll-ah!> She stopped midway, her eyes focusing on something behind Marie. Marie turned in time to see the bus pull up to the stop, and the doors open for them. <Well, here it is! Come on.> Alice got in first, dropping off her money into the hands of the driver, with Marie following suite. They found an empty double seat and took their seats there. It was a relatively quiet ride, and before Marie knew it, she was waving goodbye to Alice while getting off the bus.


    "Mom! I'm home!" The house quiet, and entirely dark. Marie hit the lights, cautiously taking a step inside. "Mom?" Not a sound, except for a strange buzzing noise ringing through her ears from the next room. She walked over to the kitchen first, dropping off the bread on the clean counter before deciding to investigate further. It was getting to be rather eerie.

    "Mom? This isn't funny!" Marie exclaimed, slowly removing her shoulder bag to use as a weapon in case someone broke in. "Mom?" She stepped fully into the room, and saw that the family's computer lit up all aglow. A bright, white screen. "...I guess nobody's home, but..." Marie walked towards the computer, peering closely as she took a seat.

    "Who could have left this on...?" Her finger slowly reached out towards the screen, but the moment it came in contact with the computer, the white light flared up, blinding Marie's vision. Later on, the neighbors would say they saw an incredibly bright light completely light up the house, alarming everyone in the city. Neither they nor Marie's parents could find a trace of the girl, except for the fresh loaf of bread sitting on the kitchen counter.
  4. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    I'm a sailor peg,
    And I lost my leg,
    Climbing up the top sails,
    I lost my leg!

    The sound of an all too familiar tune blared out of the alarm clock sitting on Dave's bedside table. As the music of his old hometown filled his ears, the teen gave a small grin as he rolled himself out of bed, stumbling in a daze towards his closet to put on whatever he grabbed first, not really caring just what he picked so long as he left his room fully clothed. It wasn't like his selection of clothing was very broad in the first place though: a bunch of t shirts, a hoodie for the colder months, and some shorts and slacks showing off a vast number of different shades of beige and black. In other words, high fashion had no place here. Slipping on a dark blue tee and one of his lighter pairs of shorts, Dave strolled out of his room and into the kitchen. It was 6:30, his father had left for work an hour ago, his mother was still going to be asleep for another thirty minutes or so, and he had just enough time to grab a granola bar from the pantry before heading off to school, scooping up his backpack with one hand, and his hat with the other as he went out the door. Same ritual as always, though he wasn't one to complain.


    Dave walked alone through the already busy streets of Chicago, almost subconsciously maneuvering through his daily route. He had lived downtown for years now, and he knew the place front and back- where all the landmarks were, which roads to take, who to trust, who to avoid, when to show up where, where to never show up at all, and all that jazz. It was a bit of a distance walking to school, but he wouldn't have had it any other way. Dave was always fascinated by the urban atmosphere of Chicago, no matter how many times he saw and experienced it. Taking the bus just wouldn't give off the same unique feel, at least, in his opinion. As he continued with his stroll, passing through Ashland Avenue, his school came into view, stepping into the swarm of teens flooding into the entrance.


    Wells Community Academy High School, one of the sparse public schools around Dave's side of the streets. His view of the place was...fairly indifferent. The fact that it was a school was a con in itself, and not all his classmates were exactly the friendly bunch. In contrast though, classes weren't all too difficult for him for the most part, and there were still a good number of nice kids to talk to, even if a lot of them were of the victimized sort, too busy getting themselves shoved in lockers to really get a good conversation in before the bell. This of course, only happened when Dave wasn't around. The bullies in the area wouldn't even get near their usual targets when he was nearby, which more often than not led to these students following him around as much as possible. In this way, he was quick to befriend this ragtag group, becoming a sort of mentor to the underclassmen, and, as he liked to be called, a kind of sidekick to his equally aged peers. Today, as per usual, many of them were quick to walk beside him till he reached each of his classes, which all went without a hitch in the same way that they always did...at least...until Biology class came around... They were all sent to the computer lab to type out all their findings for a number of experiments they had been working on that past week. Simple enough, but upon booting up his computer, Dave was greeted with something other than the usual system logo:

    233 SWDr 103

    He raised an eyebrow at this peculiar sequence, the likes of which was accompanied with a strange, yet faint, noise of some kind. Was this some kind of error code or something? He turned around to motion for his teacher's assistance, but as he went to take another look at the screen, the code was gone, the normal start up procedure now taking its place. He scratched his head in confusion over what he had just seen...if he had even seen it at all. 'Must've been a glitch or something...' He thought, attempting to shrug it off as he went to work on his assignment. Most likely he'd never find a real answer, but it probably wasn't that big of an issue anyways as far as he knew...oh how he hated being wrong.


    Throughout the rest of the day, the same code started appearing on nearly every electronic device that Dave approached: on the screens of computers, on papers he had printed out, on TV monitors, even on his cell phone...but that wasn't all. Every time someone else came around to look at whatever the device in question was, the code vanished! After the last bell of the day rang, this had happened at least fifteen times, enough for Dave to finally decide enough was enough. He walked slowly through the hallway leading towards the exit, ignoring the pushing and shoving of his classmates as he contemplated over what this string of letters and numbers could mean. They had to have been some kind of message for him personally. Why else would nobody else have been able to see it? Perhaps it was trying to get him to go someplace...it did sort of look like an address of some kind. But...what was SWDr supposed to stand for? Was that supposed to be initials for the street name? Well, if that was the case, then Dr most likely stood for drive, which led to the question of just what SW stood for...southwest? No, he didn't know of any Southwest Drive around there...what else could it have possibly been? Dave stood perfectly still as he tried to think up a possible answer when suddenly one particular name hit him like a epiphanous sack of bricks- South Wacker drive downtown! He quickly input the address into the GPS system in his phone, sure enough getting the coordinates of one of the municipal buildings in that area...interestingly enough, that of none other than the famous Sears Tower itself. Of course! That would explain the 103 at the end of the code, the 103rd floor, where the skydeck was. So, apparently, someone really wanted him to go to the Sears Tower. The question was, why? Curiosity getting to him, he decided to find out, heading towards the bus stop.


    Standing at the curb to wait for the bus heading downtown, Dave heard the distinct sound of screaming not too far off. Two voices, both quite familiar to the teen, enough for him to concernedly rush in the direction they were coming from. Near the side of the school, two boys, a large, brooding behemoth and a frail, yet determined scrapper, were getting in a rather nasty confrontation. Dave knew both of them quite well: The large one, who went by the name of Aaron, was everything one would imagine in a school age bully in an urban environment, always picking on the weaker kids whenever he could get the chance, seeing it as a sport, and one he was the MVP of. The smaller guy, named Gavin, was one of his long-time go-to victims, and it looked like he had finally gotten sick of all the abuse, finally standing up for himself. Sadly though, Gavin's physical strength wasn't as formidable as his determination, and it looked like Aaron had already done quite the number on him.

    "Come on! I can go all day doing this!" He was shouting, his slurred voice suggesting otherwise as he swung madly at his opponent. Aaron let out a smug chortle at this, not even bothering to block the weak blows.

    "So, now you're just askin' for me to break you? Fine by me!" He replied, throwing a single punch, downing Gavin on the spot, who forced himself back up almost immediately, wobbling a little, but still not planning on backing down. Dave quickly approached the two, tapping Aaron on the shoulder.

    "Yo, buddy, I think this fight of yours is a little smucked, don't you think?"

    Aaron turned and glared at him. "Lay off the heroics, Masshole, I'm not scared of you."

    "I'm not tryin' to scare you. I just think you aught'a lay off my friend there." He responded, motioning for Gavin to run off, who, though somewhat reluctantly, complied.

    "You know...I'm getting really freakin' tired of you being all goody-good like this, MacNeil. Why should I listen to you? You think that just 'cause your old man's a stuck up asshole that you can just-" He didn't finish that sentence before getting a fist to the face, stumbling backwards, just as the city bus came around.

    "I'd like to continue with this fine little chat we're havin' here, but I don't wanna miss my bus. Let me just tell you, think twice before talking about my dad like that again." Dave said, turning back and getting on the bus, hearing Aaron's profane rant fading off in the distance as he rode off towards the big city up ahead.


    Dave looked up at the towering structure that was the tallest building in America for a moment before walking towards the entrance. It was rather empty today, though really, he usually he didn't expect to see a whole bunch of tourists or anything coming around here at a time like this. Still, even with that in consideration, it seemed just...a bit off. Reaching the elevator, he made the ascension towards the 103rd floor, alone. Upon reaching the floor, he walked out towards the windows, viewing the city for a moment before the same noise from before caught his attention. He looked around to pinpoint where the noise was coming from.

    "Hello? Someone there?" He called, rather uneasy, especially so after getting no response. He cautiously crept in the direction of the sound, stopping at an unmanned gift kiosk, a computer sitting upon it. Not seeing the attendant anywhere in sight, he quickly leapt over the table and turned the computer on. A bright light suddenly flashed on the screen, and just as abruptly, a small, light blueish device suddenly materialized on the keyboard.

    "Okay...what the hell's going on here?" Dave murmured before grabbing at the device, causing it to instantaneously light up and make a bunch of noises, none of which Dave had very much time to react to before finding himself getting sucked into the computer screen as the entire 103rd floor of the Sears tower was washed in an immense bright light.

    Well...so much for that same old ritual...
  5. Gaby looked down at the paper that was set face-down on his desk. He wasn't worried though. Every question on the test had been simple enough. As he flipped the paper over he wasn't surprised at the red "100" next to his name. Smiling, he slipped the paper into his bag as the bell rung. He swung the bag over his shoulder and headed for his locker.

    As usual, the students who had just taken the test were talking about how difficult it was. They were exchanging scores and arrguing about which questions were the hardest. He tried to get by and get to his locker without drawing their attention, but he wasn't very lucky. One of the students recognized him from the class, "Hey Gabriel, that test was brutal! How did you do?"

    "Fine." Gaby replied quietly, not really knowing what else to say. He wished the other students wouldn't call him by his real name. It was a misnomer since he almost never talked, but he prefered Gaby over his stuffy real name.

    Another student spoke up,"I'll say! I saw his score, it was a perfect." The other students began to chatter excitedly. They began to ask him how he had done so well on the test. He tried to answer them, but his voice just froze. He felt like he was under a magnifying glass with everyone looking at him. As he grabbed his books from his locker, Gaby wished they would all just go away. When they actually did he felt like counting his blessings, until he realized why they had left.

    A rather large shadow fell over him from behind. Gaby groaned, he knew who it was. He turned to find Luke, a large, muscular boy who felt he could get away with anything. He usually did. "Hey there Gabriella. So what's this about you getting a perfect score on that test?" Luke said snidely. Gaby nearly facepalmed at how pathetic Luke's insult was. Calling him a girl, that's the best he could do? Luke continued,"See, I take that test tomorrow and I don't like getting low scores, so your going to give me the answers."

    Luke reached for the bag, but Gaby pulled it out of his reach. "No."

    Luke reached for the bag again," I wasn't giving you a choice!" He lunged for Gaby.

    Gaby stepped away from him,"I'm not giving it to you!" he said, quiet, but firm. Luke wasn't perturbed and merely punched Gaby in the stomach. Gaby crumpled, falling over. Luckily as Luke was reaching for the bag, the computer class teacher rounded the corner saving Gaby. Luke slunk off before the teacher noticed what had happened.

    The teacher approached Gaby, oblivious to what had just happened. "Ah, Gabriel I'm glad your still here. You left a textbook in my classroom today. I'm in a rush so I couldn't grab it, but I left it on my desk. Could you pick it up?" she said glancing down at her watch.

    "Sure." Gaby said, internally wincing at his name. He headed down the hall and turned into the computer room. He saw the teacher's desk and his book resting on top. He walked over and picked it up. He was about to stick the book into his backpack when he noticed the computer on the teacher's desk acting strange. It was making a strange high-pitched noise and the screen was a blinding white. "Could it be a virus or something? Maybe I can delete it." He said to no one in particular. The book still tucked under his arm, he placed his bag on the floor and sat at the keyboard.

    Suddenly a strange, pale-blue device appeared in front of him. It was circular with chunks missing in the corners. It was about the size of a pocket watch and had a small antenna sticking out of the top. It had three dark blue buttons on it and a small screen. Gaby stared at the device, what had just happened?! He picked up the device to examine it. The device suddenly began to glow and shake, and before Gaby knew what was going on, he was pulled into the computer.

    ((OOC:Late post is REALLY FLIPPING LATE!! I finally got the hiccup with my first post solved. Sorry if it was inconvenient for anybody, sorry. :'|
    I can promise my posting schedule will be much more regular from here on out.))
  6. (Sorry for late posts. I’ve been moving into my new apartment and so stuff has been hectic. Here we go!)

    Gennai smiled at the computer screen before him. The other robed figures watched with the sky with awe. Streaks of light, almost like comets, tore through the sky and fell all throughout the island. Each impact rocked the island back and forth.

    “They arrived, Gennai…But now what?”

    Gennai turned from the console and walked over to the eggs. He detached the small, gold necklaces from them and placed them in a wooden box, “We hold onto these. They aren’t ready for them. They haven’t found their strengths yet…or each other for that matter. Hopefully they can make it to the mountain in time.”

    “And who will guide them? We have to protect the tags and crests.”

    Gennai smiled, “They will.” He turned just as the eggs began to hatch. Each broke apart to reveal a small looking creature.

    “They are just in baby forms, Gennai…”

    “Have faith.” Gennai leaned down to the little creatures, “Now listen, little ones. Your friends are here, but they are scattered. You have to lead them back to this place. Can you do that?”

    Each nodded and jumped happily. Gennai nodded confidently before his hands began to glow slightly, “Take some of my power to digivolve. Then you must hurry.”

    The glow surrounded the small creatures. Each began to grow and change. Before it could be completed, the balls of light shot out of the house and scattered to where the comets fell.

    “Good luck.”


    “Master!” A small, winged ball of fur flew through the dark halls of the castle towards the throne sitting in the middle of the room.

    “What is it, Demidevimon?” The figure on the throne spoke soft and menacingly.

    “Well…It would appear that humans have landed on File Island…”

    “I see…” The figure smiled darkly and rose from his throne, “Well then. Send them a warm welcome. I must prepare for the next part of the plan.”

    “Do you really think it will work?”

    “Are you questioning me?”

    “Of course not!” Demidevimon swallowed and fluttered backwards.

    “Then do as I say, now.”

    “Yes sir!” Demidevimon flew off to follow his master’s orders.


    “HEY! Wake up!”

    “Ugh…Shut…Up…” Alex groaned loudly and attempted to toss his pillow at the clock that was on his nightstand. Only there was no pillow…He was leaning against a tree…and it wasn’t an alarm clock that was talking.

    “What are you doing with your arm? You have to get up!”

    “Wha?...” Alex opened his eyes. He was in a forest. Technically at the edge of the forest in a clearing with a large lake. He blinked a few times, trying to figure out how he got here. Oh yea…that strange device pulled him into the computer. Wait…that was ridiculous. You can’t go INTO a computer. He must be dreaming. Alex looked around for the small device and screamed loudly when he noticed the small white creature sitting on his chest. It was the size of a Corgi with white fur, small sharp teeth, and weird antennae ear things on its head. It smiled up at Alex and hopped excitedly, “You’re awake! Awesome! Come on, we have to get moving!”

    “Wait you can talk!” Alex scrambled to his feet, dropping the creature on its head. The small device from earlier slipped off his pants onto the ground.

    “Of course digimon can talk…geez…” The creature groaned as it rolled to get on its feet.


    “Digimon…Digital Monsters. That’s what I am…and the other creatures around here. My name’s Tokomon!”

    “Wait…there’s more? Are they all pudgy and white like you?”

    Tokomon huffed and jumped up and down angrily, “I’m not pudgy! And no, not all of them are like me! Some are big and evil and will eat you!”

    A roar tore through the sky. The lake seemed to explode as a long, serpent-like creature shot out of the water and glared at the pair, opening its mouth. Alex shouted in alarm and scrambled behind the tree.

    “ICE BLAST!” The creature cried as icy wind shot forth from its mouth, freezing everything it touched.

    “What is that!” Alex cried as the wind wrapped around the tree, narrowly missing him. Tokomon snatched up the device off the ground and took cover behind the tree.

    “That’s Seadramon! He’s usually a pretty nice guy! I don’t know what’s got him riled up!” Tokomon peered around the tree and fired bubbles from his mouth at Seadramon. Alex swallowed and stared at Tokomon. Bubbles? Really!?

    “I hate to break it to you man, but those aren’t going to work…”

    “Well he’s going to kill us unless we do something!”

    Seadramon roared and fired more icy blasts of wind at the tree line, hoping to catch its prey unaware. Alex looked around wildly. This had to be a dream, it couldn’t be real. Could it? His laptop bag weighed heavily on his shoulder. Wait…his laptop was here? Maybe this was real…No…Don’t think like that…Still…Alex wasn’t going to let this little guy who was trying so hard to defend him get killed. Alex sighed and swallowed hard. Ok…Let’s do this.

    “Alright…I’ll um…I’ll distract him…You keep up that bubble thing…I think it’s working…” Alex smiled nervously.

    “No don’t go out there! I’m supposed to protect you idiot!” Tokomon shouted as Alex dashed from tree to tree, looking for something heavy to throw. There! A rock sat underneath a tree root. Alex groaned and tugged at the rock until it finally loosened and pulled free. “Ok…Now to piss off the giant snake shooting ice from its mouth…Alright…Yea…no problem.” Alex laughed mostly to himself. He rounded the tree and chucked the rock like one of those Olympic Shot Put athletes. Seadramon roared as the rock landed on its forehead.

    “HEY! Over here big guy!” Alex jumped up and down, waving his arms. Seadramon turned, opened its maw and prepared to blast Alex into an Alexicle. “Um…Bad plan…” Alex winced, waiting for the inevitable. The little device in his hands, which he wasn’t quite sure how it got there, beeped and squealed wildly.

    “Alex!” Tokomon shouted before bursting into bright, white light. Seadramon turned to stare and was assaulted by concussive blasts of wind.

    “Boom Bubble!” Tokomon shouted as he fired again and again. Only…he wasn’t Tokomon anymore. He was larger with brown fur. His antennae had become full on wings. He looked more like a guinea pig now. A corgi sized guinea pig with wings. Seadramon retreated under the onslaught of air blasts and into the lake.

    “Tokomon!?” Alex blinked, confused.

    “Well its Patamon now but no time. Let’s run before he remembers he is a lot stronger than me!” Patamon tugged at Alex’s shirt and the pair ran off into the woods. They ran for a good hour or so before finally stopping.

    “Ok…” Alex panted, sitting up against a large tree, “Ex…explain a bit…How did you change and…What…What is this place?”

    Patamon fluttered and landed on Alex’s head, “Well…simple answer is you made me digivolve. Made me stronger.”

    “And how did I do…do all that?”

    “I dunno. Don’t ask me. As for this place, it is called File Island. And it needs your help.”

    “How can I help? I’m just a kid.”

    “I don’t know that either. You’ll have to speak with Gennai and the others on top of that mountain! Which is why we have to get moving!”

    Alex looked up through the tree line. He could just make out the mountain as it rose up into the clouds. He couldn’t even see the top, “That is huge…and so far away.”

    “Don’t worry. You have me, we’ll be fine.”

    Alex sighed, “And there are more of those creatures out there. Great…I’m going to rest…I’m tired…”

    Patamon giggled and watched Alex as he slowly dozed off against the tree in this strange world.
  7. "Come on buddy wake up!" a voice cried out waking Jacob from his sleep. The wind blew and chilled him to the bone, his eyes flased open to see snow and ice flying around him and surrounding him. when he looked down he saw a small ball of fur with a giant horn sticking out from his head.

    "Alright you're awake we've gotta get you out of the cold." the creature said bouncing off of Jacob.

    "Okay I really must be dreaming." Jacob said standing in the snow and ice. The creature turned around, his brown eyes filled with a desperate desire for safety and a hidden anger.

    "Look you're not dreaming, I'm as real as the hair on your head and its my job to protect you so I'm going to stick to my job so come on follow me."

    "Well do you have a name so I know who I'm talking to so I'm not following a horned ball of fluff with no name?" Jacob asked.

    "Oh, now I feel dumb. I'm Tsunomon." He said still hopping along.

    "Well Tsunomon why dont you let me carry you. No use in gettin all tired and cold down there right?" Jacob offered.

    "Thanks Jake, glad we can get along." Tsunomon said hopping up into Jake's arms and looking foreward. They went along like that for a while untill a huge mountain came into view.

    "What's that Tsunomon?" Jake asked.

    "That's where we're heading, all the way to the top." he said with a pleased tone.

    "You really like giving me little sucker punches every time you can don't you?" Jake asked as a voice boomed from their right.

    "Sub-Zero Ice Punch!" came the shout of a giant snow teddy bear as it punched the air launching a giant ball of ice at the duo.

    "Move Jake move!" Tsunomon shouted as he lept from Jake's arms into the snow as the ball of ice smashed into the ground a few feet in front of them and launching Jake backwards into an ice wall. The bear started launching more and more ice balls while Tsunomon launched bubbles....bubbles really? When the two got close enough the bear slammed his fist down sending Tsunomon flying through the air.

    "Tsunomon!" Jake shouted as the device he had picked up started shaking and a light burst from it as Tsunomon was engulfed in light. When the light faded there was a new creature in his place. this creature looked like a dog and a lizard combined, it had a gold looking horn on its head and a blue fur pelt wrapped around it and up over his head.

    "Blue Blaster!" The creature shouted launching a stream of blue flame from his mouth and melting the ice ball thats hurteling towards him he launched another one when he landed hitting the bear square in the chest knocking him backwards.

    "Come on Jake we gotta go!" the new creature said.

    "Okay but now I've got questions that you havent been able to answer." Jake shouted running after the creature.

    "Go for it."

    "First off what happened to Tsunomon? Second, what in the world is this device? And third, what in the world attacked us?

    "First its still me only I'm Gabumon now, thats because I digivolved you made me stronger using that digivice you got. That big guy back there is Frigimon normally he's a big teddy bear though I wouldn't recomend giving him a hug you might get frost bite."

    "Okay so now that that events over where to?"

    "Top of the mountain here in File Island." Gabumon said.

    "Well looks like we're in for one hell of a rodeo eh buddy?"

    "What's a rodeo?" Gabumon asked confused.

    "Oh yeah guess you wouldn't have those here I'll explain when were not running for our lives deal?"

    "Deal." Gabumon said as they went off towards the mountain, smiling as the ran.
  8. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    For a while, everything was dark...dark and silent, the first sound Dave could hear coming from his own breath. From how things felt, he knew he was lying face forward...on something very grainy. It was then that the memory of that ordeal on the Sears Tower suddenly came rushing back to him, and he let out a gasp...taking in a huge gulp of sand in the process. He pushed himself up on all fours as he violently coughed up the sediment, clutching his throat in pain, his eyes jolting open from the shock, though his vision was heavily blurred.

    After a few minutes of this coughing fit, Dave finally settled down and sat back, sitting up with his elbows supporting him as he took deep breaths to, not only get some much needed oxygen back, but to help himself remain calm. Obviously he was no longer in that skyscraper anymore, but, now that he had a good look of the place...it was starting to become evident that he was no longer in Chicago at all anymore...there was nothing but what appeared to be a vast desert of sand from all directions, except from behind him, which led to a rather dizzily high ledge overlooking a seemingly endless body of water...one he could guess by now was probably not Lake Michigan.

    "Okay...What?" Was all he could say by this point, the levels of preposterous in his brain going off the grid. How the hell could he be staring at a computer for one minute, then suddenly find himself trapped in a barren wasteland in the middle of god-knows-where the next? Such a result was difficult to logically explain in any way, shape or form, especially after his unpleasant awakening shattered the possibility of this being a simple dream. He needed to get some answers, and, knowing the chances for getting them were slim by just sitting here doing nothing, he picked himself up onto his feet, brushing off as much sand as he could, only to notice something else particularly bothersome- his hat wasn't on his head. Now, one could claim that it wasn't exactly appropriate to fret about such a trivial issue in the current circumstances, but that trilby meant a lot to Dave. He had received it as a gift from his father the day they arrived at their new hometown, and he was almost never seen in public without it ever since. Panicking a little as his eyes darted from place to place in search of the accessory, he was relieved to find it sitting perfectly dormant on sand not too far away.

    "Oh, thank god...for a second I thought I'd lost this thing for g-ahh!" His thought out loud was thrown off completely as he picked up the hat, only to reveal a small, pink ball of feathers with eyes and a beak underneath. Needless to say this more than startled the young man a little.

    "Ah, I see you're finally awake, then. About time, I should say so myself. Any longer and I would've had to peck at you 'till you got up, and that would've been an inconvenience for both of us!" The small bird-like creature pipped, looking up casually at the dumbfounded human staring down at it.

    "...Did you say something?" He murmured in disbelief.

    "Why, yes, yes I did. Would've been rude of me to just sit here quietly upon meeting a stranger like yourself...well actually, that's somewhat incorrect, since you're not really a stranger at all, but you get the point."

    No, no he didn't get it at all.

    "...Uh...alright then, so I'm talking to a little pink bird I found under my hat...and this shouldn't be any cause for alarm on my end?"

    "I beg your pardon, but I'm not just some bird! I've got a name you know." The creature quickly chirped up, as if to establish some honorable trait that it felt this human was looking over.

    "Well then, do tell."

    "With pleasure. It's Poromon."

    Oh, that cleared everything up...who didn't already know that pink chicks in this sandy landscape identified as Poromon? How stupid of him to even ask.

    "Err...forgive me when I say I've never heard of such a thing in my life." He admitted, attempting to keep this conversation going, even through his own complete and utter repudiation that the current events were happening at all.

    "Well, I shouldn't have expected you to. After all, we digimon don't really occupy your world all that often."

    "Pardon? Digimon?"

    "That's what we all are. Almost every creature you're bound to come across out here is a digimon. Quite the varying lineup in that regard."

    Dave only shook his head as he struggled to take this all in, Poromon noticing this as it continued.

    "Listen, I understand this may be difficult to really accept so quickly, but we don't have much time to doddle around like this. If you really want to know what you're doing here, we've gotta get you to that mountain over there. The gentlemen living there can fill you in much more easily than I can."

    Dave cast a glance over to the mountain in question, blinking a few times at, not only the ridiculous height of the landmass, but the monumental distance it was from where he was standing.

    "You telling me we've gotta trudge through this huge sand trap to get all the way over there?" He questioned, not sure he wanted to hear the response he was expecting.

    "Spot-on." There it was...

    "Okay then...guess we don't wanna keep 'em waiting then, huh?" Dave said, starting to walk in the direction of the mountain before pausing at the realization that his new acquaintance was going to be accompanying him, and most likely having quite the difficult time doing so with its lack of feet.

    "Um, Paroman?" He said, the name of the digimon still not quite engraved in his memory.

    "Poromon" It chirped to correct him.

    "Right, right, Poromon, you need any help keeping up? I mean, you sorta have to lead the way and all, since you actually have some idea of where we are around here."

    "If you don't mind, then, yes, please. This form of mine is brutal to get around in...thank goodness I'm no longer a Pururumon at least." Dave raised an eyebrow at this talk of forms, Poromon once again catching this look of confusion.

    "Don't worry yourself too much over that. You'll see what I mean soon enough." So he would. For now though, he simply picked up the little digimon, who eagerly hopped onto his shoulder and fluttered up to his head, lifting the boy's hat and slipping underneath. He peered out from underneath the front towards Dave.

    "You don't mind if I stay here for a little while, do you? I didn't expect there to be this much sand around here, and I'd rather not get it all over my feathers. I'm a bit of a neat freak."

    "Sure, go right ahead, just don't make a mess in there." The creature let out a small squeak of satisfaction.

    "Thank you. I'll be sure not to cause any ruckus."

    The two proceeded to trek towards their mountainous destination, passing through a continuous field of nothing but hills of more sand.

    "Alright, this is strange." Poromon commented rather shakily.

    "How so?" Dave nervously asked, not all too comfortable hearing such a remark from a being he expected to take everything in normally.

    "Well, we should have come across some form of a Savannah by now. There should be grass and trees in spots, but so far, we've seen none of that."

    "Perhaps these guys we're looking for have some idea as to why?"

    "I'd hope so. This is fairly disturbing to comprehe-Dave! Get down!"

    "W-what? Why?" His answer didn't come verbally, but from a stream of meteors aiming right at him. He hastily ducked, narrowly avoiding contact with the projectiles, looking around for the perpetrator briefly before Poromon pecked at him to get his attention.

    "Get up! We've gotta get out of here now!" It warned him. Dave complied, rushing to get back on his feet as he sprinted as quickly as he could.

    "What the hell was that?!"

    "Meteor wing...Seems we're being pursued by Birdramon. If that's the case, we're really in trouble..."

    "Oh, gee, you don't think?" Dave muttered, diving back into the sand as he heard another meteor come towards him.

    "It doesn't make any sense though. Birdramon hates fighting, especially without purpose! What's come over her?"

    As Dave started to run again, he was brought to a halt by a giant bird that looked like it was completely engulfed in flames. The phoenix-like being looked down at him, letting out an ear-shattering cry, nearly blowing off his hat in the process.

    "Looks like our back's against the wall now..." Poromon said grimly, hopping off Dave and hovering in between the human and their attacker. "...But that just means we're going to have to fight back!"

    "Just what in the world do you think you're gonna be able to do to fend off that thing?!" Dave asked, though, while he was quite doubtful, he was also hoping there was an applicable response.

    Unfortunately, all Poromon ended up doing was flap its wings strong enough to raise a sand cloud, one that wasn't exactly irritating Birdramon all that much. The creature edged closer and closer, Dave slowly stepping back in the process. So this was how he was gonna die...burnt to a crisp, confused as hell...Well, it was an interesting way to go, that was assured. Forcing himself to accept the hopelessness of the situation, Dave was about to tell Poromon to fly away and save himself while he had the chance. He didn't get the chance to, however, as the device he had picked up earlier, now situated in his pocket, began to shake violently again, causing Dave to take it out, only to involuntarily have it shoot a bright light on Poromon, just as the Birdramon reared up for another attack.

    "Fire Storm!" It yelled, preparing to flap its wings, Dave standing firm, waiting for the end to swiftly come...

    "Feather Slash!" Unexpectedly, another voice suddenly made itself known, and Dave was suddenly looking at a completely different entity standing in place for the small pink bird. It was larger, with brownish-red feathers everywhere except for its bald eagle-like head, and this one actually had legs, conveniently enough. The new creature had taken the large feather strapped to the back of its head with a belt of some kind, and had thrown it at the Birdramon before it could unleash its own attack, astonishing it enough for it to fly away. Dave blinked in surprise as he looked at this new figure who had just saved his life. He raised a finger as he prepared to speak up, the figure already ahead of him.

    "Before you ask, yes, it's still me, though now you can address me as Hawkmon. Now, let's get moving again. She's bound to come back soon, and she's not going to relent next time." Hawkmon started towards the mountain, Dave quickly going after him.

    "Could you...you know...at least give me the basic gist over what you just did?" He called towards him, his head beginning to hurt from all this constant change.

    "It's a process called digivolution. It's sorta complicated, but you basically, somehow, just made me change form into a stronger, more advanced digimon." Hawkmon explained, turning to look back at the human as he kept walking.

    "Oh. Okay then." Dave murmured, giving up fathoming any of this and just taking it all in mindlessly.

    "You sound disappointed. Did you enjoy having a pink bird meddling around in your hat? Because I'm sure we can rever-"

    "NO! I mean...I think we're good here..." Dave quickly intervened, getting a chuckle out of his new companion as they carried on with their journey.

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